A Past Assassin


18-03-2008 22:40:47

Jade walked down the halls and spied Vorion. She watched him for a moment. He seemed lost amongst the many halls, and Tyren was no where to be seen.

Grinning she slowly came up behind him. "Well little apprentice, seems Tyren should have trained you to be better prepared." She laughed as he turned around and faced her. She knew he had a small crush on her something she could possibly use to her advantage.

Knowing the past he had, or peice of it she was certain he may be able to help her find what she was looking for. "Tell me, how does one like you get so..."She grinned. "...lost?"


19-03-2008 14:17:51

Vorion turned and warily faced the Commander of his Battleteam, the Lady Sword of Ragnos. Jade Atema was a vivid and pleasing sight indeed; dark, shining hair that shimmered enticingly in the florescent light, and...

The helmeted head snapped back up and looked her face-to-face again, a faint glimmer of gloating satisfaction playing across her delicate features as she relished in the fact that she had ensnared his attention. He shrugged carelessly, keep his head level even as his eyes wandered.

"Your guess is as good as my own, Tetrarch. I'm a bit bewildered myself...How does a simple miner wind up as a student of the Force in the service of the fine house of Atema? It baffles me continually...and makes me wonder what else may lie in store for a pawn of fate like myself." He allowed himself an indulgent smile. It was why he liked the Atemas so; they made him feel accepted, appreciated.

Jade especially so; she had arranged for the personal dispensation he had recieved from Dlarit Special Operations to develop and design the new deployment/extraction shuttle that the Night Hawks were preparing to use in their general operations. He wasn't ashamed to admit to himself that she fascinated him in a manner that he'd never known before, and he was thoroughly pleased that he had her favor.

But he sensed that their meeting had not been as random as it had seemed, and that there was urgency and intent behind it. As she had not officially summoned him as a Night Hawk operative, he dutifully dropped to one knee and bowed his head. This was a task pertaining to his duties as Atemaru, and he would serve faithfully.

"Your command, Mistress..?" he murmured, awaiting her response.


19-03-2008 14:55:06

Jade watched him bow to a knee and offer him up to herself. She had to admit, that she loved the formalities, and Tyrens little apprentice was growing on her. He would serve the clan and the Atemas very well. "Rise little apprentice."

She watched him slowly stand as if relcutant to forego the formality of a superior. "I do have a task for you, one that is...to be held from all other ears, perhaps even your masters'." His head turned towards her as if she had suddenly gotten a hold of another part of him yet to be revieled.

She motioned for him to join her in the shadows as a couple members passed by. "I need you to help me find something...something that must not fall into the wrong hands..or into angry hands." She lowered her voice as if the darkness itself had ears and was listening in. "There is a target within the brotherhood. You may know this targt you may not, that is not important right now." She took a look around and waited for another member to go further down the hall before continuing. "We ned to find a weapon. Its purpose is like that of all weapons, too kill."

Jade gave him the once over wondering if he was ready to accept such a task, wether Tyren had taught him well or if he was taking a break in the training he was giving his apprentice. She smirked, Tyren loved his little holidays. "The weapon is small, it fits into the palm of a hand. Its shape is a sun, and it is made from silver. When it is placed on the skin, preferriably over the heart, the rays on the sun come out and digs into the skin, nearly impossible to remove. The center of the sun has a spike which protrudes from the back, once the rays have taken hold of the victim, and enters the blood stream. A poision is then released into the blood, spelling a slow and painful death."

She stood back and looked at him trying to read his body language. "What say you?"


19-03-2008 15:40:24

The masked disciple nodded at once, turning the possibilities over in his mind. She needed someone she could trust; yet for a task like this her own apprentice would be too obvious, too transparent in motive and intent. If she needed a task done with discretion and efficiency, Vorion would do his utmost to ensure that this item was recovered.

"It shall be done in accordance with your will," he heard himself say, distantly pondering her motives. It would give him the chance to delve into the mystery that was the Atemas. "Have you any other details or orders?"


19-03-2008 15:46:02

Jade looked at him. "Someone in the brotherhood has this weapon, they may or may not know that it is a weapon as it can also double as a peice of harmless jewlery. As such, it could be anyone, however I suspect it to be in the hands of the assain sent after... the target." She looked around and steped out of the shadows, her voice still low. "Its been known to go under the names of shinning death, silver sun, and something other I can not remembr at the moment. You can find me in my quarters when you have something, I will go with you. We can take..."She grins evilly as she snickers, "NightWind....if needed."

She walked off as if the conversation never happened.


19-03-2008 18:46:35

He watched her depart, thoughtfully weighing his options. He had would make a trip to the Arcanum and do his research before he struck out in search of this item. He had everything he needed at his disposal; it would simply come down to his wits.

Jade, what are you up to...? I hope you haven't gotten yourself in too deep. We'll see if I can't meet your task, though.

Aboard the Arcanum

The scarred and pitted face mask of the Ubese helmet was cast into sharp relief by the light from the holovid recordings as the Krath student sat in the darkness of the projection room. He had a few ideas to go on, on but was uncertain where he would start digging. He sat back, perplexed, to contemplate his next move.


19-03-2008 18:52:40

Jade watched him, sitting there sorting through the material. He looked lost in the piles of information. She didn't blame him, she was lost, afterall she had gone to an apprentice for help! But....her research into his back ground showed he might be able to find something, or even know where it was. She just hoped he wasn't leading her on and possessed the weapon himself. She would hate to have to kill Tyren's little apprentice.

She moved in the shadows and stayed close, using the force to look at the files over his shoulder.

A small breze brushed past him, catching his attention, yet he could see no one around him.


24-03-2008 01:28:36

He had always followed his intuition and this time it was no different. Vorion calmly reviewed the possibilities. It was unlikely she had actually found out about the truth behind his involvement in the Brotherhood. It was possible that she had, however figured that his usefulness might spring from it, instinctively choosing him for the task. The Force had a way of guiding a person to whom they needed the most. Vorion knew this was probably the only reason he knew Jade Atema now.

He flicked the display off, quietly gathering his belongings. He would have to gain access to a HoloNet transciever and to do that he would have to head back home, over to Tarthos. From there he would attempt to gain access to Imperial Remnant HoloNet - what was left of it, anyway, as it was likely to be in even worse shape since the Vong's galactic invasion began - and try to gain access to Imperial Intel datafiles. He had a vague hunch that if he did a bit of prodding around there more relevant information would come to light.

As he left the study room and made his way through the vast decks of the mobile Shadow Academy, his thoughts all of their own accord, converged on the Krath sorceress that he had found himself increasingly smitten with. It annoyed him, in a way; he had been unfazed by even the powerful pheromones of a pretty young Falleen that had been his classmate aboard this very ship - yet this woman held an allure wholly unlike any he had encountered before. Well, I've not exactly been the ladies' man....Always left that to Tyren. But I just wish she weren't so...distracting.

Vorion found his way to his shuttle and waited on the departure sequence to begin, retrieving the hyperspace coordinates that would lead him back to the Orian system.


24-03-2008 01:55:45

Jade watched him leave the room, wondering where he might be going. Hoping it was to find more information and not to retreve the device from his quarters. It would be a shame to have to kill the little apprentice, he was showing great promise, much like her own apprentice.

Sliently she masked her presence and followed him. Becoming his shadow, unnoticed yet there in plane sight.