Unexpected Shipment

Aticus Jade

10-07-2009 22:06:45

Location : SHU Close Shave, Kr'Tal System
Date : 31 Years ABY

The shuttle Close Shave had been traveling for quite some time now, and was in dire need of replacement fuel rods. Piloting the shuttle was a sleeper for Sierra Cell of House Revan that had been working undercover for nearly four years with Clan Taldryan, and more exclusively House Dinaari. The pilot was a younger man in his mid twenties, brown hair, green eyes, and very quiet. He had not even given his name to his two VIP who he was transporting which was pry for the best as neither cared. The two men accompanying the pilot were both Dark Jedi of the Independent House Revan, and were both Master and Apprentice. The oldest and ranking of the two was Aticus Jade, a Sith Battlemaster and veteran of the Dark Brotherhood. With him was his chosen apprentice, Tiberius di Cloud who was a lesser experienced Dark Jedi Hunter. The two had been sent on a secret operation by the summit of House Revan to bring fresh supplies of weapons, armor and medical back to the Sigma Horizon they had given to the two.

The two had been on the journey to the Kr'Tal System for nearly four days and for a majority of the time had meditated, with a few hand to hand sparing sessions to help stretch and use their muscles, outside of this though the shuttle ride had been long, dull, and boring. Both Dark Jedi had been stripped of any possessions that would relate them back to the new House Revan, and were ordered to not give out their names. On separate orders both were told by Darth Sarin, the Aedile of House Revan, that should one be captured the other was to kill him. This was to eliminate any chance of the house being discovered, and also kept both Dark Jedi on their toes constantly. Aticus being the most experienced was placed in command of the operation, and given most of the details, but Tiberius was himself was a very capable Dark Jedi and in some areas already surpassed Aticus, which was quite amazing to both the Dark Brotherhood, and Aticus himself. The two Dark Jedi had met when a meeting was called and all of the secret members of House Revan met at one of the random Sigma Horizons. At first Aticus was rather unsure of Tiberius but after he reviewed the background of the Jedi Hunter and worked with him on an operation, he was convinced that Tiberius was destined to be his next apprentice. This said much for Tiberius as Aticus had only trained three students in his life time, two of which died during the training, the other lost his connection to the force due to a gathering of four Jedi Masters in which Aticus still to this day hunts.

Both were aware that they were in the Kr'Tal System because the shuttle had exited hyperspace and was now slowly moving to its destination. The silence on the shuttle seemed to have lasted forever, but it was finally broken by the pilot who walked back and stood before Tiberius and Aticus. The pilot gave a slight fake smile and nodded to both. "Sirs, we have arrived in the Kr'Tal System and will be entering the planet Altur's atmosphere in the next thirty minuets. I have been ordered by the Quaestor and Aedile to give you a final briefing before you depart this shuttle so here goes.." started the pilot. Aticus and Tiberius brought their eyes to focus on the pilot, which caused a shiver to cross the pilot's spine. He was not sure why, but both of the men he was transporting scared the living hell out of him and he was rather eager to get them off his shuttle so that he could return back to his ordinary life. Shaking off the slight fear he cleared his throat and continued.

"Aside from your personal orders, your main objectives are to infiltrate the planet Altur and obtain 5 crates of weapons and ammunition, 5 crates of armor and personal shields, and 10 crates of medical supplies. Now before we move on to specifics you need to know a little about Altur. The planet has a very weak atmosphere so the air is mostly non breathable and you will need to use your Rebreather Mask's to survive. The terrain is mostly built up of mountains with a mixture of desert and vegetative habitats. You will be leaving the shuttle by jump, over the continent of Kythan. From there you are to work your way into two different cities on the planet. Despite the fact this is House Dinaari's home world, their eyes are largely blind to certain areas of the planet or at least they have no concern of them anyway. Your first target will be the city of Winrak. This is a very rough place, full of crime and trouble. Here you will locate a man named Kent Hugo who is a fellow sleeper of the Sierra Cell. Kent has the connections you will need to obtain the weapons and armor. After dealing with Kent you are ordered to kill him to eliminate any chance of Clan Taldryan finding any source back to us. Kent is a former Stormtrooper and Bounty Hunter, and is rather skilled in combat so be careful on how you approach his assassination. Once he is dealt with you will move on to your next objective." said the Pilot, pausing to catch his breath and making sure that both Aticus and Tiberius were following him okay. Satisfied in seeing that both were alert and understanding him, he continued his briefing.

"Your next objective will be to gain your way into the city of Dolta where you will meet another contact. She, like Kent, is also a sleeper but she goes only by the name of Shroud when dealing with House Revan. She will be your connection to your medical supplies, as well as getting all the supplies and yourself off of Altur safely. She is to be protected at all costs, and 'MUST' be with you when you arrive at the Sigma Horizon. You will be in the enemy's back yard here gentlemen, and it is suggested that you use complete secrecy and safety during this operation. NO ONE must know that House Revan had any doings on this planet. Best of luck, we should be arriving at the jump point any moment now.." finished the pilot who glanced at both to make sure there were no questions, then turned back around and entered the cockpit. Aticus turned his attention from the pilot to Tiberius who was rather relaxed and calm. Though he did not smile on the outside, he did find peace in the fact that his apprentice was not in any panic about this mission. Tiberius had turned his attention to the floor, obviously lost in thought. Though he had tried to read his thoughts, Tiberius had long since learned how to scramble his thoughts to protect his mind from other force users. This made Aticus even more pleased, at least his thoughts would be safe from Clan Taldryan and House Dinaari in this mission.

Aticus caught Tiberius's attention when he cleared his throat slightly. Tiberius looked at him and gave a slight grin, showing he was eager to serve and accomplish on this mission. Aticus returned it with a slight smile then spoke his mind. "I know you may be eager to get this mission under way my apprentice but I warn you that Clan Taldryan, and especially House Dinaari are a very unique and elite set of warriors that have proven over many years to be one of the most successful and dominant sects of warriors the Brotherhood has to offer. I myself once served with this House and Clan and I can tell you that facing any of their warriors will be difficult. Like the sleeper said, we should remain as stealthy as possible. This mission is not about how many men we can slaughter, but how fast we can retrieve these supplies and return them to the Sigma Horizon. Should we encounter any resistance we will both deal with it fast and efficiently as any combat will lead to Clan Taldryan or House Dinaari shifting their attention to what we are doing. Be a shadow my apprentice, follow my lead and you shall do well." said Aticus, lecturing his apprentice slightly. Tiberius nodded and reflected slightly on what Aticus had said. He did not know a lot about his new Master, but Aticus had told him that he was once a very powerful assassin for both Clan Arcona and for the Grand Master's Royal Guard. If anyone would know about being stealthy it would surely be his master.

The two took a few moments of silence to further mentally prepare themselves for their mission, which seemed only like minuets, before the a red light in the shuttle began to flash. Aticus glanced up at the light then to Tiberius, who was looking at him, and nodded to his apprentice. "Its time to go Tiberius, remember what I said. Be a shadow and follow my lead.." said the Sith who them raised the hood of his cloak over his head. For this particular mission both Dark Jedi had been equipped with a special type of cloak which was designed like a Gilly Suit, using different grasses and vegetation from Altur so that they could easily blend in. To further assist them the Gilly Cloak's were also enchanted by Grand Master Sarin to mask their force markings, making them both invisible to the untrained, and trained, eyes. Aticus was the first to stand, he placed on his Rebreather Mask then held his right hand on the hood of his cloak keeping the incoming wind from blowing it off. He held on to the hand rails as he walked slowly to the shuttle ramp making sure he did not slip, as it would result in his death. The jump would have to be perfect, because the shuttle was at least 47.24 meters high. They would have to use the force to help glide them down, and land gently enough that they did not break any bones. Aticus took one last look back at Tiberius who now stood directly behind him geared up in the same manner as him. Tiberius was looking at the ground rapidly pass below them, but then glanced up at Aticus. He gave a thumbs up to let Aticus know he was ready to jump. Aticus nodded and turned his attention back to the jump, took a deep breath, then closed his eyes and dove out of the moving shuttle. Only seconds behind him came Tiberius.

Both Dark Jedi fell through the dark clouds which cleared and trees and bush became visible. Aticus used the force to be in link with Tiberius and was coaching him using the force to speak in telepathy with him. "Okay Tiberius this is just like we trained to do, you are going to focus on the force below you to push you up, and focus on the force within you to push down. This will cause you to slow down greatly. Once you're about to hit the ground use a strong push to completely stop you as your feet touch." said the Sith Battlemaster. Tiberius was still learning how to use telepathy completely but he had mastered it enough to communicate with his master. He acknowledged Aticus and did exactly as his master had instructed him to do. Both Dark Jedi landed gracefully on the forest floor. Both then laid down on their belly's and waited several minuets before making any further contact with one another. With their Gilly Cloaks on both appeared to be nothing more than a slight lump in the ground, which was all to common on the mountain planet of Altur.

Nearly ten minuets after they had landed Aticus felt confident enough that they had not been detected, and rose to a crouching position. Tiberius saw his master raise up slightly, and did the same. The two Dark Jedi were very limited on gear for the mission, and in most cases this was a suicide mission. Both carried a small satchel with different supplies. Tiberius carried the medical supplies, half the parts to a sniper rifle, water, Wire Cutters, Training Lightsaber, and enough food for the two Dark Jedi to eat off of for 1 day. Aticus carried components to make a small bomb, the other half of the sniper rifle, a HackPad (A Datapad made for slicing), water, and a long range scouting scope. Both had been given a heavily modified DL-44 which was capable of piercing most types of armor, and one extra Energy Clip for it. Aticus used the forced to quickly scan over Tiberius to make sure he was not injured, which he wasn't, then he drew his modified DL-44 and motioned for Tiberius to follow him loosely and silently. The apprentice followed his master's lead and drew his modified DL-44, then followed Aticus at a distance. The two Dark Jedi traveled 11.27 Kilometers before they stopped. They were now at a ridge which hanged over an open valley. Mountains surrounded them, and rain began to fall from the dark clouds above them. Aticus motioned for his apprentice to lay down and both laid down flat. The Sith Battlemaster then reached into his satchel and retrieved the Scouting Scope and set it up.

He zoomed the scope in to focus up to 15.3 Kilometers away. Different numbers changed at the left and bottom of the scope which told him how to angle a shot from the sniper rifle, but this was not what he was attempting to do. The rain did not help in the focusing as it made the scope's auto tracking difficult to lock on, but finally the scope revealed what Aticus had been looking for. In the greenish tint given off by the scope the city of Winrak could be seen. The city was not very large, and was much like the slums on Coruscant. The scope displayed a few words in Aurabesh which told Aticus that the city had a man made mini-atmosphere surrounding it. He looked around with the scope and found three generators which made the imitation atmosphere. He noted this to himself, if push came to shove he could always destroy those generators with the bomb he had and everyone in the city would be dead. Aticus took his eye away from the scope and glanced back at Tiberius, motioning for him to move forward and take a look for himself. Tiberius moved up and looked through the scope as Aticus used telepathy to instruct him of points of interest.

"Take note of the generators my apprentice. They make up the city's man made atmosphere. These are the same generators that were being used during my service with Taldryan, so I know their layout and defense pretty well. If anything bad should happen and the mission become a compromised in Winrak, our objective will move to destroying this three generators - thus killing the entire city. This will allow us to eliminate any witnesses in one swift move. This is however a last resort. Also take note that this city is much like a slum, so do not go in with to much flash. We will leave our Gilly Cloak's and Satchels outside of the city so that we do not look like soldiers. Bring only your sidearm and lightsaber, but keep your saber well hidden. Even though these people have most likely seen Taldryan or Dinaari Dark Jedi before it would not do good for one of those Dark Jedi to be present and see us. Also when we enter this city we will not have the cloaks to mask our force presence so do your best to hide your force markings, and DO NOT use the force for anything unless I okay it. Once you have gained a good over view of the city we will move to infiltrate." said Aticus to Tiberius, using telepathy. Aticus closed his eyes and used the force to sense the city ahead of him, but it was not of much use. The entire planet screamed with the dark side and it made it very difficult to detect any force users in the city but this worked two ways, it would be very difficult for any of Clan Taldryan or House Dinaari to detect them as well..

Mist di Cloud

11-07-2009 11:40:57

Okay Master This is my first go at this and I will posted another one in a day or so I hope this is ok with you,and If I have gone wrong please be patient cheers Tibs
Tiberius,looked through the spy scope and saw the city,which was full of dark corner's and ally way's,where anyone or anything could hid,and they would not be noticed,Tiberius looked at his Master and asked Aitcus,using telepathy,power's,”Sir I do not mean to be,a pain but I think you should know this information,the city,has many hidden,ally ways and dark narrow place's were people can hid,we must be care-ful, as we enter Winrak”. Aitcus said to his apprentice, in a calming voice “My apprentice you must be aware that,I also know this so shall we carry on to the city”.

With a nod from Tiberius both Dark Jedi,moved from their place and began their walk down into the city..

Tiberius was new to the Brotherhood,and had been in Arcona,for awhile during the ninth GJW he helped the Clan win,Tiberius also was awarded for his effort's which he was proud of,the only thing,Tiberius was sadden,about was he knew,how to be loyal and serve,but he had made no friends there,though he wanted to fit in his efforts were knocked down,because he did not know the Arcona way of things which upset some of the Clan there...

So Tiberius moved to the New House Revan, were he found what he was looking for support and guidance,from a Master. Tiberius was fine with his new Master and was eager to please him and be a loyal friend, and apprentice. He also found within Revan a new found interest,in the Brotherhood,were he could relax and have some respect,from his fellow Clansman,which pleased him,Tiberius trained within the Cell Sierra and worked hard and was found to be a great,help within that Cell,and Tiberus looked forward to do his duty,not only to the new cell but his new House and Master.

Putting all this side Tiberius was now focused,on the Mission to Winrak,as the two walked along the outer rim's of the city,the two dark jedi were alert and aware of what they had to do,The City was as Tiberius and his Master,were aware of dark and full of low life,going about there business,with bar's and market's,and other places of pleasure,which did not interest,either of them because,they were focused,on their Mission,although Tiberius thought he could do with a drink to keep him Calm but he did not need it, he was focused,and know his job and what he had too do.

Tiberius looked at his Master for some instruction, Aitcus looked at Tiberius and pointed to a ally way were we were going to met this Kent Hugo,guy we were not sure if Kent was going to be were he was supposed to met,us and if the guy had any one with him,keeping a look out so to speak for him,but as we turned the corner,Aitcus,used his force power's to feel his way,round the ally way to see if anyone or anything was there,Aitcus closed his eyes to come to the conclusion,that there was indeed a man there in the corner,of the dark ally way,he had Long Black hair,blue eyes and a long dark coat,and the Master could tell that Kent was armed,with two dagger's and a blaster,the Master could also tell that Kent was alone which was pleasing to him,with that the Master relayed this to his apprentice,and Tiberius nodded,the Master also said to his apprentice,follow he and cover the rear,be alert and aware of everything,you need to know and watch..

With that Tiberius,nodded and followed his Master,down the narrow,ally way and was alert as , his friend said.

Mist di Cloud

11-07-2009 14:13:21

Just a little added
Tiberius, knew that his Master, also knew,Tiberius could mess up thoughts if someone was trying to read his mind,but at this point were,the dark Jedi were going down this ally way,Tiberius suddenly,allowed his master to read his mind,for a few minutes just a few Tiberius thought,and what Tiberius said to his Master was " Master i know you can read this so this situation shall we go in heavy,or take it easy,up to you sir". The Master was surprised by Tiberius' s power to switch on and off his thoughts and replied " Easy my friend we do not want to unsettle this guy ", Then Aitcus tried to probe a little more so to read Tiberius ' s though' s , but no matter how the Master tried, Tiberius blocked him and every move..

And once Master the had finished Tiberius said to him "Master you will not win against me " and then Tiberius focused once again on this mission,and said to his Master lets do this...

The little exercise only made the bond between Tiberius and Aitcus more better then it had done before,it was like a challenge to them both and this made their friendship easier and happier,this was the bond they had testing each other in a moment of Focus...

Also Tiberius was a Sith and he was proud of being a Sith and the House of Revan was a good house to be as a Sith, he did not let his Master know, unlike most Sith their app's usually killed their Master,how ever this was not on Tiberius ' s Mind he liked his Master,and wanted to keep the friendship, within their Dark Jedi Brotherhood, But Tiberius was aware his Master would kill him in an instant, that s why Tiberius kept his Masters mind reading tricks away form him .....

Aticus Jade

11-07-2009 15:23:29

Aticus turned his attention to the matter at hand. The two Dark Jedi had successfully entered the city undetected and were now possibly standing before Kent Hugo. Aticus stepped forward before Kent and looked him over again. The man was indeed armed and ready, different scars scattered across his body and face showing a lot of combat experience about him. His eyes were cold and uncaring as they starred into Aticus's own. The man spit on the ground then looked back up at Aticus before speaking. "You must be the two I was told to meet.. The names Kent, Kent Hugo and I'll be assisting you two gentlemen in obtaining some hardware for.. whatever your reasons are." said Kent in a raspy voice, then spat again. Aticus looked around to make sure they were not on camera, or being watched by someone near by. Content with his safety he looked back at Kent and spoke in responce. "Yes you could say that, where do we pick up the crates?"

Kent chuckled a bit and waved for both Dark Jedi to follow him. Aticus glanced back at Tiberius and nodded for him to follow. The two Sith moved behind Kent up the stairs and into the slum building. Inside was a cheap and old light fixture that barely lit the entire room, a desk and a few chairs. Kent moved to behind the desk and took a seat in the chair, propping his boot covered feet on the desk scattering dirt across the already messy top. "Well you see I want to give you guys the crates but there was a problem with the transfer. You see there are a few gangs that run around this city, some big and powerful others small and fading out fast. We were getting the weapons from one of these larger gangs called The Organization. They make their home here in the city, but they have connections everywhere on this planet. When my guys showed up with your money they blasted my guys and ran off with the money.. don't feel bad though, that kind of stuff happens every day here. So I'm sorry, but I can't help you guys.."

Mist di Cloud

11-07-2009 17:02:36

Tiberius turned to Kent and with his Master's acceptance draw is hand forward in a cup and started to choke Kent,and said to Kent " Do not lied to me scum where is the create,i know you have it and i have felt you have it ", The Master said to Tiberius let go when i say, our Minds were linked so we did not have to say anything to each other...

But Tiberius kept his Master out of his dark thought's but they were linked.

The Master was not unsettled with his Friends approach toward Kent, and Tiberius knew this....

Kent was choking and he said "Stop I have your creates you need"

The Master said "Were Scum" ...

And Kent went upstairs to a large Holding house,all three went up the stairs Tiberius still had a hold on Kent and Tiberius ' s Master was surprised on how much he held Kent, in his grasp, and how he controlled the Scum (KENT), and Kent knew he was out numbered, he took us up the stairs and there were the creates, I said to my Master "Open them" the Master opened the creates and there was what we were looking for,the weapons everything....

Mind to Mind I said to My Master "Shall I Kill him Now"...

Tiberius then said "NO I will do this myself, Master I can do this "

I will kill this Kent and be out of here in five Well

Aticus Jade

19-07-2009 19:52:30

The two dark jedi remained down stairs while Kent went up top by himself. Aticus turned to face Tiberius and gave a slight smile. "Your negotiation skills are commendable, and if you desire this kill I will permit it. But await my command before doing so." said Aticus in link with his apprentice's mind. The sound of Kent walking back down the stairs broke their look upon one another. In his hand Kent was carrying a data pad and still rubbing his neck from where Tiberius nearly crushed it to dust. "Okay you two, I see you are not here to mess around so here are the codes to receive the crates from Storage Bay 221A. You will find that nearly ten blocks from here, I'd suggest you be careful though because not everyone will be as nice as I've been to ya!" said Kent handing Aticus a code cylinder he ejected from his datapad. Aticus gave a quit inspection of the cylinder then turned to walk out the door. Standing in front of the door now he paused, with his back still turned to Kent. "Thank you for your business Mr.Kent.. ...Kill him my apprentice.." said Aticus, who then walked out of the door leaving Tiberius and Kent alone inside the building.

Mist di Cloud

29-07-2009 20:55:11

The two dark jedi remained down stairs while Kent went up top by himself. Aticus turned to face Tiberius and gave a slight smile. "Your negotiation skills are commendable, and if you desire this kill I will permit it. But await my command before doing so." said Aticus in link with his apprentice's mind. The sound of Kent walking back down the stairs broke their look upon one another. In his hand Kent was carrying a data pad and still rubbing his neck from where Tiberius nearly crushed it to dust. "Okay you two, I see you are not here to mess around so here are the codes to receive the crates from Storage Bay 221A. You will find that nearly ten blocks from here, I'd suggest you be careful though because not everyone will be as nice as I've been to ya!" said Kent handing Aticus a code cylinder he ejected from his datapad. Aticus gave a quit inspection of the cylinder then turned to walk out the door. Standing in front of the door now he paused, with his back still turned to Kent. "Thank you for your business Mr.Kent.. ...Kill him my apprentice.." said Aticus, who then walked out of the door leaving Tiberius and Kent alone inside the building.

Mist di Cloud

29-07-2009 21:20:36

Tiberius Looked, at Kent with a smile, and said to Kent "My good man have a drink." .Kent replied "Yes i have a bottle of wine here and two glasses". "Well pour my friend", I replied.

Kent poured the two glasses of wine into the two large glasses, and then, Tiberius, with a loud laugh said "My Friend thank you for the goods".

And Tiberius put his left arm round Kent's shoulder,and laughed,loudly..

"Well my good friend,its time to die".

With that Tiberius Took his Sith Dagger out and pushed the sharp,dagger into his heart quickly,and hard..

Kent,looked at Tiberius with shock,and was surprised,and Kent said "I had put something in the wine and you would of died".

Tiberius replied "I am not so stupid as that"

With that Tiberius saw, Kent slip away, he eyes went up and Kent was gone...

Tiberius then saw at peace,and saw his enemy, die and then put Kent's dead body in a trunk,which was in a dark corner,and walked,out as if nothing had happened..

Tiberius looked around him when the dark quite, night hit him,the cold was smoothing,and good against his face,and then Tiberius walked down the stair's,watching for anyone looking at him,he could feel that no one was around but his good friend and Master...

Tiberius located his Master,and said too him "My Friend the deed is done",
Tiberius's good friend replied "Yes I know,I can see this my your eyes,good"..

And with that Tiberius asked,"Were to next my good Friend"...