Mad Alchemist's Trivia

Macron Sadow

03-06-2008 21:16:10

Here I will start the trivia comp :

Mad Alchemist's Trivia

Take the mad Force test! That's right- 30 questions in 3 sets of weird
Force lore, picked by none other than the Mad Macron.

Start Date: 6/15/2008
End Date: 7/7/2008

Unit in Competition: Entire DJB

Answers to be mailed to and the DGM.

Questions to be posted on the main DJB forums.

2nd level crescents. One LSS for each first place finisher, one extra LSS
for the overall trivia winner.

Scoring: per correct answer, and then by date/time of submission. Ties
will be adjudicated by Muz. Top overall scorer with most number of correct
answers over the 3 weeks wins overall.

Stay posted for the details! This should be lots of fun.

Questions will be posted on the 15th. DO NOT post your answers here or you'll be disqualified and create a huge pain in the @$$ for me. :)
If you have questions about the comp, you can ask them here.

Macron Sadow

15-06-2008 11:54:49

Here you go:

1. Name the last of the Sorcerers of Tund, and his species.

2. How are Sith synthetic lightsaber crystals created?

3. Female Practitioners of Sith magic who were members of the original Krath society are known as what?

4. Darth Bane's apprentice Zannah was known to use what weapon, and what was unique about it?

5. Which insane scientist did Force experiments on Obi-Wan?

6. On what planet and when did an ancient Killik Sith Lord live, and approximately when?

7. Which fallen Jedi could transfer his essence, and lived for over a thousand years in clone bodies?

8. Which Sith Lord created a famous ocular artifact, and what was it's name?

9.Which consort of Xendor used what artifact to preserve her body for thousands of years?

10. Which Sith Sorceress called darkness down on her Onderonian Enemies using what method?

Remember, do not post your answers here. Round One will end on Sunday the 22nd, and the Round Two questions will be posted.

Good Luck!

Order of submissions for round one
1. Tsingtao, 14:07 EST, June 15
2. Dock Alfar, 9:04 EST, June 16
3. Pertinax Yadar Mandalore, 14:30 EST, June 16
4. Jade Atema, 9:53 EST, June 17
5. Robin Hawk, 11:30 EST, June 22

Round One results:
1. Dock Alfar, CrR, LSS
2. Robin Hawk, CrA
3. Tsingtao, CrS

Macron Sadow

23-06-2008 12:26:57

Round one shinies are in the mail. Thanks to all who played! And now, without further ado, round 2:

1. What color was Freedon Nadd’s lightsaber, and what type was it?

2. What Dark Jedi broke with the Jedi order in 24,500 ABY and what was this event called?

3. What object created Rakghouls under Taris?

4. Which Sith artifact stored and researched by the Jedi affected the atmosphere around it for six kilometers?

5. Which Sith sword was quarantined on Coruscant in 3963 BBY and by whom?

6. Which artifacts surrounded the temple on Dromund Kaas to protect it, and what was the power needed to get by them?

7. Which artifact was of grave importance to the Sith and was held by Darth Sidious in the Emperor Palpatine Surgical Center?

8. What are the 4 stages of the Dark Side?

9. Which Dark Jedi used a sight based power to duel Kyle Katarn, and what was it?

10. The most grandiose usage of the Force drain power was done by whom, and to what world?


1. Tsingtao, 13:14, June 23
2. Robin Hawk, 20:48, June 23
3. Dock Alfar, 10:33, June 24

Macron Sadow

30-06-2008 18:29:38

And now, Round Three! Round Two has been judged and the awards requested.

Also, note:
Some questions are multi-part. Even if you get part correct, and someone else gets the whole thing.... well, you get the picture. Also, some of these are from the DB wiki pages.

1. Name the Sith holocron that held 9 separate gatekeepers, and what was unusual about it's shape?

2. What were animated dead Sith slaves known as, and who first created them?

3. What rare crystal produces a silvery-green saber beam, and can almost only be found in private collections and museums?

4. Which force tradition combined both Jedi and Sith teachings successfully, and what weapon did they commonly use?

5. Which set of gauntlets made of alchemically-treated Rancor Hide can channel blasts of black energy, and which Clan owns them?

6. Which artifact level Sith Sword was stolen from Hurom, and by whom?

7. Which lightsaber power crystal comes from Yavin, and what are the colors it naturally occurs in? (NOT blade colors, but the actual crystals)

8. Which order of assassins contributed to the early formation of the Obelisk order, and who was the main contributor?

9. Name the only lightsaber style currently not available to Brotherhood practitioners, and one of it's known modern Sith Lord adherents.

10. Which Sith Holocron was created by a famous undead Sith Lord, and who is the most recent possessor according to EU canon?


Dock Alfar, June 30th, 11:52
Robin Hawk, July 1, 1:30
Tsingtao Ming, June 3rd, 3:13

Macron Sadow

08-07-2008 21:29:38

Winners rnd 3:

1st Tsingatao- CrR, 1 LSS
2nd Dock Alfar- CrA, 1 LSS for overall top scorer
3rd Robin Hawk- CrS

Round three actually came down to time of submission in the second and third place categories. That makes Dock Alfar our overall winner, if only by a hair's breadth.

Medals have been requested, and thanks for playing!

Macron Sadow

08-07-2008 21:30:41

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13-07-2008 10:36:16

Congrats to Dock for winning overall!