One Night In A Bar


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*Jade looked around the bar, the crowd mixed with those she would definitely expect to see from the other end of a dagger at her throat. Of course they wouldn't last long if they tried. She swayed her hips as she made her way to the bar and leaned over to order a drink. As she waited she turned and leaned her back against it, surveying the mass of inhabitants. Just as her drink arrived she spotted him sitting in the dark corner, she smirked as she took her drink and headed in his direction*

Xander sat a corner of the bar, his back leaned up against the wall. The establishment was a middle level establishment in Xander's opinion. It didn't bring in the same filth that you might find in a certain infamous cantina on Tattooine but at the same time respectable people did not dare tread here. The lighting was dim, and in the air hung a slight smell of musk.
Xander rubbed his chin, and sipped deeply on a blue colored drink he was partaking in. He set the drink down in front of him, and leaned back against the wall, his eyes briefly scanning over the unwashed
masses before him. He saw her walk in the bar, and waited to catch her eye, nodding in her direction as she approached him. He sat up straight running a hand through his hair flashing a rakish grin towards her.

Jade walked up and nodded at him, placing her drink on the table across from him* Greetings Dark Jedi *She flicked her long hair behind her shoulder* May I join you?

Xander looked into her deep violet eyes and smiled. Please feel free he said, standing up and pulling out a seat for her to sit in. Once she was seated Xander sat down and leaned forward his hands resting on the table top. "Come here often?" Xander said reaching for his drink

*Jade grinned and placed her hand around her drink* Naw, just needed a place to hide for a while, and this was pretty accessible. I am surprised ...*she looks him up and down* to find one of your caliber here.

Xander Smiled. "Well I like to come here to relax, not many people
know me and the people are interesting." Xander vaguely recognized the person from somewhere, he felt that he should know her better but he couldn't quite place the face. He noticed that she was just through her drink. "Would you like me to buy you another drink?" he asked.

Jade looks at him and grins. "I would be honored, and I know that feeling, but..." She looks around. "You come to this place to relax?" She finished off her drink and gave him a smirk." You sure you don't come here to look for girls?"

Leaning back he motioned to the a waiter "The lady will have another, of whatever it is she is drinking." he said. He glanced down at his glass "I'll have another as well." he said.
He looked back at the lady sitting across from himself. He glanced over her dark hair, she appeared to be physically fit, and had the manner of someone who had some sort of martial arts training. Xander sensed a note of danger about her, but he still couldn't place the face. "So... tell me about yourself." he said warmly

Jade grinned, allowing the tips of her fangs to show from beneath her lip. "Thank you." She leaned back in the chair and crossed her right leg over her left knee. "What would you like to know?" Something had called her attention to him, she wasn't sure if it was the force or what had taken her attention to him from the bar, but here she was now, sitting across from him.

Rubbing his chin he thought he pantomimed thinking about it. "Tell me about what you do for a living, it seems like that would be a fascinating place to start…"

Jade laughed, it was a musical laugh not at all dark like he had expected. "hmm what do I do? I work for the House, as Battle Team Leader, otherwise…"She looked around the room," I find myself running from something." Jade looked at the drinks as they arrived and took hers nodded to the server and to Xander." what about you? What is it that you specialize in?"

Xander leaned back and raised an eyebrow. "The house you say?" Xander considered this, wondering exactly which sort of house he referred to. He did sense something about her but he wasn't quite sure what she meant by House, and he wasn't about say anything about the brotherhood to anyone. "A battle team leader you say? My that is certainly an impressive title." Xander said taking his drink from the waitress who had just appeared before him. "What would a fine lady like yourself find the need to run from?" Xander asked sipping the drink.
"I myself don't really have a specialty. I am just a regular security officer. I work for an organization known as the Dlarit Corporation, you may have heard of them." He said glancing around the bar.

Jade gave him a shocked expression, she worked for the corporation as well, although she was art of it she tried to hang back in the actual getting involved since she had enough on her plate as it was. "Yes I have. And fine young lady..."She pretends to think about it. "I'll take that as a compliment, thank you." "She takes a cautious sip of her drink and follows his eyes around the room. "And to answer your question, bounty hunters...and possibly other things."

"Bounty hunters you say? That's a terrible lot to find yourself being chased by." he glanced around his eye catching on the ring she was wearing. He leaned back and took a sip of his drink. "I like your ring." he said casually "It's very nice, I remember a Valheru friend showing me one just like it before he got engaged."

Jade grinned and played with her ring, her heart full of love once more as she looked at it, until she looked around the room. "A token of love...she grinned. Valheru friend you say?

"Indeed, a comrade who worked with me once for the company. He has since moved one to greener pastures" Xander said. He had the definitely feeling he knew who this person was. "So bounty hunters you say?"

Jade looked a little sad, but t was soon whipped from her face. 'Yes apparently I have a high price on my head...why do you ask?" Jade took another sip form her drink, using it as a distraction as she searched him, looked him over to see if he was hiding anything.

“Well, it would certainly be terrible if anything were to happen to you. Those bounty hunters can be a tough group." Xander said "Would you like something to eat? The food here isn't
so good but it's passable." He waved down a waitress. "May I have some chips?" He asked the waitress.

Jade gave him a slight nod in thanks for his compliment. "So why this finer establishment? do you have connections here?" she leaned in closer. "You seem just as nervous as I am in a place so crowded."

"Well you never know what sort you can meet in any sort of establishment. What if one of the bounty hunters were to approach us?" he said casually.

Jade shrugged and gave him a sly grin. "I have you to protect me." She took another sip of her drink. "Besides most of those here have yet to get the message about me. Those that are sent are top notch." Jade looked over in the direction of one guy who was staring at her. He quickly diverted his gaze as she spied him.

Xander spotted the male that she had been staring at her and raised an eyebrow. "You there." Xander called out to the man. "Come over
here." the man’s glared at Xander. The man was at least 7 feet tall and appeared to be built like a truck. He had tattoos all over his body and appeared to be heavily armed. "Were you just staring at my lady friend?" Xander said the man who glowered at him. "Maybe I was, maybe I wasn't what's it to you?" the man said gruffly.

Jade sized the man up, trying to figure out what his battle style might be, before looking back at Xander. The man had a blaster on the side closest to her and it appeared like a dagger was hidden under his clothes at the back. Her eyes searched Xander and she took a drink before speaking. "You most definitely were."

"Is that right?" Xander said giving the man the stare. The man was much larger than Xander and appeared to be dismissing him right out of hand. "Why would you be doing a thing like that?" Xander asked. "Didn't your mother teach you not to stare?"

Jade was assessing Xander. She had no idea how he would fair in a fight, especially against someone of this man's size. The man growled and took a step closer to Xander. "My mother is your business and perhaps this...tramp of a lady is mine as well." Jade narrowed her eyes, prepared to attack.

Xander raised an eyebrow at the mans response. "I see that certainly is quite the rude response. I will discount it on the assumption that you have had to much to drink" Xander said clearly. He spotted a waitress appearing behind the man who laid the chips down on the table. "There isn't trouble here, is there?" the waitress asked "No." Xander said calmly and turned to the man. "Friend." Xander said pulling on the force. "You've had too much to drink and you have much to do tomorrow morning, you should finish your drink and head home." He said pointing a chip at him. Suddenly the man's demeanor changed. "Yes, much to do in the morning…finish drink…head home." the man repeated in a daze heading off.

Jade broke a chip and placed the smaller part in her mouth and looked at Xander. "I'm impressed...apparently you can handle the locals." She took a sip of her drink. "You don't do some of the bounty hunting business on the side do you?' she raised and eyebrow at him.

"Bounty Hunting? No, don't have the time for it. The corporation keeps me much too busy for such work. You lookin' to put a bounty on someone’s head?" Xander said biting into a chip.

Jade laughed. "Me to put one...not yet but perhaps sometime." She took another chip and put it in her mouth chewing the crispy material. "Get one off my head perhaps." Jade felt an odd disturbance and suddenly ducked out of the way getting scratched by a dart that flew by her head into the wall. Xander was surprised to see the cut heal itself almost instantly.

Xander glanced at the dart next where he was sitting and looked at the dart. "Well I guess that answers the question about the bounty hunter doesn't it?" he said wryly.

Jade grinned, "there will be only one dart." Xander suddenly looked towards a commotion in the corner. the crowd parted to show a man clutching his chest and falling to his knees his weapons falling from his pockets and disintegrating as they hit the ground. His stare was on Jade and when Xander looked he saw her eyes were narrowed and completely black, as if there were no soul behind them. As the man took his last breath everyone turned away and move away from the body afraid that the mysterious force that went for him out go for them too. Her voice dark and with a slight hiss as she spoke. "It’s not polite to follow someone." she took another sip of her drink.

"My this certainly has turned out to an interesting evening." Xander said. The night had indeed become very interesting indeed, first meeting this intriguing lady. Then the local who decided to be rude towards them. Xander had dispatched him quite handily, however there was this dart incident all of a suddenly. Xander blinked and glanced back at a necklace she was wearing. "So, how is Ylith these days?"

Jade leaned back in the chair, her eyes slowly going back to a deep violet. Fatigue was written in the way she held her shoulders but nothing else gave her away. "He is good. The love of my life." she played with the ring on her hand. "I am more then happy I met and married him..."She grinned, and you can tell him if you see him!" she gave him a wink. "He has gone off on some mission, I hate it when he heart drops in worry..."she cleared her throat as if suddenly wishing she hadn't given away a weakness. She took a sip of her drink and looked at him. "I can sense the force in you."

Xander glanced around "While this bar is mostly free of anything to worry about, I don't think it is wise to speak openly about such things. I haven't seen Ylith recently since he gave up his position as commander in favour of a promotion. However, if I see him before you I will give him, your regards." Xander took a sip of his drink "So how do you like your new command post?"

Jade nodded and finished her drink. "Its probably good to have a friend tell him of such things..."She grinned, "otherwise a guy might not believe it!" She winked. "My command post is good. Becoming more active...and a great place to hide out." She nodded as if giving him a cheer. Looking at her hand, where the dart recently past by and grinned, knowing he was curious. She closed her hand and played with her ring. "Isn't that right?"

"I suppose it is true." Xander said calmly then leaned over to the side." and blinked a new drink had been placed in front of Jade. "It certainly is a challenge." Xander watched as she picked up the new drink to take a sip from it "Before you drink that, I just had a quick question. Do you often drink poisoned liquids, which you don't know who ordered for you?" he said raising an eyebrow.

Jade blinked and looked at the drink, it smelled off. She quickly put it on the table. "It’s definitely not a hobby of mine!" She pushed the drink away. After being poisoned with a silver substance before she wasn't too sure it couldn't be done again. She looked at him, "how do you know it is poisoned?" She placed a hand on her throat. Using her powers to kill the guy had drained her more then she realized if she was so lax just assuming that he had ordered the drink.

"Well first of all, you didn't order it. They don't serve free drinks here so that is suspicious. Secondly the guy who put it in your drink was a bit obvious because you are sitting here with your back to the entire bar." His communicator beeped. "One second I need to answer this." He turned away to answer the communicator. "Commander Anderson here.."

Jade looked in his direction, she had heard the opening. A lowly officer, ya that was totally a lie, he was hiding more then she realized. She watched him, sizing him up. Fairly fit, not horrible looking so he was defiantly able to pass by or have his way if he wanted to with the cheeky waitress. She shook her head and tried to concentrate on his conversation but with all the background noise she couldn't make it out. Absently she took the drink in her hand, as something to do, forgetting about the poison, and placed the class to her lips.

Xander nodded after finishing his communication. "Well, I would love to stay and chat for longer but duties call." Xander handed her a card "You can use this to contact me later if you want, but that was Ashura calling me so I better go. Do you need to be seen to your ship, or do you need a ride somewhere?"

Jade put the glass down and took the card suddenly glad of the stoppage on the drink. She put he card in her pocket. "Thanks." She grinned at him, "A lady could always use an escort..."She looked around the room, catching her balance just in time. "But I know you must be busy so I shall follow you out."

This was written as an Email Runon by Jade and Xander


07-03-2008 02:08:34

Jade walked into the officer’s mess in the Ragnos Cathedral. She rarely came here, preferring to spend her time with Ylith but his new job had been requiring him to spend more time dealing with house business. She sighed and sat down at one table, sending off the vibe to be left alone. She grinned as she took a sip of a drink she had picked up. Her eyes scanned the room, passing by its inhabitants, suddenly stopping on the man with the black cape sitting down a few tables form her. He was far enough that she was sure he hadn’t seen her yet. She leaned back to hide her face in the shadows as she looked around him. The colours of the uniform were outlines in a couple of tables around him, making her believe he had some of his squad near by. She shrugged, a good move, one she should really start to use.

Jade took another sip of her drink. Xander was talking to someone; she couldn’t see his face as his back was to her. She let the shadows wash over her face, hiding her from Xanders gaze to see what exactly he was up too. He had obliviously lied about being a lowly little pawn in the corporation, but she knew that from the conversation she had over heard, but from what she could see and the uniform h was wearing she was pretty sure his potion was rather high up.


07-03-2008 02:39:43

Ragnos Cathedral

Xander sat in the mess n the Ragnos Cathedral. In front of him sat a food tray. Not much could be said about place to stay but at least they fed the officers well. He sat there talking to Brenn one of the members of this squadron. It was nothing important, he was just advising him about how to keep his fighter operational.

"Well, the first thing you do is you calibrate the jumpers " Xander said as he pointed with his fork. Xander continued instructing the young man on how to maintain his vessel. He had recently met an interesting individual at a bar, it was Ylith's wife Jade. He suppose he should have met her earlier but the time hadn't arisen wit the different missions they had been on at different times. Regardless, he was back on duty he assumed they would end up meeting at the next House summit.


07-03-2008 03:00:29

Jade finished her drink and thought about the card she had in hr pocket, the one he had given her before. A grin crossed her face wondering what he would do if she called him, and hinted that she was watching him…something an officer should know. Stretching she pulled the card out and looked at it, flicking it with her fingers and smirking. Finally she put it back in her pocket and watched as what she thought was one of his team members’ walk by. She looked directly at him for a moment, but as he got too close she slid further back into the shadows. He turned towards her but his eyes didn’t stay on her for very long before he continues. She wasn’t sure if he had seen her or not.


07-03-2008 03:12:57

Xander glanced down at his datapad. There was a message for him, he opened it reading it

"Did you know that there is a female checking you out from across the mess hall" Xander read to himself on the pad. He chuckled and then returned to the conversation briefly glancing around spotting Jade. He returned to the conversation as to not let her know he had seen him. He quickly typed out a reply message, telling the member to invite her to join him at his table.

"Well, you should probably go to see that and not let me take any more of your time." Xander said, and bid the member he had been speaking to farewell. Xander normally made it a point that the squadron should eat meals together. He believed that it built unity and comdaraderie, this meal was just coming to an end and most of the members were filtering out towards there quarters. He glanced at the time wondering how Jade had managed to find him here.


07-03-2008 03:22:15

Jade watched the man come towards her, her hand instinctvely went to her saber.

He nodded, knowing full well she was prepared to fight him. "The gentleman you have ben staring at has requested you to join him." He motioned with his hand and watch as her eyes followed his movements. "Shall I escort you?"

Jade smirked and waved him off. "No, that will be fine, thank you." Jade waited for the man to leave the mess hall before she got up and walked over to Xander. She placed a hand on the top of the chair, the other on her hip. 'We meet again."


07-03-2008 15:40:03

"So we do." Xander said standing as she approached.
"Please have a seat" he said indicating a seat across from him, which Angel pulled out for her.

"Would you like to get something to eat?" Xander asked politely

Xander had a seat once she was seated and waited for his response. He quietly considered her as he waited, as he recalled she was the new Commander for the Night Hawks. He had seen the members around at various times but hadn't interacted much with them, being mostly busy with his own duties and chores. He took a sip of water as he waited for her to speak


07-03-2008 23:43:41

Jade grinned. "perhaps we can have some chips." She looked around the room and eyes Angel before looking back at him.

"Its not horrible in here." She leaned back in the chair. "I don't usually come in here to socialise." she looked at him and grinned. "You lied to me."


08-03-2008 00:05:44

Xander nodded and someone went to get the chips. He rubbed his chin and spoke thoughtfully.

"Lied you say?" he asked innocently


08-03-2008 00:08:28

Jade looked at him and crossed her leg. "Yes sir I did." She bared her fangs at him and noticed a couple other men in the same colours come towards her.


08-03-2008 00:11:36

Xander grinned "I never lie! I may bend the truth, but I don't lie!" the plate of chips arrived and was placed on the table.

"So, how have you been since our last meeting?"


08-03-2008 00:17:20

Jade shrugged. "Fine." She grinned. She had found his quarters and had broken in to get more information about him, since he had obiviously wanted to keep something hidden from her. A few things had peaked her intrest, but now it was time to finally see what his relations really were. "So you know my husband personally do you?" She bit down on one of the chips and watched the men take positions around them. She smiled to herself, like that would stop her...slow her down a bit mind you, but never stop her.


08-03-2008 00:22:45

"Personally?" Xander thought for a moment

"No, I wouldn't call it personally. I knew him professionally through his last post, but I wouldn't call it a professional relationship." Xander had Angel slice through the files and find all the information available on Jade. She was a very interesting individual.

Xander ran took a sip of his water appearing not to be noticing anything going around him. Conversation quietly broke out among the individuals around him.

"So, still being chased?"


08-03-2008 00:31:57

Jade smirked and took another chip. "Always...seems i'm prety much only safe within the DB walls from what normally chases me.'"She bites the chip and swallows before continuing. "Of course that doesn't mean I don't have worries here." She grinned as the men closed a circle around them, confrming her suspecisions that he was higher up that he had let on. She uncrossed her leg and made a quick movemtn as if she were flying across the table at him and nearly burst out laughing as the men turning to look and nearly jumping her. She leaned back and grinned, pretennding she didn't know they were there.

She motioned with her head. "Cute droid."


10-03-2008 00:40:56

"Oh Angel? Well he's ok, helps me with my duties, keeps the fighter running smoothly." Xander said watching her make her odd movements without blinking. He was beginning to wonder about her first baring the fangs, now acting like she wanted to jump across the table at him. He was beginning to suspect she was quite touched in the head.

Xander picked up his drink and took a sip "So, what did I supposedly lie about?"


10-03-2008 00:46:07

Jade grinned and laughed reading his thoughts. "No, I am quite right in the head mind you. I'm just havign fun with the....never mind." Jade takes a sip of her drink. 'You basically told me you were a mere pawn for the Dlarit Corporation, I believe you are much hiegher then you wanted me to think.' She takes another chip. "Nice quarters by the way."


10-03-2008 00:52:33

Xander shrugged unconcernedly. "They were what I was given." He had been able to tell someone was in his apartments, but he never kept anything in his apartment other than the bare necessities anyway.

"I never said I was a pawn, I said I was a security officer. Which is fairly true, I am given the title of security officer. You assumed that I meant I was a pawn." Xander said winking.


10-03-2008 01:00:15

She grinned 'hmmm i suppose....SO tell me, how good are your men?" She lowers her voice. "Do you really think they can take on an Atema? A half bred at that?"

Jade looked around at each of the men flanking them, noticing how their eyes divereted when she rested upon them.


10-03-2008 01:06:33

"Why would they need to? We're all friends here." Xander said nonchalantly. He was beginning to wonder where this was going.

"So, any news you have to talk about?"


10-03-2008 01:15:54

Jade leans back and crosses her legs, shrugging. "Oh no reason really, they just sm to be awefully protective of you...not very discreet mind you, but still....they seem loyal enough."

"News? hmmm not that I can think of...vengence will be mine but thats for every Dark Jedi to want, is it not?" Jade looked at him, wondering if he would do, if he could be the one that would be perfect for helping to find what she needed. He seemed to possess the leadership and the skills, but she wasn't sure....not yet.


12-03-2008 16:04:43

Xander watched Jade speak, and noticed her crossing her legs. From experience with body language this usually meant one of two things either the person is being defensive, or they are hiding something. Either way it was a fairly interesting posture to take while casually speaking. She seemed to be evaluating him for some reason or another, but he wasn't quite sure why.

"Vengeance? I suppose, though I don't really have a goal of vengeance out for anyone myself at the moment. But I don't think very many people take notice of me."


12-03-2008 16:10:58

Jade laughed and pointed a chip at him. "That’s what happens when you hide in plain sight! I did it for years, amazing how people in the brotherhood never really noticed me in the shadows." she shrugged, her eyes never leaving his face. "Yes, I suppose most Dark Jedi get the revenge they seek then take time to find their next target."

Jade glanced around at his men. When she had broken into his apartment she had gotten a hint that he might possess the weapon or know where to find it, the ‘death dagger,’ or so she called it, its maker the daughter of the bounty hunter who had hunted her for years. She thought the girl might leave her lone, after all it had been years since she tried anything, but it turns out those years were spent plotting Jade's demise. Jade's spies had told her about the dagger not long ago, and she has been searching for it ever since.

The blade was made of pure silver, becoming a deadly foe for Jade, but that was not what made the dagger special. No, it was the liquid metal inside the dagger. The Metal similar to silver, in being a pure metal, but it was of a name she had never heard before, all she knew was that if it were to get into her body she would be dead. And from the description it would be easy for that to happen. All it would take is one thrust. If the blade was placed deep within her, the red jewel in the hilt of the dagger would release the liquid into her body and its vital systems. A painful and certain death.

Jade gave herself a mental kick to focus back on Xander. She leaned in close and lowered her voice. "I am told that you might be able to help me find something." The dagger was not going to fall into anyone’s hands. Her spies had told her the blade was shipped somewhere within the brotherhood, a selected weapon for a hidden assassin to use on her. Jade wasn't entirely sure Xander wasn't the assassin, but she couldn't take the risk that if he was that he also possess the weapon.


14-03-2008 01:15:12

Xander leaned back and smiled, finally she had decided to get to the point in terms of what she wanted. He took a sip of his water and signaled in the squadrons secret sign language for the men to head out. Xander sipped his water quietly contemplating as the men around them dispersed to go to wherever it was they needed to go. Once the room was clear and it was himself and Jade he leaned forward and put his hand on his desk.

"I have been known to help find things. What may I help you with?" Xander asked. Xander in the last number of years had taken part in a number of missions, assassinations, rescue missions, envoy duties and had quietly grown a reputation for getting things done, efficiently and to the point. However, Xander has assumed that this sort of reputation was mostly within those he served.


14-03-2008 01:29:28

Jade looked at him sizing him up before answering. "Its a weapon of rare design." She uncrossed her legs, the room empty was both a comfort and strange. "The maker calls it moonlight death..." although he was in the brotherhood and in the Dlarit's operations and senior ranks, she wasn't sure she could trust him enough to say why she wanted it, although she knew he would ask eventually.

"Its a dagger, a little longer then most. The blade is made out of silver. inside the hilt is a pure liquid metal, that is inserted into its victim wihn the red jewel in the hilt is pressed and the liquid released." She sat back and crossed her arms and legs again watching his reaction, wondering how much he knew about the moonlight death.


14-03-2008 01:48:22

"Moonlight death? That's an odd name. The blade is made out of sliver and when you push the pommel it inserts a liquid. That sounds like a very intricate design. Well I don't make it my business to pry into other peoples business. Do you have any hints where we could go to track this weapon down, where did you see it last, do you know who had it last. Does it have any sort of way of tracking it?" Xander said pulling out a small notepad from his pocket and jotting down some notes and questions.

"Oh .. anything in specific else that I should know?" Xander bit his lower lip and waited for a reply while making notes of different places he could use to track down such a dagger.

"Is this dagger rare or one of a kind? Was it stolen from you?" Xander thought to himself as he continued writing, maybe his friend Jaar would know how to track it. He was known to fence these sorts of rare weapons. Xander looked up expecting a reply


14-03-2008 02:08:29

Jade looked at him rubbing her neck and brushing her hair to the side. "Its named in reference for someone it was meant to kill." She took a sip of her drink but pretnded to take a bit more to buy some time. "It was not stolen from me...but I can not let it fall into...the wrong hands." She put the glass back on the table. "Last I have heard it was sent somewere in the brotherhood. A planted assassin is suposidly to use it on...a member." She took a bite off the tip of the chip and chewed slowly. "It is a rare weapond, one of a kind. Its purpose meant for only one kill." She watched his hand scribble down notes. "Last known to be in held by a bounty hunter."


17-03-2008 00:25:30

Xander took note of what she was saying. "In the brotherhood you say? Ok.. and a target?" Xander brushed his hair out of his eyes "So tell me, who is trying to kill you, and why?" Xander said directly. He wasn't always normally this direct but it was pretty obvious that whoever it was , was after her. He He scratched his nose and she stared at him and waited the reply


17-03-2008 00:52:34

Jade looked at him, a small hiss escaping her mouth as the tips of her fangs poked through her lips. So she had probably made it obivous that it was her, but still, how did she know he wasn't the one after her and was just toying with her?!

She sat back in her chair and crossed her arms. "I have a species enemy and a bounty hunter after me. I suspect the bounty hunter is behind this.....insidious weapon." Jade crossed her legs. "I don't know how much you know about me...Xander, but I was kidnapped from my homeworld. The bounty hunter eventually finding out what I am and my abilities tried to steal me back from the family that hired him. He ended up killing them, ventually his daughter, the one who use to be my best friend told me the plot behind my life. Needless to say we had a fight." Jade flung her hair over her shoulder. "Ylith killed the bounty hunter, the father, whom had the biggest vendetta against me...apparently his daughter has taken to the liking." Jade narrowed her eyes on him. "She prefers to have others do her work, but she still calls herself a bounty hunter, I figure it due to her fathers' reputation."

Jade uses the force to play with a couple chips, making them spin on their tips on the table top. "So will you help me?" One of the chips spins into her hand. "I would of course accompany you in finding the weapon." She placed the chip into her mouth and chewed slowly. Of course she would go with him. She would watch her back incase he took the credits she was worth. "What say you Xander?"


25-03-2008 02:17:42

"Of course I would be willing to help you milady. The only questions is where we would want to start to look for such a device." Xander said smiling. He of course would be more than willing to help her with whatever she needed that was of course what comrades were for weren't they. He wasn't quite sure he really liked the idea of some assassin being after one of his comrades. He decided that he would probably find whoever it was, killing them simply would not be enough they would have to be made an example of. When it came to such scum the only thing that would suffice would be to instill fear into them in such a manner that they would be unable to ever move against her again. He supposed he would have to think up such a thing. In times like that he remembered his masters words. sometimes it just simply wasn't enough to put an individual aside, at times nothing other than complete annihilation of all their friends and family would suffice.

Perhaps the best place to start would be to track back to the original assassin then find where the daughter grew up, then find who her friends were and start systematically killing them untill it flushed the daughter out. He was pretty sure after killing enough of them and her finding their bodies in bags or boxes she would come and could be dealt with. Slowly and painfully as would only be fitting. X

Xander filled Jade in on his ideas as he began to sketch things , listening to her responses.


26-03-2008 00:43:17

Jade sat there for a moment listening to his ideas, casualy nodding and wondering if his plans could really be set into motion. The girl she had once known as her friend was well guarded, and extremly well hidden. She swallowed. "Her name, the one who I believe has sent the assain, is Lilly." She looked into Xanders eyes looking for some sort of acknowledgement, some sign that the name brought a sign of loyalty or reconition. When she found none she settled back into her chair and released a small breath, he was not the one sent. "She has been known to frequent planets of more tropical nature, places where she can relax. At one point I heard she was on Lor Zatean, some private Villa but I have no idea if she is still there or has moved on."

Jade used the force to float a chip over to her hand gently biting a corner off before continuing. "She hides well, yet hides in plain sight." She gently broke the chip in half and looked at him, as if saying the chip was Lily. "Her left hip has a tatoo of the same flower she is named after, and from what I have been told she is never far from a live lily."

She put the peices of the chip into her mouth and chewed slowly as she crossed one leg over the other and looked at him. "I am almost certain that she no longer has the weapon, and that it has not been returned to her..."Her voice wavered for a moment as she thought about the weapon and its true purpose then shook her head and regained her voice. "But if you believe the best way to draw out the weapon is to start with her trail, then I am with you." Her eyes lowered for only a second. "But if not, I will have to think of who I may know in the DB who would possess the... weapon."

Jade sighed thinking for a moment. "I known Tyren recently headed to Lor Zatean and was attacked. The troops he described were those of similar contacts that Lily uses. I guess...if you think it right, We could go there and seek her out, if we dont find her, we can find her assisstant. He always sticks around after she leaves incase there are any last details to be sorted out... I think he really sticks around to get the time away from her. However he should be able to give us more info on the whereabouts." She ran a hand across her abdomen and shook a thought from her head.


04-04-2008 18:28:15

Xander nodded was attacked at Lor Zatean. "The troops had similiar contacts that Lilly uses". Xander looked around, they had been talking for a bit of time and it was begining to get late.

"It has gotten late, and people will begin to get suspicious if we hang around here too long by ourselves. We don't want to tip anyone off that we have any plans. Do you want to adjourn this meeting for the day, or do you want to continue it somewhere else?" Xander asked as a server droid came by and picked up the plates.

She was right finding the last place which Lilly had been seen and tracking her from there would be the best course of action. He briefly wondered how they would transport to any place they wanted to go. He himself, usually only used his X-Wing to go anywhere, but that was a single person fighter, and the only thing it could carry other than himself was is droid Angel.

"So, what do you want to do?"


07-04-2008 00:46:32

Jade watched the droid and waited for it to leave, before looking back at Xander. "My battle team has a new ship, it is not well known yet. We can use it. Go there to...finish our meeting and head to Lar Zatean."

She waited for Xander to nod before taking him to her shuttle bay. The streamlined ship standing before him. "Vorion desgined it for me and I had it built. It can carry the entire squad a good distance and has the basic necessities. It holds up against fighters and a few bigger capital ships, but not all ships it has its weaknesses." Jade presss a button and an automatic voice echos in the shuttle bay.

"Geetings Sword of Ragnos...voice code required."

Jade grinned. "I am Jade Atema, death to my enmies, strength to my Clan."

A pause followed by the sound of some locks sliding. "Voice print authorised." The hiss of the hydrolics accompanied the descent of the ramp. Jade motioned with her hand and had Xander go first. She grinned at the slow and causious movements he made as she climbed into the ship behind him. She could understand that he would be weary, after all he was only still getting to know her.

The ramp shut behind them. "Jade Atema, imput coordinates."

Jade looked at Xander and cocked her head at him. "I take it we are going to her last known whereabouts?" He nodded still looking around the ship taking in everything, learning its insides and its workings incase he needed to know them for the future. "Vangence Rising, set course for Lor Zatean."

"Lor Zatean course laid...estimated time of arrival 2 hours."

"Ya I know she is pretty automated but its still pretty classy." Jade runs her hand over the cool silver coloured metal side of the ship and sits down in one of the command chairs. "So tell me Xander what approach do you best suggest when we get to Lor Zatean? I have an idea of where she would be, or at least her people, but how do you prefer to deal...or rather get information out of people?"