A Lesson In Pain


20-08-2008 18:29:09

The Touture room was filled with blood and the screams of the innocent. Vampre could feel the darkness of this place without even trying. Kyra stood next to Vampre with a look of deep concentration.She was most likely channeling the dark energy in this place. He looked at the journeymen who they had been in charge of. It was Odin's Idea to give them some leadership experiance. He looked at them and smiled his malicious smile. "welcome to hell." He said. "Many of you are wondering why we brought you here. We have been given the honor of teaching you the lesson of pain. I am 5029 years old. I may look young but trust me I have been alive longer than anyone in the Brotherhood. I know what pain is. It is not just the feeling you get when your head is gashed by a large sharp rock. It is also the feeling you get when you are tormented by what you have done, what you plan to do. Pain is what eats away at your soul until there is nothing left. But we shall get to that pain later. For now we are to teach you the lesson of physical pain."

Vampre could hear Odin's voice in his head. "be carefull" it said. " I will." thought Vampre in reply. Kyra could also hear her master's voice "look out for him." he said. "You can count on it." she thought. they looked at the horor strucken faces of there "students". Vampre clapped his hands "let us begin."

Kira Starr

21-08-2008 23:16:54

The journeymen looked frightened as they eyed the many devices of pain and anguish in the room. Some began to look for an exit and others eying the two who brought them, determining if it was possible to fight their way out. They could not escape as the doors to the chamber was sealed and only the two in charge could open it. The fear could be seen in their eyes, they were scared, nervous, angry, they were to walk out of this, if they survive, stronger Dark Jedi with the power gained from the soon to be endless torment. If any where to be "brave" and decide to fight their way out the two Tarenti had their lightsabers at the ready as a way of intimidating them, not intending to inflict damage. Though some did cooperate others had to be forced onto their torture beds. Kyra and Vampre strapped the journeymen into the upright beds with restraints. The former Dathomiri Nightsister and now Jedi Hunter Kyra Starfire knew pain both mental and physical but could not imagine the pain Vampre had gone through in his long life, but what she did know is that pain had made her a stronger Dark Jedi giving her both power and focus. She now looked over at Vampre with a sinister stare and a slight smirk as they began to prepare the first phase of the lessons in pain. "The first of your lessons will come in the form of physical pain" stated Kyra, with rigid and cold stare, inside however she could not help but feel a slight excitement.

The first torture chosen was going to be a lighter one, an introduction for the students. Probes were placed on the limbs of the journeymen and attached to a power source. Without an explanation Vampre started up the power source, as electricity plunged into the limbs of those unable to run. Screaming as the pain inflicted them, the "students" began to fight their restraints, thrashing about as the pain seared through every nerve. "The lessons have begun" sneered Vampre, as Kyra watched on as she too could feel the pain those now helpless journeyman faced, some may even go insane she thought.


25-08-2008 12:23:22

Vampre chuckled to himself as He watched the young journeymen. He eyed Kyra who also seemed to be enjoying the pain of the journeymen. But the screams reminded Vampre of a pain that could never go away, The screaming got louder and the fire rose around him. "Vampre?" asked Kyra as she watched him shake. "I'm fine" was his reply. "lets increase the voltage" said Vampre. Kyra did not hesitate to raise it to 500 volts. "This is but a taste of pain." said Vampre as the screams grew louder.

Kira Starr

25-08-2008 20:38:55

As the machine expounded pain for the journeymen Kyra could not help bu wonder what was going through their heads at this point. She hurried over to the lever and shut off the electricity, causing Vampre to give a inquisitive look. "What..Kyra...Why," were the expelled words of her partner in these lessons, without answering Kyra began to interrogate her charges. "What do you feel wannabe Dark Jedi, huh, do you feel anger. hate, are you cursing me yet," she asked one journeyman who looked frightened and weary. "Please....stop..no..more," he cried, "WEAK FOOL" shouted Kyra, "you think it is an easy path to darkness, huh, think again, no mercy today" sneered the Jedi Hunter as she launched the machine to its highest setting, though not enough to kill, it was the hope of the Dathomiri that the journeymen would get this lesson. They thrashed and screamed in the restraints, tears falling from their eyes as the pain surged, and it stopped again, as the machine shut off. Vampre could see more must be done to these initiates. He had something planned and Kyra could see it was not going to be pleasant. "What torture do you plan next," she asked, "oh, you will see," stated Vampre. A couple of the journeymen had fallen unconscious, and had to jolted back with some brutal persuasion, which gave them some bloody faces and bruises. Blurry eyed and trying to stay alert fearing the wrath of the Jedi Hunter they waited as Vampre finished preparing the next lesson in pain.


26-08-2008 17:53:01

Vampre left for awhile leaving Kyra with the journeymen. "weaklings." she thought. She began to wonder what it was that Vampre had gone through to make like he was. Sometimes he would shake uncontrolably, talk in strange tounges, say things that make no sense, and talk to people who weren't even there. Though this normaly didn't happen as Vampre had gotten most of his sanity back. She remembered, when Vampre had not regained his sanity, That he had looked at her and said "I have seen Oblivion in the eyes of men. When you have lived as long as I have, hope seems to abandon you and their is nothing left but darkness." Kyra was suprised by this comment but only nodded. Now it was many years later and Vampre had regained control although sometimes he still acts a bit oddly as though he thought he was being watched consistantly.

Vampre returned with a wide grin on his face as he brought a machine similar to the embrace of pain called the torture bed. It was a device that attacked the central nervouse system keeping pain at optimum levels. "ready for your next lesson?" Vampre added with a snear.

Kira Starr

27-08-2008 20:22:59

What Vampre brought gave Kyra a cold shiver as the torture bed was brought in bringing her feelings of great pain, torture, madness and uncontrollable anger. A fleeting image came to the surface of her mind of the similar Yuuzhan Vong device, and herself being brought before it, then the image disappeared. Memories were once taken from her following a meeting with those horrible beings from beyond our galaxy, was this a memory she thought. Kyra came too, putting her vision aside to be dealt with later, the Jedi Hunter had to now focus on the task at hand. Twelve journeymen awaited to be given a simulation of an experience that other Dark Jedi experienced recently in history and now others even Jedi are experiencing. As the first victim was placed in the rack device and restrained the other eleven were forced to watch as another method of mental torture. The first "volunteer" began to sweat nervously as Vampre turned on the torture bed and his nerve receptors began to stimulate causing great pain, physically as well as emotionally. The darkness began to swell as he screamed for mercy. Vampre stood ever increasing the intensity. The others watched in horror as the victim but could not escape the pain, it was in his very soul now. So much anger was being felt by the new initiate, Kyra could see it in his eyes. Some of the others began to collapse on the floor, terrified, bitter, watching as their companion screamed not able to move, not able to find a bit of relief from the pain. Their minds warped, but then again they knew that it may have been a Yuuzhan Vong to do this, and they may have died or worse. Still nothing gave them solace or true meaning in this until it was their turn.

Kyra watched Vampre wondering what was going through his mind at this moment.


28-08-2008 17:35:37

Vampre watched happily as the victom was tortured by the torture bed. It had been veary difficult to get this and Odin had to ask the Grand Master himself for permision to use it. Vampre stared deaper into the eyes of the victom. They were losing all trace of hope and the light was fading from them. The room turned into a burning town. children ran only to be slaughtered like animals from Vampre's blade. He walked up to one, no older than 14. He looked into his eyes as the light began to fade, Vampre grabbed him buy the scruff of his shirt and pulled him up. A wide smile spread across Vampre's face. "Do it!" the voices in his head told him "make him suffer!" Vampre took out his poisoned knife and using it tore the young one's heart out before his living eyes. Vampre awoke from his trance and looked at Kyra. "Think we should turn it up a notch?" he asked. "thought you'd never ask" she replied with a sneer. Vampre laughed as the machine was set 20 levels higher than the poor souls pain receptors could handle.

Vampre and Kyra smiled as they felt the presence of their master. "Hello master Odin." they said in Chorus as their master came out of the shadows behind them.

Kira Starr

29-08-2008 21:53:41

Their master entered the room and looked at his two apprentices pleased with their work. "Apprentices, I have come to observe you and how you can teach these new members the meaning of pain," Odin said, "Don't get too comfortable in your positions I have plans." The two looked at each other wondering what he had meant by that. Kyra assumed that he was to give them the own private lesson in pain. Bowing before their master Kyra and Vampre went back to their task with more of a mission then ever. Not to just torture the journeymen in their charge but to prove themselves before their master. As the first victim of the torture bed fell unconscious, Kyra went over to Vampre instructing him to grab the next one of the group, giving this one time to wake up and prepared for his next lesson. Vampre set up the device with the unwilling participant, but had another idea for the others left waiting. As Kyra worked at torturing the journeyman Vampre went over to the remaining ten and picked one out. Odin came over to see what he had planned, wondering if it would give a different vision of what pain can be and teach these Dark jedi a thing about the lessons of the Dark Side.

Jedi Hunter Kyra seemed to like torturing those less powerful than she, it gave her a pleasing feeling, this still was a mystery, her past was filled with battles and bloodshed, the use of the force in very dark ways but this level of pain from torture devices was new. She did not care much right now, the Tarenti just reveled in her new found position. Giving out a short laugh she went back to watching as her new "student" screamed and tried to break from her bonds. Odin looked over and gave a grin to his apprentice soon it will be your turn, my apprentice, a lesson only for you.


03-09-2008 19:30:55

Vampre lead Odin into a back room. Vampre magnetically shut the door behind him making sure it could only be opened if Odin or himself wanted it to. He lead the lone journeyman into the room who seemed very nervouse. “Stop your sniveling!” Vampre shouted. They were now in a cold dark corridor with apparently no exit. The cold in here was worse than death itself. Vampre could feel the evil energy of this place. “Kyra” he thought. “I will be back shortly don’t worry.” Vampre looked at the journeyman to see that he recognized him. It was cypha. Vampre felt a tinge of sadness at the thought of torturing his friend but the emotion was quickly kicked aside.

“What do you have planned Vampre?” asked Odin. “Oh you will see soon enough.” the guardian replied.

They entered a tunnel that seemed to go on forever. Finally they made it to the last room in which were two helmets with blaster like ends sticking off of them. “Cypha, Master Odin, This is a device called a brain prober. It will take Cypha’s mind and force him into mine, making him experience all my past pain.” Vampre sneered looking rather pleased with himself. “The journeyman will have to go through over 5000 years of hell in less than a day.” vampre added smiling menacingly. Odin looking rather pleased took a seat on a nearby stoll to watch.

“Odin.” said Vampre “If something looks like it’s going wrong, you have to destroy the machines, understand? My mind is still slightly unstable and the machine might not be able to handle it.” Odin nodded at this and the machine was started.


04-09-2008 08:26:25

A brave conduct and an interesting experiment. Odin looked at his young apprentice gracefully whom was now checking the machine, setting it up with the help of the adjacent computer to monitor. Vampre sorted the check systematically, from one item to another, making sure he did not miss a thing. The Quaestor's sight hit upon Vampre's firm expression. It was a mix among excitement, ruthlessness and concealed pain.

In all honesty, how pain had carved Vampre's history, it remained unclear to Odin. The Quaestor's latest student had not elaborate enough about his past, and Odin did not think it would be a matter. As long as Vampre could follow the guide and overcome the challenges set before him to be another available asset of Tridens, Tarentum and the Brotherhood as general, Odin did not put close attention at his apprentice's past, at least for now. However, seeing Vampre's eagerness to perform the experiment, Odin gave his appraisal.

"I see you have been waiting this moment to happen. Amazingly I haven't known anything about this until now. Apparently it is supposed to be a good device to induce your past memory coming as if into Cypha's reality?" Odin uttered to reemphasize the goal of this interesting project.

"Our minds, both will be connected. Cypha will feel the pain as it has wounded me for life. It never left me, no matter how I've tried to make it gone," Vampre answered, trying to elaborate.

"Pain is a sense of experience. Pain is a mindset. And yes, pain is a lesson. It may give different result to other individuals. Yet, I am still interesting at the outcome of this experiment. I may give you an access to my private laboratory for further tests, well, depends on what things I see as the benefit," Odin uttered his opinion, "Consider that my challenge to you, Vampre."

Odin tried to hide his smirk. A good choice, my apprentices. Pain... as I crave much to it


05-09-2008 12:30:50

As if just gone through a hyperspace, Cypha’s mind suddenly leaped out into a mysterious dark space. He had no clue how long it passed from the last moment he remembered in a dark room with Odin and Vampre. But this space has no floor, no walls, and no sound. Just a complete darkness was spreading in front of him as if it made a contrast to whatever things to be happening.

“Where am I!” Cypha yelled in the darkness knowing it was a meaningless question. But he tried to make a logical explanation of what is going on, expecting that some kind of responses might have come back.
“Apprentice!” All of sudden, the sharp and stern voice with which Cypha was familiar came from the back.
“Master…” It was Dark Jedi Knight, Deatharoc of Gladius with his Sith sword on his right hand walking towards him.
“You failed me, apprentice. Showing your fear so easily… it’s a betrayal, weak fool! Perhaps, it is time to end your life!” As soon as he threw the words, his Sith sword was swung down onto Cypha’s shoulder. Cypha tried to dodge or block, but suddenly noticed that he could not move. It was Vampre behind Cypha holding both of Cypha’s arms at his wrists. As Cypha helplessly gazed at the blade moving down, the Sith sword hit his left shoulder with a dull sound, and moved into his flesh to almost the half of its width.

Cypha moaned and collapsed on his knees.
“Oh, I hate this rusty Sith sword! Help me out Vampre, push it down!” Hearing his master’s voice falling down from up above, Cypha felt the stabbing pain on his shoulder went even deeper down. He saw his master and his friend, Vampre, were pushing down the stuck blade on his shoulder. His left arm hung out to an abnormal direction, and blood sprung out of the shoulder streamed along his body all the way down to the floor.
“What… is… going… on?” Cypha tried to think. But the severe pain piercing in his mind took him away from a logical thinking, or even kept him from being able to think…
“Why?… why… are.. you?” Cypha felt as if a strong white light was shining into his brain through a crack of his scull to blank him out. His mind is almost fading away. But his instinct was still intact, and anger and the other aggressive emotions were flaming up inside him radically. At the next moment when Deatharoc put his both hand on the Sith sword to push it down, Cypha’s right hand caught his lightsaber without thinking, and the red blade lit up in the air swiftly slashed his master’s right arm!

In growling, Deatharoc turned back and kneeled down in a few meters away from Cypha. But when he raised his head and faced back, it was not his face anymore. Cypha saw the familiar beautiful woman’s face under her characteristic face tattoo. It was Jedi Hunter Kyra Starfire, another friend of Cypha.
“You cut my arm, Cypha! How dare you! I hate you!” With her shouting, the blue blade came out from her left hand with a hiss noise.


Odin was looking at drops of sweat oozed up on Cypha’s forehead right after he went into unconscious. On the other hand, Vampre in the meditating state started murmuring with a creepy grin.
“This is a beginning, Cypha… Why do you think pain exists in the world? A sign for danger, or a tool for torture, or there’s no meaning in it? No, pain is a teacher. It will give you further understandings that nobody can teach… You will learn about fear, anger, jealousy all kind of emotions in deep through pain… Looks like you have a lot to learn though... I will leave you the pain you feel until you understand its meanings. It could be forever, or you might go insane. But remember, physical pain is nothing compare to the ones you are about to experience. This is just a beginning.”

Kira Starr

08-09-2008 18:30:32

When Vampre chose Cypha to go with him into the back room, Kyra did not say anything, she stood watching as all three of them sealed themselves away. wondering what was about to happen, Vampre could have anything planned. At least it was not her to do the deed, she felt no anger toward her friend, but she had anger toward what Cypha had been, and that was a memory of her own pain not too long ago.

Standing, Kyra flexed her cybernetic arm, she remembered what had happened the lightsaber held by Cypha, her attack to save him, and the shock of a possessed Cypha attacking her, and the look of satisfaction that gleamed on the Guardian's face just for a moment.

Turning to the human on the bed, she grabbed the tortured acolyte held a firm with the cybernetic arm and fierce anger taking hold of the Jedi Hunter. Taking out her lightsaber, "you want to see pain young one" sneered Kyra, who quickly released the terrified female as she realized her state of mind. She glanced back over toward the room, What are you doing Vampre.

Turning back toward those still in the room, "hmm...all alone with all of you...do you know what this means."

"I shall go about my own little training on the meaning of pain, the torture bed is great but, how much can it show." Rambled Kyra, it was to get her mind away from other things, to gain focus.

The others began to looked at her, waiting for the jedi hunter to tell them their new fate. Already some of them were growing remorseful and angered, ready to unleash an attack. "The darkness grows, yes, you are learning," replied Kyra as she readied herself to show a little physical pain. I was put in charge of the physical torture.

In the back room Cypha was still in the brain prober. He was coming to terms with the images he experienced, and of his friend coming at him with anger and her lightsaber ready to strike. Not only that but what was the meaning behind his master attacking him? Vampre kept up with meditation, then only a pause as he made his lesson clear.

Vampre took some time to allow what Cypha had experienced to set in before he began again. Not knowing the next steps Cypha knew he must be ready for anything, no matter how much the experiences tormented him or even how strange they may seem. One thing was on his mind, Vampre's pain, and was this it showing through as his own, or was this his own inner torment.


11-09-2008 17:09:36

Vampre looked down upon the Cypha. He had passed his first test. Perhaps it was time to let him in on what was going on. Even though Vampre knew that Cypha couldn’t see him he could still hear him “Cypha” said Vampre “This was a test of your own inner torment. This machine can work vice versa to my advantage. You have passed this test but it will only get harder from hear on out. Now I have another test for you. In this test you will have to experience the worst moment of your life….. Your fall to darkness.”

Vampre tapped into Cypha’s memory and found what he was looking for. The blackness was suddenly filled with form. This was the planet Arcania. He was in a compartment with a girl named Amelea was standing in front of him. “Yes of course I am cheating on you Kinnar. It is so amazing.” Anger flooded the Anzat as the two tentacles came out of his cheeks. “No not again!” said Cypha but his lips did not move. Cypha could only hear himself “talk”.

He had no control over what he was doing “Now you will relive your worst nightmare.” said a chilling voice in the air. Cypha recognized this as Vampre’s voice but he only sounded like this when he was about to do something really nasty and vile. “You will live this nightmare over and over and over again untill you have come to terms with your pain.” said Vampre in the chilling voice.

The tentacles extended into Amelea’s noise sucking out her “brain soup”. Cypha was horrified.

“You will come to terms with your pain or you will never leave this place.” Vampre repeated. Cypha for one of the first time in his life wanted to die. He wanted it to end. “Make it stop!” he screamed. Only one word was heard before Cypha lost control of his anger “No.”

Cypha felt the anger in him swell and he attacked Amelea with all of his force. Cypha realized he had control of himself again. He did not stop untill all her “brain soup” was gone. “congratulations.” said Vampre “you passed.”


13-09-2008 13:10:52

"Congratulations… You passed."
As the voice of his friend, at least he thought so until today, echoed in his head, the Arkanian Guardian of Tridens was trying to untangle a bunch of thread called "thoughts" inside his head. How long did it pass? Where was he? What was he doing? ... Cypha, was it his name? Or, Kinnar Vandrayk… He has not been heard that name for years since the time that he believed that numerous brilliant futures were waiting for him in the world, since the time he did not know even a faint of darkness…

Somehow, it was hard to think nevertheless the fact that he did not feel pain at that moment. Maybe this machine had some anesthetic function, maybe what they call "pain" left some paralysis in his brain or in his mind, or maybe he already lost his sanity... Soon, he stopped searching the answers. He felt like nothing is important.


Cypha put his hand on his left shoulder where a Sith sword had been stuck for a while… For a while? How long was it? He thought it lasted forever. As the continuous intolerable pain stirring his mind tried to blank it out, he felt as if all of his beliefs, identity, and the realities were fading away along with it. All in his mind was just like an extremely bright light, there is no good or bad, right or wrong, or past or future, there was only the brightest sense, pain, and nothing else existed.
"Pain is a teacher."
As he almost passed out, he always heard the voice from somewhere. Then, somehow the pain returned in his body with a strong rage and urge to escape from it. "The teacher" drilled his mind deeply to the core trying to make everything into nothing again from the beginning.

After the eternal repetition of this cycle, in his remained faint conscious, he thought he saw something, something the pain was trying to teach... But in the slightest moment, he felt like falling into a hall and went through a long tunnel of darkness.


He was a 16 years old boy with a different name, Kinnar, standing in front of his love, Amelae, a beautiful and charming Zeltron girl. He just ran into her room with uncontrollable jealousy with a tiny hope that all he heard was a cruel lie or mistake. But, as a matter of fact, the cruelest thing was the truth… Amelae did not show any hesitation to reveal how fantastic she enjoyed in bed with the other guy, and even started laughing about Kinnar's clumsiness in treating with girls. Without thinking, he brought up his hands to stun Amelae and sucked up her brain. The soup gave him a vivid description of the exact moment of her betrayal along with all the emotions he did not want to know. He was mentally so disturbed, but physically, sucking the brain soup gave him some satisfaction, or more precisely, a kind of pleasure in his instinct level.

It had been more than a couple of decades, but he never forgot her evil sneer and his rage as if all of the blood was boiling up and flooding against its natural current. However, experiencing it all over again… looking at Amelae's horrified face losing its temperature, smell of her red long hair, the sound of her brain corrupting into the soup, and the taste of his first soup… he started remembering that the most disturbing part was that he was feeling a tremendous pleasure and excitement in killing his love.

Now, everything was flashed back into his mind… not only Amelae, but also all the emotions around this incident… his happy life until the day before, running away from the room in tremendous fear, love of his mother in her little last moment, and the following mother's tragic death… If only, if only did he not kill Amelae, everything would have been different. Why did he do this? Why couldn't he stop it? Idiot!!
"Make it stop!"
As Cypha screamed, the rage against himself was growing up inside him. It was neither Amelae, nor the troopers who killed his mother. It was all happened from him! It was him who led his mother to her death! Various kinds of massive emotion flooded into his mind and immediately filled it up beyond its capacity to handle…

He could not think any more. He did not want to do anything. He just wanted to hide and escape from everything…
"I want to die…"


"Congratulations… You passed."
The voice of his friend echoed in his head, but he did not understand what it meant. Everything was suddenly gone, and Cypha was again drifting in a complete darkness. This time, he felt the darkness is calm and soft, and nothing to be afraid of. Cypha was trying to think, or focus on something for a while…

But he gave up everything… He did not want think anything anymore. He did not care how long it passed, where he was, or what he was doing… He felt like nothing was important.

Kira Starr

25-09-2008 21:42:00

Odin could sense his student’s boredom and her willingness to inflict pain; he left the chamber to check on Kyra and to bring the students in for their turn at Vampre’s lesson.

As he left Cypha, following a short break, thinking it was over for the time being, began to experience the past pain of Vampre, one he could not have imagined, so much anger and bloodshed…

Cypha was on Coruscant walking up to a house, it did not appear to be dramatic at first.

He than began to feel the emotions flooding his system first a sense of love, than betrayal and pure rage. Flashing back he was with a girl, young but it was a happy time, then he was back at the house and in his hand a poisoned knife. The Guardian could not understand what was happening but he knew the feelings, my love betrayed me… came the voice of Vampre.

Again Cypha’s mind flashed to an older man and the girl, who spoke to him “you criminal” and the man “I will kill you”.

The guardian saw himself moving into the house with the knife and in anger broke in and found the girl and stabbed her 50 times, turning he proceeded to slit the throat of the man her father. Now leaving the house, Cypha, deep in the re-enactment, was helpless as he proceeded to watch the house burn, as witnesses came out he killed them too both women, men and children.

The Guardian could not stop the killing; he felt the rage, no longer Vampre’s but his as if the memories were his. Then he flashed again to his past when his love betrayed the young Kinnar and he sucked out her brain soup.

Before Cypha knew what was happening many memories began to come to him, all confusing images, Vampre’s then Cypha’s. Random images and thoughts, some from his past and present and Vampre’s who was also experiencing the strange phenomena.


Odin came in at just that moment with Kyra and saw that the machine began smoking.

Kyra did not know if permanent damage would be caused if she broke them free of the device, the only way she thought was to hook her up and get Vampre to stop and let him know mentally something was wrong.

Odin watched, he knew this would end in a lesson in pain for his student. Maybe even a taste of true power, to prepare her for her next phase in the journey to become a Dark Jedi Knight.

As she fell into the trance she began to experience both their pasts. First she was running from a dead girl, feeling satisfied and horrified at the same time. Kyra ran to another woman an Arkanian who she loved, but it was not her it was Cypha’s memory. The Jedi Hunter saw herself telling the woman about the feeding on brain soup.

A government force came in and shot the woman and Kyra proceeded to violently resist and fight back, she felt the dark side in her but had to watch as the woman, Cypha’s mother, died.

Kyra still emotionally disturbed from that was trying a death stick for the first time and began to become violently ill. Faces from Cypha’s past and present were standing around laughing at this. What is happening? Thought Kyra.

Dathomir, was this one of my memories Kyra wondered. She was searching for artifacts and Rancors came up to her and began attacking.

Her Nightsister clan was riding on top of the great beasts and began to recite spells torturing her. “Sister we adopted you as one of our own and you betray us, you will suffer for your treason”, they said. The one she killed before her exodus from the planet came down and cut off her arm in retribution. The Nightsister became Cypha and then a Duros who stood over the helpless Jedi Hunter laughing saying “you will die, young one”.

Kyra was now on board the ghost ship Renegade and Vampre was lying on the floor bleeding from a head wound. He looked up at her with a revengeful stare and as Kyra stooped down to look at his wound he pulled out a knife and began stabbing her multiple times. “You betrayed me”, he said.

She was then with the only man she had ever loved, Dak. Kyra was calm at this moment as they were trading some goods at an outpost, when a robbed Dark Jedi came over to her. She was not happy about his presence and tried to fight him off with no use. She was frozen only to watch as her beloved was killed by a lightsaber.

The Dathomiri felt herself screaming trying to move to kill the robbed man, but something kept her back. The Dark Jedi came over to her, there was pain and anger in her eyes and a boiling rage inside her with dark powers emerging, and the man seemed pleased as he lifted off his hood. It was Odin her master.

At that moment Kyra awoke from the trance, so did Cypha and Vampre as they had just experienced the same memories and emotions. Kyra stared at her master with eyes slightly yellow ready to rip her self from the device and attack him but finding she could not move. “That was one of your tests my apprentice”, said Odin pleased at the result of her test as he came over calming down his student.

But what about Vampre, he sat there just staring at the wall, not moving, not acknowledging the others. His eyes had become a gray instead of their normal red, and his mind was trapped. Not one of the other three could imagine what was going on, and was it something to be concerned about. Only Vampre knew, or does he...


27-09-2008 00:53:18

Odin watched as his apprentice Vampre fell deep into trance. The normal evil and cruelty had left him only to be replaced by a feeling of hate, anger, and depression more powerful than he had ever felt before. Not even the Grand Master ever let out this much darkness.

Vampre continued to stair at the wall. His eyes were no longer filled with hate. “Vampre?” said Kyra suddenly. “are you okay?”. Vampre did not move at all. He just continued to stair.

Odin tried to dig into Vampre’s mind only to be pushed out by a force so strong it knocked him backwards. “Master Odin! What do we do?” said Kyra. “We do nothing," said Odin calmly although there was a hint of fear in his voice. “We must wait for Vampre to defeat this himself.


Vampre was floating down into blackness, wondering where he was. “Wha? Where am I?” he asked. “Ah, look at this! Our little puppet is back again!” said a dark and maniacal voice. It was the voices in Vampre’s head. “Have you come for answers? There are none.” they said.

“I do not seek answers! I never wished to see you again!” he shouted. “Ahhhh. Is the little baby upset?” the voice snickered. “you can’t get out without our permission. And I’m not so sure I want to let you out.”. “What must I do?” asked Vampre. “You must pass the tests of pain, past, present, future , mental, physical, and spiritual.” the voice replied.

Vampre walked up to the burning house and walked inside. He went over to the body of his lover, and bent over her. “Vampre” she said as she coughed “I loved yo….” she fell dead at his feet. For the first time in over 4000 years Vampre began to cry.


Vampre’s almost lifeless body was still starring at the wall, as if nothing were the matter.


01-10-2008 12:13:53

How long had he been crying? He felt as if his heart was torn apart. Regret for what he had done, despair for the loss of his love, or cursing his uncontrollable fate, he did not know what exactly it was, but a strong emotion had hold him for a long time. Finally when he decided to stand up on the broken pieces of burned materials, he suddenly felt as if his body was pulled back with a giant hand into darkness and lost the sense of gravity for a moment...

At the next moment, he noticed he was walking on a path between wide spread grass field in both sides under a bright sun. As he walked over a hill of grasses merging into a horizon in each direction, he recognized a pact of Kath Hounds playing around each other in a mile away, and felt an urge to run there to kill those creatures with his lightsaber just for fun.
"Wait… I have been here. Yes, this is…"
The emotion reminded him where it was… Dantooine, where many Jedi had been training in the Jedi Enclave. It was probably more than a thousand years later than the time of his first kill on Coruscant.


On this very day, Vampre recalled, he was looking for Jedi younglings to lure them to the realm of the Dark Side on this planet, and he was going to meet a Zabrak young Jedi by his ship to show him around the world outside of the planet, not knowing it was a beginning of another tragedy... As in his memory, a young Zabrak was standing by a corner of the building right across the street from the shipyard where his ship, the Crimson Star, was anchored.
"Did I keep you waiting, young one?"
Vampre approached to talk to the youngling, but suddenly stopped his step sensing another Jedi hiding behind the corner of the building. Then, he frowned. It was somehow a familiar presence. He apparently felt someone he knew from many years before...

Right before he heard the voice, he understood who it was.
"Finally, I found you, dark one. I was looking for..."
She, another giant Jedi, as tall as Vampre but in a little slimmer shape showing up from the shadow of the corner, immediately swallowed her sentence with an apparent surprise and a little confusion on her face.
"You... Vampre..."
She, Shay-Rar, was also a Heragan, of whom he had known for many years. She was once in a very close relationship with him, trained, traveled, accomplished many things, and even lived together as a pair of young Dark Jedi many years ago. The complicated feeling that he used to have came back vividly into Vampre’s heart.
"Vampre. Long time no see, glad to see you still alive.”
Say-Rar managed to pretend casual, but her right hand was slowly moving to look for her lightsaber hilt. On the other hand, there was clearly a happiness as well as surprise on Vampre’s face. He looked into Shay-Rar’s eyes to find a place to start talking for a while, but gradually, he was forced to understand that the situation has been changed, and completely different now. With a slight hint of remorse, Shay-Rar claimed her duty in a stern tone.
“Now I understand why and how people are missing. I really wish I could have time to be nostalgic, Vampre. But I cannot let this happen anymore. No more younglings to be corrupted by your dark teachings…"
After a slight second of sadness, seriousness was falling down on Vampre’s face silently, but surely.

There was a pause for a while between them with looking at each other's eyes. Without any sound, so many memories were passing through their brains, and silent conversations were going on in their minds. But it was all of sudden, a hiss noise broke the silence apart, and two lightsaber, blue and red blades got alive in the air and crossed each other with a little spark and a loud noise between the two Heragans. The two blades were pushing each other for a moment, but they came apart as sudden as it started, and danced for a second in the air from a distance at the next moment. Vampre and Shay-Rar still looking at each other’s eyes with a safe distance, slowly started circling to find a way to break the tension. Abruptly, Vampre stepped in, with turning clockwise, and gave a slash across his shoulder. The female Heragan dodged the blade quickly, and immediately give him back a slash on his head, which was parried by the red blade easily. In the next moment, the red blade made a swift swirl between the two Heragan, and made a quick combination of attacking to Shay-Rar from up and down, right and left. But all of those are blocked by the blue blade that the Jedi had.

Vampre opened his mouth finally.
“So, you are a Jedi now.”

Kira Starr

15-10-2008 17:04:28

Kyra continued to be concerned, impatiently walking the room looking for a way to find Vampre, to get inside perhaps…to help him or just to know what was going on. Cypha was there inside his head, but it was Vampre’s wish to keep certain secrets locked away. Something happened when I engaged the machine, thought the Jedi Hunter. Then a whisper, not very audible but a sign that Vampre was still present and his seemingly life-less body had a working mind. “so, you are a jedi now”, said Vampre in a emotionless voice. Though conscious, none of the three dark jedi had any success bringing the Guardian back from his trance. “We must allow this to play out, be patient my apprentice, we will have answers eventually,” came reassuring words from Odin.

In the meantime…

Vampre, on Dantooine looked upon Shay-Rar with bitterness, she was now a Jedi seeking to end the intentions of Vampre teaching younglings the power of the Dark Side. Their past histories went before them but they where just histories, and now both Heragans were locked in a lightsaber duel.

After a short while, Vampre finds his opportunity to end the fight by knocking out Shay-Rar’s lightsaber. Once the Heragan female was defenseless, it was Vampre’s turn to speak.

“The years together, you had become strong in the dark side Shay-Rar.”

“That maybe true, the Dark side was powerful, and I was stronger from it, but no more, I was brought to the light and saw what I became what you are, and will stop you from corrupting others,” said the female Jedi,

“The light is weak, and you are weak, I am done with you.” Replied Vampre

He ignites both sabers for the final strike, just then the female Heragan uses the force to retrieve her lightsaber from Vampre and takes off with speed to her ship. Vampre follows suit entering his ship with the Zabarak. Following he follows her to the planet of Corsada.

Upon arrival the female Jedi already waiting patiently for her former partner watched as his ship landed. The Zabrak apprentice was instructed to hide within the spice compartment as Vampre rushed out for the attack. Lightsaber blazing he came swinging his blade toward her as she countered the block. But Vampre in his state kept up the relentless attacks weakening the Jedi. At a brief moment in the duel, Vampre stabbed Shay-Rar in the stomach with his lightsaber. As she lied there dying the female Heragan former Dark jedi turned light confesses to Vampre “ I loved you…always had, no matter our differences, you will always be my Vampre… I…I… could never have killed you like you have me…my world would not have been the same” she said right before giving her last breath in the arms of her love.

Again one of his former loves dies by his hand, sending Vampre into a rage seen before so long ago on Corucsant. He proceeds to burn the planet; no living thing escapes his wrath. After a day, the planet is left smouldering and dead, but his destruction is not complete, Vampre knows that he must remove this planet from existence, from memory, his memory. In his mind the past continues to play out, now in his ship he faces the horrible memory and bombards the planet with every thing in his arsenal. The planet has now been left in complete ruin, as Vampre escapes into hyperspace.


These memories had made him the Dark Jedi he is, the being he is…but to have them manifest like this was taking its toll on his mind. Such pain and horrible atrocities, he lived them once but over the course of millennia, now in a matter hours he must relive them again, even the most powerful Dark Jedi could not protect themselves from this onslaught.

Still motionless in the machine, Vampre’s thoughts conjure up more painful memories, as the others can only watch on.