Training Mission


07-05-2006 11:14:30

Krayn's body shifted from side to side as the ship rocked back and forth in the winds of space. He twirled his sword with the blade on the floor as he looked around the ship. He noted the pilots quietness and wondered what kind of training mission they had been sent on. He reached into his pocket and relieved it of a cigerette. poping it into his mouth and gingerly lighting it he could already feel his body becoming more at ease and his nerves relaxing.


07-05-2006 16:32:19

OOC: Krayn if your going to start something like this, please give a more specific intro. Give us more of a story line, like how you borded the ship stuff like that....


08-05-2006 16:15:27

OOC: I apologize. But the story started with me on the ship. Its set so that several dark jedi are on a training mission to a remote planet to recon it and see if its habitable. Of course they don't know that yet. More and more about their mission will be revealed as new problems reveal themselves.


08-05-2006 17:08:33

Rannik looks across the ship at Krayn as he spins his sword on the floor. He sees Krayn light a cigerette. The gigantic armoured Gen`Dai looks around the ship wondering what will they be doing.

"So, what are we doing here any way?" The deep voiced Gen`Dai asked.


08-05-2006 19:47:25

Sena sighed at the question.
"I don't know... that's why it's a training mission..."
He was sharpening his sword. As was his custom before going into a dangerous situation.

The vessel shuddered.
"I guess we're landing..." he said calmly.


08-05-2006 20:34:38

The shuttle streaked through the atmosphere, glowing as if it were a turbolaser bolt, slowing as it descended to the ground. Shadowed eyes took in all that happened before them, their owner unkown to all. The being sensed the three force sensetives onboard, their untrained minds releasing emotion all around them. It, for lack of a better name, withdrew further into the shadows.


The boarding ramp extended along with the landing gear, small dust clouds erupting from beneath them as they touched the ground. Lokasena was the first to exit the craft, brandishing his blade. He motioned for the others to come out, finding that no danger appeared before his eyes.

A cold breeze swept through the clearing where they had touched down, causing all three to shudder. A high, cold voice rang through through the open area, coming from the trees that formed a barrier to the rest of the planet, but from no one direction, or so it seemed.

"You know, there are things that the eye cannot see, Lokasena, my friend."

A shadow appeared before them, followed by a dark robed figure. Raven removed his hood and outer cloak, and then looked at the others.

"Dissapointing, they sent more than just you...well, what could I expect?" the Hunter chuckled to himself.

Lokasena eyed the Krath, "You said my name. Who are you, and what do you want?"

Raven grinned from cheek to cheek, and his eyes narrowed, "I've seen you before, and heard about you as well. I want to test your strength. I looked into this training mission, to catch you alone and to see if you were strong, and if so, to assist you if needed. That is, if you can keep me from killing you." Raven sneered, and drew from the folds of his robes, a katana, gleaming in the little light offered by this planet.

((OOC: scince we havent met, i figured i'd participate, i just invented a neat way to meet. You'll abviously not be defeated, and then we can move on to the actual mission. happy writing! :) ))


08-05-2006 20:45:14

Sena moved quickly, letting Mormegill's black steal ring throught the air as he held it aloft his head.
"You wish to do combat with me, Sir?" he eyed Raven intently...
"I assure I'm not as defenceless as you might think."

The Protector stepped forward until he was only a few feet away from his opponent.

Suddenly he let Mormegill come down in a powerfull strike...
The clash of metal sounded loud through the air as Raven blocked him.

Sena kept twisting and turning and changing sword hands to confuse his opponent.
Turning as Mormegil covered his back, Sena moved the sword over his head for a series of high attacks.

He wasn't going all out. That would just be a waste of energy.
Question was; How long would this go on...?


08-05-2006 21:07:33

Krayn twisted his knife through his fingers as he moved off to the side of the battle. the blade spun around his four fingers on the right side of his hand. The 15" blade looked rather threatening in the hands of the apprentice. Despite being only an apprentice, this didn't stop his skills in hand to hand combat as well as with a knife from progressing.

His eyes focused in on the Jedi Hunter, he then turned as if he were going to walk away and then spun around throwing the knife at full force at the man attacking Lokasena.

The Hunter immeadiatly sensed and tried moving out of the way though it grazed his lower hip, and continued to impale a dead tree behind him.

Raven looked at him with a look of astonishment. He had already counted the protector out of the battle. Now it seemed that the mysterious person could even be a threat.

Krayn reached behind him and removed another knife from a hidden sheath his dark robes. "The moment it hits you, you will realize that you stand no chance at all......" Krayn quoted one of his leaders from the Tahin Army.


08-05-2006 21:14:25

Sena looked at Krayn as if he'd gone mad.
"What the hell do you think you're doing?" he shouted.
"When I want your help, I'll ask for it..."

the Protector sheathed his Dark blade...

"End this..." he bellowed at Raven. "Why are we here...?"

he knew he was out of place. Right now, he didn't care.


08-05-2006 21:25:08

Krayn's eyes shifted to the Lokasena. He nodded slightly and sheathed his blade. Although the man had the taste for battle in him now, he resisted the urge. He could feel that the need to shed blood would come soon enough. He moved past Raven to his knife and easily extracted it from the tree.

"Shall we move on. We are not covering much ground here." Krayn said looking over the vast distance they had yet to civer.

Something beeped from inside Krayn's robes. He reached his hand inside and pulled out a small hologram.

"Welcome to Ryshir, Dark Jedi. This planet has been under the eye of the brotherhood for some time. You have each been chosen for this training mission for a reason. Your orders are to recon the surrounding area and report back. If it is clear we will create an installation there that would prove to be excellent launching platform for a attack against the Jedi. If it is not secure....then make it." The communication ended and left the Dark Jedi with many questions.


08-05-2006 21:25:51

The Force tingled inside Raven's veins as he whirled his blade to strike. The silver whisp moved through the air with incredible speed, grazing the defensless chest of his opponent, as his blade was held high. Sparks shot down the length of Raven's katana, igniting pain inside the Protectors body.

The scream escaping Lokasena's lips was short lived however, Raven being forced to withradw his blade to parry another attack from his opponent. He reversed his footing, blocked, and then continued with the momentum, driving the blade through Lokasena.

"Short, but a good fight," Raven remarked as he healed the fatal wound. "To come so close to death is an experiance every Dark Jedi should know. And you," Raven turned to the Apprentice, "Should mind who you engage, before you get yourself killed. Our mission here is simple, scout the planet, unless your masters gave you some other instruction..."


08-05-2006 21:33:49

Krayn gave a small smirk and nodded to the Jedi Hunter. "I apologize." He bowed lightly and then removed a pair of binaculars from a back inside of his robes. He put them up to his eyes and scanned the surrounding area. In the distance he could make out what seemed to be an encampment, though he could not varify if there was movement or not. Too far off. At least 900 Yards.

He placed his binoculars inside his robe. "We should head in that direction. Theres an establishment there. We could use it for shelter if there is nothing left alive there, when nothing is left alive there. There is a sandstorm coming off to the east." Krayn said looking in the distance.


08-05-2006 21:42:53

Devani slinked from the shadow of a nearby tree, a calm expression on her face. The battle had been short and she had felt no need to interfere. She nodded with Raven's words but kept silent, she did not know her companions well except perhaps Lokasena and chose observation as her primary tool in learning about them. The mission seemed to easy and she knew that she would need her strength for any suprises, choosing her battles seemed wise to her. The Huntress also knew however, she was chosen for this training mission for a reason and so determined to learn from her peers. At Krayn's words, she gazed in the direction he pointed but couldn't really make out anything. Tightening the straps on the pack strapped across her back, she followed her companions to their next destination.


08-05-2006 21:48:51

Rasilvenaira stood quietly in the shadows cast by the ship. As they often did, the others had forgotten the presence of the Envoy that had been sent along with the training mission. She was used to that, and actually preferred it. Her nature was to blend into the shadows, using stealth and cunning rather than brute force as her companions did.

"Well, if you lot intend to get anything done, I suggest you start moving." she said with a smirk as she stepped out of the shadows.

The Guardian was plainly dressed in all black as was her custom. The faint gleam from the hilt of her sword at her side offered proof that she was capable of more than just words.


08-05-2006 22:01:43

Raven opened himself up to the Force on Devani's arrival. More had arrived, and more will likely come he thought. The two protectors, an apprentice, and the beacon of another hunter were obvious to him. But something else lurked on the edge of his awareness, something that felt like his own Force signature. Calm, caculating, not one to use brute force...and something else as well. butt it lurked only on th edge of his awareness.

"Well, if you lot intend to get anything done, I suggest you start moving," came a voice, and a Dark Jedi clad in black robes came out from the shadows cast by the shuttle behind them.

"And who is this? Another has come? This seems a more large scale excersise than I had first thought!"

((OOC: In case you didnt notice Silver, I'm [CNS]Raven. And, not only do we share a name, My battleteam's motto is "Death flies on shadowed wings". Ironic, isnt is?))


08-05-2006 22:03:11

The Gen`Dai waited for the others to start moving. He wanted to lead the way, but he knew that he wasnt permitted to lead the others. He made sure that his Blade was nice and tight in his shealth.

"What do sposed to do," Rannik asked, "I'm ready to start the mission and kill whatever it is or do whatever we need to do..."

Rannik stood there with his hand resting on the head of his Blades handle.


08-05-2006 22:23:00

It seemed no one would take the lead and Devani grew impatient of waiting. "This is a training mission, we need to perform our best. That means we don't let our guard down." She spoke up. "Krayn since you seem to have and recieve the most information, you will stay with the main group. Lokasena and Raven, if you will go ahead slightly and scout, see if you can find troops or anything that may help us. Rannik and I will take the rear and Rasilvenaira if you will stay with Krayn we can get on with things. Agreed?" She turned to look at each and awaited their answers.


08-05-2006 22:44:37

Rasilvenaira nodded, "Don't worry about me, I'll be where I need to be, when I need to be there. Its the rest of you that need to get moving."

The Sith held herself apart from the rest of the group, moving a little ways into the trees, stretching her senses out. There was something out there, waiting for them. Shaking her head, she turned and looked at the group.

"Between the ship landing and that lovely little fight between you two," she pointed at Raven and Lokasena, "Anything within a hundred miles probably knows we're here."

Leaning against the nearest tree she looked over at Krayn, "Well, go on, pick a direction and lets go."

Her dark eyes betrayed nothing of her true thoughts, the Envoy had been sent along for other reasons, but like the rest of her secrets, they remained unknown.


08-05-2006 23:21:12

Devani shrugged, "Fine but make sure you're there when we need you." Raven and Loka moved off, with the Jedi Hunter taking the right with the Protector taking the right. Krayn moved forward, Devani deciding to walk with him while Rannik covered the rear. She found it an odd gathering, Dark Jedi from five different clans sent on what seemed to be a harmless scouting mission. Then again, she could feel that something big was building, something bigger than any one clan but that would engulf them all. She only hoped that Arcona would be ready.


09-05-2006 05:35:51

Raven and Lokasena had been walking for about fifteen minutes. Neither saying a word.
It was the Krath Protector who first broke the silence.
"This place gives me the creeps." he chuckeled.
Raven looked at him. "Control your fear. Use it to your advantage."
"Who said anything about being scared?" Sena replied. But he knew Raven could sence his feelings.
Raven got a few paces ahead before he realised his companion had suddenly stopped walking.
"What is it now?" the Hunter asked impatiently.
"I smell something..." Sena said. "Don't you smell that?" he twisted his face, indicating what ever he smelt didn't appeal to him very much.
"Yes..." Raven sniffed the air. "You're right! What is that?"
"I'm not sure. It smelles like a Bantha dung heap!!!" The sent was getting stronger.

"Well, we won't find out by standing here." Raven said. "Lets keep moving."
Sena rested his hand on the hilt of his sword as they walked on.
Something was very wrong here...


09-05-2006 09:12:31

Krayn moved forward noting that Devani was behind him to the left a few steps. He looked back to her and nodded slightly, an emotionless look on his face. He reached into his robes and removed his 15 inch combat knife. He held in loosely as he and Devani moved through a small passage.

Devani stopped sensing something wrong, Krayn stopped knowing something was wrong. The instant Devani looked up to the edge of the ravine that they were in was the instant that Krayn threw his knife upward impaling a krayt dragon through the jaw and into the small brain. The creature fell and lay a corpse on the ground. “Interesting…..” Krayn breathed as he looked over the corpse.

There was blaster scarring on this creature. There indeed was another presence on this planet. Krayn removed his communicator from its resting place in his pouch on his belt. He tuned it to the station that they had pre-set for training mission, hoping that Raven along with the others were on it.

“This is Krayn; I just had a run-in with a Krayt Dragon. The problem is that it has some blaster scarring on it. Please advise that the situation is could develop into one we cannot control quickly. If anything happens I suggest we shoot up a red flare and fall back to the shuttle immediately.” Krayn waited for a response from the others as he motioned for Devani to follow him.

He removed his blade from the creature and wiped it off. Krayn connected the communicator to his robes right below his jaw on the left side. He removed his binoculars and put them up to his eyes spying yet another encampment about 600 yards off. This time he saw movement. It looked like…….

“Raven this is Krayn; I have several Jedi in my sights. It looks like…..2 Jedi Knights and a Jedi Master.”


09-05-2006 14:44:34

Rannik looked at Devani, he wondered what we was supposed to actually be doing here. Its not a very good feeling being the biggest one in the crowd, and on top of that, the only Gen`Dai.

"So, Devani," Rannik said with a husky voice, "What do we sposed to be looking for and what do we 'actually' supposed to be doing here?"

Rannik continued walking behind them all, he was eyeing the sky for other Krayt Dragons, maybe even worse creatures.


09-05-2006 15:38:21

Rasilvenaira kept to the shadows of the trees as she moved, trailing alongside the group, but far enough from them to watch as things happened. She'd questioned the wisdom of taking the path into the ravine, but decided to let Krayn lead.

She'd spotted the krayt dragon just as it had attacked the group below. Noticing the odd pattern to its flight, she wasn't surprized to see it easily killed.

Finally, the trees thinned out, reducing her cover, so she dropped down into the ravine.
Rannik heard her hit the ground behind them and spun around, blade drawn.

Raising an eyebrow, she smirked. "Put that thing away, unless you plan on using it, and I'd suggest saving it for the Jedi up ahead."


09-05-2006 19:32:39

Rannik heard what Rasilvenaira said, he replied, "Im waiting to attack and kill who or whatever threatens me, im not going to let some 'Jedi' wanna beas stopp me or a stupid Krayt Dragon..."


09-05-2006 19:53:13

Sena had heard the Krayn's report on the Jedi through Ravens comm unit.
"Shouldn't we go back to help? Three Jedi might be a bit much for one Hunter and a few aprentices." He looked down at his blade. "Not that my sword could withstand a lightsabre." he said anoyed.
"No," replied Raven. "We have a lot of ground to cover. They can handle it. I'm sure."
Sena questioned the Hunters wisdom in this matter. But, never the less, he obeyed.
"I still wonder what that smell is..." the Protector said.
"Ignore it." Raven told him. "It's probably nothing at all."
They walked on.

Macron Sadow

09-05-2006 21:43:09

"In fact, let me make a call," said Raven. He spent a few seconds on the hololink, and smiled.
"He's nearby, and will be here in a few."

"Who?" asked Sena.

"Yes, who is your friend?" wondered Rasilvenaira.

"Mononoke," replied Raven.
"You mean the nutty alchemist?' asked Rannik.

"Yes, him." confirmed Raven. "We chat from time to time and he offered to help. Sadowites stick together. I say, give him 15 minutes to drop out of hyperspace and another five for re-entry in the Silooth."


The Silooth gunboat shuddered as Macron drove it hard through the atmosphere. Given what Raven had said, he had serious doubts about facing that group. A Jedi Master was a powerful thing indeed. The Knights could be taken, but the Master was bound to be difficult. He hoped they could all work together, and use the power of the Dark Side to crush the hated Jedi dogs.


10-05-2006 09:34:05

Krayn new that a mere Novice stood no chance against such beings and that no doubt the Jedi Master was indeed aware of their presence. There was no need to attempt to hide their presence from the Jedi, though the situation called for patience and careful tactical resolve. He moved back with Devani and the Gen ‘Dai. “We should regroup and plan this out. I am a war tactician, but this beyond me.” Krayn admitted and looked to the incoming ship as it descended next to theirs.

He motioned for them to follow him as he made his way back up to Macron’s ship. As it landed he nodded to Macron and waited for the others to return, or hoped that they would return.


10-05-2006 21:01:47

Raven grinned when he saw the Silooth, and knew that with the battlemaster on board leading them, they would become a formidable team indeed, but he wondered if it would be enough.

Still grinning, but with a hint of doubt in his voice, Raven motioned for Loka to come with him. He turned to Rannik. "Before you meet Mac, clear one thing up. He's not nutty. If he you knew you said that...well...just don't bug him." the Hunter explained, a hint of evil at the thought of the Protector being tortured.

Mononoke and Raven hadn't met in awhile, according to Raven, not scince he had been adopted by the Keibatsus. Macron looked at the small band of Dark Jedi, diverse but bound by a purpose. In the prescence of his superior, Raven sheathed his Kyantii katana, but his hand remained, resting on the end of its hilt.

"Quite a group you've got here Raven, eh?" the battlemaster said, breaking the silence.

"Well, I cant deny that Mononoke. Most of these people I've never met bet before though. Honestly I can't see why they were sent on this mission with such powerful Jedi here. The Brotherhood sources must not have been completely reliable." Raven replied, "However, I know enough of the Krath rites; that with
Lokasena here, he's a Krath too, combined with your knowledge of the Force and the sheer number of Force users here, we could pool our force abilities, and then we might have a chance. What do you think of that? Any ideas?"

((OOC: Krayn, I think you've improved your writing much as this run-on has progressed. keep it up. Its always good to see a new member catching on and getting involved :) ))


10-05-2006 23:40:19

Krayn noted the sheathing of Raven's weapon. He followed suite by sheathing his knife in its shoulder holster. He moved slightly behind Raven, but to the left. As the Battlemaster approached he bowed slightly as to not have his head above the battlemasters. As Raven and Macron spoke, Krayn took a step backward and executed an about face. Moving quickly he scaleda dirt mound to get a landscape view over the valley in which the Jedi Encampment was. He removed his binoculars from his pack and brought them to his eyes.

As the lenses focused in on his target he noticed some thing more than he had previously. Be it the small dust storm that had been active when they landed and that had now settled or his constant nervousness to measure up to his superiors he had failed to notice this detail.

There was a rebel company camped on the other side of the small underground base that the Jedi had entered. The entrance to the base had about a 10 foot radius. It was similar to the house entrance seen on tatooine. Around it sat a 2 dozen or so troops armed with blasters and speeder bikes. Off to the left he also noticed a Drop Ship that seemed to be bringing more troops down.

"Um....Master Goura, I think you better come take a look at this." Krayn uttered still looking through the binoculars.

((OOC: Thanks Raven. I'm still not doing as well as I'd like to. There is always room for improvement with me. I'll try harder :) )))


11-05-2006 01:40:35

Rasilvenaira stood quietly, keeping to the outer edges of the group. She bowed slightly when Macron caught her eye. The Guardian had crossed paths with the Alchemist, albeit briefly, still, she held a great deal of respect for him.

"Decided to join the party eh?" she offered with a smile.

Macron nodded, "Of course, not letting you guys have all the fun."

As Macron's attention turned to Krayn and what he had seen, Rasilvenaira looked around at the small group.

Each one had their own strenghts, with the arrival of the Battlemaster, they were a decent force. She had her concerns on how well they would survive a full scale confrontation if it came to that.

Reflexively, she checked the placement of her various concealed weaponry, ending with her hand resting on the hilt of her katana.


11-05-2006 05:44:39

hope flickered in Sena's eyes.
"Master Goura... Send me to kill the rebbels." The evil smile that had appeared on the Krath's face surprised everyone.
"Let me go. I will not fail you." Sena's hand on the hilt of Mormegill, a southern accent revealed itself as he grunted in a deep voice; "I garantee..."


11-05-2006 05:54:29

Krayn looked to Lokasena with with a look of anger at his ignorance. "You know those Rebels are there with the Jedi right? You cannot kill all of the rebels at the same time. The Jedi Knights, if not the Jedi Master will sense you and we can scratch outselves one Dark Jedi and our mission. I say we attack relying on our strengths. I am good with close combat..." He looked to his knife then back to them. " if we all go together Lokasena and I could aim for the rebels while the rest aimed for the Jedi." Krayn looked to Macron for approval.


11-05-2006 06:02:38

Sena sighed deeply. He knew what the Apprentice said was right.
But he wanted to prove himself so badly.
"Very well, send us both then." again a smile formed on Lokasena's face. "And I will try to avoid hitting our young-one here, when the horror of battle takes hold."
The truth was, he liked the kid. he was eager to see him fight.
"Well Master... what is thy bidding?"

Macron Sadow

11-05-2006 09:54:12

"First of all, I am no Master. Get that straight folks. That Jedi Master down there could undoubtedly beat me easily. Second, I am not here to lead but rather to help out.
Using our combined strengths, and some trickery we may be able to beat them. Splitting up is a bad idea as well. We need to concentrate on the Jedi first, then the Rebels," replied the Sith.

The various Dark Jedi mumbled and nodded in assent, and Raven spoke up. "We could bomb them.... Let's see them use the Force on that. "

"Good idea Raven. Let's use the Silooth. It has bombs. I am needed on the ground, so one of you will have to fly it. Don't worry, she's got hot engines, alchemical armor, and upgraded shields. That's my baby, so you better take care of her. Now who will it be?" queried Macron.


11-05-2006 15:38:10

Krayn saw the logic behind Macron's idea, though he could undoubtly see that at least the Jedi Master would survive such an attack. He had been trained to fly, at least somewhat. He was not trained in the arts of dogfighting though he did know how to operate bombing controls.

Unreluctantly Krayn's hand rose above the others who feared what could be a painful death, "Battlemaster, I am willing to pilot your ship." Krayn said looking to the alchemist.


11-05-2006 19:24:29

Rannik noticed that Krayn said he would pilot the ship, rannik said something over all the other, "And I will C-Pilot the ship, I dont have much experiance in the air, but I am good in melee combat..."

Cal Tecontic

12-05-2006 16:38:41

"Fine," Macron said. "Just don't-"

He was interrupted however, by a small knocking from the ship. All eyes turned to the aft of the bulkhead, many of the party drawing their weapons. Slowly they made their way to a panel that looked to be jammed. Rannik glanced at Macron quickly, who gave a quick nod. The huge Gen'Dai grasped the handle and pulled hard, breaking loose the locking mechanism. The first thing that was noticeable was the stench that creeped out. Most of the gathered flinched, while Macron merely shrugged and stated, "I've smelled worse in my experiments.

The next thing to come out was the long, red hair of Cal, followed by the rest of him. He hit the ground hard and started breathing deeply. As he got to his feet, he said, "You never told me there was a lock on that panel, Macron."

"I didn't know that I had to, my apprentice. Though I would like to know why you are here and not studying in your room," he replied with a hint of amusement.

"Oh, that," Cal said as he brushed himself off. "Well, at first I thought that you were heading for Hoth and I wanted to tag along. But the more I look at this place, the more I get the feeling that this isn't Hoth. I thought that it was a ice world not a-"

"What about the stench?" Rasilvenaira asked quickly, still holding her nose.

"Ummm, well... it's kinda small and hot in that panel. Don't worry, I'll be fine," said Cal as he found a patch of mud took off his ammo belt and rolled in it. Getting back up, he stated, "There, now I don't smell."

"Interesting tactic, but may we please get to the topic at hand?" Krayn asked. "What are you good at?" he asked the Palatinaen.

"Well, electronics mostly. Sensors, programming, and lockpicking."

"Lockpicking? Then how come you couldn't get out of the storage?" Rannik said smugly.

"The lock is on the outside, genius," Cal retorted.

"Enough," Macron said. "Krayn and Rannik will pilot the ship, the rest of us will go from the ground, got it?"


12-05-2006 19:15:43

"I second that." Sena said eagerly.
He looked around at the people he would soon be fighting with, side by side.
A feeling of great pride came over the Protector.
"We will show those Jedi-dogs not to interfere with the Dark-Side."
He took of his cloak and shirt, tightened his belt that held Mormegill, and stood up straight.
"I'm ready...!!!"

Macron Sadow

12-05-2006 19:50:29

"Excellent," replied Macron as he smirked at Cal. His apprentice was certainly persistant, and that was good. Plus, his slicing skills were excellent. That could come in handy. besides, mud made good native camoflage. It remained to be seen how he would handle a hot combat zone.

He sincerely hoped Rannik and Krayn could handle the Silooth. Normally a gunboat had one pilot, but his had been modified to be a 2 seater. He quickly tapped in the code to nullify the flesh-melting gas trap in the cockpit. It was as fast as an X-wing, and much more heavily armed and armored. As well, the upgraded processor and R3 droid made flying the thing much easier. Macron sucked at navigating.

The Sith surveyed the land group. Cal, Rasilvenaira, and Lokasena stood ready. their spirits were high, and it was time to bust some Jedi heads. Raven had a holopad out, and was comparing notes with Krayn. Rannik had climbed into the cockpit of the gunboat and was beginning the pre-flight check and warmup.

"Alright, I say we drop the anti-matter bombs right here," Krayn said as he pointed to a tactically wise spot on the holovid. "The secondary effects may hit the rebels as well at that close range."

"Gotcha," replied Raven. "Rasilvenaira and I will coordinate the ground forces, with Macron as advisor. You guys soften them up, and we will hit them hard after."

"One thing. You will all want to take these anti-rad pills. Those bombs are ... well, you get the picture. The fallout dissapates much quicker than a primitive fusion device, but it can still be unpleasant," chuckled Macron. "For them."


13-05-2006 08:23:35

Krayn nodded to the Battlemaster and took the pills. He also nodded to Macron for passing him in the Sith Alchemy test as he was now an Alchemist as well. Krayn motioned for the Gen 'Dai to get in behind him as he manned the main piloting seat.

As Krayn strapped himself in he pressed the "Ignition" Switch after he'd began warming up the engines. After about 30 seconds he popped an Anti-Rad pill and motioned for Rannik to do the same "Lets light the fires and kick the tires." Krayn mumbled as the ship took off with a sudden jerk.

The Acolyte piloted the ship smoothely up into the air and then killed the engines as they began gliding over the the mountains that seperated them from the Jedi.

They began to decend quickly. "Rannik prepare to release the bombs on my mark..........mark." Krayn said into the microphone that the Gen 'Dai and Krayn had both put on before leaving.

"Bombs Away" Rannik grumbled as several Anti-Matter bombs fell from the ship.

Apon hitting the ground, one could barely make out the vague image of something running at extremely fast speeds towards the hills. Behind it were 2 more, though they were unable to escape the suction that foreshadowed the explosion that was to follow killing all of the Rebels as well as the two Jedi Knights, though the master had escaped.

"Damn it" Krayn said "I failed....."


13-05-2006 19:07:12

After Rannik noticed the Rebels and the Jedi getting sucked in the explosion and being blown to smitherings, he heard Krayn mention something about the Jedi Master. Rannik looked at Krayn and said, " Why dont we go and find the Jedi Master?"

Rannik looked away and seen a shadow running upon the hills. He looked back and Krayn and waited for his reply...


13-05-2006 20:07:23

Krayn replied into the com "Good Idea, Protector" he turned the ship in the direction of the master and opened up with the gunboats wing cannons. Dirt dusk and rock were flung into the air as the cannons began to shred the hillside the shadow was last seen on. The firing continued until the cannons were dry.

"I think we got him" Rannik said, resting a hand on Krayn's shoulder, but this was not to be. Several moments after a thud was heard from the right side of the ship. Turning to look, Krayn spotted the long platinum haired Jedi Master igniting his green lightsaber and bringing it down apon the cockpit between Krayn and Rannick. The lightsaber bounced off the Alchemically enhanced armor and he stutter stepped backwards.

Krayn opened the cockpit door and got out onto the wing with the Jedi Master, balancing himself as to not fall off. The Jedi Master had regained his balance and disignited his lightsaber and raised a hand to Krayn. krayn was flung backwards off the aircraft and into a pile of rocks, everything went black.


13-05-2006 20:49:30

Rannik seen Krayn fall into a pile of rocks down below. Rannik loward the gunboat to a landing. He quickly got out and stared at the Jedi. Rannik's head loward and raised again as he raised his Blade from his side and ran towards the Jedi. The Jedi watched as he watched this unexperanced Dark Sider atempt to fight him.

Rannik jumped over the Jedi's head and landed behind him on the other side of the wing. Rannik ran towards the Jedi and started to pummel him with ten furious attacks, all of witch he dodged, Rannik started to do a downward slash and the Jedi dodged it, but he didnt finish the attack, as the Jedi dodged the attack Rannik kicked him off the wing.

Rannik put two fingers on his helmet and said, " We have a problem, Krayn is knocked-out and im trying to fight a Jedi, I need backup, NOW..."


13-05-2006 21:24:24

Following her own instincts, Rasilvenaira had parted company with Macron and his apprentice, heading off in the general direction of the Silooth's flight path. She'd kept from saying anything in front of the others, but the Guardian had concerns about Krayn getting himself in over his head.

Coming to a stop in time to see the Silooth land, Rasilvenaira felt the power of the force eminating from the jedi master. *Oh what have you gotten yourself into this time Krayn?* she thought. Reaching out with her own senses, she searched for the young Obelisk's presence. Shaking her head, she realized he was still unconcious, but alive. *Well, that's what counts right now.*

Moving swiftly, keeping to the shadows as much as she could in the rocky terrain, Rasilvenaira slipped a long, very sharp throwing knife from her belt. Hoping that Rannik would not inadvertantly betray her presence too soon, she tried to get as close as she could behind the jedi.

Carefully timing her move, she threw the knife as hard as she could as the jedi was occupied with an attack from Rannik. The blade missed the mark she was aiming for, but lodged itself in the jedi's back, just below his right shoulder blade.

"Aw I missed. I'll have to try harder next time." she smirked as the jedi whirled around, backing up to be able to watch both of his attackers.

The jedi motioned and Rasilvenaira felt the force smack into her knocking her several feet backwards. Managing to twist enough as she fell, the Tetrarch landed harder than she wanted to, but avoided any serious injury.

"That was weak, I've been hit harder by scum in a cantina brawl." she taunted.

While she knew the risks involved in a head on confrontation with a full jedi master, Rasilvenaira was trying to draw his attention from the others. *Hmm, if I can play bait hunting rancors with a wookiee, this is a breeze.* she thought to herself.


13-05-2006 22:43:33

Krayn crept over a small hill that over looked the battle between Rasil and Rannik. He had been badly injured with several broken ribs and a broken leg, but he had managed to get back. He was focusing all of his force power to hide his presence. He drew his knife and moved steadily towards the Jedi Masters back, limping.

As the Jedi Master moved back to dodge an attack by Rasil, Krayn spun his knife and drove it into the Jedi Masters throat, at last collapsing to the ground, just barely being missed by the Jedi's final attempt as he fell, dead. Krayn sat on his knees and looked to the dead Jedi Master. "I could have done better, I apologize."

With that Krayn passed out from blood loss.


14-05-2006 08:24:26

((OOC; you can't start a run-on as an aprentice and end up a protector. Stick to the story line.))

Sena ran towards the epicentre of the bombing. They had agreed that the ground forces would finish of the rest of the rebels. So he seriously doubted that the two Novices had gotten all the enemies in one go.

Through the smoke and smell he saw some silouttes moving frantically. They were shouting to each other.
The Krath unsheathed his blade. The black steel reflecting no light. His approach was silent as he ran the first two rebel soldiers through. Mormegil rejoyced as it rang through the air.
Decapetating two more rebels, Sena was twisting and turning his sword from straight to reverse grip. Quickly dispatching another rebel as the Protector threw Mormegill in to the air and caught it behind his back to block the attack of one of the soldiers.

Soon the adrenaline surged through his body. This was as it was meant to be.
"Now has come the end of days for you my friends." Sena said as he looked at the last two rebel soldiers before him. Their faces twisted in fear as Lokasena Corvinus slowely walked towards them.
"And I am the Reaper..."

Macron Sadow

14-05-2006 17:39:04

The unknown Master was wounded.It took most of his concentration to mend his body and block the pain out. Perhaps he would be safe for a moment hidden behind this pile of wreckage.

The burst of speed he had used had removed him from the main blast area, but he was still injured. It was fortunate he had sensed the attack in the Force. The ploy of sending a decoy dressed in his gear had worked. It was unfortunate the apprentice had died. He needed his comlink desperately.

A blot of darkness formed behind The Jedi. The Dark Side was stealing the light from the very air. From out of the growing shadow came the sound of chuckling. The snap of an igniting orange lightsaber could be heard as the darkness dissapated. Mononoke had arrived.

Normally, Macron would be easy prey for a Jedi like this. He was wounded and fatigued, however.
And the Sith was an expert warrior.

The Keibatsu smiled beneath his battlesuit, and took a Makashi stance. "Fight for your life," the alchemist sneered as he stepped forward to slice at his foe, who had ignited a green blade of his own. It was still probable Mononoke would lose, but then again perhaps not.


14-05-2006 22:23:04

Raven lept from the shadows, his blade hissing as it moved through the air, slamming into the ground, crounching to absorb the imapct force.

"You won't touch him."

His cloak billowing about him, the Hunter raked the tipp of his katana across the back of the Jedi. Blood spurted form cut veins, and Raven spun 180 degrees to be back to back with the Master, and then plunged the blade into his chest.

He was thrown back by amazing levels of Force energy, curteosy of the Jedi. the green blade swiped across the chest of the younger Sadowite singing his flesh.

Macron waisted no time in arcing his blade down and up into a bar of green light that repelled his attack. He attacked furiously, not giving the weary master time to recover. Both of the Naga Sadow warriors knew, if Monoke slipped once, they were all doomed.


14-05-2006 23:10:15

As Krayn had slept, slowly the dark side had manifested and began sewing his wounds backtogether stopping the blood loss. After 15 minutes of being unconsious Krayn sat upward and looked around.

Near 30 Yards away Macron and Raven engaged the Jedi Master. Krayn grabbed his knife and and moved towards them.

~!what can I do~ Krayn thought knowing he was hopeless against a Jedi Master.

Macron Sadow

15-05-2006 10:54:49

Macron growled as he stabbed and swung at the young Master. He knew there was no chance of any of his Force abilities affecting his opponent. Instead, he channeled his rage and hatred into enhancing his own skill, senses, and abilities. The power of the Dark Side ripped through his flesh as the Sith Sorcery took hold.

Even sorely wounded, the young Master was holding his own. He blocked Macron's orange blade, and pointed a palm at Raven, sending another wave of telekinetic force slamming into the Sadowite. As the journeyman's unconscious body hit the ground, he directed a barrage of Ataru attacks at the alchemist.

Mononoke defended with the fourth circle of Soresu, and several fifth circle Makashi sequences. He was barely holding him off, even still. Lights flashed and hummed against the ruined cityscape around them as the two dueled. The sabers howled, each one expressing a note of screeching anguish.

Cal Tecontic

16-05-2006 15:34:08

Cal could feel his master's despair and knew that he was out of his league. That battle was far off, however, since he and Lokasena were taking care of the rebels. Well, maybe not me, but Lokasena for sure, he thought. He was impressed with the Krath's abilities with a blade, watching as he decapitated another rebel soldier. Cal didn't really like fighting with a blade, choosing instead to pick off the scum with his hold-out behind a trashed landspeeder.

Cal suddenly felt something press against his back as a deep voice said, "Drop the blaster and put your hands up, Sithspit." Cal slowly complied, grinning as he did so. He turned and found a Twi'lek officer holding a rifle, shaking it nervously. His grin widened as he took a step towards the officer.

"I said stop!" the officer yelled out.

"Actually, you didn't. If you wanted me to stop, then you would have said stop, but you didn't say stop, which means that I have every right to move and not stop," Cal replied quickly. The officer furrowed his eyes in confusion, tyring to comprehend what the Acolyte had said while the barrel of the blaster wavered.

Without warning, Cal batted away the blaster barrel and drove his knee into the officer's groin. The twi'lek's eyes widened as pain shot throughout his body, causing his knees to collapse from underneath him. He hit the dirt hard, a small gasp finally escaping his mouth as he reached for his dropped rifle. Cal calmly picked up his blaster and pointed it at the unfortunate officer's head.

"I am an Obelisk, not a Sith," he said before pulling the trigger. Smoke rose from the Twi'lek's blackened forehead as Cal crouched and picked up the blaster rifle, slinging it around his shoulder. As he turned to check on Lokasena, he saw the Krath already watching him.

"Quite an impressive display," Sena said. "I'm surprised you actually had that in you."

"Ah, that was nothing," Cal replied. "He was just a nervous officer."

Cal's datapad issued a small beep. The Acolyte pulled it out of his belt and checked it quickly. "What is it?" Sena asked. Cal shook his head, wondering if he was seeing it right. "Well, if I'm reading this right, it looks like there is a huge energy reading from below us. My guess is an underground facility. Should we invite ourselves in?"


17-05-2006 04:05:12

Devani groaned as the blackness cleared from her eyes. A splitting headache made her wince as she tried desperately to remember what had happened. "Where am I?" she choked raspily. Peering around the dim interior she could barely discern a slumped figure about 10 feet away. She tried to get up but felt restrained by some type of restraint. A growl proceeded from her dare they?! Emotion took over thought, as anger coursed through her body. The Huntress thrashed about wildly, screaming with rage. The Steelfab contraints proved to be too strong however, and she sank back in exhaustion. Still the prone figure in the corner didn't move. A thousand questions ran through her brain: What happened? Where was she? Who's in the corner? And most importantly of all, how was she going to escape?


17-05-2006 16:13:39

Rasilvenaira moved silently to crouch near Krayn. Growling to herself, she watched the struggle between the Battlemaster and the Jedi.

"Something told me that other one was too easy."

She caught hold of Krayn's arm as he started to move forward again, "Wait. I've got a better idea."

Motioning for him to follow, she took off toward the Silooth. Knowing Macron, she was counting on that ship having a few more surprises hidden in it. Rasilvenaira settled into the cockpit as Krayn dropped into the other seat.

"Hang on." She grinned as she fired up the engines.

Krayn nodded grimly, wondering what she had in mind.

Macron and Raven still struggled to keep the Jedi at bay, but as the Silooth came into view and they heard the cannons powering up, the both dove for cover, leaving the Jedi master in clear view.

Rasilvenaira laughed, opening fire.

"Dodge that Jedi."

Macron Sadow

17-05-2006 16:24:55

The red bolts from the cannons plowed the ground around the Master, who had sensed the attack coming. The reprieve gave Macron time to catch his breath as the Jedi ran for cover. Macron pursued him with a rush, taking the battle inside a ruined building.

"Got to think of my advantages," thought Macron as he evaded a nasty Shii-Cho swipe of the green blade. "This isn't going so well. I can't beat him!"

Although an expert lightsaber wielder and Echani master, Macron had gotten in over his head. His opponent was using Niman and Shii-Cho very well. Mind tricks were out of the question. However, his opponent had a power cell in that green blade. That gave Macron an idea.

Macron reached deep into the Force, and began to draw the energy out of his foe's blade with a snarl.It sputtered and died as frost formed on the metallic handle. His opponent looked on with disbelief as his saber fizzled out. The Jedi quickly slammed the alchemist back with a wave of telekinetic force, knocking him down.

As Macron got up, he was glad for his battlesuit. The armor had absorbed the worst of the blow, leaving him conscious and only bruised. The Master had fled, reaching his starfighter. Mononoke caught a glimpse of the retreating ion trail of the X-Wing as it shot upward throught the atmosphere.

" Well, at least he left. I suppose that is a victory of some sort,"thought the alchemist. He was glad to be alive. That opponent would have killed all of the journeymen quickly, and he had almost killed Mononoke.

The Sith strode some yards to where Cal was, and noticed the dead twilek. "Guess he got a splitting headache," he giggled as Cal tapped his datapad. "Listen, if you are talking to the others, tell them we need to move fast. That damn jedi will be back, and with more friends and firepower. I estimate we have about 12 hours to finish this mission," said Macron.


31-05-2006 13:27:10

Sena looked at Cal.
"We should definatly go inside. Who knows, there might be something of interrest for us."
The Krath Protector looked around.
"Should we wait for the others? I hope they're alright."

He couldn't sense the rest of his companions. But he knew that his senses were not that attuned yet.


11-10-2006 05:56:15

Cethgus was on the Ship Templar and saw some life signs so desided to go onto the planet and have a look.

As Templay landed Cethgus strode out of the ship and looked about.

Cethgus was a Zabrak and carreyd his Training saber and Zar'roc in its Scabbard


13-10-2006 05:44:00

Cethgus ran towards the noise where his Zar'roc in his hand ready to attack


09-12-2006 22:44:14

Macron had no sooner finished the message when a voice came from behind..

"So it is you that I have been sensing Tribune.., perhaps I did sense the taint of the Jedi here. Tell me, where are the ones that were with you when your craft landed?" asked Master Jade as he walked out of the well shaded woods, garbed in his battle robes. Even after many years of staying behind at the temples and working at the Shadow Academy had not effected the master Sith Assassin. "From the frantic vibes coming off of you master Macron I would say you might be in need of assistance, might I be able to lend my hand?"


26-05-2007 20:02:50

((wow this thread got rather dead. Anyone intrested in bringing it back, it was quite an intresting piece))

Makurth Mandalore

26-05-2007 22:51:23

((I would. Feel like letting things rip? :D )

Makurth sighed as his E-wing slipped out of hyperspace near the planet, slightly irritated over being called from his warm bunk in the pilot's wing for this trival call. He hated being called out for minor tresspasses like this, but then again, not every Mando merc in this sector was also a Dark Jedi.

"Nightstalker One to Nightstalker Two, you there?" Makurth grunted into his comm, yellow eyes scanning for any sign of his wingmate. "C'mon man, I know you're here."

He flipped on his scanner and glanced around a few more minutes before he sighed and spoke again. "Look, this isn't funny anymore. You know how much I hate being dragged out of my bunk at this hour. Don't push me."

"Alright, alright. I didn't know you were in such a wonderful mood, Captain." Nightstalker Two quipped.

Makurth sighed and rolled his eyes. "Look, if you pulled half as many shifts as I have, you'd be attached to your ship at the rear." He armed his laser cannons and brought up his shields. "You know anything about these tresspassers Cal told us about?"

"Yeah, security cams picked up lightsabers and dark robed bipeds. Screams Jedi or Dark Jedi to me. Think they might be some friends of yours?"

"Great, " He brought his ship into a screaming dive through the atmosphere to the location his viewscreen pointed out. "Let's go see what these hooligans are up to."

Makurth hissed as he saw someone who looked suspiciously familiar, but fired a warning shot anyway. His ship kicked up clouds of dust as he sped past in a sharp turn to come back facing the group of Dark Jedi.

"This is Mandalore Family ship Boneyard Rendevous to unknown group of sentients. You are trespassing on Mandalore holdings. Please explain your intentions."


04-06-2007 16:59:46

There was a sort of peacefulness in a lightspeed jump. The combination of colors as the stars shot past you at blinding speeds. The gentle shudder of the ship as it sped to the point where it could shoot through half a star before slowing down. This made Krayn almost comfortable as he lay in his quarters awaiting his destination. He twirled his training saber in his hand, eyeing up the simple silver cylinder that lay in his hand. It had not taken him long to build, but he looked forward to building his real one.

[ Ship Exiting Jump ] The computer spoke to him in the same monotone female voice it always had. Krayn sat up from his bed and shook his head slightly. 'Back to civilization' he thought to himself, then slowly getting up and moving towards the airlocked door. He clipped his training saber to his belt and fixed his dark robes so that he looked proper as he made his way into the hall way of the frieghter.

Krayn made his way to the bridge and to the comm array that was set to pick up any channels coming off the planet. Krayn looked to the technician and requested. "Found anything yet Sergeant?" His voice was cold and to the point. He wasn't too fond of socializing with empire soldiers.

"Yes sir, we have two runners on the planet of Dark Jedi identification. Would you like to intervene?" the crewman inquired to Krayn.

"No, no. Leave them be, I'm sure they know what they are doing. Ready my shuttle, I shall be going down to join them." Krayn said turning suddenly and heading for the docking bay.

Makurth Mandalore

10-06-2007 15:23:06

((Sorry for the long wait. My modem got fried))

"Sir, this is Two, my scanner is picked up a shuttle heading this way. What do you want to do?"

Makurth spat an oath and accelerated hard enough for his R2 unit to screech a warning. "What are these people having, a family reunion?"

As he spun around to apprehend the shuttle, Makurth ordered his wingmate to keep the others occupied while he was busy.

"Unknown shuttle... Ah forget the formalities. This is Dark Jedi Knight Makurth Mandalore wondering why in the Correllian Hells you're here. This is a Mandalore holding, and you're not the first group of trespassers here today. May I speak to whatever Dark Jedi you might have on board?"

The battle scarred E-wing pulled up beside the shuttle, close enough for Makurth to eyeball the pilot. He grinned a sarcastic grin and held up his lightsaber and grinned wider.