Communication Breakdown Run-on: Discussion


15-01-2011 15:58:18

• Soulfire:
o Dash
o Malidir
• Oblivion Brigade
o Wally
o Talos
o Kant Lavar
• Sukhur’s Legion
o Cethgus
o Inarya
o Andrelious
• Arconans
o Etah
• Summit
o Wuntila
• Tarentum
o Ronovi
o Dralin
o Oberst

A commercially active natural resources company - The Krikalla Extraction Company - has entered the Dajorra System, and taken over the communications arrays on the Moon of Riquis. A distress beacon was activated before compete communication blackout occurred. The aim of the Company is to acquire the natural resources around the Dajorra system and they are heavily armed. The Estle-Eden Axis has been called upon due to how sudden the attack is. It is Arcona and Tarentum’s responsibility to re secure the system before any lasting damage is done.

The Communication array on the moon of Riquis has been knocked out by a small task force sent from the Company’s flotilla.

• Enemy Forces:
o PCL 27 Bulk Freighter “KEC Five
o Belarus-Class Medium Cruiser “Cataclysm” (Capital Ship)
o 48x A9 Vigilance Interceptor
o 574x Infantry (14 Platoons)
o 1000+x Crew (Located on the Cataclysm)
o 1000+x Workers (Located on KEC Five)
o 84x Heavy Infantry (2 Platoons)
o Jak Canton (Commander of the contingent force and executive within the company)

The company is moving through Dajorran Space toward D’Eraii and the nutrient gas vents located on this moon and the mining colonies located upon it.

Groups have been organized and sent out to quell the initial attack, of which they are listed below:

Retake the Communications Array and use it as a forward operating base:

• Wuntila, Cethgus and a squad of Special Forces Commandoes (4 Clone commandoes)

Launch an attack on the shields of the Capital Ship in order for the infiltration teams to board the Cataclysm

• Oberst with Dark Rain Squadron (12 K-Wing Heavy Bombers)

Launch an attack on the Capital Ship, the Cataclysm It must be remembered that this is a stealth attack, aiming to destroy the engines of the ship and neutralize its threat and receive as much information from the data terminals on the bridge and from the commanding officer as possible.

• Soulfire (Sashar and Malidir), along with two contingent of Special Forces Commandoes (8 Clone Commandoes)
• Wally, Ronovi and Dralin, along with two contigents of Special Forces Commandoes from the Arcona Military Possessions (8 Clone Commandoes) and whatever Clan Tarentum wishes to bring to the table.

Assume control of the Bulk Freighter KEC Five so as to knock out their other means of a make-shift capital ship and so as to inhibit their extraction method.

• Talos, Inarya, Kant and Etah Along with two contingents of Special Forces Commandoes (8 Clone Commandoes) and a small squad of16 Infantry.

Launch an attack on the Starfighter forces, aiming to entirely destroy their outward fighter defenses, before joining the attack upon the Cataclysm.

• Andrelious, along with Black Tide and Breach Squadrons (24x TIE Interceptors From the Darkest Night)


17-01-2011 18:56:58

Just for everyone to keep track of NPCs, I have created the following three pilot characters.

Haiza Xiph: Human Female - Breach Three
Larn Viock: Human Male - Breach Four
Jeetro: Rodian Male - Breach Two

They have no backgrounds at this stage except that Larn is an ex-Imperial pilot.


17-01-2011 20:07:59

Okay, just to inform those of you who have completed the phase 1 task:

Oberst and Andrel, you have free rein over your characters now. You can either stay on the Darkest Night as a reinforcement unit, you can join the forces attacking the Cataclysm, or you can join Wuntila and Cethgus in the ground assault of the Communication Array.


Just to let you know, though. We've got a lot of twists for this particular run on in the works, so keep your eyes posted.


17-01-2011 22:14:49

Great posts so far, guys! This'll turn out to be quite the epic story, I'm sure :)

And now a few quick notes about our Clone Commandos:

1) According to the Arconan OOB, the Clone Commandos are part of the Summit Guard of Arcona, and use specialized equipment and weaponry, which can be found on the wiki page here:

1.1) Due to the downsizing of Clans to Houses, the Summit Guards for Galeres and Qel-Droma obviously do not exist, meaning that all Summit Guards wear the black armor seen on the wiki.

1.2) If referencing the wiki, the Captain of the Guard is not Randol Jervius (he died in the last RunOn), but Captain Bly. Bly is a clone commando, based off of Kieran Erinos (see below) and is not related in any way, shape, or form to Commander Bly of the Clone/Imperial Army.

2) A couple nights ago, Sashar and I realized that our clones did not have their template established in canon. So after reviewing some possible candidates, it was decided that the template would be of Kieran Kodiak Erinos. If one needs a description of Kieran: Muscular, brown hair (medium length), fair skin (slightly tanned). More precise details can be found by looking at his wiki page or asking any Erinos.

Hope this helps if anyone wanted to flesh out their Summit Guard detachments! :)


18-01-2011 14:03:05

Oh, and a quick aside to those of you with the Clones, Bly is with me on Antei for the moment, so you don't need to include him in or I'll cry and such.


18-01-2011 16:14:06

Since you have internet, can we establish that you upheld the traditional Arconan stance on Brotherhood politics (that is to say, roughly zero tolerance) and came back to help us kick ass?


18-01-2011 18:30:38

safe bet to be honest. I'll be sticking a little post up soon just to insinuate myself into the plot and then wait for the right moment to really kick it into gear.


19-01-2011 00:29:11

I will have a post up by tomorrow night...7am Tech scout for this movie i'm working on. No idea how long it will take but once it's over i will start writing.

Also, Ronnie/D..wasn't this supposed to be lighthearted/comical? Or is this different? I can't remember what we talked about...lack of sleep most likely.


19-01-2011 13:32:58

It was meant to be a more light-hearted run-on, but I guess Wun wanted to take the badass killing route. I don't manage the plot. :P


19-01-2011 21:21:13

Good form, Zandro. I'll be throwing up a post now, representing the KEC Five team! Looking forward to your post Wally, and yours as well Ronovi (your first one was nice).



20-01-2011 06:02:14

Sorry guys, I wanted a mind-blowing plot, a lot of humour and some significant storylines to develop from this run-on. As the old Queen song suggests: "I want it all, I want it all, I want it all and I want it now!"


By all means throw some humour in. I mean, look at how myself and Cethgus have been acting!


20-01-2011 13:11:26

Oh, the KEC Five Team has some interesting developments in the works, the biggest one courtesy of Dash. I won't reveal to much until I post (sometime this afternoon [EST]), but lets just hope that no one had a particular liking for some Army infantry.... >:)


21-01-2011 16:28:56

Actually, I've got an idea for this run-on. Hear me out - let's make this as long and epic of a run-on as we can. Maybe after this mission with the ship, we can shift gears toward more carefree and funny and...hear me in Eden. Seriously. We all travel to Yridia and chill in the Mirage as a celebration for our mission. Plenty of opportunities to write jokes, conversation, drinking sprees, and barfights. Por exampli, say Ronovi got into a bar fight. One line would be as follows:

"Hey, hey! Not in the Minos Lounge!" Kaiman snapped over the din of cracking bones. A string of pussified screams came from the man who now wiggled helplessly in Ronovi's headlock.

Fun, right? Who's with me?


23-01-2011 01:14:31

Hey all, I just posted. Sorry for the delay, but exams got the better of me this past week. But now they're over...HUZZAH!

Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment and list the names of the Summit Guard commandos that are with myself and the KEC Five team, as I really want to develop them, just like the Clone Commandos of the Grand Army of the Republic...only they don't have an order to kill us.

Right now, the commandos are pretty green mission-wise; they are elite warriors, as they are the clones of a Mandalorian warrior, but don't have any experience on missions.

And the names will soon have more meaning; for instance, at some point, I want Heat to paint flames on his armor. Owl might have eyes on his helmet (kinda like the Jaig Eyes, but not) and Lamb...well, you'll have to wait to see....

Anyway, the names I made up for the KEC Five commandos are thus:



23-01-2011 07:35:06

Exactly my decision with Felix, Tinker, Delta and Solid. Although Tinker is now dead... :mejas: Good plan man, love the idea.


27-01-2011 21:25:47

Great post, Ronovi! Really nicely done, gave me some awesome ideas for the next installment of the KEC Five Krusade! Yeah, the word is misspelled on purpose.


01-02-2011 19:35:17

Sam. Look sharp and update us.


01-02-2011 19:45:21

Oh yes indeed. I've got a pretty solid post in the making. But it's long. Very long lol


02-02-2011 09:30:51

I'm working on it today. I've had work on at Uni and some pretty early starts. Don't worry.


03-02-2011 23:10:27

Here's a summary of events covered in my last post, just to clarify what is going on and how it will affect the mission itself.

The fundamental issue is that the attack itself seems to be on a much larger and wider scale than initially thought. The Krikella Extraction Company are taking out every communications array in the outlying Dajorran systems in order to eventually get to D'Eraii, or perhaps further afield.

The communications array on the Moon of Riquis has been destroyed, ergo, providing further information on the nature of the Company's attack. (The destruction of the communication array was the key factor in understanding the current chain of events in relation to the company).

Soulfire are in the engine room of the Cataclysm

Marick, Dralin and Ronovi are on the bridge of the Cataclysm

Talos and Inarya are on the KEC Five

Wuntila and Cethgus are returning to the Darkest Night

Just a note to conclude:
try and keep everything up to date on the discussion pages guys. If you have any queries, don't hesitate to throw me an email or post on the discussion page.


03-02-2011 23:19:31

Sweet beans...but what happened to Kant and Etah? Weren't they members of the KEC Five assaulters?


04-02-2011 06:06:32

Sweet beans...but what happened to Kant and Etah? Weren't they members of the KEC Five assaulters?

Also, what's happening in space with Andrel's fighters?


04-02-2011 09:44:14

Talos: Kant and Etah are with you, but they've not posted yet. Regard them as part of your squad until otherwise specified.

Lenzar: Andrelious will be back on the Darkest Night. Ceth and Wun are now on there way back; you'll be joining us for the third leg of the mission.

Hope that clears things up.

Kant Lavar

06-02-2011 20:30:22

I haven't posted because I haven't come up with anything good to post, goddammit. :-\


15-02-2011 07:09:31

Hey all.

I'll be putting up a short "recovery" post sometime today. It won't advance plot, but just get Talos back into the story.


16-02-2011 07:16:34

Annnd...posted! Which made the "Communications Breakdown" RO a "hot topic". Woo :D


16-02-2011 08:47:31

Hey Wuntila, am wondering if I could get involved in the RO. As Wuntila and Cethgus are returning to Darkest Night, would be good if Sang was there perhaps if you allow me to participate?


16-02-2011 14:43:52

By all means, feel free. I'll write you into my next post. ;)


16-02-2011 21:05:45

Woo, welcome to the front lines, Sang :)


25-02-2011 08:21:41

I'd just like to really apologise for the lack of gumption this RO is showing, purely because of my inability to write a continuity post at present. I'll ensure that it gets written tonight <3 :mejas:


25-02-2011 16:53:54

<3 Huzzah


26-02-2011 02:22:13

Nice post, boss.

Since I know I won't be the first to make a post in the next few days, My only request of anyone writing my character/Oblivion Brigade to have Marick approach Ronovi and ask if Dralin can accompany on our mission, and we'd give over some of our Guards in exchange. I want to be able to help Transition Dralin over fictionally, if that makes sense.



26-02-2011 06:52:16

You could do, if you wanted me to get blown out of the sky :P

I need all the extra hands I can get helping Wuntila with the ISD.

Perhaps we can arrange something later, but at present, I don't think it'll be much of an option.
Sorry Wally<3


26-02-2011 21:14:59

You could do, if you wanted me to get blown out of the sky :P

I need all the extra hands I can get helping Wuntila with the ISD.

Perhaps we can arrange something later, but at present, I don't think it'll be much of an option.
Sorry Wally<3

You leave me no choice then...





27-02-2011 10:08:09

The Oblivion Brigade power to second troops stops at Dark Jedi...dammit :P


28-02-2011 15:09:45

The Oblivion Brigade power to second troops stops at Dark Jedi...dammit :P

He's also the boss ;p


28-02-2011 19:08:21

You can have Dralin - I'll write it in on my next post.


28-02-2011 20:54:15

Well, now don't go and die on us, Wun. That problematic :P


02-03-2011 05:11:35

Ugh, Wally, you got my hopes up there! I was looking forward to reading some of your sick writing! But alas no, just a reserved post :(


02-03-2011 07:14:37

I'm with Dash on this one. Just about to head off to class, hoping to get some nice reading in...but alas, not to be :P / :(


02-03-2011 13:45:14

Okay, for the benefit of those who are in the ISD strike with myself, I've uploaded the schematics of a VSD onto Imageshack. The two are almost identical in terms of layout.

This is purely to feed the imagination and acts as a guidance picture, if you will.


[center]Hope this helps![/center]


06-03-2011 13:12:17

I'll be posting the next "segment" for Oblivion. Involving a nice blend of Black Ops stealth and some commando action. Without stepping on Soulfire's boots ;)


10-03-2011 00:31:51

Nice work, T. Waiting on you now big Boss man.


11-08-2011 23:08:59

Sexy inhabitants of this Clan...we have a problem. It has come to my attention that we have a conflicting gender for Captain Yamato, the CO of SF's ship, the AGV Valour's Fall.

In the RO, Dash has written Yamato as a man, which was what I always thought.

However, on the wiki page for Jem Hewitt, it's listed that he married Cpt. Alexandra Yamato in 27 ABY and the two have a son, Vendt Hewitt, who was born in 29 ABY.

Since there's no page for our he/she Yamato, I decided to post it here and get resolution here, and I think we can do whatever we want and only have minor retcon issues either way. The marriage hasn't been established in RunOns or the like, the son has never been seen, etc.

So basically....

Captain Yamato...M/F?


12-08-2011 05:49:31

So, anyone have any ideas for what anyone not in SF should do?



12-08-2011 08:29:59

Blow **** up, all Oblivion Brigade style? I had an idea, before I decided to go with SF, that someone (or a small group) could maybe try and track down a record of Mr. Lorden; who he is, what he does, why he has it out for ARC, where the heck is our PCON, etc. Just a thought...seems Oblivion Brigade/Marick's style though.


14-08-2011 13:32:25

Blow **** up, all Oblivion Brigade style? I had an idea, before I decided to go with SF, that someone (or a small group) could maybe try and track down a record of Mr. Lorden; who he is, what he does, why he has it out for ARC, where the heck is our PCON, etc. Just a thought...seems Oblivion Brigade/Marick's style though.

Sounds like a good idea, but Oblivion is kind of scattered at this point. I'll see what I can do.


15-08-2011 11:53:52

Well, I guess my posts had better involve Shadow Gate AND Revenance Virtuom, I blame Wally and Invictus for this. :P


15-08-2011 20:57:19


(yes, I may be slightly under the influence)


15-09-2011 16:34:11

Hey guys,

I'm all for this RO (much more engaging than the previous part, imho) and I don't want it to end quite yet, especially since I just introduced Socorra, but when do we want to shut this thing down in preparation for the War?