Dark Planet

Severon V

22-05-2009 12:37:31

Korriban 30 ABY

The surface of the ancient sith world billowed with dust as a dry wind ran threw the sand. Echoes of past sith empires rambled through waves of Dark Side energy that seemed to come from the planet itself. Tombs of ancient sith marked the landscape, statues of great leaders falling apart in the heat.

What you find on this world could hold more knowledge than you could ever imagine. Will you search for it, or be lost in the Darkness?


08-06-2009 00:06:06

Mechronage started his venture as he normally would, finding a safe place to stay for the night that approaches, and as a safe escape from any hostilities he might meet on his search for more knowledge on the mysteries of the force.
He then spent several hours searching the semi-buried catacomb entrances before finding a small gap he was barely able to fit through, let alone bring his supplies with him. The only possession he had with him was his trusty lightsaber, a few glow rods, and a few rations just incase. He slowly made his way through the tombs chambers before making it to the entrance to the temple of those that ruled before. He entered with the enthusiasm of a Wookie finding a mate, before being cut-off by a deafening roar from a near by pack of ta'katas. He was charged by creatures moving to fast for the naked eye to see. He flew into the air dodging a slash to the stomache that would have deboweled him for sure. He then came down with an attack that was powerful enough to slice the alfa-male of the pack in two scaring the rest of the pack into the darkness.
It seemed like hours later before he found the sarcophagus of the deceased Sith Lord, Marka Ragnos who's spirit deemed Mechronage worthy, appeared to him in a force aparation. It was at least a day later when he finally emerged from the darkness of the tomb. He returned to his ship with his new found knowledge of those who ruled before, ready for whatever challenge he would face next.

GRD Mechronage Saltherion (Sith)/Gladius of Tarentum [ACC: INI]