The Path To Guardian


08-01-2007 20:34:47

(OOC : Okay when I was a PRT I had to write a piece of fiction to earn my rank of Guardian. You shall do something of the same sorts, just this will be what's called a run-on. Since this is a Master / Apprentice Run-On it will be closed to the public, but there are a few people I invite and hope participate. Malik Sadow, Acara Rayden, Mononoke, Horus Blackheart, and Schisca.)

Our story begins in a well sized alliance outpost. Clan Naga Sadow's prophets had forseen that a powerful new weapon had been developed and was to be seized and brought before the summit for study. Deciding it was best that they sent more than just Aticus and Mordakai, as both were still newer members to the clan, they summit ordered that a few other dark Jedi lurk in the shadows and ensure that the mission went well. Our starting two dark Jedi in the base are the Kel Dor Sith Batllemaster Aticus Riddikus, and his pupil Mordaki the Chiss Acolyte.

3:30 AM
West Wing, Guard Patrol

Aticus had been in the New Republic soldier uniform for no more than a day and had already gained a hatred of it. While it was a decent looking outfit for those who were in military service, it offered less mobility than his normal robes, and was rather itchy and hot. Desiguised as "Lance Corporal David Gainer", he was on gaurd watch until 5:30. He knew his pupil was awake somewhere in the large complex, but his thoughts were beginning to get a bit harder to read. The young chiss was learning to control the force extreamly well, and his saber arts were also beginning to gain some grace. Mordaki was under the disguise of "Private First Andries Tassis" and was on the same shift, but just a different squad. The two had learned to focus in on each other quite well and where as Mordaki had not yet learned to communicate by telepathy, they could both pretty much feel each others thoughts and movements. A bond that developes between Master and Apprentice over time.

The Republic base was actually very well built and structured compared to bases from twenty years ago. The shield generators were now buried under the bases, which made these fortresses almost five times harder to take over in combat. It would take a platoon of dark Jedi to wipe out this base, so it was important that both Aticus and Mordaki kept their cover until the team was set and ready. Even then the strike would have to be precise and flawless or someone would end up losing their life. Aticus's thoughts kept wandering until he felt that there was someone else in the room other than he and his republic squad-mates. He looked over to see a man in a republic ambassador's uniform. Behind him were several oddly armored soldiers. They were simular to the GMRG, yet in white robes and different helmets. None of them appeared to have lightsabers, yet they were letting off no life signatures. This could only mean two things. They were either droids, or they were some kind of force trained soldier. If the republic was beginning to use dark Jedi tactics, it would not prove well for this operation. Jedi were not expected to be around for this one.

The Ambassador was talking on his ear piece communicator. The helmet on the NR uniforms gave some advantage. They used the same targeting systems as the old Stormtrooper armors, as well as enhanced the earing and light and heat signatures. The NR had truelly come a long way in the past several years. The ambassador seemed to be speaking to someone of importance. He kept referring to "the gift" a lot which instinctivly made Aticus suspect he was involved with this weapon. Aticus himself had heard little and knew little about it. All he knew is that it was a weapon that could draw upon the force like a lightsaber should a force sensative use it. Either way his patrol was still moving so he could not listen to the full conversation, and he made his way further down the dimly lit hallways of the base.

(OOC: Okay guys here is how I want those who want to participate to join into this. Instead of everyone starting off at the base, its just gonna be Mordaki and myself to begin with. Everyone else needs to start off in disguise either on way to the base, or still at the Naga Sadow strong hold. This is a M/A R-O still so I ask that people keep in mind that we dont need a bunch of Jedi in this. Mordaki isnt of rank yet to be able to fight off Jedi Knights etc, so let me control when the fights happen. I promise everyone will kick ass in this one. Next I ask that everyone actually reads everyones posts in this one. As I have already mentioned there are some oddly dressed gaurds which let off no life signatures. So it could be possible that there are Jedi here, and by useing the force you will attract their attention. Something we dont need in a large NR base. And Mordaki you will noticed that some people will use acronyms. I have listed a few below.)

NR - New Republic
OOC - Out of Character
GE - Galactic Empire
EH - Emperor's Hammer
DB - Dark Brotherhood
CNS - Clan Naga Sadow
HLK - House Ludo Kressh
HMR - House Marka Ragnos
ISD - Imperial Star Destroyer
VSD - Victory Star Destroyer
SSD - Super Star Destroyer
SSSD - Soviet Super Star Destroyer
ESSD - Eclipse Super Star Destroyer
T/F - Tie Fighter
T/I - Tie Interceptor
T/B - Tie Bomber
T/A - Tie Advanced
T/D - Tie Defender
And of course keep in mind about the rank acronyms. I hope everyone enjoys this!

Macron Sadow

12-01-2007 12:47:27

"Damn this armor," thought Macron. "It sucks compared to mine. It's freaking chafing my butt. White robes... sanctimonious NR trash." Macron had a lightsaber disassembled along with some minor gear in his standard ops pack that all the soldiers carried.

The Sith stood in the ranks of robed guards, suppressing his life signature and hoping no one would notice. The threat of a super weapon loomed, and Naga Sadow had sent their resident alchemist to gather information. The ambassador’s words caught his ears. “The gift…” Mononoke perked up.

His secondary mission was to watch over, and help Destavol and Mordakai if needed. Or eliminate them if they got caught, assuming he could. He winced at the last order, but the secret GMRG order stood. The Council had made it quite clear that the New Republic must not learn that the Brotherhood was operating on their doorstep. “C’mon guys, do this one well,” hoped Mac silently. “Cause if I have to do you, then I get the honor of killing myself next.”

He regarded Corporal Gainer and Private Tassis from behind his impassive helm. Their patrol continued by, and Mac touched ‘Gainer’s’ mind with the Force. “I’m about, just so you know. Give a shout if you need anything.”


18-01-2007 14:20:06

Aticus's senses jumped as he felt Macrons presence. He couldent pin point the location - as the SBL was trained in the same techniques as he, but over time dark jedi build bonds through the force with each other, often times not willingly. Macron however was an honorable enough warrior that Aticus did not mind the fact that he was some what connected with this man. Their time in Naga Sadow togeather had brought them togeather more than once, however he was curious as to why Macron was here so early on in the mission. Knowing about Mac's ties with the GMRG wasnt a very pleasent thought to him. Aticus himself was a prior member before Khobai had taken over. His tastes for Khobai was very dull, and he would kill the man if it were just he and Khobai. However now was not the time to bring up bad thoughts, as he had a cover to keep. He welcomed the fact that it wasnt just him being the only hope should something happen. To powerful dark jedi could easily open an escape - or at least terminate any evidence of them being there, including taking each others life. This however was a last resort but always an honorable way to end ones journey in life. But would it be Macron doing the killing, or Aticus? The thoughts rambled threw his head until the Squad Leader halted and Aticus almost ran into the trooper infront of him. "

"Okay squad, patrol time is over. Get some rest and try not to cause any trouble at the cantina if thats your chosen path. We meet back up same time in the morning. As for me, I have a hot date with a hot dame, in a hot tub. Later!"

The Squad Leader was so happy to be off it would have appeared he woudl be skipping off to meet his lay for the night. Aticus decided to waste no time and went to find Macron - playing some what of a dark jedi hide & seek. It was something he and Macron seemed to have been doing to each other since they had met. One would mask his presence while the other didnt have the opportunity to use the force to seek him out - thus sharpening the others alertness without the use of the force..

Hmm. Macron this Aticus, I dont sense any force presence around us. We are free to speak telepathicly for now. So tell me, why did the summit decide to give you the fun job of ass kissing the ambassador? I really wanted that one.

Aticus laughed inside to himself and waited to hear from his comrad.


18-01-2007 19:46:10

Mordaki had just left the patrol who had went there seperate ways for the night,He thought"Now it's time to recon with the master and find out what my next orders are." He reached out in the force to communicate with Aticus telepathically"Master my patrol has dispersed do you want to meet somewhere or is there something you need me to do or look into while Im on this side of the complex?'I await your orders." He could not wait to taste action and prove himself to his master and the order,preparing himself he secreted his Chaddir in his coat sleeve set to full power and ready to use if the worst should happen.


18-01-2007 21:36:45

Just as Aticus had began to speak to Mac, the presence of his Apprentice rang strong and he began to hear the slightly trained thoughts of his Apprentice trying to speak to him telepathicly. Mordaki was growing strong very quickly, Aticus would have to start keeping his gaurd up around his apprentice as he was unsure as to how stronger levels of the dark side would effect the chiss.

Yes, we appear to be safe from Jedi for now. Meet me at the shuttle bay. I'll pay taxi for us to head to the cantina. I have a few people we need to speak with, so hurry up or be left. And try to keep your force levels low, as Jedi can also mask their force levels.

Knowing that since he had just been locked on to Macron's mind that the SBL heard the same message that Mordaki heard, he would wait for both Mordaki and Macron at the shuttle bay.


21-01-2007 02:18:25

"On my way now master"Mordaki then concentrated on masking his force power pushing it inward,He hurriedly walked down the corridor doing his best not to draw any undo attention also he listened intently to try to overhear anything he could as marched past the doors in the corridor.He was also intently studying his surrounding commiting every detail and nuance to memory and formulating out several strategies in advance should he have to come back this way and be encountered,wanting to take full advantage of the terrian if it came to that,He was also looking for flaws and holes in there over all security and structural design he had pin pointed the arcitecture as being Mon Calamiriean as it was very straight foward and linear in most places as that races had trouble thinking in laterals.He pulled himself from his thoughts and arrived at the shuttle bay giving a salute,"Lance Corporal Gainer' sir!First Private Andries Tassis Reporting for duty sir!" He knew the master could see the smirk on his face and hear the sarcasm in his voice he was starting to get hot and grouchy in the stiff republic uniform he was wearing,He thought"I can't wait to paint this complex red with these fools blood! But I know the master requires stealth on this particular mission as it is ever the way of the Sith to strike from the shadows" He gave out a sigh and stood at his masters side He could sense he was waiting for somthing though what it was he hadn't yet figured it out.