11-10-2006 05:32:18

You need to read about how you should enter here is a list below:

Only bring ONE weapon

You will proberly die at one point when fighing someone who is better that you

You will get into a 2 vs 1 battle proberly

Never run

Die fighting

write it like you would in the acc

i will start


11-10-2006 05:33:28

Cethgus walked into the massive arena and had a scabbard on his back which was holstering Zar'roc. The Jedi Hunter stood in the middel of the Arena and was waiting for someone to fight him.

the Jedi Hunter took a seat on the floor and waitied


28-12-2006 02:48:07

Hunter Dismal Visutor al'Tor walked into the large arena. It resemled the one on Geonosis, without the sweltering heat. He was wearing his usual garb, a tunic, loose trousers, and a flowing cloak. His custom Sith Sword called Rutilus Trucido was in it's sheath clipped to the Hunter's belt. Anywho, he came here to fight. "Up, tell me your name and weapon, Dark Jedi?" the Stih asked. He did not wait for his opponent to reply to slip off his cloak and tunic, to reveal a mysterious burn resembling a "D" on his chest. The young al'Tor waited for his opponent to reply.

{OOC:} Zar'roc comes from Eragon. Don't steal their names :P {/OOC}


28-12-2006 18:18:33

Callus strode into the hall to find two Hunters standing there looking at each other.

"I'm sorry, did I come at a bad time?" Callus smirked with a grin on his face.

Callus was an imposing figure himself. He stood at 6'1" tall and his massive 215 pounds of sheer muscle led you to belive that he had spent countless hours conditioning his body. Callus had a swagger that you would associate with a TIE pilot combat veteran and was well deserved. Callus bore the emblem of the TIE Corps on his left forearm that was plainly visible as Callus wore no traditional robes. Callus found himself most comfortable in black shorts embossed with the Clan Satal Keto Logo and a white tank top that revealed his muscular frame while still retaining some modesty. Callus wore his lightsaber on his left hip and lo-top black sneakers on his feet.

"Well if you all are just gonna stand around. You don't mind if I call a droid down here for practice do you?"


19-12-2007 11:28:31

Zaroth calmly walked into the arena with his Electrostaff in a ready position.
"Just three of you? I'm dissapointed," his voice echoed loudly around the arena. He settled into a ready stance and chanelled his rage.

"Shall we go then?"

NOV Zaroth
House Marka Ragnos of Clan Naga Sadow


19-12-2007 19:43:52

"Not so fast guys," called Anubis, walking out into the arena carrying his Shock Whip. As he met with the other combatants in the centre of the large arena, all eyes gazed upon him.

"Whatcha doing here, Anubis?" Dismal asked.

"Just thought I'd stop by, is all" came the reply, with a smirk on the Valheru's face.

The combatants nodded to each other, and the fighting began.


21-12-2007 03:52:59

Amiz watched from afar, holding a borrowed Wookie Bowcaster. If there was gonna be a battle that included Cethgus, Dismal and Anubis, he doesn't want to not be there to miss the battle.

But then, maybe he'll just wait to see who survives, and shoot their heads off. We'll see.

As said, the fighting began.


21-12-2007 08:28:04

Alot have things had changed since last time all four of them were in the arena. This new meeting involved a newer Cethgus. Since last time the Templar now carried a Lightsaber, Lightwhip and two katanas. Looking around he smirked at the sight of Amiz sanding there.

"Ah we have a good company around here" Cethgus spoke to the group.

He stood silently and waited for the movement of someone else. The arena had a drifting silence around it. He knew that the battle was about to begin.


21-12-2007 08:35:05

Amiz snorted at the self proclaimed Templar. His left hand moved to where he placed his detonator.

"Don't feel smart, I have this whole place rigged!"

Then he pressed a button. A huge balloon appeared out of nowhere and pulled Dismal by the legs up into the sky with it's rope.

"Oops, wrong button. But you get the point. Right?"


21-12-2007 08:59:27

Looking at Amiz he focused on the detinator in his hand and slowly feeling the force throuh him found a key point in the detinator. Breaking the detinator in Amiz hand.

"Now lets see how well you coupe on the battle feild" Cethgus growld at Amiz.

Letting his hand come down to the whip at his side and took it off letting it touch the floor and he slowly gripped the hilt of the weapon. Slowly moving towards Amiz as he looked at a good freind and wished he hadnt tried to blow the place up.


21-12-2007 09:01:33

The whole place began to blow up. Huge bad smelling fart bombs blew up, as well as a few more balloon bombs hanging a few other people by the legs.

"Uh oh..."

Then a very huge rancor appeared.

"Matilda won't like being released like this..."


21-12-2007 09:16:09

Throws all his weapons to the sids waitinf for more people to join. Leaving himself holding onto his saber at his side he unclipped the weapon and held it firmly in his hands.

"Ok Amiz were gonan have to work together" Cethgus stared at the rancor.

Activating his weapon the balade hisses into life as he started to walk towards the rancor.