Brothers In Arms


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((OOC: Although this run-on is primarily concerned with the affairs of the Mandalore family, anybody is welcome to join in.))

The Mandalores were camped out under the starlight of a Lokian night. They gathered around the fire and discussed their plans for the following day.

They had been sent to the planet Lok by his excellency Xanos Sadow to crush an upstart rebel special forces brigade. Lok's political situation was somewhat fragile. The royal family, headed by Loran Nym, were once pirates. Nym mangaed to get himself elected senator, and had now proclaimed himself the one true monarch of Lok.

Nym had allied the planet with the New Republic, in return for arms and training. What was not common knowledge, however, was that during one of his final raids as a pirate, Nym attacked Tipoca city, on Kamino, and managed to retrieve a sample of genetic material belonging to the legendary Jango Fett, template of the Old Republic's clone army and one of the last genetic Mandalorians.

The current Mandalores could not allow Nym to use this DNA to build his army. It would be an insult to them, to Jango, and to the Mandalorian name.


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All ten Mandalorians where assigned to retrieve the DNA and not allow Nym to be able to create his own clone armada or even worse sell it to the new Republic.

The Mandalores awaited for their leader to give them a briefing on how they would infiltrate Nym's stronghold, all Mandalores gathered by the fire as they awaited instructions from Acara Rayden.

Maximus and Phantom stood by the fire discussing which weaponry would suit best for this hit-retrieve-and run mission,
both the Patriarch and Matriarch of the Warrior Clan had dealt with Nym's forces before and had an idea where to best pierce their security.

Lok was one of the harshest planets outside the outer rim with creatures that could kill even the a well trained scout.
Kimogila's that could just pop out of no where, these dragons can grow as large as krayts with spewing the most toxic poison known the galaxy.

Maximus was not worried he knew that his Clan loved a challenge and the fact that Xanos had intrusted the Mandalorians was a great honor, The sons of Sadow will have that DNA in their grasp even if it meant him losing his life.


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Makurth Mandalore

20-03-2006 16:44:39

Zak's crimson eyes peered at the group of his Mandalore family members scattered around the campfire, his gaze coming to rest on Maximus and Phantom. His prototype Snowtrooper armor was already enveloping his lean form, but his helmet was in the crook of his arm. His usual gear was arrayed in their assigned slots, Dainslaif across his back, lightsaber on his belt, six Class A thermal grenades, and a recent addition to the already nasty arsenal. It was a DC-11 Stormtrooper rifle, modified with a much better scope, and a grenade launcher mounted under the charred muzzle.

The Chiss strode toward Maximus and saluted him.

"Sir, I'm more than willing to take on any challenge by your side."

His leader inclined his head in turn.

"Thank-you Zak, let's see if anyone else shows."

After that reply, Zaknafein lost all formality and reached into a pouch on his belt.

Acara Rayden

21-03-2006 10:09:09

Acara Rayden Mandalore exited his Blade, he had finished adjusting his Communications system that would lead those who wished to join them to the correct place without revealing their location to anyone outside of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Acara walked back and took his seat by the camp fire and looked round at his fellow Mandalores. He watched the fire for a moment before doing anything else.

Acara stood back up catching the attention of all assembled, “My fellow Mandalores. As you are all well aware the so called true Monarch of Lok has managed to get his hands on Jango Fetts DNA. What we don’t know is where he has hidden it. What we do know is which people could tell us where to look. They will however need a little…… persuasion.” Acara allowed a grin to cross his features at the last word.

“Who and where? Revenant looked at Acara as he asked his question.

A call from one of Lok’s creatures was heard before Acara spoke in reply, “where? At Nym’s stronghold within his facility there. Nym is off world at the moment so he can’t be asked, but some of his high up lieutenants can. From the intelligence we have been able to gather we know that one possibly two people within this facility will be able to tell us what we need to know. Our main problem will not be entering or capturing this lieutenant, it will be the fact that power has changed him. He is very paranoid and will most likely try to run, possibly even off world if he can manage it. Our scans of Nym’s stronghold have revealed an escape tunnel our friend uses, he does not believe that anyone else knows about it else he wouldn’t travel in it alone.”

“The point of all this being?” again it was Revenant questioning him.

“He believes himself to be smarter than everyone else,” Acara nodded towards his Commander to show he was going to answer. “That with paranoia give us an extreme advantage. He uses nothing bar his own ship out of fear. What we need to do is attack their facility in such a way that we can scare Nym’s lieutenant into fleeing for his life. That can be achieved by killing all in our path and looking for him. Also a Dark Jedi, possibly two are going to become the Quarren’s new crew. If anyone gets a chance find out his name as well and if you value sanity I wouldn’t listen to him too much, my earlier statement of Paranoid is an understatement.”

“How are we supposed to recognise him?” Zak looked round at a few of the Mandalores present for an answer.

“Aside from identifying his species nothing else would be required, he is the only Quarren in the place.” Acara passed out some datapads. “Myself, Raidoner and Phantom will be leading teams up three points of entry these pads contain all the mission details you will need, including who you are assigned to. Zac and one or two others who wish to will proceed to the starport on a signal from Raidoner, phantom or myself to replace his crew. That is the plan as it stands if you wish to make any additions now is the time. We move out upon Raidoner’s order.”


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Revenant and Zak glanced at each other for only the briefest of moments. An opportunity to wreak havoc from within the enemy's ranks was something the Sith Commander always enjoyed. He would join Zak on the Quarren's ship. But first he would have something to eat.

"Caligula", as Revenant was known amongst his brethren, scanned the night sky. His keen vision caught a shape flapping across the curtain of darkness. In one swift motion he retrieved a throwing knife from his leg strap and launched it into the air. A second later a great bird of prey fell to the ground, blade lodged securely in its jugular.

After maybe half an hour Revenant served up a roast for the Mandalores. "Can't go to war on an empty stomach," he grinned.


21-03-2006 16:46:10

Romulus "Acerbus" Mandalore, sitting across the campfire, glanced at his TIE Interceptor hidden nearby, then walked over to the roasted meat and tore off a chunk. None saw him chewing from under his black hood - he donned his usual attire of a black hooded cape, and outer robes with his TIE pilot suit underneath. However, all took note of his lightsaber, katana, and dual Westar blaster pistols.

He heartily ate the roast, and a few minutes after he had eaten, sat back, perfectly still, in the lotus position. It seemed to his brethren that he was meditating, when suddenly he began to chant in a language that some in the camp recognized.

Kandosii sa ka’rta, Vode an.
Mando'a a’den mhi, Vode an.
Bal kote, darasuum kote,
Jorso’ran kando a tome.
Sa kyr'am Nau tracyn kad, Vode an.

Motir ca’tra nau tracinya.
Gra’tua cuun hett su dralshy’a.
Aruetyc runi solus cet o’r.

Motir ca’tra nau tracinya.
Gra’tua cuun hett su dralshy’a.
Aruetyc runi trattok’o.

During the chorus, some in the camp began to mouth the words to the ancient chant.

Acerbus sensed that this would be a time for the glory of the Mandalore family to shine brighter than a thousand suns - to know that he was approaching this moment gave him an incredible sense of accomplishment and peace.

He laid back, gazing up at the stars, dozing off...

Makurth Mandalore

23-03-2006 20:34:51

The corners of Zak's mouth curled up as he reconized the language Revanent was speaking. Sensing the meeting at the fire was, for the moment, finished, he crept to a large tree, its branches hanging low enough to form a low curtain of shadown next to its scarred trunk. Here Zak sat down, his armored back to the tree, legs spread before him, and slowly his dark eyelids began to obscure the red glow of his eyes.

Dimly, he could sense the movement of the others before him, and as he dropped off, he sent a telepathic message to Revenant.

Hey Rev, I reconized the chant you sang earlier. Nice pick, but its name eludes me. Mind telling me what it was?

For the next few hours he floated somewhere between true sleep and halfway awake, until the bright ball of light that was the sun broke the horizon with its crimson glory. It was ironic really, that it should dawn that way with the upcoming mission of the Mandalores.


24-03-2006 10:57:35

“The mornings red glow is wonderful indeed.” Said a voice surprising everyone.
"who goes there." said revenant
"Hello friend." Cain walked out of whatever shadows were left in the morning light
I hope I am not intruding or anything but I thought I heard mention of a battle
"Yes and what of it." rev smiled
"I thought I’d ask if I could join in."
“What are you doing here anyway.” asked Zak.
“Looking for metal ores been running low lately.” Cain smiled.
“So can I join in?”
“Yea why not. Have a seat and well fill you in.”

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Maximus welcomed Cain with a cup of hot wine and plate of Varactril eggs.

"We need to gear up after breakfast and move this camp closer to the stronghold" Maximus said to Acerbus who was already knawing down on his eggs and flatbread.

Acerbus nodded as he signaled the rest of the Mandalores to begin gearing up.


25-03-2006 16:54:12

Cain accepted the wine gratfully, but declined the eggs ."I already ate, but thanks anyway." Sipping the wine, he watched as the rest of the group started to pack up. "Anyone need help." he offered.


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((OOC Feel free to hop in the storyline if you like, being that this run-on is mostly based on the Mandalorian Clan of Naga Sadow should not stop you from adding your character to our storyline specially if your character is Mandalore. I think we can come up with a side branch for Arcona or you may be its only Mandalorian since I left Arcona.))


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Revenant returned to the theta class shuttle that he had arrived in and got changed into his Black Guard armour. It may be useful on this mission. When he returned to the camp, his brothers were ready to leave.

"Caligula," barked Raidoner. "Are you and Sachairi ready to leave?" The two Dark Jedi nodded in the affirmative. "Good. Take the shuttle you arrived in and head to these co-ordinates." He handed a datapad to Revenant. "Once you get there, execute the crew members and replace them on the Quarren's ship." Revenant grinned. This had all the promise of another fun filled outing for the Sapphire Commander.

Meanwhile, Acara was readying the rest of them for the assault on Nym's stronghold. "An aerial insertion is out of the question. They have many surface-to-air batteries that would wipe us out. Likewise, entering the facility from beneath is a no go. The sewers are fitted with motion, sound and temperature sensors." Many of the faces of the assembled Dark Jedi dropped, but Acara merely grinned that Adumarian grin that he had - amiable, but full of mischief and hidden intent. "Actually, it appears that the facility's defenses are weakest at the front door. We go in, full assault, and flush out the Quarren. Can anyone say 'gung-ho'?" That brought a chuckle or two.

Raidoner addressed them all now. "We've had some laughs, it's been fun and games. But this is where it gets real. The integrity of our name is at steak. And I don't need to tell you all what it could mean for the galaxy if Nym manages to raise a so-called Mandalorian army." An expression crossed his features, for only the briefest of moments, and then it was gone. But in that instant, Raidoner looked sad, helpless, enraged and resolute all at once. "Okay, we move out!" he barked, and the Dark Jedi headed for their ships.

Makurth Mandalore

21-04-2006 21:34:19

Zak glanced at Caligula as they trudged towards the battered ship that would take them to their assignment. They both surpressed the chill that ran down their spines as they walked with their backs to the main body of the Mandalore group.

"Ever get the feeling that you're never gonna see them again?" came the Chiss' modulated voice from his helmet. While his expression was nearly unreadable behind the faceplate, Caligula could guess what expression the dark blue skin face wore.

"Yeah, I do."

Heavy thuds came from their feet as the stomped onboard the ratty transport ship, Hutt Delight and punched in the cooridinates for their mission.

Sachari plopped into the pilot's chair and let his Mandalore brother take the co-pilot and gunner station.

"Let's get this heap off this rock."

"Love to."

A loud screech from the engine compartment made both men wince.

Zak growled and slapped the console in front of him.

The engine roared to life and they streaked off into space.


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Cain rushed to catch up with revenant. "Mind if i tag along with you?"
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