Sign Up For First Db Ro Rpg


05-10-2009 12:48:25

Okay folks I am about to start up the first session ever using the new RPG rules for an RO RPG. This is opened to everyone regardless of position or rank you're all welcome to sign up if we get a lot we will just divide the list up and I'll run several RO Sessions at the same time.

Just let me know here in this thread if you want to play. I am going to be using the Resource System for the RO so make sure you know it so you can utilize it to its fullest.

What are we going to do? Don't worry about the plot or the whatever, its going to be a simple plot. No grand political drama's, just a session you would have expected if you sat down around a table top game and the Gamemaster just started off with Okay this is whats happening.

Lets have some fun.


05-10-2009 16:09:43



05-10-2009 16:17:48

I'm with Consul Vodo. Count me in.


05-10-2009 17:07:20

I'm in.

Traan Reith

05-10-2009 18:57:55

In it to win it.


05-10-2009 19:38:59

I'm in!!! :w00t:


05-10-2009 22:13:57

I'm in


06-10-2009 13:34:28

Sign me up


06-10-2009 16:16:34

Alright one more day and then I will have an intro for your session in the session area and we can play around with this new stuff.

Now to others that want to sign up keep signing up this is a competition, each group will be giving the same mission. You're competition with the other group which is now the 7 above. Lets give them some competition keep signing up.



07-10-2009 00:44:54

Yeah sure, sign me up

Kira Starr

07-10-2009 08:16:20

I'm in too!


07-10-2009 09:26:36

Count me in Ludy, might as well do something to alleviate my boredom eh?


07-10-2009 12:37:02

I'm totally in!!!

Jade Sadow


07-10-2009 17:03:57

I'll jump in, will just have to learn how the resource system works and everything.


07-10-2009 18:44:18

Allright, I'll play.

Kah Manet

07-10-2009 19:47:35

I'll play as well.


08-10-2009 12:34:34

I'll jump in, will just have to learn how the resource system works and everything.

You and everyone else :) This is the first organised db wide rp in a very long time, at least four years cause I've never seen one db wide before, and this will be the first ever one to use the resource system, so don't worry about having to learn how it all works, everyone will be in the same boat.


08-10-2009 15:57:53

I'll sign up too


08-10-2009 23:36:28

Sure, count me in.

Kant Lavar

09-10-2009 05:08:51

What the hell. I'm in.


09-10-2009 16:24:31

Have not dropped the ball on the Intro to the session. Was asked to hold off a bit till next week to see about getting as many of you started in the first game as possible. So Next Monday I will be putting up the following:

The Groups (who's in what group)

The Mission (all groups will be performing the same mission)

The Reason: Here is the reason why everyone is doing the same mission we have worked out a method that lets us award crescents on two levels for the participants. The first level is individual, everyone here is eligible for the "Champion" spot of the RPG, there will be a Champion selected by me from the all the participants. The second level in which you can earn a crescent is group level, the group that presents the strongest participation and most interesting method of achieving the goal together gets a crescent for themselves and their team mates.

So the competition award level is as follows: There will be a Top Team all earning a crescent as a team. And there will be a Champion of the RPG that earns a Crescent on their own. So you have in essence a chance to win two crescents in each of these RPG Competitions.

Not bad eh?

Will start Monday October 12th


09-10-2009 18:11:35

Count me in please.

SWL Robert Sadow 3944