Whispers In The Dark


02-05-2009 15:46:29

Space was always a simplistic thing to analyze but so hard to comprehend. It was one of the only things Jaecyn could think about that would bring him some peace, just imagining the sheer size of it all was enough to keep his mind complacent. Though as the ship bucked violently he was reminded of where he was and what he was doing.

Jaecyn leaned up from his place at the command chair of the Assault Cruiser Ambition. He looked around to the 3 other empty crew seats that made up the command deck. He focused for a moment, the far seat’s screen coming alive as he initiated a hull scan, the 2nd empty seats screen flickering on as well as he did a full weapon analysis. The third screen flashed on as it searched for available communication broadcasts.

It took only a moment for it to pick up the broadcast of the Firefox-Class Carrier Perdition. He quickly opened a communiqué with the ship. “This is Jedi Hunter Jaecyn Kai Interm, Requesting docking permissions.”

“Checking ship Identification, wait one…..Greetings Jaecyn, you are granted access to docking bay 95.” The operator’s voice returned before disappearing. He felt the tractor beam lock onto the Ambition as it was slowly pulled towards the designated docking bay.

It was only a few minutes longer before the ship’s landing gear was descending and it was lightly touching down inside the ship. Jaecyn quickly got up from his chair and moved throughout the ship till he came to the access hatch in the rear, it lowering and allowing Jaecyn access to the dock.

Jaecyn slowly made his way down, his sentry robes flowing behind him, several bandages evident over his body from the Great Jedi War, though none of them coming close to hindering him. He knew his master would become evident when he found it necessary, so he waited, leaning against the side of the ship.

Vivackus Kavon

12-05-2009 16:41:11

As the figure walked through the hangar, the workers seemed to part, upon seeing his identity. It was an understandable mistake, as he was not dressed in the typical robes of an Equite. A leather jacket, utility belt, and noticeably absent lightsaber marked Vivackus as more likely to be a smuggler than a Dark Jedi. This wardrobe change hadn't shook Jaecyn for a minute; he had seen Vivackus the moment he entered the hangar. The Warrior still strode with his calm, yet purposeful gait, and that in of itself gave him away to his apprentice.

As Vivackus reached Jaecyn, the Hunter stood at attention to his master, who continued past him to not to the shuttle Jaecyn had came in, but past, further across the hangar, leaving Jaecyn to follow in his wake. The Hunter spoke up, "Master, may I ask what we are doing?"

Vivackus continued on without stopping, speaking loudly, so that Jaecyn behind him could hear clearly, "We're going to have some fun." A typically cryptic answer.

Jaecyn persisted, breaking into a light jog to catch up to Vivackus. "But, I've already got a shuttle."

Vivackus let out a short laugh, before finally stopping at the Nebula Strider, docked across the bay from Jaecyn's ship. "That thing? We'll be taking this one."

"The Nebula Strider?" Jaecyn said, incredulous. "But isn't it reserved for traffic inspection?"

Vivackus addressed the nearest dockworker. "I'm requisitioning this vessel for use by Plagueis Intelligence." He produced his Brigadier General insignia from a pocket to the confused dockworker while continuing, "It should be back for duty in a couple of days. In the meantime, you can use that one." He gestured to Jaecyn's ship.

Vivackus turned and grinned at Jaecyn. "Problem solved." Before entering the ship, he turned around again, as an afterthought. "Oh yeah, and you won't be needing this.." The armory lightsaber at Jaecyn's waist unclipped itself and flew into his open palm, after which, Vivackus promptly tossed it across the hangar floor.

Vivackus climbed into the ship, followed by Jaecyn. "But master... Why aren't we bringing lightsabers?"

"A lightsaber, while a valuable tool, can all to easy become a crutch. If you need to use a lightsaber for what we are about to do, you will have already failed. We will begin a foray into the world of politics and intrigue. We will require skills far more subtle than the use of a lightsaber. Jaecyn, take us to Shintera. We have an appointment with a certain Eri'anya Evnairis."


12-05-2009 17:05:04

Jaecyn’s eyes would follow the lightsaber as it scooted across the floor of the hangar before following his master onto the bridge. The Prodigy moved to the cockpit of the small vessel and began the preflight checks as well as bringing the dock flight permissions up on the screen, requesting permission digitally. After a few moments the screen turned green and the shields in front of him shimmered showing that he was free to leave.

He adjusted the throttle as the ship lifted up and then shot forward. He swiveled on the chair to the astrological map to his right, tapping the system his master had instructed and routing the autopilot system to adjust course to that area. He swiveled in his chair once more, facing his master.

A cold glint in his eye could be seen when he spoke, “So when you say fun…and I mean you. This is probably some mind-bending psych-[Expletive Deleted]ing quest to manipulate things.” He laughed, and asked once more, “So what are we doing Master? I hate surprises.” He awaited an answer, the hunter staring at the warrior.

Vivackus Kavon

12-05-2009 18:00:25

Vivackus settled into the seat next to his apprentice, noting his cold demeanor. Something had seemed different about him, recently. He made a mental note to dig deeper into that. "I'm sure you're familiar with Sistros Aquisitions and Holdings, our Clan's front company. Through a variety of factors, their economic prospects are not as promising as we would like. We are going to... tip the scales in their favor. The details will come soon."

The office was large, but in a state of almost complete chaos. Evnairis sat behind her desk, stacked several inches high by mounds of paper falling into one another. While Vivackus had never met the CEO of Sistros Acquisitions and Holdings before, he could tell she was haggard. Vivackus sat at polite attention, while Jaecyn seemed disinterested.

"Sistros is currently facing adversity from several areas." She was saying, "Our main competitor, which is currently undercutting us, is the InterGalactic Banking Clan. You know we aren't clean, and we've got a reasonable certainty that they aren't either. A certain amound of such things is accepted by the Galactic Republic, but if they could be shown to conduct clearly illegal business practices, that would certainly put a hurt on their brand. Our two other main concerns come from a Colonel in the Republic Military who has been getting very nosy with us recently, as well as some Senators pushing for harsher restrictions on our type of business in general. That is about as far as I'm willing to discuss this matter."

Vivackus nodded politely. "I think that things might get a little better for you in the near future." The Warrior stood up and left, followed by Jaecyn. Once they were back on the ship, Vivackus asked Jaecyn, "Got that?"

Jaecyn responded darkly, "Got what? She hadn't told us anything we couldn't have found out on our own."

"No, but she very well couldn't have told us much more than she did. Who knows who was listening to that conversation? If words get out that Sistros is involved in assassinations, the company might as well be dead. What she did give us was the three points to which we need to apply pressure. When we do that, our job is done. How we do so is up to us."

"So, I'll leave it up to you. Where would you like to start?"


14-05-2009 03:13:57

Jaecyn’s eyes would glaze over for a minutes, he would seem to be deep in though. He leaned back against the wall as his hand moved to his chin, scratching it several times with his thumb and index finger. This was a touchy mission but if played out correctly, they could kill two birds with one stone and Sistros would skyrocket to the top.

Jaecyn’s lightbulb flickered on.

“It would be a shame if the colonel was stealing from the InterGalactic Bank, one which was funding the smuggling of illegal weapons throughout the galaxy. That would take care of both problems at once.” He got a deviant smile on his face and looked to Vivackus and awaited his response.

Vivackus narrowed an eye on him before speaking, “ You haven’t been training under Kal Vorrac have you?” he asked quizzically.

“Oh of course not master, my espionage traits only come from you.” He patted his master on his shoulder and moved past him, towards the ship

Vivackus Kavon

18-05-2009 13:54:57

Zug System

The Nebula Strider touched down on the landing pad without incident. The two young wealthy outer rim aristocrats calmly strode from the yacht to the location of the Bank of Aargau for their appointment to discuss investment. As Vivackus walked into the lobby, he couldn't help but be impressed with Jaecyn's aptitude with the more subtle side of their activities. His initial idea had been sound, the only addendum the Warrior had made was to instead implicate the Colonel as being bribed by the Banking Clan as protection for their supposed illegal operations.

The foyer was as opulent as could be expected for one of the richest institutions in the Galaxy. Light streamed in from windows from all angles, and a chandelier seemed suspended from thin air above a giant fountain. On reaching the front desk, the Munn sitting there looked up. "May I help you?"

Vivackus smiled congenially, "I am Lariel and this is Kareth Raithen." Jaecyn gave a slight nod. "We have an investment meeting scheduled, I believe?"

After typing for several seconds, the Munn at the desk looked up again. "Yes, we shall have a representative with you shortly."

No sooner was that said, than did two figures appear at the far end of the Atrium. "Misters Raithen, thank you for considering our business." The two Munn strode the distance to Vivackus and Jaecyn in long, graceful steps. "Please come this way, we have a conference room set up."

For the first time, Jaecyn spoke up. "I'm not one for meetings. Could I instead have a tour? I'm sure Lariel can handle this logistical talk." The two Munn glanced to each other, not expecting this development, but with the number of credits that Vivackus had led on that they had at stake, one does not say no to such a request.

The left one spoke, "I think that can be arranged. Why don't you come with me, Kareth."

Vivackus and Jaecyn then followed their respective Munn in different directions. Vivackus would humor and weave through discussions, while Jaecyn found a way to extricate himself from his escort and download the incriminating evidince into their main system.