Mystery Thriller


15-05-2006 16:03:34

Background Info: This is basically a who done it / theft / murder mystery run-on. Think of the game Clue. Anyone who participates in this run-on will be a suspect. Anyone is welcome to join. When you join in, please make sure you make yourself part of the story rather than appearing out of nowhere and all of a sudden you're part of the run-on. If this run-on is successful, I might make a request to turn this into a competition.


Lech opened his eyes to see his BD-3000 luxury droid standing beside the bed he was resting on. His neck ached from having slept in an unusual position for the past hour. He had been up all night continuing his education at the shadow academy and decided to rest when the hours of a new day began. As soon as he made it back to his room, he practically fell onto his bed, leaving him in the position he now found himself in.

"What is it?" Lech moaned as he righted himself on his bed and began to adjust his eyes.

"Sir, I was cleaning the vacant suite down the hall and found something disturbing." The Droid's female voice was oddly soothing. "You should take a look at this." She motioned for the knight to follow her down the hall.

"Why are you informing me of this and not the Quaestor?" Lech aksed angrily as he stood from his bed. Fortunately, his clothing was already on his body so he was prepared to follow the droid to what he assumed was some sort of mechanical malfunction.

"You were in the closest room," replied the luxury droid.

Lech released an uninterested sigh and began to follow the droid. It was still quite early in the morning but the building was abuzz with activity. The cleaning droids looked as if they were whimsically dancing to an upbeat song. They whizzed in and out of doors into kitchens, closets, and gathering rooms.

As they approached the end of the hall the droid stopped in front of a door marked 303. The door was unopened but Lech experienced a cold shiver as he examined the door. There were no signs of a break-in. The droid pushed a few buttons beside the door on the keypad and the door whisked open. His eyes widened in shock as the room slowly revealed itself...


15-05-2006 19:53:35

Krayn had also been furthering himself in his Dark Jedi education, as he had been learning the ways of the training saber from his soon to be master Rasilvenaira. Having bene up late the night before, he and Rasilvenaira had fell asleep in the same quarters close to Lech's though 2 doors down. He and his Envoy had dueled over and over through the night, often recieving several complaints from the nieghboring suits because the cracks of the lightsabers were too loud. Krayn had found himself sleeping the floor next to the couch where Rasilvenaira slept.

He awoke to the silence smashing sound of a droid bashing on his door, though he was too tired to get up and get it. After several moments the smashing had ceased, though Krayn could not find it in himself to fall back to sleep. Getting up he quickly through his dark outter robes on, while clipping his training saber to his belt as well as sheating his knife in a sheath at his side.

Upon opening the door to his suite, he heard a gasp then a fellow Dark Jedi say "What in Ludo Kressh's Nightmares happened here?" This, of course would have peaked anyones intrests and so of course young Krayn stumbled out of his room and over to where Lech stood. Krayn patted Lech on the shoulder then looked to the site he saw in front of him. Blood was strewn from cieling to floor as the bodies of several Dark Jedi Apprentices were ravaged and torn apart. Krayn was unfaltered by this, though Rasilvenaira had to look away as did Lech.

"Must've been a Krayt Dragon, those things are everywhere up here."

Krayn turned to look at the speaker. It was an apprentice who had heard the commotion from across the hall and had come to investigate. Krayn shook his head and nodded to the bodies. "No. This was not an animal attack. Someone ravaged these apprentices without mercy." Krayn bent down to pick up a bloody access card. "It was on the outside, they must have dropped it on the way out. Though of course the cleaning droid would have one...." Krayn stood up and looked to Lech "Did you see anyone as you came from your room?"


16-05-2006 04:00:45

Devani was restless, she tossed about her bed caught in the wake of nightmares she couldn't control. With a scream, she tumbled out of the bed, sheets twisted around her sweating body. Heart beating wildly, she shook the sleep from her eyes and the images from her mind. Blood droplets spilled down her lips and onto her chin. Her finger brought them to her mouth and she tasted it eagerly. The metallic tang on her tongue always excited her, her appetite was now whetted. Standing up, she threw the sheets back onto the bed and slid into her robes. Slipping out of the room, the Huntress walked down the dark hallway as droids scurried about their duties. Turning a corner she ran right into a group of suspicious Dark Jedi whispering among themselves. One held a bloody access card, his serenity in the face of the bloody massacre inside made her suspicious but she kept what she thought secret. The sight of the poor apprentices made her sick and a way, excited her. Looking back she found Lech staring at her. "Well," she said quietly, "What do we have here?"

Rich Gun

16-05-2006 05:23:29

Rich herring the commotion stumbles to the door of his. Rich never made it to bead the night before. He collapsed on the floor after returning from the Lounge. His head was pounding and he had blood on his black robes.

Where did this blood come from I wonder, Rich thought to himself. Holding his head while opening up the door Rich says “I wish I could remember what I did last night.”

Rich stepped out into the hallway to see what was going on when someone grabbed him and pined him to the ground.


17-05-2006 15:21:11

Something just felt truly out of place, but the Guardian wasn't able to settle her mind on exactly what. As Rich was pinned to the ground, she shook her head, the blood on his hands made him an instant suspect, but looking at him, it didn't feel right. There was more to this than they were seeing at the moment.

Rasilvenaira sighed as she turned her attention back to the scene in the room. She was no stranger to death, or even such carnage, but to see young apprentice's killed so randomly bothered her. Stepping just inside the room, she closed her eyes, letting her mind fall into the altered state that was her hunting frame of mind. Extending her senses, she opened her eyes, looking around the room one more time.

Her dark eyes poured over every detail, nearly memorizing the entire room. Thinking like a killer as she had so many times before, she searched for things that others would miss.

Nodding to herself, Rasilvenaira shook her head to clear her thoughts and then she looked over to the others.

"I seriously don't think Rich had anything to do with it."

Krayn gave her a questioning look, "Why do you say that?"

Rasilvenaira pointed to the body of one apprentice, "These apprentices were killed by someone who is very skilled with the force, look closely at him."

The apprentice she'd pointed to had part of his chest turned to fleshcolored stone, he'd probably suffocated, unable to breath after that.

"Only someone skilled enough to use Affect Matter could have done that, meaning, we're looking for someone who's at the least an Equite."


17-05-2006 18:32:27

As Rasilvenaira completed her thought, red light reflected off her pupils. "There's still someone in the room." Lech whispered as his crimson lightsaber erupted out of its hilt.

Rasilvenaira, Devani, and Krayn immediately drew their weapons and began inching toward the door. Rich on the other hand, began to speak. "Lech."

Rich's words were cut off before he could finish his statement. Rasilvenaira's hand streched across his jaw and covered his mouth. "Silence," she whispered agressively into his ear.

Lech made his way into the room in the soresu defensive stance. The others filed in and stood shoulder to shoulder so as to from a defensive wall in front of the only exit in the room.

Movement could be seen in the corner of the room as Lech scanned the area. In one corner, where the movement originated, a blood soaked bed ominously stood beneath a black tapestry. The other corner, in contrast, was relatively uninteresting as it was left undecorated due to the room's inoperation.

Rasilvenaira eagerly made her way to the corner of the room. As she did so, Lech felt an odd sensation. It felt as if a blanket had been thrown over his link to the force. He felt like a blind man in a soundproof room.

A flash of light blinded the group. Lech felt pressure in his chest as his body fell to the ground. The sound of comotion followed and he could hear the grunts of the others followed by quick thuds.

Lech's vision returned as he made his way to his feet. The group, as Lech had guessed, was also on their backs after the odd occurance. His connection to the force returned as suddenly as it had left him.

"What happened," Krayn exclaimed with a hint of confusion on his breath.

Lech began barking orders as soon as he realized he let what he assumed, was the culprit of the murders get away. "Rich and Devani, you two search this room for any clues. Rasilvenaira and Krayn, you come with me. We're going to hunt this bastard down!"


17-05-2006 21:59:16

Krayn nodded to Lech as he ignited his blue training lightsaber in hopes that the creature was wielding a blaster if anything. Though if he had to he could always pull out his extendable 0quarterstaff he kept inside his dark outer robes. For now he would aim to wound so he could question the subject before slowly killing him.

Krayn followed Lech out into the hallway when he seemed to have ran into an invisible wall. That’s when he saw little sparks of electric jump in mid air. Active Cameo. Krayn brought his lightsaber down upon the man, though minor injuring him, the saber shorted out the active camouflage.

The man was wearing all black. The design was familiar. It was a Sith Stealth suit. Instantly thoughts began firing through Krayn’s head. These were Sith. Rival Sith Brotherhood. They were trying to wipe us out. He had heard about it in the past though he couldn’t imagine it happening here. They were trying to eliminate the competition.

Instantly Krayn snarled and drove the butt of his lightsaber into the mans chin and then roundhouse kicked him in the stomach. The man dropped his lightsaber and dropped to his knees. Krayn then drove his boot into the mans head, crushing it.

Krayn looked over his shoulder to see that Rasilvenaira and Lech were also battling the intruders. He immediately joined them in their fights. The Dark Jedi they were fighting were easily defeated as they seemed to be Apprentices with full power lightsabers. Apparently they were not trained as well as the Dark Jedi here.

As he fought the weaklings, something struck Krayn as odd and he couldn’t help but feel that the assault they were fighting to defend at this current moment was not the main part of what was happening. There was something more. There was something bigger.

((The Opposing Dark Jedi are not the killers. The killer tipped the ODJ that the DB was there and they assaulted us. This resulted in a distraction for his get away, though in the next post you could write something about you spotting the killer))

Rich Gun

19-05-2006 01:10:43

As Rich and Devani searched the room fore any clue to who killed the young apprentice's Rich shared what he thought of what could have happened.

“I know of only two things that would cause us to loose connection to the force. One is the Ysalamiri, they have the unique property of repelling the Force but the apprentice’s were killed by the force so that couldn‘t be it.….”Rich said.

“And the other is what?” said Devani.

Rich explained “The other is what happened at the Jedi academy or what the rumors said happened. Two young Jedi were turned by a Sith….. Exar Kun to be exact. Kun was able to shield his presence from all the Jedi on the planet. If this is the case hear. We will need……….”

All of a sudden They heard the snap hiss of three Lightsabers activating. Rich and Devani without a word ran out of the room Rich let the blades slide from his right hand. They saw three Sith assassins fighting Lech, Rasilvenaira, and Krayn.

Without a chance to run to help a force push came from the crime seen and slamed both Devani and Rich into the wall knocking Rich unconscious. Devani looked down the hall just in time to see the killer turn the corner.


26-05-2006 17:08:55

As the group began to follow the intruder, Lech raised his hand to halt them. "Last time we chased our perpetrator, we ended up in a trap. I sense this is yet another trick. Let's search the room some more."

"Exar Kun might somehow be involved..." Rich Gun began to say but trailed off as he saw Lech shaking his head.

"No, I highly doubt it. More likely it is someone of elder status, but not him. Although the rumors continue to persist of his return and the day of reckoning, they are just that, rumors."

Rich was hesitant to brush off the idea right away, "How could you know for sure?"

The knight patted him on the shoulder, "Well, for one thing, Kun would not run away from the likes of us. Nor would anyone he hired."

As he concluded his explanation, the Marka Ragnos knight walked back into the scene of the crime. Upon closer examination, the room revealed more to the group than it had when the shock of the first encounter occured. Not only were the bodies torn apart and ravaged, they were hung from the ceiling by their tatterd clothing on menacingly large hooks.

"Looks like whoever did this wanted us to see it. It must be some sort of message." replied Krayn.

Devani walked over to a floating device, "What's this?" She touched it gently with her index finger and the device sprang to life. Suddenly, a blue light shined through a lense on the device and produced an ominous looking image of what seemed to be related to the Abyssin species. It began to speak...

Sorry for taking so long to write a new entry, I've had a heck of a time getting my internet up.


26-05-2006 20:33:17

The hologram's single eye blinked and seemed to look through the Dark Jedi surrounding the mechanism. "Greetings, Jedi. By now you will have noticed that something is drastically wrong in your usual sinister atmostphere. You will never figure out who the culprit is. 'Why is that?' you may be thinking. I will tell you why. I have recruited one of your own ranks to commit such crimes and I have made sure that the 'criminal' is one step ahead of all of you. To help you on your 'investigation,' I have laid out several clues for you." Here the hologram paused for a second and seemed to be enjoying the amount of control it had over the anxious Dark Jedi. An evil smirk crossed his face as his single eye blinked repeatedly. "First clue," it spoke again. "Ugnaught." The hologram paused again as the Dark Jedi slowly abosorbed the clue it had given them. "May the Force be with you," the Abyssin spoke jokingly as it laughed and then faded into the darkness that clinged to the Dark Jedis' clothes.

"What are you guys doing?" asked RevengeX as he walked into the room, causing the Dark Jedi around him to jump up in surprise.

"Ugnaught. Ugnaught," Krayn muttered to himself over and over again as he reached out with the Force, trying to detect anything that may represent an Ugnaught.

"What's the matter with him?" Revenge questioningly said to Rasilvenaira while looking at the strange device that laid on the floor.

"A clue...?" Rasilvenaira answered him, seeming quite puzzled about something that the Templar couldn't sense. Revenge could only feel an ominous haze over the entire room.

"Well, whatever it is, I'm sure you guys can handle it. I'm going back to sleep," yawned Revenge after a couple of moments of silence.

"Wait," said Lech with a questioning stare. "Did you see an Ugnaught or Abyssin nearby?"

"Yea, an Abyssin - or something looking like an Abyssin - was trying to run away undetected, so I just let him be. Thought it was some kind of training exercise," replied Revenge with a puzzled look. "Why?"

But the others had already ran away, searching for another clue.

'Is there something in between my teeth?' thought RevengeX as he picked his teeth with a fingernail.


27-05-2006 16:15:17

Devani rolled her eyes, "Revenge do you not see something wrong with this room?" Shaking her head, she examined the hooks closely. "So Ugnaught is a race? Do you know anything about them? or Abyssin's?" she questioned as she began taking the bloody bodies down.

Rich Gun

28-05-2006 17:43:16

Rich looked at Devani.

“The research I have done in the past started that the, Ugnaughts are a race from the Anoat system. They have the appearance of an humanoid-porcine. Ugnaughts are all in all peaceful with a rich culture. And I know the Abyssin’s inhabit Byss. They have the appearance of a humanoid with long limbs. They stand approximately 2 meters tall. They have a primitive and violent culture. The heal quickly and regenerate body parts. But that doesn’t make sense? They rarely stray from their home world.“ Rich said.