Dreaming of a white.. ..ambush?


09-12-2006 23:08:23

Aticus looked carefully down the white hills of Odis Primia, a snow ball planet that has been over looked by both the Empire and the Brotherhood for ages. While it was not the best of places to be during the winter, it was inhabitable to a point during the warmer months. However during this time it was dead middle of December, the coldest time for the planet, and nothing short of completly undesirable for anyone. Off in the distance the Sith could see a small camp set up by students from the Jedi Academy.

"hmm, four students and no guide? Very tempting, but it is far to easy. There is a guide or master of sort running around this region looking after his students, if not watching our movements right now.." said the Sith as he turned to his left where his Lieutenant was standing in full armor.

"Aye sir, in all my years I have definantly learned that the Jedi travel just like the dogs they are, in packs. However capturing these students could very well bring this master out of hiding and give us an advantage." stated Lieutenant Valin.

"Yes it would bring an advantage, but only for a short time. Dont forget that the Jedi are not to far different in their connections than us. They could pinpoint more about us than desired if we capture the students. However with their presence my theory is correct. There is a temple, or some kind of area around this planet with a strong bond to the force, and our mission is to now find it and claim it before these Jedi have a chance to. Lieutenant, we will be heading far east to avoid the main trail and any encounters with these Jedi." said Aticus as he turned away from the students and began to walk off.

"But sir! We are not cowards, we shall.." were the cut off words of the Lieutenant as he found himself choking slightly.

"I believe I know whats best for my platoon, Lieutenant, and I also know that you have many capable candidates in this platoon worthy of your rank.. ..dont question me again. Also, there are other dark jedi on this planet that we will need to meet up with, some close and others further off. It appears the call of the force here is stronger than I imagined."

"Yes sir!" came the slightly sqeaked reply of Valin.

(OOC : Okay pretty much the reason my team is here is to investigate a personal calling of the force. Those who want to participate are more than welcome, you can either be with me on my team already or be one of the dark jedi we encounter further along in the run-on. Note your rank and abilities in this. Since this is going to be a dangerous adventure, I suggest anyone under equite be in a team lol. Anyway, enjoy!)

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

10-12-2006 15:32:26

A large mountain of snow shifted, shook, and crumpled to the ground. Underneath lay a Dark jedi Rodian who had been on this planet for many days. His cloak was drawn tightly around him, barely making him visible. His armor glowed a slight blue, as frostbite was working its way towards him.

" Spirit quest my ass." Droveth grunted, rubbing his hands together. " I'll be lucky if I make it off this rock whole." He stood and began to pace, mind recovering from his force-coma and filling with questions.

Suddenly, he took a Klarin-Chi postion, as the common smell of smoke wafted by his nose. It was not uncommon for people to be on the planet, but the mere fact that the force was strong here sent shivers down his spine. The Rodian searched the force, discovering that many force-users were here.

" Oh boy. Company." He gathered up his gear, piling it into his bag and throwing it on his back. Droveth climbed to a nearby rock and looked out, noticing a camp of students.

" Jedi."

(OOC: Love a good run-on. Anywho, I don't need to be in a large group, but If anyone wants to be in my group, that would be cool)

Ylith Pandemonium

11-12-2006 05:15:28

Draken narrowed his eyes as he hid between the pine like trees regarding the Dark Jedi.

"And so a hunter gets a look at it's prey...interesting..." Draken said as he moved through the woods. His lizard like eyes homing in on them for a clear view. The Valheru's eyes could watch them from much further than a human ever could.

Draken placed his sword on his back and grinned.

"Let the games begin.."


I'll be the opponent, anyone joining me is free to do so :P for more info about my character, see my wiki page. :)

Macron Sadow

11-12-2006 14:58:21

Macron smiled as he watched the scene with his electrobinocs. A few faces he recognized had been seen briefly... Droveth... Ylith/Draken... Undoubtedly, the Commander had seen him as well with his Valheru sight. "I really gotta examine him one day," chuckled Macron. "Maybe this is my chance. In any case, time to hide in the shadows and watch this play unfold."

The alchemist wrapped himself in the Force, making shadows thicken around his position in some rocks. He slowed his breath and heart rate, making himself very small in the Force. Mononoke wondered at the new faces, and lay in wait like an obscene armored spider in the snowy rocks.


12-12-2006 01:29:14

(OOC : The Jedi are the opponant.. ..so if you are Jedi, than you "will" die this run on =D Also, I have no clue as to who is with my squad, commanding their own etc other than Macron. So PM me plz :-P)

The group of dark jedi pressed towards a strong force signature about twenty miles east of their previous location. The snow fell hard and the winds blew even harded. The platoon had already had a few casualties from younger and weaker dark jedi freezing to death. Other were use to the punishing type weathers, and those who were strong enough were capable to compeltly sheild the pain, and resist the damage. The group was around thirteen to fifteen miles deep into their trip and were taking a break. Some of those with the group took this time to eat, others were sleeping, but Aticus took this opportunity to venture further into the woods for a scout. He left his XO in command as he walked into the snow covered woodlands to investigate a slight ripple he felt in the force.

Macron Sadow

12-12-2006 03:14:45

"Twenty kilometers...is nothing". The alchemist sought solace in the Force as the ice storm blew past them all. He controlled his breath and moved his position. "This is a harsh climate. Those Dark Jedi that have power, will live." He lied to himself about the snow and frost. It took a toll on his body, even through the sealed hermetic armor. "The weaklings- will die."

"Ah yes, they suffer the pain of the cold." he snickered as he trailed them alll. Mononoke shadowed Destavol's squad, hiding in the shadows. His armor was well sealed against the stgyian frost of this cold world. His snot froze as it dripped from his face. " I see... they follow a Jedi source. I must tail them."

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

13-12-2006 18:22:25

A soft thud echoed against Macron's armor, alerting him to another presence. Tempted to remove his weapon, even after he revealed who it was, he turned and acknowledged the new arrival.

" Was that a snowball?" He asked, staring down Droveth as he walked up.

" Yeah, pretty much. I figured it was an interesting way to get your attention." he chuckled, stepping up next to him. The Rodain shivered, pulling his cloak tighter and yawning. The Guardian gazed into the snowstorm that was forming around them, slowly following the trail of footprints in his head.

" Looks like they went north, 5.7 degrees, and one has a limp. So, what are you doing here, Mac? Tarentum sent me here as a promotion mission. I've got to get up to Knight."


14-12-2006 00:48:28

Aticus had ventured a fare distance into the woodlands and was far enough from his squad to clear his mind for a moment. The dark jedi saw an open patch surrounded by twisted dead tree's covered in snow. "Hmm, this shall do. The dark side does have a slight presence here.." said Aticus as he kneeled down and began to focus on the nearest energy sources in the area. The jedi were quite obvious to him, but he felt another lifeform that was close by but wasnt part of his squad. "Interesting, it seems I may have another tag-along, or another kill for this mission. Either one works for me." said Aticus as he focused harder now reading some of the skim thoughts on the squads minds. Some were hungry, some were just rather ready to get back to their homes, other were just simply thinking about how they were going to kill their next victim. Aticus moved to focus this meditation on the Jedi that were a distance off. Their minds were colored with different thoughts, but none seemed to pertain to a power source on the planet.

*Crunch-Crunch.. ..crunch*

Aticus opened his eyes quickly as he heard steps in the snow and smiled.

Ylith Pandemonium

14-12-2006 07:10:19

Draken sat silently within a tree overlooking the party. He knew Macron was there too following them, he thought it would be best to join him an see what those other Dark Jedi were looking for, and most importantly, what this Jedi thing was he felt.

He startted grinning as he saw Macron walk around below him and he knew he was already sensed by him.

The Valheru fell down and landed behind Macron who immediately ignited his lightsaber.

"Calm down Alchemist, its just me...following them too huh?"

"Oh hi Commander, hihi, yeah I am, I wanna know what those naughty naughty kids are getting themselves into."

Draken couldnt surpress the smile coming from the Macron's crazyness and he shook his head while dusting snow off of his robes.

"Lets follow them and see if they have something in store for us."

Macron nodded and they both resumed their walk to find out more about their little 'quest'

Macron Sadow

15-12-2006 16:17:37

Mononoke shut down his orange blade with a frown. He hated to ignite it and not get to cut someone. "What a waste of a few ergs of power," he thought."Let me know if you get Knighted Droveth, maybe we can play lightsaber sometime," he said with a metallic toothy grin.

"I'm here to play, actually Droveth. It's so boring in space sometimes, you know?" said the alchemist as he walked along with Ylith and the Rodian. He supressed a yawn of boredom as they crunched through the snow. He could sense the Jedi scum in the distance clearly, as they usually had little training in hiding themselves in the Force. That was a trait most often possesed by darksiders.

"Alchemical snowball... hmm... mebbe mutate some ewoks and turn 'em white...I like cold planets, no bugs you know? Except those ones..." he mumbled the stream of his mad thoughts occasionally escaped his lips. Ylith just rolled his eyes, knowing the Tribune well. There were no insects about, except in Mononoke's mind.

"You're nuts, you know that?" asked Droveth in disdain.

"Way to state the obvious greenie," giggled Macron. He held up a hand, narrowing his yellow eyes. "Wait, Stop."

"What's up?" asked Ylith.

"Other Dark Jedi- I sense them. Yessss... one at least of Battlemaster strength. As you well know, they may not be friendly."

"Where?" asked Droveth.

"Right there," replied the Battlelord as he turned and pointed towards Aticus' nearby position."Should we go chat with them?"

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

15-12-2006 16:42:58

" Well, you do have quite a way with words." Droveth grinned, turning towards Aticus and tsking in the area surrounding them.

" Fifteen concealment areas, none that can conceal force-signatures. Eight escape points, all followable." The Rodian sighed, watching the movements of the two Dark Jedi around him. They seemed surprised, considering Droveth was only of Guardian status.

" Don't seem so surprised. I always study before a mission."

They both nodded, understanding.

"So, what are we standing here for. Let's go say hello!" Droveth started walking, but was pulled back by Ylith.

" Not so fast, Guardian. Friendly or not, a Dark Jedi never takes a chance with a lower rank. You will go when we go. Calm yourself."

" Fine." The Obelisk grunted, re-checking to make sure his force-fans were still at his waist.


16-12-2006 09:26:45

Note - (Im away from the rest of my squad atm as we are currently taking break. Which reminds me - peeps in the squad are allowed to walk around etc, but dont be off fighting things that will cause attention. And try not to steal the plot. Thx! Group leaves out again shortly! So dont go to far!)

Aticus felt a soothing presence that almost warmed a heart that he had forgotten he had. Her presence did this to him always, and pry always would.

"Alexi, your presence is known. Come and speak with me - Its been so long and I desire to see your face once again."

"Ah, so even an old Sith like you has the desires of a womans touch and love. Aticus, I wish you were here to leave this world of yours and be with me."

"Perhaps the feel of your body Alexi - But we both know our love is forbidden by both of our orders and is a matter we should never attempt to bring into deep involvement. I am a dark soul of destruction and you are a forgotten jedi. Tell me are you here with those students?"

"No, I am here on my own will. I was venturing this planet searching for a tomb when I tasted your presence in the force."

A woman garbed in pure white robes and a crown of ice walked forward. Her hair was long and blond, past her knees. She had a slender frame - yet plump where desired. Her deep blue eyes looked at the Sith with much affection. Aticus was her god, her lover, and her life since the Lab 44 accident in which the two had met, faught togeather and fallen in love. Aticus looked at her with a spark of happiness in his eyes - something never seen in him, and he even smiled.

"Well now a tomb? Tell me more about this tomb, I think we might have more in common than a desire to shred the clothing of one another." said Aticus as he took his outer cloak off and draped it around the woman as they began to walk deeper into the woods.

Macron Sadow

16-12-2006 16:49:33

“Looks like he is leaving with some woman…” said Droveth.

“Indeed. Perhaps that is good. Let them go, and let’s return to seeking out the Jedi filth,” stated Macron as he rubbed his hands together in glee. He reached out with his senses, allowing the Force to sharpen his hearing. The helmet electronics aided as well when he strained to overhear their conversation. The only word he could make out was “tomb.”

“Interesting,” mumbled the alchemist. “She seeks a tomb of some sort.”

“Right,” agreed Ylith. “Hmm. I think they may be over that way. Perhaps we should follow the other Dark Jedi and reconnoiter the Lighties’ position. Remember to hide yourselves in the Force.”

Both of the others nodded in agreement, wrapping themselves in the Dark Side. Macron wondered what would happen next on this frozen ball of snow.

Ylith Pandemonium

16-12-2006 20:35:13

As they walked for a few minutes trough the icey tundra, silence caught with them. Only the soft sway of the wind gently brushing against the three Dark Jedi was to be heard once in a while.

Droveth sighed in boredom and Macron couldn help but to giggle softly, reminding him how impatiance often got the best of young Dark Jedi, mostly a bloody ending.

Suddenly Draken ordered them to a halt, and Macron looked at the Valheru questioning, yet not saying a word.

The Obelisk templar pointed to a specific point in the far distance, and Droveth looked at him as if he saw ghosts. Macron however knew about Draken's enhanced sight and grabbed his monoculars to take a peek himself, and while he did a grin startted to emerge on the Alchemist's face.

Droveth took hold of his own monoculars and startted to peek through it to see what the fuss was about, seeing some kind of chimney stick out of the ground Approximately two kilometers away.

"Damn, how could you see that without a monocular? That thing is just one-and-a-half meters high and halfly covered in snow. You aren't human aren't you?" The Guardian asked boldly and Draken could help but to grin.

"Correct, I am not." Was all he said and he moved on, followed by a chuckling Macron, in delight and amazement of Draken's Alien features.

Droveth shook his head and followed the two Equites and silently wondered if he would become like them if he was the same rank some day, a nutcase.

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

17-12-2006 10:32:02

" So, what's with this chimney thing?" Droveth questioned, following quietly behind the two Elders. " It doesn't seem all important, unless there's someone there. But, if I'm correct, there was no smoke coming out from it. Maybe it's abandoned."

They were getting closer now, and Draken turned around to whisper for silence. The Rodian abruptly shut up, seeing the look in the Valheru's eyes. The Guardian, sensing tension, removed his Force-Fansand held them in ignition position. But it was a false alarm.

" Whomever was here, isn't here anymore." Macron grinned, pacing around the chimney like object and stopping. " Correction. There still here. Hah!"

On the ground lay the charred remains of a Dark Jedi, probably a youth, who had stumbled upon some Lightsiders.

" Poor chap. Must have made a big mistake." Droveth muttered, sifting through the remains for anything salvagable. " So, who do you think did it?"


20-12-2006 17:37:10

Snaga had buried himself in a nearby snow drift not too far from the house with the chimney and the blasted corpse. He had spotted the shaft and had intended to go down it before he literally froze to the ground. His Massassi heritage could only do so much against the cold, and his black skin had almost turned to a dark gray.

He had been about to dodge out whenever he spotted the group of Dark Jedi happen upon the area, so Snaga had stayed put. Green eyes peered out at the group from a small hole made in the snow, watching them carefully.

Once he noticed one of the wearing a Naga Sadow insignia, so he pulled himself out of the drift. His wicked looking Massassi Scimitar was unsheathed and crusted with snow, as was most of his body. He held up one of his hands in a gesture meant to show he was no enemy as he warily moved towards them.

"Easy, Darksiders. I'm not here to attack you since I would most likely wind up like that charred corpse over there." The Massassi inclined his head at the dead man.

Ylith Pandemonium

22-12-2006 04:26:37

The Valheru held his hand on the hilt of his sword, a sign he didnt trust the newcomer very well.

Macron, as nutty as he is, noticed Draken's behaviour and placed his hand on his shoulder.
"Relax, he didnt do this, he couldnt have, he has the power of a wamprat. heehee, no offence."

The Massassi snorted and Macron startted to chuckle.

"Anyway- Draken startted- we need to head out now. Before the others arrive, I bet they are closing in as we speak."


22-12-2006 14:50:18

Yellow eyes bored into the Valheru as the Massassi watched the other's hand near his sword. As much as the man didn't trust him, he didn't trust Draken as far as Snaga could throw a Rancor. He bared yellowed fangs slightly, but it was not neccessarily a challenge.

The only person in the group Snaga reconized was Macron, one of the few beings in the galaxy that he halfway trusted. Not that he would drink any unknown substances from him. He did, however, incline his head in a gesture of respect to the crazy Sith. Of all the beings in the galaxy, Snaga did not mind allowing Macron to command him.

"Macron, nice to see you on the Hutt-forsaken snowball." His black, taloned hand scraped at a ridge of frozen snow on his brow.

Macron Sadow

23-12-2006 16:42:33

"Hutt-forsaken is a good thing," replied the Sith. "So. Any idea what happened to crispy-boy here? You see anything Snaga?" asked Mac as he gestured to the charred and frozen corpse. "Unusual burns... looks to be a thermal detonator blast to me. And Draken is right, we need to move from here. They are sure to come back."

The group nodded collectively and moved off, looking for a safe location to watch the area from.


24-12-2006 01:26:09

Snaga shook his head. "No. I heard a big boom that woke me up over in that snow drift over there. I guess it was a good thing that blizzard we had a few hours ago buried me or I'd probably be crispy too."

He glanced at the body and casually tore a well-done piece of flesh from it and took it with him. Snaga ignored the looks on the faces of his "new" comrades as he took a large bite and spit out a chunk of burnt clothing. His teeth cut through the black crust easily, often making obscene crunching noises doing so.

Yellow eyes flicked back to the forest behind them, eyebrows narrowing in irritation.

"Hey. What's that over on the ridge there?" He pointed over at the small black trail of smoke rising from behind a row of boulders.

Ylith Pandemonium

24-12-2006 06:59:07

Draken grinned. "Nothing much, just a small camp fire, which in my opinion, even Jedi aren't that stupid. And especially one who did that damage, isnt really that stupid. I saw we head West."

"West?" Macron said and Draken nodded.
Droveth, as clever as he was knew what Draken was talking about and startted to grin with is small mouth.
"Yeah, the sun will go down soon, and if you travel along with the sun, you can travel longer. Because at night this will be frozen hell."

"Ofcourse..." Macron said and Snaga snorted a bit, still not trusting Draken.

"Lets leave a mark here." Macron said and Draken pulled out his Valheru sword of darkness, a huge blade engulfed with blue flames.
"I'll handle that." The Valheru said and he stabbed his blade into the chimney and pulled it out again. Soon the chimney was engulfed in blue flames.

"Are you sure you werent the one who killed him?" Snaga said distrustful.
"No, if I had, he wouldnt be salvagable, let alone eatable. Lets go."

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

24-12-2006 22:01:53

" So, do we actually plan on finding anything to the West? Or are we just doing it to conserve time?" Droveth questioned, reading his datapad excitedly. " Well, Gent's, it appears I have been promoted in my absence."

The newly made Jedi Hunter moved up to walk along side the other three, though steering clear of the Massasi. he would rather not be turned into lunch.


25-12-2006 14:32:41

Snaga merely took another bite and stuffed the rest of the jerky-like flesh into a pouch on his belt for later. It didn't pass his notice that the others were keeping clear of him and he assumed that it was due to his strange eating habits. Then again, it wasn't everyday you got to meet a living Massassi either.

"Hey, if you're worried about me eating you, don't worry unless you're body's crispy or you happen to be human. Other than that, you're fine."

He trudged after the others silently, concetrating on placing one boot in front of the other and his mind filtering over the area around them, scanning for threats.

Well, I don't know why I came to this frozen snowball, but I think I was better off by-myself. Either way, I'm still alone, and at least I could freeze to death in peace.

Macron Sadow

25-12-2006 16:22:23

Macron grinned, his armor keeping him perfectly comfy with it's environmental systems. "West it is."
The four trudged through the snow, each one lost in their own thoughts. "Why am I here?" wondered the Sith as his boots crunched along. "Try to stay alert folks," he warned. "The cold can numb your senses."

Exactly that happened. Several blue-white ferocious shapes burst from the snowbanks, howling with rage and hunger. "Wampas," hissed Snaga as he drew his weapons. The Valheru sword ignited with blue light as Ylith brandished it, and Hunter Droveth attacked.

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

25-12-2006 19:47:12

Droveth rolled over the ground, flipping up and spinning his force-fan. The Wampa who had challenged him grunted and charged, causing the snow covered ground to shake. Ice fell off nearby trees, forming frozen-daggers.

" So, Mac," Droveth called, slicing at the hand of the furry beast. " How many of these do you want us to keep? For experimental purposes, of course."

" Oh, just one." The crazed alchemist grinned. " I can get more anytime."

Soon, Draken's Wampa was down, simmering in a pile of flames. Mac's was next, cut into little bits. NOw, it was either Snaga or Droveth. With a cackle, the Rodians enemy fell just as Snaga stood to re-engage his enemy.

" Mac, you might want to stop him before he kills your test subject."

Ylith Pandemonium

27-12-2006 21:01:33

Draken narrowed his eyes as the wind startted sweeping snow dust into the air.
"Hmm..." Was all the Valheru said and Macron moved to his attention.

"Found something?" He asked and Draken nodded slightly.
"Stand clear." Was all the Obelisk said and the other three Dark Jedi startted to
back off a little so Draken could do his job. He pointed his Valheru sword tip down and planted it
into the snow with a cracking sound, as if hitting something that wasnt meant to be there.

"Suddenly, the snow around the blade was engulfed with blue flames and melted away. As Draken sunk into the
snow, Droveth glanced around to see if the weather would become more severe, but before he could
say a word Snaga already sensed it. "Storm is coming fast."

"It's a ship!" Draken shouted from within the snow and Macron and the others jumped into the hole.
"A shuttle, it crash landed here. Looks like our Jedi friends are stuck here, and seeing the way the snow covered it,
it's been a while. I doubt there are many other threats besides Jedi out there, though I can be wrong, hee hee."
Macron said and Draken opened the shuttle and walked inside. Walking into the shuttle, the scent of bad air
went through and they saw the pilot, as misformed by wounds as he was, perfectly preserved by the cold.

"Well, best to stay here till the storm ends. Best to check this shuttle for clue's or other usefull supplies." Droveth