Hunting Grounds.


07-04-2006 06:36:45

All are welcome to hunt at their leissure.
But be warned...
This intimacy with nature often causes the innermost fears and deepest desires to surface.

Lokasena walked around. He had finally found a place where he could let himself go completely, without beeing a burden to others.

Dressed in nothing but dark brown, baggy pants and thin black, leather boots the Protector kneeled down and closed his eyes.
His right hand on the hilt of his sword 'Mormegil', wich hung from a belt on his left hip.

He used the Force to reach out and search for suitable prey. It had been a while since he hunted a living thing. He was growing weary of those practice droids.
The forrest was very warm and humid. A thin layer of persperation was forming on his upper boddy, and his short dark blond hair was wet.

His senses tuned to find that one special creature. He would hunt it. kill it and most likely eat it.
He would not shoot the animal. That's why he only brought his sword with him.
He would make sure to kill it as quickly as possible.

'Aha' he thought. 'there's something.' He sensed a large lifeform approaching.
But wait, this wasn't prey. It was a scentiënt.
Who else was here, beside him...?


07-04-2006 15:58:57

((hmm i might give this a try))
Cain smiled as he entered the hunting grounds. The heat the humidity reminding him of home.
"Ahh i think i might stay here for a while."
Loking around for a minute,Cain started to climb a tree in hopes of catching a flying animal, if the were any here.


07-04-2006 19:15:40

Devani brushed aside a stray hair, the sweat running down her face in little rivulets. The tight khaki pants stuck to her in this humid weather, not even wearing her white linen shirt helped to relieve her. The forest teemed with life all around her, birds twittering in the trees as well as a peculiar animal she didn't recognize arguing with its neighbor over an acorn. Pulling the water canteen from a bag across her back, the Aedile takes a gulp, letting some of the water spill out of her mouth. Even that, alas, did not refresh her as she had hoped. Shrugging her shoulders, she reminded herself to keep focused on the hunt. The Shyarn fit comfortably within her hands and it longed for blood this day.


07-04-2006 21:42:39

The Hunt.

Rage hadnt done this for a while. The sweat matted his fur, he didnt notice it because right now he was the predator and the wildlife would be his meal. He tighted the belt around the shorts he was wearing his feet dug deep into the ground.

He howled which startled the nearby occupants he spotted his prey...a deer was eating some grass maybe a mile away.
Rage took some water from his canteen that was loop across his bare chest.

He started running...


08-04-2006 06:27:18

"Hello Devani..."
The Huntress quickly turned around to see Lokasena. "I didn't expect to see you here." the Krath said as he sniffed the air for something.

She had not sensed his approach. Perhaps she was distracted by the hunt. This forrest did strange things to people.

She knew Lokasena from the Lounge, where they first met. There he always seemed a bit up-tight.
But now, he looked diffrent. His hair wild and his chest bare.
He looked at her so intensely that it made her feel accillerated.

The Protector walked up to Devani until he was only two feet away.
His eyes revealed a fire that Devani had not seen before.
"What are you hunting?" Lokasena asked.


11-04-2006 17:46:21

"You." Devani winked, licking her lips. "Actually, I wasn't sure...just felt a fire, a need to hunt. What do you hunt Loka?" Her eyes delved deep into his, their everchanging depths revealing little. "Is there a waterfall or anything where I can cool off a bit with you?"


12-04-2006 11:22:29

“There is. I’ll take you to it, if you want.” Lokasena told Devani as he returned her scrutiny.
“As for what I’m hunting… I released a pack of seven Balvarines here some time ago. They’re tricky buggers…” He said as he again sniffed the air.
“If you want to refresh yourself, follow me.”
“Lead the way.” The young woman replied.

They walked at a fast pace for about fifteen minutes. Lokasena was weary the whole time. The last thing he wanted was to be surprised by a few Balvarines. They were wolf-like creatures. When they stood up on their hind legs, they could reach seven feet. Very intelligent, with razor sharp teeth and claws. Their saliva was so corrosive that, once bitten, you’d die of infection. The Krath had fought Balvarines many times before, they were still a challenge.
The last one he fought had given him the scar over his eyebrow. A huge beast with sickly white fur.
Suddenly Lokasena noticed he could hear water splashing on rocks. Devani could hear it also.
“We must be close.” She said. Lokasena stopped and turned around to face her. “You have no idea…” he mused. As he pulled back some shrubs Devani looked down to see a waterfall about twenty feet high. The sunlight exploded into an array of colours in the mists that poured out over a small lake. Lokasena smiled at Devani. “Care to dive?” He asked then jumped off the edge before she could answer.
He landed arms first, straight as a candle, in the water. The Huntress quickly followed him.
As she hit the water, she found that it wasn’t cold but cool enough to refresh her.
When she came up Devani saw Lokasena already sitting on a rock near the side of the lake.
His skin shiny and his hair still dripping. “How’s the water?” he asked.


12-04-2006 13:15:22

"Feels good!" the Aedile grins, pulling herself on the rock next to Loka. "Balvarines, eh? Sounds like fun to me! My blade thirsts for blood..." her eyes went out of focus as she recalled some past memory. Devani shook her head, her long wet hair glistening down her back. She looked up at Loka, her eyes studying the man before her. His blonde hair and blue eyes made him seem innocent but she knew better. "So what brings you to the Brotherhood Loka?"


13-04-2006 11:18:01

“An honest question.” Lokasena said as he studied this beautiful woman so close beside him. “It merits an honest answer.”
“After my parents died, I was about eight years old; I lived on the streets for a while. Part of a small gang of children. We lived in an abandoned building, huddling up to each other to stay warm.” Sena’s eyes where staring into a deep void. “One day a man cam and asked us if we were interested in work. We al landed at the Lazarus Concordance. A ruthless crime syndicate. They recruited us as fighters. All we did was train to become the best. Many didn’t make it since all fights were to the death.”

The Krath carefully unsheathed his ‘Mormegil’ sword. “That’s how I got this.” He said as he showed the black steel blade to Devani.
“I was twelve. They threw me into a cage with a Balvarine. After a fifteen minute struggle, I killed it with my bare hands.” He said handing the blade to Devani. In doing this, he trusted her more than she could possibly know.
As she took the sword Devani was surprised at its weight. It was very light and the red wooden handle felt extremely comfortable.
“The Concordance weapons master crafted it especially for me.” Lokasena continued. “It was forged by lightening and tempered in the blood of the Balvarine I killed. That’s how the steel got so black.” It was no lightsaber but, Devani was impressed by the weapon as she returned to Lokasena, who sheathed it again.
“With this sword I won so many fights, I lost count. I began to feel that there was something more to life than this. Certain abilities that others never had, came very easy to me.”
The Krath Protector sighed.

“So I left the Concordance in search for answers. And that’s how I found the Brotherhood.”
He looked at Devani with a smile. “Pretty boring story, isn’t it?” he asked her, as his hand brushed away a strain of hair from the side of her cheek.


01-05-2006 05:06:40

They stood their as a furry animal bounded in front of their path as lokasena tried to attack it...a force tug thru his weapon to the ground.

"No need to attack me..." replied the animal..who turned out to be the shistavanen, Riv "Rage" Monn


01-05-2006 05:12:01

"Rage...." Sena said serprised. "Don't ever do that again. I could have...."
Sena suddenly stopped in midd sentence. He was sniffing the air.
Turning his head to all diretions.
All of a sudden he froze, his eyes piercing the trees to the west.
The Protector sniffed once more. "Balvarines..." he hissed.
Picking up his weapon he swiftly ran toward the trees.

Would his friends follow?

Phoenix alThor

03-05-2006 10:25:33

Phoenix had heard about this forest and was curious about it. It was very humid here and her clothes and hair stuck to her. Hunting had always been one of Phoenix's favourite past times. Having been a Bounty Hunter before coming to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, the attraction of this place certainly caught her attention.

Phoenix had only been here for a short while and had been busy being promoted. Certain time scales and lots of work. She missed going out on the prowl. Even when she didn't have a Bounty to chase before, Phoenix would still hunt wild animals just to keep her skills at the top of the line.

Phoenix walked slowly around the trees, the warm breeze whispering through the branches. There was a rustle in one of the bushes nearby behind her. Standing stock still, she listened. Another rustle. And all of a sudden she spun round and pounced within the space of quarter of a second, the Force aiding her.

Removing a hidden knife from her person, she stuck it into the small warm body at her mercy. A rabbit. It was a rabbit. Oh well, at least this was a start. Tucking her knife away into its hidden place and hanging the rabbit off her bag, Phoenix continued with her hunting. Hoping, next time, to find something bigger.


03-05-2006 14:37:54

Rannik heard about a forst that the other members were hunting at. He asked around the DB for the forest destination. Rannik finds where it is.

"I this is a neat forest," Rannik said, " I wonder who will be here and what ill kill."


04-05-2006 04:35:12

After running through the forest for about seven minutes Sena suddenly stopped.
The trail ended here...
"Where are you...?" he hissed to himself. Then, a rustle in the bushes behind him.
Lokasena could here the Balvarine groweling but did not turn around. He sensed the animal closing in on him.
His right hand was on the hilt of Mormegil. He could clearly smell the putrid stench of the Balvarine.
When it was only three feet away the Protector quickly turned and unsheathed his sword.
But the Balvarine had risen up on its hind legs and with one strong of its paw it wrenched the sword from Sena's hand.
Mormegil landed a few Yards further.
Sena, in his anger, thrust himself at the animal, which was as tall as the Krath.
He delivered punch after punch into the creature's abdomen. As it stumbeled backward the Protector made a swing for its strong jaws. The animal recoiled at the impact, taking a few steps back. The Balvarine was showing its rage by snapping its long fangs in mid air.
Without any warning the werewolf-like animal pounced on Lokasena, who fell flat on his back with the Balvarine on top of him.
The beast pressed Sena's arms down and as the Krath struggeled to get up, It sunk its teeth deep into his left shoulder.
The pain was terrible. Lokasena had felt it before al those years ago.
Now he would have to finnish this fight fast. Before he was to weak.
As the Balvarine released him, Sena slamed his forehead against the beast's snout.
It yelped and jumped off it's victim, giving Lokasena a chance to rise to his feet again.
He could already feel the corroding saliva in the wound. It burned like acid.
He quickly rolled over onto his right shoulder towards Mormegil.
Just as he picked it up the Balvarine decided to attack. It howled to tha sky and then charged at Sena.
The Taldryan stood his ground as this ferosious creature stormed at him.
As Sena expected, it jumped the last seven feet.
Mormegil rang with anticipation as he first cut through air and then through the Balvarines flesh.
The creature fell to the ground, headless.
Sena whiped off the blood from his sword and returned it to its sheath. He picked up the head with his right hand. The other arm hanging limp at his side.
As he started to walk back towards the clearing with the waterfall he realised that he probably wasn't going to make it. Blood was pouring from the wound.
His only hope was; if some-one found him...


04-05-2006 18:09:29

Devani wasn't too keen to hunt an animal she had never heard of before and so followed after Loka cautiously. Hearing the sounds of a battle up ahead, she pulled the Shyarn free from its embroidered sheath, holding it steady in front of her. Her eyes scanned the surrounding foliage carefully as she hurried forward, intent on joining the melee. Quiet suddenly reigned in the forest and an eery chill ran down her spine.

Slinking back, she climbed up into a tree and hid among its branches, watching the path below. Soon she heard a soft shuffling as someone or something advanced on her position. As Loka came into view covered in blood, Devani gasped, jumping down right in front of him. As she tried to bind up his wounds she asked concernedly, "What happened?!"


04-05-2006 18:37:39

Cain sat high up on one of the trees chewing on a bird’s head when he heard a battle-taking place. Curious he jumped from tree to tree hoping to catch the end of the battle. To his disappointment he saw devani and one of the people he saw in the lounge, but no battle. Jumping from the branch he landed behind devani. In a flash her weapon was at his throat “whoa is that any way to treat a friend?” He asked her.


05-05-2006 13:04:23

Sena felt everything spinning.
He stumbled and fell flat on his back. "He....he... bit me..." he said softly.
The pain was starting to numb. The Krath knew what this meant. The poison was spreading slowely.
If the numbing affect would reach his vital organs, he would die.
As Devani kneeled down to him he said; "Burn it..... Scorch the wound...quickly."


05-05-2006 15:01:08

Devani bit her lower lip worriedly knowing that some poison had been realeased in Loka's system. Jumping up she gathered a small pile of dried wood. Pulling out her training lightsaber, the Huntress activated it, using it to light the kindling. Deactivating she clipped it to her belt and picked up her Shyarn which she had discarded earlier. She put it into the fire and waited till it began to glow red. "Ready Loka?" Then she put the blazing blade to his wound cauterizing the wound as the smell of seared flesh wafted up to her. Laying the sword down she pulled out her water canteen and brought it to his lips. "Drink up and then sleep, regain your strength. I will keep watch tonight and if you wish to return to your clan brethern we will fly back tomorrow. Until"


05-05-2006 15:50:18

Rannik walked around the forest and found acouple of the other people there.

"Hey, what is there to hunt around here?"


05-05-2006 18:10:41

The night would be restless for Lokasena Corvinus...
Devani had saved his life. And now she was watching over him.

When Sena finally woke up, dawn had already come.
He looked up at Devani. "Thank you... for last night."
As he sat up, pain shot through his left arm. "Agh...damn. He got me good."
As he noticed Devani looking at him with a worried expression he said;
"I'll be alright. You know, no-one's ever saved my life before."
He moved closer toward her.
"Thank you Devani," he whispered "I owe you..."


06-05-2006 16:22:12

Rannik walked off into the forest. Half way through it he heard a scuffle in the trees, he looked up, he didnt see anything. He walked on down through the forest and he hears a loud 'thud', he loks behind him and theres nothing there. He turns back around and theres a creature of some sort, it kinda looked like a Dalyrake.

Rannik quickly drew his Blade and ran towards it with a roar that echoed through the forest.


09-05-2006 01:53:48

Devani blushed, the pink splashing across her cheeks prettily. "I hope you will do the same for me someday..."
She packed together their few supplies and poured water over the dying fire. "So you feel up to tracking down
those Balverines you let loose or should we take you back to the shuttle?"


09-05-2006 05:08:45

"No, I'm rather up for a hunt." Lokasena said. His voice still indicating he was in pain.
"I need to eat first." He gathered some herbs and berries that he knew were eatable.
Sharing with Devani and teaching her a few things about local plant life...

When the Protector had rested enough, he rose up. His face contorted as a sharp pain shot through his left arm.
"Agh... damn those Balvarines." Devani noticed that he looked very angry. "I'll get them for this, every last one of them...!"


09-05-2006 22:40:59

Suddenly rage walked to the camp with a corrliean sand panther around his back
"Mind if i build another fire...and join you guys?" he said as he built another too cook his meal
"ive been hunting all night...i need to do this more, i mean when i was a pup back on UP i could hunt without food for a week...all though it is easier too get pray now"


11-05-2006 05:28:24

"Go ahead, Rage." Sena said. "I was just leaving. More Balvarines to kill." the Protector picked up his sword and slid the sheath in his belt.
"This wound won't stop me from doing what I came here to do." Lokasena sounded resolved.
"I want a couple more Balvarine heads to hang from the walls in my quarters back in Ektrosis."

Nodding to Rage and Devani, he walked off into the woods again. They could hear him starting a song.
"Through the misty forrest grimm, in caverns deep and caverns dimm, I must away ere break of day to reclaim the honour they stole from him..."


11-05-2006 23:20:47

Rage started to slice it in sections with his retractable claws and started to clean them and buried a good piece and started to fiddle with the fire.


12-05-2006 00:03:48

Devani sighed, a troubled look crossing her face. She watched Loka walk off without moving. As he disappeared from sight she mumbled something confusedly and pulled a knife out, running the tip along her finger. As blood droplets spilled she put it to her lips and lapped it up. "Rage, hurry...we hunt today. That is," she teased, "If you aren't too tired." Winking, she laughed before her face turned serious. "In the meantime, I'm going to be in what you might call meditating, its a little different and don't be suprised if I look...different." Turning, she started chanting in a tongue he had never heard before, kneeling and placing her forehead to the forest's floor.


12-05-2006 04:44:15

"Ha, i just havent done this in a while and ive been doing this before you were born" he mumbled to himself
He looked at her and sighed than took a piece and started to munch on it.


14-05-2006 08:30:14

He could smell the foul Balvarine stench as no-one else could.
Lokasena had such hatred against these creatures. In his eyes they were an abomination. A mockery of reason, both natural and mental. A blasphemy from beyond the veil.
And he would send them back to what ever black hole crawled out of.

"I will not rest until the last of those wretched things lie dead at my feet. I shall have my vengeance. In this life... or the next."

Rich Gun

16-05-2006 04:56:35

Rich Gun walked into the hunting grounds with just his old military clothes and a blind fold hanging out his pocket. He lets the heat flow over him and smiles. “ I’m going to enjoy this” he says to him self. While putting the blind fold over his eyes. He lets the force replace his eyes and jumps into the trees. Moving from tree to tree he smiles with the joy of the hunt.


28-05-2006 19:45:18

Lokasena Corvinus was walking through the underbrush when he suddenly stood completely still as he heard an awfull howling.
Sena knew. He could feel it. It was Her. It had to be.
The Balvarine Matriarch, If he killed her the other animals would no longer be a threat.
But there was one problem.
This was a creature so old, that it was remebered in the ancient legends of Sena's home world.
Carathier; the First of the great Wolves. From her womb spawned the entire Balvarine race. Legend told that She could even understand the tongues of men.
Many brave men died attempting to kill her. But where they failed Sena would succeed...!
Lokasena stood upright and walked into the direction where the sound was comming from.
He knew that stealth meant nothing against this animal.
If he knew she was here, than she certainly knew about him.

The Krath came to a clearing, there he sat on the ground and waited.
She did not keep him waiting long.
From the bushes Carathier showed Herself.
Standing upright she was at least seven feet tall. Her fur was a sickly white color. Except around her mouth, wich was a rusty red and brown from the blood of all Her victims.

"We meet again, my Lady." Sena said to Her.
Carathier gave a great roar as She looked at the Protector with pale black eyes.
As their eyes locked Lokasena knew he was facing a demon of pure evil.
Killing Her would make him strong with the Dark Side.
Sena got to his feet.
"One of us will not see tomorrow." he said calmly.

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

05-09-2006 20:59:52

Droveth perched high in a tree, listening to the sounds of the forest. Of course, there was the occasional conversaion from another patron within the wood, bu he did his best to ignore them. The comments about his race had hardly been calmed, but merely surpressed.

" Bug eyed freaks..." He had heard that before, by many big game hunters. Usually after the Rodians scored the big kill. But this one, made from pure hatred, had truly rattled Droveth's nerves.


31-03-2007 05:18:12

The Great Wolf howled so loud that Sena’s ears hurt. He was so close to her that he could smell her foul breath. It reeked of fetor and decay. All those rotting cadavers hidden deep in her den.
Suddenly, with a speed unlikely for a creature Her size, Cararthier leaped over the Krath’s head and, as soon as Her front paws hit the forest floor, She charged at him.
He had only a split second to react as he evaded her attack and drew his Mormegill blade from it’s sheath.

Apparently She liked to swing for the fences and charge from a distance. If Sena could stay close to her, he could take that advantage away from her.
He jumped to wards her and rolled on one shoulder into the direction She was striding.
As he came to his feet, he lifted Mormegill high over his head and swung it down at the Wolfs’ front paws. The sharp black steal had no trouble slicing the skin and muscle of this beast. Unfortunately the blade caught in the bone. Carathier roared from pain and towards the other side of the clearing, Mormegill still lodged in her left front paw.
She growled and snarled at it but the swords position was so awkward that She could not reach it.
Lokasena Corvinus gave a deep sigh. Although he had caused her considerable pain, he had also lost his only weapon in the fight against this demon.
A sudden chill crept up his spine. He had a feeling this would not end well.


04-04-2007 14:53:26

Xerxes had heard of the hunting grounds before but never had he set foot in those dangerous woods. He pulled back the hood of his cloak and strode into the woods. His trusty katana slung on his back he ventured forward. As Xerxes moved farther into the woods his keen hearing picked out a peculiar noise coming from the north. Xerxes drew his katana and proceeded cautiously in that direction. The closer the Guardian got the louder the noise became until he could distinguish a chant of some sort.

Xerxes found a nearby tree and started to climb its rough trunk. When he reached the mid section of the tree he could make out two small fires and two silhouettes. Xerxes decided to maintain a discreet distance and watch the bizarre ritual.


05-04-2007 02:50:44

Suddenly Carathier dashed toward the Protector. Lokasena Corvinus had little time to prepare his next move and, without thinking, jumped on the Great Wolf’s back. Its bony spine jabbed at his groin.
The beast was furious with rage. It reared up to its hind legs. Sena held on by the creature’s neck He could see his blade logged in this foul demons limb. The Krath placed both feet on the shoulder of the beast and jumped. In mid air rolled, grabbed the red wooden handle of his sword and pulled it free, with gravity’s force assisting him.
As he landed on his feet, Sena could hear Carathier roaring and howling. As he turned around to look at her, he saw that he had cut off her limb without even knowing it.
She looked right into his eyes. Her pale black eyes light up with blaze as red as the Hell pit that spawned Her.
Sena smiled, his confidence grew. “Go back to the Shadow from whence thou came, foul beast.” He yelled at Her.
“I will smite thee, in the honour of all those that tried.”
Then, with a speed that Lokasena underestimated, Carathier came at him. Her jaws wide open. She jumped and her eyes rolled over white as her long, razor sharp teeth sank in to the flesh of Lokasena’s abdomen.
A gush of air escaped his longs. The pain… So horrible, so intense. He wanted to scream. Sena opened his mouth to scream, but nothing came out. At least nothing that he could hear.
Time seemed to slow down. He wanted to look down on his attacker but She was no longer there. Carahier had reared up once more. When she came down, her jaws grasped the Protector’s chest.
Again the pain, but not as strong. He felt his own ribs being crushed. Yet it did not seem to matter. Then, a new sensation. Gravity began to pull on his wounds as the Great Wolf lifted Lokasena up between her jaws. He looked around. He could see the beauty of the forest. The trees and bushes. There was no sound. Only light. He looked at his chest and saw Carathier’s great jaws around him.
That was when he felt it. Warm and smooth in his hand. Mormegill had not yet abandoned him. There it was again. That feeling of confidence. He turned his head to stare straight into Carathier’s eyes. He opened his mouth and whispered; “You will not have this day…”
And with the last ounce of strength that was in him, he slit Her throat wide open. The beast immediately let him go. He fell to the forest floor. The Wolf fell dead next to him.
It was over. It was done. Sena could feel the poison spreading. It burned. He felt the warmth of his own blood as it poured out of his wounds.
He would die here. He knew it. It was alright. Such a beautiful day. Such a beautiful day to die.

te me nekaka

15-01-2008 20:15:42

Nekaka was hunting by him self with his old Bounty hunter armor on with his Night Stinger and his duel Death hammers and his Standard issue Battle team vibroshiv. He also was carrying his Pack that he carried with him when he was on a bounty or mission. He was tracking a very large animal and heard a commotion over the hill, he went up and over the hill, looked through his rifle scope and seen the Fight. By the time Nekaka Reached the Hurt jedi, he was some what out of it, and the beast was slain.

Nekaka Bent down and took of his pack and tended to his wounds. Years of experience being a bounty hunter and being a Battle Team leader, had given him the knowledge to help the man. "have no fear, you will not die on this day, not as long as im here."

After Nekaka patched up the Jedi, he noticed it was getting late so he prepared a place to stay for the night for the two. Nekaka realized that he would have to take watch all night long. He hoped Lokasena was ok.


31-01-2008 11:50:40

Sena’s dreams were feverish that night.
Horrible visions shot through his mind. He could not escape them.
He knew he was asleep, but could not wake up.
All he could do was suffer the dreams to consume his sanity. He could sense someone close by. Knowing he was not still on that forsaken place soothed his nerves.

Soon the dreams passed and Sena could open his eyes a little.
It was still dark. A figure was sitting by the fire.
There was a throbbing pain in Sena’s head and chest. It would be a while before he could fight again. And the scars would be bad.

te me nekaka

31-01-2008 14:30:43

Nekaka Noticed Lokasena was waking up. "Rest my friend. Tom. we take off for the Transport Drop off and hopefully they have room for us to go back Home." And with that Nekaka pulled out is Vibro Sword and Corttuis Katana and started Sharping it. If any more of those animals out there, Including the Feline animal he seen earlier, and he would be ready.

What Nekaka didn't know was that that Creature was called the Katalu in his Language. In fact Katalu was watching with Hungry eyes. He may be only half a meter tall and only 130 lbs, but 90% of the animals body weight was from Strength. but still the Animal was Curious as to who and what this other Creature only 3 meters away near a fire.


28-03-2008 09:41:17

Korroth loosened the collar of his light robe. The clammy air under the trees made his undershirt stick to his chest, and a thin layer of dampness covered the bald gray skin of his head and neck. Loosening the short sabre in its scabbard, the Pau’an walked nearer to the dark mouth of the laigrek nest and took out a match. He picked up a handful of twigs, the driest he could find, and after a few tries he managed to light them. He threw the flaming bundle down into the cave, which sloped down into the ground almost vertically, and then stepped back onto a knoll that overlooked the nest’s entrance. Before long, Korroth heard screeching yelps and five medium-sized laigreks rushed out of the nest.
The segmented chitin on their back shone black in the light filtered by the tree branches, while their belly was red, as though they had been partying on the shredded carcasses of their prey. None of them noticed the Guardian taking two throwing knives out of the folds of his robe and taking aim. The first struck one of the laigreks in the soft underbelly, but the second knife glanced off the carapace of the one nearest to Korroth, leaving no more than a shallow gouge. Four pairs of ruby compound eyes turned towards Korroth, while the wounded laigrek thrashed on the ground with the dark hilt of the knife sticking out of its red underbelly. The four remaining laigreks rested all of their six scythe-like legs on the forest floor and scurried towards Korroth, scattering leaves out of their path. The Krath slid his saber out of the sheath and stabbed at the first that climbed the low knoll, catching it just below the head. He jumped back as another slashed for his shin and struck back with his blade, scoring a deep gash through the insectoid’s multi-faceted eye. Before he could come in range of the other two, he hacked his sabre into the carapace of the nearest one. The blade went through the chitin armour and the laigrek flopped dead to the ground. The Guardian tried to wrench the blade out of the inert body, but it was stuck in the segmented carapace. The last laigrek reared itself on its four hind legs and lashed out at his thigh. The scythe leg went through the robe and cut at his skin. A grunt escaped the Pau’an’s gritted teeth, then he lifted his left hand and let the Force channel through it and towards the laigrek. The impact of the Force lifted earth and rotten leaves into the air, and shoved the creature onto his back. While it twisted and waved its pointed legs in the air, Korroth put a foot on the other dead laigrek and yanked his sabre out. Before the last one could put himself upright again, he lifted the blade and chopped the creature’s head off with three blows. Seeing that the laigrek with the gashed eye was still squirming on the ground, the Guardian walked over to it and pushed the tip of his sabre into his other eye, twisting it round inside its skull and revelling in the beast’s dying shrieks.
With a sigh, he dropped himself onto a boulder covered in soft green moss and rolled his trouser leg up. Poking at the wound on his thigh, he saw that it wasn’t very deep, and it was still quite clean. He ripped a long piece of cloth from the hem of his robe and poured on it some cool purple liquid from a little flask. Having tied the cloth over his wound, he picked up his sabre and cleaned off the smelly green blood that was splattered along the blade. After re-sheathing the sword, he put the severed head of the last laigrek in a brown bag and started plodding away in the direction he had come from. He hadn’t been walking for long before he stopped suddenly. He scanned between the tree trunks with his fully black eyes, trying to discern what he had sensed for a moment just before. He thought he had heard- no, he had felt a strange presence, something dark and powerful. Not evil in itself, but with the potential for it. Finally he spotted the position of the presence. He saw the light of a camp-fire casting shadows behind the trees and low foliage, then he saw a darker shadow behind a bush, and he knew instinctively that that was the dark presence he had felt. It hadn’t seen him yet, so hopefully he will be able to sneak around it and reach the camp to warn whoever the beast was watching.

te me nekaka

20-04-2008 13:41:33

Nekaka was drinking some water when he heard something behind him. The young hunter spun around and raised his duel Deathhammers in defense. "Who's there, better speak up or ill shoot."

Seconds passed before a Pau'an walked out of the woods. Nekaka noticed a Saber on his hip, so Nekaka lowered his blasters, holstered them and asked "Who are you?"


20-05-2008 06:33:54

“No time for introductions, we must get out of here.” The Pau’an said in a hushed tone. He glanced at the bushes where he had last sensed the sinister creature, but the campfire shone orange light into his eyes and made the shadows thicker. He went to stamp it out, ignoring the puzzled look of the Anzat. When the Guardian had reduced the fire to softly glowing embers, the Anzat re-drew his heavy guns, seeming to realize what was happening.
“Were we being watched? Is there somebody out there?” The Anzat asked Korroth in the same low voice he had used, while scanning the murky edge of the camp.
“Oh, I assure you, it can’t have been someone, but there sure is something watching us from down there.” The Pau’an answered, pointing at where he thought the creature might still be. As soon as he said that, however, he became conscious of the fact that his appearance in the camp might have changed the creature’s plans, whatever they were. Trying to control the distracting fear that the creature might jump on them at any moment, Korroth tried to concentrate, closing his eyes and spreading his awareness outwards through the Force.
Before he could reach the edge of the camp, he bumped into a presence. His eyes snapped open, expecting to see the creature standing in front of him; but there was just a long bundle of cloth near the ashes of the campfire. He got down to his knee and leaned towards it, and he saw in the dim light a pale human face, seeming asleep. However, from the faint smell of sickness rising from his skin and the way his presence in the Force had seemed to tremble slightly, Korroth recognized that this human was in the hold of, or recovering from, some illness or wound. He cursed under his breath. How were they going to get out of here if with a limp human on their backs?
“What’s wrong with him? Do you think he’ll be able to walk anytime soon?” Korroth asked the Anzat, who had taken out a flashlight and was running its intense beam over the bushes around the camp.

te me nekaka

23-05-2008 00:54:18

Nekaka shook his head, "No, he was hurt bad. Bit and attacked by a creature, the name i don't know. How ever i feel the presences of a Creature i do know. A Katalu, it resembles much that of a feline but about half as tall as us. Very strong and very very fast." Nekaka scanned around again, "I don't suppose you know what im talking about do you?" The hunter asked the guardian. The Guardian nodded,"There was a creature watching you about 3 meters that way," He pointed, "But i took care of him. He was scraggly looking but very powerful." Nekaka Looked at the new comer and said, "Hurry, Quickly," He tossed his Light saber to the Guardian and picked up the human. "We must hurry to the next transport, these creatures i speak of travel in groups usually, Where there is one there is ten. We don't have much time!" Nekaka pulled his Right Death hammer and watched as the guardian activated the Light sabers and nodded to Nekaka. Nekaka then took off in a dead run to where the Transport should be in the next hour.

Nekaka had just popped the top of a hill when he felt, rather then see the Creature Bit down on his leg from the Right. THE KATALU!!! It had hidden in the tall grass. ~FOOL!~ Nekaka thought to himself, he should have seen it coming. Karn had already started to dismember the Creature. Nekaka laid the human down and yelled for his own saber. Karn had thrown it to him and Nekaka Started to take up a defensive position around the human. "Keep your eyes and mind pealed, there are more out there." Karn nodded and said, "By the way, I'm Guardian Korroth Karn of SP. Who are you?" Nekaka Chuckled and said, "I am Te Me Nekaka of Clan taldryan, I'm a Jedi Hunter." Just as Nekaka finished his sentence four more Katalu's came out of the woods and Grass. More importantly one caught Nekaka's Eye. "He's the Alpha, See the Scars on his face. He has to be the chief the way he cares himself. He's MINE!" And with that Nekaka Ran forward with Saber drawn and jumped and came down Hard just in time to be knocked out of the air by one of the Massively strong beasts. Nekaka Hacked and swung and strikes. finally there was nothing left but a arm wiggling in pain. Nekaka looked back at his companions. The human was still unconsiucs. That was the last thing Nekaka saw before being attacked from behind......


The Katalu resembling that of a Bengal Tiger and Lion Cross. Very Powerful, very deadly. If one can beat a Fully raised Katalu then they are to be rewarded with Great honer and pride. They do have a slight kick to there bit but nothing to serous. Its more of a Nero toxin then anything but it doesn't spread quickly. Nothing a Jedi has to worry about.


30-05-2008 04:47:02

His SoroSuub X-45 slung on his shoulder and a small thermos containing Transhodan Ale in his hand, Deatharoc cockily entered the Hunting Ground. The smug Tarenti looked forward to shooting some game as he examined his surroundings. This was the Sith's first time in this place but was certain that it would not be his last. So, after taking one last gulp of ale, Deatharoc put his thermos into his robe and readied his rifle. Before continuing his journey into the dangerous woods he'd heard so much about before, the Tarenti also checked his waist to ensure his lightsaber was there just in case he ever needed it. Confident that he was ready to enter the Hunting Grounds, Deatharoc steadily strode into the woods.

About half an hour later, the Sith stopped his trek. He saw a large creature treading through the forest and immediately took cover behind the trees. It didn't take the Force to sense that this animal was deadly. Something told Deatharoc that it would take a considerable amount of effort to kill the beast. As he prepared to engage the beast, Deatharoc peered around a tree trunk and saw that the animal was dragging someone. Quickly setting up his gun, the Dark Jedi Knight steadied his rifle and looked into its scope. After several seconds of hesitation and adjusting his aim, the Sith was ready to fire. Just as he was about to pull on the trigger, however, he heard a deafening roar and a split-second later, he was knocked onto his back.

Scurrying up to see what hit him, the Sith looked in horror as another beast of the same kind tore up his weapon with its teeth. Deatharoc leaped back onto his feet and ignited his lightsaber. As if things could not get worse, the beast he was about to shoot several moments ago appeared and now the Sith was surrounded by two vicious monsters. Undaunted by this challenge, Deatharoc charged toward his foes but was unsure if he could win alone.

te me nekaka

07-07-2008 23:19:23

Nekaka was unaware of what was happening. When he came too he seen a dark jedi with a red blade fighting two Katalu's. Nekaka couldn't help but watch in amazment. Finally Nekaka regained enough strength to Jump up and use the force to find and retrive his lightsaber from near by. Te ran up to the First katalu that was ready to strike down the sith, but Nekaka cut its legs out from under it. It was the Leader. Nekaka had mimed it. Nekaka twerled his saber and brought it down in a stabing motion to the beast head. The Beast died Instently. Te looked back at the sith and watched as he used what knowledge he had of Shii Chi form. ~concentrate young one, CONCENTRATE!~ Nekaka said to the Guardian. Finally the beast fell limp. Nekaka called the Sith over. "Help me and my friends back to the base and you will be rewarded.

The Sith nodded......


08-07-2008 04:56:32

As the pair began to move toward the forest's heart, Deatharoc grabbed Nekaka on the shoulder, pulling him back. The Dark Jedi Knight had read the Jedi Hunter's thoughts and had heard his message. The Tarenti hissed,

"I am neither a young one nor am I a Guardian. I am a Dark Jedi Knight and while I will help you, please don't make that mistake again."

Deatharoc released the Jedi Hunter and continued walking into the forest, this time with the Talydran trailing. Suddenly the Sith halted, turned to the Obelisk and said,

"You have considerable skill my friend and you were most helpful. However, you should review your lightsaber notes. The form I was using was Makashi not Shii Cho."

The Sith's ability to read Nekaka's thoughts proved to the young Hunter that he was indeed a Dark Jedi Knight. Suddenly, Nekaka's analysis of his newfound ally was cut short as the two heard a terrified and scream and the two Dark Jedi rushed to find the source, not knowing what kind of hell they were sprinting right into.

Nix Saren

21-01-2010 17:31:05

The forest was dark, damp and cold when Nix entered the hunting grounds. As he walked twigs broke under each step and leaves cracked. The shistavanen stopped and reached out with the force as he did he could sense others out there. With his daggers tucked underneath his belt, the shistavnen dropped to all fours and bolted off in to darkness of the forest.


12-03-2010 14:29:35

Dark eyes picked up the newcomer. There was little here that escaped the Priests attention. It pleased him that, after all this time, his hunting Grounds were still being used. He would take pleasure in keeping an eye on this new arrival. What would his potential be, in a place where rank and position and medals meant nothing. Sena was not interested in the names of fathers or long passed personal glory. All that he was interested in, was breaking points. And this would be his newest project.