Suggestions For New T:f Comps

Ricco Vao

05-05-2007 07:13:32

Ok as I am the new T:F I want to revamp fiction in the DB. I need to know what the people want from fiction comps so please post any ideas you have below.



05-05-2007 08:28:46

we want shinies!!! :)

Sakh nhem

05-05-2007 11:14:37

Run-on's are always good to have. I like random poetry comps :)


05-05-2007 11:25:21

One of the big things with anything Fiction related are the "topics". People have a wide-range of the types they like to participate in. While not everyone can be pleased at all times, giving out ideas of what you prefer to write about will be extremely helpful, both for Monthly Topics and future competitions.

Ricco Vao

05-05-2007 13:09:57

here is what I have had via email etc. so far,

Personaly I like the kind of fiction that's going on right now.
You know, like; you crasht your TIE on a jungle planet, how do you get off? (no punn intended)
But I would also give poem writing a new try.
Damn it's good to be a Krath...!!!
Greetz to you all.

That's a good point you make...
I'll have to agree with you on that one. The fight scenes can get a little old sometimes.
perhaps the more poetic run-ons would fuel more interrest in the writers corner.

I agree on the one word topics. I want a catalyst to make me want to write, but after that I want to write about whatever the hell I want and not be restricted in a plotline I'm not interested in.

Personally I don't like the 'you're stranded on this planet and are faced with six big gribblies who are immune to this that and the other, how do you get yourself out' type of fictions. Call me old-fashioned (or just plain weird), but I always liked the one word (type!) topics to write something based around...things like 'anger', 'moment of triumph', 'describe a pivotal event in your life', 'revenge', 'realisation'...

But maybe that's just me....something that let's you do your own thing a bit more, and not always end up having to write another god damn fight scene....

I also agree, these new fangled fictions are becoming too cliche`. We need something more simplistic, more timeless, something that isn't gonna make for a forced account...

everybody kinda knows all the technical blabber that sci-fi brings with it, right?
things like; reverse the polarity on the deflector shield before the anti-gravitons overheat the core.
stuff like that.
Well how about a compitition for the best tech-babbel fiction...???
It's not much of an idea, but it's something.
Or has it been done before?

1) Fictions that don't say that we "..have to end mission accomplished next to that guy", what if I want to die in that particular fiction? then what? huh?!
2) Stuff that'll give us something to think about, like..called to the superior's office about a mission to find something or other, you know something that'll make us describe our adventure, the way we tracked the thing down, etc, etc. not something like "You were called to the GM's office, you were to be sent on a mission to Planet Thingie, you crash land and have no way of turning back, you've got a headache from your hangover, you also have an itch, you think it might be from last night when you got laid". Fiction that does *not* tell us what we're doing, you know? I always like "waking up in the morning" you know, start a fiction with a normal day at the HQ, meet up with people we know, have a brief discussion over something on the way to wherever we're going...

we should try a Lore kinda fiction, meaning someone should write a short tale of lore and then the next person will write a prophecy within the first tale then everyone should write their characters into the lore trying to fulfill the prophecy being support roles or main what ever they choose then throw in some kinda twist from the judge followed by a wrap up of the previous bits mentioned then end with how things are now in the present


05-05-2007 13:28:30

I would like to see something very soon a fiction which is about how you had to prove yourself to someone who was not on your side. And that I would love to see more run-on in the near futer and other things like that. I dont think we have enough of them

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

05-05-2007 13:34:44

I agree that, while I do enjoy longer stories and run-ons, poetry is more of my kind of section. I'm quite sure that we could get many more people interested in writing if you didn't have those huge, intimidating run-ons with huge posts. A lot of people have fun writing but can't write those monstrous parts.

A good poetry run-on would be good, just as well as a poetry competition. The stories haven't been as amazing lately as they used to be, but I think that the "crashing your ship" topic has been overused a bit. It is a good idea, don't get me wrong, but I honestly think that it would be good to get a new idea.

That Lore-tale idea, however, does grasp my attention. I think it would be interesting to try, giving everyone a chance to test their tale-telling skills. But everyone would need to write in about the same way for it to make sense, unless, in the plot, it was stated that multiple persons took part in writing it.


06-05-2007 09:37:27

One word topics.


07-05-2007 11:28:16

Run-ons definitely:)


07-05-2007 17:46:40

(These are mostly topics from when I was KHP cos I went through all my good stuff then, but they might give you some ideas.)

Murder mystery league!

More poetry comps.

Fiction comps with a MAX page limit (valuing quality over quantity), just for a bit of a change.

Character development comps for the younger members (max a page, describing different aspects of their jedi character, e.g. "My first kill", "Joining the Brotherhood", "My mentor").

One word topics.

Some one-off comps which are a bit different, e.g
- You give the opening and closing sentences and let us fill in the rest.
- You get two people to enter together, each telling the same story from their different points of view.
- Give us 6-7 words and we have to incorporate them into a story.
- 'Seven deadly sins' - write a poem where each verse is a different sin.


07-05-2007 18:20:27

Heya Ricco,

I just read the description for the May Monthly Topics and, no offense intended, they seem kind of limiting when you say that they should be from the point of view of one of the "Seven." What about an EH Officer witnessing the separation? Or another Dark Jedi who has just joined the Brotherhood and is immediately thrust into this chaos?

I strongly dislike competitions that "limit" you to something. That's why I like one word topics where you can pretty much write about anything you like. The art of words must not be restricted. For then you will merely receive a crude impression and not any elegance or eloquence.

I mean, it's a good idea overall, but, in the future, I (and I'm sure several others) would enjoy the MTs more if they were not so restrictive.

And again, I don't mean to come across as insulting or offensive; just pointing out something that I noticed.

Ricco Vao

07-05-2007 19:12:46

We didnt want it from an EH point of view because simply we are not the EH. And I thought it would not limmit what force abilities you could use etc. I do agree with you that limits are bad but if it is going to be the actual history then there has to be some or we would just get chaos.

I value your opinion because it is a good one and I agree.



18-05-2007 18:57:07

I would like another ongoing topic where you have to build from one month to the next. While the one in the RoS was too restrictive in what you had to do, I loved the unique challenge of making ends meet from one story to the next, never knowing where the next topic would lead you.

Maybe we could have this as a special category in the MTs: If you want to take part, you need to submit like 4 (or 6) MTs in a row, each story building on the previous one and if you see it all the way through with sufficient quality, you get a special award. Or, at the end of the year, the T:F selects the best three from all multi-part stories regardless of how many MTs they span.