The Laboratory

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

12-11-2006 20:04:23

Droveth wiped his brow, sweat pouring down the side of his face. If he messed up the chemical compound, he might wake up in another part of the galaxy. The blue liquid swirled in the tube, mixing with the green slowly being poured. The Rodian sighed, finishing the concoction and returning the chemicals to his box.

He turned his attention back to the, now turquoise, mixture. Unclipping his partially finished Dark Armor from his chest, he laid it out on the table and began to carve into the chest a Rodian tatoo pattern. It had a very intricate design, and a much more powerful purpose.

Quickly, Droveth poured the liquid along the carving, watching it run through the crack then sizzle into a black color. Hopefully, it had worked. All he had left to do was check. Setting up the armor on a dummy, he picked up a long metal pipe. The Darksider swung at the armor with all his force, combining it into a blow that would shatter any normal armor.

Just as the pipe touched the Dark Armor, the tattoo glowed a bright green, let out a roar much like that of a Rancor, and desinigrated the weapon. Droveth chuckled, removing the Dark Armor and putting it back on. Oh, how interesting Sith Alchemy was.

{Gah! I forgot to describe the room!]

The Labratory- A large, pentagon shaped room, with a huge cingular furnace in the center. 2 tables for each of the five sections, with multiple chemicals racks. A storage closet with anything you can think of. This room is for the Modern version of Sith Alchemy, not traditional. Although, traditional can be done in here.

[ Okay, I didn't see one of these floating around here, so I decided to make one. I just finished my Sith Alchemy exam, and figured I should make one of these for another place to talk. All are welcome, but you should only do actual Alchmey if you have taken the exam.


18-11-2006 19:18:29

"You're a hard Rodian to catch up with..." the figure in the darkened doorway declared.

Droveth spun around to identify the voice, and saw only flaring red and yellow dots where eyes would logically be located. Barely phased by the appearance of the visitor Droveth responded, "I cover my tracks well, Odium. Did you need something?"

Stepping forward, the Zabrak removed a bottle of red liquid from his sleeve. "All this does is turn the armor black. However, impressive it is, I need more. I just wanted to discuss your experiments and compare them with mine." The Knight strode across the room and took a seat on one of the barstools at one of the workstations.

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

19-11-2006 21:35:59

Droveth chuckled and turned towards the new visitor. He nodded, removing his liquids and setting them out on the table.

" Are you sure you just want black? I can make different colors, you know." He responded, mixing a few chemicals. He removed a large, scrap peice of metal and hung it from a suspended chord on the ceiling.

" I can do tye dye, polka-dot, flames, and my personal favorite." he splashed the liquid on the scrap, watching it morph into a black basic color. " Mood armor."

Odium sighed, shaking his head at the Rodian. " Is it really mood armor?"

Droveth grabbed the peice of metal and gripped it tightly. " Hit me." Odium stood, started, and then stopped.

" Are you serious?"

"Yes. Hit me in the face."

Oidum pulled his fist back, swung, and connected full force with the Rodian. The metal turned a bright red and caught on fire. He dropped it and it returned to its normal black.

"Pretty cool, huh?"


20-11-2006 10:43:13

"Yes, would quite intimidating in a battle. And yes, I'm sure it just turned black. That's one of the effects I was trying for, but nothing else happened." The Zabrak looked towards the armor now laying on the floor. "The fact of the matter is, I'm not entirely sure what I'm going for. Perhaps something to do with eliminating any sound the armor makes, thereby increasing the natural stealthiness of the wearer."

Odium continued to ponder the possibilities, as he absent mindedly investigated several of the chemicals resting at the various nearby stations.

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

20-11-2006 16:22:31

Droveth nodded once again.

" Like, stealth armor? Or, armor that doesn't make any noise at all?" He came over to his table and grabbed a few more chemicals. He poured the combination slowly over the scrap peice of the armor. Then, he dropped it on the floor, expecting to here a clatter.

No sound came from the armor at all, and it even surprised Droveth.

" Didn't think I could do that." he chuckled.

Macron Sadow

20-11-2006 17:50:44

Macron smiled and looked up from his notes. "Good job," he chuckled. "Like that mood armor, that's kinda nifty."

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

20-11-2006 18:46:45

Droveth looked over and nodded. " It can be. But I never wear it when I am, well, embarrassed. It turns a very unusual shade of pink.."

Macron Sadow

20-11-2006 19:14:12

"How odd... I guess you are already green, so that wouldn't work." Macron smiled and continued to fiddle with an IT-3 droid.


21-11-2006 15:09:12

"Either. I'd prefer stealth, but really, soundless will work. As long as it'll pass ACC standards." Odium picked up the metal plate without a sound, and raised it above his head and threw it down with all his might. The plate hit floor, flipped back into the air, and finally land and come to rest on the floor, without any hint of sound. "Now THAT is interesting."

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

21-11-2006 16:30:06

" Yeah, but it is still detectable. Watch." Droveth said, picking up the metal off the floor and holding out his force-fan. He ignited it and slashed the scrap. A deep cut was left on it, burning off some of the chemical coating.

" I have yet to perfect it." he sighed, dropping it and hearing the loud CLANG as it hit the floor.

" Besides, I much prefer Rodian war-alchemy over stealth. Never the less, I think I might know what you need." He grabbed a peice of paper and wrote down some ingredients. " I'll make you some, but use this formula if you ever want to make more. And, I can't stress this enough. Do it in the exact order."


28-11-2006 06:14:13

The Zabrak gratefully took both the bottle and the written instructions and replied, "Well then, Guardian, let's see if I may be able to find the way to perfect it." Apollyon turned back around on his way out and with a wink said, "I'll keep you posted."


29-11-2006 16:26:57

Noktar entered the lab, barely avoiding Odium and his strange bottled concoction. "Terribly sorry," the Falleen said quickly before the man retreated into the hallway. Noktar sighed heavily before saying, "Never seems to be any politeness in people these days. Oh well. He must've been busy."

Looking around the lab seemed to brighten him up, however, as he remembered why he was there. He had finished the written part of his Alchemy test, but the practical part was presenting a problem to him. He didn't have much knowledge of what to do, which is why he came here. He needed inspiration.

Glancing at a worktable, he made his way over and clanked down a container filled with his personal clothing. Silk and velvet outfits, much like the clothing of Prince Xizor, adorned the table a few minutes later. One in particular he held up and examined. The dark blue and deep red clashed together, seeming to repel each other. Well, he would oblige them. Putting both hands close together near the hem, he pulled and heard the satisfying shred of the cloth being torn. He did this a few more times, before the back of his head seemed to twitch.

He turned and found both Droveth and Macron staring at him peculiarly. He grinned slightly and said, "When I'm done experimenting with the other outfits, I don't want anyone to be able to do that. I just needed test cloth, that's all."

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

29-11-2006 19:38:34

" Ah, okay." Droveth nodded, turning back to Macron. " I actually tried to change that once, being green. But, it didn't turn out to well."

" Obviously, your still green." The alchemist smirked.

" Err..That's not exactley what I meant, but okay."

Makurth Mandalore

08-12-2006 19:35:00

Makurth stepped into the room, his sharp toenails clicking against the floor softly. He carried his sword with him, intending to make some much needed repairs.

He had already sensed Noktar in the room, along with Macron. As much as he disliked Falleens, he needed to repair his sword.

"Macron! Need to fix this old sword I do. Getting banged up badly in many fights, it is."

He looked at his old friend. "Not to savvy with alchemy am I, not mind helping do you?"

Macron Sadow

09-12-2006 15:27:27

"Sword? Did you...kill people with it?" asked the alchemist. Zak nodded. "Well then, of course I'll help! Hee hee!"

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

10-12-2006 15:33:47

Droveth shook his head, sighing and returning to his formulas.

Makurth Mandalore

10-12-2006 19:11:40

Makurth chuckled. He had known Macron a long time and had becomed accustomed to the man's lack of sanity.

He held out the battered blade. "OK, started we shall get."

Ylith Pandemonium

11-12-2006 05:12:10

*walked into the Laboratory*

so this is where the befamed Alchemists hang out hm? Interesting...

*Draken walked through the lab, looking at the bottles of straneg alianated liquid and regarded Macron for a moment.*

did you create all of this?


22-12-2006 14:38:58

Snaga wandered into the room, armed as usual, but not wearing his armor. He wore a pair of loose trousers and calf-high boots, but left his torso with its many scars open to scrutiny. His curiosity had nearly eaten him alive until he succumbed to it and decided to meet the Alchemist.

Thankfully, it was slightly dim in the room, a large kindness to his eyes, and he snorted slightly as he laid his yellow eyes on Macron.

"Hey, Alchemist, you still feel like trying to disect me with your scalpel?" The Massassi joked lightly, his taloned hand resting lightly on a nearby table.


28-12-2006 01:01:43

Jedi Hunter Dismal walked into the laboratory, wearing loose gray pants, tight black boots, and a flowing black cloak. He had not worn his tunic today, seeing as today was strictly a day of meditation and healing. His custom made Sith Sword, named Rutilus Trucido was strapped to his back. He peered around the large room cautiously. He saw many different test tubes filled with colored liquids flowing to and fro; many alchemists were at play with their armor and such. One scientist spoke to Dismal. "Hello there. I'm Macron Goura, experienced alchemist. May I ask who you are? I don't recall seeing you before?"

"My name is Hunter Dismal Visutor al'Tor," was all the young Sith said. He tended to stay to himself when he was surrounded by strangers. He only talked much when he was surrounded by familiar faces.

"Well, welcome to the laboratory. Theres a spot open right...there," he said, pointing to a table in the back of the room.

"Thank you, Macron," Dismal replied.

"Call me Mac. Happy experimenting," Macron replied. Dismal strode casually to the table, and sat down. He unsheathed his Trucido, and lay it on the table. The Sith reached for a tube of bubbling green liquid on a rack pinned to the wall. His sword was supposed to be blood red, shiney as could be. It was turning a dark pink now, dirt and blood stains specked the hilt and blade. All he was doing today was giving it a color treatment and sharpening. The Jedi Hunter poured the foul smelling liquid all over his blade on both sides. He calmly placed his hands on the hilt of the blade, closed his eyes, and started to concentrate.

The Sith Sword glowed brightly, and spots of impurities fell on the table at random places. The blade absorbed all of the green chemical. The Rutilus Trucido looked as good as when he first fashioned it as a boy, on Enriton. Dismal reached for the blade to strap it to his back, but stopped halfway. What the heck, I'll stay and have some fun, he thought. The al'Tor placed the empty test tube back on the rack, and turned in his chair to observe what the other Jedi in the room were doing.

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

30-12-2006 21:01:44

Droveth, upon seeing Dismal enter, covered his Dark Armor with a cloth and walked over, punching the Hunter in the arm.

" Didn't know you practiced alchemy." Droveth chuckled, glancing at the Sith sword. " Fine craftsmenship, If I do say so myself."

Kalak Ragnose

25-05-2007 15:11:58

Kalak walked into the room and stared round in amazment.
"Greetings my brothers."
Kalak, like Noktar and the rest of his species was wearing a fine blue silk robe ornamented with gold.

Seeing his fellow Falleen, Kalak made his way over to Noktar and greeted him.
"So who will teach me some Alchemy." He asked, a slighty sardonical smile on his face


31-05-2007 13:52:43

Xerxes walked into the room, his eyes and ears tingling with the sensation of all the sights and sounds of the Laboratory. Spotting a familiar face Xerxes walked over to the Rodian. "Droveth, you didn't tell me you knew alchemy." the Guardian said as the Rodian turned to greet him.

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

31-05-2007 21:11:09

"There's a lot of things you don't know about me." Droveth winked, walking towards his friend. " So, How is it going?"

Lanius Sin

19-06-2007 22:11:30

Sin ignored the others as he entered the lab. Lost in his thoughts he made his way toward the darkest corner of the room. He removed his rings and washed his hands in the blood-spattered sink. The water scolded his skin, and all the better. The pain woke him from the strange half dream that had been lingering since he woke that day.

He put on a fresh pair of gloves and grabbed the most punishing looking hypodermic needle. A sample twitched in its containment field at the sight.

Makurth Mandalore

22-06-2007 10:35:27

Zaknafein, clad in his armor from head to foot, clumped into the Lab in time to see the specimen Sin was about to prick with a needle shiver in fear.

"Hey Sin," the Mandalorian joked. "I think you're scaring it."

Lanius Sin

27-06-2007 10:28:23

"Scaring it?" Sin smiled as he brandished the needle. "Thats a good start. Would you pass me those dilators.

Makurth Mandalore

27-06-2007 11:05:49

"Eh? Sure," Makurth was laughing under his helmet. As he helped Eldrad work, it grew hot under his helmet (The cooling systems had been fried earlier that day, which explained his presence in the Lab) and he removed it to allow fire red hair to expose itself. It stayed pretty much flat since he had it pulled into a tight low ponytail.

"Mind if I ask what you're going to do to our little friend there?" Makurth asked.

Macron Sadow

27-06-2007 19:13:40

Macron watched approvingly from across the room as he skewered a strange alien with a probe.
"This... thing... is tough," he mumbled as he removed some organs from the extra-galactic being. "Must be one of those Vong thingies. Caught it mooning around the base with some bio-masker on..."

Makurth Mandalore

27-06-2007 20:02:29

Makurth overheard Macron's comment and laughed a little harder. "Really? I wonder how you managed to catch him then,"

One gray eye squeezed shut as the small creature squirted some sort of green goo in his eye. "Ouch, that stung!"

As he rubbed at his watering eye, Makurth asked. "Macron I know you modify your Sith armor a lot. Any chance you'd help me fix my set of armor?"

Macron Sadow

28-06-2007 14:29:07

"Sure, my friend. What was it you wished to modify?" asked the madman as he continued slicing. "Oh yeah, my droid spotted it. Hard to fool a droid's sensors, you know."

Makurth Mandalore

01-07-2007 01:27:30

"Indeed," Makurth muttered, having had a nasty experience with said sensors.

Gesturing with his scaple, the Mandalorian said "Well, I got into a fight with a high ranking Krath and the bugger used Force Lightning and fried my suit's sensors."

Macron Sadow

05-07-2007 23:40:46

"I see," muttered the Sith. "You should insulate it. My suit is built that way. let me show you how..." Macron reached for his hydrospanner.

Makurth Mandalore

07-07-2007 03:23:35

"Alright," Makurth said as he stripped out of his armor and neatly piled it on a clear table nearby. He shivered slightly in the cool air as he was left with only a black sleevless tunic, breeches, and his armored boots.

"I'd love to see what wonders the great Macron can do on my armor," he joked.

Macron Sadow

07-07-2007 15:18:26

"Ooops!" hissed the Sith as he funbled with a switch some hours later.

"What? Did you mess something up?" asked Makurth.

"Umm, I don't think so," replied the grinning madman. "At least I hope not. That should do it."

Makurth Mandalore

09-07-2007 02:10:05

Makurth play glared at Macron. "Dude, seriously, I don't want to flip a switch for the cooling fan and wind up frying myself with some funky current,"

The red-haired Sith inspected his armor with suspestion, occaisonally flipping a small switch here and there. Finally, he slapped on his body suit and began placing his armor back on, slapping the gription plates together until he was incased head to toe in heavy Mandalorian steel.

Sliding the banged up T-visored helmet on, Makurth grumbled. "Macron, I swear, if this thing kills me, I will come back and haunt you,"

Kalak Ragnose

03-09-2007 11:57:59

On the other side of the room, Kalak prepared to expose a womp Rat to one of the Bacteria that he had created. As he let it the Bacterium through an airtight cage.


28-02-2009 15:13:11

Korroth sneezed as soon as he entered the laboratory. The thick layer of dust, the skeleton of a womp rat in a cage and the general look of dejection made it obvious that the lab had not been used in years. The Pau’an rested the heavy cage he had brought with him on the nearest table, and then he used the hem of his robe to wipe some of the dust off. This caused a cloud of fine particles that made him sneeze three times in succession, which in turn made the sedated vonduun crab stir from his sleep. When he was sure his bout of sneezing had finished, he brought a small box out of his pouch and laid it gently on the table, followed by several sealed flasks and vials. Next he opened the box and poured the contents into a mortar, and he used a pestle to ground the yellow Baffor tree pollen grains into a fine powder. He added a solvent and another brownish liquid to the pollen, then he started heating and stirring the mixture. Once it started boiling, he filtered the mixture, pouring the liquid in a container and throwing away the solid residue. After adding small measures of several other solutions, Korroth dipped a needle into the mixture, which was now cloudy-white. Attaching the needle to the end of a long stick, he slid it through the bars of the cage and punctured the soft belly of the now sleeping vonduun crab. The creature barely stirred.

All he had to do now was to wait, although it was far easier said than done. He had used all of the Baffor tree pollen he had to make this sample, and if he had made a mistake in his theory or method he wouldn’t get another chance. He grinded his teeth as two, then three minutes passed. After five minutes, he got up resigned and started gathering up his apparatus. He grabbed the handle of the cage, but he stopped abruptly as the vonduun crab jerked awake and begun bashing against the sides of the cage. Korroth watched with a growing grin as the creature grew boils on its underside and swelled up until it began to ooze dark blood from its ripping flesh. Exultant with his achievement, Korroth picked up the precious Baffor pollen poison and slotted it in a safe metal container. The crab had taken a bit too long to react to the allergen, but Korroth theorized that by adding an anticoagulant to the solution the allergen would be allowed to spread much faster through the bloodstream, thus reducing the response time. The ecstatic Pau’an sauntered out of the laboratory, eager to test his new concoction in a proper battle.