The Lounge


04-02-2005 09:03:16

Let's see whether this works.... whatever you post in here must be posted as your DB character. Describe your appearence if you wish, and make sure to describe any actions that you take, alongside with your conversations.



The Lounge is a moderately sized social room situated just off the Dark Hall where clans and members of the DC mix freely. Squishy chairs and sofas are arranged around low tables and infront of a large fireplace. Inconspicuous waitors are on hand to take orders for food or drink as requested (for a reasonable charge), usually the latter.

Clan animosities are traditionally set aside as far as they can be, but still there are those who will take care to avoid conversations with certain individuals. During periods of clan feuding, the clans involved will avoid The Lounge entirely so as not to bring its tradition of non-violence into disrepute. Inevitably, of course, violence does break out from time to time, but punishments are swift and harsh.

The type of conversations to be overheard in The Lounge are many and varied, ranging from the latest fashions to old clan rivalries, to detailed discussion of battle tactics. Although in theory all members of the Brotherhood are treated as equals in The Lounge, in practise Elders will still bring the entire room to silence when they speak of matters deemed to be of importance.

So, if you feel that you can abide by the rules of The Lounge, come and pull up a chair, and get to know your fellow Brotherhood members... without trying to kill them for once!


04-02-2005 09:10:47

A small, slim lady with long black hair poked her head around the door to The Lounge.

"Hmm, seems like I'm the only one here. Oh well, I guess I'll have to do some work afterall."

The Krath High Priestess walked with elegance as she crossed the room to her favourite comfy chair by the fireplace, and signalled for a waitor to bring her a glass of wine. Taking off her cloak, she threw it across the back of the chair and pulled out some paperwork from an internal pocket. Curling her feet up underneath her, she tucked her long burgandy skirt up around her legs, and settled herself into the soft cushions.


04-02-2005 10:26:31

Nilani stepped hesitantly into the lounge, smiling slightly. She'd only recently heard about it, and was curious to see what all the fuss was about. The Krath gave a low whistle as she saw the tastefully decorated room and the inviting looking cushions. "Sweeeet" she murmered to herself gleefully, as she noticed she appeared to be the only one in the room. A serveant appeared out of nowhere, offering her a drink that looked, and smelled, acidic. Nilani smiled wider, they always seemed to know what she liked.

Yawning slightly, she ventured in further, before sensing another presence in the room. Finally she spotted the Krath High Priestess sat by the roaring fire, reading. Nilani swore inwardly, she hadn't got her formal robes on, and her attire consisted of a grey, silk kimono. She quickly made her way over to Alanna to extend her greetings, desperately trying to remember to show the respect that she so often lacked in.


04-02-2005 10:38:53

Kandos slowly walked through the Lounge's door, he was wearing his casual clothes which consisted of a mainly black top and trousers. As he was reading from a small book he nearly didn't notice the two other occupants.

He walked over and said hello to Alanna and Nilani, showing respect as required, before sitting down and continuing to read his book. After a few seconds a waiter appeared and Kandos ordered a drink, which was quickly brought to him.


04-02-2005 11:03:36

Alanna looked up from her work at the entrance of the two jedi. Smiling warmly to Nilani, she gestured to a seat.

"Pull up a chair. You're Nilani, aren't you? I've been very impressed with your work within the Krath order for such a new member. Have you settled well into... which house was it again?"


04-02-2005 11:09:11

Link heard from Nilani about the lounge and walked in looking round at everyone. She noticed Alanna and Nilani in the corner sipping on some alcohol when suddenly a serveant came in offering Link a red vodka. 'I'm going to like this place' Link said as she took the drink and smiled at everyone.


05-02-2005 00:20:42

"Well, we sure are cheerful today." Sunflash thought to himself as he walked in behind Link and saw him smiling with the red vodka in his hand. Sunflash noticed the other Dark Jedi enjoying themselves around the room and bowed. Alanna nodded back and Sunflash decided he was really going to enjoy this place.

Sunflash looked over to one side of the wall and noticed his reflection in a sliver lighting fixture. The blond haired, blue eyed man was wearing his casual robes, as he had decided to relax from his usual duties for the day. Sunflash went and sat in a booth and waited for his usual comrades to come in and join him.

As Sunflash sat and waited, he noticed that the place had a sense of home to it. The smells even reminded him of home on Coruscant.

"Yes," Sunflash thought to himself, "I really am going to enjoy this place"


05-02-2005 04:42:47

Nilani settled nervously onto one of the plush sofas, taking a sip of her drink. She resisted the urge to cough at the strong taste, though her face betrayed some of her inner battle. "Aleema, m'lady, and I'm finding it extremely rewarding" Nilani replied, still faintly suprised that the KHP's words. Feeling that this wasn't enough she cleared her throat, "thank you ma'am" she mumbled, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

She spotted Link smiling at her from across the room and nodded her head in acknowledgement, it had been a long time since they'd last seen each other face-to-face, and she was glad she'd told her about the Lounge. She just hoped Link didn't remember that she was owed seventy credits.


05-02-2005 08:46:30

Alanna smiled, used to the discomfort that her prescence seemed to cause the lower-ranked jedi.

The High Priestess addressed her question to the room in general. "So tell me, who is the favourite to win the current ladder in the Antei Combat Centre? Is it Dalthid, as Supreme Champion and now Combat Master, or is there someone who has shown the potential to beat him?"


05-02-2005 08:59:49

'Not sure,' Link replied taking a seat down near Nilani and Alanna. She took another sip of her drink and smiled at them both. Link glanced at Nilani who seemed to be thinking about the question Alanna had asked, 'Dalthid might win,' Link said to the Krath high priestess still thinking about the question.

Note: Sunflash I am a she not a he :P

Aidan Kincaid

05-02-2005 09:03:31

Just then a handsome man entered. Shadow sauntered into the room wearing little more than a loin cloth and was obviously sporting a semi. He took in the entire room with a glance but couldn't pick out any of his clanmates amongst the many Krath alreading lounging around.

"Guess I'll just hang around 'til someone shows up." He said aloud to himself.

(PS: That's my in character portrayal for all things not competition related :P)


05-02-2005 12:06:01

Chi Long walked in and decided he would like this place. Then he walked over to Alanna, Link, Nilani, and Sunflash. Then he decided he was really going to like this place. After that, he decided he was going to like this place.


05-02-2005 19:02:26

(Note: Sorry Link :$ )

Sunflash looked at Chi Long and smiled and invited the Grand Master to come sit with him. Chi Long rejected Sunflash's offer with a polite wave and went to sit by himself. Sunflash stood and sauntered over to Link, who was laughing at Shadow's semi.

As Sunflash walked towards Link he stopped at the jukebox situated in a corner. He changed the music to something with more of a beat and continued towards Link. As Sunflash neared link, he reached out his arm with a grin and bowed to Link as he spoke.

"May I have this dance, malady?"


05-02-2005 19:12:01

The sounds of chains clinking together was heard outside of the Lounge as a figure in a red and black ragged tunic walked to the doorway. His boots made a hollow sound resound throughout the room as he halted and peered in. There were several people already in the Lounge, and the Krath Priest known as Esca needed somewhere to relax.

Esca walked into the chamber and spoted the Grand Master whom resided within Esca's Clan. The Priest nodded in respect and leaned up against the far wall, slightly taking notice of the KHP and others within the room as he listened carefully.


05-02-2005 22:53:36

The small figure that belonged to Telona came in a short while later. The red of her hair enhanced by the black of her robe and complemented by her green eyes was something to look at. Yet no one paid attention to her which was just as Telona wanted.

She slipped in quietly and selected a seat boardering the far wall. She ordered a nerf steak and hot tea before settling back into the seat. She closed her eyes and just listened to the noise of the room.


06-02-2005 05:31:16

Nilani watched, extremely amused, as Sunflash offered Link a dance. She chuckled to herself, wondering how Link would react. She picked up the remote for the jukebox and turned up the sound until it was at a deafening volume, much to the annoyance of everyone else. She started in suprise as a waiter walked past with cotton wool stuffed in his ears. "Odd" she mumbled.


06-02-2005 06:52:00

Cybey opened the door and took a look around. All he saw were Dark Jedi drinking, dancing or talking. "hmmm.." Cybey mumbled... "Dancing isn't very Dark Jedi-ish". He took another look around, trying to find a spot where he could sit unnoticed. His favorite spot for this seemed to be already taken. The adept couldn't see who was sitting at his favorite table. Made sense, since that's exactly the reason why he liked to sit there. Being unnoticed...

The Seneschal decided to walk towards the table which was already taken. As he approached, the only thing he could see was some red hair.

When he reached the table, Cybey saw that Telona was sitting there.

"Do you mind if I join you at your table?" the adept asked.


06-02-2005 07:38:48

Alanna frowned and waved at the dial on the jukebox to turn it back down.

"This isn't a disco," she directed somewhat tartly at Nilani. Taking a sip of her drink, she noticed Kandos still sat quietly. "Kandos, what are you reading?"


06-02-2005 07:46:44

Nilani grinned inwardly, totally used to having people annoyed and cold-mannered to her. It made her feel uncomfortable when people where nice to her, like she was actaully doing something right. She shrugged and took another sip of her drink, before beginning to cough uncotrollably as she swallowed something in the glass. Turning slightly purple from lack of oxygen, Nilani silently cursed all careless waiters.


06-02-2005 08:00:31

Link glanced at the jedi hunter, 'sorry, too tired to dance.' She said grabbing another drink out of Korras's red vodka supply. She glanced over at Nilani who was slowly dieing in a painful death but Link just shrugged and looked round at all the new people in the room.

Nilani bumped into the wall, her face red but Link didn't notice. Once again Link took a sip of the vodka and turned round to see what the others were doing.


06-02-2005 12:33:02

Sunflash nodded to Link respectfully and walked off to find where Esca had gone. Sunflash found Esca leaning up against the wall, listening and watching everyone else. Sunflash slowly walked up to the Krath Priest and bowed in respect. Esca nodded in greeting and smiled as Sunflash spoke.

"Seems like a fun place. Whaddya think?"


06-02-2005 14:23:30

"I suppose that these...'Dark' Jedi enjoy social moments. I am not really one of that stature." The Priest smiled, "Though I can tolerate most of you..."

Sunflash got a chuckle out of that and stood beside Esca. Both Jedi from Clan Exar Kun watched the rest of the Jedi in the room, and Esca shook his head. All of them did seem to be enjoying themselves, and Esca felt the emotions course through the room. The more he felt it, the more he actually wanted to leave...but he remained where he was...


06-02-2005 15:05:41

Telona opened her eyes and looked at Cybey for a moment.

"You are welcome to sit with me."

The waiter came around with a pot of hot tea and her steak. Telona offered some tea to Cybey as she cut into the nerf steak.


06-02-2005 15:49:50

Link noticed that Nilani was close to death so she hit her hard on the back which made Nilani spit out a tooth, the tooth span across the room landing in another glass of water which the serveant was carrying. 'Oh yeah! Don't forget Nilani, I want them 70 credits you owe me.' Link said smirking.

Kaine Mandaala

06-02-2005 16:04:54

A man rushed in through the door and stopped dead. His flowing, dark grey robes and black outer cloak wisped forward from the sudden lack of motion. The room fell silent as everyone looked at him.

"I must be in the wrong place," he muttered.

As he turned to walk away, the casual chatter started up again.


06-02-2005 16:05:17

Uzbad walked into the lounge and promptly tripped over the hem of his robe.
"Dammit" he hissed under his breath as he stood trying to look cool as he did so. He smiled and saw his master, Esca standing with Sunflash. He walked over to the two of them carefull not to fall again.
"Very nice Uzbad." Esca said as Uzbad neared the two. Sunflash nodded trying not to laugh.
"That was the robes, not me."
"I'm sure."
Uzbad scowled grabbed a drink from a passing waiter.


06-02-2005 16:15:13

Welshman stauntered into the lounge and took his lightsabre of his belt and handed it in at the door before entering. Taking a look around the room he saw people enjoying themselves and having fun, moving his gnarled visage into a approximation of a smile Welshman walked deepr into the lounge.

"Welshman!!!!" Oh no, he knew that voice.
"Over here Welshy!!!!"

It was Link Vortex.

Turing around to face her he wasn't surprised to see her swigging from a bottle of Vodka and giggling. Sighing he grabbed another bottle of Vodka and went to sit next to her, this would be a long night


06-02-2005 16:49:12

Link turned round to speak to Nilani but as she turned she hit Welshman in the face with her elbow. Link muttered sorry but turned back round to see blood pouring out of his nose. Welshman screamed and Link looked worried and started shouting for a serveant


06-02-2005 16:56:48

"Quieten down, everyone" Alanna commanded, uncurling from her chair to put an end to the nosebleed [AH].

"Link - I think you've had enough to drink for now. Why don't you take a seat. You too Welshman... don't want you going woozy on us from the bloodloss...."


06-02-2005 16:58:05

((Damn, to quick for me Alanna..))

Uzbad montioned for a waiter,
"Another beer. Actually better make that two, its been a hard day of writing."
Uzbad left Esca and went to find a table to sit at, we was tired of standing.


06-02-2005 17:00:50

Link cursed at not being able to drink anymore and sat down sighing as Alanna ordered her a orange juice. Link sipped slowly on the orange juice and listened to the music that was playing.


06-02-2005 17:03:41

His nosebleed had stopped now thanks to Alanna's intervention so he let himself be guided to a chair by Alanna and sat there holding his throbbing nose in his hand while checking his optical goggles with the other, not too much broken.

Grabbing his drink he tanked it in one and made to stand up to leave. However he did a very fine thing and fainted due to bloodloss....


06-02-2005 17:07:57

Link glanced at everyone rushing round worrying about Welshman who had collapsed and she called a servent, Welshman's vodka spilt everywhere and everyone seemed worried apart from Shadow and Chi-Long who sat in the corner watching. 'I ain't giving him mouth to mouth!' Link said turning away.


06-02-2005 17:09:13

Alanna shook her head in disgust. "And he calls himself a Dark Jedi?"

Leaving Welshman on the floor, she returned to her chair and her drink.

Nekura Manji

06-02-2005 17:10:24

Sandals slapping against the floor, Manji shuffled absentmindedly into the Lounge, reaching into his kimono to scratch himself mildly. Ignoring the sn-iggers and chortles of people around him, the Archpriest slammed a fist down on the bar then smiled at the barman winningly.

"I'll have a sake, dude."

Turning round, the Archpriest scratched himself one more time then pulled his hand out and stretched, yawning. At that moment a foot buried itself in his gut. Doubling over, his eyes bulged as Link pulled her foot back and grinned maniacally at him.


"Oh god..." The Archpriest managed to mutter as Link continued to gibber at him. "Not her..."


06-02-2005 17:11:05

Link kicked Manji in the shin then went back to her orange juice. 'Please Alanna can I have another vodka now!' She said.

'I'll be good!'


06-02-2005 17:12:58

"If you 'detox poison' first, Link" ;)


06-02-2005 17:14:17

it was at this time that Welsh decided to regain consciousness. Looking around he saw Link laying into someone else then promptly fell unconcious once more.


06-02-2005 17:15:38

'I think I am drunk enough Alanna.' Link giggled as she punched Welshman in the face.

'He is already knocked out!' Alanna said.

'I know, just testing how much my punches hurt.' Link smirked

Nekura Manji

06-02-2005 17:16:37

Grabbing his sake, Manji shuffled painfully away from the manic, hyperactive Guardian and threw himself down into a comfy chair next to Alanna. Grinning at the High Priestess, he indicated the surrounding patrons and chuckled.

"Amazing how people can get drunk so quickly, isn't it? I've always taken a bit longer to get rat-arsed..."

Taking a sip of his drink, Manji breathed out in satisfaction then slumped back.

"All we need know is some music. Perhaps some heavy metal, or something?"

Nekura Manji

06-02-2005 17:17:24

Grabbing his sake, Manji shuffled painfully away from the manic, hyperactive Guardian and threw himself down into a comfy chair next to Alanna. Grinning at the High Priestess, he indicated the surrounding patrons and chuckled.

"Amazing how people can get drunk so quickly, isn't it? I've always taken a bit longer to get rat-arsed..."

Taking a sip of his drink, Manji breathed out in satisfaction then slumped back.

"All we need now is some music. Perhaps some heavy metal, or something?"


06-02-2005 17:19:39

Getting up once more Welshman decided he should get drunk seeing as he had been battered and abused from the moment he set foot in here. Sipping his drink he noticed something funny on his back, reaching his arm around to his back he pulled of a crude drawing of a furry animal.

"Right, who did this!!!!" He shouted across the lounge subduing all the other conversations going on.


06-02-2005 17:21:19

'It was me!' Link giggled.

Welshman came charging at the young guardian,

'Eep!' Link screamed getting ready to be killed.


06-02-2005 17:25:34

storming towards Link Welshman grabbed her and dragged her away from the bar and propped her down next to two mean looking Gamorean guard dudes.

"Now stay there till you sober up!!!!"


06-02-2005 17:26:07

Esca shook his head at all of the commotion in the Lounge and decided that there was no real reason for him to stay. Therfore, he pushed off of the wall and made his way to the doorway. He looked back and shook his head as he exited the Lounge and made his way through the halls once more.


06-02-2005 17:27:41

Link punched both the guards in the head knocking them out cold. 'That was easy!' she smirked as she got ready to cause more trouble.


07-02-2005 00:08:17

Telona finally got tired of all the racket the kids were making. She bowed to Cybey before she got up and told him she'd be back. She then silently walked over to Link through the din of the heavy music, grabed her by the throat and slammed her against the wall.

"If you cause any more trouble I'll personally throw your corpse out of here." Telona growled.

Welshman blinked at the sudden show of anger from his ProConsul and rushed to Link's side as Telona moved back to her seat.

Link stuck her tongue out in defiance as she got up but didn't say anything.


07-02-2005 02:57:52

Link went back to her seat muttering to herself quietly, she looked round for a waiter to get her a drink then she remembered she was not allowed any more alcohol. Cursing she stayed silent in her seat not knowing what to do.

Nekura Manji

07-02-2005 03:19:49

Waving his glass at the Guardian, Manji chuckled grimly at the expression on Link's face.

"Y'see? That's what being ridiculously hyperactive in a public place gets you. Now calm your ass down before I get angry. I am your Aedile, y'know."

Crossing her arms, Link glowered angrily at the floor, waiting until Manji turned away to stick her tongue out at him. Suddenly she felt her tongue being pulled out of her mouth, lifting her up into the air. Holding the Guardian in place with telekinesis, Manji laughed uproariously as Link struggled.

"M gudda ged do!"

Getting bored, Manji released the hold and let Link crash down into a chair nearby.

"Now behave. Got it?"


07-02-2005 03:22:04

Nilani snickered quietly at all the commotion, rubbing her sore throat. She knew better now if she was going to cause trouble, she'd have to take the subtle approach. She winked at Link, she'd certainly caused a stir. You guys are lucky, she thought, amused, I was dealing with Link when most of you didn't know she existed.

Waving some sleeping pills at Link, she strode into the drinks room and slipped all of them into every alcoholic bottle and glass that was around. She snuck out again, whistling innocently and wondering if they'd kick her out of the Brotherhood for this prank.

She sat down at the bar, one hand on her blaster rifle. Whatever happened, she was in deep, deep trouble this time.


07-02-2005 03:22:25

'Yes sir!' Link grumbled at her aedile as she took another sip of the non-alcoholic orange juice that Alanna ordered her to drink. Link glanced round to see what was happening but everyone seemed really quiet, the only thing to be heard was the constant chatter and the loud heavy metal music which Manji put on.

Link grinned at Nilani as she saw the sleeping pills she was carrying. She kept quiet in her seat even though she knew everything was going to be her fault.


07-02-2005 04:36:12

Alanna felt snuggly and contented. She ignored the hyperactive children, and turned to Manji who was looking almost docile.

"Manji - you've made it quite a long way in the ACC ladder. Tell me - what's your secret?"


07-02-2005 05:40:48

"Good work Link, now I'm in trouble with Telona." Welshman hissed to Link.
The only reply Welsh got was an infuriating smile from Link.
Shaking his head Welshman decided to go and apologise to his Pcon trying to gain some courage first Welshman walked to the bar and downed a few glasses of whatever was present on the bar, feeling a bit more relaxed Welshman began the walk to where Telona was standing when he suddenly felt sleepy. Once again Welshman collapsed to the floor and fell unconscious......


07-02-2005 05:45:53

Link thought she had caused enough trouble already so she sat on her own still drinking the orange juice and munching on a cookie a serveant gave her.

She wondered if anyone would help Welshman but she decided she had better stay where she was and watch the scene.


07-02-2005 05:50:56

Nilani giggled as Welsh collapsed, it seemed to be taking longer to work on Alanna and Manji, and the rest weren't showing many signs yet. Still she thought, sipping her glass of water, good things come to those who wait.


07-02-2005 05:53:17

Link watched some people act all sleepy, she knew it was all Nilani's fault and she also knew she was lucky she didn't have a drink or she would be like them.

Link smirked at Nilani who was is hystericals then she sat back and watched everyone. 'And they thought I was bad!' Link giggled.


07-02-2005 06:17:21

Cybey hardly gave any attention to the incident. He saw Telona coming back to the table and watched her sitting down. She began to finish her steak dinner.

The adept complimented Telona for what she did to "solve" the incident.

"Annoying little Guardians" the Seneschal said.

Telona noticed that the adept was reaching for the Force. Cybey used Affect Mind to let the waiter bring the beer he was carrying to him instead of the person who actually ordered it.


07-02-2005 10:10:06

Walking into the Lounge, Spears quietly made his way to a dark corner booth which offered a nice view of the fireplace. As the Headmaster stopped and made himself comfortable, one of the Apprentices whom acompanied him removed a fancy bottle of Corellian Mist Brandy, while another was sent to offer greetings to Telona and Welshman his former Clanmates as well as several of the other ranking members present.


07-02-2005 10:28:12

Nilani froze as the Headmaster walked in. What had started as a prank threatened to blow up in her face if several DC members got drugged up by the sleeping pills. Grimancing, she slumped in her chair, hoping that her prank wouldn't have to much of an impact.

Nekura Manji

07-02-2005 10:59:24

Shrugging his shoulders mildly, the Archpriest took another sip of his sake and grinned.

"No secret- I just slaughter everyone that gets in my way."

There was an uncomfortable silence, that Alanna tried to fill with a nervous laugh. Grinning, Manji chortled loudly.

"Only joking... I suppose my secret is never giving up. Ever. I could be fighting someone immensely powerful, like yourself, and I'd still give it my all."

Smiling approvingly, Alanna also took another sip of her drink- then grimaced, looking at it strangely.

"Urgh... this seems to have gone sour remarkably quickly... is there anything wrong with yours?"

With a shake of his head, Manji continued to drink.

"Nah... nobody would spike my sake, if only because they know how much pain it would cause them. And because nobody else drinks sake, anyway."


07-02-2005 15:46:33

Sunflash stayed in the lounge a little bit longer than Esca, but decided that all of the eratic commotion was not for him. Sunflash started to walk out of the room when he was bumped into by a waiter. Sunflash turned and snarled at the waiter and started to leave once agian. Sunflash had expected the lounge to be more of a place for serious talk, but many of the so called 'dark' Jedi were proving incompatent in this area.

Sunflash nodded to Uzbad as he left and walked out the door to go find Esca to challenge him to some sparring practice.


07-02-2005 16:19:28

Link smirked as she saw Nilani's worried face, she went over to chat to the jedi hunter who was sitting quietly in the corner on her own. 'So Nilani, you had better not get me into trouble!' Link grinned.


07-02-2005 16:58:26

Welshman woke up to a constant prodding in his side, opening his eyes he saw the Headmaster standing above him prodding him with a foot.

"Get up Warmaster." He said with a scowl.
"Sorry sir don't know what came over me." Muttered Welshman
"Hmm sure you dont. Now sit down."

Obeying the headmaster Welsh sat down on the table with him and Telona and began discussing the latest gossip and scandal to hit the Clan of Tarentum.


07-02-2005 17:06:16

Link was fed up with the orange juice so she quickly stole another bottle of red vodka out of Korras's supply and sat quietly in the corner watching what was going on. The sleeping pills that Nilani had snuck in the drinks were not working on anyone.

Link sighed with relief and watched everyone talking, for once everyone seemed calm and relaxed and no one was fighting.


07-02-2005 18:55:58

Uzbad watched from his table as the waiter carrying his beer came closer and closer, only to have the waiter get a confused look on his face and take the beer to CyberGuy. Uzbad cursed and stood, walking over to the bar. He wasn't happy at all and he jumped over the counter and next to the bartender. He grabbed a glass saying
"You dont mind, do ya?"
He filled the glass with some beer and downed it quickly, filling another as he did so.
" 's good stuff 'ere."
The bartender nodded politly and smiled nervously. Uzbad continued to drink, thanking all the Gods he knew of that he wasn't a Guardian.


08-02-2005 18:06:27

Sunflash peeked back into the lounge and saw that many of annoyances were still there. Sunflash walked in and picked up a vodka from a nearby table. Sunflash sighed and turned to walk back out. As Sunflash exited, he saw somebody trip and fall.

"Of course this place can't be serious. No where else is either."

Sunflash turned and waltzed out of the lounge with the vodka still in his hand. As Sunflash exited, those that were paying attention saw him down the drink in one gulp.


08-02-2005 18:22:25

A tall dark and handsome man entered the lounge. Behind him came Astronicus Aurelius Sadow, known to his friends and just about everyone else as Tron. He was of modest height, about 1.9 meters tall, and wore a black nehru jacket that complemented the rest of his dark outfit.

Spotting a cushy seat by the fireplace that was empty he took it. A waiter approached and took his order, a Corellian Whiskey. While he waited for the drink Tron pulled out a digital flimsy with the days news and began reading.


09-02-2005 03:39:13

Nilani smiled and leaned back in her seat, everything seemed calmer now, and she was feeling mellow. The Jedi Hunter looked at the bartender thoughtfully, who was looking half hysterical and extremely scared thanks to the goings on.

She sighed before vaulting over the bar. "Go on" she said, "take a break, I'll handle giving out the drinks". The man nodded and ran for the exit, turning back only to shoot her a thankful look. Nilani smiled wanly to herself and poured a few drinks for the lounge members.


09-02-2005 05:49:06

Link went up to the bar to talk to Nilani. Nilani handed her a red vodka and smiled, The music was still loud but everyone was settled and talking.

'How you doing Nilani?' Link asked.


09-02-2005 12:59:34

Sunflash suddenly emerged BACK into the room as he was tossed in by Esca. The Priest decided that there was no where better but to be in a place full of...people. Esca watched the Hunter as he brushed by and made his way towards Alanna, to see if he could pick up any meaningful discussions, and leaned against a near by wall.


09-02-2005 13:19:50

Kandos closed his book and looked around, there was now a lot of people in the lounge, yet none of then seemed to have noticed him.

He ordered another drink and sat back down to finish reading his book.


09-02-2005 18:15:51

Tron sipped the last of his Corellian Whiskey. Not looking up from his news flimsy, he snapped his fingers to get the attention of any nearby waiter. None came running so he snapped his fingers again frustratingly.


09-02-2005 19:50:37

Uzbad giggled, starting to feel a tiny bit tipsy, and saw Esca walk back into the lounge. He jumped the counter and headed towards his master,
"Heya! Esca, My main man! Hows it hanging?"
Esca gave Uzbad a funny look and ignored him,
"Hey, yo, Esca! I'mma talkin' to ya! Ain't ya gonna talk to me?"
"Not when your drunk, Uzbad."
"Ain't drunk, Esca!"
"Yes you are."
"Fine, ignore me!"
Uzbad decided to leave Esca alone, and stumbled over to Alanna to try and talk to her.
"Heya Lannie!"


10-02-2005 03:15:46

Yawning, Nilani shrugged. "Fine, I guess, I just decided to play bartender for a while". She noticed Tron looking for a waiter and decided to help out with the staff problems and go ask what he wanted. She strolled over lanquidly and stopped by his chair. "What can I get you?" she asked, sounding bored.


10-02-2005 07:06:43

Bubbs walked carefully into the lounge carrying a large box. She glanced quickly around the room, nodding to Shadow before settling her gaze on the KHP and smiling.

She quickly crossed the room, putting the box down before pulling out a spoon and a tub and handing them to Alanna.

"I thought it might have been a while since you had any Ekky special. I think Betja might have had an influence on this batch though, there's rather more chocolate than normal."


10-02-2005 07:12:07

A feline-humanoid walked into the room, her greenish-yellow eyes scanned the forms of everyone there. She stepped further in and walked over to an unoccupied chair, sitting down and signalling for a glass of water. As she waited she watched the others converse, tilting her head slightly at the one's who were a bit more then tipsy. She thanked the waiter and sipped from her glass, still watching her surroundings.


10-02-2005 07:28:52

Alanna's eyes lit up.

"Mmmmm! I never say no to Ekky ice-cream!" she smiled, spooning up some of the chocolatey-goodness.

"It's good to see you back, Bubbs. Ekky wasn't the same without you. Has it changed a lot since you've been gone?"


10-02-2005 08:21:26

Esca spotted a certain 'feline' friend of his and pushed off of the wall. He slipped close and sat down in a seat next to her smiling.

"Hello, Des." Esca whispered.

She smiled and nodded as the Priest sat down. Esca sighed as he watched his Apprentice make a fool of himself in front of the KHP. He shook his head and decided to fully ignore the Protector...


10-02-2005 09:43:03

taking Spear's and Telona's orders Welshman reached into his wallet and walked up to the bar. Sliding a ten credit note across he was surprised to see a Nilani hologram grin from behind the bar

"Ack. Ahh well, two Lomin ales and a Whyvren's reserve please."
"Sure Welsh."

Nilani mark two disapered around the bar and Welshman nodded to Link who was sitting quietly sipping a glass of red liquid.

"How ya doing Link?" He asked


10-02-2005 10:46:07

'Good good,' Link replied downing the last of her drink. She ordered another drink and nodded at the person running the bar as they gave her another red vodka.

'How have you been?' She asked Welshman.


10-02-2005 11:38:43

Sunflash saw Des stood there as Esca knocked him back into the room. Esca walked off and sat in a booth that Des also soon joined. Sunflash decided to follow Esca's advice and stayed in the lounge. Sunflash walked over to join Esca and Des and sat down next to them. Sunflash laughed as he sat and looked to both Des and Esca.

"So, how's it goin?'


10-02-2005 12:37:46

Bubbs sat down on the arm of Lannie's chair and picked up another spoon from the box, helping herself to the ice-cream.

"Well....a few things have changed, to say the least....half of them don't seem to know the significance of ice-cream, or bouncing, and I'm pretty sure the members of Phoenix don't know everything about their phyle's history that they should, but that'll change soon enough. Oh, and from what Blade was saying training sessions aren't they once were, so I'll have to stop off at some point and check that out."

" But what about you?" Bubbs grinned "Got enough oxygen up there?"


10-02-2005 13:00:53

Desdemonea smiled at Esca as he came over.

"Greetings." She sipped her water and seemed about to say something when Sunflash arrived. She stopped and smiled at him as well.

"Hello Sunflash. It's going..." She looked around, "interesting to say the least."


10-02-2005 14:15:48

Xhedias walks in and looks around, then goes and sits in the corner eating links cookies.


10-02-2005 14:52:46

" But what about you?" Bubbs grinned "Got enough oxygen up there?"

"Enough oxygen where? Up in the loftly heights of KHP? Oh, I'm coping!

But Taldryan seems to be doing well enough in the Krath RoS - their training sessions can't be lacking that much! Maybe it's because you came back them at just the right time..."


10-02-2005 16:26:34

"Im good thanks. Hehe, these drinks will go along way to making me feel better" Said Welshman to Link as the drinks were delivered to the bar.

"Can I get you anything?" He asked her after reciving his change


10-02-2005 16:46:15

'Nah, I'm alright but thanks for asking.' Link grinned then she noticed Xhedias eating her cookies in the corner. 'WHAT!?'

'huh?' Welshman asked confused.

'That little furball called Xhed over there is eating my cookies!'


10-02-2005 17:46:10

"Yes, I'll have a…" Tron stopped in mid-sentence as he looked up from his flimsy and noticed it wasn't one of the usuall waiters. "I'll have a, uh, another Corellian Whiskey please?"

"Ok." Replied the smiling Nilani as she bounced off to the bar to get Tron his new drink.

"This is quite the place isn't it?" Tron said to himself smiling as he thought of what a great place he'd found.


10-02-2005 17:58:24

"hehe, in that case get yourself another one." Said Welsh handing her the box of complementory cookies.


10-02-2005 17:59:28

'Cookies... so tempting but no.' Link said shaking her head.


10-02-2005 18:01:06

"ahh go on, you've already demolished most of the lounge's store, one more wont make much of a difference"


10-02-2005 18:02:01

Link shook her head. 'Nah.. I feel sick...' She then puked all over the floor.


10-02-2005 18:09:33

Welshman picked up the hem of his robes to prevent them being splattered and sighed. Patting her back reassuringly he handed her a cloth to clean her self up. Looking forlon Link apologised before promptly throwing up all over Welshman.


10-02-2005 21:57:04

Uzbad gave up on Alanna and gazed around, He saw Esca sitting with Sunflash and Desdemonea in a small booth not far off. He froliced over to them and jumped onto the table, spilling drinks everywhere. Esca shouted and jumped away from the table, while Desdemonea hissed, and Sunflash sat there looking stunned. Esca grabbed Uzbad and threw him off the table. Uzbad landed with a thud and wondered where he was. He sat up and saw Esca standing over him, Desdemonea and Sunflash standing behind him. "Heya guys! Whats a hap?"


11-02-2005 03:16:58

Nilani got Tron's drink, chuckling at his suprise at seeing her there. She scowled at the hologram of herself. "Don't look nothing like me" she mumbled angrily, "but now you're here, I guess you can take over". She walked back over to Tron and gave him his drink. "I'd charge you but it'd mean work so..." she shrugged, and sat down. She enjoyed meeting new people that didn't try and kill her.


11-02-2005 03:22:52

'Sorry Welsh.' Link said shocked, 'i didn't mean to do it.' A servant came over and started clearing up the mess.


11-02-2005 03:57:36

Tron took a sip of his drink and closed his eyes as he savored it's rich taste.

"Perfect." Tron said, then chuckling continued, "Ah but where are my manners, I am his eminence the Emissary of the Brotherhood, Tron Sadow - but you can call me Tron. I didn't realize we had a talentd Jedi Hunter bartender. But I must say you make a fine drink, Miss…"


11-02-2005 04:11:38

"Bakash" Nilani smiled, "Nilani Bakash. It's good to meet you Tron". She scowled again as she caught sight of the Nilani hologram. "That should infring some sort of copyright" she said to herself. She started as she realized Tron probably didn't know what she was on about.

"Well, I decided the bartender needed a break, I think we were beginning to overwhelm him". She chuckled and took a drink of a nearby waiter. "Nice place, this".


11-02-2005 04:28:01

Maybe it's because you came back them at just the right time..."

Bubbs looked at Alanna disbelievingly and laughed.

"Taldryan? Needing any one person to do well in something? We are talking about the same Clan aren't we Lannie?

Although I have been away far too long. Too many new faces"

Bubbs looked around the Lounge again, shaking her head at the antics of some of it's other patrons.


11-02-2005 05:34:01

"Uzbad, I'm sorry - I hadn't noticed you there" Alanna called over and down at Uzbad on the floor. "Ice-cream?" she offered, holding up a spare spoon.

The High Priestess then wrinkled her nose as a nasty smell wafted her way, and she raised her voice to speak to Link. "Link - next time you want to throw up, try and make it to the toilet or you'll be cleaning it up youself. As for Welsh's robes - he can send you the cleaning bill. This is supposed to be a place where we can relax. I've had a very busy day and I'm trying to enjoy my ice-cream. If you disturb me again, I'll throw you out myself."

Turning her attention away from the disturbance (one of many :P ), Alanna resumed her conversation "Yeah - I guess Taldryan would have got along ok without you, Bubbles. But it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun!"


11-02-2005 07:57:02

Link grinned at the KHP and took a sip of water, 'I won't cause any more trouble.' Link said whilst drinking some water which a servent gave her. 'I think I had better stay away from the alcohol.'


11-02-2005 08:53:23

Alanna smiled, "I think that would probably be wise!"


11-02-2005 08:58:08

Esca stood over his Apprentice and shook his head. The Zabrak had no common sense what-so-ever, and it would be the end of him. Esca grabbed Uzbad by the back of the neck and yanked him to his feet. He had the idea to let him go, but thought against it and tossed him easily into the booth the three others were sitting at earlier.

"Don't move until you sober up...and that frolicing just got your three more days of training at the cliff." Esca smirked.

Esca and Desdemonea left the table that Uzbad and Sunflash were in and moved on to an empty one. Esca shook his head once more and sighed. Des smiled and laughed as he began complaining about his mistake of taking Uzbad as his Apprentice.


11-02-2005 09:14:12

The doors had opened and the Acolyte Rayne Bloode had walked in. She had walked over to the bar and got a drink. Rayne started to sip on it slowly while letting her eye's trace the room. The Acolyte had spotted Esca and walked over to him.

"Hello Esca. Long time no see."


11-02-2005 11:19:24

Desdemonea grinned at him as she listened to his complaining. She laughed again as he stopped and scowled at Uzbad still laying in the booth.

"Ahh, he'll learn I'm sure." She shook her head and chuckled as Uzbad tried to stand up but only succeeded in falling over. As she looked back to Esca she heard a voice near them and turned her head to set eyes upon an Acolyte who had ventured over yet only adressed Esca. She watched her quietly.


11-02-2005 16:35:18

Staring in disbelife at his sodden robes Welshman shook his head and made to leave the establishment.

"I'll be back!!!" He shouted.
"As soon as i get some new clothes" he muttered to no one in particular.

Putting his head down he collected his sabre and left the building


11-02-2005 16:37:00

Link gulped and thought she had better leave before she messes things up. She edged quietly towards to the exit.


11-02-2005 18:23:22

Esca shook his head and looked around before responding to the young Acolyte. "True. How have you been?"

Esca smiled, then glanced over to Uzbad who was constantly attempting to 'expose' himself. Sunflash was having a hard time of keeping him at bay, so Esca had to. The Priest sent the image of what would happen to Uzbad's 'exposure' if he continued. With this one image, the Protector suddenly went to his seat knowing full well Esca would do it.

Desdemonea smirked and shook her head as Esca returned his sight on Rayne. She smiled also watching the Zabrak and nodded.


11-02-2005 18:23:28

Taking of his robe Welshman shivered in his jumpsuit. The night air was icy and the howling wind bit into him. But onwards he strode to the awaiting shuttle that should take him to a place he could clean up. On the way to the shuttle he heard someone walking behind him


11-02-2005 18:30:01

Link walked faster and saw Welshman... 'Uh oh!' she said then she turned to walk in the other direction back towards the room, she wondered if anyone noticed she was gone.


11-02-2005 21:24:46

Uzbad sat down, terrified of he'd seen. It wasn't pretty seeing some jewels go missing. He sighed and tried to order a beer from a passing waiter, only to have Esca give the waiter a piercing look and apparently send some image into his mind. The waiter gave Uzbad a funny look and walked away smiling. Uzbad sighed and sat back. He then began to sing, or at least try to.


12-02-2005 17:59:47

Welshman came back to the Lounge after a few minutes rummaging in the Shuttle's crew compartments. Dressed in new robes Welshman pulled the hood over his eyes and strode down the ramp and back into the frigid weather.

Striding purposfully through the doorway he only stopped when the doorman droid buzzed for him to hand his weapon over. Casting a contemptous look at the droid Welshman used a telekinetic shove to push him backward and walked to the bar lightsabre still affixed to his belt.


12-02-2005 18:07:42

Uzbad chocked while he was singing and fell off of his chair laughing. Meanwhile in at another table Esca sighed.


12-02-2005 19:26:31

Link glanced round the room then she sat in a dark corner, wishing that no one would notice her.


13-02-2005 12:53:37

Desdemonea smiled at the female then stood and left Esca and her to speak as they wished. She wandered to the bar and sat down, ordering a red wine as she watched the other occupants.


13-02-2005 13:32:43

Uzbad tried to stand up but as he did so, passed out. Esca saw his apprentice black-out, smiled, and returned to his conversation.


13-02-2005 13:56:51

"Bakash" Nilani smiled, "Nilani Bakash. It's good to meet you Tron". She scowled again as she caught sight of the Nilani hologram. "That should infringe some sort of copyright" she said to herself. She started as she realized Tron probably didn't know what she was on about.

"Well, I decided the bartender needed a break, I think we were beginning to overwhelm him". She chuckled and took a drink of a nearby waiter. "Nice place, this".

Out of the corner of his eye Tron watched as Uzbad passed out, he noticed Esca looking at his apprentice, gave him a nod of respect. Esca smiled and returned to his conversation with Desdemonea. Tron turned his attention back to Nilani.

"Yes it is quite enjoyable." Replied Tron. "Reminds me a little bit of House Satal Keto's old digs back before they clanned, way back when." He smiled to himself as he remembered the 'good old days' that he once enjoyed. "Oh, where are my manners this evening? Here you went and got me a drink when you didn't have to and you have nothing to drink yourself. Would you care for a drink?"


13-02-2005 14:37:26

Uzbad woke up, his head pounding.
"Huh? where am I?"


13-02-2005 14:38:38

"In hell uzbad," Xhedias smiles at uzbad as he continues poking him with his finger.


13-02-2005 15:09:50

Link looks round and wonders what is going on, she goes to get another glass of water then returns to her dark corner/


13-02-2005 15:12:59

Xhedias giggles and keeps poking him, stopping breifly to wave to link.


13-02-2005 15:24:17

Link pretends not to notice Xhedias wave at her and raises a eyebrow as she saw Uzbad getting poked. 'Stupid people,' she muttered taking another sip of her water.


13-02-2005 15:41:12

Xhedias makes a face like this :S


13-02-2005 16:03:12

Link didn't want to be cruel so she waved at the ewok who looked upset.


13-02-2005 16:59:51



13-02-2005 19:23:23

Des watched from the bar at Xhedias and Uzbad and sighed, shaking her head. She smirked an idea forming in her head. She watched them a moment longer and used mind trick to make Uzbad think Xhed had just insulted him in some way, forcing Uzbad to attack Xhed, starting a fight. Des sat at the bar sipping her red wine, smirking as she watched the two, wondering what mischief this would cause.


13-02-2005 21:33:11

"Dummy!" Uzbad heard Xhedias say quietly in between pokes.
"What'd you call me!?"
"NO! You called me a dummy!"
Uzbad jumped up and twisted Xhedias' finger around, smiling as he heard the bone crack, his face turning to a look of sheer horror as he realised what he'd just done.


13-02-2005 22:30:00

Telona, who had been having a quiet conversation with Cybey, looked around at the bar when all the noise stopped. She saw Xhedias' broken finger and just smirked before going back to her conversation.


14-02-2005 00:38:21

Tron's attention drifted to the commotion where Uzbad and Xhedias were. He stood up, then remembering his guest sitting next to him said, "Hold that thought, Nilani, I'll be right back."

He walked over to the young Krath Protector and the Sith Warrior who had been poking him. Xhedias was about to let Uzbad know just how much it had hurt when Tron decided to intervene by stepping inbetween and creating a buffer zone.

Looking at Uzbad he smiled and projected a thought through mind trick by saying, "I think you've had enough to drink. You'll go sit down over there and meditate for awhile." Then looking at Xhedias with his broken finger he continued, "You on the other hand haven't had enough to drink. We need to get you smashed so that you won't feel that pain or the pain of when we reset your broken finger. Come over here to the bar and I'll buy you a couple of rounds until you can't feel a thing."


14-02-2005 06:19:24

While still reading his book Kandos walked across the room, amazingly not hitting anyone. He walked up to the bar and ordered another drink.


14-02-2005 06:39:27

Nilani walked up to the bar and stared at Xhedias. "Whats up furball? Long time no see" she said, smirking as the ewok glared at her. She looked at Tron. "If you want to dull the pain by alcohol give him a baby cup, he can't hold anything else".


14-02-2005 06:40:05

Propping himself on the bar he jestured for the bar keeper to get him a drink and surveyed the scenes of chaos that were unfolding around him, he for a change wasn't involved and this made him feel both proud and disappointed.


14-02-2005 06:52:18

Link was suprised it wasn't her who caused all this trouble but she watched from her corner with a grin on her face.


14-02-2005 07:43:41

Xhedias gets very googly eyed at the sight of alchohol. With a squawk something came out to the extent of "w00t!"


14-02-2005 08:01:27

Nilani looked at Tron wearily. "This is what I have to deal with, is it any wonder I get stressed easily?"


14-02-2005 11:18:56

Uzbad for some reason had a terrible urge to meditate, so he headed for a far corner and began to do so.


14-02-2005 12:27:02

Xhedias grabbes the pint with both of his small furry hands and lifts it up to his mouth carefully.


14-02-2005 12:44:03

Sunflash had sat back and watched all that had happened in the last few minutes. Sunflash sighed and then started to laugh. It has been a fun night so far, not much else could happen that would surprise him. Sunflash looked around and smiled. It was good to see some of the Dark Jedi not being so dark. Sometimes his fellow Dark Jedi just seemed soo boring, but tonight had been fun so far.

Sunflash stood up and looked around for his next converstaion.


14-02-2005 16:57:50

Uzbad continues to medite, oblivious that Desdemonea was making faces at him.


14-02-2005 22:14:32

Kaek walks in, smacks Tron on the back of the head, then walks out.


14-02-2005 22:17:25

Link giggled as she watched everyone fighting, she watched the furball (ewok) get drunk at the bar and laughed. Everyone seemed to be getting drunk and starting fights, the Anzat took a cookie off a servents plate as they walked past and she sat on the chair watching everyone.


14-02-2005 22:46:12

Xhedias was only worried if there was a drink in front of him, and if there was, life was all gravy


15-02-2005 05:43:37

Nilani smirked and stole Xhedias's drink, holding it up so he couldn't reach. "Come back when you've grown" she giggled. She stopped laughing as the ewok reached for his lightsabre. Dropping the drink on his head she sat down. "Spoilsport" she grumbled at him, watching Kaek walk out after entering and hitting Tron.


15-02-2005 07:42:44

Xhedias groaned in dissapointment then quickly ordered three more.


15-02-2005 15:39:03

Uzbad was entranced in his meditation, all thoughts of life wiped from his mind, this was bliss.


15-02-2005 15:43:53

Des was watching Esca infact, though Uzbad seemed to have drank enough to think she was making faces at him. She sat the bar, sipping her red wine. Des ordered another one before making her way back over to the booth that she and Esca occupied before and which now seated Esca, Rayne and Des. She smiled at Rayne as she slid in next to Esca, merely listening to their conversation.


15-02-2005 19:32:00

Uzbad finished meditating and stood. Looking around he thought the place looked different when he was sober. He headed for the bar and odered himself a Coca-Cola. He grabbed it eagerly and headed for the booth seating Esca, Des, and Rayne. He sat down politely and apoligized for his earlier behavior.


16-02-2005 09:54:55

Esca sighed slightly from the commotion that had just settled down and glanced at Des who simply slid up. He smiled then glared at Uzbad as he popped up. Uzbad was quite a handful and he would need to learn quickly. Esca was intent on handling that soon. The lounge was now...more docile than before, and Esca order a small drink.


16-02-2005 18:44:07

He had been standing by the bar for ages doing nothing other then staring into the drink he was nursing in his hands. Sighing Welshman got up. Grabbing his drink he went up to the hologame table in a dark corner and deicded to play some Dejarik against a Wookie who nobody had noticed until now...


17-02-2005 11:52:54

Cipher walked in, her claws tapping the floor as she sauntered towards the window sill. She noticed various people sitting in the disgusting plush chairs. She gave a respectful bow to the KHP and continued gazing around the room. She saw Esca and spoke to him, her voice resonating in his mind.

~Esca. It is agreeable to see you again. How are you faring as Proconsul?~ she inquired as she leaped into the window sill, perching there. Her wings folded behind her and her tail began to sway...


17-02-2005 16:53:47

Esca smiled to himself without turning towards where Cipher had now perched. He knew of her ways of speech quite well, and decided that if others wanted his attention, they would get it somehow.

~Fairly well, I would say. Nothing I can't handle. How have you been?~

Esca closed his eyes slowly trying to get rid of the noise by concentrating and trying to figure out what Uzbad was doing. He gave up on Uzbad and decided to finally order a drink...any drink.


17-02-2005 20:00:41

He sat down politely and apoligized for his earlier behavior.
((OOC: you'll notice i was saying sorry to ya, Esca.))

Uzbad sighed as no one seemed to have heard his apology. He took a sip of his coke and cleared his throat. No one seemed to notice. He shook his head, amazed that people only noticed him when he was being a fool. He stood up and poked Esca in the shoulder.


18-02-2005 03:17:26

Tron watched as Kaek walked out of the bar and figured it was he who had thwapped him on the head, shrugging it off he turned back to the Nilani holographic bartender and ordered an Alderaanian Scotch. Then noticing that Xhed hadn't had enough ordered the little ewok a couple of more drinks.

Nilani, the real Nilani, was engrossed in conversation with her old friend Link. So Tron turned around to face the audience and leaned back on the bar to relax.

They really need to get a disco light in here, Tron thought to himself, and a really good band. Some dancers wouldn't hurt either. I'll have to call in some emissary-like favors from the clans to fix this place up nice like.

Tron smiled to himself, shook his head in agreement to his thoughts and took another sip of his scotch.

Macron Sadow

18-02-2005 21:06:49

After a very long hyperspace trip and training at the academy, Macron Goura decides to enter the Brotherhood pub and enjoy a nice stiff beverage between lessons. He slinks in, knowing he knows almost none of these powerful darksiders and the few he does just barely. A quck scan of the room allows him to see who is prsent.
"Er, Hi everyone?"


19-02-2005 14:42:10

Uzbad was fed up with Esca ignoring him. It wasn't his faughlt he was drunk earlier. Someone should have limited his ability to drink straight from the fountain. He saw a young nervous loking novice enter the lounge turned his thoughts back to Esca. He sighed knowing that Esca wouldn't talk to him this night and stormed out of the lounge in anger, almost knocking over the novice. In anger he punched the servant that was taking coats of those that where entering. The servant toppled over and Uzbad continued on his way out of the lounge.


19-02-2005 20:01:39

Des smiled as she saw Cipher enter the lounge, she habitually nodded to her before scanning the room. She didn't see many she knew on a familiar basis so she simply went back to staring at her drink infront of her, absent-mindedly stirring it with a finger.


19-02-2005 21:02:39

Tron went out after Uzbad, catching up to the young Krath Protector, he grabbed him by the arm and yanked him back into "the Lounge." Tron pushed him up to the bar and sat him down at one of the stools.

"Now sit and drink." Tron ordered as he picked up somebodyelse's beer mug and downed it. "I need another drinking partner, this here little ewok…" Tron said pointing to Xhedias, "…he's good, but you need three to get into a good ol' bar song and two to watch your back when the fight starts. So drink up and rejoice, for tomorrow we die!" Tron took another swig from yet another person's beer mug and gave Uzbad a big ol' drunken smile.


19-02-2005 21:42:53

Xhedias begins to hear the song from MC Hammer "Cant touch this" in his head and quickly begins dancing to it. Doing so for being drunk his very first time, until he had to shuffle, then he fell down and looked up at the ceiling beggining to spin. Somebody promply ran over to him and gave him a drank. The Ewok took it thankfully downed it on himself, trying to catch every last drop, not knowing what he did since he was so far into a drunken state.


19-02-2005 23:08:20

Uzbad sighed as a drink was placed in front of him by a drunken Tron. UZbad gave it to the hapless novice whom he'd knocked over earlier. He ordered himself a coke and headed for an empty booth to drink it.


20-02-2005 09:52:51

Link quietly made towards the exit after downing another shot of vodka, she crashed into the wall causing everyone to stare at her.

Link quickly ran through the exit then made her way down the corridor


20-02-2005 13:19:40

Kandos walks around the lounge wondering where he left his book.


21-02-2005 17:13:44

"Ha beat you again you big furball!" Shouted WElshman gleefully as beat the wookie for the third time. The only reply he got was a deep throaty growl and a punch in his stomach. Crumbling into a messy heap Welshman lay there unconscious as the Wookie stood up and left the establishment


23-02-2005 08:23:28

Esca looked over to Des who was off in her own world. He smiled and nudged her as Rayne left, then smiled when she looked over.

"Not much to do here, huh?" Esca muttered.

Desdemonea shook her head slowly and also smiled. Esca looked over to Uzbad who was off in his own booth. He laughed to himself and shook his head slowly as he sipped his drink once more.

Macron Sadow

23-02-2005 09:25:34

"thanks for the drink, Mister. Uzbad, right?" said Macron with a respectful bow.
Macron sidled up to the drinking trio of Tron, Xhedias, and Uzbad. Supressing a sneeze as he is allergic ro ewoks, he toasts the group and asks to join them.
"I brought some Yavin firewater- anybody interested ?"


23-02-2005 10:55:33

She had left Esca and Des at the booth as she walked over to the bar to get herself a drink. She had ordered a coke and sipped on it slowly. She watched everyone around her wondering if anyone played Pazaak. She would let her glare follow Uzbad as she had know Esca was his master.


23-02-2005 17:57:57

She smiled at him then looked back at her drink, stirring it yet again before downing it. She slid out from the booth and ordered another at the bar, returning to the booth across from him now rather then beside.

"No not much to do here, though," She glanced at Uzbad, "seems this place has its shows now and then." She grinned and laughed, picking up her drink and sipping at it. She smiled at Esca as she watched him.

Vithril Isradia Kunar

23-02-2005 18:04:38

Vithril walked in, dark robes flowing, his purple and black tattooed face causing a low murmer to resound thru the room. Sitting down on a steel chair in the corner, he lowered his hood off his head to reveal his intense orange eyes. As his gaze swung around, he spotted Des, then grunted a low greeting, and turned to the drink he had just been served as he opened a thick volume that seemed to have been bathed in dust previously, and began to read.


23-02-2005 18:13:32

Desdemonea perks her ears as she hears a greetings; she looks around and smiles at Vith as she sees him enter. She watches as he sits down at the bar and opens a book, her head tilting curiously at what he was reading. She shrugged slightly, not wanting to interrupt him she returned her attention back to Esca.

Macron Sadow

24-02-2005 22:24:42

"Hmm. people reading... there must be some life here. Anyone for a game of baccarat?"
Macron ordered a drink and looked around. He spied Rayne, and remembered seeing her from the Shadow Academy. "Hey, how about you? What was your name again?" he said with a grin.


25-02-2005 10:55:45

She had looked up from her drink and looked at the man that had spoken to her. "Yeah sure. I'll play a game of baccarat with you. My name is Rayne Bloode by the way." She had remembered seeing him in the Shadow Academy too. "May I have the pleasure of your name?" She said with a sly grin.

Macron Sadow

25-02-2005 13:49:09

"I'm Macron Goura, recently in from Coruscant. It's a pleasure to meet you Rayne- and take your money. " he said with a smile. "Seriously, though, I am too broke to do any serious betting. The medbots are expensive after getting your tail fragged in the Combat Center."


28-02-2005 10:42:21

The zeltron had shurgged. "Perhaps we should just play a friendly. No betting involved if you are broke." She had brushed a stand of her hair back out of her eyes. She walked over to a table and looked back at him. "So are you up for just a friendly game?"

Macron Sadow

28-02-2005 10:46:05

Sure! Macron glanced about the room. Everyone still seemed to be reading.
"Hmm. Do we need a third? I hope not, this lot looks to be a bookworm fest. Not that I mind, I am a bit of one but I usually hide it. Maybe that's from being a streetpunk for a while. So where are you from, Rayne?" said Macron, while adjusting a link in the chains all over his attire.


28-02-2005 10:55:35

She glanced about the room as well. "No. I don't think we need a third member. It's ok if you want to hide. We all have something to do." She had thought for a minute about his question. "I'm from the planet Zeltros. Ever heard of it?"

Jodie-Wan Kenobi

28-02-2005 13:43:51

Kenobi pulled her hood up further and sighing inwardly, deposited her blaster at the drop-of point, glancing slighly enviously at the amount of lightsabers left by others.From the amount of them, the room would be quite full, and hopefully, she wouldn't be noticed too much.The door was slightly ajar, and there were pleasant sounds coming from within, so trying to remain inconspicuos, she slipped inside and looked around for somewhere to sit, before ordering a non-alcoholic drink from a waiter.


01-03-2005 10:44:18

She had sat at her table looking around the room sipping on her drink. She watched everyone as they had gone on about there business. Not really caring about the noise or how quiet it had gotten. She now wondered how to get everyone to be louder. Maybe if she threw credits all over the place. An evil smile appeared on her face.

Macron Sadow

01-03-2005 20:37:40

Macron scratched his head and thought a bit. "Hmm. Never heard of it, Rayne. Guess my exogeography isn't up to snuff." He pulled out his battered datapad and pecked away at it. And then banged it against the table. "This blasted thing isn't working... So where is it? "

Jodie-Wan Kenobi

02-03-2005 14:56:14

Downing the drink, she pushed her hood down and ran her hand through her black hair, cut short for conveniance.She avoided the gaze of some of the elder members, who had reached higher ranks and deserved the respect she felt she could not give to them.Putting down her glass, she walked slowly towards the bar, contemplating whether to order an alcoholic drink favoured by one of the others of her rank.


03-03-2005 09:56:20

She thinks for a second. "I think it's on the outer rim. I haven't been there since I was six." She smiled some. "I don't really have anything to do with my race anymore. For all that I've done I would be considered an outcast." She then looked over and noticed Jodie-Wan over at the bar and then looked at macron. "Hold on just a second Macron. I'll be right back." She walked over and stood beside Jodie. "Hello there. I don't believe we've meet. And you're new so I thought I'd invite you over to chat with me and Macron and perhaps play a game of baccarat with us."

Macron Sadow

03-03-2005 10:07:56

Macron grinned. "Sure, I'll get us all a few drinks."
He walked to the bar, plopped down a couple of last few creds, and returned.
Popping new energy cells into his datapad, he began to play a rousing game of " Squish the Jedi Dogs" until the ladies came back.

Jodie-Wan Kenobi

03-03-2005 11:22:06

Glancing at the slightly older apprentice, she nodded and cleared her throat. "Yes...I'm not familiar with that many people.I'd enjoy the game, although, I'll have to warn you, I play pretty well...Nice to meet you.I'm Jodie-Wan Kenobi, but I'm known mostly by the latter"
She grinned slightly, and walked with the other apprentice to the bar, and noticed Macron playing the game she'd completed in a few minutes."Y'know...once you get past Level fourteen, the padd buttons switch function to make it harder..."

Macron Sadow

03-03-2005 20:38:52

Macron smacked himself in the head. "No frelling wonder! I thought the thing was on the fritz."
He put up his datapad and returned his attention to his compatriots. "Anyhow, I like killing lightsiders a lot more. So what have you ladies been up to lately? Stomp any Jedi padawans?"


04-03-2005 08:30:35

She grins some. "What have we been up to? Nothing really. But to tell you the truth. I don't play baccart alot. That's why I thought I'd like watch you two play. And no I haven't been stomping jedi padawans." She thought for a second and looked at Jodie and then Macron and was quiet for a while afterwords. As they had no idea about the cultures of her people.

Macron Sadow

04-03-2005 09:35:46

Macron giggled. "I bet not, now that I remember who the Zeltrons are. Gotta watch out for you!"
He dealt a hand and sipped a drink. "Well, I'm from cruddy ole Coruscant, the stained jewel of the galaxy. The place is over-everythinged, if you know what I mean. Oops, excuse me for a sec." A clatter sounded as Macron's worn out holster dropped a highly modified DL 44 blaster onto the floor. He scooped it up with a sheepish grin. He whipped out a roll of duraplas tape and hastily repaired it, adding to the many layers already on it.
"How 'bout you, Jodie? Where are you from? And welcome to the Brotherhood and all."


04-03-2005 09:49:45

*She grins some.* "Watch out for me? How could I be possibly dangerous?" *She smiled.*

Jodie-Wan Kenobi

04-03-2005 10:28:36

She made an annoyed clicking noise with her tongue and teeth at the use of her first name."Don't call me that! I hate it.....I heard it means princess or something similarly sickly sweet.Kenobi'll do."
She nursed the drink in her left hand, and contempleted her home planet thoughtfully.
"I'm not entirely sure where I'm from.The earliest memory I have is on Endor, so I suppose I grew up there, although the human population is kinda low.I'm pretty sure I wasn't born there though.And before you ask, I'm no relation to that sickening infamous lightsider, Obi-Wan Kenobi, which is something I'm grateful for."
She took a long swig of the drink and coughed appreciatively.


04-03-2005 10:39:16

*She slowly sipped on her drink as she eyed Kenobi and Macron.* "Please don't argue about stupid stuff such as names."

Macron Sadow

04-03-2005 12:39:21

" Ah, who's arguing, said Macron. He then turned to a small mouse droid that had quietly snuck under the table and was extending a comp link toward their cred chips. Macron quck drew his blaster and put it right in the mouse droid's input interface. He had lost his characteristic grin, and now looked quite nasty. "Shove off droid, before I give you a big data packet. I don't have many of those left- alchemy is an expensive hobby," he said. The little larcenous droid scuttled off.
Returning to his good mood, Macron said with a grin. "You know very well why you are dangerous, Rayne. heh heh. I have to go now, I'ts time for my next battle in the Center.
Bye for now, nice to meet you ladies, and we should kill some Jedi sometime. I think I am late!"
Macron left the lounge with a flourish and in a hurry, checking his chronometer.

Jodie-Wan Kenobi

04-03-2005 15:42:49

Kenobi turned to Rayne and sipped the drink, more slowly this time."So....How'dya know Macron?"


04-03-2005 17:15:15

Tron finished the last of his drink and placed the shot glass down on the bar countertop next to the forty-seven others. The little furball known as Xhedias did likewise. He and Xhedias had decided to have a drinking contest with the strongest stuff in the Lounge. Right now they were both finding it rather difficult to stand, their legs were wobbling like wet noodles, but that didn't matter because they were having a grand old time.

Xhedias put out his hand wanting another shot, but as the bartender handed it to him he just missed it as he fell flat on his face. He would have gotten up, but that would have been too much work and so he laid there and waited for the room to stop spinning.

Tron began to laugh at his fellow clanmate and house member. Then all of a sudden the room seemed to begin to sway back and forth and Tron had a hard time finding his footing. It felt like he was on a starship with bad inertial dampners. He put his left forward, hoping to balance himself better but the swaying continued. Tron gave up, he knew if he laid on the floor that he wouldn't really feel the swaying and he wouldn't have to worry about standing up, so he relaxed and fell flat on his back.

From around the Lounge everyone watched and laughed at the two drunks who for the life of them didn't realize how blitzed they were.


04-03-2005 17:55:04

Uzbad watched the two drunks galavanting around the bar and took a sip of his coke.

Jodie-Wan Kenobi

05-03-2005 13:47:30

As all she got from Rayne was blank stare, Kenobi got to her feet, downing the last of the drink and ordering another.She walked slowly into the corner of the room furthest away from the door, ignoring the drunks, and pushed a credit into the Juke box.She pused a few buttons so a heavy rock track would play, and pulled her hood up, closing her eyes.

Dark Sabre

05-03-2005 14:41:26

Dark Sabre runs in randomly gets intoxicated as quickly as possible by shoving down vodka and ice cream in turn and is eventually carried out by the paramedics.


Jodie-Wan Kenobi

06-03-2005 11:18:12

"Ok...." Kenobi muttered to herself, surveying the scene through partially closed eyelids.What was the point? Honestly....If Sabre wanted to throw up, she could have reccomended several drinks that would have done the trick in a slightly less....public manner....

Macron Sadow

06-03-2005 17:58:26

Macron was wheeled back in a short time later, in a body cast. Obviously his last fight against Manji went poorly. He spotted the drunks on the floor, and decided an ethanolic painkiller would be good. Besides, if the higher ups were blasted he better be, too.
"MMph mm ngg," said Macron. It's hard to speak with bandages on your face, but nontheless he ordered a stiff scotch. He ripped the bandages free, and then belted it back in short order.
"Hi everybuggy," he chuckled.


06-03-2005 20:30:26

Raziel entered the lounge silently as he pulled back his hood to survey the area. He smiled slightly, as this type of place was so unusal to him. Yet, he thought, it was somehow inviting. He chose a chair in a dark corner to sit. No one seemed shocked by his unusual appearance here. His dark blue skin melted into the darkness of the corner, as he meditated on his new surroundings.


06-03-2005 20:35:24

Feeling slightly bored Desdemonea glanced around, noticing the figure with blue skin who entered; She tilted her head slightly as she watched him. She smiled at Esca before standing and making her way to the table, smiling at him as she approached carrying her glass of wine.

"May I?" She nodded towards the chair across from him.

Jodie-Wan Kenobi

07-03-2005 08:00:55

Raising an eyebrow at Macron's new bandage-fixated attire, Kenobi guessed that his fight had not gone as well as anticipated.She shuffled over, head down, and sat down beside him, ordering another drink from a worried looking waiter." pain no gain, Macron?"

Macron Sadow

07-03-2005 10:17:12

"Oh yeah, Jodie. Don't worry, your time in the combat center will come one day. It has been very... let's say informative. It certainly has honed my skills," said Macron with a groan.

Jodie-Wan Kenobi

07-03-2005 14:41:17

"Certainly looks like it...." she said with a wry smile.She itched to fight there, although how much she would not let anyone see.The only time she felt truly alive was during battle.She ordered four more drinks, and, shoving one down the bar towards him, she downed the remaining three in quick succession, slamming the flimsy glasses down onto the bar, where they shattered, splintering glass over the annoying waiter."Serves you right!" she snarled, ignoring the feeble apology he was stuttering out."Next time give me a more heavy duty drinking vessel, or you'll be worse than cut!"


08-03-2005 08:25:02

*She gets up from her position after thinking for awhile and walked over to Jodie and Macron.* "Sorry I didn't reply. I was deep in thought. Kenobi I know Macron through going to play a game with him. And I saw him in the Shadow Academy."

Jodie-Wan Kenobi

08-03-2005 08:32:06

"Thats...erm...interesting" she said, waving the waiter off with her hand as he hovered nervously next to her.
She took a packet of sour jellybeans from her pocket and pulled the packet open."Want one? I've got about a dozen boxes, I think I'm addicted to these or something"

Macron Sadow

08-03-2005 09:18:27

Macron waved his hand at a servobot. "Hey would one of you bots wheel me back to my bunk, these bandages are starting to itch! I'll see you guys later- gotta go grade some tests. Oh yeah, and how's that Antei thing goin', Rayne?"


08-03-2005 09:30:01

*She nods.* "Ok. I guess." *She looked back at Jodie.* "Yeah sure. I'll take one. What are they?"


08-03-2005 09:39:00

Esca sighed after Desdemonea left. He had not had a 'good' social time in a while, and really didn't like the lot of them. Esca reached behind him, to a concealed sheath, and drew his Chariguai. The disc began to spin on Esca's middle finger as a small, metallic, ringing sound rent the air. His Apprentice, Uzbad Azyr, whirled around to look at the 'cursed' weapon and darted instantly for the door. Esca laughed and leaked the Force into the disc in order to allow the Chariguai's six blades to emerge. Still bored, Esca tossed it up in the air as it flew off in a general direction. Esca wanted to see how people would react to a weapon that would take off a hand or burn the skin...

Edit: Check my character sheet if you want to know about the Chariguai. Have fun!


08-03-2005 09:43:02

*She heard the noise of Esca's ancient weapon and knew of it's possiblites. She sat down in the booth she was at with Macron and Jodie and quietly tried to figure out what Esca's plan was.*

Macron Sadow

08-03-2005 09:55:17

Macron hides under the table, with a bottle. "Welp, won't be going anywhere just yet."


08-03-2005 09:59:18

*She grabbed the bottle he was holding and tossed it at a spot where she had thought Esca's Chariguai to be. She was right as the bottle slide in two as part of the glass started to bubble from the heat. It fell to the ground and shattered as she then lost track of Esca's Chariguai and she started to look about as she wasn't sure what was going to happen next.* "No one will be going anywhere anytime soon Macron. Especially if Esca keeps toying with everyone."

Jodie-Wan Kenobi

09-03-2005 04:31:43

"They're jellybeans Rayne...Correllian I think, although there is the question of whether my usual trader lies to me..."
She followed Macron and ducked under the table, although she had no idea what he was scared of, or hiding from.


09-03-2005 08:34:14

*She looked under the table at them.* "There really is nothing to be afraid of. It's just Esca seeing how many people he can scare. If he wanted to hit anyone he would have already done it." *She lookes at Jodie.* "Can I try some of those Jellybeans?"

Macron Sadow

09-03-2005 08:43:42

Macron looks at his now empty hand. "That's alcohol abuse Rayne! That was a perfectly good bottle of beer! Arrh!" with that, he stands directly up and walks to the bar, flying death not withstanding. A Jedi has to have his priorities, you know. Besides, if is his time to die then so be it. The Sith are a proud lot-and Macron loves his beer.


09-03-2005 08:54:28

*She smiles as she sits there.* "What I did was not alcohol abuse. What you're doing is alcohol abuse. So don't complain to me."


09-03-2005 09:53:29

Esca watched the Chariguai on its course, then stopped it before his hand. There was nothing of any interest here in the Lounge. Des had gone to someone else, Rayne was speaking to others, and Uzbad...was just Uzbad...So, Esca sheathed the weapon, and departed one last time.

Jodie-Wan Kenobi

09-03-2005 10:32:34

"Help yourself" Jodie said, tipping the packet towards Rayne, and then Macron.She'd drank a fair amount of alcohol, but wasn't a big fan of the stuff.Just when it was starting to make you feel slightly different, you'd drank too much and were sick.It was stupid in her opinion, but Macorn could have his beer, and she'd have her jellybeans.

Lorien Sinclair

09-03-2005 14:37:32

Lorien walks in, wanting nothing more than a strong drink and some peace. She nods to Rayne, then orders a Black Sunrise as she sits on one of the barstools.


10-03-2005 08:30:09

*She tooks some jellybeans from Jodie and looked at them and then to her.* "Thanks Kenobi. I'll be right back." *She walked over to Lorien.* "Hello Lorien. It's been a long time since we last spoke. Do you want to join me at the table me and Kenobi and Macron are sitting at? We can all chat about the recent news and what not." *She smiled some.*

Lorien Sinclair

11-03-2005 10:06:37

Lorien nods, grabs her drink, then pays the bartender before following Rayne to the table.

Macron Sadow

11-03-2005 10:56:55

"Hello- Lorien, is it? I think I saw you over at the ACC hall. How goes it?" said Macron as he sat back down with a grimace.

Lorien Sinclair

11-03-2005 11:20:33

"Cant complain, Macron. Tryin' to find Tissaya for a battle," Lorien replied before she slammed her drink.
"Hey, Rayne, got nachoes?" she said, a twisted grin on her face.


11-03-2005 15:20:06

Shakes her head and walks away from the newcomer recieveing no reply. She goes to return to the table she and Esca occupied only to find him gone; shrugging to herself she walked out of the lounge, drink in hand, to go find him once more.


11-03-2005 17:18:09

*Looks at Lorien with this look of affection in her eyes.* "What do you mean by nachoes? Is it what I think you're talking about?" *She sips on her drink and lookes at Jodie wondering if she's ok.* "You ok Kenobi?"

Macron Sadow

11-03-2005 22:22:12

"Nachoes!!! Cool." *salivates*
"Maybe Jodie overdid it with the jelly beans? Hey, I gotta split. Time to fly to Falleen and do a job for Xizor. See you on the flip side..."
Macron gets up and exits the bar, dragging bandages with him.

Jodie-Wan Kenobi

12-03-2005 07:32:07

She flashed a quick grin, paused, sipped her dirnk and replied "Na, I'm fine...just tired."
She watched Macron get up "See ya later Macron" she said, turning to face the newcomer with a puzzled expression on her face.

Lorien Sinclair

12-03-2005 14:29:43

Lorien looks at Rayne with a twisted smile.

"Shhhhhh!!!!! Nobody needs to know!"

She turns to Jodie.

"Are we going over your head?" >:) >:) >:) ;) ;) :P :P :P


14-03-2005 09:09:19

*Smiles some at Lorien and looks at Jodie knowing we have her confused.*

Lorien Sinclair

14-03-2005 19:45:14

Lorien recognizes the knowing smile on Rayne's face, an' says, "Babe, i think she's lost. You wanna explain it to her?"


15-03-2005 06:07:51

Gaius walks into the lounge.

"Gaius, there's a lounge there." someone says and everyone laughs.


15-03-2005 09:29:16

*She grins some and walks over to Lorien and whispers into her ear.* "Do we really need to let her in on it?"


Jodie-Wan Kenobi

15-03-2005 10:13:44

"Aww, c'mon! Tell me!"
*she shoves another handful of jellybeans into her mouth and gulps them down with a shot of Correllian whiskey*


15-03-2005 10:25:12

Feeling more bored by the minute, Nilani sat at the bar, utterly determined not to return back to her Clan sober. She ordered another bottle of vodka and watched the others, who seemed to be enjoying themselves. Thinking that one of the seats by the fire looked extremely comfortable, she got up and attempted to walk over, before stumbling into Jodie. "Sorry" she mumbled, flashing the woman a grin.


15-03-2005 10:35:16

*Looks at Jodie.* "It's nothing really. It's something that is just really between me and Lorien. Something you really shouldn't know." *Gives Lorien an smile and lets her eyes wander the room.*


Lorien Sinclair

15-03-2005 13:12:44

>:) >:) >:) >:) >:) >:) >:) >:) >:) >:) >:) >:)

Jodie-Wan Kenobi

15-03-2005 15:12:35

*She raises an eyebrow at Nilani, then turns back to them*
"Ok, let me guess..."
*She a spike of short black hair between her fingers and thinks*


16-03-2005 09:24:59

*Smirks some.* "You can try and guess all you want. But I'm not totally sure you'll get it."

Lorien Sinclair

17-03-2005 23:53:11

Lorien's face slips into a demonic grin.
"Jodie, trust me, you don't wanna know..........." >:) >:) >:) >:)

Macron Sadow

18-03-2005 09:44:59

Macron walks back in the bar, wearing new robes and looking refreshed.

"hey guys, time to party! Hi everyone... " Macron walks around the bar.

"Hi to you Nilani, I don't believe we have officially met. I know a few of these other hooligans though," says Macron as he gestures at the three other ladies.


18-03-2005 09:47:28

*Heard what he said and glared at him and shook her head.* "Trust Lorien you don't want to know Kenobi." *Motions for Macron to come over to them.*

Macron Sadow

18-03-2005 09:49:32

Macron walks over and puts a Kel Dor cyanogen mask on the table.
"I just got back from Metellos, from seeing an old friend." He grins.

"So, who's up for some chess?"

Jodie-Wan Kenobi

18-03-2005 09:55:02

"OK guys, I'll take your word for it.But y'know I'll find out eventually.."
*she turns around to look at Macron.*
"Hey Macron.You're looking....less beaten up.Chess? What, you're afraid to play a real game?"
*she pulls a pack of card from her robe pocket*
"Who's up for a round of sabacc? Unless you're afraid and you wanna play chess with Mr Goura"
*She grinned widely, showing her more-than-a-little-pointy eyeteeth*

Macron Sadow

18-03-2005 09:58:02

"Hah! Sabacc it is then lass! "
Macron sets into a chair with an evil grin and a gleam in his now yellow eyes.

He orders a round, puts away his datapad (that had some really weird schematic on the display, something you would think was far beyond a thug) and relaxes.


18-03-2005 10:35:03

*Grins.* "If you only knew." *She sat down and watched Macron and Jodie play sabbacc.*


18-03-2005 11:13:08

Nilani waved to Macron, her smile faltering at the word "hooligans". Frowning slightly and wondering what company she was in, the Knight strolled slowly over to the fire and sat down, before gesturing for the waiter to bring her a drink. "My head" she groaned, before sensing a familiar prescence nearby. "LINK!!!" she yelled, "get your butt in here!"


18-03-2005 11:31:22

Link tried to edge further towards the door. "she'll be too lazy to catch me." She thought to herself as she carried on like she had never heard Nilani.


18-03-2005 11:34:55

Nilani got up and ignited her lightsabre, before running after Link. "Outta my way" she yelled at anyone in her path. She grabbed Vortex by the collar and dragged her over the fire, ignoring the scowls at the disturbance she'd caused. Reholstering her lightsabre, she pushed her fellow Krath into a seat. "How you doing?" Nilani asked, her speech slightly slurred.


18-03-2005 11:52:53

'Errr.... ok.' Link muttered knewing she had better stay. Nilani grinned and gave Link a bottle of red vodka.

Macron Sadow

18-03-2005 11:55:31

*Macron sends a droid over to link with another bottle of red vodka and a message*

"You must hang out, if you are going away for a while! Have some! It's from the alcoholocron before it blew a fuse!"


18-03-2005 12:08:16

Link took the red vodka and the droid wandered off. Link smiled and turned the music on, the message was right. If she was going to leave she might as well have some fun now.


19-03-2005 06:38:13

Nilani's face fell. "So where are you going now you're rogue?" she asked despondently, feeling slightly more sober. Link shrugged. "Oh come on" Nilani insisted, "what do you plan do to now?"

Jodie-Wan Kenobi

19-03-2005 07:42:11

Ignoring the knight she hardly knew (she'd only been a member for a few weeks, and most of that time had been spent doing scully work as a punishment for a prank she'd played on her first day), she turned back to Macron.
"Shall we make this a little more interesting? How about 100 thousand creds to the winner? My bank account's been too full for too long"
*She shuffled the cards from hand to hand, almost too, quickly for them to follow with their eyes, unconciously running her hands over the deep burn scars on both her wrists, as she often did without realising*

Macron Sadow

19-03-2005 10:16:32

"Er, wow... that's a lot. How about 20 thou? Being an alchemist is an expensive hobby you know."
Macron grinned and shuffled the cards. "So how 'bout it?"


19-03-2005 10:51:10

'I'll be back,' Link muttered. She turned towards her friend then nodded. 'I just have something to do first.' Nilani nodded with respect and Link took another sip from her drink.

Macron Sadow

19-03-2005 10:57:42

"Btw, Jodie- I've got this mask here I'll bet you. A kel dor would pay well for it."


19-03-2005 11:09:10

Link quickly finished her drink and ordered another one. She didn't want to have to go rogue but she had no other choice it seemed. A servent brought her another drink and she took a sip of it. 'How long are you going to be gone?' Nilani asked.

'However long it takes me to sort this out.' Link replied.


20-03-2005 06:32:21

Nilani scowled. "Well, come back soon". Link nodded and sighed unhappily. "Screw this" Nilani said crossly after a moment, "I need another drink". She strolled of to the bar to grab a few bottles.


20-03-2005 14:21:22

*She stood beside Jodie and looked at Macron.* "Macron. I'd becareful when betting. You know. You could lose just as much as you hope to make. And I believe Kenobi is a very good player."

Jodie-Wan Kenobi

21-03-2005 06:10:13

"Ok, 20 thousand it is...or the, I think I'd rather have the cash" She grinned again at Rayne's comment."Why thankyou.You believed right.I have a straight record as far as sabacc goes.With or without the use of the Force.What about we play without...just for a change?"
She grinned widely, removing an unremarkable portable scanner from her pocket and placing it on the bar."You know what this is?"she said, turning to Macron.

Macron Sadow

21-03-2005 08:04:41

"Probably a Force detector of some kind," sighed Macron. "Of course. Playing without the Force would certainly be to your advantage."

He grinned. "I'm a good sport. I don't cheat - at sabacc anyhow."

Macron fingered his blaster with an evil leer. "And that's MY insurance."

" Let's play!" he said on a light hearted note with a smile as he put a cred stick with twenty thou on the table. The Alcoholocron had proven to be a most profitable machine before Bob broke it.

Jodie-Wan Kenobi

21-03-2005 15:54:12

"You did not fully understand my meaning, Macron, however, I am willing to change my usual rules to suit others"
She pushed her hands deep into one of her robes, withdrew a heavy pouch of credit-strips.
She pushed twenty thousand credits worth of strips onto the table, withdrawing a few more thousand in case the bets rose higher, and replaced the pouch (which was one of many) within her robes.
"It is a Force-detector, Macron, and although it will show use of the Force, it has been directed only to show when I use the Force.You can use it all you wish,or not at all, it is of no consequence to me, for I can win without it.Still confident?"
*She rubbed her palms together, her face a picture of utmost happiness*

Macron Sadow

21-03-2005 16:11:03

"Ah hell, it's just a game" said Macron. "Sure, deal 'em."


21-03-2005 16:49:51

*She sat there and watche them. Taking a particular liking to Jodie and then looked at Macron.* "I'll be right back. Anyone want any drinks from the bar while I'm up?"

Macron Sadow

21-03-2005 16:57:13

"Yes madame, I sure would. How 'bout a stiff one, as this loss is sure to be painful for me. Preesh."

Macron grumbled as Jodie dealt the cards, and he lost the first set handily. Of course.
Maybe he could play dice later to redeem his honor... now that was a better game for a Coruscant thug.

Jodie-Wan Kenobi

22-03-2005 06:47:03

"Hey Rayne? Could'ya get me erm....hey what the hell, I'll get it myself.Somebody watch to make sure he doesn't cheat.Can't stand cheating myself."
*She gets up from her seat and walks to the bar.She orders fourteen shots of vodka, and asks the waiter to bring them over in three miute intervals.*

Macron Sadow

22-03-2005 11:08:09

"Fourteen shots of.... wow, you are my kind of girl," Macron laughed. "I don't care if I lose the game, seeing you get sloppy will be payment enough. "
Macron also ordered some shots of Yavin Four moonshine. That would put him on par with Jodie, and make this a hilarious game of sabacc- for them, and all the observers.


23-03-2005 09:45:25

*She shrugged and went and got herself a glass of scotch and walked back over to the table and sat down and watched them play sabbacc as she was still recovering after a surgery she choose to have.*

Jodie-Wan Kenobi

24-03-2005 08:24:18

"So....what's up with you these days Macron? Still getting your butt kicked at the combat centre? I've been doing a lot of flying lately"


24-03-2005 08:29:37

*She watches them a little bit and rubs her eyes as they are hurting because of the light so she puts a pair of googles on so the light doesn't bother her. She then sips on her scotch.*

Macron Sadow

24-03-2005 09:18:27

"Well, Jodie let's see..." Macron began to count mentally. "I killed an ex Jedi on Metellos, killed three more padawans on Tarthos, fought on Falleen under Xizor, Manji, Muz and Raistlin, recovered some Dark side artifacts from Yavin Four and killed a few lightsiders there, found time to teach a few classes at the Shadow Academy, and am now fighting in the ACC as well as my usual other side projects. I probably forgot some stuff too."

Macron had been a very busy bee lately. He grinned. "And you? Flying where? Anyplace exciting?"

Jodie-Wan Kenobi

24-03-2005 15:10:53

"Nothing as exciting I'm afraid....I've only found time to torture and kill two padawans and one former Jedi....although, I admit, he was almost dead anyway.I've mostly been on escort duty, but I did find time to shoot two New Republic XJ3's out of the sky above the Correllian treaty line.Tricky little blighters, those XJs.Well, looks like I beat you again"
*She removes a card from her hand, which forces him for forfeit the round*


24-03-2005 20:49:49

*Uzbad sips his coke*


25-03-2005 07:41:38

Nilani ran over to Uzbad and stole his coke, before running to the bar and adding some malibu to it. ;)


25-03-2005 09:25:10

'Nilani!' Link shouted, 'remember what happened last time you drank that malibu at my brother's BBQ.' Link shook her head.

'Oh yeah get me some as well.' Link grinned.

Macron Sadow

25-03-2005 09:31:51

Macron overhears the converation about Malibu and shudders. "That's almost as bad as melon liquor!" he gags.

He promptly loses his concentration and loses the sabacc game to Jodie.
"Damn!" he muttered. "Oh well. Better go make some more gold..." He gets up.

He stops by to pester Link and Nilani a bit....


25-03-2005 14:20:27

"Damnit!" Uzbad yells as Nilani runs off with his coke.
*walks to bar*
"Seven shots of pure moonshine."


01-04-2005 21:11:30

The door creaked open as a short figure in battered armour slipped inside, heavy boots clumping off the floor. The being bore no visble weapons aside from the vestigal horns sprouting from his forehead. A mane of white hair fell to his belt, upper portion tied back so the hairy mass didn't hand in his face.

As he had been making his way down the hall, he heard a commotion that had attracted his attention, so curiosity getting the better of him, the Zabrak and checked it out.

Stalking over to a squishy red couch, Khamier paid for a bottle of water, then leaned back into the couch, eyes widening slightly as he sunk in deeper than expected.

Peering past a few strands of white hair hanging in his face, the Sith's eyes took in everyone in the room, then closed for a moment. Meanwhile, his gauntleted hand pulled a worn sketch pad with a pencil from a belt pouch, and opened the pad to an blank page and began to sketch, fingers wisking over the page in fluid motions. On the back cover was some reddish stains that look remarkably like blood, but could have been some red wine as well.

Occasionally growling, Khamier was silent other than the sperodic mutters of curses at the slowly forming picture.

Macron Sadow

01-04-2005 23:22:16

The bar was in complete disorder. A plethora of lightsiders had broken in, under the orders of Halcyon. They commanded that all alcohol be disposed of, as alcohol was of the Dark Side.

The symphony of igniting lightsabers and various drawn weapons was breath taking. every soul, including the bartender, wished to defend the bar from the Light invaders.


01-04-2005 23:45:36

Snarling, Khamier threw down his sketch pad and charged over to the bar area, wielding a small chair as a weapon. He had come here for some free time, but no the Jedi had to bust the party and say "beer is of the Darkside!"

He screamed "So what if beer is of the Darkside, at least we have more fun than you tight wads!!!" and he smashed the wooden chair against a wildy flailing Jedi Padawan. A second swipe finshed the man off, but also succeeded in breaking his chair/weapon.

Snapping a sizable chunk of chair leg off, the Zabrak proceeded farther into the bar.

As soon as he had leaped over the last obstacle, Sarin quickly found himself in a world of chaos.

Pots, pans, arms, legs, and the occasonal flying droid filled the air alongside knives, forks and other cooking implements.

Two Lightsiders made the mistake of showing themselves too close to the Zabrak, who promptly bashed one over the top of his skull, then swiped the second across his back, sending him flying farther into the maalstrom that used to be the bar. As he went to swing a second time, the end of his wooden club flew off, leaving him with a stump.

Spying a useful looking rolling pin lying in a civilain's limp hand, the Sith darted over closer to retrieve it.

Discarding his snapped chair leg, he snatched a rolling pin from a unconcious cook and proceeded to play ping-pong with several Jedi's heads all the while singing "Wild Thing " as loud as he could, swinging his pin in rythm to the lyrics.

Jodie-Wan Kenobi

03-04-2005 15:55:30

Standing up from her place at the bar (she had not moved during the entire assault) , Kenobi retrieved a lightsaber from where it was hidden inside her robes, and made off with the remainder of the retreating jedi.The assault had cost them sourly, the Jedi, and she felt pain and sorrow for the ones who had died, on this, a rescue mission, to retrieve her from the clutches of darkness. Turning to look at the others who were looking at her as though they wished to tear out her throat, she said "It's" and turned to run after her Lightsider comrades.


04-04-2005 08:11:39

*She had watched the entire assault take place. Although she felt inclinded to act she let the more eager killers take the kills. As she liked to methodically kill her enemies instead of killing them instantly. She looked around and wondering if Jodie or Macron is going to come back to the table and talk to her.*


Macron Sadow

05-04-2005 00:20:30

Macron finished choking the life out of a Jedi padawan, and sat down next to Rayne.
Several bodies littered the floor around him, and he had the look of a job well done.
Appearing unconcerned, the Sith ordered another drink and picked up the discarded sabacc set.

"After that- I don't think Jodie is hanging with the right crowd..." observed Macron.


05-04-2005 08:25:48

*She looks at Macron and nods.* "Yeah. Maybe she isn't. Maybe she is. Perhaps since she's hanging with us it is the right crowd." *She just looks about and starts sipping on a glass of scotch she had gotten a long time ago and failed to drink it.*



09-04-2005 15:36:18

Uzabd sat at the bar completly unaware of the assault and drank his whiskey, mourning over the loss of his beloved coca-cola. The occasonal tear dripped down his face and onto the wooden bar. Sometimes too, a sob could be heard from Uzbad's general direction.

Requite deSaiah

10-04-2005 22:53:34

"Damn kids..."

*The janitor's behemoth of a mop descended to the floor with a disconcerting smack into the congealing maze of cadavers*

"Routin' out the brandy for twenty bloody minutes o' fun. "

*He halts amidst his monotonous routine, an idle grin furling about his ashen lips*

"Heheh.... "Bloody" minutes..."

*His eyes surveyed the terrain, and his fleeting smile dispersed as soon as it had taken root*

"'Course I'm the one mopping it up..."

*The dutiful custodian halted, and rummaged about his tattered, grease saturated denim jump suit, muttering incessantly to him self*

"Bloody ass hooligans better not have--"

*His voice trailed off as his fingers interlaced upon his query, and he fished out the ciggeret*

"Old Bertha, aye..."

*He struck a match on his thumb nail, issued a stifled oath as the sulfur trickled up the nail, and lit the illegal rod of tobacco*


*Plumes of acrid smog billowed into the air, the janitor's eyes seeming to alight with an orange hue.*


*His eyes fervently darted about the recent carnage of the room, in slight hope that he may apprehend one of the culprits. Yet, to no avail. Not a single shadow to betray the location of the enigmatic figure*

"Oi! 'os there!?"

*Not a reply except for the chatter of the rain outside*

"Me years mus' be catchin' up with me...."

*He returned reluctantly to his duties*

Rune Kiirnodel

12-04-2005 19:15:13

Slowly a young man walks into the room dressed in all black from neck to toe. His long blue-black hair is a mess upon his shoulders and his dark grey eyes look disturbed.
He proceeds over to a nearby table and watches all the comotion going on around him.
"I wish I could act like them once more," he says as he looks at his left leg," Damn blastor wound."
He slowly takes off his black cloak to reveal a sleeveless shirt and a religious amulet upon his neck. His arms, heavily tatooed, were slightly to the athletic build.
A server came over and he ordered a glass of black vodka. Quickly returning with the beverage, the barmaid looked at the man sadly," You should mingle a little."
"Not my style," the young man said quietly," Only if they come to me..."

Requite deSaiah

12-04-2005 20:28:49

*A near by patron flings a rotten cabage, catching shadoweye13 square in the face*


13-04-2005 07:31:52

Nilani stood up, scowling. "Requite! Quit it!" The woman ducked as another cabbage headed her way. "Haha, you mis-" she stopped as a better aimed missile hit her in the face. "Oh you are so dead" she mumbled as Requite legged it over to the safety of the other side of the room. She strolled over to Shadoweye, sitting down by her clanmate. "Evening" she said cooly, offering him a wan smile as she picked a cabbage leaf out of her hair.

Rune Kiirnodel

13-04-2005 16:15:21

"Evening," shadoweye said as he slowly picked cabage from his hair as well," They are quite annoying aren't they,"smiling he went back to his drink listening to Nilani.
"I see Lady Alanna is here as well," he said so quietly that Nilani had to lean in to hear," I remember when she was still only the leader of aleema," smiling as he waved at the KHP.
When he finished with his drink he shot Requite a menacing glance then turned to Nilani and said," So whats new?"


13-04-2005 18:58:43

As Virulence approached the entrance to the lounge a small group of Light Jedi burst through the door and rushed past the Acolyte. The Jedi were moving at such blinding speed The Barabel barely had time to respond, but managed to sink his razor-sharp claws deep into the throat of a passing Padawan. He studied the facial expression of the dying Light-sider, and was surprisingly unsatisfied by the kill. He drug his victim back into the lounge and before retracting his claws and dropping the Padawan onto the already blood-stained floor asked loudly "Anyone lose this?".
Virulence took a small piece of fabric out of an inner pocket of his crimson sleeveless shirt and cleaned the Padawan's blood off of his hand. After licking the piece of fabric clean, he placed it into the back pocket of his black tapered pants and surveyed the scene. He watched the Janitor cleaning up Jedi body parts and was dissapointed he missed the fun.
The Acolyte strolled up to the bar, sidestepping to avoid a piece of flying cabbage, and ordered a double black vodka. He seated himself next to Uzbad and after taking a sip of his vodka turned and asked the weeping Krath "Are you crying?".

Requite deSaiah

13-04-2005 20:56:48

*I stride into the cacophony, observing with evident distaste at the frivolous volley of B33R, cabbage, potato, and a stray chicken. My off white irises traverse the scene, fervently endeavoring to acquire sight of Another. Yet,*

"There you are..."

*I pose aloud, inaudible amongst the rancor of the tavern. Another black-clad figure was drenched in shadow toward the back door. He handed me the faintest of nods. *

"That makes one..."

*From the outskirts of my periphery, I locate the third of our party, near Uzbad, who was developing some brand of snort from laughing so vehemently. One left. I cast a sidelong glance at Nilani, virulence, shadoweye13, Rayne`Bloode, and marcon goura. All so content. All so blind, obstructed by their mirth. *

"Come on Ora, where are you?"

*Disdain wells within me, but then, yes, there, the fourth member of my band sidles into view, his hands withdrawn out of sight, no doubt clamped upon the hilt of his saber. I nod, he returns it with another. The stage was set. *


13-04-2005 21:22:35

Khamier stepped out around the Janitor currently cleaning up the mess of amputated body parts, apologized as he accidentally bumped into him, and stepped back into the lounge area.

Having discarded his previous weapons in the wrecked kitchen, the Zabrak glanced at his weapon hanging over by the door with some trepidation.

He felt ripples of tension in the air and retreated to a shadowy corner by his sword, muttering "heys" and "Hellos" to people he knew, then stopped at his spot, eyes glittering. His hands were clenched, but not tight enough to draw blood. And from his vantage point watched the scene unfold before him.


14-04-2005 02:44:54

Uzbad gave no notice to the Acolyte and continued sobbing softly into his drink, breaking occaisionally to wipe his tear soaked cheek. Virulence had decided he really didn't care what was wrong with him and downed the rest of his vodka. He slammed the glass down onto the hard wooden bar and looked for the bartender to order another. He started to yell down to the other end of the bar where the bartender was pouring a new coca-cola for Uzbad when every muscle in his body clenched. The Barabel was not far enough into his training to sense exactly what was wrong, but he knew enough to raise his guard. He spotted Khamier, trying to act casual yet failing to hide the anxious look in his eyes, retreat to a dark corner near his weapon. Virulence had his locust knives tucked inside his shirt as always, but had left his katana back in his quarters. He decided at the first sign of trouble, Uzbad's new coca-cola was going to be the first thing he threw.


14-04-2005 06:38:27

"Oh, nothing much" Nilani shrugged, waving to Khamier, who she hadn't seen for a while. There was, of course, a lot of new things, but Nilani was slightly drunk and couldn't concentrate hard enough to remember them.

She yawned, feeling extrememly tired and grouchy. "What's the time?" she asked wearily, rubbing her eyes and slouching in her chair.

Macron Sadow

14-04-2005 09:23:49

" Er, I think it's twelve thirty Nilani, " Macron said hesitantly as he walked over to the next table.
Turning on his IR sensor in his Black Guard armor, he spotted several figures attempting to hide in the shadows. Normal for this place. Maybe somebody was going to start a fight- that would be great! He smiled and cracked his knuckles at the thought.
Macron walked over to the bar, noting several new faces in the swill-a-torium. He ordered a double expresso with irish whiskey and a coke for Uzbad. Downing the caffeinated Irish throat bomb, he went and sat back down.

Rune Kiirnodel

14-04-2005 17:36:17

Looking up, shadoweye nodded to the new arrival in greeting. His eyes quickly turned back to Nilani as he said," So any word on a new mission beginning?"
He looked around the room to see if anyone else heard him, and spotting a young apprentice looking his way he quickly lowered his voice," I am hoping for a mission to slay jedi soon. or maybe just one of the students on yavin 4."
He smiled and ordered another glass of the black vodka.

Requite deSaiah

14-04-2005 19:09:42

]*One by one, the other three infiltrate the throbbing cantina, their hands darting, barley perceptible in the shrouded light. One drink, two, now three. Soon, very soon. I myself lace a particular item with the sedative. *

The truth must be unveiled. We shall make them see....

*Four drinks, five drinks, six! Still, no one paid particular note to my band. For certain, we had attracted the preponderance of a few scant people, but nothing we could not handle*

Antei, you dared to taunt us. The feeble Republic dared to taunt us....

*My pallid eyes began to detect the signs of effect. Glazed eyes, impaired speech, *


*From a corner, I detect a pulse. Some one is watching. *

"What the hell is this?"

*Their thoughts berated my mind, *

"What is going on?"

"Is this a drill?"

"This isn't a joke, is it?"

"Hey what the-- Ugh, my head."

*I endeavored to drown their voices, but my Miraluka blood prohibited me. I clamped my useless eyes shut, gritting my teeth *

"Man I feel.... Sleepy...."

"Arg, my hangover is getting to me...."

"This whiskey must be stale...."

*A ceaseless drone, an incessant rain I could not ignore. *


*I breathed, *

Soon they will understand...[/I


15-04-2005 08:27:42

For a few seconds she felt drowsy, but not for long. Nilani leapt to her feet, drawing her lightsabre and igniting it in one quick movement. "What in the name of the Krath?" she yelled, fighting down nausea. She calmed down after a few seconds. "You guys okay?" she called to the rest of the group, astonished at what had just happened. It had been quite a while since someone had tried to slip a poison or sedative in her drink. Those that did quickly learned she had long ago learned to use antidotes. Luckily, she hadn't given up the habit after she'd joined the Brotherhood....


15-04-2005 08:36:51

*Shakes her head as she sits there surprised at how many people continue to try to attack the lounge.* "When will they learn." *She stood up and ordered another glass of scotch standing beside Macron.* "I haven't seen you hang out here too much. You still busy?"


15-04-2005 08:42:44

Sick to death of the constant disturbances in what was supposed to be a quiet place, Nilani decided to take a walk to cool her temper. She stalked out of the lounge, stuffing her sabre hilt back into the loop on her belt.

Rune Kiirnodel

15-04-2005 16:09:00

Quickly shaking off the sick feeling he got, shadoweye ran after Nilani.
"You ok?" he said quietly while throwing a look back to the lounge," Those dumb bastards always try this, dont they?"
Still feeling sick alittle, shadoweye walked a little slower as he held his chest.


15-04-2005 16:35:35

Already knowing that many of the Dark Jedi in the Lounge would know of his coming once more, the Priest decided to place a wall of TE around him just in case of any...misshaps. Sure enough, as Esca walked into the room, dozens of food articles were launched in his 'general' direction. Every one hit the wall and slid down as Teiko sat at the same booth he did far earlier.



16-04-2005 03:10:43

The tension that gripped the bar seemed to lift slightly as the occupants joined in flinging refuse at the entering Krath. Virulence even managed a subtle grin, he nodded in respect to the Priest and turned to order another drink.

"Good news, you can keep your coke." he whispers to Uzbad as he ponders his inability to focus lately.
The Sith reaches down into a pocket in the side of his pants and pulls out a small sketchpad and a piece of charcoal.
"Bartender! Another double!"


16-04-2005 06:49:30

"Fine, fine" Nilani said vaguely, before noticing how ill Shadoweye was beginning to look. "But are you?" she asked, amused at the odd colour the Aleemian was going.

Chuckling slightly, Nilani headed back into the lounge. "You coming?" she asked her clanmate.

Rune Kiirnodel

16-04-2005 09:42:43

"S-sure," shadoweye stuttered as he slowly walked back into the room.
Reaching into the pocket in his pants, he pulled out a glass vial and downed its contents quickly. Moments later he started to look better as he reached into another pocket and drew forth a small dagger.
" Next time that happens, I won't be nice and leave the room,"shadoweye whispered to the dark jedi.

Macron Sadow

16-04-2005 09:46:40

"Nah not too busy, at least for me Rayne. How about yourself?" Macron looked about the bar, taking account of the new arrivals. So far, no attack had manifested itsself, and that was good.
A nice uninterrupted drink and sandwich was just what he wanted right now.


17-04-2005 15:24:53

Uzbad sipped his drink, muttering to himself, not careing that others were giving him strange looks. From time to time he would yell "Damn and blast!" at the top of his voice, then return to his muttering.


18-04-2005 23:50:03

I ordered a Ithorian Mist from the bartender and sat down to wait for it to be made, while waiting I looked around the joint to see if I knew anyone...


19-04-2005 03:38:19

Nilani chuckled, before noticing Kraznor, another clanmate of theres. "Hey Kraznor!" she yelled, "welcome to the lounge!" She clinked glasses with Shadow and downed her drink. "What house is he in?" Shadoweye asked. "Kirleta" his Aedile replied, wondering if Kraz would come and sit with them.


19-04-2005 05:50:56

I walk over and start up a convo with Nilani and Shadoweye about different clan issues and general chit chat


19-04-2005 08:17:20

A full glace of beer flew across the room; from the bar into the hand of a darkly robbed stranger who just entered the lounge. There was a slight drizzle outside and drops of water on the stranger's outer garments began to accumulate before falling to the ground. He skulled the beer before approaching the bar and placing the empty glace on the bench.

"Excuse me, sir. You willing to pay for that?"

The figure pulled his hood back exposing his face. His eyes shone with an intense dark-blue, signifying that he was completely at ease.

"Konar! Old buddy. How are you these days? Keeping together?"

The dark jedi knight smiled before replying.

"I've upped my scars since last time we met, but generally I'm doing alright. What started you working at the lounge?"

"I ended up joining in so many bar fights on Coruscant that they gave me the sac"

"I suppose you've got to live a bit too. You should have called me. Next time you get trouble from your manages, give me a call. Trust me, I'll have them begging on their knees and wanting to make you the manager"

Konar thumps a few credits on the bench.

"I've got to go and socialise a bit. Keep the change. I'll probably be back in a few."


19-04-2005 10:22:52

"Oi! Konar!" Nilani yelled cheerfully. As the Knight turned she threw a cushion, hitting him in the face.

"Lounge pillow fight!"

Rune Kiirnodel

19-04-2005 15:10:17

Looking shocked at the sight before him, shadoweye turns to Kraznor and says quietly," IS it always like this?"
He quickly ducks as a pillow comes his way.


20-04-2005 07:23:25

Looking shocked at the sight before him, shadoweye turns to Kraznor and says quietly," IS it always like this?"
He quickly ducks as a pillow comes his way.

Says, while ducking "I don't know, its my first time here at the lounge"


20-04-2005 08:22:38


Being completely unprepared Konar stumbled back a few before pouncing on Nilani and squarely knocking her on the face with the pillow.

"You feisty little thing. Few pick a pillow fight with Konar and come out on top"

The Sith knight had just begun to smear a pillow lightly into her face when she knocked him on his back and hit him square on the chin with that same pillow. A smile swept across his face.

Macron Sadow

20-04-2005 10:04:26

Macron waved his hand and threw a nearby pillow at Konar and Nilani with telekinesis. "Tag!" he cheered.


20-04-2005 10:47:46

Nilani giggled hysterically and began to throw as many pillows as she could in every direction, spilling numerous drinks. Before she could continue her onslaught the massive pile of cushions (that Konar had been building up and guarding) swayed and fell on her.


Rune Kiirnodel

20-04-2005 16:16:41

Quickly shadoweye lept in front of nilani and caught some of the pillows.....but unfortunately they fell atop of him. But he did succeed in pushing nilani out of the way.

Macron Sadow

20-04-2005 16:44:22

Macron pulls out his famous cushy Turkish pillow, twists it into his grip, and stalks over to the pillow melee.
Macron grins at Kraznor, narrows his eyes and says, "Let's get 'em!"

*Swat!* *Whack* *Thwop*

They are promptly beaten by Konar, Nilani, and Shadoweye all at the same time.

Then, Konar and Macron take a stand on a table, chanting "HLK! Beer! yahh!" and everyone takes turns beating each other with pillows, in between beers.


21-04-2005 08:40:10

*She laughs some at them all fighting with pillows and then goes and fills up her glass of scotch and sips on it some before returning her gaze to the room making sure nothing is going to bother her before removing the googles she wore letting her true sight take form now.*

Sir. Fattness

21-04-2005 08:57:33

*Fattness walks in the room calmly....looking around to see if there is anyone worth sitting down and talking to. hmmm never been in a place such as this before. wishing he was of age to drink Fattness starts flirting with the tender....who he sure hopes is a get a few free drinks


21-04-2005 09:08:13

*Looks over and sees Fattness hitting on the male bartender trying to get a free drink. She walks over to him and looks at him.* "Is there something I can buy you?" *She said shaking her head at his methods of trying to get free drinks.*

Sir. Fattness

21-04-2005 09:12:17

Stepping back and rechecking his eyesight questioning himself what kind of male bartender wears a miniskirt......Fattness looks left at Rayne as he looks her up and down......"Yes i think i can find something you do for mean.....err...uhh i mean buy for me"


21-04-2005 09:14:09

*Raises a brow looking him over getting his plan for his intentions but doesn't mention any more aobut it.* "So what would you have me do? And what would you want me to buy for you? *She smirks slightly.*


21-04-2005 09:16:33

I go over and introduce myself to Sir. Fatness and Rayne

Sir. Fattness

21-04-2005 09:16:51

*Fattness...(never ordering a drink before) had to make it look sumwhat like he knew what he was talking about.....*looks from side to side to see what others are drinking...he gets an idea...."ill jus have......whatever you order me"

Sir. Fattness

21-04-2005 09:17:52

"hey kranzor.....uhmmmm what are you having to drink....just wondering...not that i...dont know what to....order or...nethin"


21-04-2005 09:19:09

*Nods to Kraznor.* "Hello good sir." *Looks back to Fattness and understands he hasn't drank anything before and ordered him a shot of vodka along with one for herself. She hands it to him and gulps hers down with one gulp.*

Sir. Fattness

21-04-2005 09:20:33

Fattness trying to impress her....downs the drink all in one gulp......soon after his eyes well up from the burning sensation in his throat as he begins to cough furriouslly.


21-04-2005 09:26:51

"hey kranzor.....uhmmmm what are you having to drink....just wondering...not that i...dont know what to....order or...nethin"

I just polished off an Ithorian Mist, im ordering a bourban and a sambucca


21-04-2005 09:30:57

*She laughs slightly as she watched him gulp it down and his eyes burn and he coughs.* "I didn't mean for you to do excatly the same thing as me. That probably was your first time drinking vodka. You usually don't gulp it down right away." *She smiles some and sips on her glass of scotch she had from before and then looks back to him.* "Do you want something else to drink as well?"

Sir. Fattness

21-04-2005 09:32:04

Fattness just looks at the two of them and stumbles off into the hall trying to find a bathroom...."ill be back an a little bit"


21-04-2005 09:43:05

Hahahah, that boy cant handle his liquer, i continue talking to Rayne about being an Acolyte and other things

Macron Sadow

21-04-2005 10:17:25

Macron strides up to Kraznor and Rayne, and says hello in his usual tactful way.
"Hey, who was that goin' off to chunder? I remember those days, heh heh. Nice pillow fight."

A mouse droid comes up, and attempts to steal Macron's wallet again. It is the same one from last time, when he was a novice. It also tries to get Kraznor's credits. Rayne, however, recognizes it and slips it's attempts.

Macron touches it, and drains it's power cell instantly with a growl. The droid is stomped repeatedly with an armored boot, and then dropped on the table. It clatters, and bounces like a flat coin.
"Ashtray," Macron chuckles. "My blaster needed a charge anyway. So what's up guys?"


21-04-2005 10:33:02

*She waited for Fattness to get back as he seemed kinda fun to watch drink. And then looks at Macron and laughs some.* "I don't think that droid will be trying to steal from you again for awhile now. And nothing much is happening. The pillow fight was amusing."

Sir. Fattness

21-04-2005 10:35:57

Making his way back to his seat fattness wipes off his mouth....(perhaps i shouldnt do that anymore) as he walks over he quietly says to the waiter just bring me some water with ice please...hoping he said it quiet ennough so the other wouldnt hear. as he approaches the table he calmly sits down hoping nobody will mention his little drinking expierence....."So hows life been treatn you guys"


21-04-2005 10:39:34

*She turns and looks at Fattness now seeing how he's not use to drinking. She feels sorta bad for ordering him something really strong. She sits down at the table and sips her scotch inviting Marcon and Kranzor to join then and then looks back at Fattness.* "Lifes been treating me fine so far. What about you?" *She finishes her drink and gets up to order another one before looking back at Fattness.* "Would you like something that's not as strong?"

Sir. Fattness

21-04-2005 10:42:22

"Nah, i think ill stick with the whole H2O thing for now...perhaps another time". "Wow, the flies in here are terrible", *as he smashes another on the table, "im accually kinda hungry." "what do they have here thats good to eat?"


21-04-2005 10:43:28

*She shrugs.* "I don't know. It looks like you'll have to find out. I've only drank things in here. I just bring along protein bars. Want one?" *She said with a slight smile.*

Sir. Fattness

21-04-2005 10:46:01

*takes the protien bar and eats it....."hmm accually i was looking for sumthing more filling." "Waiter can i get a menu?"


21-04-2005 10:48:33

"The protein bars aren't that filling but they provide you with the enegry you need to keep going." *She decides she'll risk it as well and gets a menu with her next glass of scotch and finds some interesting things.* "Waiter. I'll have the salad. I'll also like fourteen shots of vodka with that."

Macron Sadow

21-04-2005 10:49:45

"Just don't eat the nerf steaks... they are horrid." Macron says. "I kinda like the roast beast myself, you just never know what you'll get. heh heh." The waiters come, and take Sir Fatness' order.

Sir. Fattness

21-04-2005 10:51:06

14?!?!? wow...uhmmm is of the day.....ah well....Hmm i think ill take the steak...mediam rare, baked potato no sour creme with bacon bits please.


21-04-2005 10:53:43

*When she gets her order of the salad and fourteen shots of vodka she looks at Fattness.* "No it's not for the rest of the day. It's just for now." *In but two to three minutes she gulped down all the shots of vodka and picked up the fork and started to eat her salad.*

Sir. Fattness

21-04-2005 10:57:59

*sighs* hmmmm....bored and hungry he fiddles with the salt and pepper shakers as he waits for his food


21-04-2005 10:59:25

*When she finishes her salad the waiter brings Fattness his food and takes her plate and shot glasses. She then gets up and goes and orders two more glasses of scotch before sitting back down at the table.*

Sir. Fattness

21-04-2005 11:01:04

"wow she can sure put em down....that must get expensive" Fattness scarfs down his steak and baked potato like his hadent eaten in days.


21-04-2005 13:09:11

Virulence had been sketching quietly and managed to avoid the whole pillow fight. He watched his housemate Rayne down 14 shots of vodka and said to himself "That's my kind of girl". The Sith orders a fresh double black vodka and puts his charcoal and sketchpad back in his pocket. Deciding that Uzbad is about as much fun to talk to as a dying Bantha, walks over to where Rayne, Sir Fatness, and Macron are seated and asks the group "Mind if I join you?"

Macron Sadow

21-04-2005 13:39:14

"Nope, I don't mind." Macron pulls out some trashy newsrag, passes it around and begins to laugh with everyone at the antics of the celebrities therein.


21-04-2005 18:51:54

Thanks for noticing that droid guys, I appreciate it let me buy you guys a drink, what will it be

Macron Sadow

21-04-2005 20:54:38

"No worries, Kraznor- gotta watch those damn droids around here. They are almost as bad as
tax collectors," Macron snickered. "The good old boot party usually fixes them up though. Erm, I'd like an ale if that's okay. So what are you guys into- Rayne I know, but not you two. What makes you tick?" Macron eyed the two newcomers cheerfully, and pulled out some cards.


21-04-2005 21:22:09

Ill right ill fix you up for one, "Excuse me bartender, yeah i'ld like a frosty ale thanks, Cheers". Here you go Macron, so what do you mean what makes me tick


22-04-2005 02:47:26

"I'm in for whatever you had in mind." Virulence replies motioning to the cards Macron's shuffling. The Sith took a seat at the table and downs the remnents of his vodka. "Hey Rayne, think you're ready for fourteen more?" he asks the Zeltron while motioning to the waiter.


22-04-2005 02:56:36

Whats the game and whats the rules, any stakes


22-04-2005 08:31:01

*She looks at virulence and smiles. She then calls the waiter over to her.* "I'll take twenty-four shots of vodka and two glasses of scotch as well." *She smiles and looks back at them as they go to play a card game.*

Macron Sadow

22-04-2005 09:29:43

*zip* the cards are shuffled. Macron deal a hand of stud poker, and leans back.
"Nah, no stakes yet. Just fun. And what makes you tick? I mean, what are you into. You know, killing jedi, flying ships, beating up Light Jedi padawans (personal favorite), drinking, writing, et cetera."
Macron passes a chaser to Rayne, who is rapidly drinking an impressive amount of booze.
"Wow," he laughs.


22-04-2005 09:32:03

Oh well count me in for the game Macron, and i guess you could say power, wealth and fame makes me tick


22-04-2005 09:33:38

*She finishes off the shots of vodka before starting to look at Macron.* "How about a game of strip poker?" *She smiled as she suggested that idea.*

Macron Sadow

22-04-2005 09:38:01

Macron chuckles. "Well, if you don't mind my body looking like a scar road map. Had some pretty hideous injuries, especially since I've been doing ACC. Thus the Sith facial tattoos you see. They hide some scars. Plus a few exploding alchemical experiments, you get the idea. Yuk."


22-04-2005 09:39:27

*She smiles at that thought.* "Scars really don't matter. They just show you've survived some bad accidents. I have a couple. But it's in places most people don't see."

Macron Sadow

22-04-2005 09:40:54

" I just kept having lab glass blowing up in my face. Being an alchemist can be tough."
*deals cards*


22-04-2005 09:43:42

*Was delt in as she looked at her cards cursing her bad luck but not letting them now she had a bad hand. She put some credits on the table hoping to bluff her way into a win.* "You guys are going to lose this round."


22-04-2005 09:50:51

I take a look at my cards and say nothing, show nothing and think nothing and put credits on the table


22-04-2005 10:02:13

* stops chanting 'HLK! Beer!' with the Jedi Hunter when he realises how idiotic it is, starts to whisper in Nilani's ear *

Let's toss a pillow at Rayne and Fattness. If we all huddle in a group, no-one will know it was us...


22-04-2005 10:02:46

*She gets a serious look on her face and then takes a sip of her scotch and then looks at Macron waiting for him to bet or do something.*

Macron Sadow

22-04-2005 10:09:13

" See your bet, raise ya twenty.... "
Macron lays out his cards, and loses again. He sucks at cards, actually.


22-04-2005 10:10:52

*Laughs now as she had just a better hand them Macron.* "I guess I got lucky. But it looks like you didn't."

Sir. Fattness

22-04-2005 10:12:15

*motions with his hand that he wants in on the next game. anties up


22-04-2005 10:13:18

*Smiles and looks at Fattness.* "Do you even know what we're playing?" *Takes another drink of scotch before ordering another glass.*

Sir. Fattness

22-04-2005 10:13:45

"ill firgure it out.....or i suppose you could tell me


22-04-2005 10:15:16

*Shrugs as the waiter gets there and hands her her glass of scotch before she pays him the credits she owes.* "I mentioned strip poker. But I didn't lose so. I think Macron wanted to change the stakes though."

Sir. Fattness

22-04-2005 10:16:30

i doubt i wanna see macron lose in that game


22-04-2005 10:17:26

"I bet you all want to see me lose in that game." *Smiles some.* "I always have a way with cards though and never really lose at poker."

Macron Sadow

22-04-2005 10:22:03

Macron grins. "Darn Zeltrons... heh heh. You will all see what she means soon enough. Fortunately, I am immune thanks to my chemical laden blood."
Macron deals another hand, this time the stakes are- the loser buys the drinks.


22-04-2005 10:24:25

*She pokes Macron.* "Aww. You're no fun. I'm not trying to really persaude them to do what I want. But I know I can due to the chemicals my body releases." *Smiles as she knew only Macron really knew that and the others didn't.*

Macron Sadow

22-04-2005 10:38:33

The hand finishes, with Rayne and Kraznor facing off over Kraznor's bluff.
Rayne wins, but Kraznor really makes her sweat with that inscrutable look he has.
Macron laughs and deals a new game. The players are Sir Fattness, Kraznor, Virulence, Rayne, and himself.
The game: Coruscant 21. At which, Macron is much better. MUCH better.


22-04-2005 10:41:07

*She takes a hit and busts but doesn't say anything hopeing that everyone else will go over as well and they'd all lose. She sipped on her glass of scotch and looked at Macron and everyone else waiting to see what they would do.*


22-04-2005 13:12:07

Spectrum entered the lounge quietly, his force powers masked. His long black cloak flowed in the air behind him as he walked as well as hid his eyes from the view of anyone else in the lounge.
Upon finding an empty table, he calmly sat down and looked for an area for refreshments. After spotting it he raised his hand and used The Force to lift a cup of water and bring it to him.
Rolling his neck, he managed to crack it several times, as the result of a couple battles with his Master M’Kel.
He looked around, spotting several individuals, none that interested him as much as the woman. He had never before seen a dark Jedi girl and it peaked his interest for several minutes.

ooc: have any of you been on a actual rp site, like its a pretty cool website and I would recommend
it to everyone who likes rping.


22-04-2005 13:43:38



22-04-2005 13:44:09

Sorry about the random outburst


22-04-2005 13:51:18

Virulence begins to understand why he has found the aroma surrounding Rayne so intoxicating.

"Hit me" he says to Macron. The Barabel eyes his cards and seems satisfied with his hand. As the waiter arrives and places another round of drinks on the table the Sith flips her a few credits.

"Bottoms up Rayne!" The Protector cheers as the Kunians down another fourteen shots a piece.

While Fatness decides what he wants to do with his hand, Virulence looks up at Macron, "How did you get into Sith Alchemy? I have always been fascinated in the art and would like some advice on how to further my own education on the subject."

"Hit me!" Sir Fatness finally replies with a large smile on his face, a sign the shot of vodka was starting to kick in.

Macron Sadow

22-04-2005 14:10:44

"Personal interest really, Virulence. Check out the Dark Voice for more info. I am currently trying to get a course created on it in the Shadow Academy. It is in the approval stage, I think. if you really wanna know more, you could always go to the Shadow Academy board and tell them you like my idea... Spears does too."
Macron passes the deal to Virulence. "Your game, my friend."


22-04-2005 14:23:38

"I'll let the academy know. I've been reading your articles in the DV and have enjoyed them a lot." Virulence replied.

The cards hover above the Protector's hands and begin shuffling in mid air. They come together gracefully in the Sith's hands and he begins to deal. "Seven card draw, one-eyed Jacks are wild" he explains as the last card hits the table.

As the players study their hands Virulence calls for the waitress to bring another round and asks Rayne about the significance behind the wave tatoo on her face.


22-04-2005 18:00:28

Uzbad orders a Coke.


22-04-2005 18:09:01

*She smiles some now as she continues to sip on her scotch as she lost at the hand of cards before waving her hand to say that she didn't want anymore cards.* "Don't deal me in again. I just want to watch." *She looks back at Virulence.* "The wave tattoo on my face. I don't know why I have it. I just found that it interests people. And sorry about putting out those pheremones. It's just when I'm happy or turned on I release them and it makes everyone around me happy and easy to persuade or some such."


23-04-2005 06:27:41

"Oh okay then" Nilani whispered back to Konar, a silly grin on her face. "On the count of three: 1..2...3!"

Rune Kiirnodel

23-04-2005 11:25:09

Shadoweye looks to nilani and says," Wait ......count me in."

"Oh okay then" Nilani whispered back to Konar, a silly grin on her face. "On the count of three: 1..2...3!"


26-04-2005 08:23:27

*She senses that pillows are going to be incoming so she slips a little squirt gun filled with water out of her pocket and keeps it hid under the table as she waits for the pillows she looks at her compainions and smiles.*


26-04-2005 11:52:09

*orders a taco* Spectrum leans back in his chair as he hungerly munchs on his mexican refreshment


26-04-2005 12:59:27

*She decided what the hell. She stood up and turned to jump over the bench. She had forgot about how much she had to drink and fell over the back her face bashing into the ground and the squirt gun hit the floor a few feet away. She laid there blood starting to trickle from her nose and mouth.*


26-04-2005 13:37:43

*began laughing so hard that he fell off of his chair, but then got up realizing he was being rude and used the Force to heal her wounds*

Requite deSaiah

26-04-2005 22:50:36

The Force. Where's the intimicey? The affection?


27-04-2005 03:05:38

*Helps Rayne to her feet and back into her chair*

"I know what you need..." the Protector said as Rayne attempted to focus, "Tequila!"

*Runs off in search of the nastiest tequila he could find*


27-04-2005 08:19:29

*She started to laugh some realizing what happened and looks to spectrum and smiles. She stands up and walks over to him. "Thank you for your help. Would you like to join us at our table fine sir?" *She smiled some as she takes his hand to stop any objection and leads him back to the table where she waits for virulence to return with whatever his helping thing was.*

Requite deSaiah

27-04-2005 20:40:55

*Waves to the few people I know as I advance into the Lounge, idly packing around a book on Past Civilitations.*

"Wow, the place is bigger than I recalled.... Must have extended it when Kandos came over one night with his pet monkey."


28-04-2005 15:24:54

*smiles at Rayne as he is dragged to the table knowing that any objection to this particular women would end his life extemely fast* "Very well, fine....women (indeed), my name is Spectrum, and yours is?" he said rolling his neck letting out several loud cracks. "Oops" he said when one cracked particularly loud. He sat next to the women in hopes of doing more than talking to her *wink wink* not noticing that they were still holding hands.


28-04-2005 19:02:49

*She knew this person interested her a little bit so. She let go of his hand and turned towards him her arm sitting up against the back of the bench her right leg curled underneath of her he violet eyes looking into his.* "My name is Rayne Bloode. It's a pleasure to meet you. Could I get you something to drink? It's the least I can do."

Requite deSaiah

28-04-2005 19:46:12

*Takes note of the scenario unfolding and, interested in case he can be of any assistance, observes intently*


29-04-2005 02:17:57

After almost killing the bartender over the fact that he was out of tequila, Virulence calmed himself down and flipped a credit into his tip jar. He started to go back to the table when he noticed the janitor mopping up the last bits of Jedi.

"What's this?" Virulence asked pointing to the bottle of bright green liquid hanging from the janitor's belt.

"Cleaning fluid." the janitor replied looking rather uneasy.

Virulence yanked it off the janitor's belt, opened it, and tood a long swig. "Perfect!" the reptile hissed a shudder ran through his body.

As the janitor looked on in confusion the Sith ran back to the bar calling the bartender for four glasses.

Macron Sadow

29-04-2005 07:53:13

Macron noticed the cleaning fluid, and got a gleam in his eye. "Oo oo, can I have some?" asked the Alchemist.
Virulence nodded, and gave him a swig. Macron slurped it down with a grimace, and then laughed. It was nowehere near as potent as Coruscant toxic waste, but it was quite fortifying.
The Alchemist licked his lips and thanked Virulence.
"So what brings you hear, my man?" he asked.


29-04-2005 12:48:22

*shakes his head no* "No, Rayne, but i would be honored to buy you something to drink." as he said it he raised his hand unvieling a hidden martini right next to virulence. He navigated it to right in front of Rayne and smiled slightly. "Its the least I can do for such a beautiful women." He said looking intently at her purple eyes with his red-rimmed yellow eyes.


29-04-2005 13:41:54

"Women and liquor mostly!" Virulence replied to the Alchemist. "Just trying to relax after the long week I've had."

The Protector poured the remaining Cleaning fluid into the four glasses, pulled out a crimson flask from an inner pocket and added a small amount of thick black liquid to each glass. The reptile then took a box of matches from the table and set the mixture in the glasses on fire.

Passing a glass to Macron, Rayne and Spectrum, Virulence lifted his own glass into the air and shouted "To Hate!" and chugged his flaming concoction.


29-04-2005 20:34:44

Uzbad takes a sip of his coke, then burps loudly.

Requite deSaiah

29-04-2005 22:06:26


*Wills some old fashioned Irish Cream*

Ahh... Now where was I?


30-04-2005 10:14:04

*chokes on his beer when he finds out that Rayne is a dude OOC*

Macron Sadow

30-04-2005 10:19:36

Heh heh


30-04-2005 10:59:24

*chokes macron for laughing*

Requite deSaiah

30-04-2005 18:15:16

*Beats them both*

Oi! We all know you like it!


30-04-2005 23:52:55

*Wacks himself in the head with a club and walks away...*

Requite deSaiah

01-05-2005 00:26:31

*Calls Surion*

"Hey mate, you should look at that."

"Nah, I'm fine."


"Yeah, why?"

"Well, it's green and begining to pulse.."


"But I would worry about those grey hairs."


"No, I mean, grey would suit you."

"NO! I-Well, I guess that's true, but... I don't have to worry about that for..... Several years."

"Well, that lice is looks lethal."



"Thank you."

"But that bump is turning yellow now..."

"Damn you."

"Don't worry,"

*I pour a simmering, faintly green concoction into a martini glass*

"Here, it'll do the trick."

*Surion surveys the glass with a supicious eye*

"What is it?"

"Gerdine Loqua my friend."

"It's.... Green..."

"Wow, observent too, here."

*I pour myself a flask*

"Knock yourself out kid."

Macron Sadow

02-05-2005 11:38:45

Macron looks about, and orders some chips and salsa.
"Mmm, these are good with space slugs," he mumbles between squirming bites.
He holds out the writhing plate, and says "try some" as squshy bits of worm fall out his mouth.


02-05-2005 13:06:54

*goes on a shooting rampage, hitting everthing BUT the people he is aiming at*


02-05-2005 13:32:46

*Grabs a large worm from the plate and holds it up, exmining the vile creature*

"I will name you............Tony!"

*Opens his mouth exposing his razor sharp teeth as his black forked tongue wraps around the worm and pulls it into his mouth*

"You're right, these are good!"

*Smiles as bits of Tony writhe in between his teeth*

Requite deSaiah

02-05-2005 21:28:49

*Shoots Spectrum and his God-moding tyrade*

Sheesh. Lay off the damn mushrooms mate.

*Catches sight of virulence as he devours another worm*


*Gags on the loqua*


03-05-2005 11:47:17


Macron Sadow

03-05-2005 15:23:00

"Here, try some of these baby sarlacc sushi worms... mmm."

Macron and Virulence enjoy their sushi, and offer some to Requite.

"Hmmph, none for you Spectrum- you choked me. Good thing the armor is thick."


03-05-2005 20:06:09

*ignores the man with the worms wondering if the man actually enjoyed those. he then started watching red vs. blue*

Requite deSaiah

03-05-2005 20:07:29

Church PWNZ!


04-05-2005 13:35:16

again, right...............i have no clue what your talking about....


04-05-2005 20:37:26

Uzbad wonders what everyone is talking about and takes a sip of his coke.

Requite deSaiah

04-05-2005 21:25:38

"again, right...............i have no clue what your talking about.... "

Church from Red Vs. Blue you prat.


05-05-2005 10:10:00

*She walkes back into the bar now after having some changes of weaponry. As she walkes in she has on leather pants that seem a little bit baggy for leather pants. A loosing fitting black silky shirt, and a leather jacket over top of that. Around her neck that hangs down to the bottom of her ankles is a black cloak with a hood that comes up and hides most of her features except her glowing violet eyes and the small strands of blue hair that escaped the hoods protection. At her sides at two twin scimitars. She walkes over to the bar and orders a glass of scotch before sipping on it slightly.*

Macron Sadow

05-05-2005 10:14:49

"Hey what's up Rayne.... kill anyone lately?" Macron sidles up to the bar, and grabs a scotch as well. He looks rough, like he's had a hard week of it.


05-05-2005 10:18:57

*She turns towards Macron to regard him. Her eyes flash to appear silver for a fraction of a second before she looks back to her drink and then places her hand on the scimitar on her right. The image of a young man being struck down by that blade appeared in her head. She turns back to Macron bloodlust appearing in her once calm eyes.*

"Yes I have Macron. Yes I have."

*She turns back to her drink taking a sip of it before her bloodlust got to her through her rage and she shattered the glass. Her hand was bleeding now, small pieces of glass were embedded into her hand.*

Requite deSaiah

05-05-2005 20:40:33

*Lifts eyes surreptitiously from my book as Rayne eloquently strolls by, seating herself next to marcon*

Beautiful as always.

*A few seconds later, the sound of shattered glass rips my eyes from the novel once again*

Bloody hell?

*Rayne, clutching the remnants of her glass, casts her eyes toward her wound, as if entranced. Marcon bolts off behind the counter to fetch a towel. I nod*

Makes sense. I felt something.

*A intriguing, if obscene thought arouses itself in my mind*


*Focusing on her elegant face, I begin to tap into the Force*


*Trickles of insight, pain. Yet somehow, not from the torn flesh of her hand. Internal pain, hatred.... Guilt.... Bloodlust?*

Yess, that's it.....

*Slowly yet inexorably, I begin to feed her images, images that once resided only in her subconscious. Death, murder, lust.... Blood*

Remember your hatred child....

*Her eyes grow distant, as the effects of my Persuasion begin to take root*

Further my child.... Deeper, yesss... You feel that pain. Remember what you did. What you became. And why......

Macron Sadow

05-05-2005 22:45:07

Macron grins, and returns with the towel as well as some straight vodka to bathe the wound.
And her tortured soul. He speaks:

"Nasty glass wound you got there.... you really should wear some plasteel gloves next time."

The alchemist produces some objects from his pack, and proceeeds to give her a killer anesthetic injection and several shots of vodka. Then he delicately stitches up her hands. Very delicately.... he is most exacting. Surprisingly so for a "swoop gangster."

"No need to ruin your beautiful hands, when you can ruin your enemies," speaks the Sith.


06-05-2005 02:43:41

Virulence detected the scent of Rayne. Pheremones or not, Virulence thought Rayne smelled damn good, and looked even better. The Sith turned in time to see Rayne crush the glass with ease. The blood flowing down her smooth hands and onto the bar caused the reptile to salivate.

Virulence grinned slightly as Macron tended to her wounds. The never ending array of gadgets and chemicals the alchemist could produce from his armor never ceased to amaze him.

As Macron finished his precision stitching, Virulence wandered over and joined the pair. He produced a small crimson flask from his inner pocket and offered it to Rayne.

"You okay?" the reptile asked, studying the Zeltrons eyes.


06-05-2005 09:36:38

*She goes into this state of mind that is allowing her to embrace the images Requite is giving her before waiting for them to subside before realizing Macron drugged her up and was sowing up her hand. Her legs give out on her at the combination of anesthetics and alcohol. She fell to the floor in a daze as the drugs affect her. She leaves conciousness and blacks out.*

Macron Sadow

06-05-2005 10:42:22

Macron props her up in her chair, and sits an open scotch nearby in case she wakes up.
"The vapors might do it," he chuckles.

In the meantime, he notices the Barabel watching his pack. "Try this man, its Scale Shine, "
he says as he hands a can of scale enhancer to the reptile. "It works on mites and ticks, too and they are still edible afterwards. Mmm."

Macron waits patiently for Rayne to come around.


06-05-2005 10:56:32

*Her eyes had rolled back in her head as she was sent back through many images until she came to twenty minutes later. She looked up at Macron and stares him down.*

"Please don't drug me up so much like that next time. Cause with the amount of alcohol in my blood could possibly kill me."

Macron Sadow

06-05-2005 11:00:31

Macron frowns. "Hmm... I see. Zeltron physiology. Well, at least you felt no pain."
He examines her with a sensor, and pronounces her fine.
"You'll be alright, no worries."

He turns and grabs the scotch, and drinks it himself. Wiping his mouth with his sleeve, he then asks," So what pissed you off so bad? "


06-05-2005 13:33:36

*twidles his lightsaber in his hand, admiring its craft as he watches the events fold out infront of him*

Requite deSaiah

06-05-2005 21:01:19

*Excruciatingly disgruntled by the thwarted attempt to override Rayne's bloodlust, I turn to the young Sith twiddling his saber*

Oh hell yes....

*Begins to tap into the Force*

A little spontaneous combustion is always fun....

*Begins to locate the power cell*


08-05-2005 22:08:27

Uzbad sipd his coke dreamily.


09-05-2005 09:26:13

*She looks up at Macron as her eyes flash once before she turns and watches the door and then flatly states.*

"Why would you think something pissed me off?"

Macron Sadow

09-05-2005 09:57:21

"Could be the splitting glass, dunno..."
Macron swigs a water to stay hydrated, and then his ale.


09-05-2005 10:54:22

*Shurgs as she keeps her eyes on the door, and then she turns back to Marcron her eyes flashing between silver and violet.* "I honestly don't know what it is Marcon. It's like I contracted something that is bringing out my inner demons." *She shakes her head and sighs and looks back at the door.*

Macron Sadow

09-05-2005 11:23:47

The Sith smiles.

"I do, it's called the Dark Side. The more you use it, the more it will dominate your destiny."

Macron kicks back with a cigar.


09-05-2005 16:06:59

*She nods at Macron's suggestion.* "I've always be on the dark side, Macron. But I believe this is the inner killer inside me. I haven't had that side of me come out since then." *She then thinks back to the time at the arena.*


09-05-2005 17:35:22

Xhedias walks into the room, peers around then sits down in the corner booth, ordering a jawa beer and yet again glancing around the room.


09-05-2005 20:40:56

Uzbad sips his coke again.


09-05-2005 21:48:37

Spectrum gives a half smile as he senses the mans feeble atempts to try to destroy the power cell blowing it up, the fact of the matter was that there was no single power cell in the blade, it was seperated into thousands of cells that were integrated all over the saber. As for a chain-reaction occuring, the cells were like a nuclear bomb, the blade would have to be activate in order for it to happen, and there was no activation switch is was activated through the force that was channeled specifically to him. And he sincerly doubted he could serperate his concentration with enough force to rupture all the cells at the same time. Besides he easily fought back the mans attempts. He continued twirling his saber, watching men hit on his girl.

Requite deSaiah

10-05-2005 02:01:29

*With a sudden surge, my surreptitious endeavor sunders the saber's intricate energy emissions. Rupturing the central cortex via the route from the primary focusing crystal to the innumerable cells. Issuing a spark of my own, I hot wire it's systems into activation*

"The he-"


Lorien Sinclair

10-05-2005 02:52:44

Lorien sits in the shadows, none to pleased by Requite's antics in Rayne's head. Macron, oblivious to the situation, tries to figure out what happened.

Lorien knows.

During her travels, she met a man who claimed to be a grey Jedi. She had seen him get the same way from time to time. He called it a berserk fury

"The path of the berserker is the path of a world killer, a destroyer with only hate and unquencheable rage within his mind. To take that path is to walk the road to your own doom. Neither the light nor the darkness can abide a berserker, for he will not discriminate, he will not slow, and he will never stop."

The man's words rush through her head as she directs a rather painful telepathic spike at Requite. The man looks at her in shock, then outrage.

{Stay out of her head, jerk, or I'll fry your synapses one by one.}

She walks over to Rayne and Macron.

"Macron, I need to talk to Rayne alone for a second."

Macron nods.

"I'll get you a Widowmaker, Lorien."


Once Macron is out of earshot, Lorien looks at Rayne with a grim expression.

"If you lose it, they'll kill you if they can't control you."


10-05-2005 05:04:54

Virulence sat at the end of the bar, laughing at Spectrum's exploding lightsabre. Thats what a Protector gets for trying to carry one around here.
He ordered a black vodka on the rocks and instructed the bartender to send one over to Xhedias. After taking a sip of his drink, the reptile opened the can of scale shine and examined the grey cream inside. He decided he was going to give it a try later tonight, his thick hide was getting dry.

The Sith watched as Lorien approached the Rayne and asked Macron to excuse them. Macron strolled over to Virulence and offered him a cigar.
"Girl talk I guess." Macron said before taking a sip of his ale.
"Give them their space, as enchanting as they are, they're twice as deadly." Virulence replied as he lit the cigar with a match from a pack on the bar. After exhaling a massive cloud of smoke, the Barabel tossed the burning match over his shoulder.

The match flew through the air and instead of extinguishing, landed in a fold of Spectrum's robes. As the Protector looked in confusion at the charred remains of his weapon, The thick cloak slowly started to burn sending a small plume of smoke into the air.


10-05-2005 08:30:45

*She smiles at Lorien.* "I haven't completly lost myself to that inner demon. That side of me has only been shown when I was desprite enough to forsake everything else to acquire a kill." *She stands up and embraces Lorien in a hug and whispers to her softly.* "I'm sorry. I've sorta been flirting with other people while you were gone. Please forgive me?"

Macron Sadow

10-05-2005 09:34:41

Macron chuckles. "Now, Virulence, that wasn't nice. I do wonder weher a PRT got that blade though. Hmm."

Macron waves his hand, and the fire goes out. *Whuff*

"In case you are wondering, Sadowites are known for their telekinetic abilities..." he says with a smirk as he returns his gaze to Virulence.

The Sith Commander glances at the girls, and shrugs. "So tell me, I wasn't aware there were many force sensitive Barabel. What brings you here, my man? Oh, and have one of these tasty rodents." Macron pulls out some lab rats.


10-05-2005 11:40:51

Yeah [Expletive Deleted F-word]in right dude, there is no way, seens how it is channeled to my force signature dumb ass. You can't ignite it. I thought i told you this.


10-05-2005 13:12:44

Uzbad takes another sip of coke


10-05-2005 13:26:08

*Continues twirling his NON-EXPLODED lightsaber while watching several other events unfold in front of him*


11-05-2005 04:03:02

With a some crunching and a little screaming, the rats were devoured by the two Sith. After the last tail worked its way down Virulence's throat, he finished his vodka and picked up the cigar.

"You're correct, Barabel like me are an anomaly. There aren't many of us, and the ones there are are generally devoted to the Jedi. My path was.....more complicated." The Guardian replied as he puffed on the cigar. "I'm here for two things, power and the chance to kill Jedi."

Macron Sadow

11-05-2005 08:16:53

"Well, you will get your wish my scaly friend. I've killed several while I've been here. Not that long ago, they invaded the lounge even. Bastards."

Macron smiles at the thought of killing Jedi.

"Soon we will kill more, with the upcoming Independance games."


11-05-2005 08:21:50

*She lets go of Lorien as she starts to walk over towards the bar getting herself a glass of scotch and then she walked over to Macron.*

"I believe you can come join us again."

*She walked back towards the table that was by Lorien and sat down beside her.*

Macron Sadow

11-05-2005 09:00:01

Macron looks at Virulence. "Hey, wanna join us? These are some cool ladies. I wouldn't hit on them, though. They would kill you. He grins and walks over to the table.

"And how are the two of you this fine day?"


11-05-2005 09:01:58

*She smiles having heard what Macron said.*

"I'm doing fine Macron. And yourself."

Gaidal Dupar

11-05-2005 09:09:06

Tension filled the lounge and everyone felt someone was about to enter it and was sort of 'exceptional'.

Slowly and with a dreadful walk Gaidal entered the room with his high collar raised, hiding his face in it. Only the white teeth of his cruel grin were visible, as well as the cold blue eyes with the red glow.

He nodded to Macron, looked at Spectrum for one slight moment and took a seat at the table where Virulence was enjoying his cigar.

"Good day, my fellow Guardian of Ziost", Gaidal mumbled.

Virulence nodded.

Gaidal ordered one juma juice, sat back and relaxed. By the time he realised that there were two females in the room, he started smiling with his entire face. Females, always interesting.


11-05-2005 09:19:16

*She noticed the man walk in before her cloak slipped off of her face revealing her beautiful features that are common with her race. Her pink skin added the slight feature that appeared as she was always blushing. She noticed the man was talking with Virulence. She now wondered if he was going to join Lorien, Macron and herself. She took a sip of her scotch before smiling to herself.*

Gaidal Dupar

11-05-2005 09:25:10

Gaidal was curious about the woman with the pink skin. A lovely face though, but there was something 'unusual' about her. Like she didn't belong here or like she was pretending to be someone else than she truly was. Still, she had his attention.

The situation made him sneer and he looked at his company at the table, but it seemed like Virulence was way too occupied with his cigar and blowing huge clouds of smoke. Interesting. So he stood up and knew that he had to go. He had a reputation of being a womanizer to uphold.

He slowly walked towards the little bunch of people, with his eyes focussed on Lorien and the other woman. Interesting indeed.

"Good day to you, my dearest Lorien."

"Good day to you, unknown lady", he continued his introduction with a huge smil on his face. Again.


11-05-2005 09:33:44

*She nods to this man and offers him a seat beside her. Knowing what could possibly happen here due to the phereomones her race releases. She decided not to mention it and she looked at Macron and smirked some before looking back to the man.*

"Hello Sir. I'm Rayne Bloode." *She extends her hand to shake his.* "And you are?"

Macron Sadow

11-05-2005 10:03:03

Macron chuckles, puts his armored boots up on the table, and offers Gaidal a drink.
"Welcome, my friend."
He was curious to see how the Guardian will react to Rayne.


11-05-2005 10:07:48

*She shook the mans hand as he sat down and looked at her before she turned to reguard Macron.*

"Do you know this man Macron? And how have you been Macron?"

Macron Sadow

11-05-2005 10:16:01

"Fine, a bit down but not too bad. Gaidal here served with me in an incident aboard an abandoned starship, indirectly. He is a most inquisitive gentleman," Macron spoke as he checked the readouts on his Sith suit.


11-05-2005 10:24:23

*She nods before letting her glowing violet eyes going back to Gaidal, then back to Macrong.* "Right. I'll take your word for it. So what has you down?"

Macron Sadow

11-05-2005 10:27:41

"Bah. Just stuff." The Sith looks uncomfortable, and changes the subject.
"It will pass. Change is the only constant, you know. Better watch out for Gaidal, he likes the ladies... he heh."
Macron passes around a datapad with scenes from his latest ACC victory. They mostly show Macron getting the crap knocked out of him. He appears to relish the idea.


11-05-2005 10:32:46

*She looks at Macron with a hint of confusion.* "What's wrong Macron? If you want to talk about it in private we can. I just want to know how I can help you."


11-05-2005 11:43:44

*stands next to Rayne surveying the area, not really paying attention to the conversation. His shoulder brushed up against hers and was immeaditiy turned on by her soft skin*

Gaidal Dupar

11-05-2005 13:56:42

Gaidal looked at the mystery woman named Rayne, knowing that she was gorgeous. He also knew he was a lady killer himself. He slightly used a little bit of the Force to create a better vision, and it made him realise this was no ordinary women. A glow surrounded her, like she was a shining beacon of light in the darkness.

Then he looked at Macron with his ACC datapad. Good lad, you could rely on and he liked the introduction he gave to this interesting woman. Yes, he had to agree that he was an absolute ladies man, but always gentleman like.

He looked in the blink of an eye at Spectrum, who was desperately trying to draw her attention. It was always 'interesting' to see a man going all the way for a woman.

He looked at Rayne from the shadows cast by his high collar. He smiled at her and she saw he was looking at her. So he came into the light with his face. Still untouched by the Dark Side with a tanned skin and short blond haircut like a trooper. The scar at the right side of his face gave some depth to his face like a small mountain chain.

"Hello lovely lady named Rayne, how are you today?"

As always he came up with a beautiful black rose in his right hand. His personal trademark.


11-05-2005 14:19:44

Virulence finished his cigar and extinguished it in the ashtray. He had been in deep thought over the upcoming independence games and barely noticed Gaidal aproach him earlier. After clearing his head and returning his thoughts to the present, Virulence waved his hand at the Bartender and whispered ~I would love to give you free vodka~.

The Bartender stopped suddenly and grabbed a full bottle of Stygian Black Vodka and brought it over to the Sith.
"I would love to give you free vodka." the man said to Virulence as he sat the bottle in front of him and continued on his way.

Virulence grinned to himself and flipped a few credits into the man's tip jar. Grabbing the fresh bottle he strolled over to the table where Macron was talking with his fellow members of Ziost.

"Good evening ladies," He said nodding to Rayne and Lorien, "hello Gaidal, sorry I didn't repspond earlier, I was in deep thought." The reptile opened the bottle of vodka and placed it in the center of the table. Taking a seat, he glances at Macron's datapad in time to see a shot of Macron getting worked over. "Tough day at the ACC I see."


11-05-2005 19:07:46

*Sips his goddamn coke.*

Gaidal Dupar

12-05-2005 08:32:16

Gaidal no loner paid any attention to the other men in the lounge. He was focussed on this beautiful Rayne with her lovely pink skin. Well, she was interesting indeed. He pretended to be laidback, but he knew hwat he wanted to accomplish here. He looked at her slowly and coulnd't stop sneering.

"What have you been the last couple of hours", he asked Rayne politely.


12-05-2005 08:42:12

*She looks at Gaidal knowing she had enticed him and many others around her. She noticed Spectrum and just smiled at thought of persuasion that Zeltrons can exhibit through chemicals in their body that they release into the air. She thought she might tell them about it but decided to continue about her course.*

"What do you mean by that Gaidal?", she said calmly before brushing a strand of blue hair away from her face the water like wave tattoo on the left of her face being seen.

Gaidal Dupar

12-05-2005 08:50:30

Gaidal sneered again as usual. this female was indeed interesting, although she was paying way too much attention to all the other men in the room. not that it bothered him, but it meant that she was a special case. He slightly used the Force again to smell better and then he realised it: she used pheromones to draw all this attention! Interesting.

"Well", Gaidal, "because I would like to make the upcoming hours much more interesting than your last few!"

He smiled at her, whil the Force filled his body and his irisses turned red again.

"Nice tattoo you have there, Rayne. Wanna seen mine", he sneered.


12-05-2005 08:59:28

*She smiled some as she took in his answer and his question. Sensing him using the force to heighten some skill of his she figured he knew what she was doing. She laughed softly and looked back at him.*

"I'm sorry everyone. My race as Zeltrons have these pheromones that we release to make one another happy. It's pretty much like a drug. I've pretty much used them to draw attention to myself. I'm sorry."

*She adjusted her scimitars before taking the belt off and hanging the swords over the edge of her chair. She looked back at Gaidal.*

"So in the next few hours you hope to get to know me better?" *She took a sip of her scotch before giving him an inquiring glace.*

"Could I see this tattoo of yours?"

Gaidal Dupar

12-05-2005 09:11:17

Gaidal sneered silently at first, but then started laughing out loud. She was a very interesting woman and she proven it over and over again now whil being in the lounge. He took of his long coat, so Rayne could see that he was wearing his usual dark Sith robes, with the red Royal Guard boots (the ones he found on Korriban). She could also see that he wasn't extrmely tall or over-muscles, but he was satisfied with the fact he was 1.80 meters tall en well-muscled like an athlete. Thanks to the Echani Battle Moves he trained for so many years.

"Haha, in case you would like to see my tattoo I have to take of my shirt. Is that a problem?", Gaidal asked her without being shy at all.

"Meanwhile keep talking lovely Rayne", he said, while taking of his shirt and showing a tanned torso filled with scars of all kinds, "because I really want to know you better."


12-05-2005 09:21:16

*She wore baggy black leather pants and a silky black shirt. A leather jacket covering the silk shirt, along with a long black cloak.*

"I'd like to get to know you better as well", she said as he removed his shirt revealing all kinds of scars covering his body, "Virulence once asked me why I have a wave tattoo on the side of my face. I answered him with the answer I'm not sure. Well. In all honesty. It's covering up a couple of scars."

Macron Sadow

12-05-2005 09:27:46

Macron chuckles at that. He thinks about his many, many repulsive scars. His facial tattos and makeup hide them, but they seem almost like lizard skin. Perhaps that was why he felt camaraderie with the Barabel. It was also true that he likes weird people in general.

As Gaidal and Rayne chat, Macron replies to the reptile.
"Yeah, you could say that. I die a lot there. I did , however, just get promoted to soldier after my fourth victory."

Guessing that Virulence might be interested, Macron then shows him holos of his latest few experiments. "Some are performed on living victi... ah, willing subjects," The Sith whispers.

Gaidal Dupar

12-05-2005 09:29:34

Gaidal turned around and showed his back. A dark Sith tattoo was on his right shoulder, as well as a tattoo that looked like an emblem or something.

"I always think that every scar is a piece of the puzzle. Togerther they form a tattoo itself. A tattoo representing your life with all the thrills and troubles involved", Gaidal mentioned.

"Ow and the tattoo at the lower region of my back is a tattoo representing the symbol or weapon of my Clan from my homeworld. I'm the last of my Clan", he mumbled.


12-05-2005 10:05:44

*Jaymz looked around the Lounge, still standing next to Rayne, smiling back at her he let his arm rap around her waist*


12-05-2005 10:22:49

*She noticed that Jaymz wrapped his arm around her waist and she just smiled at the thought of her control of men. She enjoyed the attention and enjoyed the ability to manipulate them.*

*Out of nowhere she askes.* "Anyone want to see my scar that's located underneath my shirt?" *She doesn't mention the rose tattoo that she has located in a special place.*

Gaidal Dupar

12-05-2005 10:27:42

Gaidal noticed this was getting a bit nasty as well as irritating. He wanted to talk with Rayne in person with no distraction from other men, but as long as people like Jaymz were here he would never get her full attention.

Gaidal took a step back and wanted to wait and see, but first he approved to see that tattoo of hers. Interesting again, meanwhile he was thinking of getting her out of here.

He realised that it might be true that she only lived for the attention of as many men possible. That thought gave him a sad feeling.


12-05-2005 10:40:20

*Although it was her intention to exploit certain men that she could control to get things she wanted it wasn't really her intention to the center of attention of as many men as possible. She then realized what the situation was going to turn into. She slipped out of Jaymz's grip for a second and removed her cloak and lifted up her shirt so the scar on her stomach was visible. Ther was scarred tissue that covered most of her stomach. It was about from hip to hip and about one foot high.*

"That's the scar I got."


12-05-2005 13:08:03

*Jaymz looked at the scar with a little bit of curiousity.*


*As soon as he finished he pulled his upper robe off revealing hundreds of scars over his muscular tan chest.*

"Torture. Leaves the best scars."


12-05-2005 13:11:17

Virulence looked at Macron's holos with great interest. The Barabel had always been a student of the art of suffering, but his experiments always ended up killing the subject. Macron's experiments were much more complex than his own, the JH had developed suffering with purpose. Twisting his subjects into something grotesque and beatiful at the same time.

"We really must collaborate sometime." The reptile said to Macron handing his datapad over. "Your work is amazing."

The Guardian smiled slightly as Gaidal and Jaymz competed for Rayne's attention. The Sith poured a round of shots from the bottle of vodka, as Rayne pulled up her shirt to show her scar.

"Nice one Rayne." Virulence said seeing the masive scar across her stomach. "Anything spill out when you got that?"

Gaidal Dupar

12-05-2005 13:48:23

"No not really", said Rayne, while she covered her beautiful body again. Gaidal had a smile on his face, because it seemed like even reptiles have warm blood when they saw a femal showing some of the secret and most attractive parts of their body.

Gaidal realised he was constantly touching his Chatka. The short ceremonial blade of the Tenkai Clan felt quite cold, but he wanted to use it to spill warm blood. Somehow it didn't feel right to 'pacify' Jaymz here, so he wouldn't. Maybe some other time perhaps.

Gaidal looked at Rayne and smiled again. She was amazing, a beautiful woman and he was willing to do a lot for her. Even without her spreading these pheromones. But was she willing to invest in him. If she was truly willing to meet and to get to know him, she would have to cross the bridge.

So Gaidal excused himself, kissed Rayne on the cheek, looked her softly in the eyes and walked over to the bar for a juma juice. Interesting, he thought.

Macron Sadow

12-05-2005 14:32:03

Macron smiled, as he felt Gaidal's dark emotions through the Force.

Macron turned to the table top, and set down his holopad. A round of waters and iced monkey brains was ordered for him and Virulence as they chatted.

"Thank you Virulence. You are most welcome to join me anytime. I appreciate the compliment, but surely don't deserve it." The Sith spoke out loud.


12-05-2005 18:32:57

Uzbad took a sip of his coke.


12-05-2005 19:59:29

*She stood there as Gaidal kissed her on the cheek and the she looked around her and back to Virulence.*

"To answer your question Virulence. I don't know if anything spilt out of me. I was blasted almost point blank range with a blaster cannon during the time I was serving as an Imperial stromtrooper. I was guarding a Officer as he interogated another person. Rebels attacked the base and I was laid out."

*She looked to the ground now and sighed as she remembered some painful thoughts.*

"A young rebel say that I was still alive. He came and helped me when I was on the opposite side. He got me healed. I was stronger back then. I was laid up in a bed recovering even after a bacta treatment. I lost alot of my skills. But I've pretty much stronger than I was before. I'm not really as strong as a Jedi. But I'm working on it."

*She didn't mention how she felt for this young rebel that saved her. But had a sad look in her eye. He had been killed right before her eyes. That was what made her join the dark side.*


12-05-2005 20:57:44

*Jaymz sighed and looked at Rayne, wondering why she didn't tell them, but he decided her judgement was for the best and stood behind her putting his cloak back on.

He saw her move her hand behind her and he let his travel to hers and they held hands concealed behind them*


12-05-2005 22:13:49

Uzbad took yet another sip of his always full drink.

Requite deSaiah

13-05-2005 00:17:13

*Cracks a content grin from behind my novel, which I never really read*

"Then it is done."


13-05-2005 07:17:20

Link entered the room and grabbed a drink for the bar. She looked round to see what people were doing then took a sip from her bottle of red vodka.


13-05-2005 08:37:53

*She let go of Jaymz's hand as she slowly walked over to the bar to get herself something to drink. She ordered twenty-four shots of vodka and six glasses of scotch. She handed over the credits for what she ordered and went and sit down at a table before deciding to drown painful memories with alcohol. She looked up at the others for a minute.*

"I guess I should come clean about everything. I'm sort of with....", she looked at Lorien before giving a slight smile and then looked back at the others. "Well you should be able to figure it out."

Gaidal Dupar

13-05-2005 09:12:58

Gaidal looked in front of him and saw Link entered the lounge. He looked at his juma juice and thought of a lot of things. He caught up somehting of the conversation Lorien and Rayne were having. So she was with someone? Interesting. He turned around so he could keep an eye on everyone and waited.


13-05-2005 09:19:22

*She shrugged.* "Well not really with someone. Just attracted on someone." *She then looked back to Lorien and smiled.*

Gaidal Dupar

13-05-2005 09:37:10

Gaidal realised this woman was palying everyone around. Every man was nothing more than a tool in her soft but greedy hands. It would be riskful to invest in such a female, that somehow tended towards Lorien. Interesting again.

He walked to the bartender and give him some credits and a note.
"I can deliver this and another vodka to the beautiful woman sitting to another there", Gaidal said while he pointed at Rayne.
The man replied the sentence and moved into her direction. She gladly accepted the drink, read the note and turned her head around to see Gaidal face-to-face.

The note said:

'Interested to join me in a mission? In that case, come to the library. No strings attached. Come alone. Gaidal.'


13-05-2005 10:22:00

*She quickly downed the drink and walked over and picked up her sword belt and slung her cloak over her shoulder and grabbed her glass of scotch and drank it in one gulp before tossing a quick glance at Lorien and then she put the waiters tip on the table before walking out her boots making little sound as she headed towards the library.*


13-05-2005 13:58:38

Virulence watched Gaidal exilt the lounge followed quickly by Rayne. He turned back to the table and took a shot from the bottle of vodka. The Barabel looked up at Jaymz who was still standing, looking towards the door.

"Let her go." the Guardian said. "She'll end up killing you both. Have a seat and relax."

As Jaymz took a seat the iced monkey brains and glasses of water arrived at the table. Virulence and Macron immediately picked up spoons and dug into the cold, grey, spongey substance. Virulence smiled swallowing his first bite.

"I haven't had brains this good since I was on Haruun Kal." the reptile said digging out another bite.

Macron Sadow

13-05-2005 14:45:39

"Damn good they are, too," mumbled Macron with his mouth full. Small bits of brain fell out and were snapped up by the lounge rats under the table. They were good for that sort of thing.

"Hey man, check this out. I found some bit on Barabel, and have an interesting drug for you. it should increase your mental prowess for a while. If it works right, that is."


13-05-2005 18:28:39

Virulence takes the vial of clear liquid and studies the contents, wiping a chunk of brain from the side of his mouth.

"Thank you, this will come in handy I'm sure!" the reptile said after slamming his glass of water. "What if it doesn't work right?"


13-05-2005 19:58:05

lol, i give up on you Rayne, you send me an email asking to hook up then you start saying your with other people, Gaidal stay away from he man she's bad news

Requite deSaiah

14-05-2005 01:01:02

*Meanders over to Link*

"Hey there! Havn't seen you around the Spamaphone lately. What's up?"

Macron Sadow

14-05-2005 08:59:51

"I'm not really sure, Virulence. But I will be taking notes!" *grins wickedly*

"Say, what about this Revan thing? Any opinions?"


14-05-2005 09:39:45

*Starts playing hackie sake*

"Anybody Game?"

Requite deSaiah

14-05-2005 14:05:07

*Takes a cool aim and obliterates the hackie sack*

Too close to the Bar!


15-05-2005 16:30:54

If you had noticed Jaymz. My character said sorta. Let it be known. My character has something for Lorien. She'll still flirt and stuff with other characters but her feelings are for another woman. Plus her race is a Zeltron. That race is a very flirtatous race, that place sex as one of the highest parts of their own culture. So if you would have read about the race you would have known why I played it out as I did.

Gaidal Dupar

15-05-2005 18:31:58

And so he finally knows...

Hope that you'll continue to write in my run-on, Rayne!


15-05-2005 18:53:20

Uzbad sipped his coke.

Requite deSaiah

15-05-2005 20:25:42

*Nods to Rayne*

I've heard of such a disposition amongst your race.

*Steals Uzbad's coke*


15-05-2005 21:01:40

((w/e Rayne if you say so))

Jaymz nodded to Gaidal, and looked to the ground. Just another reason and wawy he can fuel his rage. He looked back up at Rayne. He was hurt, but he didn't show it.
He nodded to her.

"Very well." He turned on his heel and strode out.

Gaidal Dupar

16-05-2005 05:43:18

Gaidal just laught out loud and ordered another juma juice. He felt the anger flowing through Jaymz, but it was of no consequence. Gaidal took his juice and went back to the Library. There was more knowledge to gain. He nodded to everyone and walked away.

Lorien Sinclair

16-05-2005 06:52:10

Lorien stares off into the distance, remembering the last person she tried to get close to. He died at Talon's hands a year before she entered the Brotherhood.

Rayne was good medicine for that wound.

She would help make the shadows go away for awhile......


16-05-2005 12:13:18

Uzbad sighed and ordered another coke. Then he sipped it, and threw some rocks at Jaymz.


16-05-2005 13:06:30

Jaymz sensed the rocks coming and froze them in mid-air without moving. They simply fell to the ground harmlessly. He was tired of Dark Jedi being nice to eachother like he had just fell victim to. He was a Sith, not a Jedi, Sith are ruthless, evil and the most powerful warriors of the Dark Jedi. He was not going to fall victim to emotions that could possibly turn him from his destiny as a Jedi Master.

Jaymz looked to Lorien then to Rayne. He had nothing against Lorien. He had gotten too close to Rayne, even though he wasn't extremely close to begin with. The last person he had gotten close to he had end up marrying, then she had died at the hands of a Jedi, adding yet another reason for him to destroy them.

"Enough with the emotions, they make us weak, vulnerable. Gaidal and Lorien and everyone here, i would encourage you not to go into a relationship with someone...." His voice trailed as he finished "'ll only end up getting hurt in the end."

Flashbacks of his former spouse flashed into his head. the good times they had had together, the 3 years they had been married. Thier children, thier home, thier friends. Then there were the bad times, the deaths of thier children, the betrayal of thier friends which lead to the untimely demise of his wife.

You'll only end up getting hurt in the end, the thought reverberated through his head like ripples in a small pond. He had known that they couldn't be together happily, he had known that she would die eventually, he had known that when she did it would leave just another mental scar on his entire life. Yet he had pursued it, and now he regretted it.

Jaymz strolled to the roof of the lounge and stared out at the darkness while looking up at the sky. He let his hand creep out from under his black cloak, bringing it up in front of his face. there was a blackened ring around his left ring finger.

"Naomi....." he let his voice trail off again as a single tear went down his cheek.


16-05-2005 15:47:41

*She went over and sat down beside Lorien, and looked at her softly.* "You know what he said isn't really true Lorien. If even being able to love someone for only a matter of months is better than having no love at all and being alone." *She put her hand on Lorien's face and pushed some of the woman's hair out of her eyes.* "Am I not right?"


16-05-2005 19:07:23

Uzbad smiled and sipped his coke, his eyes on the two woman sitting in the booth across from him.


16-05-2005 20:32:28

Jaymz sighed as he continued looking at the stars. His heart wasn't as black as everyone thought. He had opened up to someone before, but in doing so he had ended up getting hurt so bad he sealed up tight and hadn't really opened till he met Rayne, then she hurt him also. He wasn't sure if he was going to open up to anyone again.

Jaymz ripped the ring off of his finger and threw it as hard as he could into the distance. He was tired of being haunted by his past, it was time to start living in the future.

Jaymz proceeded to climb back down into the lounge and looked at everyone.

"Sorry everyone, i was out of line and i had no right saying that." Jaymz looked at the ground. "Please forgive me"


16-05-2005 20:43:58

*She looked up at Jaymz. And walked over to him.* "I'm sorry if I hurt you. I didn't mean to. It's just my race trait. It's all just an urge to flirt with people. I'm the friendly type of person. We can still be really good friends. But I really didn't agree with what you said about relationships."

*She sighs as she remembered one she had and then the anger, that she felt when she saw him murdered before her eye's, started to flare up inside of her again. A small gust of wind started to swirl around her her cloak and hair starting to stand up and then she realized people were around so she calmed down and wind started to slow down.*

Gaidal Dupar

17-05-2005 10:25:32

Gaidal decided to get another juma juice and so he walked with an empty glass into the lounge. All his senses were screaming that something happened here. While looking at Jaymz and the others, he realised that Jaymz had said something 'unusual'. Gaidal saw Rayne and walked towards her, while he nodded at Lorien.
"Could you join me in the library. Have another mission of interest..."he whispered in her ear, "but this time you and I could ear something more that just respect. What would you think of some stars and stripes?"
He ordered another drink and left the lounge again.


17-05-2005 11:49:39

Jaymz nodded toward Rayne as he heard what she said. They had all been hurt, and there was some way to touch everyones nerve that would set them off. With Jaymz it was love.

Jaymz proceeded to pull a bag out of his cloak and sit at a nearby table. After spilling the contents out one might deduct that he was building a lightsaber, which he was.

He continued to work on it throughout the day.


17-05-2005 16:30:20

Rayne tended to not let things get to her although she let her anger slip by the most as that's the only thing she really used to channel her power. With the anger she felt less pain and was able to channel more of the adrenline to where it was needed inside her body. She had looked to Gaidal.

"I'll meet you in the library for the details on this mission then."


18-05-2005 10:19:29

Jaymz watched Rayne leave with Gaidal, and surge of coolness went through his heart. Had he really been that mean? He looked back at the lightsaber he was constucting. He had no one, and he was really hurt by that thought. He had hoped that Rayne would return to him, but he saw now that she wouldn't.

Jaymz gathered the contents on the table and scooped them back into his bag and left


18-05-2005 12:40:10

Busts through a wall and does a sexy hero pose. "Ha ha."

Gaidal Dupar

18-05-2005 12:56:52

Walked into the lounge again and ordered another juma juice in order to read his books with more pleasure. Nodded to Rayne and looked at the others in there.

"Good to see you again, my dearest Rayne", he whispered.


18-05-2005 13:42:03

((ooc: anyone play Episode III yet?))

Jaymz sat on the top of the lounge looking at the stars as he fiddled with his Starfighters electronics

Requite deSaiah

18-05-2005 21:08:15




19-05-2005 04:11:16

"YES!" Virulence shouted as he burst into laughter at Rayne's superhero entrance.

"Who's gonna fix that!" the bartender growled pointing at the large hole in the wall.

~You will fix that~ Virulence whispered towards the bartender.

"I will fix that!" the bartender growled pointing at the large hole in the wall.


19-05-2005 08:53:15

She bowed as she saw that she entertained Virulence. "Thank you. Thank you." She looked over and saw Gaidal, and walked over beside him and ordered herself a glass of scotch. "Hello there Gaidal. Don't have any more details on this new mission your planning yet do you?"

Gaidal Dupar

19-05-2005 09:17:10

Gaidal smiled at her and pulled her a drink. He sneered, while nipping his juma juice.

"Not today, sweetheart", he grinned, "but when I've the details, you'll be the first to know."


19-05-2005 09:28:13

She sipped on her scotch satisfied with his answer. "Ok. As long as I get the details."


19-05-2005 12:49:06

Jaymz ignites the half built lightsaber on accident, blowing off his already mechanical left arm.

"Damn it, thats the third time today." he yelled then proceeded to begin fixing his arm, before he would eventually go through the same process again.

Langis Gyn Histop

19-05-2005 13:28:23

Langis appears just in time to see a small explosion. She walks up to the bartender and orders a Correlian whiskey. "not a bad place" she says, it being her first time in here.


20-05-2005 08:46:44

Rayne noticed a new person walk in and offered her a nod before going back to her scotch and sipping on it slowly wondering what good things there were to do around here. She pulls out a small drill before sneaking back behind the bar and drilling into the keg and hooking it up to a tube that ran to a barrel she had hid.


20-05-2005 10:23:15

Jaymz finished rebuilding his arm and layed the small tools down on the table while he flexed the new and improved mechanical arm. He started punching into thin air just to see how fast it went, then picked up a glass and crushed it with his hand testing its strength.

"Humph.......good enough."

He scooped the remaining contents of what was left of the lightsaber into a bag and just sat there, looking around.

Langis Gyn Histop

20-05-2005 12:12:29

Langis downs her whiskey, and orders another. Looking around, she noticed a man pumping his fist around in the air. Raising her eyebrow, she retreats her gaze and looks for someone to talk to.


20-05-2005 13:05:29

Jaymz noticed a women by herself and beckoned her over by nodding his head in his direction. He seemed to be over Rayne, she was in Gaidal's hands now. Probably safer there than with Jaymz.


20-05-2005 19:01:42

Uzbad sipped his coke.


20-05-2005 19:07:29

Looks to Uzbad

"you like that coke?"


20-05-2005 19:12:32

Uzbad sipped his coke again and looked up at the intruder. Uzbad mumbled a reply, nodded and sipped the drink again.

Requite deSaiah

21-05-2005 23:40:14

Langis downs her whiskey, and orders another. Looking around, she noticed a man pumping his fist around in the air. Raising her eyebrow, she retreats her gaze and looks for someone to talk to.

*Waltzes up behind her*


*I bow and kiss her hand*

"Welcome to the Dark Brotherhood, I am Requite deSaiah, or Requite if you would desire."

*In the distance, someone cries*

"Or "Pain in the Ass" if you prefer!"

*I grimace and blush, the voice continues*

"And furt- Hic - ther more! You cheated on that last Pazaak game!"

*I pat my satchel*

"The money went to a better cause."

"Ta - Hic - Hell it did!"

"What would you have spent it on? A B33R and Ronda the Inflatable Doll?"


"Never mind!"

*I return to the lady*

"Excuse him Milady."

*I bow out*

Gaidal Dupar

22-05-2005 07:04:00

After being away for a while, Gaidal entered the lounge again. His same dreadful walk, combined with an overwhelming arrogance someone could almost taste. His grin was all over his face, when he saw a new face in the lounge. His eyes went directly to this new female, but he would not give her all the attention yet. Instead, he walked over to the bar ordered a juma juice and was doubting whether he would return to his spot in the library or would stay. He decided to stay for a while. He smiled and nodded to Rayne, who smiled back at him. It was always convenient when you knew someone's personal secrets. Secrets others did not know about and she could be so very 'polite' to him. He remembered the mission on Revan, where she was always pleasantly 'in the way'.
Then he looked through the room. Jaymz was still trying to build his lightsaber. He remembered the one he had and gave away to Des. She deserved it, but he still missed the thing. It was old, battered and the blade malfunctioned, but it was still special; a 'souvernir' he got from his former Jedi Master.
He heard that the new females was named 'Langis'. Gaidal smiled and looked at her more closely. Darn, how could he have missed her? He drank the last drop of his juice and ordered another one, while he kept his eyes on her. He could not help being a womanizer. So he took off the cloak he got from his last mission while being on Korriban.


22-05-2005 14:23:50

Uzbad took yet another sip from his coke.


23-05-2005 08:52:20

She sat at the bar for a little while before starting to get bored before going over to an empty corner and drawing her scimitars before starting to practice graceful, and complicated sword combos. She didn’t notice anyone else at this point in time as she was continued to weave her swords in and out of complex maneuvers.

Langis Gyn Histop

23-05-2005 13:59:20

Seeing the chance to get away from the strange man who seemed to be staring at her, she heads toward the man who beckoned to her earlier. She sat and immediately noticed his yellow eyes.

"Funny," she said, "Until I saw your eyes, you looked like a person I knew a long time ago. My name is Langis, by the way. And you are?"

Gaidal Dupar

23-05-2005 14:05:33

Interesting, Gaidal thought, while he saw that Langis was going over to Jaymz. Gaidal showed a sneer and continued to order a new juma juice. From time to time he would keep an eye on Langis. Meanwhile, he would enjoy his drink and keep his eyes open. Indeed, Langis was a beautiful woman, but sometimes even a womanizer such as himself would have to be patient.


23-05-2005 18:13:08

Uzbad sipped his coke.

Requite deSaiah

23-05-2005 22:47:43

*While fiddling absently with the length emitter of my saber, I miss calculate and send the garnet stream through an innocent bystander*

"Oh, that's the central blister stem. I always get those confused...."


24-05-2005 10:19:50

Jaymz gives her a small smile and looked at her innocent young eyes. She also reminded him of someone he once knew that was now lost to him......


He quickly put the thought of her out of his head and tilted his head as he carefully put the focusing crystal into the central part of the lightsaber.

"My name is Jaymz, Langis. Why did you decide to become a dark jedi?" He asked with a little bit of curiousity.


24-05-2005 10:35:14

She stopped practicing with her swords before walking over to Gaidal and slightly elbowing him seeing him stare at Langis. "You like to use all the women you meet don't you?"

Langis Gyn Histop

24-05-2005 14:34:31

"Because darkness is better." she replied. "I was training to become a Jedi once, but something happened."

She quickly turned her head away. "But that's not important. Why don't you tell me a little about yourself?"

Gaidal Dupar

25-05-2005 06:16:57

Gaidal looked at Rayne and started laughing out loud, because of her remark towards him. He looked at her again and blinked.
"Well, my dearest Rayne", he said, "I can't help it, i'm just who I am. Or maybe I should say WHAT I am. Not that it matters much, I'm a womaniser for life. Condemned by it, just like you're tied to Lorien."
Rayne started blushing.
"Don't worry", Gaidal grinned, "I'll keep it a secret!"
He ordered another juma juice and started looking at Langis again. He would wlak over in a minute, but would still wait for a little while longer. When she would notice him, that would be his signal to start moving.


25-05-2005 08:39:56

So is that why you're using me to get your missions done? *She said while giving him a slight smirk.* Or is it you seem to have something else in store for me?

Gaidal Dupar

25-05-2005 08:45:30

"Many secrets remain hidden for a lifetime, my dearest Rayne", Gaidal laught out loud, "but sometimes an opportunity is given to know the true content of a secret. In this case there is nothing to know more: True, I'm a womaniser. False, the assumption that I would use you. True, the fact I think you're a good company to have on a mission."
She looked puzzled, but also knew he liked talking in riddles.
"There is much for you to earn, Rayne", Gaidal concluded, "but I'll explain that some other time... SOON!"


25-05-2005 08:57:22

*She raised a brow inquiring about this.* "What do you mean by that Gaidal? Earned? Soon?" *She seemed a little more confused but watched him awaiting his response.*

Gaidal Dupar

25-05-2005 09:03:01

"Let us train our techniques with the sword. You with your Scimitars against me and my Shinamoor (staff that can be enlarged by, once again, a hidden button)", Gaidal stated, "See it as a training excersize. After that we'll see what I'll tell. You can't expect me to reveal anything here in the Lounge. It needs to be more private than this!"


25-05-2005 09:19:34

"So you want to spar with me? Here and now?"

Gaidal Dupar

25-05-2005 09:22:33

"Only if you like it, but we can spar elsewhere too", Gaidal said, "does it really matter? We can also find a nice spot elswhere in the Brotherhood. I'm just killing time."


25-05-2005 09:24:24

"We could spar here and now if you like. It's all up to you. Just tell me when you're ready."

Gaidal Dupar

25-05-2005 09:31:01

Gaidal enlarged his Shinamoor, a respectable and well-designed weapon also originally from Kyandria. The symbols of the Tenkai Clan were encraved on the sharp points at both ends of this staff. With his right hand he used the Force to lift a table into the air, while the bartender looked worried at what was happening.
"Remember our mutual friend, the droid nemesis, back on the dustbowl of Korriban?", Gaidal sneered at Rayne, "so how well do you spar under resistance?"
He threw the table towards her and she rapidly sliced the table in half, while splinters ended up the floor all around.
"Very well, Rayne", Gaidal said, "let us begin!"


25-05-2005 09:53:07

She stared at Gaidal now looking down at the floor at all the splinters that occurred when she sliced the table in half. Knowing he was going to use the bar as a weapon she took note of everything in the room and figured out a plan in the first place. She charged at him her swords coming in a downward slash. Gaidal intercepted the blow before Rayne turned her swords just right to interlock their weapons together until she let go or he forced his way out of it.

“What of our droid nemesis, back on the dustbowl of Korriban,” she said as she ducked down and kicked Gaidal’s knee out from underneath him sending him to his knees. She circles up from the kick with a light tap, from the side of the sword, to his left forarm causing a stinging feeling that only lasted for a second. He then realized that her blade was glowing light blue in hue and that the feeling hadn’t been from the sword hit. But the fact that the blade was as cold as ice.

Gaidal Dupar

25-05-2005 10:01:30

"Hmm.. interesting Scimitars you have there, my dearest Rayne", Gaidal studied them, while still on his knees.
"We should be 'partners in crime' more often, because I like our fruitful business relationship", he replied. This was the moment he had been waiting for. She looked a bit confused by his remark and he easily jumped on his feet, while using his Shinamoor to block any possible attack.

Once on his feet he ran towards the bar and jumped behind him. While keeping he a low profile, he crawled towards the end of the bar. By using the Force he grabbed a couple of glasses and threw them at Rayne, while saying: "You're a good opponent, Rayne! We shouldn't be just 'partners in crime', but allies!"

When he threw the glasses, he jumped up again, ran away from the bar towards her. With an easy air flip he stood behind her and pointed the sharp point a bit in her lower back, until a small frop of blood showed up. He stood close to her and said: "I can smell your hair. Surrender or I'll hurt you a bit more, my dearest. And yes, this is still training, but without being vicious you can never win a real fight!"

Rune Kiirnodel

25-05-2005 10:08:34

Rune sat looking around at all the others in the lounge. Silently laughing inwardly to himself, the protector spotted Gaidal. He hadn't seen Gaidal in quite some time.

Getting up at his own leisurely pace, Rune walked over to where Gaidal was and politely asked,"How are you, my friend?"

Gaidal Dupar

25-05-2005 10:15:00

Gaidal let his companion Rayne go and gave her a small bandage for the little wound on her back. Giving her a little hug was what made her happy again. Meanwhile he looked at Rune and smiled.
"Well, Shadoweye you know me... Busy as always and killing time when needed... Just got back from a mission on Darth Revan (still going on & you may participate if you like!). Took a lot of time and a lot of myself to succeed. Can I buy you a drink, good old friend Rune? We must have a lot to talk about."
Gaidal ordered two juma juices and a wodka for Rayne. She was a great competitor and good companion.


25-05-2005 10:26:45

Jaymz watched the battle with the least bit of curiousity, no fight seemed to intrest him enough after he so security recordings of Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi dueling on Mustafar, that and the duel between his master M'Kel and Dathlid.

Jaymz shifted his attention to Langis and smiled, "Have you started your training in the Antei Combat Centre yet?" He asked with a little curiousity as he then shifted his gaze to a scar across his arm, no thanks to M'Kel

Gaidal Dupar

25-05-2005 10:46:08

While talking to his old pal Rune and aiding Rayne, Gaidal kept his eyes open and paid attention to what happened across the room with Langis. He started to know her bit by bit and she was interesting, very interesting. But he still decided for a little bit longer, before he would approach her.


25-05-2005 10:59:14

*She flipped her swords down at her sides a huge blue hue now glowing from them as they wish to draw blood she walks back over to him not needing the bandage.* "So you don't want to be partners. Just allies? Why is that," she said before swinging her sword around and catching him across the shoulder witht he flat part of the blade now freezing the skin from where it hit. Gaidal felt the burn from how cold the swords were, now colder than before, and wondered about the power; before bringing his staff up and catching her in the jaw with the tip of hit. That attack caused her to bite into her upper lip. When she looked back down her lip was bleeding bad.*


25-05-2005 11:55:24

Jaymz noticed Gaidal was taking intrest in Langis. He didn't really care, but he noticed Gaidal was taking an unsusal amount of intrest in people Jaymz was beginning to grow fond of.

"So Gaidal, how's the search for Revan coming?" he asked not really caring just feeling like breaking his concentration from Langis.

Gaidal Dupar

25-05-2005 13:59:22

"Well, my dearest Jaymz, how nice of you to ask. The usual I guess, although we found some interesting relics of Darth Revan. Like you believe Darth Vader was one of the greatest Sith, I think Darth Revan was. If you don't mind I walk back to Rayne and Rune; after all, I was talking to them and I wouldn't want to bother your conversation", Gaidal replied as a gentleman.
He could easily feel the anger, annoyance and even hatred coming from Jaymz. Why? Gaidal could not tell. He knew he had a couple of 'meetings' with the man with the mechanized arm, but hatred. He shaked his head and thought things through for a while. Could he have missed something? Not really, he believed, Jaymz was just a man with a troubled mind. Afraid of interacting with people on a higher level.
He stopped and returned to Jaymz.
"Well, before I leave, I would like to ask you a polite question. Could we talk for moment when it suits you?", Gaidal asked him friendly.


25-05-2005 14:01:49

*She noticed Gaidal decided to leave her alone after there slight sparring confrontation. She let the blood flow down her chin before licking it up and biting her lower lip trying to control certain urges her race has. She looks back and sheaths her scimitars and watches Gaidal and Jaymz carefully.*

Langis Gyn Histop

25-05-2005 15:26:35

Feeling like being caught between two rancors fighting over food, Langis shrank back in her chair. It had been awhile since two people really fought over her, and she was kinda amused. 'These two guys think I'm a goddess! This is great!' she thought. ' Here's something they'll ponder over.'

"Guys, guys, guys. There's no need to make the first move," she said. "I like to be the one who does that." With that, she went to the bar to order another whiskey, smiling as she went.


25-05-2005 17:23:43

*She heard the girl say what she did and thought about Lorien and how much she missed her. She walked over to the table she was sitting at and sat down wondering if Gaidal has anything new he's going to tell her about the mission he was talking about.*

Rune Kiirnodel

26-05-2005 10:08:13

Looking to Gaidal as he spoke with Jaymz, Rune continued to drink. HE looked around after a bit and tried to see if anyone else that he knew was here. It seemed like some of his old "Friends" were here, but he could only sense them.

Bring forth his datapad, Rune began to type into his daily ship log that he had since his days as a starship captain. Remembering those days brought a smile to his lips. Suddenly catching his expression, Rune quickly shifted back to his normal depressed look.

(I would type more but I am in typing class right now and the teacher is like a hawk when it comes to not doing my work.)


26-05-2005 20:40:41

Jaymz looked at gaidal with a bit of curiousity. Puttng his hood up he replied "yes" and began walking with Gaidal.

Langis Gyn Histop

27-05-2005 16:33:24

Downing her whiskey, she looked back. Gaidal and Jaymz seemed to be talking about something and looked like it wasn't supposed to have a third party. Frowning, she ordered one more drink.

'This has to be my last one,' she thought. 'Don't want to lose my focus.' Looking around the room she noticed the pinkish woman paying a lot of attention to Gaidal. Determined to find out what was going on between them, she grabbed her whiskey and walked up to the woman.

"Is this seat taken?"

Gaidal Dupar

27-05-2005 17:54:24

Even when he left the bar, Rayne and Langis, he kept his eyes on the latter. He looked at the man next to him. Jaymz was a tall man, almost as tall as Lord Vader was. There was somehow a great resemblance. Thi man was also strong in the Force, proud and hot-headed. While looking at Langis, he noticed that she tried to start a converastion with Rayne. It made Gaidal sneer, because his Zeltron friend was always exactly who she was; mysterious and interesting. To both male and female.
"Well, due to the last few contacts we had, I had reason to believe that you and I were experiencing some difficulties with each other. I would like to get rid of those problems, because there might be a fruitful business relationship ahead of us. We could work together", Gaidal started the conversation. Jaymz looked at him and nodded.


27-05-2005 20:10:19

*Rayne looked up at Langis. This young woman was beautiful. And it had the zeltron's horomones raging although she tried hard to control herself. She bit her bottom lip.* "No it's not taken. Would you like to join me?" She said while taking a sip of her scotch.


27-05-2005 20:29:12

Jaymz eye's drifted to Gaidal's. He gave a half smile. The man wanted to work with him after he had taken both Rayne and now Langis away from him. Though he supposed it mattered not to either Rayne nor Langis that he was no longer a part of thier lives so he found it in his best intrest to agree with Gaidal....for now.

"Very well, Gaidal. I also hope there will be no further confontations between us, though i would like to test my combat skills against yours in Antei Combat Match." Jaymz narrowed his eyes a little. "nothing serious, just a duel. Seens how you seem to have more to do with arranging things you can set it up."

Jaymz looked at Langis and longed to be with her, but then sighed and looked back at Gaidal and awaited his response.


27-05-2005 20:34:31

Although she looked at Jaymz she understood what he was probably feeling. Gaidal didn't take her from no one. Rayne followed those she liked. Jaymz was a good honest man. And didn't deserve to be with someone as low as herself. Rayne sighed and looked down to the ground before thinking back to Langis asking about the seat.

Gaidal Dupar

29-05-2005 18:45:35

Gaidals' face showed a grin. He looked again at the man next to him and knew that he was bred to fight anyone anytime anywhere.
"Well, my dearest Jaymz, perhaps we could do that. If that is what you need in order for me to proove myself, that's acceptable. Of course, I need something in return; a small favor. By doing that, you will proove yourself to me", Gaidal answered Jaymz' question.
"Let me ask you a simple but delicate question. You think by the saber, I by the book", he continued, "do you know the infamous Sith Marauder Kaox Krul?"


30-05-2005 18:55:56

Jaymz eyes shifted from Langis then back to Gaidal. He had never heard that name before in his life. He was not one to sit and read books, wasting time on studying the past when he could be learning new forms of combat, books wouldn't save someone's life, combat skills could.

"No Gaidal I havn't, and don't call me dearest again." There was a kind of energy that flowed through his voice that made it much more powerful than it was intended to be.

Gaidal Dupar

31-05-2005 05:41:47

"Well, Jaymz", Gaidal apoligised, "you should know by now that I have no intention to insult, nor offend you. So please forgive me using 'my dearest', which is a very old habit of mine. Old habits die hard."
Meanwhile they kept walking through the Lounge and Gaidal continued his monologue.
"Jaymz, I know there is a great ressemblance between Lord Vader and you. I know that you rarely read any books. I understand that it is who you're, but I mentioned Kaox Krul, because you could learn something from him. His nickname was the 'Madman', he destroyed entire planets and he was extremely strong with the lightsaber and he was able to use Force Rage at astronomical proportions. I cost him his head, but with most Sith; we die hard, and painful."
Jaymz felt surprised by Gaidal. The man knew of his interests. Maybe Gaidal got his knowledge from books, but Jaymz started to realise that this man could be a powerful ally. He nodded and asked to tell him more about the Sith Marauder.


31-05-2005 08:18:39

She sat there and wondered if this woman Langis was going to say anything after she sat down. Rayne just gave her a curious look before adverting her eyes to watch Jaymz and Gaidal not sure as to weither or not they will break out into a fight or not.


31-05-2005 11:41:17

Jaymz nodded and continued walking with Gaidal, his cloak also continuing to sway back and forth with his movements. His hands were crossed in front of him and his head was bowed.

"This Kaox has gained my intrest, tell me more." Jaymz said in a solemn voice.

Langis Gyn Histop

31-05-2005 16:16:58

Langis shook her head. 'Daydreaming again,' she thought. 'I need to stop remembering the past. He said so himself, right? That if anything happened, I needed to move on.'

Rayne gave her an inquisitive look. "Do you need a med droid?"


"A med droid. You asked to sit and then haven't said a word. I'm wondering whether you are sick." Rayne said. Langis simply laughed and smiled. "I was thinking." she replied. I notice that you look at Gaidal a lot. Are you involoved?" Rayne narrowed her eyes. "You look at Jaymz, are you involved?"

She looked at Jaymz. "I havent decided. And Gaidal?" she asked again.


01-06-2005 08:28:39

She looked up at Langis and thought for a minute and then looked back at Gaidal. "I may look at him alot. But I'm not really involved. We're like partners in crime so to speak. Or if you wish to call it. Allies." Rayne looked back at Langis. "Jaymz is a good man. He just needs a good woman to be with him." She took a sip of scotch.


01-06-2005 12:47:34

Jaymz sighed and decided that Gaidal wasn't going to answer him. He moved away from the man and sat in a corner by himself. He closed his eyes and rolled his head back.

He was alone yet again. He was tired of being alone. He breathed in deeply and didn't let it go for several seconds.

Langis Gyn Histop

01-06-2005 13:05:28

"So I've heard," Langis replied. She looked at the two men and saw that they had finished their conversation. Jaymz went back to a corner and closed his eyes. Gaidal stood for a while then went back to the bar.

Langis' eyes kept drifting towards Jaymz, as he sat in thought. "Would you excuse me for a moment?" she asked Rayne, as she stood up.

She walked purposefully towards the bar and ordered another whiskey and a Correllian brandy. She walked over to Jaymz, held out the brandy, and said, "Here. You looked like you just fought with a Rancor. I figured you could use this."


01-06-2005 13:10:10

Jaymz opened his eyes and stared at her for several moments. He wondered why he felt such an odd atraction to this women.

"Thank you." Jaymz said taking the refreshment and taking a long swig of it. "Would you like to sit with me?"

Langis Gyn Histop

01-06-2005 13:18:06

"Definitely," she replied. She sat down opposite of him and gave him a wink. "I was actually a bit surprised that you two didn't brek out fighting. Your conversation with him looked intense."

What is it about this man?' she thought. 'Why can't i just be by myself?' She smiled inwardly. 'Why this and why that won't solve anything Langis. Do something about it.'

She found herself staring at him and turned away, blushing.


01-06-2005 13:32:03

Jaymz noticed she was staring at him, only because he found he was staring at her as well. He found her beauty entrancing to a point it made him wonder if he He dismissed the thought immeadiatly.

Jaymz smiled at her. "So what have you been up to, my beautiful Langis." He said holding his hand up in front of him, then snapping his wrist making a black rose appear which he presented to her.

Langis Gyn Histop

01-06-2005 13:38:05

"Black Rose?" she said. "You've been watching Gaidal, haven't you?"


01-06-2005 13:42:51

Jaymz heard the name Gaidal and a hatred burned in him. No he didn't copy off Gaidal. These roses were not grown on this planet. These were conjured from the dark side itself. Jaymz waved his hand and the rose disappated.

"No I have not." Jaymz said feeling the rage begin to falter.

Gaidal Dupar

01-06-2005 13:46:58

Gaidal walked back to the bar and ordered another juma juice. Rayne studied him and his movements. The longer she got to know the man, the more mysterious he became. She looked him in the eyes, when he turned away from the bar and she smiled at him.
"You did it again, didn't you?", Rayne said.
"I did what?", Gaidal played dumb.
"You're always trying to mess with people's minds", she replied.
"I only told him about Kaox Krul", he said like he was the most innocent man in the world.
"Don't pretend to be a Jedi, which you're not", she responded filled with fury.
"Ok, ok, don't go mad Rayne", Gaidal continued, "I explained something about Krul, who was a figure of power. But he will have to find the information himself."

Langis Gyn Histop

01-06-2005 13:51:25

She felt ashamed. The minute that comment came out of her mouth, she knew he wouldn't take to it kindly. She laid a hand on his. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it that way. I thought you had seen him give me a black rose, and therefore... you knew what i liked.


01-06-2005 13:54:54

Jaymz face looked mad for several seconds but he then somehow managed to morph it into a slight smile.

"Its okay. A Slight misunderstanding thats all." Jaymz said then noticing that her hand was still on his and wondered if it was intentional.


01-06-2005 14:00:15

She looked at Gaidal for a minute before standing up and walking over to a wall and started to punch it taking out all her frustration and anger on the wall. Rayne started to pace back and forth as the bartender walked over and said, "Please don't beat on the wall." Rayne quickly shot him a glare before walking towards him and pushing him to the ground. "I'll do whatever I [Expletive Deleted F-word]in feel like. So back off."

Langis Gyn Histop

01-06-2005 14:04:00

She felt his anger drift away and he immediately relaxed. She contemplated whether she would let go of his hand, but loved the feel of it. She decided to let it lie there for now.

"Anyway, to answer your first question, I have been meditating a lot on..." she stopped herself. "things."


01-06-2005 14:17:15

She drew her swords and slowly stalked the bartender with all intentions to kill him. Something had happened to Rayne that changed her. She was going to kill the bartender if no one interfered. Just as she brought up the blade to strike the killing blow Gaidal rushed over and grabbed her arm and stopped her. "What's gotten into you, my dearest Rayne?" She stopped not knowing what to think she let her swords fall to the ground and just leaned on Gaidal.


01-06-2005 22:30:12

Uzbad sipped his coke, then slapped some random people around with his new lightsaber.

Gaidal Dupar

02-06-2005 06:44:33

"Well, Rayne, what's the matter", Gaidal stated, "I don't know you like this."
He walked her around the Lounge en kept his eyes on her. Something changed her mood and herself. Gaidal could not tell of foresee what exaclt was going on, but she felt miserable. He was an ally and personal friend of her, so he would have to take care of her.
"Walk with me", he said, "and explain why I sense such strong emotions flowing through you. What is the meaning of this, Rayne?"


02-06-2005 08:32:38

She looked at Gaidal not knowing what to really think. Rayne continued to walk with him not knowing what got into her. “Recently I’ve noticed a mood change. It’s something I don’t know why Gaidal. I think it’s because of….” She stopped there and stared at him for a long time. “Oh. It’s nothing.” She gave him a wink and a soft elbow to the stomach. “I need more alcohol in my system. I think that’s what it is. I’m suffering like a withdrawal.”


02-06-2005 10:06:40

Jaymz moved his hand away from hers. He was not about to fall into another trap. He didn't know what he was doing before, trying to fall in love with her. It was ludacris. Uzbad was right, women was what killed Vader, and it seemed that Gaidal had already stolen her away from him.

He got up and walked to the stairs, but not before patting Gaidal on the shoulder and whispering into his ear "You win." He continued walking to the roof and began meditating on the roof.

Rune Kiirnodel

02-06-2005 11:23:31

Seeming to have been forgotten, Rune looked to his drink once more. He loved to study the strange swirls it made as he stirred it with his finger. He had nothing else to do and it seemed an opurtune time to begin his daily trance.

Sitting in a comfortable position, Rune closed his eyes and began to concentrate on the landscape of his homeworld. Tears of homesickness rose into his eyes, but he quickly rid himself of those meddalsome water droplets. He began to concentrate on the event that had taken him from his homeland, and led him to hate the republic........

Langis Gyn Histop

02-06-2005 13:31:18

Langis simply stared at the retreating back of Jaymz. She wanted to go to him, but realized he probably needed time alone


02-06-2005 21:59:45

Uzbad sipped his coke.


02-06-2005 23:50:02

Sorgo walked into the bar. Heads turned to look at him, trying to see his face. It was nearly impossible with the black cloak over half of his face, barely revealing anything because of the shadow casted by the hood. Sorgo walks slowly across the room to a chair in the far back of the bar. He sits and mumbles Sith Lore to himself....


03-06-2005 21:10:48

Jaymz fell to his knees on the roof and grabbed his head, tears streaming down his cheeks. His whole world was spinning, his life was out of control. Jaymz didn't know whether he loved Langis or not, but she did mean alot to him, which he had ruined now.

Jaymz looked up at the stars and screamed "WHY ME? WHAT HAVE I DONE?" He closed his eyes as his anger and tension built. Suddenly all the lights and small objects around him exploded as he screamed out loud.

Macron Sadow

04-06-2005 11:00:37

Macron stepped back into the Lounge. He had been gone a long time, and now wore Knight's robes and was carrying a lightsaber.
"So how is everybody? I see some new faces... have a drink on me."


04-06-2005 14:07:34

Virulence turned from his drink and smiled as Macron walked into the bar. He hadn't seen his friend for some time now, and was pleased to see him in his new DJK robes. Catching his attention, the reptile raised his glass to the Alchemist in congratulations.

"Good to see you again Macron. Welcome back!"

Macron Sadow

04-06-2005 14:49:07

"Thanks my friend. Any new happenings?" spoke the alchemist.


04-06-2005 15:14:15

Rayne still walking with Gaidal noticed Macron and grabbed Gaidal's arm and pulled him over to where Macron was. "Hey Macron. Long time no see buddy. Nice robes.....And lightsaber. Can I see it?"


04-06-2005 15:53:11

Telona decided it was high time for her to visit the lounge for a drink and a bit of something to eat. She walked in and quickly took note of all the journeymen present before she went over to her normal booth. She placed her order and turned away from the happenings of the lounge, favoring a datapad.

Macron Sadow

04-06-2005 18:01:36

"You certainly may, Rayne. It took me a week just to synthesize the crystals."

Macron and Rayne stepped into the corner and checked out the red blade.


05-06-2005 16:56:12

Rayne looked at the blade of Macron's and turned it over and over. The focusing crystal's and everything seemed to match perfect and it seemed it took him a long time to make the weapon. She turned it over a couple of more times and handed it back to him. "Very good craftsmanship. But I still like my twin scimitars." She drew one of them and handed it to Macron. As he put his hand on the handle he could feel that the blade was colder than ice. "Why is you're sword so cold?" Rayne looked up at him and smiled while she knew Gaidal already knew about it. "The blades themselves have a liquid nitrogen core. Which makes it so cold."


05-06-2005 18:58:09

Jaymz watched them from the other side of the room, with Langis in his arms. They could not be seperated, thier love ran deeply. Jaym looked deeply into her eyes and gave her a small smile.

"Do you think you made the right choice by picking me, my love?" He asked letting his hand run across her cheek.

Macron Sadow

05-06-2005 20:29:53

"That is way cool, Rayne. Literally." Macron snickered at his awful pun. He had never seen weapons like them, and was fascinated.

Macron told the story of Sith blades to Rayne, and the two chatted over a drink and some chess.

Langis Gyn Histop

06-06-2005 13:47:47

"I don't think, Jaymz. I know," she said. Jaymz smiled and Langis reached up, kissing him. They held for a while then parted lips, watching the commotion of the Lounge.

"Do you need a drink?" Langis asked.


06-06-2005 18:45:57

Telona smirked at all the mushy stuff going on. It was rather funny to her that the house and clan leaders didn't instruct these new members about the dangers of love. The woman turned to the drink before her and sighed. She would enjoy seeing them suffer for their errors but not now. Now it was time to enjoy her drink.


06-06-2005 18:49:20

Jaymz shook his head and held her tighter. He did want a drink but he wasn't about to let her get him one. He didn't want her doing anything for him, not because he didn't like it, but he didn't want to seem like a slave driver.

"No I am fine, thanks." He said staring into her eyes then looking back at the commotion


06-06-2005 22:56:15

Adalyn walked into the lounge and surveyed the room. Nothing extremely interesting seemed to be going on, but she decided to stay. She was able to walk around without many people noticing her. She was quiet, shy, and stayed back from the rest. Suddenly, she spotted her closest friend kissing another woman. Her eyes hardened with anger and jealousy as she watched Jaymz kiss Langis. There had to be an explanation, he wouldn't do that for no reason. Trying to remain calm, she half-walked, half-ran to the couple. "What is going on here?"

Langis Gyn Histop

07-06-2005 12:48:15

Langis looked up in curiousity at this woman. She seemed to be slightly upset about something and Langis feared that it might be about them. "Umm...we're enjoying each other's company. Why do you ask?" she said.


07-06-2005 17:32:08

Telona took notice that Uzbad was in here. She caught his eye and motioned for him to come over. He eased into the booth opposite of her and grinned. Telona started up a friendly conversation, once again ignoring the happenings of the room.


07-06-2005 19:09:58

"Good evening milady" He said as he sat down. Bringing his coke with him.


07-06-2005 20:34:12

In an instant Jaymz's glaive was out of its place on his utility belt and at the womens throat, a rage had been released in him that never had been before. His eyes were rimmed with red again and were narrowed, burning a hole into Adalyn.

"You.......You mean nothing to me." Jaymz said through clenched teeth, trying to block out all the good memories he had had with this woman. She had practically abandoned him, and now when he had finally moved on, met someone new, she had returned.

A small tear ran down Jaymz's cheek and he quickly put the Glaive back into its sheath on his belt and stormed out of the room.


07-06-2005 20:57:02

As Jaymz reached the door he felt a clenching sensation around his throat as he began to have a hard time breathing. The pressure steadily increased as the Protector fought and failed to catch a breath. His eyes shifting around the room landed on the Headmaster who was looking directly at the Protector. Suddenly a voice that sounded like a hurricane exploded in Jaymz mind, telling him that such action were not permitted in the lounge and that further discretions would be meet with a far deeper penalty. As the grip on his throat lessened the Protector remembered that.

The Lounge was a place for fun and relaxation, violence of that kind is not tolerated within its halls.


07-06-2005 21:07:04

Jaymz's eyes burned with rage. He could care less what the Headmaster did, kill him or not. He pushed open the door and walked out, enfuriated.

Aidan Kincaid

07-06-2005 21:09:57

Just then Shadow re-entered completely naked. He waited for Jaymz to completely exit the room before bringing out his porta-party.

The porta-party was all anyone could ever ask for. It contained a dance floor, disco ball, a bar, a bartender (chiss), 3 half-naked twileks and enough booze to last until morning. Shadow cranked up the tunes and turned to the astonished dark jedi.

"Let's get this party started"


07-06-2005 21:13:50

Adalyn stepped back, shocked at what had just happened. She turned and fled, she had to find Jaymz. She knew people were staring at her, but she didn't care anymore. She had to find Jaymz, she needed him. She stumbled as she reached the door, and almost fell. Catching herself, she tried to regain the calmness she felt when she had first walked into the lounge. But she couldn't, not without Jaymz. She threw open the door and screamed, "How could you do this? Don't you know how much I care? I can't be perfect but I try. I try for you. Jaymz, I need you."


07-06-2005 21:39:52

Jaymz looked back at her his eyes still rimmed with red. He knew she tried, but he was being torn apart like two rancor fighting over a piece of meat. His eyes looked angry put then a tear slipped out of his eye. How could he be mean to Adalyn, after all these years.

He walked towards her, his eyes back to thier old vibrant blue color. Jaymz held out his hand as more tears began to run down his cheeks. He didn't want to hurt her, how could he have pulled his glaive on someone who meant so much to him.


07-06-2005 21:47:21

Relieved, Adalyn ran to him. She grabbed his hand and guided it to her cheek while their lips joined in what was a sweet but meaningful kiss. She pulled back and smiled through her own tears. She knew he would come around, he always did. Sometimes it seemed like they were never meant to be, but she knew they were. What else could possibly bring them through the fights? She knew he never meant harm to come to her, he just got out of control sometimes. She was the same way, but she was more patient than he was. She could control herself more than he could, or at least she thought she could.


07-06-2005 21:57:42

Jaymz looked into her eyes with an intensity of thinking that he doubted he could ever have with Langis. His arms wrapped around her waist and he held her close, never wanting to let go. He was almost positive this was the women he was going to spend the rest of his life with. He let thier lips touch again as closed his eyes never wanting this moment to end,

Macron Sadow

08-06-2005 08:39:51

"Cool! Porta party! Right on, Shadow."
Macron began to cut a rug, figuratively. Sadowites loved to party.

"Wanna dance, Rayne?"

Mike Halcyon

08-06-2005 08:51:02



08-06-2005 15:00:45

Korras entered the lounge, and laughed as he saw his Magistrate, completely naked, with his porta-party. some people were looking at him nervously, apparently afraid of what he'd do. "You heard the man. let the party get started!"

grinning, he took a bottle of Vodka, and went over to one of the relaxing lounge chair.


08-06-2005 19:33:36

Telona looked at the naked Magistrate and then turned back, blushing, to Uzbad.

"How about I buy a round?"

The woman took a huge gulp of her own drink and started to order another.


09-06-2005 19:02:02

Rayne stared at Macron for a minute. "Sure. But I haven't danced in a long time." She gets closer and whispers in his ear. "I'm only use to dancing dirty cause of my race."

Langis Gyn Histop

09-06-2005 20:31:43

Langis stood by the door and watched it all. Tears ran down her eyes as she stared at the couple. They had already kissed numerous times and she was starting to get sick of watching it. Turning her head away from the site, she tried to stop the flow of the whiskey that she had drank earlier. Somehow she managed.

'I was a fool,' she thought. 'To think that I had the nerve to replace my dear Jadier.' A smile unfurled through the tears. "I will never fall in love again," she whispered. "From now on, I live in anger and hatred. That is what will motivate me."

Without warning, she screamed in agony, so that every patron in the lounge heard it. Everyone stopped for a fleeting moment, and when the scream stopped, they resumed their fun. "Goodbye, Jaymz," she whispered, as she started to leave the lounge.


09-06-2005 20:41:47

Jaymz saw Langis going to leave and grabbed her by the arm, gently. He did not mean for this to happen. He didn't think that him, of all people, would be torn between to people. But he was and now he had to fix it.

Tears were still running down Jaymz's cheek, and Langis began to think that it was joy for being with Adalyn, but they were for sadness for having left such a beautiful and wonderful dark jedi. Jaymz looked into her eyes and smiled.

"Adalyn, you can only have one person to really love. One person to love you back the same way. And one to stay loyal to for the rest of your life. Adalyn and I fell in love long before i met you so do not think it is your fault. You are an awesome person and i hope you know that. Gaidal is also an awesome person and i think the two of you would make a great couple."


09-06-2005 21:31:42

Adalyn looked down at her feet, feeling guilty. She knew what Langis felt like. Only minutes before she had felt her heart being ripped out at the sight of Jaymz with her. But she couldn't control her feelings for him. She had been in love with him long before she had come here. He was the one who convinced her that it was the right thing to do. She couldn't just let someone else take him away from her after all the years they were together.


09-06-2005 22:01:14

Jaymz moved back over to Adalyn and held her nin his arms again. He gave her a long passionate kiss, knowing that he would never want to be with anyone else. His arms were wrapped around her waist again and there bodies were pressed close together, her slender, beautiful body pressed up against his hard rigid body.

"I love you Adalyn" Jaymz said lookin deeply into her eyes


09-06-2005 22:04:56

"I love you too." Adalyn leaned into his body, trying to let her guilty feelings go. She knew Jaymz first, they fell in love before either of them came here. She deserved to be with him. Still feeling uncomfortable, she wished that the two of them could be alone, and work anything out that was still troubling them.


09-06-2005 22:19:53

Jaymz grabbed her hand gently and led her into the lounge, dodging a naked man, before going up a set of stairs to a bedroom, where they could be alone. He could tell how she felt just because....he felt the same way. He knew they were so much alike and could tell everything she was feeling just by the way she acted.

Jaymz say down at a table in the middle of the room and waited for Adalyn to do the same. "So whats up my love?" he asked staring into her eyes.


09-06-2005 22:27:11

Adalyn sat down and found herself smiling like an idiot. It's just that she loved him so much, and she felt she had been dangerously close to losing him. Being near him, and being away from the crowds, was so entoxicating. "I'm crazy about you," she replied, smiling and laughing at herself the whole time.

Kaine Mandaala

10-06-2005 01:56:23

At his workbench on Mimban, Kaine felt a disturbance in the Force. He put the various lightsaber components down and walked to his projection chamber. He activated the spider-like holoprojection droid at the Dak Hall and had it walk to the lounge.

As it approached the doors he saw a figure, torn apart with anguish. He activated the projection. A shadowy, transparent blue figure rose from the platform of the droid. Langis glanced through tear-soaked eyes at the unrecognizable figure.

"Langis," Kaine muttered. "Your suffering has led you further down the path to ultimate power. Do not hold back. Let loose your anger..."

The hologram flickered as distortion rippled across it. Emotions of confusion and anger intensified all around Langis.

"Who are you?" she screamed. "Go away! Leave me alone!"

"Good..." Kaine chuckled as the droid walked closer. "Soon you will be a great warrior. A Sith of incredible resolve. I'll be watching you."

The holoprojector flickered and suddenly went dead. The droid started its trip back to the HRLD Office in the Dark Hall.

Mike Halcyon

10-06-2005 04:30:36

It got stopped suddenly, however.

Kaine looked up from his workbench, narrowing his eyes as a priority one channel opened over his comm system, revealing the face of a cloaked man with a familiar dark blonde beard.

"Hello, Kaine", he greeted him, immediatly rising a hand to block the curses and death threats the Herald could throw at him. "Yes, I know, I'm sorry. I'm also sorry for abusing your projection droid for slicing into the comm system, but we need to talk."

"I have nothing to say to you", the Dark Jedi Master huffed.

"It's not true and you know it. Come to Antares, Kaine."

The signal flickered and vanished. Shortly thereafter, Kaine saw how the projection spider was released.

Macron Sadow

10-06-2005 09:05:28

Macron was dirty dancing with Rayne to the boogie oogie sounds from the porta-party.
The air was thick with emotions in the lounge... anger, lust, fear, all were represented. The Sith relished the aura and took them in like a fine fragrance.

He had heard what Kaine's holo had shared with Langis, and totally agreed.
That pain was the path to ultimate power. Macron had known a lover once, but she had been most brutally slain by gang members. He had killed them all later, and tortured quite a few.

That hatred had brought him to Antei, and began his trip down the path to power.

A single tear slipped down his face, and he growled and brushed it off, letting his hatred and anger wash away the weakness.

Langis Gyn Histop

10-06-2005 17:13:13

As she walked back into the lounge, her emotions flooded her senses. Her anger was rising quickly, and the mysterious appearance of the holo-droid kept repeating in her head. let loose your anger...

She shook her head to get rid of the voice. Looking around the lounge, she saw a full blown party in progress. She sneered at the thought of enjoyment and immediately went to the bar to order a whiskey. With that, she tried to drown her emotions with the sting of alcohol...


10-06-2005 17:40:45

Korras had resorted to watching the crows from a corner in the lounge. there, the lights were less bright, and the music less loud. all he had, was bottle of red vodka, and a glass, occasionally drinking from it.

he could feel the anger, as well as confusement radiating from Langis. then, an all-too-familiar sense came to him. he snarled, and some looked at him, surprised. he had felt the energy from Michael Halcyon, the Light Jedi. however, there was little he could do. he was not able to locate where it came from... he did know, however, that would have to be nearby somewhere. he sent a mental message to Shadow. "the lightie is near".


10-06-2005 19:59:25

Jaymz squeezed her hand gently as the smile faded off his face and he just stared at her beautiful face for several minutes. She began to think there was something wrong but she wasn't sure on how to ask, so she just asked what she was thinking.

"Something wrong." Adalyn asked with a concerned look on her face.

Jaymz just shook his head and looked at her hand. "No nothings wrong, noting in the whole universe could be wrong so long as you are by my side, so long as you love me." He looked back up into her eyes and gave a half smile, admiring her.


10-06-2005 20:13:21

Adalyn closed her eyes for a moment, and it wasn't until she let out a long breath that she realized she had been holding it. Jaymz was unpredictable, his moods changed more than anyone else she knew. For all she knew, he could be thinking he wanted Langis back. But his smile assured her that he only wanted her, and for her, that was enough.


10-06-2005 20:25:53

Jaymz leaned over the table and gave her small, but affectionate kiss. He felt really bad about even thinking about leaving her. In fact Adalyn didn't know it, but his heart was broken in so many diffrent pieces he didn't know if he could ever forgive himself for what he did. He looked deep into her eyes and frowned.

"Adalyn, you are the only women i could ever, will ever love. What i did was wrong and i feel horrible. If you wanted to leave me i wouldn't blame you."


10-06-2005 20:32:08

"I would never leave you. I couldn't leave you. You're too important to me." Adalyn tried to think of words to explain how she felt, but couldn't. Jaymz could never understand the impact he had on her, no matter how much he loved her. And if he could, then he truly was the one she would spend the rest of her life with.


11-06-2005 20:32:40

Jaymz did know how much of an impact he had on her, and he knew how much of an impact she had on him. They were meant for each other, despite the fact they were both Dark Jedi, well at least one of them was. Jaymz smiled at her and kissed her forehead. "I know, I just like to hear it every once in a while."


11-06-2005 21:25:38

Adalyn felt this surge of happiness and excitement flow through her. Jaymz was too good, it seemed like he was too perfect. Sure, he could be cocky and impatient, and he got mad a lot, but he always apologized and made everything okay. Plus, he rarely took his anger out on her, it was only if she did something really stupid. Adalyn leaned across the table and began to kiss Jaymz. She kissed his lips, face, neck. She couldn't get enough of him.


11-06-2005 21:43:27

Jaymz felt his heart jump with her every touch. He let his hands creep through the folds of her black inner robes till her reached her bare, soft skin. He wrapped his arms around her back and then up to her shoulder where he felt alot of tension. Jaymz picked her up cradle style and layed her one bed. He gently took off the top part of her inner robes, handing her a blanket to cover her breasts incase anyone would happen to come in.

"what are you doing?" She asked until he gently guided her onto her stomach and began massaging her neck and shoulders.


11-06-2005 21:54:43

Even though it felt so good, with Jaymz's hands moving up and down her back, she still felt the overwhelming excitement that had burst into her earlier. She turned over and leaned upwards, kissing him. Her hands worked their way to the back of his neck, and she gently pulled him down until he was laying on top of her. Her hands found their way to his bare back, where she moved them up and down and clutched his body to her. He kissed her back, and she closed her eyes, letting herself go.


12-06-2005 02:17:07

"Hey Uzbad, check this out." Telona whispered.

The guard pushed his drink aside and leaned across the table while the KHP took something out of her bag.

"It's a thermal detonator but toned down a bit. I'm gonna toss it up those stairs there and give those two a wake up call."

Uzbad snickered as he leaned back and watched as the Priestess slipped out of the booth and went over to the stairs that had suddenly appeared in the bar. The woman crept up a few stairs and then tossed the thermal detonator up the rest of the way. She backed off and went swiftly back to her seat. They both waited a few seconds before the explosion sounded and the second floor fell down upon the first floor.

The partying halted briefly at the sudden rain of wood, plaster, and two Journeymen. Korras looked over to Telona and gave her a disapproving look before he placed his hand upon the wall and the debris melted away. The bar now had a much larger ceiling for the music to bounce off of.

Things quickly went back to the way they had been before. Telona gave a stern look at Jaymz before she turned to the drinks that were delivered to her table.

(This is not a place for you two to have sex! You want to cyber, you take it to emails. This is just for talking, drinking, and having some fun.)


12-06-2005 20:39:17

Jaymz felt the floor give way beneath them and quickly covered Adalyn with his body, making sure she didn't get hurt. After they hit the ground, Jaymz quickly found the rest of Adalyn's Inner robes and handed it to her. Then he turned to Telona.

"What the hell, Telona. Can't a man enjoy a little privacy with his girl. You know as well as I do that we wouldn't take it that far, the rooms here are to disgusting for that. So lay off and leave us alone." Jaymz helped Adalyn to her feet after she finished putting her cloak back on and helped her over to a couch that was basked in darkness.

After Adalyn sat down, Jaymz checked her over, making sure there was nothing wrong with her. He found a few cuts which he managed to heal with a little concentration [AH]. "Are you okay?" Jaymz asked.

((I had no intention of taking it that far))


12-06-2005 20:46:33


actually... you two aren't in a private room anymore, but the lounge beneath that. your room was pretty much ruined when Telona said off that detonator. you two were the two journeyman that rained down. :P

Lorien Sinclair

12-06-2005 22:37:13

Lorien walks over to the bar, and orders another Widowmaker. She surveys the room for a halfways decent game of sabbacc......


13-06-2005 00:27:19

(I did what I did to get you two off that sex track. This is not the place for such things and it will never be such a place.)

Telona just laughed at Jaymz. Uzbad turned to her.

"You want me to beat him for you?"

"Naa I think I made my point. Love is a dangerous thing and well, I guess my thermal detonator was the dangerous thing at that time. Besides, they should just go home if they want to be all snuggly and such."

"Alright but I was looking forward to dishing out some beatings."

The two laughed a good laugh before turning back to their drinks.


13-06-2005 08:27:03

Seeing Lorien was in the bar once again Rayne snuck up behind her and wrapped her arms around her. "Hey Lorien. Long time no see." Rayne let go of the friendly hug before smiling. Looking to the bartender. "I'll take another glass of scotch." The bartender handed her another glass of scotch, while Rayne looked back to Lorien. "You want to meet my Partner and crime and perhaps beat him at a game of sabbacc?"

Langis Gyn Histop

13-06-2005 16:18:27

"Sabbacc?" Langis said. She quickly surveyed the room and found the source of the conversation. She grabbed her whiskey and checked her amount of credits. 'Perfect!' she thought. 'Credits, alcohol, and Sabbacc. What could be better?'

She made her way over to the two women and said, "You mind if I join your game?"

Macron Sadow

13-06-2005 18:57:36

"Well, wadda ya know. Three beautiful women... " Macron tried to play it up as he eyed their cred sticks. That was his real target, obviously.

The last time he had played, they had whipped him pretty badly. Not that this time would be any different, of course. He sighed as he got the cards out, and ordered some sushi and beer.

Langis Gyn Histop

13-06-2005 19:47:55

A robo-bartender walked past and Langis ordered another Correllian whiskey. Eyeing each of her contenders, she smiled inwardly. 'This is going to be easy...' she thought


13-06-2005 21:03:44

Adalyn scowled at the whole room. Things had gone too far, she knew that. And as she realized she had less self-control than she thought, she started getting angry with herself. She looked at Jaymz, and he looked as angry as she did. She knew it was because of what happened, and he probably thought her anger had the same meaning. "I need a drink." Adalyn hardly recognized her own voice. She sounded cold, and this made her only more frustrated with herself. "Jaymz, I need a drink. Could you get me one?"

Langis Gyn Histop

14-06-2005 14:42:11

Langis took great care to avoid looking at Jaymz. She knew she was being irrational, but she didn't care at the moment. 'He did help me grow in my power to the dark side didn't he?' she thought. Shaking her head of the horrible memories, she returned her focus towards the game. The first hand had been dealt and she was already off to a good start. The six of staves, four of staves, and ten of flasks lay in her hand. 'Total of twenty. Not bad for a first draw.' she thought.

Eyeing the other players, she tried to guage their reactions. Macron seemed completely confident about himself, winking at Langis when she looked at him. Rayne looked like she was deep in thought, while Lorien made no expression whatsoever. Lngis looked at the others and started the bid at five credits...

Macron Sadow

14-06-2005 16:46:09

" I see your five. Raise you five.... " Macron peered at the cards in his hand. He was doing his best to distract the other players with his suaveness, but it didn't seem to be working.
He had met Lorien, knew Rayne well, and had met Langis briefly on Mustafar. he had done his best to save Jaymz then.

Not out of altruism, mind you. No Sith would do that. No, the more Darksiders there are, the more powerful the Brotherhood becomes... he seemed lost in thought and blew his hand.

"Blast!" he exclaimed as he went out of this hand.


14-06-2005 17:30:32

A dark, tall, armour clad figure entered the room, masked and hooded. He reached to his side and stopped a droid bartender in its tracks.

"I'll have a glass of water for now." he said to the droid.

The droid immeadiatly complied. Raven stepped into a darker corner and took his mask offf, taking his drink, and sitting down.


14-06-2005 21:00:55

Jaymz sat in a corner, not oredering Adalyn a drink. His eyes reflected sorrow and sadness. He let his real hand travel over the cold plated mechanical one. He gave out a short sigh and looked to the ground wondering how he would ever ask Adalyn, or what she would say.


14-06-2005 21:08:17

Adalyn knew Jaymz was thinking about something, but she needed a drink. She needed to take care of herself before really talking to him. She didn't want to get angry with him for no reason, and the only way to calm her anger was to get a drink. She walked up to the robo-bartender. "Whiskey please." The robobartender automatically fulfilled her request. After taking a long sip, Adalyn walked back to Jaymz.

Langis Gyn Histop

14-06-2005 21:19:24

Langis smiled as Macron folded. 'One down, two more,' she thought...


14-06-2005 21:21:19

Jaymz looked up to Adalyn with his sadened eyes, He sighed and got up as she walked over. Throwing a little black box down on the table and walking by her he said. "I was going to ask you to marry me, but it seems you don't love me any more."


14-06-2005 21:25:33

"Jaymz wait!" Adalyn managed to grab a hold of Jaymz's arm and still hold onto the whiskey at the same time. "Don't do this, not now." He just looked at her, waiting for her to go on. "I don't want to take my anger out on you, that's why I might avoid you sometimes. I don't want to do anything stupid with you. And if you still want to, I'd be delighted to marry you."


14-06-2005 21:33:30

Jaymz pulled the whiskey bottle out of her hand and put it on the table. This needed to stop. Jaymz wrapped his arms around her waist and brushed the hair out of her eyes and looked deeply into them.

"Do you love me?" Jaymz asked, not entirly sure of the answer.

Langis Gyn Histop

14-06-2005 21:36:34

Langis looked at the two of them arguing and decided to take a break from her sabacc game. Nothing thrilled her more than the drama between two people.

"Deal me out this hand, guys," she said, as she turned to watch the impending doom that love so often created...


14-06-2005 21:40:16

"Yes." She didn't need to think, she knew she loved him. There was no doubt. She didn't understand why Jaymz really needed to know, she thought that with everything they had just been through, he would know how she felt. But that didn't matter, she'd tell him a million times if she had to. "I love you." She smile at him, hoping he understood.


14-06-2005 22:11:12

"I love you too." Jaymz knew she loved him, after all they had gone through he couldn't possibly see how they couldn't be in love with each other. Jaymz picked up the little black box and opened it revealing a diamond ring. This was no ordinary diamond ring though. It was a two piece set with a obisidian band and a black diamond in the center of one and two on the outside of the other so they fit together. Getting down on one knee, Jaymz said, "will you marry me?"


14-06-2005 22:18:58

"I would love to marry you." Adalyn smiled at him. She couldn't believe it was happening to her. She couldn't stop smiling. She started laughing, and worried that he might think she was making fun of her answer, she said, "I love you Jaymz. I want to marry you. Yes, I would like to marry you." Giggling again, she smiled at him.

Langis Gyn Histop

14-06-2005 22:27:34

Langis turned from the sight. It was enough to make her want to throw up, but she resisted. Anger flowed through her heart as she remembered the good times that Jaymz and her had shared. Now he was sharing them with someone else, and she hated that fact. 'Remember, anger is what fuels me now. I will never love again,' she thought.

The Robo-server had come to the table with Langis' Whiskey and she promptly downed it. Returning her attention to the card game, she said, "All right gentles, I'm back in."


14-06-2005 22:34:11

Jaymz smiled and wrapped his arms around his now fiancce'. He kissed her neck and held her as tightly as he could never wanting to let her go. He couldn't believe he was marrying the women of his dreams. He gave out a short laugh that made everyone look at him because he never laughed.


15-06-2005 00:03:19

This love stuff needs to get toned down alot. This is not a private love nest, this is the lounge. Keep with the theme of the Lounge or leave the lounge.


15-06-2005 03:17:55

((OOC? What's that?))
Keshik sat quietly by the holo-fire. He wondered how it worked. It's just a hologram, how could it emmit heat? he thought to himself.

He stared at Alanna. His eyes wondered down to her belt-clip, where her lightsaber rested.
'What an interesting design' he said quietly to himself.
Alanna held the arrogant air of the Krath order.
'Cold as Ice, but twice as nice' he spoke again.

Keshik was wisened. At 70 years of age, he remained agile, and his body was as toned as it ever was. Unlike most, he was still at his peak.
He longed for a saber. As a knight on Yavin IV, he has owned a long blue lightsaber. It was an intricate design. But he had given it back to the Jedi just before he left the Academy.
Patience, Keshik... It isn't a common trait of these Dark Ones, but keep your patience. Learn their ways, but do not lower your morals. Soon, you will be awarded a lightsaber he pondered.
'Barkeep! Corellian Ale!' he shouted. As soon as the Chiss bartender had set the drink down, he heard a loud laugh.
He turned to see who it's owner was. Jaymz.
Ha, Love... he thought to himself as he vied the couple. Love clouds the instincts of men... Weakness.

His eyes turned to another. Keshik quickly recognised him as former Grand Master, Chi Long.
Immediately, he turned away. He had studied the Order's history in the Library of the Shadow Academy. He disagreed with how Chi ruled the brotherhood during hid reign.
Despite this, Keshik walked over to him.
'Hello Grand Master. I am Acolyte Keshik. What's your poison?'

Gaidal Dupar

15-06-2005 04:01:13

(Kreshik, OCC means 'Out Of Character')

Gaidal Dupar entered the Lounge and was quite restless. A cruel smile was on his face and it seemed like he was looking for some company and a lot of drinks. He walked over to the bar and ordered three juma juices in one row. While he was getting comfortable, he looked around the Lounge and saw a lot of familiar faces, including his lovely friend Langis.
Gaidal remembered that he had not been here a while and noticed that Jaymz was not nearby. Strange, he thought, while he looked around. Jaymz was present already, but in the company of another woman. It made him sneer and gave him a good mood. There was some territory to win here after his absence.
He stood up and walked over to the table of Langis. He looked at her, showed a little smile and sat next to her. He noticed that there was a lot of tension in the room due to little conflicts of not so long ago, so Gaidal would be careful and cautious. The young Guardian noticed that Langis was still as beautiful as when he last saw her. She was filled with anger, frustration and rage and did not even see him when he sat next to her.
He showed a small black rose, coming from his red cloack and said:
"Life can be cruel sometimes, isn't it my dearest Langis? I haven't been here for a while, but I see a lot things changed during my absence. Would you care for another drink and some small talk?"


15-06-2005 04:20:06

Keshik was getting impatient with this old man.
He knew respect to the Elders was paramount, but this was just annoying. He decided to leave Chi. Keshik doubted that he would notice.
Korras looked like he was having fun. With that level of intoxication, who wouldn't?
He strode over to Korras. He felt that they were friends, and had no bad blood between them. Nothing to fear.
'Got a drink?' he asked Korras


15-06-2005 06:55:44

Korras grinned once more. he found it silly how a lot of the new recruits were trying to impress the more high up members. at least this one had the guts to come up to him.

"I've not been drunk in a long, long time. don't they teach how to control poison in the Shadow Academy anymore? but sure, help yourself", he said, and handed him the bottle.


15-06-2005 12:34:35

"Nope, no poison control Korras . Just hope we dont end up with a brotherhood of drunkards, though this place makes it look like we do. getting drunk is not an accomplishment, its more like stupidity. Though a drink here and there fine, i simply prefer water, and save the alchohol for chemistry. Lot cheaper too", Raven said from the corner.

"Though that can turn out alot worse if your not careful, something I learned the hard way", he added with a grin.

Langis Gyn Histop

15-06-2005 15:32:58

Langis smiled at Gaidal's ever persisting charm. She had known him for a while now, and he never ceased to be the lady killer. 'Well, if he plays his game, then i'll play mine,' she thought.

She flipped her hair back in an overly dramatic fashion. "I would love to talk to you, Gaidal. Let me finish this hand and then we can sit and talk about whatever you want," she said in a seductive voice.


15-06-2005 18:02:47

Keshik took a quick swig out of the bottle and placed it down on the table.
"Hoooooooweee! That stuff is scorching" Keshik yelled.
"Thanks" Keshik continued. "I'm gonna go mingle"

He walked onto the Porta-Party dance floor. He looked around for a lady. He sighted Langis and Gaidal.
He walked over to them.
'Evening Gaidal, Langis' he said.

Macron Sadow

15-06-2005 20:19:42

Macron chuckled at the madness. He was still stuck in a game with Rayne, Lorien, and Langis.
Langis was flirting with Gaidal, so Macron took his opportunity. His sabacc card was changed per the game, and it came up a high suit card. Langis wasn't looking... and Rayne winked at him.
Gaidal was one seriously suave dude.

"Gotcha," he said. Langis turned around with a start, and saw Macron's card.

"I'll be damned, it's the very first time I have ever won! Ten whole credits! Yayy!" the Sith exclaimed. And then Rayne turned over her card, trumping him. Rayne was a sneaky warrioress.

"I'll be a Dagobah monkey's uncle!" he exclaimed as Rayne took his creds.

And then, he became distracted himself. The disgusting love scene was clouding his mind, making him want to vomit profusely. He gagged hard, and ran to the john with his hands clamped over his mouth.

Macron had whiffed many obscene chemicals, and seen the very depths of the worst disgusting experiments in his recent research. He relished the acrid stench of acids, and the smell of guts and blood. However, this crap made him sick.

"Gaaack!" he returned, wiping his mouth. "Damn waste of fine sushi. I wish they would go get a friggin room. Bah."


15-06-2005 20:25:25

Adalyn hugged Jaymz, and stepped back to look at him. She could tell he was truly happy. She sat back down on the couch, and picked up her bottle of whiskey and drank some. She patted the spot beside her, indicating for Jaymz to sit down. She leaned against his shoulder, and looked around the room. She enjoyed his company, but she was getting bored. She wanted to do something different than sit around. She lifted her head up and took another sip. "What do you want to do?"

Gaidal Dupar

16-06-2005 08:51:33

"Sure thing, but I think you're losing this game, my dearest", Gaidal sneered. He looked at the other players. He nodded to Rayne, still his 'partner-in-crime'. She cold be as cold as the blades of her Scimitars, but he never knew she was a gambler. He realized he was one himself all the time, not just in the game. Women, fights, confrontations; with everything he was opportunistic and could see the imaginary dices roll.

Poor Macron, he thought, the brilliant scientist who could not stand things as passion and love. He would rather face or smell the bad breath of a cranky rancor. And he was losing his game. Macron and him went way back and they were more than allies, you could say friends. They could rely on each other and there was a certain respect between them.

Keshik was one of the newer members. A nice guy with a cunning mind; somehow Gaidal always had a certain understanding for such people. Reminded him of himself not so long ago. Once more he nodded.

Although he did not see him, Gaidal could sense the presence of Jaymz. He was not interested right now to greet the man, because he would almost instantly think he would hit on his companion. Although Gaidal knew he was a womanizer, he could not help it he had some strange effects on women sometimes. On the other hand he was niot interested in this Adalyn. He would let it go and would give his ally all the space he required. Besides, he was still sitting next to Langis.
He looked at her and noticed that she was still gorgeous. He would never say it in the Lounge, because that would be highly unappropriate. Gaidal was a womanizer, but a gentleman as well. No, he would keep his affairs private.
"Well, finish your drink Langis", he said, äfter that we'll leave this place and start a walk through the Gardens with its devilish vegetation. Ow, think of the irony! There we can talk about what happened these last few weeks. I believe I missed a lot..."

Macron Sadow

16-06-2005 17:04:20

"Hello Gaidal. Oh yeah, just a sec." Macron motioned to an ASP labor droid that brought over a large box splashed with red paint- or perhaps blood.

"Here's that IT-0 droid you wanted. Have fun with it, my man. It's very... motivating. His name is Sparky. I just finished him yesterday."

Macron chuckled as the droid lifted up out of it's crate on humming repulsors. Lights blinked as it performed a systems check, and it's syringes and forceps clacked audibly.

Macron went back to his cards, concentrating on this damnable game of sabacc.


16-06-2005 21:09:16

Jaymz removed his legendary half completed lightsaber from a pouch on his utility belt, along with a Qixoni (forgive me if i spell it wrong) Crystal into the hilt of the lightsaber. They say the Qixoni Crystals were warmed by a dying sun, only a handful were retrieved before the sun went nova.


16-06-2005 21:12:27

"What are you doing?" Adalyn looked at Jaymz carefully. She hoped he wasn't going to do anything stupid.


16-06-2005 21:19:50

Jaymz looked up at her and smiled. "I am putting a crystal into my lightsaber that is supposed to increase the power output or something like that make it better or such. I payed a good 40,000 credits for it it better damn do something to it."


16-06-2005 21:28:23

"I see." Adalyn watched for a few seconds, but was soon bored. She looked around the room at what everyone else was doing, and wondered what she should do next. As she drank the last drop of her whiskey, she decided the first thing to do was get another whiskey. "I'll be back." She stood up and walked to the robo-bartender. "Another whiskey please." Within seconds she was holding another bottle of whiskey. She took a few sips before heading back to Jaymz. He was still busy with his lightsaber.


16-06-2005 21:31:23

Jaymz knew Adalyn was bored, and he deeply wanted to show his affection towards her. Mostly because he knew she wouldn't be bored with that and it would make her happy. But he restrained him self to giving her a kiss on the cheek as she sat back down beside them and taking a quick drink of her whiskey before heading back to work

Langis Gyn Histop

16-06-2005 21:35:36

Langis finshed the rest of her whiskey and sat up, a little typsy from the amount of alcohol she had been drinking. "Well I bid you all a good night, and I will see you when i see you," she said to the people at the sabacc table. Looking at Gaidal, she answered, "Ready whenever you are!"

Together they strode out of the Lounge...


16-06-2005 21:43:41

Adalyn watched the people playing the card game. They seemed to be having fun. But she'd rather not join in. "When you're done, do you want to go?" Adalyn really wanted to get out of there.


16-06-2005 21:48:46

Jaymz turned to his fiancee and realized he had been paying not attention to her. What kind of husband was he going to be if he ignored his wife? He pushed the contents into a bag, not caring that some of them were extremely fragile. He got up and helped Adalyn to her feet. Walking over to the serving droid, he handed it 100 credits for the drinks. His hand drifted down to Adalyns and they left together.


18-06-2005 14:45:45

As everyone took there eye's off of Rayne she figured she'd be sneaking and she went sneaking out of the lounge. But before she did she took the credits she had won and managed to pick Gaidal's pocket. After taking awhile she finally came back into the bar followed closely by an assassin droid. He was one of the repaired droids that the CIS had. The Zeltron walked over to Macron again. "Yeah the love stuff can get to people. But it doesn't bother me, because of my race. But I think what they are getting close to should be taken care of in a private place."

Langis Gyn Histop

18-06-2005 15:27:10

Langis walked back into the lounge, seeing that not much had changed. She walked towards the bar again and ordered a double shot of correllian whiskey. Turning to the denizens of the lounge she surveyed the activity, looking for some action.


18-06-2005 17:04:54

Ashure Kondan walks into the lounge and gets himself a drink from the bar and finds a seat, it being his first time in here he choose to watch everyone else and see what was going on.


19-06-2005 11:57:49

*chats casually with the bar tender, drinking profusely*

Gaidal Dupar

20-06-2005 04:20:46

Gaidal rushed into the Lounge and grabbed Langis as part of a surprise he had in mind. He carried her in his arms and ran out of the Lounge, leaving a lot people behind puzzled.

"Sorry, my dearest", he said while running, "but I have a surprise in the Gardens and that's the reason for me kidnapping you!"


20-06-2005 06:57:58

*turns sharply wondering what the hell is going on in regards to all the screams and rapid flurry of feet before turning back to the bar and resuming talking*

So, as usual the industry is running quiet. Fewer and fewer positions are offered up these days due to a lack of trust in the general community.

*the bartender glances up at the half dusty ceiling before responding*

Well actually, they tend to be employing the more active and viscious people these days. I have the reputation of keeping an angry pub controlled - and whilst this looses some favour with the regulars it attracts many new faces.


20-06-2005 16:23:03

:::stands and wonders what the hell is going on like a friggin idiot:::


20-06-2005 20:33:34

Raven looks at the young apprentice Tyrus. Some might say Raven was new, but he'd been around for awhile.

"So, are you going to get a drink or just stand there and gawk?" Raven said, trying to decide wether or not to get a alcoholic drink or not.

Macron Sadow

20-06-2005 21:08:03

Macron ditches the sabacc game, as he had been losing anyhow. Noticing Raven and Konar, he walks up and says hello.

"Hiya Sadow folks! Konar, this brew is on me." Macron pitches some creds onto the bar top, and pulls up a stool. Motioning to Rayne, he introduces her as she slinks up and grabs a stool as well.

"Meet my good Zeltron friend Rayne, fellas. So what's new? "


20-06-2005 22:55:14

Raven walked over to where Macron and Rayne had taken a seat. Removing his hood, he revealed a slightly long haired 17 year-old with deep blue eyes.

"Hello Rayne, can't say I've met you before. As for new, that would be your attention Macron."

Deciding to have the drink Macron had offered, he took a drink and slouched back into his stool.

Macron Sadow

21-06-2005 08:09:30

"Sorry man, I'm so busy you know." Macron looks at this chronometer and brushes off his lab coat.

"In fact, I have a torture session scheduled with a victim, er.. client soon. One of those lazy ship pilots that screwed up the roster assignments for CNS. I always like to get a few beers in me first, it adds for that surprise factor... he heh."


21-06-2005 10:27:20

Rayne walked over and sat down beside Macron one of her good friends and looked over at Raven and extended her hand and shook his. "Nice to meet you sir."


21-06-2005 11:54:24

Jaymz walked into the Lounge without Adalyn. He didn't know where she was and didn't really care at the moment. He knew she could take care of herself. Moving over to a table off to the side of the room he pulled out a pack that had (yes you guessed it) his half completed lightsaber in it, Though the Qixoni crystal was in place he needed to tune it to the lightsaber so that they were both in rythem with the Dargom Crystal he had found on Korriban.

Jaymz layed the contents of the bag out on the table and pulled out a hydro-spanner and began working.


21-06-2005 12:25:08

Raven took a step over to were Jaymz was and leaned over him.

"A Qixoni crystal?? Boy I wish I had one of those," he said, taking another sip of his drink.


21-06-2005 12:31:41

Jaymz laughed at what the man said. Seeing that his was obviously too big to be fitted into the hilt while utilizing minimal space, he pulled the crystal out and cut it in half with his hydro-spanner. He then handed a piece to Raven, then continued working on his lightsaber.


21-06-2005 12:42:27

"Well, this is quite a surprise! Thanks Jaymz, ill put this to good, err, destructive use," Raven said, stolling back to his spot at the bar.


21-06-2005 12:47:42

Jaymz heard what Raven had said but did not show it. He continued working with the only thought in mind was getting his god damn lightsaber to work

Kohn Fang

21-06-2005 15:03:37

Kohn decided to see if anything interesting was happening anywhere so he walked slowly into the lounge observing his surroundings, noticing no one he knew he decided to take a seat and listen in on other peoples conversations


21-06-2005 17:18:28

tyrus walked all around in the lounge, looking for people to teach him, since Tyrus was looking for someone he decided to make an anouncement. "Attention everyone, if anyone has any dark side knowlegde to bestow upon me, feel free to" tyrus looked at the gawking crowd"Oh and for the record, im not drunk, ive only had 46 drinks, that's all" Everyone went back to their drinks.
tyrus thought "Man im an idiot"



21-06-2005 17:27:24

((Tyrus, I dont want to be mean, but people might think better of you if you used proper punctuation and capitalization. Not that we all dont make mistakes, but I would think you could do better. Just trying to helpful.))

Kohn Fang

21-06-2005 18:11:05

And the fact that you are looking for a master at a lounge...maby requesting one from your clan or house leader might be more appropriate. And lighten up on the drinks, it impares your judgment, no matter what it is.


21-06-2005 18:29:41

"Correct. You appear too have potential young one. Your observations are support this," Raven said to Kohn.

Kohn Fang

21-06-2005 21:14:51

Thank you for your compliment, i assure you, though i am but a apprentice my knowledge of the force, whether light or dark, is quite vast, my few years amoung the living has been spent in just study, and battles.

Gaidal Dupar

22-06-2005 03:54:09

Gaidal studied the movements of the young one named Fang. Interesting specimen, he concluded, but he would let him walk around for now. Maybe there would be new opportunities in time. Gaidal turned his head around once more and look across the bar for the bartender. He wanted three new juma juices.


22-06-2005 11:28:47

Jaymz sensed the newcomer, but decided against introducing himself. He figured the man would come to know him eventually, be it through greeting.....or fighting. So he continued working, still wondering where Adalyn was, his mind continually drifting to her despite the promise to himself to keep her out of his mind.

Kohn Fang

22-06-2005 20:23:23

Noticing the intrests shown by some, or the oblivion of others, Kohn sinks farther into his chair, waiting for somthing interesting to happen, or otherwise just glimpsing into others minds.
As he sinks lower, his far too vast cloak pulls him deeper, being no older than ten, he perfers to stay out of the way of things, content to be an observer.


23-06-2005 08:55:43

Konar smiled as he took his head off the table and glanced up at the people around him. He gave Macron a huge slap on the back as he called out, "Thanks, buddy!" perhaps a little louder than necessary.

Without further sense of ado the Sith knight extended his hand to Raven as he tried to force the words, "Nice to meet you" out in his drunk state. Trying not to be rude, the dark jedi pulled his hand away from the encroaching knight's arm and began to scratch his neck as if he hadn't noticed Konar and was actually intent on scratching.

"Konar!", yelled Macron as discretely as possible in the presence of a lady. "You know Raven you good for nothing oaf! Rayne has so nicely come to meet the two of you and this is the kind of courtesy you give her as gratitude for her efforts?! I suggest you apologise immediately before I take back the beer and make you drink one of my 'naughty boy' potions!"

Konar started giggling before grabbing Macron by the cheeks and jerking his head from side to side as he gurgled the words, "only playin wif ya" out. He lifted himself off the chair as swiftly as possible as he began to give Rayne a big hug. "Nice to meet ya!", he smirked as the half suffocating girl slapped him across the face with he free hand.

"Ouch!", Konar yelled as he walked back to his seat and sat down. All the while Macron had been preparing something for his return in the form of an injection.

The Alchemist smiled.

Macron Sadow

23-06-2005 09:23:15

"You'll like this, oh yes," the alchemist giggled as the syringe was ready. "Now, how to actually get it in him. Hmm."

Macron threw it, sticking it in Konar's arm. No way he would get close enough for Konar to lay hands on him, he knew better. As the chemical squirted in, Konar appreared to take no notice.

"Damn. Liver of steel! I'm impressed! Well, just leave 'em alone. He'll be fine." Macron shrugged and leaned over the bar as he ordered some nachoes and a drink.


23-06-2005 12:22:32

Jaymz finished adjusting the crystals so that they were in sync and decided to call it a day, putting the contents on the table into a black bag and stowing it under his cloak. Jaymz moved over to the bar inadvertadly sitting beside Rayne. Looking at her he sighed then ordered a glass of Vodka in 4 shot glasses, downing one after the other.


23-06-2005 13:26:14

Rayne didn't know what to think. But she noticed Jaymz and started to talk to him. "Hello Jaymz. How've you been?"


23-06-2005 14:26:08

"Macron, try liquid Methane. That outta give Konar a jolt,"Raven said, "Hey, get me a water you stupid droid, I think this alchohol is beggining to get the better of my jugment."

Kohn Fang

23-06-2005 17:16:10

Kohn just simply shook his head at the antics of the others


23-06-2005 22:20:11

Adalyn walked happily into the lounge. She noticed Jaymz and Rayne at the bar, and decided to join them. "Hey Jaymz, hey Rayne. What's going on?" Turning to the robo-bartender, she ordered a bottle of whiskey and took a sip.

Macron Sadow

23-06-2005 23:24:52

"Hmm, yes. Liquid Methane with some choice hydroxycarbyl rings and some other organic solvents... heh heh."

Macron left to go prepare a cocktail.


24-06-2005 08:33:37

Rayne turned and nodded to Adalyn. "Hello there. I don't think we've meet before." She extends her hand. "I'm Rayne. I don't know if Jaymz would consider me a friend. But I'd consider him one."


24-06-2005 19:40:38

Tyrus stared at everyone and went back to his drink. He thought" I wish someone would talk to me, i dont know what the hell is going on"

Macron Sadow

24-06-2005 23:04:15

"Hello Tyrus, " spoke the Sith as he came back into the room. He had a big squirty stainless steel syringe in his hand, full of some unknown and unseen goo.
Macron squeezed out a bit in a smoking squirt as he eyed Konar. He seemed to be eyeing Raven as well, given that Raven was also in Clan Naga Sadow. He knew Raven was a watchful person.
"Well, wouldn't want any air bubbles, now would we?" asked Macron as he moved over to
Konar. "Ready for your Sith injection?" he asked.
At that point, Konar sat bolt upright and eyed Macron, apprently unfazed. He was not called the Lord of the Brews for nothing. Macron nodded in approval, as he knew Konar had a reputation as being a battler from way back.
Konar was as tough as nails, and just as smart. He just played it cool whenever possible, and flew his fighter missions with a vengeance. Konar ordered an ale.
"How dissapointing, " Macron spoke as he turned to Tyrus. "You should meet my sister Rayne. Welcome." The Knight ordered a double ginjo sake for them all.


25-06-2005 16:16:20

Telona nodded to Uzbad who had to leave for his clan duties. They had had a good conversation but it had made the woman's attention fall away from the lounge. She turned back to it now and took note of the minor changes before ordering another drink.

Langis Gyn Histop

25-06-2005 16:24:18

Langis reentered the lounge, obviously disturbed. She walked over to the bartender and ordered her usual Correlian Whiskey. Looking around, she noticed a small figure in the corner. It took her a second, but she finally realized that it was a child. "Huh, never met a child jedi. Maybe it's time to change that." she muttered. Grabbing her whiskey and downing it, The Protector walked over to him. "Dark greetings. May I sit with you, young one?" she inquired.


25-06-2005 17:32:54

Macron had just talked to Tyrus though Tyrus still did not know what the hell was going on. Oh well, hes pretty drunk so it dont matter. =)


26-06-2005 07:18:13

The ale had a bit of bite to it; Konar liked that, but he began to feel quite crowded as more and more people began to sit at the table. The fact that girls were around made the situation a lot easier to cope with, though the heat of the room in addition to the shoulder to shoulder ring of bodies still made for a nearly unbearable evening.

The Sith knight felt something enter his arm but quickly dismissed it. Too many drugs and one tends to ignore the fact they've just had another enter their system. Either way, who cared? He'd been given a suppressor drug - or so he thought - and that would be sure to stop his bad or at least previously bad behaviour.

He started to whisper something in Macron's ear. To an outsider, one could have possibly made out the words "chick" and "dare", though the strength of the force in those surrounding the two dark jedi knight's was still being trained and therefore it was assumed the rest of the group could not have used force telepathy to hear the finer points of the short phrase.

The Sith commander had the edge over him in intellect and practically lorded over him in dignity, so the expectation was that Macron would have declined the 'request', but as the other Sith knight stood, Konar couldn't help but grin.

Macron Sadow

26-06-2005 10:46:20

"You underestimate me, Konar. Who's the first victim?" he signaled telepathically. Macron was always up for some sport.


26-06-2005 20:41:45

Konar glanced around as he sought out Macron's victim. Staring across the room he made direct contact with a girl speaking to a youngling Jedi and couldn't stop himself pointing the finger.

"I believe her name goes by that of Langis Histop. Good luck, commander. Do Sadow proud!"

The Sith knight's muscles tensed as he confidently forced out the words. What if she knew or found out it was the devious lord of the brews who was instigating the dare? There could be hell to pay, especially if Macron found our later he liked her and then she learned about her conquest being some kind of dare. This could possibly lead to Macron's demise which would in turn destroy Konar being the one responsible for the task. - The Sith was evil; there was no doubt about that; but whether his commander was equally or similarly thus - made Konar quiver in anticipation.


26-06-2005 21:25:05

Raven noticed Konars apparent tension. Turning to watch Macron, he surveyed the situation.

"I wonder how this is going to play out. Could be interesting," Raven thought to himself.


26-06-2005 22:22:13

Adalyn smiled. "I'm Adalyn. Even if Jaymz doesn't consider you a friend, I could."


26-06-2005 22:50:26

Rayne extended her hand. "Nice to meet you. But I said I'm not sure Jaymz considers me a friend."


26-06-2005 23:06:57

Raven noted the female patron's apparent attention to Jaymz. He'd have to pay more attention to him in the future. He was subtle, but important in a way that people paid attention to him. Raven wondered why.

Macron Sadow

26-06-2005 23:50:53

Macron grinned at Konar as he slunk over that way. He had met Langis before.
Say, I think my buddy over there *points to Konar* would like to meet you. He's pretty cool, and is a stout warrior. Are you up for taking our money in a sabacc game?

Macron nodded to Konar. He was very evil indeed. Langis was a devastating sabacc player.

Rune Kiirnodel

27-06-2005 08:32:06

Suddenly, Rune appears in his favorite spot off in the darkest corner. He wears his usual black robes as he sits confused. What had been happening to the dark brotherhood? He had come back from a long training mission and now everything was different.

They even assigned him to a new house/clan.
"What the hell are they doing?" Rune asks no one in particular. He begins to look around for one of his friends to explain this to him.


27-06-2005 20:23:14

Rayne finally got bored and got up and called her HK droid and took him over to the corner and removed her jacket and laid it down on a chair before deactivating the droid and starting to oil some parts inside and doing maintenance.

Langis Gyn Histop

27-06-2005 21:34:45

Sabacc? The words rang in her ears. She was a sucker for sabbacc, found that the game actually relaxed her. And, seeing that it was Macron who invited the game, she knew she would win. She'd played against him earlier and whipped him easy. "I'd be delighted," she said, with a tint of maleovence in her words. She followed Macron to a card table, evidently eager to show off his pick-up. 'I'll just have to change that,' she thought.

"Three card, equal randomizer folks. 10 credit ante, anybody want out, get out now," she said assuming the role of dealer. Some of the others grumbled and left, used to 2 credit antes. But, surprisingly, Macron and another gentleman, who introduced himself as Konar, stayed in. 'Good,' she thought. 'I only play for high stakes anyway.' She smiled as she dealed the first hand...


27-06-2005 22:06:48

Rayne finished the repairs on her droid and didn't reactivate him but she looked up from her spot sweet dripping down her face she noticed that Langis was over there playing sabacc. She wondered if Langis still hated her or the fight they had was something of jealousy for her. She decided she'd ask Langis in alittle while. Rayne reactivated her droid and took his blaster rifle and had him sit on the floor as she started testing his reactions by tossing a beach ball back and forth with the HK unit.


27-06-2005 23:17:57

Adalyn sighed. Rayne had walked away, and Jaymz wasn't paying any attention to her. She was bored, once again. She finished the last of her whiskey and walked out of the lounge.


27-06-2005 23:20:37

Rayne noticed that Adalyn sighed and she waved her over to see if she wanted to help her make slight adjust ments to the droid to make it much better than what it was.


28-06-2005 00:34:38

Korchek walks through the doors of the lounge with his cloke hood conceling his face from view and sees Rune sitting in dark corner seemingly as confused as he is so and goes and sits down at the small dark table and talk about what is going on in the brotherhood.


28-06-2005 02:18:27

Through use of the force Konar could read Langis's cards by looking into her mind, thus creating a dilema between her awesome skills and his deviousnous - making it slow for one to outdo the other.

"So, you're obviously quite experianced at this", said Konar before he took half a bottle's worth sip of his stubby. "Yeah. I play fair too", responded Langis with slight aggitation in her tone as she detected the force entering her mind. Macron caught the cheating eventually, and, calling upon the force to block Konar's telepathy, left the Flight Leader in a state of wonder and confusion about what his next move was going to be.

"Are you sure you've made your move?", he uttered - the fear of loosing money he clearly didn't have enough of to throw away pulsating through his veins. "I made it like fifteen minutes ago, remember? Look are you done, or have you the guts to try and beat me?", she both queried and demanded at the same time, the question perhaps being rhetorical as she had already established the fact that Konar stuck at something until the end - due to his boasting of years gone by.

With no futher sense of ado he eyed the HK unit playing catch with Rayne as a smile swept across his face. This could be the opportunity he needed to distract both Macron and Langis and swap all the cards around while they were focused on the droid.


28-06-2005 02:51:56

Sencing somthing was afoot Korchek aproched the table where they were playing Sabacc and watched intentivily trying to figure out what was going on...


28-06-2005 21:19:17

As Adalyn walked toward the door, she noticed Rayne waving to her. It was something about her droid. Adalyn turned around and walked over to Rayne.

Macron Sadow

28-06-2005 21:53:32

"Well, dammit." Macron folded, as the two of them sweated it out. He stank at Sabacc, but didn't care as he could make more gold and exchange it for credits. No problem.

Langis and Konar eyed each other, and the cards were showing. The tension mounted, and
suddenly Konar was distracted. By Korchek walking up to the table and staring at them.

Langis laughed as she took the hand, sweeping the creds into her lap.

Macron looked up at the journeyman. "Oh, hello. Want a drink?" He poured something and pushed a fizzing glass with green liquid in it toward the learner.

As Rayne, Konar, and Langis heard the Knight they all began making faces behind Macron's back. They seemed to be concerned, and were shaking their heads no vehemently. Konar made a nasty gagging face, and Rayne did a zombie impression.

Macron turned around, and they all began to look away and try to appear innocent. Langis even whistled innocently.


29-06-2005 01:56:11

Korchek senced somthing was going on and he saw that Konar
was acting quite odd and directed his attention twards him .........after a second he realised that Konar was cheating by reading cards in other players hands so he took out his lightsabre and pointed it at Konar and shouted "this man is cheating" and pointed his lightsabre twards Konar

The lounge went deathly quiet and Korchek stood mennasingly looking at Konar who was sitting in his chair looking like a frightened child

A lounge bouncer came up to korchek and asks him what is a matter, korchek says "this man is cheating by reading the cards with his mind powers" the bouncer who is a personal friend of Konar says "im going to have to ask you to leave korchek" and trys to grab him,
Korchek punches the bouncer knocking him out thus starting a brawl in the lounge.......................


29-06-2005 07:30:56

"You expect Dark Jedi to play nice, Korchek?" a voice said. "you know you're not supposed to take that training saber with you, away from the academy. so hand it over, before I take it."

stepping from the shadows, Korras put his hand on Konar's shoulder. "you can stop your little act now, you know."

grinning, Konar straigtened himself. "now Korchek. what will it be? you want to start a brawl with me, too?" Korras asked, looking at him, his hand on his saber. his' was not a training saber. it would break Korchek's blade on impact. it wouldn't bother anyone if he killed an initiate, one who had broken the Academy rules already anyway.

Macron Sadow

29-06-2005 08:40:45

Macron gave a customary shrug. He wouldn't care either, and the affrontery of Korchek boggled his mind. It would be cool to see someone get their training saber, and possibly their head severed. He grabbed his camera just in case.

He spoke, "As an initiate, I did my best to make friends. I suggest you do the same. You really, really don't want to piss Korras off. So what, Konar cheated.
He's a Sith. So am I. WE cheat. And he's one of my Flight Team Leaders, and keeper of the Boozealator. You realize we were having fun with you. So loosen up and have a beer."

Macron was irritated, and did his best to hide it. That bouncer must have been a wuss.


29-06-2005 11:45:58

Jaymz's eyes met Adalyn as she went to walk over to Rayne. His eyes showed the sorrow and sadness that plagued his very veins. He was beginning to doubt her love for him, or whether she even loved him at all.


29-06-2005 12:04:31

Rayne sat there as Adalyn walked over to her and her HK droid. "Since you seem bored would you mind helping me calibrate my droids sensors. I was playing catch with it so it could tell where things are at. But I took it out to a shooting gallery not to long ago and it's sensors were off. So could you play catch with it while I make slight adjustments to the sensors?" She said while moving over behind the droid.


29-06-2005 12:40:25

Jaymz walked over to the droid and pushed Rayne aside. Knowing her, she was probably too full of herself to know what she was doing and would end up short circuiting the thing and make it go on a shooting rampage.

Jaymz pulled an interface wire from the data pad on his wrist and plugged it into a port on the back of the driods torso. After pressing several buttons the driods targeting system reset itself then centered intoself.

Pulling the plug from the back of the driod he looked at Rayne. "Why do you hare me?"


29-06-2005 12:48:01

As Jaymz laid his hand on her droid anger seemed to seep into her facial features and such. "Please don't touch my droid. I know what I'm doing with it. It's my only real loyal friend and I don't want to lose it. And I don't hate you. Why would you say such a thing?" Constantly watching Jaymz to make sure he did nothing to her droid as if he damaged it or hurt it in anyway she'd probably go off and try to kill everything in her way as that droid ment the world to her.


29-06-2005 12:54:36

jaymz's expression changed from his normal monotone evil look to one of curiousity, a look Adalyn knew all to well. Jaymz drew his glaive and put it to the driods central processor. With a twist of his wrist he could destroy the HK driod's processor making it not only lose its targeting cababilites but its memory as well.

"Weakness, you have an attachment. So what will the all mighty Rayne do now?" Jaymz said.


29-06-2005 13:01:54

So much anger passed through Rayne at this point she lost focus and charged and tackled Jaymz his Glavie flying out of his hand and sticking into the nearby table where Macron, Konar and Langis were playing cards. Rayne was on top of Jaymz her hands clasped around his throat trying to choke the live from him. At this point she cared not weither when she tackled him if it did damage to her droid or not. She snapped and she was going to try to kill him unless someone stopped her.


29-06-2005 13:06:45

Raven hand extented out towards Jaymz, plam outstreched. He flew 5 feet hitting a table, sending the patrons running.

Standing up, Raven took a step forward and spoke,"Rayne need not do a thing. You have your weaknesses as well Jaymz. You have attachments to some as well. Besides, if you had destoyed that droid, you would be dead now."

Raven turned to Rayne. "This does not mean I feel anything for you. You don't mean anything more to me than he does. Go fight somewhere else. This does not belong here."

Spinning round he made his way back to his seat, cloak billowing behind him.

EDIT: OOPS. this post was supposed to be berfore yours Rayne, sorry X-)


29-06-2005 13:14:12

Being somewhere between the stages of physcotic and enraged as Jaymz slowly stood up she took off towards him not wanting to let him get a chance to breath. She tackled him over the table now as the two rolled around struggling to get the upper hand. Jaymz being the stronger of the two was able to over power Rayne. But still being a woman she was more flexible and wiggled out of his grip and slipping away from him before charging at him again. The only way she could be stopped is if someone held her back. But just at the time she was about to charge at Jaymz again Macron, Konar, and Langis saw how enraged Rayne was and grabbed her holding her back. Rayne struggled violently in their arms trying to get at Jaymz so she could rip out his throat but to no avail she couldn't get free. After the three holding Rayne thought they could hold her no longer she fell limp in there arms as she used all her enegry trying to get free.


29-06-2005 17:09:47

"now how do u know this is a training sabre" Korchek bellowed "i could of killed a jedi knight and taked his or i could have maken my own"

Korchek had been trained in the jedi arts far befor his arrivle to the Dark Brotherhood his master was a sith lord named Kalabinis he trained korchek since he was only a young boy on Yavin 4 and his skill with a light sabre was unmatched on his home planet...

Korchek he activated his light sabre and charged twards Korras and Konar...

as this happened Rayne and Jaymz were also fighting when Korchek and Korras's sabres made contact there was an all out brawl in the lounge everyone was fighting iether with light sabres Ryke blades or blasters and evin bare hand fist fights broke out but korchek was focused on only one thing............... "winning"

p.s. im not starting looking to made enamies with this fight it is just for fun it was egtting booring so i had to do somthing fun

Kohn Fang

29-06-2005 17:32:03

Not moving, nor joining in any fight Kohn just sat to a side watching others go at it. He noticed that Rayne might be to obsorbed to stop unless knocked unconcious, so he decided he would lend help if it was requested, otherwise he was content to watch others rip at eachothers throats.

Macron Sadow

29-06-2005 18:43:19

"my sabacc game destroyed.... a brawl started by a journeyman with an unauthorized lightsaber... versus Korras and Konar no less. Fool." Macron spat.

"I'd stay and watch, but it is time to leave this scene." Macron got up and left.


29-06-2005 19:34:12

"oh, I know your saber is a training saber.", Korras said. striking out, he hit Korchek's saber in the middle, breaking through it, and stopping his blade at the initiate's neck.

grabbing the now deactivated training saber from Korchek, he spoke up. somehow, he didn't need to yell, but everyone could hear his voice, without emotion, commanding. "Stop! go back to what you were doing. this is foolish."

he looked at the initiate in front of him. "and you will be seeing the Headmaster. he will decide what to do with you."

--just because you found it boring, does not mean you have to change the entire run-on. others were enjoying themselves as it was.--


29-06-2005 20:36:55

Tyrus was glad the fighting had stopped. He hated fighting unless it was fist fighting. Weapons were for the weak. Tyrus walked over to Korras.

"Hey, hows it going?" trying to start some kind of conversation."Some fight eh?" Tyrus said hoping for a reply.

--Korras is right, some people liked the way it was going, though it wont be hard to recover seeing as hes sending you to the headmaster--

:::Youre in trouble::: :w00t:


29-06-2005 21:09:28

realising that he forgot his real lightsabre in his other robes he stoped and backed off, sat down in the dark corner trying ot fix his broken light sabre "Korras will pay for this humilation"....and orderd a drink form the droid.

a strange man in a black robe approched Korchek in the corner and sat down Korchek rudly said "who are u" the stranger looked up and removed his hood...Korchek gasped

--------u gotta admit it was fun wile it lasted.u acually gunna send me to the headmaster or was it just part of the story?


29-06-2005 22:35:22

Adalyn stood near Rayne's droid, with a ball in her hand. She hadn't even been able to toss it before Jaymz had come over. She dropped the ball and stormed over to him. "Why did you have to do that? We were doing just fine. I came here to maybe spend time with you, but you just ignored me the whole time I was here. So when I tried to do something with someone else, you had to make a scene. What is going on?"

Lorien Sinclair

29-06-2005 23:17:19

Lorien sat at the bar, nursing a rather stiff Widowmaker as the chaos ensued around her. She noticed Rayne sitting at a booth, tinkering with her pet project. The assassin droid had pock marks from numerous direct blaster strikes, as well as the usual wear and tear that that particular series of droid was notorious for.

"Hey, stranger. How about a drink?"

The voice that uttered those words made Lorien's face pale. She turned to see a rather imposing figure, dressed in black and half of his face hidden by the hood of his longcoat, standing behind her.

"It's not possible..."

The man smiled, an expression filled with genuine mirth.

"I go where I please, Protector."

His hand hovered over her left shoulder, causing her birthmark to blaze through her clothing.

"Remember what you learned on Jhekkoria, Lorien. Your true nature is written on your flesh, and is a symbol of what you can accomplish. But you are not invincible. You can be broken."

He turned, looking towards Rayne. A thoughtful expression creased his features.

"She is a fine match for you, my descendant. Strong.....and capable of great things."

His gaze set once again on her.

"I will see you again, child. But first, I must warn them of the coming storms."

He started towards the door. Korras stopped him, his blade at the man's throat.

"Who are you, and how did you get in here?"

The man looked at the Exarch with a wistful smile.

"I am no threat to you, Exarch of the Brotherhood of the Star Chamber. I merely came to see my relative," he replied, gesturing to Lorien.

Korras raised an eyebrow.

"I was under the impression she was an orphan."

The man sighed, his face showing a weariness befitting a man far older than he in appearance.

"As are we all, young one."

He moved forward, the blade passing through his neck, yet leaving no mark, nor removing his head from his shoulders, and continued on his way, leaving most of them in shock and disbelief.

{OOC: I apologize for this entry's complete lack of sense, but it has to do with a fic I am going to do on another website. If you want to have your character involved when the time comes, lemme know.}


29-06-2005 23:48:05

the man that had sat down with Korchek was talking to him in a strange language Korchek was talking back to him in the same dialect the cloked man gave korchek a item raped in a leather cloth and korchek put it in his robes and walked to the bar and cam back with 2 drinks .....................................

(((anyone that wants to do the description of this character ca and u can use him in what ever you write))


30-06-2005 10:38:50

Jaymz pushed Adalyn out of his way. His eyes were rimmed with red once again and they tracked to Raven. His voice was unsteady and raspy, darkness and hate flowing through it. Some might think that this person was spawned from the very hatred that made up dark side.

"I have no attachments.....Adalyn is nothing to me. She never loved me." His fist was clenched into a tight ball as his anger rose. Something the incompentent morons in the lounge failed to realize his greatest strength, his rage. No Dark Jedi he had seen so far has had the rage that Jaymz had. Clenching his teeth and feeling his blood boil, he had to release it.

Turning to the nearest wall he pulled back his mechanical arm and hit it, using all the rage in his body to fuel the attack, putting 6 inch dent into solid concrete along with spider cracks that moved along the rest of the wall.

Feeling the rage had left him, he dusted off his cloak and looked around at everyone before leaving.


30-06-2005 12:08:33

She saw what Jaymz did and she knew he had as much rage in him as she did when he touched her droid. Having calmed down quite a bit now as she was held back and let to calm down she walks over to her droid and starts checking damages and starting to repair what she was working on before Jaymz had to come over and touch her HK droid. She thought to herself. If this is an attachment and you know that I'm attached to it. Why try to push me to the limits of unstoppable rage? Still thinking to herself. If someone destroyed this droid I would want to hang that person by their entrails after slowly torturing them. She looked over and saw the woman she cared for sitting there at the bar. She smiled at Lorien and waved.


01-07-2005 22:02:46

Adalyn felt herself getting angry. She came to the lounge to talk to Jaymz, but he ignored her. So she decided to help Rayne, but he ruined that. So now she tried to talk some sense into him, but he more or less said that as a fiance she meant nothing to him. She looked down at the ring he gave her. It was pretty and it looked good on her. But if she meant nothing to him, then he meant nothing to her. She slipped it off and tossed it on the ground. She wasn't going to put up with him and his temper tantrums anymore. There was no going back this time. Still angry, she walked out of the lounge, with no intention of finding Jaymz.

Kohn Fang

02-07-2005 03:06:32

those two thought Kohn, he's ganna want this. He stoops down to pick up the elegant ring.
It sounds to me that the two work out, yet the denile of one could spell the undoing of everything they've worked to put together.
I have to find Jaymz and return this, maby in the garden........

Macron Sadow

02-07-2005 11:22:10

Macron was seething with anger as he stopped outside the Lounge door for a Dark Jedi cookie from the droid-o-snack machine. Those cookies were loaded with preservatives and he loved the effect they had on his altered biochemical system. He munched it Cookie Monster style, with crumbs flying. He was not known for his table manners. As he wasn't at a table, it didn't matter to him.

He really wanted Korcheck's twitching entrails on a smoking platter, but this was not the time and place. He would be watching that one, and Macron was not so far removed from the Journeymen to not know their comings and goings by now. He had no forgiveness in him- he was a Sith. The youngling had also insulted Korras, whom Macron respected.

Just then he felt and saw what could only be a Dark Side spirit leaving the room. Korras looked surprised in a knowing way as Macron spotted him at the door entry.

Sidling up to Korras with the appropriate look of respect, the alchemist asked, "What the hell was that? That looked like a Dark Shade to me." He pulled out a datapad, and looked over his notes.

"Most likely," Korras replied with a shrug. "I see you made a new enemy," he smiled as he gestured toward Korchek. "Got any experiments planned for him yet?"

"You bet." The Sith Knight chuckled evilly with a wistful, longing look.

"Anyhow, Let's see... unaffected by material objects or lightsabers... able to manifest wherever it wants, in places of Dark Side energy..." Macron looked about. "Well this counts," he said with a grin.

Then he spoke again as Korras nodded in agreement. "I happened to hear you say Lorien was an orphan. She very well could be right, if this thing was one of her relatives. I met the shade of Lord Malak twice, and it seemed a similar creature to me. How very interesting."

That Shade had plauged Macron for some years, and was responsible for much suffering in his life, as well as turning him fully to the Dark Side.

Macron re-entered the Lounge and walked straight up to Lorien, dodging the furious Adalyn as she stormed out. "Hi. You mind telling me what that was? I am very curious by nature, and I'll make it worth your while."


02-07-2005 13:48:20

Raven walked over to where Macron and Koras were sitting.

"Quite an overconfident fool, that one," Raven said, poining at Korchek. "You should listen to his thoughts. Thinks he left his real lightsaber in his other robes. Even if he had a real one, he'd probably cut his head off if he ried to use it," Raven grinned, hints of evil within his smile.

He turned to Macron. "Lord Malak's shade you say? I went to Malachor V once and met Lord Sion's shade there. I really outta go again. Its said that Darth Nilihus' shade is stored within his mask, which is hidden within the core of Trayus Academy. i could never make Lord Traya's shade appear though. That place is a ball of dark side energy. I'm surprised it didn't kill me just being there."

Raven ordered another drink.


02-07-2005 13:59:22

Adalyn had walked out behind the lounge and sat to sit on the steps, but found Jaymz was already there. Jaymz hed was held low and his arms were at his side. He was saying something to himself and Adalyn moved closer to hear what he was saying.

"What have I done. I lost her. No doubt she has already given up on me. I am tired of being angry and mad all the time, its not me. and it cost me the women I loved. It cost me the most important thing in my life, how stupid could I have been to let her slip away." His real hand reached up to his head and rubbed his eyes. "I love her so much."

He took a step forward towards the ledge that overlooked a valley of tree's. He had no reason to live now.


02-07-2005 14:21:30

Raven could feel the emotion of Jaymz from outside the Lounge.

~I know what it is like to lose everything too~ Raven thought, then suddenly relizing he was communicating telepathically to Jaymz annd quickly ran off to the Gardens to meditate, not bothering to wait for Macron to answer.

Macron Sadow

04-07-2005 12:51:38

Macron smiled. "Thanks for the information, Raven" he sent telepathically.

Lorien Sinclair

05-07-2005 18:58:58

"Makhael is no Dark Shade, Macron," Lorien said, her eyes flat. "He's....something else. I don't think I could even try to explain what he is..."


08-07-2005 12:03:34

Feeling that there was no one left for him he looked up to the sky and the darkness he had harnessed in him for so long, left him. His tears beared the face of Adalyn. And with a sigh Jaymz leaned forward and fell off the edge of the ravine.


08-07-2005 21:09:23

Jaymz fell silently through the mist. He knew he was about to hit the bottom before he stopped. At first he had thought he had died, but then relized he was on top of something moving. He let his head fall on the hard surface.

Raven heard the bang when Jaymz landed on top of his ship. Flying down to the bottom of the ravine, the ship landed. Raven walked outside.

Jaymz squinted. He saw a dark figure in front of him. The being moved forward, revealing himself to be Raven. Jaymz barley heard his own words.


Raven cut him off. "It is not time for you to die, yet. You are not the only one who has lost such things. I lost my entire family because some petty pirates sabotagoed my parent's ship and I couldn't fix it. But if I had sat there sulking, I would have died and there wouldn't be anyone in my family left. But I pushed on, the only way I could. The dark side. It supports me. It keeps me from dying of greif."

"Think of it this way. If you kill yourself now, Adalyn will know you were weak spirited. If you push on, you would show her that you will not be moved by one mistake. Persiverince is a desirable trait. And you might even impress her enough to win back her respect. Or even your relationship."

Raven picked Jaymz up and walked off the top of the Fearless. He walked over to the cliff wall at set Jaymz down there. Raven walked back to his ship without a word, and took off into the distance.


09-07-2005 18:02:32

Adalyn had watched Jaymz fall. She didn't know what to think. She had wanted to help him, but she was sure he would have said something to increase her anger. She was still angry. He had told her he loved her so many times, but in the heat of anger took it back. She had always thought that she could control his anger, at least a little bit. But her love wasn't enough this time. She had a right to be angry. But now she felt guilty. She didn't want to be the reason for his suicide, even if she said she didn't love him anymore. Slowly Adalyn stood up and walked to the ravine. Looking down, she saw that Jaymz had landed on a ship. He wasn't dead. Relieved, Adalyn went back to the steps. After thinking a minute, she went back into the lounge. If Jaymz wanted to talk to her, he could come find her. Maybe they could still be friends.


11-07-2005 12:20:19

Jaymz sat on the ledge for several hours, the pain from the two broken ribs not bothering him for he had lost everything, he had hit bottom. He looked to the ground and in the dirt he saw the face of adalyn. She had left him, she had left him after all they had been through together, after all the real love they had shared, after all they had done for each other, she had left him. She had ripped out his soul and there was nothing he could do about it.

Slowly getting to his feet he stayed on the edge of the cliff, not about to kill himself though. He was "afraid" to lose her, then in his "Anger" he had lost her, now he "Hated" her, and was "Suffering" for it.

"I'll show her, I will be the greatest sith ever one day, I'll show her what true power is, and when she is down on her knees begging for mercy, only then will I forgive her for the pain she has cause me to have today." Jaymz muttered to himself.

If anyone were to look at him they would see a dark aura circling around him, his eyes lined with red. his hatred burned to the bone, as his love once did.

Langis Gyn Histop

11-07-2005 12:32:32

Langis burst into the room, happy to be back in a place that she liked. She half-walked, half-ran to the bar to get her favorite drink: Corellian Whiskey. She smiled as the bartender poured her a double shot. "You didnt forget, huh?" she asked. The bartender let out a booming laugh and said, "Milady, I never forget anyone's drink, let alone yours. You're one of the rare people that actually can drink whiskey and not throw up!"

Langis laughed at that and said, "Yeah, well, after spending a night drinking Thikkiann Brandy, you kinda get used to other drinks." The bartender widened his eyes, obviously disturbed. "Now why would a woman like you want to drink Wookie liquor? That stuff will knock you out quicker than sniffing Jabba's remains!" he said. Langis shook her head. "Long story, pal. Maybe I'll tell you sometime." The bartender nodded and said, "Be sure that you do. I've got tales from every sentient that I serve, except you. I need more good stories."

Langis smiled and turned her attention towards the rest of the Lounge. Things had changed since she had snuck out quietly last time. A bar brawl looked like it was about to start and she didn't want to be involved. In fact the only thing that seemed to be the same was the flipped over card table. Looking around, she noted the regulars still in here. 'Macron, Raven, Adalyn. Man, some things don't change. She sat back and watched the activity going on, waiting for someone to come to her, or for a good place to enter someone else's life.


11-07-2005 17:10:32

(Just to eplain my character, Raven is very attuned to emotions, so that allows him to have a angry, sad, or anything else person stand out like a beacon to him in the force.)

Raven walked into the bar ((this is before your post Langis)). Outside, he could feel Jaymz's anger and determination. It seemed that he had learned something. Langis walked into the bar and chatted with the bartender before sitting down.

Raven noticed Adalyn still in the bar. He wondered if she knew about the events that had just transpired.


11-07-2005 21:39:36

Adalyn smiled at Langis. It was good to know that someone was happy. Adalyn was just confused. Jaymz had really hurt her by saying she didn't matter. But he had almost killed himself for her. She had no idea what to do. Half of her wanted him back, the other half never wanted to see him again. She sat down on a couch, with no idea what to do.

Langis Gyn Histop

11-07-2005 22:45:49

She sensed something was wrong. Confusion came to her in her mind. Then suddenly she realized that she was probing Adalyn's mind. She looked over at the woman and words formed in her mind towards her. I actually did not mean to do that. My apologies. She returned to her drink, downed it in one gulp, then stood up. She walked over to Raven and said, "Any ideas on how to get this place looking more fun than it is? It's too dead in here."


12-07-2005 14:05:37

Jaymz walked past the back entrance to the lounge, and moved over to a part of the forest where he could find peace and tranquility. If he were to see Adalyn right now he would probably cut her throat and throw her off the ledge. He never wanted to see that bitch again. After all she had done to him, she was lucky he hadn't already ripped her heart out.

He fell to his knees, holding his head. He needed to meditate, which he did.


12-07-2005 21:13:11

Telona walked out of the lounge and began to head towards her office to do more work. She took note of the Sith member sitting between the twisted, genetically altered trees and quietly walked over. She gave Jaymz a strong kick to the side that sent him toppling over. When he glared up at her with all his rage she smirked.

"Are you finally ready to start down the path towards The Final Way? Has your heart finally hardened and throw off the diseased cloud of love? It's about time I say. Now if you are ready, there is much for you to learn." The woman said as she turned and started back on her way to her office.


13-07-2005 19:57:05

Jaymz let out a yelp of pain as her foot hit his broken rips magnifying the pain 10 fold. He used it to get back to his feet and stare at her with a burning hatred that was a tad less intense than the one he had for Adalyn.

Jaymz then fell to his knees, in pain and several seconds from lossing conscious. The last thing he saw was the stars, the only thing that had been with him through all his trials of tribulation.


13-07-2005 20:00:28

*Double Post* Sorry


13-07-2005 20:45:22

ANd through it all, Uzbad sipped his coke.

Langis Gyn Histop

14-07-2005 12:37:06

Langis laughed as she saw Uzbad still sipping his coke. She turned back to Raven, waiting for an answer.


14-07-2005 14:30:05

Jaymz eyes reopened, pearing in the darkness that surrounded him, when suddenly a splitting pain entered his head like an axe. Feeling as though he was going to die, he just layed there as the headache pounded on until it began to fade then disappear. He wasn't sure how he held a purpose in this life, he had done nothing. Getting to his feat he stared at the stars.


16-07-2005 21:59:31

Adalyn knew Jaymz was mad at her. She could sense it. But what had he expected her to do? Smile when he told her she meant nothing to him? She obviously did mean something to him, but it would be nice if he told her once in a while. She sighed. Her thoughts were getting her nowhere. She looked at the bar. A bottle of whiskey might calm her down...


17-07-2005 15:40:28

Jaymz's eyes shifted down to the ground and his shoulder slumped. He wasn't sure before, but know he knew, he meant nothing to Adalyn. If he had meant something to her she would have come after him already. He pulled out an old crumpled photo of them when they were kids in the Jedi Academy on Corusant. She was hugging him from behind and they were both smiling, no worries in the world. He wished they could have been like that forever. As a tear steamed down his cheek, he dropped the photo and it hit the ground.

Langis Gyn Histop

18-07-2005 22:50:33

Langis saw Adalyn eying her bottle of whiskey. Smiling, she picked it up and tilted it back and forth, inviting Adalyn over to chat and drink.


19-07-2005 22:35:39

Raven pulled out a thermal detonator and turned to Langis.

"Toss this into the crowd. That ought to help," He grinned.

Langis Gyn Histop

19-07-2005 22:47:35

Langis' eyes brightened at the thought of mischief and mayhem. Winking at Raven, she took the detonator, set the timer for 10 seconds and threw the switch. She hurled the detonator into the center of the crowd and started counting, "10..."


19-07-2005 22:59:36

Raven looked at the people around him. Calling upon the Force, he masked the detonator from their danger sense.

~This could be fun~ he thought to Langis.

Langis Gyn Histop

19-07-2005 23:07:17

~I would like to see more fun happening in here. It's about time we did something about it~ Langis thought back.


20-07-2005 12:56:34

Jaymz continued to stand on the ledge over the ravine. His arms were around his ribs and his mind was split in two like a quart of fire wood. He fell to his knees and stared at the sky once more. He couldn't believe he had lost it all, Adalyn, Langis, everyone. His headache was pounding, he didn't know how much more he could take.

Langis Gyn Histop

21-07-2005 22:39:48

Langis watched as the detonator exploded in the middle of the room. Apprentices and Initiates flew in all different directions. The sound of laughter could be heard after the boom had cleared. All around, seasoned loungers were laughing at the destruction. The Initiates and Apprentices, were carried by Emdee fours to the bacta tanks, none of them seriously injured.

Amongst the laughter, Langis said to Raven, "Why wasn't that explosion bigger? Did you give me a low powered bomb?" Raven, laughing from the strange event, nodded. Langis scowled in jest, then took a bottle and smashed it over his head. He staggered a bit, then laughed in a drunken stupor.


23-07-2005 10:09:25

Jaymz walked into the room and layed a cylindrical object on the floor. It had many designs and there was a light in it. Jaymz looked up at Langis and smiled, "Will a Siesmic charge do?" He pulled out the detonater with his thumb on the trigger.

Lorien Sinclair

23-07-2005 15:16:39

Lorien walks into the lounge, raises an eyebrow at the unconscious form of an Initiate that's being carried off to the infirmary, then sits down at the bar. The bartender looks at her with a sorrowful understanding.


Lorien shakes her head.

"Black Sunrise, and make it a double."

The man whistles softly.

"You sure? That's a strong drink for a lady like you."

Lorien nods. The bartender shrugs, and fixes the notoriously dangerous concoction. He sets the mug in front of the Protector who promptly bolts the entire contents, then slams the mug on the bar.


The bartender stares in shock for a second, then refills her glass. Several people close enough to have heard Lorien's request watch in horror as the lithe redhead slams down her second glass.


It's going to be a long night.


23-07-2005 16:58:37

One table away, Aabsdu sat in wonder as he watched the dark jedi drink glass after glass. The blast hadn't gotten anywhere close to him, but he did chuckle a bit at the initiates being carried away. Casually, he got up and went to sit next to Lorien at the bar. She didn't take any notice, but instead asked for another glass.

"I take it you had some problems earlier," Aabsdu asked her.

Lorien simply looked at him with no emotion what so ever and asked for yet another glass. Aabsdu shrugged and called over the bartender, pulling him close to hear.

"You could give her something less, lethal," he told him, but the man simply shrugged and went to refill the glass yet again,

Aabsdu called him over again and asked for a simply dark moon, if he was going to sit here, he was at least getting a drink.


23-07-2005 21:15:06

((Not trying to get contradictive, but Raven is more subtle than that Langis. He is most definitly not drunk, but SOME laughing would be appropriate. just keep that in mind, ok?))

Raven looked at the explosive on the floor. Then he looked at Jaymz. Something changed in that sith's mind. He couldn't tell what. He just shrugged and turned away, knnowing that emotion was such a strange phenomenonea.


25-07-2005 17:48:21

Aabsdu sat at the bar still, now drinking his fourth glass of something he could no longer remember the name of. He stared around looking at everything and everyone, he knew what he was doing.

He finished the glass and got, forgetting about Lorien long ago, and walked over to a table cloe enough so he could hear the fight. He shook his head, getting himself back together. After all, he couldn't be drunk if something decided to explode again, he needed to be alert.

Casuall, he listened in on what Jaymz and Langis were saying.

Langis Gyn Histop

25-07-2005 18:12:33

Langis stared at Jaymz for a long time. She saw something in his eyes, a kind of wildness to it that she had never seen before. It frightened her a little.

Smiling she said, "I was kidding Jaymz. But if you want to, just give me some warning before you set it off."


25-07-2005 22:19:46

Uzbad sipped his coke.


26-07-2005 11:53:18

Jaymz pressed the button and a little flag popped out of the top that said BOOM. Jaymz gave a little half smile and moved to the bar beside Langis and stole her bottle a whiskey taking a long swig of it before returing it to her.

"This stuff will kill ya, you know" Jaymz said in an erely dark voice


26-07-2005 12:04:05

Jaymz joke made Aabsdu laugh and the jedi hunter got up and walked back to the bar. He grabbed some youngsters drink, emptied it, and walked out of the room.

Langis Gyn Histop

26-07-2005 13:31:39

Langis smiled back at the Protector. He obviously had a sense of humor, which she didn't know about before. Grabbing the bottle out of his hand, she said, "Well, I have drank stronger stuff than this. Care for a drink of it?"

Jaymz narrowed his eyes. "What kind of drink would that be?"

Langis' smile broadened as she turned to the bartender and said, "Thikkkian Brandy, straight up."


26-07-2005 13:34:06

Jaymz narrowed his eyes in a serious but joking look "Nothing I can't handle, if it will help me forget the past and think about the future I am up for it" He said while letting his hand drift across her cheek.

Langis Gyn Histop

26-07-2005 14:02:28

The bartender set the drink down, then whispered to her, "Are you sure you want this? Normally I only give this to the Wookie's that may visit, but never to a humanoid." Langis smiled back at him, a gleam in her eye. "I know that, but I've handled this stuff before. Don't worry."

She turned back to Jaymz, then lifted her glass. The Protector picked his up, too. "To a future, whatever it may be," Langis said. Jaymz looked in her eyes, then said, "To a future."

Both Jedi downed their drinks, while Langis prepared for gut-punch she was about to receive.


27-07-2005 09:55:52

Jaymz felt it in his stomach, after looking like he was about to puke he gave out a large burp and turned around to the bartender "Damn that was good hit me with another."

Langis looked at him like he was crazy. "What?" He asked. Langis just shook her head. He took the glass and drank it down, thats when he felt the gut-punch at the level Langis had.

He didn't say anything he just layeed his head on the bar with one arm around his stomach.


27-07-2005 15:04:52

As she noticed how Jaymz reacted to the drink Rayne just busted out laughing before walking over to Jaymz and putting her arm around him. "I'm sorry Jaymz. It was just funny. If I offended you I'm sorry. I know how you feel. But drowning your sorrows with beer isn't a fix for depression and anger. It's just a quick one." Sighing slightly she patted Jaymz on the shoulder before nodding to Langis before going back to her table and digging around her back and pulling out a type of wine that comes from Planet Zeltros. An excellent sweet dry wine that has the best taste she thought.


27-07-2005 15:08:33

Raven looked at Jaymz. 'Woah. That was an unexpected reaction to the previous events' he thought. Raven shook his head. "Some things are better left unsaid," he mumbled quietly to himself.

Langis Gyn Histop

27-07-2005 15:12:56

Langis watched as Jaymz started to feel both drinks hit him at the same time. Her reaction to it was bad, but his was apparently worse. That's what you get for thinking your better than the drink she thought. The patrons of the bar had turned their attention to both of the Jedi, watching them puke their guts out.

Langis finally started to feel better, feeling the alcohol's effect. Lightheaded, she turned to Jaymz to find that his complexion was slowly getting worse. Barely having the state of mind to do anything, Langis merely held him up. Jaymz looked at her, then said, "I need to find the 'fresher." Bolting from his chair, he ran into the Refresher, holding back the vomit that threatened to come out of his mouth.

((Thikkkian Brandy is something that Wookies drink to get hammered. You would not be able to stand more than one ;) your constitution (13) won't allow it. That's why i could only handle one as well))


28-07-2005 17:55:10

The door to the lounge flew open and the harsh light from outside flooded in, highlighting the many dust particles hanging suspended in the air. A hooded, caped figure stood sihouetted in the doorway. He slowly looked around then made for the bar, his cape billowing behind him.
When he reached the bar he pulled back his cowl, revealing fearsome looking facial tattoos. The red and black angular lines accented his bone structure and seemed to imply the outline of a skull. They were obviously intended to intimidate. The most disturbing thing about this imposing visage, however, were the eyes. They looked blind. Years of exposure to the dark side had burned them a milky white, but they saw better than most eyes. Revenant had joined the throng
"Absinthe, please, and an empty shot glass," he growled. "And a pint of Gamorrean brew to chase it with." He took his drinks to a table in the corner, sat down and produced a tea spoon with many small holes drilled through it and a sugar lump. He placed the sugar lump on the spoon and held it over the empty glass, pouring the absinthe over the sugar lump. The other patrons were regarding him with either idle curiosity or disbelief. The drink strained through the holes in the spoon into the empty glass and then he set the sugar lump on fire, caramelising it. When the flames had subsided he poured the sugar into the absinthe and swirled it around, lit it and knocked it back, inhaling the fumes as he did so.
He took a sip of his brew and issued his challenge. "anyone want to take me on at an absinthe downing contest...?" He waited for any takers to come forward.


28-07-2005 20:03:27

Jaymz went back to the seat beside Langis after he puked for nearly an hour. Smiling lightly as his head twirled he popped a mint in h is mouth and turned to the bartender and said "Water, just...water."

He turned to Langis, "Um that didn't exactly help, the past is fresh in my mind." He smiled at her. "Oh well." He took the glass of water and drank it all down in two gulps before going over to the Jukebox and putting Walk by Pantera on and moving back to Langis.

((does it count that I am Irish? Ireland is the only place you can get kicked out of a bar at 5 o clock in the morning for saying your done : P))


28-07-2005 20:28:29

Raven almost burst out laughing when he saw Jaymz and Langis running for the 'Fresher. Many years of intense training let him control the fit coming on. He simply chuckled and ordered another water, pulling his cloak back over his shoulders. Taking out a sketch pad, he began to draw...


28-07-2005 21:00:54

Tyrus walked into the lounge, his hood over his head. He walked up to the bar and sat down.
It seemed as though Tyrus was fumbling with something in his pocket, then he pulled out a few metallic objects and a datapad.
"Erm...Tyrus...You can take your hood off," Revanant remarked.
Tyrus looked at him, or thats what it looked like and went back to the metallic objects muttering inaudible words, in his own little world.


29-07-2005 12:11:03

Revenant removed his cape and rolled it up in the corner of his seat and made his way back to the bar for two more shots of absinthe. He went and sat next to Tyrus and offered him one of the shots. The Krath took it eagerly and the two of them repeated Revenant's earlier ritual with the spoon and sugar. "So, my friend, how does life treat you?" asked Revenant...


29-07-2005 13:39:05

"Since you asked, I am having trouble, deep trouble." Revanant looked thoughtfully at Tyrus and then took a swig of his drink. Tyrus did so also out of manners and went back to his query, the metallic objects. "Aww...come can tell me." Revanant remarked. "Well, if you must know, i shall disclose it. You may have known of my recent trip to korriban, no? Well when i was there i hunted for an object of great power. Little did i know it was "objects" and i still can not decipher the encryptions on them." Tyrus mumbled on and stared at the writing on the objects.


29-07-2005 14:15:23

Revenant regarded the small metal objects that had captivated his friend's attention so deeply. Their engravings looked slightly like the old Sith runes, but they were slightly different, like they had been coded or something. "Interesting," mused Revenant. "I didn't know about your little expidition. Where did you find these?" He had no doubt that they were important, but he had no idea what they were.


29-07-2005 14:21:52

They are pieces of a lightsaber. My primary objectives didnt go over too well but at least i got these. Im sure by figuring out what the runes say ill have an idea of who this belonged to, and why they left it in pieces.

Langis Gyn Histop

29-07-2005 14:24:49

Langis heard the words 'Lightsaber' and immediately turned from Jaymz. "I'll be right back," she said to Jaymz, and headed toward Tyrus and Revenant.

"Did someone say lightsaber?" she asked to the two men.


29-07-2005 15:06:20

"Erm...yes...i was on a mission to recover an artifact....but i couldnt find it so instead i stumbled upon this" He pointed at the parts "They seem to be parts of a lightsaber, they have runes that i can not dicipher...i love historic artifacts as you may have noticed..."


29-07-2005 15:30:54

This had obviously snagged Langis's interest as well. Interesting. Compelling, even. Perhaps they were more important than he had surmised. Or, perhaps these were just two people who shared a deep love of historical artifacts. He was determined to find out. "Tyrus, perhaps you should tell us more of your mission to Korriban..."


29-07-2005 16:03:55

"I was interupted by Republic Patrols, as you may know, they know that it was once a sith world, and i had a runin with a few of them. Lets just say, i wish i had a lightsaber. But my thermal detonator worked just as good." Tyrus said. Revanant seeming to have an astounding interest in the subject inquired "Where did you find the parts?" Tyrus looked a little cross "Well, to be honest, i have no idea, there were a few caves, i went in them all, they were all completely deserted and cleaned out, except for the last one i went to. And i found this lot," He poitned again at the scattered parts. "Maybe i should consult the books, but i cant tell if it really was sith writing. Reckon you would know Revenant?" Tyrus asked.


29-07-2005 16:20:57

Revenant looked closer at the strange markings. They seem to have been engraved deep into the metal, then filled with a sort of red enamel. "They're definately not the standard markings used by the Sith during Korriban's occupation by the Dark Lords." He paused for thought. He had been to Korriban during his travels. He had explored many tombs during that time (this is a story yet to be told) and come across many strange runes and scripts, not widely used by the Sith. "It's possibly coded. But what could be so important that it would be hidden on the hilt of a lightsaber? And why was it dismantled? Were all the peices found together?" There was a nagging familiarity about the symbols, but he couldn't quite place it.


29-07-2005 16:58:40

"Well, yes, they were all found on a small rock-like platform as if they were being presented." Tyrus anwered. "Your guess is as good as mine as to why someone dismantled it. I really wish i could go back and study the tomb further, but i cant leave without orders to go..." Tyrus said with a hint of loathing. "I expect the council will want to know of this...but then again, why should they? After all i found it," And with that Tyrus called in another drink.


29-07-2005 17:26:23

Revenant ordered a drink for himself and one for Langis. This time the Sith Protector left the absinthe and opted for another Gamorrean brew - he didn't want to get too drunk anymore, he was intrigued by Tyrus's potential revelation. "I say we keep this to ourselves just now. If we bring it up now with the powers that be then it's nothing, another artifact. If we get some more info about it then we can actually present the council with something worthwhile." It sounded like it was some sort of ceremonial object. But who's? What was it used for? He glanced back at Tyrus. "The Krath have always kept records on everything they could. It's bordering on obsession. I recommend you copy these markings down and take them to your order's archives, see what you can find. Langis, you find out everything you can about the area of Korriban they were found in. I have... other digging to do."


29-07-2005 20:11:21

Tyrus copied down the runes and looked at them quietly. He looked back at Revenant and said "Do you think we could," He lowered his voice, "Sneak to Korriban?" Tyrus was now assured he could trust Revenant so he felt very comfortable saying that.

Langis Gyn Histop

30-07-2005 14:55:16

Langis downed the Corellian Whiskey that Revenant bought for her. Feeling the sting down her throat, she shook her head, "Sneaking into Korriban without permission is a way to get punished, and I have a clean record."

She thought about that for a moment. While the prospect of getting in trouble didn't appeal to her, she did seem to think that every adventure she had improved her skills. Plus, she had developed a recent reputation for being a 'honest and law-abiding sith.' That was something that was nagging her, since those words were obviously not to be used together. On top of all that, I'll be able to present something good to the Council later. This could get me a good seat on the summit later on.

She grinned at her two companions. "Then again, I do like a challenge. Count me in," she said.


30-07-2005 15:00:38

Raven walked up behind the dark jedi. "But, if you can get permission, I would take you throught the krath archives and show you the information you seek." He took a sip of his water. "Besides, i would come along, I have need to visit Korriban as well"


30-07-2005 18:41:58

Uzbad sipped his coke.


30-07-2005 21:22:48

"Then it shall be done." Tyrus said contently. "Korriban is a place i hold dear, and i do want to go again." He finished. Tyrus pocketed the parts and opened the door to the lounge. He walked out quickly and the door shut softly behind him.

Macron Sadow

30-07-2005 22:11:21

Macron looked up as Tyrus left. He had been speaking to Revenant and Langis, and fingering some most unusual bits of a lightsaber. "Too bad he didn't ask me..." Macron thought.
The alchemist was a veritable font of information, especially in regards to lightsabers. he was most curious to see what Tyrus had.

The Knight grabbed his Yavin four moonshine and tapped Revenant on the shoulder gently.
Neither he nor Langis had heard or seen him sneak up on them both. Revenant started with a grimace as he turned around and saw the face of his Squadron Commander.

"Hi Rev, Raven, and Langis. I kind of like that Tyrus fellow. Going somewhere?" The Protector squirmed in his chair as Macron's gaze set upon him. "hmm, I don't remember you asking for leave. But who gives a damn anyhow. You guys want a lift? I can get you there and an armed escort, if you let me come along. And as you know, I am a handy fellow to have about if there is trouble."


30-07-2005 23:12:04

Uzbad sipped his coke.


01-08-2005 16:24:37

"I bet you are Macron, Korriban seems the perfect place for some to sneak up on ya and kill you in a instance." Doku said as here appeared from the crowd. "Some familar faces from the libary. Also you guyz look like your going to do something stupid and fun. Well I want in if possible. So if you have room in that little fighter, let me know, i will be in House Satal Keto." Doku said as he got himself some water and walked off.


03-08-2005 19:42:55

Uzbad sighed. His coke was empty. He went up to the bartender and ordered another.

"We're all out. You drank all of it."


"No more Coke. Only Pepsi."


Uzbad was angry. very Angry. So he decapitated the Bartender. Then he jumped over the bar and began to look for the Coke.


04-08-2005 21:25:47

Suddenly something hit Uzbad's head. He whirled and cursed, but finding noone to blame he looked down at what was thrown at him. A COKE! He picked it up and poped the lid. Before he could even take a sip, it exploded in his face.

(It got shooken up when thrown at you :D)


05-08-2005 12:42:29

Jaymz sat in the back, working on something he had been conjuring up in his head for sometime now. The black suites were made of a Nano-Alloy that had never been properly harnessed, and so it went without the credit it deserved.

The suits were made of black and blue Camoflauge. Though he was only a Protector as a Jedi, he had been a Sergeant Major in the Rebel Alliance when he was there. He was an expert at Counter Terrorism and Special Op Tactics. He almost preferred a Blaster to a lightsaber.

He continued working on the suites, conjuring up wild imaginations of creating a Sith Spec Op Squad, consisting of Raven, Langis, Aabadsu, and Macron. But he doubted they would want to join, so he just continued working on the suite.


05-08-2005 12:42:48

Jaymz sat in the back, working on something he had been conjuring up in his head for sometime now. The black suites were made of a Nano-Alloy that had never been properly harnessed, and so it went without the credit it deserved.

The suits were made of black and blue Camoflauge. Though he was only a Protector as a Jedi, he had been a Sergeant Major in the Rebel Alliance when he was there. He was an expert at Counter Terrorism and Special Op Tactics. He almost preferred a Blaster to a lightsaber.

He continued working on the suites, conjuring up wild imaginations of creating a Sith Spec Op Squad, consisting of Raven, Langis, Aabadsu, and Macron. But he doubted they would want to join, so he just continued working on the suite.


05-08-2005 18:37:55

Tyrus walked back into the lounge and said "oh yes, Macron, i expect we'll need a veteran member on our team, you in?"

Macron Sadow

05-08-2005 21:32:18

Macron smiled, crushing the glass in his armored fist after he finished his shot.
"I'm in."

The Knight approached the replacement bartender, who was haranging Uzbad. Macron grabbed the new bartender by his shirt, dragging him halfway over the counter top. The equite pointed to the headless body being dragged out.

"Produce the Coke, man. I know you have it. My friend here is thirsty." To emphasize his point, an IT-3 droid came humming over to the Commander on repulsor coils.

The man shook a little as he opened a small cooler with a few cold Cokes in it.
"Much better," the Sith chuckled as he released the man and stepped back to his table.


06-08-2005 06:59:07

Revenant was once again lost in though as he mused over the markings that had troubled him so much. Suddenly he remembered where he had seen them before. "When I was on Korriban, before I joined the Dark Brotherhood, I had a master named Darth Malice. He wore an amulet which he claimed was an ancient Sith artifact and it bore exactly the same markings." With that they left to get ready.


06-08-2005 09:49:30


Lanius Sin

06-08-2005 11:01:42

Sin slid elegantly through the entranceway and gestured to one of the meek servants eagerly buisying themselves. "bring me a glass of tarisian ale." The servant hurried away to fetch the drink.
Sin, a half Echani/half Correlian, unfastened a catch on his long, grey, hooded robe to reveal the white/grey hair afforded him by his liniage and sat in one of the stools by the bar. He had been in a thousand places like this before but none had the dark taint in the air he culd scence here. its power comforted him

Lanius Sin

06-08-2005 11:15:22

The servant returned with the ale on a small tray and left it sitting on the bar beside Sin. Sin took a sip from the glass and retuned it to the tray noticeing a small piece of paper where the drink had been. Picking it up an unfolding it he smiled dryly. "So Revenant" he thought "Youve found annother adventure." He downed the drink, left a few credits next to the empty glass and made for the booth at the back of the lounge.


06-08-2005 11:59:46

Tyrus noticed this new man in the lounge and tried to pry open his mind with the force. His attempts were in vain as he was blocked out of the new one's mind. Tyrus walked over to the Lanius and said "Who taught you how to keep people out?" Lanius replied, "well, im a natural i guess," Tyrus laughed politely and beckoned to the bartender ,"Water please..."


06-08-2005 15:32:17

Uzbad jumped with glee. Cokes! With a mini-fridge!. He grabbed the fridge and ripped it out of the wall, taking back to his table.

"" The bartended mumbled.

"cant what?" Uzbad asked.


Uzbad smiled and set the mini-fridge down. He nodded at Macron who was watching from across the room, and opened his first coke. And sipped it.


06-08-2005 20:58:57

Tyrus walked over to the bartender "Where's my damn water?" He said.

"um...we ran...out..." He replied

"How do you run out of water!?!"


06-08-2005 22:03:09

Raven simply walked up to the bartender and pulled out his repeating blaster. He put it to the man's head.


"Show me every drink you have and where it is or I'll shatter your head into a million pecies."

The bartender slumped along showing all of his secrets, with an occasionaly psychic nudge from Raven.


06-08-2005 22:11:30

"Now, you didnt have to kill him, he may have hidden stores..."

Tyrus looked at the blaster raven had "Nice"


08-08-2005 17:45:43

((Hmm, actually your right, i have a better idea...))


08-08-2005 21:58:35

Uzbad sipped his coke. :)


11-08-2005 21:08:28

Revenge jumped Uzbad and took the coke, making Uzbad cry. :D RevengeX, upon finishing it found a coin on the floor and picked it up and pocketed it.


11-08-2005 21:27:35

Raven walked up to Uzbad and handed him another coke.


Uzbad opened the coke, and sipped it, again.


13-08-2005 17:06:08

The towering wookie known as Farrrellenor strolled into the lounge. He sat at the bar and ordered a Thikkian Brandy, noticing that he was an attraction to many of the denizens. I must one of the few wookies that ever come in here, he thought. He didn't particularly care what people thought of him, though, and he turned to survey the activity in the lounge.

Macron Sadow

14-08-2005 11:32:41

Macron began to sneeze. He was allergic to wookies.

"Damn," he muttered as he took an sithahistamine. "Seems like an alright fella though."


14-08-2005 11:54:06

*sin checking revenant's signature for him* (he cant get to a pc right now)

Sin waves at all as he passes. "hello all"
*zipps up Revenant suit and carrys on abbout his buisness*


14-08-2005 18:29:28

((hey, cool sig, did you make it or someone else?))

Tyrus just stared as the man kept getting him water. " is good..."

Macron Sadow

14-08-2005 20:49:49

" enough of this crap. Where do these folks come from? I miss the good ones." Macron stood up

Macron stood up, grasping the latest bartender by his collar. "You.... are lacking in your professional skills. You and your faceless brethren have slighted all of us. Look- my water glass is empty, and Uzbad's Coke is cold. You gave Tyrus a cheap, unfiltered bottled water. How unprofessional. And you didn't even ask Raven what he wanted. And you gave that Wookie some cheaply cut trash and called it Thikkian brandy. And that coin that RevengeX found was obviously a fake. My analyzer does not lie. We must discuss your No soup for you. Come with me."

A modified It-3 droid hummed forward on it's replusor coils. Macron nodded, as he grabbed the fellow and dragged him off to a private booth with the droid in tow. Fortunately, the booth was soundproofed and shielded by a power screen.

Lanius Sin

14-08-2005 23:18:07

"Yeah, i made the signatue. Not as high rez as id hoped tho. Still, Revenant will be happy with his Sith Fighter."

"Comeon you Sith!" Shouted Sin as he made his way to the bar dunkenly.


15-08-2005 13:07:12

yes, revenant is most definately happw with his sith fighter


17-08-2005 15:19:47

Farrrellenor bared his teeth at the room that Macron took bartender to. He had known something was wrong wih his drink, and now he knew why. He'd have to thank Macron for that little revelation. Maybe even tear the bartender's arm off.

((Does anyone's character know the wookie language of shiryywook?))

Langis Gyn Histop

18-08-2005 16:45:01

((Welcome to the DB, Farrrellenor! You have the privilege of being the first wookie I know!))

Langis walked into the bar and immediately noticed two things. The bartender was gone, and there was a wookie sitting at the bar. It wasn't the first time she had seen a wookie, but it was the first time up close. She sat down at the bar two seats away from him and stared at him for a bit. He quicky glanced over and she turned back. She heard a small laugh issue from his mouth and she blushed.

"Umm, I hope you don't mind my asking, but are you really here for training as a Dark Jedi?" she asked, hoping that the wookie understood Basic.


18-08-2005 19:13:01

*Farewell Post*

Jaymz walked into the Lounge and stood over by the bar. After looking at Xanos, Ben, Telona, Kraval, and Langis. He knew that he had been nothing but a nuisance to then entire botherhood, and that he was a liability. Sighing he picked up a shot glass of Jack Daniels and downed it quickly. After that he removed his training saber and layed it on the table along with his Scroll of Indoc, His Cresent with Topaz Star, His case of his 28 Clusters of Fire, and his Star of Antei.

Moving over to Langis he handed her a little black box and held it in her hands along with her hands. "I'm sorry I never got a chance to give this to you. You were the most caring women I ever knew, and thats why I fell in love with you. I am sorry I am half the man I used to be, and I hope you forgive me for my sins against you. Good Bye Langis." He kissed her in the cheak and let go of her hands which contained the little black box which contained a wedding ring.

Moving over to Telona he couldn't help but smile and hold out his hand. Questioningly she took his hand and shook it. "Thank you Telona for teaching me many things. One of them being that wisdom is as an important asset in the battlefield as a lightsaber. It was a pleasure to be in the presence of one of the greatest Female Dark Jedi ever. Thank you and Good bye Telona." He let go of her hand and moved over to Kraval.

"I'm sorry Kraval but I must go. I know you told be not to give up, but it is time. I am a liability to the brotherhood and I will only end up screwing up from my lack of control over my emotions. I am sorry to have taken up so much of your time. Thank you and Good bye" Jaymz shook his hand and moved to Xanos.

He bowed and held out his hand to the Dark Side Adept. After rising he held out his hand. "Permission to shake the hand of the smartest man I have ever met. I have learned ALOT from you Xanos, and if I ever wanted to mold myself into anything or anyone in the entire Dark Brotherhood it was you. Thank you and Good Bye."

And he finally moved to Ben. He smiled and shook the mans hand with nothing to say cause Ben knew exactly how he had felt. Taking off his Dark Jedi robes revealing his normal clothing underneath. (Normal as in black tanktop and baggy black pants and black boots).

He sighed and turned to leave, not looking back. He had apparently did not have what it took to be a Dark Jedi so he was going to go back to what he had before.

Murder. Jaymz turned his head on last time taking a look at everyone with his shined eyes looking particularly devilish.

"its not the fall that gets you.....its the sudden stop at the bottom." His fathers words echoed through his head as he walked through the door. But before the door shut Langis noticed something on his neck. It was a bar-code. And below it was his name.

Riddick, B. Jaymz

Of course not one of them knew who he was, because he was from a diffrent Universe a diffrent time. None of them would ever know the true extent of Jaymz's power and why emotions had played such a big role.


19-08-2005 15:31:35

Farrrellenor watched as the Protector exited. What the hell? What was that about? he thought. He decided that it was of no consequence and turned back to the one named Langis. He nodded at her previous question and relief seemed to fill her face. She must've thought that I seemed nice enough, he thought. He huuuurrnned a question and hoped that she would understand. Or at least that someone would understand.

Macron Sadow

19-08-2005 23:13:26

" hmmph. What a lame bantha," thought Macron. "I battled him many times, and even fought with him. but yet, no concession on his part or a goodbye. Adios, amigo."

The Knight hoped this was a trick.


20-08-2005 14:34:10

Revenge didn't even glance up as Jaymz left the Lounge. There were some who weren't strong enough, and the Protector was one of them, it was of no significance. But why he had made such a big deal about it was the thing that bothered RevengeX in his mind, as he sipped another coke.

'Ah, must be nothing.' he thought and so, upon finishing it, threw it backwards behind him, making it bounce off a chair and into the garbage can.

Gaidal Dupar

20-08-2005 17:53:32

Guardian Gaidal Dupar entered the lounge unnoticed. He covered his full being in his long red cloak, which was covered with dust and dirt. He looked through the room and saw a couple of familiar faces as well as plenty of new faces. The man went directly to the bar and ordered his favorite; a splendid juma juice. He was tired of his previous adventures elsewhere and felt quite happy he returned to the Brotherhood and his Clan. It was time to deal with a couple of unfinished business.


21-08-2005 09:47:48

Revenge, upon finishing his drink, got up and walked to a couch, that he fell on and dozed immediately, having been tired from thinking so hard. He only slept a couple of minutes, but when he woke up he had a hangover and so went back to sleep again.


22-08-2005 13:01:03

Ethen entered the lounge for the first time, unnoticed. There were too many higher class people in there to notice someone as small and igsignificant as an Apprentice. Moving off to the side of the lounge over to the bar he sat down on a free stool and got the bar tenders attention.

"Could I get a shot of Jack please, thanks." He said as the bartender turned and got his drink ready. Some people stared at him, he didn't blame them though. There didn't seem to be anyone else in the lounge in the new XKrath ATBA suite. Stood for Expiremental Krath All Terrain Battle Armor.

Ethen was wearing the whole thing except for the helmet.

Sighing he picked up the shot glass that was just sat infront of him and took a swig off it. The taste brought him back to his memories as a Commando, the thoughts quickly banished.


27-08-2005 13:28:31

The wookie turned to te newcomer, but quickly disregarded him. He seemed... eager, fresh, and anxious to learn. Same as me. I probably seem just as anxious, he thought.

He turned back to the bar and ordered one more Thikkian Brandy from the bartender, who had just returned from his little torture with Macron. He growled menacingly as the bartender set the glass in front of him.

"It's clean, I promise!" he said nervously. Farrrellenor sniffed once and gulped the glass. The alcohol dripped down his chin and created small beads on his fur. He wiped the drink from his face and turned back to the others in the lounge, hoping someone knew shiryyywook.

((Shiryyywook is the wookie language. I've asked this before but I'll ask one more time, does anyone know it?))


28-08-2005 03:24:44

rage walks into the bar and orders some coreillan whiskey
and looks at the wookie next to him whos at rage asks him if he knew shiryyywook and rage says yes but why


28-08-2005 03:38:44

after the wookie just stares at him for a while
The Shistavanen gets up and walks to a guy in dirty lookin red robes
someone told me you had some unfinished bisness would you need any help?

Macron Sadow

07-09-2005 11:28:00

Macron got up from behind his booth seat and strode up to Gaidal, clappinh him on the back.
"Hey man, long time no see. What'cha been up to of late? I like that history bit you recorded in the Hall."

Dupar noticed right away that the Warrior had a fresh set of scars, and his armor had been updated tremendously since they last met.


08-09-2005 03:23:13

Hey ive seen you around before your Macron right?
Im Rage at your service

Lanius Sin

10-09-2005 16:38:39

Lanius Sin slid through the doorway quietly eager to attract little attention. With a sigh, he waved for one of the meager servants.
"Ill have a Correlian ale, and be quick. My patience is frayed."
The Echani pinched the bridge of his nose as he tried to block out the thoughts that had been bothering him.
"Bring a refuse tray skive!" He ordered to the slave.
Drawing his grey robe about him, he thought for a moment about his past. There were many daemons but they fed him with their power. He smiled...


17-09-2005 18:45:11

Cain slowly walked in. Finding a empty seat he called one of the slaves. "Give me anything that is hot." he said quietly it nodded and went to go get a drink. When the slave returned he took the drink and wrapped his hands around it. It has been so long." He thought. Looking at the slve he said "drink this" the surprised slave took the drink and drained the cup. Smiling Cain took a dagger and thrust it into the slaves chest. Quietly he slit it's wrist and let some of the blood drain into a cup then pulling out the dagger he watched as the unlucky slave drop to the ground. draining the cup he left without a sound.


21-09-2005 17:33:04

seeing nobody wants to talk to him Rage goes back to his seat and orders some corelliean whiskey

Macron Sadow

21-09-2005 22:25:55

As Rage sets down, he notices a strange fellow already sitting in the booth. He didn't see him sit down.
"Hello Rage," smiles the man with the tattooed and painted face. "How are you? Killed any Jedi scum lately?"

Kaine Mandaala

21-09-2005 22:49:58

((Shiryyywook is the wookie language.  I've asked this before but I'll ask one more time, does anyone know it?))

OOC: Kaine Mandaala does, but since he's not there you can't talk to him. Looks like it's time to get a translator droid :D


22-09-2005 08:58:17

Revenge woke up suddenly and then felt a stinging pain in his head and so laid back down again, while the others continued to mingle.


22-09-2005 14:59:28

Rage was startled to see someone at a booth that was empty a few seconds ago
"maybe a padawan or 6 :P,countless new republic soldiers

Acara Rayden

22-09-2005 17:09:31

Acara walked in adorned in his new black robe, no one bar a couple of the occupants looked round. They looked away after a couple of moments. Not many people would take interest of a new figure. especially one which you could not see the face of clearly.

Walking up to the bar his yellow eyes, a recent effect of the darkside, Noted the presence of Lanius Sin and Macron.

"A glass of water and a Correlian Whisky. Now!"

The bar tender scurried off and within two minutes returned with the drinks. Acara drank the water in one draw, he had been a little thirsty all day, and settled down to enjoy his whisky.


26-09-2005 19:45:54

Rayne now walked into the Lounge now after nearlying kicking the door down. As she walked over to an empty seat she sat down so full of rage and anger she was being overwhelmed by it. Not being the friendly, flirtious girl she once was now appeared as if something was really wrong and didn't want to ever get involved with something or someone. Sitting there she evily watched everyone in the bar now ordering a drink gulping it down before slamming the glass down breaking it. Cutting her hand the blood flowed out of her wound now she seemed to be steeming.


27-09-2005 06:05:44

So macron,right? would you need any help? ive got time on my hands and i am bloodthirsty

Macron Sadow

27-09-2005 10:08:00

"Sure man. Hmmm. Well, see that Twilek guy over there by the door? He owes me a few credits."
The Sith chuckled and waved at Rayne, Acara and Lanius Sin.


27-09-2005 10:46:02

cain stepped back in and went to the bar "hello there marcron, sin" "how are you all doing horribly i hope."

Acara Rayden

27-09-2005 14:52:08

Acara picked up his drinking and walked over to his Aedile.

"Good day to you Macron." Acara's voice came from behind his hood, inclining his head to the others, "Lanius, Caine."

Sitting down Acara continued, "anyone have any new happenings?"

Lanius Sin

27-09-2005 15:07:32

Sin noticing Macron waveing nodded his recognition. Riseing from his chair he snatched a little black bag from his belt and produced a small glowing thing.
"Deathstick anybody?" Said sin over the music as he walked toward the others. "just got annother delivery today." The others stared as Sin waited for an answer.


27-09-2005 16:56:32

"Providing contraband?" Questioned Revenant. Sin had not noticed his commander come up behind him. "And you didn't even offer me one. Guess who's cleaning the fighters this week then?" He laughed heartily and joined his friends for a drink.


27-09-2005 22:59:43

How much he owe ya :P
Rage whispered i need help gettin' to korriban i've heard you've been there

Macron Sadow

27-09-2005 23:22:49

"Hello folks. The gang's all here I see," said the alchemist with a chuckle. "I'm trying to quit the death sticks you know. Ethanol will do for me, buut thanks my Apprentice. Geez, loooks like you just pulled deck swabbing detail."
The Sith grabbed a long necked ale and drank heartily.
"You know Rage, I have been there twice now. So have these fine gentlemen... all of them." Macron gestured to the three Sapphire Squadron members. "I'm not so sure about Caine over there. And why would ye be wanting to go there, anyhow?"


28-09-2005 00:32:40

Why wouldnt I?
Its the birthplace of the Sith!
I also heard their is artifacts of great dark power there
And i heard of your exploits there....i want to join you.


28-09-2005 00:43:34

Rage then signals the bartender,the bartender wasnt paying attntion so Rage force choked him till he listened.
gimmie some whiskey bartender

Lanius Sin

28-09-2005 08:17:10

Sin sparked a deathstick and turned to Rage. "If you go there youll come back changed. such is the power of the darkside on Korriban.... a dangerous place."
Revenant nodded and smiled an evil grin. "Indeed, it os allso the last place I encountered Darth Malice,"He said. "...My former master. If he is still there he would shurley find you, and let's just say hes not the friendly sort."


28-09-2005 08:50:05

Revenant regarded Rage with a mixof curiosity and fledgling respect. This was one who would go far with the Dark Side. "Sin is right. If Malice were to find you he would kill you, or worse. Do you know anyhting about Sith Alchemy...?"

Rage's face turned pale.

Revenant continued. "We barely made it offworld alive and there were nine of us. Your time will come. I'll take you there myself someday, but not until you are ready."

He also instructed Acara to put out the word: Sapphire Squadron was to prepare for an impending invasion of the sunside of Antei. "Sin, best get cleaning, heh-heh."

Lanius Sin

28-09-2005 09:15:28

Sin smiled. "Yes Commander" Then he pulled his cloak arround himself and made for the door. On the way out he grabbed a slave by the collar and draged him allong. "I have a job for you, whelp." He said in an intimidateing tone as they exited.


28-09-2005 15:53:12

Cain pulled out some deathsticks, laughing silently he said "You know i should have just asked him instead of taking them" lighting one he said "want one rev"


28-09-2005 16:12:29

lemmie see one of those caine


28-09-2005 16:18:08

Wait you guys what can i do to prove myself?


28-09-2005 16:42:47

"Those are some pretty slick moves, Caine," remarked Revenant. "If, however, you steal fromone of my squad again, I'll crush you." He had made his point. He took the pack of deathsticks and put them in his pocket. He could return them to Sin later.

As for Rage, well, he certainly had no shortage of enthusiasm. "Rage, stick around. Talk with me. What can you do?"


28-09-2005 17:31:40

well i can kick ass :P, i use to be a imperial scout,and bounty hunter i can also fly sith fighters
Im also a master at using two blastswords...and many other things
*he leans in to revenant* ive also learned some powerfull darkside powers


28-09-2005 18:21:07

i can do many other things of course,but what would you need
and is only Sapphire Squadron going i could help you there too.

Acara Rayden

28-09-2005 22:04:32

"We're not going back, yet," Revenant pelied, half apologetically. He could see the disapointment in the young Obelisk's face. "We may, however, have need of you soon." He knew that Sin was planning something, but didn't know what. Yet.

((This was Revenant posting, under the wrong login))


28-09-2005 23:03:34

Damn, well if you will need me ill be back in castle Tarentum

Macron Sadow

29-09-2005 11:20:22

"Let us know, my friend. We can always use enthusiastic fighters." Macron looked about, signalling some hot Twilek babes to come over to the table to entertain the Kresshians with a dance. The art of Twilek dancing was fascinating to him, as the combined body and lekku movements told a story.


29-09-2005 15:52:09

"you know i do rather like thers hmm i wonder if nar shadda has them" cain said looking at the the now half gone death stick. he took another drag from the death stick and started watching the twileks.


29-09-2005 20:18:31

hmm... these twilek babes are hot
lemmie see one of those deathsticks...thanks
*lights one a puts it in his mouth*


01-10-2005 18:45:29

Farrrellenor shook his head. Memories of his past had surfaced in his mind, and now he felt strange. Looking around the room, he noticed many new faces that were not there before. I've never lost focus for that long. Damn! how much time has passed? he thought. Turning to the one called Rage, he asked in his own language, "You know shiryyywook? it's about time someone did. How long has it been since you spoke to me last?"


03-10-2005 04:26:32

Rage looked to the wookie surprised at the question....uh about 14 minutes ago i guess


03-10-2005 09:40:55

James entrance into the lounge wasn't loud, but it wasn't relatively subtle either. He opened the door to the Lounge and walked in feeling relatively out of place. All these Jedi and Sith and he was a Delta Operative. He shrugged and moved over to the bar, forgetting he was in full gear.


03-10-2005 10:45:43

Caine knew he should be doing something but he couldnt
remember what shruging he went back to sleep


03-10-2005 12:35:40

"Damn, I have been out for too long. Oh well. Do you drink at all, or just do drugs?" he asked Rage.

Macron Sadow

03-10-2005 13:15:15

Macron giggled as the Wookie spoke, and stifled a sneeze. The only drugs he did were ones that made him more powerful in the heat of battle. Sith alchemy was not exactly recreational, nor pleasant.

His comlink cheeped, and after reading the message he sat back down with a surprised look and an audible gulp. "Guys... um. I was just made Quaestor of Kressh. Drinks are on me? "


03-10-2005 13:19:54

Farrrellenor roared in appreciation and ordered a Thikkian Brandy. Raising his glass, he growled a congratulatory phrase in his language, then downed the drink.

Langis Gyn Histop

03-10-2005 14:31:22

Langis walked in just in time to hear Macron say, "drinks are on me?" Rushing over to the bar, she immediately orders a Correllian Whiskey, downing it in two gulps. Turning to the bartender, she said, "Macron's paying." The bartender nodded and turned to take everyone else's order. She leaned back against the counter and took in her surroundings. The wookie had drank a Thikkian Brandy and she knew how that felt. Of course, she was only human.

"Does that thing burn your stomach the way it does to humans? Cuz, I've had a couple in my life and I didn't feel good the next day," she asked the wookie. He looked back at her with a bemused look on his face. "I'm Langis. What's your name?" she asked.


03-10-2005 15:46:31

"wow kool marcron" Cain tells the bartender to give him anything that he could heat up, he wraped his hands around the cup and watched the steam rise off the drink....


03-10-2005 21:57:48

Ha Ha Ha and caine can ya gimmie another death stick Please


03-10-2005 21:58:09

acutully this is my first time tryin' ona these...and gratz macron, gimme some Correllian Whiskey its on macron.
He turned back at the wookie. He drinks the whiskey
well im goin back home to Uvena Prime for a few days
He Got aup said bye to everyone got his Black Cloak And Walked off to The Hanger to Prep his Sith Fighter.


04-10-2005 10:45:23

"hey rage" caine tosses him a pack of death sticks "for the road" caine gets up "i am going to nar shadda for a bit"
Caine walks out and goes to the hanger.


04-10-2005 13:30:13

"I'm Farrrellenor. It's not often that I find a human who understands me. And as for the drink, it's not as bad for us wookies," He replied to the woman. "How long have you been in the brotherhood?"


05-10-2005 07:20:52

Hey Caine walk with me i need to talk to ya


05-10-2005 09:53:33

Delta Felt that he wasn't really noticed, and for the moment, safe. He signalled the bartender for a drink. Delta removed his helmet and placed it on the chair next to him.


05-10-2005 15:34:46

ok what did you want to talk about.... asked caine as they walked to the hanger

Langis Gyn Histop

05-10-2005 16:18:45

"For the better part of a year, I guess. It gets a little dangerous, but you learn a great deal. What about you?"


05-10-2005 18:48:56

I could use your help i heard that their was a jedi their from the clone wars he goes by the name Voolvif the walked out the front door


06-10-2005 10:52:30

"really" cain grinned "you want to kill him yes"


06-10-2005 17:25:25

Well yes i do and heres how.......but they started to get out of earshot of the others as they walked to the hanger


07-10-2005 10:46:19

((heh if this is going to be a new run-on tell me please because i wanna join it sounds fun...:D caine out ))

Acara Rayden

09-10-2005 16:01:57

Acara walked back in, it was funny, he ad been so busy he couldnt remeber himself leaving last time. He signalled to the bar tender for water and a Corrilian Whisky. He sat down and extended his sences, looking for anything worth taking a look at.

Macron Sadow

09-10-2005 19:02:51

Macron nudges Acara- "Check out these Twileks. They are worth looking at."

The Sith steeples his fingers and watches Rage and Caine hash out a Jedi smashing as they walk off to the Hangar.


09-10-2005 19:12:47

Delta noticed some "Sith" leaving the Lounge, but disregarded the thought of wondering what they were talking about b/c he really didn't care. He went back to his drink his eyes drooping.

Lorien Sinclair

09-10-2005 20:31:34

Lorien sits at the bar, wincing as the pain flares in her ribs from where that pipe struck her during Gaidal's rescue. The bartender sets a Widowmaker in front of her, to which she responds with a grateful smile.

Turning to look at the goings-on, she sees none of the old guard, none of the people she had known when she had been in CEK or even now in HEK.

Where had they all gone? Alex, to another clan.....she hadn't heard anything from him since.

Chi? Long gone, where to was anyone's guess.

Rayne......word was, she'd gone rouge. Lorien missed her most of all. The place seemed that much colder without her.

She sipped at her drink, and wondered if maybe she should get ahold of Makhael, and tell him she accepted his offer. Jhekkoria wasn't a bad chunk of world, and she would have a home, and the freedom she had wanted in her younger days.

Only one thing stopped her: She had sworn loyalty to Cotelin and the Brotherhood.

"God, duty, honor, country. Until you've fought for something, you never realize what that really means aside from the literal," Makh had said.

He was right.

Lorien saw Warhunter pass by the entrance. She dropped a bag of coins on the bar, then ran after him.

She was in need of a mission.


10-10-2005 19:37:40

Jaymz entered the bar quietly, not even his feet making a sound as he pushed open the door and his cloak flowing behind him. His eyes scanned the room and anyone who was looking at his eyes would have noticed a diffrence. One of his eyes was completely red with a a black pupil. A false eye programmed straight to his brain to process data, battle tactics, movement and record the faces of new people. Jaymz moved to the bar and ordered a drink without saying a word just nodding to the bartender.


13-10-2005 12:19:59

Noktar walked silently into the lounge. He was proud of the way he moved, always silent, always graceful. He noticed a few women around and thought for a moment on using his pheremones. But no, that killed the fun. He would find some other way to seduce them.

He moved to an empty table and sat down. Others had noticed his entrance, but he would disregard them until they came to him. He pulled a datapad out of his pocket and started to read...


15-10-2005 01:37:57

Rage comes and looks in and seeing nobody at the chairs by the fire he sits down and reads the Dark Voice while watching a Holovid of an ancient dark jedi known as the Exile


17-10-2005 12:28:58

Noktar occasionally glanced up from his datapad. The patrons of the bar seemed occupied at the moment, however, he was getting bored. He put away the datapad and stood up, walking over to one of the woman Initiates. He relaxed and let some of his pheromones seep out of his skin. The woman was lovely to look at and he needed some entertainment...


17-10-2005 17:33:20

The holovid ended then
Rage goes to the bar and orders Corellian Whiskey
"Anybody up for a game of Sabacc?


18-10-2005 11:10:18

sitting in the corner, hardly noticed, few looked at the hooded figure. hiding his power, as well as his identity, he was amused at the activity in the lounge, not to mention the amount of flirting going on.

chuckling silently, Korras took another sip of his drink, quietly observing, wondering who would be the first one to be foolish enough to disturb him.


18-10-2005 16:03:56

Revenge awoke with a groan from his chair and felt the hangover wash over him. Feeling around his pocket, he felt the penny that he had found earlier. Looking around, he saw many new faces sipping their drinks or just brooding without a word escaping their lips. He could sense that something was wrong and looked over at a booth that held a man in a cloak. Revenge knew the man by sight and had talked with him before, but then feeling the pain of his headache, he slumped back over and fell asleep again.


18-10-2005 16:19:39

"Wow, do you really own a shuttle?" the young lady asked. Noktar smiled broadly and said, "Well, technically it's not mine, since I gave it to the Brotherhood. I am always loyal to those that I find...stunning." Noktar brushed her hair slightly as he said those words. The Intitate blushed slightly and leaned forward a little. "I could say that about you. You seemed to have stunned me," she replied in a sexy voice.

If you only knew he thought as he smiled. He had let his pheremones go some more, and he was loving it. The woman looked like she was ready for him and he felt that now was the time. "Do you wish to-"

"Get away from my girl!" a loud voice interrupted. Noktar calmly turned and found a brute of an Initiate standing in front of him. He smiled a little bit more and said, "I wasn't doing anything, and if you know what's best you would leave me in peace."

"Screw that, I know what you were doing!" the Initiate said as he threw back his fist for a punch. "Wrong move," Noktar said as he dodged the incoming fist and jammed it hard against the table. The fight had begun...


18-10-2005 17:54:16

Rage jmped from his seat and blocked Noktar and the Initiate
"Hey, Hey, Hey stop it now"
He Stared at the Initiate who slumped away in fright
"You becareful Noktar you cant think of everything
He looked at the girl
"Nice choice"
He looked back at Noktar
"Here come with me I'll buy you a drink"


19-10-2005 12:08:08

"Well, as long as your buying, I'll have a Rancor Fireball," Noktar said with a grin. "And don't you worry about that idiot, I could've ripped him to shreds."

"Yeah, well next time be careful," Rage said. He turned to the bartender. "Hey, I need a two Rancor Fireballs here."

The bartender got to work mixing the drinks. "To what do we toast this drink to?" Noktar asked.

Macron Sadow

19-10-2005 14:18:37

Macron casually watched the near fight. He was personally immune to Falleen pheromones, due to his altered chemistry. He loved a good bar brawl, howeever. This one had passed due to the timely intervention of Rage, whom Macron knew.

The alchemist grinned, and resumed slugging his Yavin Four moonshine while perusing a holocron at his table. The Twileks had left, and now he was bored.


19-10-2005 17:35:24

"Well a toast...hmm, To the DB"
They raised there glasses
"To the DB" they smacked their glasses
They walked over to macron who was lookin quite bored
they sat down at the table
"Whatcha doin' macron?"
Rage stared into the holocron
and started to see something

Macron Sadow

19-10-2005 19:46:55

"I see you have met gatekeeper Fekdra," the Sith intoned as he drank.

Rage continued to look into the holocron as a reddish figure manifested and began describing an awful alchemical experiment in great detail. It made the Shistavanen wince, and Macron smiled as he shut off the holocron with a swipe of his hand.

Destroying a Journeyman's mind with his awful research would be bad.Unless they asked to be shown, of course.

"I am researching thse alien brainsucking types that the ancient Sith encountered. A most ghoulish, and satisfying subject. Rage, Noktar- would you like some Yavin Four moonshine? I distilled it myself." He slid a tinkling ancient bottle filled with a clear effervescent liquid toward them both.


19-10-2005 19:57:59

"Hmm..Sure why not" He drank some
"So what does this Holocron have in its vast stores?"


20-10-2005 15:51:52

"Hmmm, Yavin 4 moonshine? I don't believe that I have ever had any before," Noktar said to Macron. He grabbed a glass and, without thinking, downed it. The alcohol went into effect immediately.

"Whoa, powerful stuff, my friend," he complimented Macron. "But, I believe that Rage has asked you a question..."


20-10-2005 18:34:53

the big brute and his girl approached the booth Korras was sitting at. "you are in our spot"

"then I suggest you find someplace else," Korras sighed. "because I am not going anywhere."

"yes you are, if you know what is right for you. or, your corpse will." the brute pulled out a dagger.

"I give one warning only. put it away. you will regret it if you don't."

the brute didn't seem to head the warning. as he prepared to stab, he suddenly convulsed, doubling over. he started to claw his skin, as parts of it started to boil. his neck and back snapped backwards into an impossible position, but yet he stayed alive, screaming horribly. his girl looked at him, and shrugged, walking away.

"macron, I think you would like to have this one.. I don't think Spears will have much use for him anymore."

with that, Korras took another drink, and went back to being quiet and contemplating.


20-10-2005 20:04:31

"Hey noktar dare me to start a fight?"

Macron Sadow

20-10-2005 20:49:44

Macron noticed Korras for the first time as he spoke. "Why thank you, man. I appreciate it., subjects are scarce these days." The Sith poured a drink for them all, and sent one via servo droid to Korras by way of thanks. Korras was a bit of a friend, as far as Dark Jedi go.

Macron motioned to a nearby patrol droid that drug the maimed and twisted oaf off to a holding cell until he could be experimented upon. He casually gestured to the girl, who smiled blandly and sat down with him.

"Rage, this particular holocron is a lesser one that I found on Yavin 4. It contains only one personality, and that one is dedicated to alchemy and alien species mostly. I have yet to unlock it's deepest secrets, but it was instrumental in helping me create my Dark Battle Armor."


20-10-2005 23:40:30

"hmmm...maybe we should go back and see if we can find more"
He drank some more moonshine and started thinking
"Macron,a game of Sabacc?"


21-10-2005 11:52:35

Noktar smiled wide. He seemed to be enjoying the pain that the man felt, but also felt sorry that he was not the one to deliver it. He turned his eyes back to the beautiful woman who had sat next to Macron. She smiled at him and it was obvious that she still felt the pheremones affecting her.

With a sigh, he closed his eyes and stopped producing them. Better to make a friend of this Macron, then take the girl and be his enemy.

"Well, that was quite an interesting display. The holocron I mean, although the boiling of that brute was interesting as well. Tell me, why is it that you seek alchemical advances in technology? Isn't there enough to gain through energy instead of alchemy?" Noktar asked.

Macron Sadow

21-10-2005 12:49:49

"There are things you can do with alchemy that one cannot do with energy alone, Noktar. That is why I utilize both," said the Sith with a flash of pointed metal-capped teeth. "For example... Lord Vader's armor was a masterful combination of each," he said as he spat on the floor.

Noktar looked curious, and Rage belted back his drink as the Warrior told his story.

Macron hated Vader for killing his Falleen friend when he was a young child. Macron was 33, and as a youngster had traveled quite a bit before joining the Jedi Academy. The Sith had been a young teen gangster space tramp back then.

"You see, I was aboard Jib Kopatha’s asteroid base when Lord Vader was there to question the Bothan. Several Falleen had tried to assassinate Vader that day, and I saw it all. I had been hiding in the shadows below decks, trying to survive and con a way to get back to Coruscant. Zuur and Xora were slain, along with several other Falleen warriors," he canted with a far off look in his yellow eyes. "Xora was my.... friend. "


21-10-2005 13:10:37

"Hmmm, different than what I heard. On Falleen, the official story is that Vader had assasinated the Falleen without a purpose," Noktar thought out loud. "And I have heard of your friend, Xora. I never met him of course, but his family is well respected. They keep talking of one of there own who was lost."

Noktar sighed. "Well, you seem to have a knack at this alchemy stuff. Would you mind teaching me a little? I usually try and learn a little of everything."


21-10-2005 14:59:38

"Well Noktar,Macron i will see you guys in a bit, i have some stuff to attend to"
He finished his drink and walked out of the lounge


22-10-2005 18:53:28

She was still in the bar. Had been there for a long time. Although no one paid attention to her she liked it that way. Getting up from her seat she walked over to were Macron was and leaned against the bar and ordered a couple of shots of vodka before nodding to Macron and walking back to the table she had occupied for a while now.


22-10-2005 20:26:44

((Hey Rayne Nice Sig, Rage. Nothing in the worlds better. :P))

Macron Sadow

23-10-2005 00:06:31

Macron immediately got up, having not seen his erstwhile sister in a long time. "Excuse me, gentlemen. I will be back in a bit," he spoke as he bowed and walked from his table.

He strode over to her table, and awaited her acknowledgement before he sat down.
"Rayne! How are you! Whatcha been up to?"


23-10-2005 05:01:33

Rage comes strolling out not wearing his usual dark brown robes like his father wore but Black ones now and he wore his father's lightsaber
Several people yelled at him for having it
"Dont worry its only for show"
He strolled over to the bar and ordered
"The usual"
He looked over at macron who was talking to rayne, the bartender brought him his drink
He walked over to a comfy chair and sat in it and watched the news on the holonet.


23-10-2005 08:33:38

Rayne looked up at her brother and motioned for him to sit down as she hadn't seen him in a long time either. "I'm ok for now Macron. And I've been up to nothing other than biding my time and thinking on my life. What about you? How've you been, and what have you been up too?" Drinking down the last few shots she had she felt it start to make her feel better.

Macron Sadow

23-10-2005 10:31:42

"I've been up to .. too much. I find myself a Quaestor now, and in the Grand Master's royal Guard," Macron spoke as Rayne downed her drink. "I'm not quite sure how to hold it all together, but I will do the best I can. There's been a lot of combat, too. An awful lot of it was in the ACC halls. I'm scheduled to fight another round in there shortly in fact. So where have you been all this time?"

The Sith motioned for a menu and some appetizers as they chatted.


24-10-2005 10:43:21

She sat in an empty booth, holding a glass in one hand, her chin leaned on the other one. Silently she continued to sip on her strong drink, watching the people's blurred force patterns within the lounge. Briefly she sighed, running a hand over her useless blind eyes. She couldn't focus on the force emanations around her - everything appeared blurred. She cursed herself for have fallen for alcohol and additionally for drugs yet again.

She crinkled the small paper where the piece of spice had been wrapped into and threw it to the ground after a while. She took another sip from the strong drink. "Some things never change", she muttered under her breath. Months ago everything seemed so right, nothing to worry about. But the recent events had thrown her yet again into a crisis. No memory was left of the past few months where she had disappeared. Additionally a scene between Jaymz and Gaidal stirred up memories she wished to wipe out. Unfortunately she had messed up her own mind with the force way too much that this possibility was no option anymore.

Hidden within the shadows she had watched Jaymz and Gaidals meeting. In the end it eeringly reminded her of herself. A fact she had tried to deny all the time. Several years ago she had fallen for a Sith, but his twisted mind brought up more suffering on her than she could have ever imagined. Her deaths had been very painful and she had stopped to count them then. He had found a way to transfer her spirit from one clone body into another. Of course he had enjoyed to find new ways how to kill her very slowly and painfully.

She ran a trembling hand throug her deep red hair, sighing. Although she doubted that Jaymz had the same experience, so it was still a fact that he might be a clone. Or maybe he was the original genetic source...? To herself it didn't matter anymore, she knew she was a clone. But the only question that clinged in her mind was: "Am I still the same person as before?" Several "friends" (as far as she could call them friends), said "yes". But still a doubt gnawed on her selfconfidence.

A brief moment she was distracted from those sorrows as she watched the guy being drugged and taken away for one of Macron's experiments. Her lips curled up into a cold smile. Experiments she would love to take part in - together with Macron.
A fact that would never come to her mind was, that although herself being victim of a lot of experiments, her twisted soul strangely enjoyed the pain of others... but even more she enjoyed being in pain herself. Especially when it was about the desires and lust of her body, but that was a fact she knew very well about and tried to live out as good as possible.

Finally she sensed Korras and got up to walk over to him. For a brief moment her whole body tingled as she passed Noktar. Her blind gaze turned to him. She frowned, there was something disturbing. Something that wanted to let her give up every single control. She wanted to give into the urge to run her hand over Noktar's chest and touch him. Slowly her mind fought through the haze it was surrounded by and she realized that he was a Falleen. Within seconds she shook off those effects that the Falleen's pheremones had on her. She leaned close to Nokar, letting her warm breath run over his cheek: "Watch it. Otherwise you might have to deal with something you cannot handle." One of her fingers trailed over his neck, then she continued to walk to Korras.

Korras already had spotted her, watching her with arched brows. "You know he is a Fall.."..
"Yes, a Falleen", she giggled. "I nearly got lost in it. But luckily I realized it before I could do something stupid. May I sit down?"
Korras nodded and then grinned: "Stupid for him or for you?". She gave no reply, as she sat down next to Korras, biting on her lower lip. She knew no answer on that.

Gaidal Dupar

24-10-2005 11:08:33

He sat back in a shadowy corner and had been watching her closely the past few days. The trigger effect was wearing off and he could easily function again, but he found the entire situation disturbing. Like he was fighting a war on two different fronts, perhaps even three. He hid himself more in the common black cloak and raised the hood more. While sipping from his juma juice he tried to figure out what exactly was happening around the surroundings of the Brotherhood. New players appeared, as well as old ones. Interesting, he thought.
At first there was Noktar. An unusual Falleen wih ambitions and puzzling motives. Secondly his old Nemesis Jaymz reappeared, while he thought he was killed by Jedi Master Miichael Halcyon on Coruscant. Just like it was not enough a mysterious woman appeared out of the blue and he felt a great attraction to her, but not in the most common sense of the word. She was more of an all-knowing and almighty Oracle that could give him specific answers, but to what questions? Perhaps to what exactly happened with his family? Or about the whereabouts of his uncle Darius and when his cousin Nemo would try to strike again?
Suddenly something attacked his mind like a sudden flash of lightning. A whispering voice flew through his mind, saying and perhaps even ordering him to go and meet her. Something was mentioning how beautiful she was, but he could not give in. He had to refuse, since he was in love for so long that he forgot how long exactly. The woman he fell in love with did not exactly know and he wanted to keep it way. So he was rapidly blocking all entries to the core of his mind. It worked and suddenly he realized what questions he needed to ask! All questions he had about the woman he fell in love with!
He drank the entire juma juice instantly and stood up from his table. It was a bet, one of his greatest and he was about to gamble with his life. But the dices were always rolling in his mind and he just could not stop to take little and large bets. Step by step he got closer to Sildrin and wondered what she would say.


24-10-2005 11:18:00

She got nudged by Korras, realizing she had lost herself in thoughts and the effects of the spice with not paying any attention to the room. Grimly she chastised herself for this mistake which could have costed her her life.
It took her only a brief moment to sense Gaidal walking to them and she turned her head into his direction, tilting it slightly. Her blind eyes stared at him as two silent sentinels.

Gaidal Dupar

24-10-2005 11:27:33

He noticed her eyes, which were beautiful but also blind. It made Gaidal grin. What could she possibly see with those yese of her. He remembered Korras mentioned something about Force sigantures. I nthat case she would see a pretty nasty one. A highly poisoned mind filled with anger and hatred; not the most pleasant combination, especially when one realized that the drew energy from that. He started laughing out loud and concluded this was one of the most stupid idea's he had in years.
He stood next to her and she kept looking at him. Even though she was blind she insisted to look into his eyes. Gaidal never liked it when people wanted to see his eyes for their comfort, he hated such behaviour. So he knew he was getting cranky and so the icecold blue irisses slowly got a red glance. While standing next to her he pulled a beautiful black rose out of his cloak. The roses were his specialty, perhaps even his trademark. Bred by enough darkness and some drops of blood did the trick.
"Well, well my dearest Krath Priest Sildrin, so we finally meet" he grinned and immediately blocked his mind, "I've to say you're even more beautiful up close and Korras is so protective when it comes to you. Made me wonder if I would ever get the chance of meeting you. The rose is for you."


24-10-2005 11:49:49

She kept her blind eyes on him, knowing that a lot of people were too irritated talking to someone who wasn't looking at them.
Gaidal's force imprints flickered from anger and hatred as for a brief moment his mind was freely open, but then he managed to quickly block his mind completely. "A very promising sith", she thought.

To her surprise he pulled out a black rose, giving it to her. She carefully took it, letting the soft petals slowly run over her cheek. For a brief moment she looked so distant as if good memories of a long time ago dwelled at the surface of her mind.

She lightly smiled at his words, nodding: "Also a pleasure to meet you Dark Jedi Knight Gaidal. Its been a long time since someone gave me any flowers. As for the meeting, .. of course we can. But my loyalty still belongs to Archpriest Janos Silverwulf Sadow..", nearly inaudible she added " ... and also my body."

She was still letting the rose caress her cheek, whispering: "A beautiful rose. A black rose - it smells like blood. I like it." She ran a finger over the thorns, letting it pierce her skin. With a small gasp she sensed her own blood running down her finger, trickling onto the table. "Although I am not sure about Janos' whereabout.", she said frowning at Gaidal and then at Korras, her voice lightly trembled.

Gaidal Dupar

24-10-2005 11:55:33

"Although I find it terrible to say, you aren't on my hitlist, my dearest Sildrin. At least not yet" Gaidal grinned, "so don't worry about that. You can keep your love and body for yourself and Janos. Perhaps I might assist you in finding him and as a trade you'll give me the answers I need. Do we have a deal?"


24-10-2005 12:06:07

She looked up at him, saying seriously: "It is not terrible to say that. In fact you should be glad that I am not on your hitlist. I.... am not worth it, believe me. "

Murmering: "I don't even know what makes Janos stay with me..".

She sighed, leaning back, dropping that obviously for her uneasy topic. "Ahh my manners... please sit down, would you like a drink?", she waved to the barkeeper and ordered a new round.

Sipping her whiskey, she said with a more quiet voice: "You seek for answers? Probably I will be able to help you. There was a reason that I once had been the lorekeeper of Marka Ragnos. Although I am not sure if I still am....", she briefly looked over to Korras.
"What is it you want to know? Details about hidden artefacts? Or rather about lost knowledge? Or about other people...?", she narrowed her eyes ligthly. "About other people you know...? ...Someone special to you? .... A woman? ....".


24-10-2005 13:04:06

Noktar's eyes followed the woman. He had forgotten that he had his pheremones on, which he immediately shut off after she had talked to him. But that wasn't what bothered him. She resisted, he thought. I've never met a woman who hasn't until today.

Keeping his distance, he walked around the lounge, first to the bar, then to the holonet boards, all the while watching this woman. He knew she was trouble, he should have walked away. But, he loved a mystery that needed solving. And he thought that she was the perfect mystery. She could become my greatest ally, he thought. Or my deadliest enemy. Depends on how you look at it, I suppose. Well, I must at least find out how powerful she is...


24-10-2005 13:04:53

l m


24-10-2005 17:22:15

cain walked into the lounge and almost immeditally he saw Gaidal Dupar talking to a blind woman. curious he took a seat next to her and ordered a bloddy mary he stared at it wishing he could drink it the price of being immortal he thought to himself taking anouther look at her he closed his eyes why does she look so familiar


24-10-2005 19:01:35

She didnt take off her eyes from Gaidal, but for a swift moment, all her senses turned directly onto Noktar. With pleasure she scanned him thoroughly, not hiding her force focus to him at all. It came clear to Noktar that from her blindness, her force powers were more sharpened than most others. His observations were not unnoticed by her.
Her eyes turned to Noktar and she slightly nodded her head then turned her concentration back onto Gaidal. Noktar felt her force focus fade from him.

She felt a different force pattern sitting down next to her. A strange pattern, which reminded her a bit like her own father. But she couldn't exactly point it out. She wiped away the irritating thoughts, believing that they come from the drug and the alcohol.


24-10-2005 19:37:06

Eye's widening, he turned away from the woman. Who is she? he thought. She read me like I was nothing... and she's blind! He shook his head and fought for control. The woman had turned back to Gaidal and he found it increasingly difficult to find some way to talk to her. It was as if the Force itself created a barrier from him. He hated it.

Barriers are meant to be broken, he thought. He walked to the woman and started to smile, then realized that she wouldn't be able to see it anyway. He didn't dare use his pheremones.

"Pardon me, milady, but might I have a moment of your time? Gaidal, I won't be long, promise," he said, holding out his hand.


24-10-2005 19:43:05

Rayne just shrugged as she watched Gaidal and then turned back to Macron. "I've been to the depths of almost every bottle I could find. I've been trying to figure out what to do with my life. I'm really struggling in my life and with what to do. Should I remain a Dark Jedi and continue fighting? Or should I just give up on it all and go for love?" Getting up from the table she strode over to the bar and got herself three bottles of vodka and brought it back and started to chug the entire bottle. One after the other.


24-10-2005 20:11:56

Rage woke up and found out that he dozed off
"Poloticins' voices cant be that boring"
He got up and walked toward Macron and Rayne
Sitting next to macron he ordered some whiskey
"Whats up?" he asked

Macron Sadow

24-10-2005 21:16:09

"Hey Rage, what do you call 20 galactic politico's stitting in a Naboo filth monster's guts? A damn fine start." The three of them guffawed at the crude joke, and Macron smiled. He poured the drinks as they talked.

"I'd like you to meet my friend Rayne," said Macron as the Shistavanen downed his ale.
"She's my sister in many ways. You guys should talk. You both feel the power of the Dark Side keenly. And you both drink like Corellian sunfish."

"Lorekeeper... artifacts.... lost knowledge..." he heard faintly from the table nearby, where sat his old friend Gaidal, Noktar the Falleen and a most engaging young lady. He perked up immediately, and donned a serious mein. "Excuse me for one second, Lady and gentlemen. This is a matter that piques my scientific interest."

He strode right up to the table where the three sat, and introduced himself. "Hello, I am Macron.
Noktar, Gaidal," he nodded. "And you, most interesting Lady Krath. Lorekeeper of Ragnos you say? Pardon me for overhearing. Most interesting. It must pain you to know the Tarthos Library got bombed recently." The Warrior winced at the thought, and must be hiding a deeper secret.

"I must return to my friends. However, we should talk sometime. Ask Gaidal about me, he can tell you a thing or two."

The Sith bowed with a flourish of his antique cape, and the lights on his battlesuit twinkled like red candles in a dying sunset. He returned to his table, and ordered a round of Krakana sushi for Rage, Rayne, and himself.


24-10-2005 22:26:16

"Heh shushi, you say?" he eyed the raw fish with a hunger
"So whats with the women their im feeling a weird feeling around her prescence?"
He downed more of his drink
"Gah im getting my winter coat of fur its getting kind of warm"
"Macron i got something we can do"
"Which is?" asked Macron
"two words: Yavin IV"
"That moon has alot of memories for me" said macron remembering his time on the planet.
"You dont have a problem with it do you?"


25-10-2005 08:40:51

Jaymz's head shifted from person to person while he sat at the bar, his hand still clenched around the drink. The Lounge had held so many memories and yet he found himself not wanting to go back to those memories. That was one of the reasons he had left in the first place.


25-10-2005 08:55:09

"I don't know where Janos is.." Korras started, throwing back his hood. "But I can try to find out."

he thought he saw her smile, very briefly. himself, he grinned as he felt the surprise of some of the people around, not expecting an elder to be in the lounge.

"how would you find him?", Sildrin asked. he took out a datapadd, and entered a couple of brief lines, entering it in the datastream. "a call for him to submit his location will be sent from the Dark Council, along with the notion someone is looking for him. he might respond."

"how long?"

"I don't know.. the message will be send almost immediately. we do not keep tabs on the wereabouts of everyone. and not everyone wants to be found."

he noticed her distress from that answer. "the message contains my ID code. he knows me, he used to be my Quaestor. he should respond"

relaxing a bit, she nodded. Gaidal was just sitting there, lost in his own thoughts as he listened to the conversation. Korras took another drink, hoping Janos would respond..


25-10-2005 12:07:18

She still looked shocked at Macron's words. "The Tarthos library bombed...?", she whispered to herself. Strange, she thought, why should they destroy a library? Only someone powerful could have done that. Jedi wouldn't do such things. She sneered at the thoughts of Jedi. But someone who is powerful enough to get close to such an important place as the Tarthhos library would be stupid to destroy it.
She took another sip. Maybe they wanted to destroy some evidences.... No. Bombing a library draws too much attention. But maybe that person or organisation wants to cover up something. Maybe they stole a very powerful artifact from the library and bombed it to cover up the thievery. No one would miss the item, assuming it might have been destroyed.
A very uneasy thought indeed. And Macron obviously knew more details - there had been a short flickering in his force pattern, as he told her about the bombing. She would have to talk to him.

She turned her head to Korras "I hope he will respond to your message. I am...worried.", again she flashed a brief smile at him. She stood up, saying quietly to Gaidal and Korras: "Excuse me for a moment. I still owe our Falleen here a bit of time." She nodded to Noktar, walking to a seperated place.
She turned her eyes to him, her tone a bit colder: "So, you wanted to talk to me...?". She didn't trust this Falleen. There was not much she knew about them, but she knew that Falleen weren't too fond of the "mammals" and their behaviours, and she knew about their greed for knowledge. But even more those Falleen's pheromones made her more nervous than anything else.

She had been able to shrug off the effect, but she hadn't been very close to him and it had taken all her strength to break free. I don't want him to realize that he indeed might be able to mesmerize me with that stuff. Having him any power over me... no, I dont even dare to think about it.., she shuddered.

"And don't even try to charm me with that pheromone stuff, it won't work on me, Falleen", she said with a light, yet cold smile.

(Nothing personal against you Noktar =)
But there can't be always happy happy joy in the dark brotherhood. And Noktar is very interesting for the role to be a person she distrusts. Maybe she indeed should distrust him.. ;o) - like you had written: "greatest foe or greatest ally". I hope you dont mind, if I let the story go a bit that way. )


25-10-2005 12:27:25

Noktar smiled wide. "Milady, I wouldn't dare dream of it. Though you are still an inferior race, I realize when I am overmatched in the Force." He liked this woman, if not for her power, then for her intelligence. Not many would realize what he was up to, but she had found out. Which is why I want her, he thought.

"Well, what is it that you wanted?" she asked.

"Introductions first, milady. My name is Noktar of the Jameki family. I would require yours before we talk about what I want," he said smartly. He find himself laughing inside. This mammal didn't do anything that required his attention, yet why was he after her? It wasn't love; Falleen weren't meant to love. But something did seem to click in him. Perhaps the Force was telling him something?


25-10-2005 13:07:37

cain glanced at Sildrin one more time before liting a death stick. Sighing he thought to himself why do i feel i should know her he closed his eyes her presence was bringing up feeling i have not felt in a 100 standerd years. but why red hair, who was it that she she reminded me of, slowly he lifted his head "ashika". but Sildrin had blue eyes and ashika had green he sighed, to see her face one more time would mean the world to him...


25-10-2005 17:09:52

Rayne having overheard parts of Noktar's and Sildrin's conversation she started to laugh. "Another one has pheromones. It's been so long since I found one with them. But I believe Zeltrons still have the strongest. I mean we're a sexual race and we use them for that particular reason." At that Rayne was laughing uncontrollably now. Knowing the pheromones don't affect her very well unless used by another Zeltron. Her own would counter Noktar's. Unless she allowed them to affect her. Rayne was a weird person in the fact that she wasn't attracted to men whatso ever. Since a couple of years ago she always fancied women.

Gaidal Dupar

25-10-2005 18:24:44

The Kyandrian warrior got on his feet again and felt the juma juices going to the bottom of his feet. It was a fine sensation, but it meant he had to sit back for a while. Seeing all these familiar people, meeting some new persons, it was just too much. It had been long since he last meditated and felt disturbances and frustration boiling towards the surface. He had to relax, otherwise his paranoiia would return and get him close to a certain stage of insanity. He had to focuss and slowly walked to his place in the back. He raised his hood again and disappeared in the shadowy corner, where he could easily monitor the others. Knowledge was still the key to politics and power. So from time to time visitors could see the flickering of icecold blue eyes turning into bloodred and back again. It meant someone was there, but it was hard to tell who and if the person was still there. Just the way Gaidal liked it.


25-10-2005 20:23:34

(just adding a small detail. Obviously somewhere there is an old information about Sildrin's eye color. She once had blue eyes, but now they are completely greyish / white. Only a bare hint of pupils is left. ;o) -
@Caine: Where did you find that info? I have to update it sooner or later ;o) ).


25-10-2005 22:40:52

(just adding a small detail. Obviously somewhere there is an old information about Sildrin's eye color. She once had blue eyes, but now they are completely greyish / white. Only a bare hint of pupils is left. ;o) -
@Caine: Where did you find that info? I have to update it sooner or later ;o) ).

((the brotherhood gardens i saw a posts with it :D))


26-10-2005 02:48:45

((the brotherhood gardens i saw a posts with it :D))

(Ohh. That is strange. In none of my own posts I mentioned her to have blue eyes. At the beginning I even wrote "A dark robed woman with deep red hair and blank white eyes"... ;o) .
I am worried that suddenly someone start to write that she has pink or blue hair :D - and now back to the story again =) )


26-10-2005 06:25:50

She frowned at the words "inferior race", not being very fond of them. Good, at least he knows that when it comes to the force he is inferior to me. That thought amused her. The fingernails of her right hand digged deep into her skin as she sensed something disturbing from him. "Well, what is it that you wanted", she asked and she felt very uneasy as she asked him. Something had touched her mind, a simple lost fragment of thoughts: "Which is why I want her".

Was that one of the Falleen's thoughts? She felt scared, but also excited at the same time. It wasn't the first time that someone had possessed her like a trophy. In some cases against her will … but this Falleen was quite attractive as she had found out, using a detailed force scan of his body. Damn those pheromones. Is this still an aftereffect? My mind must be playing tricks on me, damn those drugs. This Falleen had no reason to wish her to be his possession. And if, he would have to break me first. And with a shock she realized that this thought excited her, that she wanted that. Break me down and make me kneel in front of you, so you can claim me as your possession. She bit down hard on her inner cheek, angrily wiping away this thought of her. Ist truely time for you to stop with those drugs, she thought, being very angry on herself. She took a deep breath and cleared her mind from such disturbing thoughts using a simple meditation technic.

On his introduction she lightly bowed her head: "A new beginning this is. A beginning should always start with an introduction. I am Sildrin .. of the family Rys-Hastur and Krath priestress of Marka Ragnos.", she said with notcieable pride and lifted lightly her head, as if beckoning him with the words "Try me."

"And now that we have introduced to each other, tell me .. Noktar,... its unusual to see a Falleen in the Dark Brotherhood. An organisations mainly of emotional... mammals." She smirked at that description of herself and the rest of the Dark Brotherhood members. She was glad she had regained her composure, swearing herself to be more careful in Noktar's presence, obviously his pheromones had a stronger effect on her than her mind could grasp and let her slip the control of herself too easily..

Macron Sadow

26-10-2005 10:01:31

Macron was becoming bored with his relaxation here. He was normally at his best when fighting, or sending agony ripping through some poor fool. It was time for a bit of fun.

"break me... inferior race...." came the partial thoughts from the nearby table. He was unsure why these thoughts kept bleeding into his consciousness, but it did not matter. Inferior race, indeed. Tell that to the Emperor who had crushed the galaxy under his iron fist.

"An excellent idea," he mumbled aloud. "Excuse me, folks. I have a subject to attend to."
He got up from the table, nodded to Korras in thanks, and then caught Sildrin's eye. He grinned a ghastly grin, and slowly ran his finger over his pointed metal capped teeth. He gestured broadly toward them both.

"Care to join me, you two for a bit of fun? I bet that thug will last at least a few hours or two.
Or longer, if the new chemical does what it should. I am curious to see if his genes will take to the enhancement."


26-10-2005 10:39:46

"One moment, Macron. I am interested in seeing that, but first, Sildrin and I have to finish our conversation," Noktar said with confidence. "Now then, where were we?" The Falleen seemed to think about this for a moment. He knew perfectly well where the conversation was, but the thought of being in control kept him from saying anything. Control is where I hold my power, milady. The Force is very much your ally, yet persuasion and smooth-talking is mine, he thought.

"Ah yes, the Brotherhood. It is true that my race does not take kindly to the emotional section of the mind. In fact, my father tried to have that pounded in my brain from the moment I was old enough to think."

Sildrin smirked once more. "He tried to, or he did?"

Noktar smiled devilishly in return and said, "I was different. I use my emotions, but I control them as well. Mammals, such as yourself, never control emotions or instincts. It's in your behavior. But enough of the species lesson. I have a purpose for talking to you."

"And that is?"

"I wondered if you could tell me why I am drawn to you. Not for your looks, which are stunning, and not for your personality, which is undecidable at the moment, but meeting expectations so far," he said, pausing a moment after to let the compliments sink in. "But you seem to beckon me through the Force, and I wish to know why."


26-10-2005 11:18:31

She had to grin broadly at Macron's word: "But of course.", then she agreed to Noktar about continueing the conversation.

A very interesting Falleen indeed - capable of emotions. Such is rare among that race. She felt a bit annoyed that he believed the "mammals" to never control their emotions or instincts. But in the end she had to admit that at least for her it was the truth. She was very emotional, often guided by her instincts - sometimes it had saved her from death, but sometimes it had drifted her deep into trouble.

His compliments were very welcome tough. But the next question was unexpected. "I.. do not beckon you through the force...", she frowned. Or was she? She had to be more careful about her mental barriers. Maybe I let something seep through it. Then she shrugged, saying: "I don't remember doing such a thing on purpose. But yet you also know how irrational and emotional we mammals sometimes act. You are quite attractive - and not only in a physical way additionally - but on the other hand, no one of us both can be quite sure if my beckoning is a reaction caused by your small dosis of pheromones or if there is more behind it. ", she concluded with a light smile. Touché, she thought. [ok, there is no French in Star Wars, but anyone here knows an equivalent word to this? :D ]


26-10-2005 11:35:04

Macron stopped mid stride, a sudden shiver of pure dread crept through his body. The Warrior looked around and noticed the Headmaster was staring at him intently.

He knew, what Macron was planning, after all this latest experiment had been commisioned by him.

The look in Spears eyes was one of demand. Macron knew this new chemical had better work, or he might end up on the wrong side of the Headmasters next experiment.


26-10-2005 11:54:50

Noktar's smile faded slightly. Her last statement confirmed what he had suspected. It was the Force. He hadn't used his pheremones since she had told him to be careful the last time they had talked. Rather, when she had threatened him. But she had sniffed it out before, surely she knew when he had them on? Maybe she didn't and took a guess. In which case, he would have to let her know he wasn't using them. But, how do I make her believe me? he thought.

"And what if I told you that I haven't used my pheremones since the first time you talked to me?" he asked.

She smirked and said, "You're Falleen, you use pheremones. That's how you work."

"But I am different, remember?" Noktar said, all seriousness in his face now.

Noktar felt her reach out with the Force and scan his mind. A confused look crossed her face and she frowned. Noktar saw that she had gotten through to her. "Let us talk about this later, I really do wish to see Macron's subject. Until next time, milady," he said, taking her hand and kissing the top of it. He walked away and found Macron.

"Macron, what say you and I see this experiment of yours. I'd like to see this alchemy stuff first hand," he said to Macron.


26-10-2005 12:18:51

She swallowed hard. This whole discussion had turned out quite uncomfortable. She gritted her teeth and turned around. Then she remembered that Macron had invited her too. Immediately she turned around and rushed a bit to step up to Noktar: "You won't get rid of me so easily", she forced herself to a light smile. "We really should continue this later, but for now, I also do wish to get a glance of Macron's experiments. As I do remember correctly he also had invited me. Do you have any idea what they are about?". She had slipped her hands into the pockets of her simple black/purple robe with the white sash.

[only making a quick post, I have to drive home and get something to eat. PIZZATIME!!]


26-10-2005 12:23:45

"The only thing I know is that it concerns alchemy. Care to explain, Macron?" Noktar said.


26-10-2005 17:09:31

As cain watched them leave he sighed he would never get to talk to her. he got up and as soon as he left the lounge he jumped into a vent and atarted to follow them.

Macron Sadow

26-10-2005 19:43:43

Macron gulped nervously, and bowed to Spears deferentially as he walked in to the corridor, chatting with Noktar and Sildrin. As soon as the doors shut, he began to talk.

"Ah, yeah. Well you see, I have been trying to determine the source code of the orginial Massassi genotype. I think I have it, and if this agony enhancing chemical works I'll know for sure. The chemical works very much like Orbalisk venom. You could almost call it a synthetic prototype. Spears turned me onto the information from some dusty holocron he had. It makes you heal quickly, but is incredibly painful. Only by calling on the Dark Side can you ameliorate the pain."

The three walked away, toward one of the well-equipped secure labs that Macron had been granted leave to use in the Academy.


27-10-2005 09:32:44

Jaymz had been working on his own project on the side of the room. Some may have thought it would be strange for someone like him to be looking underneath a microscope, but he was really comparing a small piece of Cortosis with the threads in a Nano-Suite. If he could get the system right. He would be able to lace Cortosis to a small Nano-Vest, making the torso variably inpeneratrable by a lightsaber. But this was only a theory.


28-10-2005 07:02:12

She followed Macron and for a moment she felt a strong presence very close. That force pattern was radiating darkness and power beyond her comprehension. It made her tremble. Noticing Macron's bow, she assumed it must be a very high ranked member of the Brotherhood, but she didn't dare to reach out her force senses to find out who or where he or she was. Then the presence faded from her senses, probably the person was using the force supression-power. Confused she made a few steps to the side and walked into someone she couldn't sense with her force powers. Gasping, she took a step backwards, her blind eyes tried in vain to focus on the area in front of her. She bowed and said quickly: "I am sorry, I wasn't able to sense your presence.". She still wondered who that person was.

Macron continued to walk and she followed him together with Noktar. They listened to Macron's words. She arched her brows, keeping her blind eyes fixed on Macron: "The Massassi genotype...? I had believed that nearly all informations about them had faded to dust. Even I have only sparse informations about them. And this chemical - is it short-term one or permanently?"
This chemical would give the Brotherhood a great advantage. A quick healing ability was something many of the members lacked.

And Orbalisk venom? I never heard of that.".

Macron Sadow

28-10-2005 10:31:58

Macron smiled as they walked. "Not all information has been lost about the Massassi," he chuckled. "The sleeping Zynthmyr was activated on Coruscant not too long ago, and raised hell before being killed. I have a gene extract from him. Sildrin, we should talk. I believe we have much to share that could be of interest to us both. Let's make this one quick, and then go get a drink."

Their footsteps echoed in the halls as they approached the lab. Sildrin could sense that much pain had been dealt here, both by and to the alchemist and others in the past. The smell of fear and blood of various sorts was heavy in the air. Noktar also cought the odor of Falleen pheromones, meaning that one had been here recently. And a powerful one, of royal blood and family as well.

Macron keyed the door switch as they entered. "Orbalisks are a hard-shelled parasite found on Dxun," he recalled. "They attach themselves to living beings and inject a powerful poison. They seem to feed on Dark Side energy, and give their host incredible armor and regenerative abilities drom their venom. Darth Bane was known to be encased in them." He shook a jar with a strange teardrop shaped beetle-like creature in it, and it scrabbled at the glass.

A rustling sounded in the maintenance hatch nearby. "Did you hear that?" asked Noktar.


28-10-2005 13:37:04

Cain cursed to himself why did he always do that climbing up into anouther vent, he held his breth and hoped he didnt get caught


31-10-2005 07:31:34

"The Zynthmyr? By the ancient's name, step by step in my career, I believe that I have learned a lot. But then I realize that there is still much more to learn - it seems impossible for my lifespan to reach a point where I could say that I truely know a lot!", she said, sighing. Her thoughts began to wander, dwelling at the library of the Sith Tower she was the keeper of. A very questionable appointment, because she wasn't quite sure if she was in control of the powers within the tower, or rather the tower had controll over her. At least it gave her access to a nearly unlimited source of informations from the huge library, where she often spent a lot of time. "Indeed, I am sure that a co-operation with you can lead to most interesting results.", she said seriously.

As they entered the lab, she was nearly overwhelmed by the stench of fear and blood, mixed with the strong force imprints that frayed her senses. Her fists clenched, she fought the rising fear within herself. Then she regained her composure again. It irritated her that she sensed not also the pain dealt to subjects, but obviously also to Macron. She gave him a questionly look, but he had already started to explain the Orbalisks.

"Did you hear that?", they were disrupted by Noktar's words. All three of them turned their heads into the direction of the sound. Macron and Sildrin reacted immediately using their Kinetic Mastery granted by their membership of Naga Sadow - the wall of the vent behind Caine began to crack open and then bend into bars to block his escape tries. Now there was only one way open - leading him directly into the lab. Macron muttered, he licked his metal capped teeth, shaping his lips into a cruel grin: "Fine, do we have our next test subject here?", he walked towards the vent.


31-10-2005 10:57:01

Cain was hanging upside down his foot caught by a wire. "You know you didn't have to do that." Cain glared at nokar for saying anything but oh well, as he went to release himself the wire snapped and Cain landed on his head, he cursed why did that always happen. He got up rubbing his head looking around and then looked at macron and said “well I guess while I’m here I might as well ask you if I could borrow some equipment I am conducting some experiments myself.”

Acara Rayden

01-11-2005 19:32:31

Acara knocked on the lab door and walked in. He bowed to Macron.

Acara addressed Macron in a respectful voice, "I am in need of your advice on how to start studying Alchamy....."

Acara noticed Caine and the ruined vent, "Am I interupting anything?"


02-11-2005 04:43:34

Rage followed he knocked ont the lab door and punched in some codes and was granted entry...

Macron Sadow

07-11-2005 21:50:25

Those of you interested in lab work should see macron's lab, over in the CNS/HLK part of this MB. As for me, I'm going back to the lounge for a drink!


08-11-2005 20:51:26

hey macron let me buy you a drink cain said as they left the lab


09-11-2005 16:16:26

"Heh while you guys are at it..." rage said as they went to the lounge
"Gimmie some whiskey, on cain" he said


09-11-2005 17:26:16

*slaps rage* "nenhum whiskey para o cão" said Cain to the bartender


10-11-2005 07:40:42

She frowned at Caine, wondering why he had been in the vent system. But then Macron walked to the lounge, getting a drink. She waited for everyone to pass and as Caine walked by, she leaned close and hissed at him: "It's not a good idea to use the vent system for a walkaway. Next time use the Gardens of the brotherhood or something else. ... and ... watch your back."

She turned around to follow Noktar and Macron to the lounge.


10-11-2005 10:51:22

he stared at sildrin bemused sure she was higher rank but to tell him where he should walk. "Sildrin" cain yelled "i can fix those eyes of yours." cain smiled then contenued to the lounge


10-11-2005 11:10:43

She gritted her teeth, hearing Caine's words still in her mind "I can fix your eyes". Many had tried that, but they all had failed after all. Sighing she ran a hand over her blind eyes, "I should better get a drink or two".

Of course it was in vain trying to order any member of a different clan, she knew that. She was worried that someone of a different clan was maybe spying on members of Clan Naga Sadow.

Sitting down in a dark booth, she started to sip her drink she had gotten from the bar.


11-11-2005 10:48:15

Cain gets a a bottle of soco and walks over to Sildrin .
"I ment what said. You know i have no wish to spy on your clan or house." "mind if i have a seat?"

Lorien Sinclair

14-11-2005 18:02:34

Lorien handed Sildrin a bottle of Corellian ale, and barked at the bartender for another.

"To life, an' all the weird crap that it likes to throw at us."

She took a long pull off of the bottle, and stared out over the crowd that had formed.

Acara Rayden

14-11-2005 18:30:31

Acara walked back into the lounge, ordered a drink and sat back down. Pulling out a small computer he bagan to study it.

Macron Sadow

14-11-2005 20:59:39

Lorien and Sildrin were sitting at a table, and Macron slunk up beside it.

"My Ladies, may I join you?" he queried as they took him in. Caine stood nearby.


15-11-2005 09:55:44

She nodded to Cain: "If you want to. But don't worry, you still owe me an answer about your strange ways to gain access to the laboratory. Today you don't have to give me one. But sooner or late you will have to." She arched a brow, taking the Ale from Lorien. "On life? Ahh, I believe its rather death that throws all those odd things at us. But why not.." She raised the ale to her lips, quickly checking it with the force for any poison or drugs. As she found nothing, she drank from the bottle.

She looked over at Macron, lightly smiling: "Of course. Sit down please."


15-11-2005 10:43:42

Cain bowed than walk out of the lounge. he needed some time to think.

Lorien Sinclair

15-11-2005 13:07:17

Lorien nodded in small agreement to Sildrin's words.

"True, Death has a rather unique sense of humor. It smiles at all life without discrimination. That's why it's the fairest judge in existence."

She took a long pull from the bottle in front of her.

"Ah, well.......when Death smiles at you, the only thing to do is smile back, unless you have no fear of it, or are one of the Immortal-born."

She called to the bartender for another bottle, then favored macron with a sly smile.

"So, Keibatsu, what's rattling in that twisted head of yours? You looking for screams? Or is all that experimenting purely out of some kind of twisted curiosity?"


15-11-2005 14:43:22

"Immortal-born? A scary thought.", she whispered, pouring some of the ale into a glass and taking another sip it. At Lorien's words she turned her head to Macron, watching him. "Yes, Macron. Is it just curiousity or do you love the excitement and the shivers that run down your spine as your poor victims writhe in front of you - with their hoarse voices begging for mercy?"
She dipped a finger into the glass of ale and slowly licked it off with her tongue - her blind eyes still gazing at Macron.


15-11-2005 15:48:02

~"Immortal-born ahh a word i havn't heard in a while"~ Cain thought to himself ~"but what does lorien know of being immortal"~ he frowned as he continued on his way

Lorien Sinclair

16-11-2005 15:02:32

"Not as scary as you think, Sildrin. One of my oldest and dearest frineds is of the Immortal vein."

Lorien stood, and bowed to Macron and Sildrin.

"If you'll excuse me...."

With that, she walked out of the lounge, her face as unreadable as the darkness between the stars.

Macron Sadow

16-11-2005 21:02:08

"See you Lorien," the Sith spoke.

Macron giggled as he turned to Sildrin. "I love the sweet agony. I love inflicting it, and recieving it. I have been the victim too, and I understand both sides of this duality. Pain is a gift of the Dark Side. It is curiosity that moves me, but more so the thirst for power. Hurting people brings me closer into the fold of the Dark Embrace. And, Death is the only God that comes when you call."

He smiled and drank his fine wine with relish.


17-11-2005 05:33:04

Her blank eyes glared at him over the brim of her glass. She quickly took a sip from it, but yet Macron noticed that she had started to tremble. Slowly she put down the glass on the table, whispering: "I never... I never met anyone who... ", she stopped, gasping for air as she tried to calm. But no matter how hard she fought for composure, those raging emotions within her slipped from the grasps of her mental control.

She burried her face in a hand; after a while she turned her eyes upon Macron. The white of her eyes glistening through the fingers which where still covering her face. She spoke very quietly: "I never met anyone who feels exactly as I do. Mostly there are only those who wishes to control, to rule, to inflict pain. But someone who enjoys both sides for reasons that most wouldn't understand...."

Gaidal Dupar

17-11-2005 06:24:55

None truly onderstood his motives and hardly anyone would notice him in a lrage crowd. He had been sitting there in the dark, shadowy corner near the bar and no quest, friendly, hostile or nuetral, saw the glimpse of two flickering irisses turning from cold blue into deep red and back again. He successfully kept the Force on a leash and carefully strangled it with both his hands in order to maintain a low profile. It was just like the Knight was not there, perhaps never ever been there before. Erasing himself and denying his own presence, his own existence. It made him grin, because through such actions one had power and control over others. Letting them they see, what YOU want them see. Nothing more, nothing less.

He pulled another juma juice and realized it had been his fifth since he ever came here. The air was getting thicker and his sight a bit blurred, but it was just another personal trial. Always living on the edge, always gambling. The dices kept rolling through his entire head and suddenly he knew what he wanted to do. He stood up, raised the hood of long red cloak and walked towards the table where they were playing a game of pazaak.

Still none saw him approaching, it was like he existed outside reality. Never bound by the rules of time, nor by the laws of this dimension. Gaidal immediately saw that one of the players, a young Sith apprentice, was cheating. He hid a few cards under the table. He got close to the Sith and whispered: "What's your name?"

The Apprentice looked up with the arrogance common to his order and said out loud: "My name is Oji. Why do you want to know, man with the battered face?"
He and the other players started laughing. Gaidal grinned and turned around like he wanted to leave like a beaten dog. Instead he rapidly grabbed his Chatka, ignited the second blad through the hidden button while he held it close to the back of the chair. The blade cut through the chair and torso of Oji easily. The Sith opened his mouth in order to say something, but there was no sound. He was trembling, while blood came out of his mouth. The Kyandrian warrior stood behind him and ignited his bloodred lightsaber. Before the other players and spectators knew it, Oji was successfully decapitated by one swift strike.

Gaidal grabbed his weaponrt and put it all away underneath his cloak. After getting rid of body and head, cleaning the chair a bit and taking the seat himself, the Dark Jedi Knight ordered a juma juice and looked around the table. Puzzled and amazed faces looked at his cool countenance. He touched his scars for a brief moment and explained calmly: "Well fellow players, due to unforeseen consequences our mutual friend Oji had to be replaced by... me. I hope we can enjoy an interesting match."

Gaidal knew exactly why he killed Oji. It was not the cheating which was so common to a Sith. In fact, he could admire one for the desire to win at all costs. No, it was the insult that made him decide to get rid of this one. Oji made one slight mistake, which cost him his head.

Lorien Sinclair

17-11-2005 21:05:50

"Still room for another player in this hand?"

Lorien walked up on the scene that had played itself out in typical Gaidal fashion - someone rubbed him wrong, and failed to get "a head" in the world.

"Well, brother, I have always said you would make a damn good barber, but don't you think that shave was just a little close?"

Macron Sadow

17-11-2005 22:24:17

"Come my dear Sildrin. Of course, you know as well as I do that to know the power, you must understand all sides of it. We should really hang out more often you know," spoke Macron as Gaidal decapitated someone a table over. He shrugged. These things were pretty common in the Lounge. It was not a safe place for the weak.

"And by the way. If anyone could help you restore your sight, it would be me. That is, if you are interested. It would be terribly painful." Macron gestured at the still twitching head, and his modified IT-3 droid removed the eyes and put them in a cryo container.

"I think he just volunteered to keep an... eye on the situation," giggled the alchemist madly.


18-11-2005 15:37:52

"I really dont think she would like that" said cain as he walked back in carring a bag "Sildrin i think you might like this" he threw her the bag "it has about a years worth of spice i dont want it thouth i still got me 5 more." he grinned evily.


19-11-2005 02:40:02

Rage took the bag and said "Huh, i thought i was the only supplier here...oh wait i gave you those 5 bags"
"I think so..." he answered


19-11-2005 17:15:47

Cain looked at Rage and laughed. "No you didnt i stole them off a trader on nar shadda, he owed me money and couldn't pay so i took his stuff." Taking the bag back from Rage he gave it back to Sildrin.


21-11-2005 20:35:17

She took the bag into her hands, looking at it thoughtfully. Then she turned her blind eyes upon Cain, saying with a smile: "Well, thanks. I will immediately send it over to my .. generous friend on tatooine. He was expecting it already. What took you so long?"

Cain frowned, not understanding a word untill he heard her voice in his head: "I hope you will keep that secret for yourself - about my taste for spice. I wouldn't be very happy if someone tried to use that information against me. If that should ever happen, I know from who that information was coming - and I will deal with it in a painfull way." She was still smiling softly at Cain.

"Ah, the usual trouble on Nar Shadda. but its the finest quality", Cain replied smoothly, wondering why he yet again was threatened by her.

She turned her head to the droid, leaning closer to the tank with the eyes within it. She whispered: "Eyes... for me? Would that work? Could that ever work?", she trembled lightly at the thought of it. It had been a long time since she had seen through her own eyes. "Macron...tell me more about it..."


22-11-2005 10:43:24

Cain was laughing silently to himself she didnt want people to know hmm i wonder why. Cain patted his robes and cursed, he was out of death stick bowing to sildrin he left without a sound.


29-11-2005 15:29:38

Uzbad sipped his coke.


02-12-2005 00:07:34

Nortath Gyn walked into the lounge for the first time and was greeted with an overwhelming sense of comfort. It happened wherever he had found somewhere that Langis had travelled. He laughed at the thought of his sister drinking, then sobered. Damn, still havent got that under control completely, he thought. He shook his head and looked around the room, looking for a friend that he was sure lingered in each person. Nobody stood out as of yet, though.

Unsure of what to do, he walked over to the bar and ordered an Alderaanian Ale.

Macron Sadow

02-12-2005 09:52:38

"Welcome, my friend," spoke the Sith warrior as he slunk into the room. "You must be Langis' brother. I watched her fight a few times. She was good." Macron smiled a toothy grin and bought the new fellow a drink.


02-12-2005 12:51:11

Malisane sat in a large comfy leather chair in the corner watching the room in quiet amusement. Sitting listening to the chatter of his fellow Dark Jedi and watching their squabbles and scheming was his view of an evenings relaxing harmless entertainment.

He sipped his wine and grimaced slightly. Hadn't anyone heard of a decent vintage around here? He put his glass carelessly on the table next to him, not caring if it stood up or spilt. He reached a hand out and carelessley dragged a footstool across the room before resting his feet on it and sitting back and lighting a cigarette, drawing back on it deeply as he listened to those around him.


02-12-2005 21:12:09

Uzbad sipped his coke. Then he noticed it was empty.

"Damn and blast!" he roared at the top of his voice, casuing all those in the lounge too stare at him.

"oh, it's just Uzbad." somebody mumbled as Uzbad shambled up to the bar and forced the barkeep to get him yet another glass of coke. He waited impatiently, finally got the drink and went back to his booth. He sat down and...

Uzbad sipped his coke.


02-12-2005 21:47:08

Cain walked in with a death stick in his mouth and a couple bottles of corellian whiskey, he went to an isolated booth then opened a bottle and sat in silence.


02-12-2005 22:00:40

Uzbad sipped his coke.


04-12-2005 09:48:04

Sildrin tugged a bit on her tight Black Guard leather suit, muttering something under her breath. Silently she followed Macron, getting herself also a drink. She nodded to Nortath Gyn. Although she never met his sister, she still had heard about her.
She turned her head to Macron: "Have you already examined the artifacts from Yavin 4?". Herself she hadn't had a chance to quench her curiosity about those items since those medics first wanted to make sure that her injured shoulder was completely healed. An injury from an unpleasant meeting with a tuk'ata which soon realized she was not a Jedi and even capable to talk on Sith to it. Nevertheless Lord Tron Sadow's appearance had helped to convince the tuk'ata that they were not their enemies.


04-12-2005 12:35:33

Malisane got up and sauntered over to the bar, ordering a beer. He took a swig of it and spotted Sildrin in her new Black Guard armour. He took her hand and kissed it with a grin "Hmm nice outfit."

Macron Sadow

04-12-2005 15:10:07

Macron said hello to malisane and then turned to answer Sildrin.

"Not yet, Sildrin. The powers that be want first crack at it, of course. But I will get to later, I am sure. I do have one from there I found a while back, though," he said as he pulled out a small red pyramidal crystal.


05-12-2005 09:30:29

She gently smiled at Malisane: "Thank you, Malisane. I just don't hope to steal Macron's show with this outfit." She chuckled a bit.

Then she turned to Macron: "Another holocron? Surely it was very valuable for many of your newest inventions.", she looked a bit nervously around. "I hope it's not a bad idea to walk around in a lounge as this with an ancient artifact." She invited Malisane and Macron to take place in a shady booth, ordering a few drinks.

Macron Sadow

05-12-2005 13:48:14

"Of course, this is a mere replica," Macron laughed as they sat down. "But it looks just like the real one. It is an actual synthetic Sith crystal, though. I just haven't firgured out what to do with it yet."

"The armor was helped out much by another holocron, the one of Antar IV written by Malak. the lesser one I spoke of earlier has relatively minor information, but a large amount of history," he recalled.

Lorien Sinclair

05-12-2005 16:53:38

Lorien walked over to the bar, the sabacc game having drained her of enough credits for one day, and noticed macron holding a copy of a holocron. She was close enough to see the name 'Malak' form on his lips, and walked over to the bar for a bottle of Nubian wine.

"Careful how much you poke into the life and times of Malak, macron. The man was a pretentious windbag, and a fool." Lorien grumbled.

Tarax Kor

06-12-2005 00:22:41

Tarax Eosphoros Kor walked in and decided he would like this place. Then he walked over to Macron, Lorien, Malisane, and Sildrin. Then he decided he was really going to like this place. After that, he decided he was going to like this place.


06-12-2005 11:36:34

He had taken to much time to gather his thoughts obviously, but he wasn't so sure about Macron. That is, until he heard something along the lines of holocrons. He loved eavesdropping as he drank the Coruscant beer that Macron bought him.

He decided it was time to speak. "Holocrons and such are not to be trifled with, Lorien. Whether or not this Malak was a windbag, he had something to tell. Do not underestimate the power of information, no matter what that information is."

The patrons looked at him, as if he never been there before. Macron and Sildrin glanced at teach other, wondering why he had waited to speak so long. Lorien just looked pissed off by his statement.

"If you don't mind, I would like to take a look at some of your work, Macron," Nortath continued. "I am always fascinated by new and old technologies, as well as history. It seems that you are capable of preserving both."

He turned to the bar again and ordered another Alderaainian Ale. Time for some fun, he thought. "And Sildrin, why is it that someone can look so beautiful in armor? I havent the capacity to understand that one," he flirted. He was hoping that she would flirt as well, but usually he never meant any harm by it. Flirting was the only thing that he reallly committed to in a relationship. <------((OOC: to set your mind at ease, Sildrin. I am not looking for an IC romance, I just thought that it would be fun to flirt. :P))

Lorien Sinclair

06-12-2005 12:44:56

Lorien looked at Nortath with a darkened gaze.

"I know someone who would tell you, kha'thael, that some things are best left forgotten, and far more are best not learned at all. Knowledge is powerful, but consider the price that has to be paid for the knowing of it, before you dig yourself a hole you can't crawl out of. Malak may have had some knowledge that would be worth passing on, but you can rest assured he took it to his grave, not stuck it in a Holocron."

She turned and looked at macron, her eyes flashing with dark fire.

"Has it ever croseed your mind that one of these days, you'll dabble into one of the darker arenas of knowledge, and find yourself having opened Pandora's Box?"

Macron Sadow

06-12-2005 16:33:57

Macron narrowed his eyes. "I certainly hope so," he replied in a clipped tone. He then laughed and drained his sake. "Mi'Lady," he nodded.

"I appreciate your concern. However, this is my path to walk through the Dark Side." He shrugged, and turned to Nortath. "I have a few... things about. Would you like to see this?" he asked, sweeping aside his cloak to reveal a fully functional Sith battlesuit.


06-12-2005 18:50:50

Uzbad sipped his coke.


06-12-2005 23:04:03

Cain finished the first bottle of the whiskey and laid his head on the table. He wished it was quieter, but he knew it would be like this. "Oh well" he muttered "I came here to drink so that is what i will do."


07-12-2005 08:40:33

She lightly blushed hearing Nortath's words. "I thank you. It was yet quite hard work to achieve the right to wear this armor. An interesting adventure - and I hope for more to come." She inhaled a bit, forcing the tight armor to expand a bit: "Although I still have to get used to the tightness of this ... suit."

Briefly leaning closer to Macron, she chuckled: "I am sure Nortath is fascinated by your Sith battlesuit. But also he has to admit that you don't look as beautiful in it as I do in mine." All the time her blank white eyes stayed fixed upon Nortath, her lips still curled into a light smile.


08-12-2005 18:21:31

Rage orders some whiskey

Macron Sadow

08-12-2005 18:50:48

"of course, you are correct Sildrin. I know I am hideous," muttered Macron as he ordered some chips.

"But I care nothing for looks. Power is what interests me. Of course, power can be found inbeing gorgeous... as you well know. Nortath, we should talk. And you will find Sildrin to be very well educated as well.""


08-12-2005 19:55:55

She leaned closer to Macron, whispering: "Why.. hideous?"... she lightly tilted her head. Her blind eyes stared through Macron. Reaching up a hand, she asked: "May.. I?"
Macron replied: "Of course..". Soon he felt her cool finger slide over his face, sensing with her fingertipps what her force sight couldn't grasp.
She whispered after a while: "Ohh. Now I understand. I really had no idea about how you exactly look like. For me it barely matters anyway. Some carry scars on their bodies... others have them in their souls." Her fingers still lingered on his cheek, then she pulled back her hand. She fell into a silent mood, sipping her drink.


08-12-2005 20:20:09

Cain watched as sildrin and marcon talk to what seemed a newcomer to this place and almost laughed "he has a attractrion to her heh." He mused. "Well i am not one to talk, but he is right she does look good in that suit" looking at them again he took anouther swig from the bottle and nearly fell over. "[Expletive Deleted] need to slow down..."

Macron Sadow

08-12-2005 23:39:56

Macron shuddered as she read him so plainly. He would have ripped the fingers from anyone else with unholy glee if they had touched his face like that. He hated his appearance, and feared what other people thought. That cycle of fear and hate drove him a little deeper into the embrace of the Dark Side every day.

He deftly caught Cain as he slumped and eased him into a chair. Nachoes were brought, with
water and a cup of coffee. Macron hoped that would help. Malisane seemed to be absorbed in a lightsaber schematic, and slurped his ale as he read with an occasional chuckle. Sildrin fiddled with a buckle on her armor.

The Keibatsu carried scars on his face, and soul. As well as did Sildrin. They were birds of a feather, and were destined to inflict terrible pain upon the enemies of Sadow. The hate and power burned within them both. And the desire for ancient knowledge and history.

"Bartender. Mead for me, and whatever my friends are having," he gestured.


09-12-2005 10:14:39

She was a little shocked to feel Macron shuddering under her touch; shocked that she had hit a "weak" spot in Macron: His fear what other people thought, the self-hatred about his appearance.

She fiddled with a buckle of her armor, trying to hide how much this had agitated her.

Sighing she leaned back, nibbling one of the nachoes. Her force senses turned on Cain, a bit worried. She got up and stepped behind him, laying her hands on his shoulders - she examined his vital signs for any anomalies using the force. Her voice was toned down as she said to him, ruffling his hair a bit: "Be more careful, or you will be the first darksider to die from alcohol than in combat". she was able to eliminate a bit of the sideeffects of the alcohol within him, but not completely - that was beyond her force powers. She firmly ran her cool hands over his shoulders to his neck and dropped them finally. She sat down on the couch again, close to Malisane.

She turned her attention to Macron, saying: "It is good to relax from the exertions of the Yavin 4 expedition, but somehow my heart is restless and I can't await the next mission."


09-12-2005 14:03:06

Uzbad sipped his coke.


09-12-2005 16:43:52

Rage looked around his drunkeness finally clearing and his mind became clearer and he started to sense something.


09-12-2005 19:42:54

Cain laughed it was somthing he wanted to happen all this time, to die... but there was too much preventing him from doing that. No he couldnt die no matter what, as long as his brother lived he couldn't let himself die. His eyes glazed over for a second, but returned to thier normal blood red color. Glancing back at Sildrin he said "you know i was blind once." Sildin looked at him in surpize. "What?" Cain smiled slightly, "It was how i found out i was force sensitive but how i regained my sight is not a matter i speak of."


14-12-2005 03:01:43

She wondered what exactly had happened to Caine, but he refused to talk about it. Leaning closer to Macron, she whispered: "I would like to know more about you. The DB databases contain extensive data, but not everything.".

Macron Sadow

14-12-2005 09:21:16

"I am sure you would," replied Macron with a smile. He tended to keep his secrets quiet.
"There is some information in the CNS database, and accounts of a few of my de-classified missions. Try that first," he said. "And I see the eyes worked... like the fangs too."


16-12-2005 18:58:07

She leaned back, briefly exposing her fangs emitting a short growl - obviously not content with Macron's answer. Quickly she regained her composure.

Slowly her lips curled into a light smile, she replied: "Yes, the eyes work. But those fangs,..." she hesitated, "I still have to get used to them." She sipped on her drink, turning her gaze upon Macron over the brim of her glass and murmered: "Did you... enjoy it? Watching me?"


17-12-2005 04:46:11

Cain laughed to himself get used to fangs the idea seemed absurd to him, yet he wondered what people thought of him being a albino with fangs. He felt pleased at the thought. The oddest thing was her eyes ,the yelow, scary really, shaking off the thought he finished off the whiskey.


18-12-2005 20:05:05

Sildrin found Macron too lost in his thoughts, so she looked at Cain, suddenly realising that he too has fangs. She leaned a chin on a hand, looking at him: "And you?... where did you get those.. fangs?"

Macron Sadow

19-12-2005 01:55:43

Mistress. Sorry, I was lost for a bit. It happens, you know. Macron felt sorry for Cain.

"Mein Gott," he grumbled. "Good luck trying to hide from her," he snickered. He found his focus as a gaming droid reported on Cain. "Most interesting," snickered Macron.


19-12-2005 17:35:08

"Born with them" said Cain quietly "You would think that i would get them removed, but i kinda like them." He motioned for the waiter and ordered more whiskey.


21-12-2005 21:07:13

Uzbad sipped his coke.


22-12-2005 05:30:53

Sildrin stared at Uzbad, realising that the only thing he does is only sipping his coke. She knows that sooner or later nature will call him.

Lorien Sinclair

22-12-2005 17:09:07

Lorien sat at the bar, watching the various figures in the room with a cold eye. Something the room.

Shaking her head, she waved down a bartender, who walked up with a bottle of Corellian whiskey.

"You look like a person with problems," the bartender said. Lorien looked up at him, and was shocked to see an all too familiar face smiling at her.

"Josh! What are you doing here?"

The ex-hellhound chuckled.

"When Makh got back from Eden, a few of us decided to....have a word with Master Isradia about his lack of common sense."

"Just don't go making trouble for me," Lorien grunted at the Anjados.

Josh Vaelen, Makhael Sinclair's protege and iron-fist-in-a-velvet-glove, laughed as if he had heard something hilarious.

"Ye of little faith! Trust me, sai'rosh. We'll be nice."

Lorien favored the Immortal-born with a gallow's smirk.

"You know how the Hutts say 'Screw you'?"


"Trust me."

Josh groaned.

"You spent way too much time around Delenn on Jhekkoria, girl. Now you've got her sense of humor."


23-12-2005 23:39:25

The feeling was msall at first, then grew larger and larger. Nature had called. Uzbad stood up, turned his back on the crowd at the bar and relived himself on a helpless waiter. Uzbad sighed and went back to sipping his coke.

Acara Rayden

05-01-2006 03:44:40

Acara sitting at the bar, grabbed a bartended by the collar and began to have a hurried conversation with him. Realeasing him the bartender came back and placed a drink infront of him. The Adumari liqueur, known as Hard.

Acara downed the drink and signaled for a few more. picking them up he walked over to where Macron was.

"You may wish to try this. It has a strong flavour, not everyone is ready for it the first time. Mind i Join you?" enquired the you Dark Jedi.

Macron looked up. Acara seemed darker somehow. Korriban was still having an effect on him, changing his features and changing his mind.

Macron Sadow

05-01-2006 11:11:05

"Sure, thanks man," said the Warrior with a welcoming smile and a stiff belt straight from the bottle. He winced. "Wow, you weren't kidding."

Acara Rayden

06-01-2006 03:35:29

Acara smiled, "I have only met a couple of people who are truely ready for it, and they wern't me or any Adumari." He picked up the bottle and took a drink as he sat down, "We are just used to it."

The Jedi hunter passed a full glass over to Macron.


06-01-2006 07:54:12

Malisane wandered over. "What you drinking?"
Acara leaned over and gave the Knight a sniff. Malisane's eyes widened slightly.
"Hey can I borrow some of this stuff?"
"You want to drink it?" Acara asked.
"No I'm doing some work on my ship later and I need something to clean the Minock droppings off my viewscreen."
"Get out of here this stuff is expensive!" Acara said taking the bottle back.

Ceric Crimson

06-01-2006 19:24:24

Ceric Jin'ei Crimson walked quietly into The Lounge and moved off to sit by the far corner. He settled himself into a plush arm chair and gazed at one of the smaller fire places buring near him, the buzz of conversation was relativly low in volume at this time of night, and he let his mind wonder.

The assassin's hand moved stealthily and settled on the Happy Surprise that he had hidden in the confines of his cloak as he felt someone's presance directly to his right, though he made no physical hint that he had noticed, and continued to breath steadily while keeping his eyes shut.

"Would you like a drink, sir?"asked a husky voice.

Jin'ei sighed and opened his eyes, pulling back his hood as he did so and gazed up at the waitress that stood with a couple of drinks.

" Tarisian ale, on the rocks, not stirred, if you would be so kind,"he said in his calm, low voice, as he handed entirly too many credits to the waitress.

"Of course sir, right away!" exclaimed the woman, quite happy with her healthy tip,"And would the gentleman like anything else tonight? Perhapse some...entertainment?"she asked, arching an eye brow suggestivly.

"The ale will be fine, but thank you for your consideration, modam."

As the Twi'lek hurried off with his order, the assassin turned his attention back to the fire...


07-01-2006 07:53:24

Revenant entered the lounge and stopped just inside the doorway. He looked around slowly, sniffing the air, flicking his tongue over his teeth and tasting the air. He picked up traces of various alcoholic beverages, as well as some inebriants of a less legal nature. Good. He had not long returned from one of his trips to the Crimson Corridor. He had a theta class shuttle with a hold full of glitterstim, and he was hoping to find a few customers tonight. He would also have to deliver his other shipment, the black market weaponry, to the 'powers that be'.

But first things first. It was time to slake his thirst. He approached the bar and motioned the serving droid over. "Absinthe, with a Felucian lager," he barked. Felucia was home to all manner of wierd and wonderful plant life. Fermentation of some of its indigenous vegetables had led to the development of a strange, hallucinagenic beer. The trip wasn't as extreme as that offered by absinthe, but when the two were combined the resulting perceptions were... Well, it has to be experienced.

He looked around for any familiar presences. He could see no-one, but as he flicked his tongue across his teeth in that serpentine gesture that he had he picked up a taste of Macron and Acara sitting at the back of the lounge. He wandered over and sat down next to them. "Hey guys, I'm back...!"

Acara Rayden

08-01-2006 05:29:52

"Welcome back, commander." Acara's speach told Revenant he was drinking something interesting. Picking up the bottle Revenant took a sniff and put it down.

"I didnt realise this place sold that stuff." He spoke to his Queastor and flight member.

"They do now.." Acara grinned.

Acara offered the bottle to both Revenant and Macron


08-01-2006 07:33:21

Revenant took the bottle from Acara and helped himself to a healthy swig. His eyebrows beetled in a slight frown, then his eyes went wide for a split second before he let out a single cough. "Good stuff," he wheezed, and passed the bottle to Macron.

The Sith Commander was glad to be here, amongst friends, in an environment where the alcohol flowed as fast as the conversation. This was the first time he had seen Acara since returning to Antei, and there was something strange about him. There was a malevolence about him. His eyes had a sadistic glint that hadn't been there before. The Dark Side was taking him in its grip.

He regarded Macron who, by way of contrast to Acara, seemed more serene than Revenant had seen him in a long time. That Adumari booze seemed to be doing its job. "So," he asked, "what have you guys been up to?"

Macron Sadow

08-01-2006 10:08:26

"The usual," replied Macron. "Killing Jedi, drinking, trying to scramble to cover up the latest Snafu... you know. Whew this stuff is potent," he gasped as he took a swig.

"Good to see you, Commander. How have you been?"


08-01-2006 11:21:01

"Pretty good," replied Revenant. "My usual trip to Coruscant, pick up some spice, some weapons." At this the Warrior smiled a toothy grin. Acara's ears pricked up too. "I can see you're interested." Revenant adopted his best salesman voice. "We have many instruments of death dealing ideally suited to a Sith of your calibre." The three Dark Jedi laughed.

"Seriously, though," Macron looked like a child waiting for a present, "what have you got?"

Revenant leaned back in his seat and stroked his beard. "Swing by the hangar later and I'll show you." He had been back only a couple of hours and wanted to unwind. Business could wait.

Across the lounge a rather attractive female Falleen and two female Twi'leks were dancing at a table of drunken revellers. Revenant clapped his hands once, winked and motioned the dancers over. They left their table,tomuch protest from its occupants, and went over to dance at the booth where Macron, Acara and Revenant sat. "That's better," smiled the Sith.

Ceric Crimson

09-01-2006 15:51:14

Jin'ei had lost himself in the glare of the flame, which seemed to mirror the delicious burning in his throat as the ale worked its magic. A sudden commotion stirred him out of his reverie just as someone slammed into his arm chair, then pushed off and leaped back into the fight with a growl. The assassin's eyes turned cold as he manuvered himself to glare at the two fools who had disrupted him, they seemed to be in the midst of an "argument" over who should speak to some Dark Jedi Knight about a couple of dancers that had apperantly left their booth for the coin of the highter ranked Dark Jedi.

The assassin rose slowly out of his seat, considering whether it was worth his time to teach the idiots a lesson in manners. The decision was made for him, however when one of the soon-to-be-dead-men, noticing him taking more than a passing interest, rounded on the Crimson Assassin and, apperantly deciding to take out his anger on the seemingly unarmed human, charged.

Ceric Jin'ei Crimson, letting out an insulted snort, waved his hand and sent one of the lizards stumbling to the side in confusion [MT], then calmly side stepped a wild swing from the second serpent as it slashed out with its vibro-blade. The assassin, for his part, moved up behind the ugly beast and wrapped his hand around the thing's throat from behind, then twisting up and in, while in the same motion shoving the thing toward its somwhat recovered counterpart. The two "corpses" collided with each other, and as they both fell over, one dying very slowely, and the other trying to scramble free of his doomed companion as it saw the assassin calmly retrieve the discarded sword from the floor and fling it, received a vibro-blade to the chest for its troubles, which neatly severed several vital arteries, ending all of its problems...once it stopped thrashing.


09-01-2006 18:44:02

Uzbad sipped his coke.

Shinichi Endymiron K

10-01-2006 12:03:06

Shin'ichi entered the lounge and scanned the room for friendly faces, or at least familiar ones. Spoting his brother Macron, his apprentice Revenant, and two other clanmates Sildrin and Acara he began to make his way over to them. Several paces in he noticed an insignificant Dark sider drinking a brown fizzy soft drink. His face twisted into a malevolent grin as he walked by and smacked the drink upwards spilling the sticky liquid onto the dark jedi.

"OOPS! Sorry didn't meant that. Perhaps you should try a real drink." he said with a wink to his compatriots. With that he flipped a couple credits at the now drink covered individual and sat with his clanmates.

"'s it going?" the Archpriest asked as he took the bottle they had been passing around and took a swig. Suddenly his face scrunched up and the Krath looked quizically at the bottle. "Macron, what the hell is this?" he asked. Sildrin smiled and said; "Too strong for you?"

Shin'ichi tried very hard to not let out a hearty gufah as he gently set the bottle down and replied; "This is what Keibatsu's give to their children to drink." Then looking at Macron said "Lets get a bottle of the 'good stuff' and see if these little ones can keep up eh Mac?"

Macron Sadow

10-01-2006 12:08:57

Macron smiled, and ordered a bottle of Corellian brandy. he knew no one could keep up with his synthetic liver, except maybe a Hutt. "Sure man!"

"Revenant-- we'll have to talk shop later for certain. I am most curious," he whispered as he leaned close with a look of avarice in his yellow eyes. Acara and sildrin were enjoying a nice glass of brandy, and seemed to have pulled out a holochess set.


10-01-2006 13:00:21

Corellian brandy. He was looking forward to this. The serving drought brought the bottle over and handed it to Macron, who poured a round. he glanced at Shin'Ichi, who smirked as they all raised their glasses and drank.

Macron's head twitched slightly, he patted his stomach once and poured another. Shin'Ichi coughed once and smiled again, savouring the warm afterglow as he felt it work its way down into his belly. Acara's eyes went wide, watered slightly, then he chased the brandy with a nice cold beer. Revenant cocked his head to the side, frowned, then relaxed. "I don't see what the..." He was cut off. His eyes began to water. "Okay, feels like i took a drink from a Mustafar river. I like it." Yes, they were going to get very drunk. Good.

Lanius Sin

10-01-2006 13:37:09

Eldrad Sin sauntered into the lounge and looked around to see who was present. The lights were low and the strong, familiar, smell of alcohol wafted toward the Jedi Hunter.
“Evening all,” He said taking a seat close to the origin of the pungent aroma. The others looked at him through glazed eyes. Obviously they had been drinking Corellian brandy. He had not seen a look like that since he left his home.
“Ah, Sin. How are your studies?” asked macron as he proffered the opened bottle expectantly. “Well I trust?”
“Yes master, before long I will have my sabre. Although you have always taught me that a sabre does not maketh the man.” A smile crept over Sins lips as he took the bottle from his master. “So, Corellian brandy is it?” he turned the beverage round in his hands and read the label with squinted eyes. “A good year, shame about the storage conditions in this place. They are well below standard.”
Gesturing to one of the waiters to approach Sin sat the bottle on the table.
“It’s not the same without a good cigar,” he said, grabbing the waiter by the collar and pulling him to ear level. After some whispering and a deal of scurrying on the waiter’s part the group were each handed one Talusean hand rolled cigar.

Ceric Crimson

10-01-2006 16:08:20

Jin'ei had one of the bodies slung over his shoulder while he dragged the one with the vibro-blade deep in his chest by the arm as he made his way over to the Naga Sadow booth in which the Twi'lek dancer that the two corpses had made such a fuss about were...having a good time.

As he stepped in, everyone in the there tensed and either turned to regard him agressivly, or slid a hand out of view, likely to finger a weapon.

The assassin dropped the well-preserved bodies on the floor in front of the booth and, smiling coldly, spoke;"Excuse me," he said, dipping into a sweeping bow, "I do hate to disturb you all, but these two fine gentlemen had wanted to ask you something, unfortunatly they did not have the mettle to talk to you while they lived, I thought it only fitting to inform you of this, so that at least, they would be able to full fill their last wish."he said, the cold smile, now one of amusment as well.

Lanius Sin

11-01-2006 02:28:16


Acara Rayden

11-01-2006 02:30:22

A glass was slowly raised to a cloaked occupant, his face hidden behind his hair. It remained in place for a short period of time while it’s occupant took a drink. Ceric observed a humorous glint in a couple of the Dark Jedi’s eyes.

“Commander,” The figure began. Gesturing toward the two corpses he continued, “It seems your entertainment is attracting some…….. interesting company.”

Acara Rayden turned round in his chair allowing his face to be seen. Ceric almost jumped in surprise at the sharpness in the look he was being regarded with.

“I don’t recall seeing you before,” the Jedi Hunter was addressing him. “I am most curious as to who you are. I am Acara Rayden.”

The statement, though given a little impolitely bore no threat just mild curiosity.


11-01-2006 09:18:29

Sipping the remains of her brandy she gazed at Ceric, her face clearly showing her aversion against his gross and crude way of entry. One of the female, rather skimpy dressed Twi'leks had wrapped the arms around Sildrin and kissing her neck. Sildrin placed her empty glass on the table, laying her hand on the Tiw'lek's cheek so could she turn the Twi'lek's face towards her own. While she gently ran her fingertips over the Twi'lek's lips, she was whispering something to her. The Twi'lek blushed and nodded, leaving the lounge probably for Sildrin's room. She admired the beauty of this elegant Twi'lek danceress, then her attention turned back to the holochess.

Annoyed she realized that Acara had yet again won a holochess match against her. She filled an empty glass with a bit of water and placed a spoonlike piece of metal with a sugar cube on top of it. Slowly she let the green liquid from a nearby bottle run over the sugar cube into the water, watching the color of the liquid change a bit. She leaned back from the table, running a hand through her red hair, turning her eyes upon Ceric. She said in a calm voice to him: "I believe you should get rid of those two individuals you murdered for a banal reason - before they start to smell." Raising her glass, she took a sip from it, keeping her yellow eyes fixed at Ceric over the brim of the glass.

Ceric Crimson

11-01-2006 18:36:24

*Ceric Crimson dipped into an extravagant bow*

"My deepest and most sincerest apologies for my rude demeanor. Please allow me to introduce myself," he said, a slight smile playing along the corners of his mouth as he gazed, rather suggestivly at Sildrin, and then back at Acara again.

Sweeping into another low bow, he uttered in a low, almost whispery voice:"I am Guardian Ceric Jin'ei Crimson, formally the Head Assassin of the Mifune Family, currently of House Oriens Obscurum of Clan Arcona, Sith Flight Leader of the Dark Phoenix Battle Team, and I beg for forgivenss for the intrusion,"he said, imphasizing the last part in an almost sardonic tone, and with a sharp sweep of his hand Force shoving the corpses away, and out of sight.

"But, these...creatures, seemed to want to see you, so I obliged was the least I could do, after they so thoughtlessly disturbed me. Such creatures need guidence, mind you, and I am afraid they did not quite...have what it takes to speak with the time,"he said, still smiling that strange, almost mocking smile, though the Naga Sadow persumed it was more from arrogance than anything else.

Shinichi Endymiron K

12-01-2006 16:05:30

Shin'ichi raised an eyebrow at the supposed assassin. "I suppose you wish us to be grateful to you for your 'service'...Guardian?" he said coldly spitting the last word. "Perhaps you are unaware that at this table sit two Keibatsu." Winking to Macron the Archpriest stood face to face with the Arconan Guardian.

Ceric was slightly taken aback at the Krath's hard demeanor and imposing presence. Shin'ichi stuck his face mere milimeters from the now very young feeling Arconan. "Do you not think that two of the best warriors in the entire brotherhood could not detect the intentions of two worms such as these?" he said pointing to the corpses. "Especially when one is a Krath Archpriest and more in tune with the force than you can ever hope to be, especially if you continue on your current path of disrespectfulness and ignorance?" his voice rose to ever increasing volumes as he spoke. "Even were I not a member of the Brotherhood I would have caught them before they came close enough to complete their insidious task." he said gabbing a finger towards himself. "I was running black operations for the Emperor before you were even a stain on the linen of the [Expletive Deleted] house that raised you!"

The Guardian could only stand and stammer and in an almost bipolar turn of emotion Shin'ichi spoke again. "Now that the discipline is out of the way sit and join us for a drink young one...but remember next time to allow your superiors to handle matters such as these. These men might have had information we could have used if they were taken alive. Now we'll never know."

Ceric Crimson

12-01-2006 16:28:58

Ceric, better known on Nar' Shaddaa as The Crimson Assassin, faced the renowned Naga Sadow without moving a muscle, his handsome features compleatly impassive, except for his eyes, which grew colder and colder with every word utterered by the Archpriest.

As Shin'ichi sat back down, the Arconan seemed to switch personalities entirely, and with yet another exaggerated bow, accomponied by that seemingly spontanious smie said,"I once again extend my deepest apologies for my foolish actions, I shall strive to do better in the future. Now, I humbly accept your invitation, and thank you for allowing me to be graced by your presence, exalted once."

The strange man than pulled up a chair and sat at the farthest edge of the table, nodding and smiling politly to everyone in attendance as he took his newly aquired seat.


13-01-2006 07:03:16

Sildrin nodded to Ceric, sliding him a drink. Still he had held up very good against Shin'ichi who usually appears to bark at lower ranked members, telling them that he ran services for the Emperor while others were still crawling with diapers on them. But still one thing disturbed her, why should an assassin run around and tell everyone that he is an assassin. Then she simply shrugged and turned her attention back to the milky green colored drink and a datapad.
Hard she stared at the datapad, quietly cursing under her breath as she saw that someone must have found the manipulations of the Dark Brotherhood database. The record of her name had been changed and her dossier had been updated - now saying again Sildrin Rys-Hastur. "Who the hell... had done that?", she thought, her eyes turning on Macron. She frowned, but she wasn't sure. She sipped her drink again, slowly feeling her mind getting clouded by the side effects of the drug.


13-01-2006 07:36:59

Revenant looked at the assembled Dark Jedi at the table. Macron, Acara, Sin, Sildrin, Shin'ichi and now Ceric. This was turning into a regular party. Of course, the table looked even busier due to the fact that the Corellian brandy was causing him to begin seeing double. He supposed he'd better stop. He had recently been promoted to Knight, and had earned his lightsaber. And, as everyone knows, there's nothing a drunkard likes more than playing with new toys. Somebody would end up getting hurt. Probably himself. On the other hand, risks were what made life fun. With that thought, he bid Macron pour another round.

Acara Rayden

13-01-2006 07:38:39

“So,” enquired the Jedi Hunter, “You are an Assassin?”

“Yes,” the guardian replied. “I could kill you before you even knew it.”

“Really?” Acara had a dagger at Cedric’s throat within a split second. “I happen to know a few techniques myself, though I am no assassin. It seems you may wish to pay more attention to your company. Anyone can be a threat no matter who they are. Never relax. Have a drink.”

Acara passed him a glass and sat back down. Constantly aware of what is going on Acara returned to his seat and sat back down. Looking at Sildrin’s drink he spoke to her.

“Could you pass me some of that it looks interesting?” The Jedi hunter asked.

Smiling Sildrin Passed him the bottle to take some.

Macron Sadow

13-01-2006 09:08:59

Macron grinned at Sildrin as she figured it out. he loved to get her goat, figuratively speaking. She did him as well, and it kept them both sharp.

"Alright guys, knock off the posturing. No more daggers, no more slaying idiots. I'm trying to have a drink here. Geez," he mumbled.

He noticed Revenant weaving, and passed him another drink. "This could be fun," he thought.


13-01-2006 09:57:57

Revenant cocked his headto the side and looked quizzically at the drink Macron was handing to him. It looked very much like the stuff he had been drinking earlier, but the stuff he was drinking earlier hadn't been getting him this drunk, had it? He took the glass, sniffed the contents and decided it was the Corellian brandy after all. Good, that meant he'd be okay. After all, he'd been drinking it earlier and he was fine, so what was to say he wouldn't be fine now?

This was when he realised that everybody else at the table looked infinately more sober than himself. Oh well, Felucian lager and absinthe will do that to a person, he decided. He took a hefty swig of the brandy and screwed his eyes up tight. "Hoo boy, thish shtuff... Really packs... Some bite to it, y'know?"

"Rev," asked Sin, "what time did you start drinking?!" The others at the table chuckled at this.

"Well," the commander replied, "when you're alone on a shuttle heading back from Coruscant... That's a long journey, y'know? What else was a bored alcoholic s'pposed t'do?"


13-01-2006 15:57:11

Uzbad sipped his coke.

Ceric Crimson

14-01-2006 00:35:17

Ceric watched with a pleasant smile as the dagger was drawn to his throat, and then was taken away again. He knew all too well the sort of company he was in, these people...they were not to be taken lightly, and they were certainly not to be lyed to, there was no point in hiding what he was...well, they had no idea who he really was, before he joined the Brotherhood, but they could easily gauge out his skills, these six, they were able to tell his level of "talent" by his mere walk, the way he carried himself, the way he talked, his controled expession, and of course, his control over his mind, nobody liked a mind reader, but the best way to deal with one was to keep one out in the first place, something he had become quite good at over the younger years of his life, dealing with all sorts of scum in his line of work. So he had politly introduced himself as what he was, or at least, as what they already saw him as. And Jin'ei sat there and relaxed in his chair, and smiled, and nodded, and sipped his Tarisian ale.

It was sort of funny, he supposed, on the one hand he carried the good manners and refined sense of humor of his noble birth, and on the other, he was as cold a killer as they come, calm, collected, meticulous. Funny the way things worked, but there was really no way around it, and he liked it the way it was either way, and so, he sat there, and seemed to relax in his chair, and smiled, and nodded, and sipped his Tarisian ale.


15-01-2006 06:01:42

Nortath walked into the lounge with a smile on his face. He had been meditating for far too long and knew he was out of touch. The place emanated with the Force, something that he learned in his meditation was more powerful than he expected. When last he entered, he was a Novice. Now he was a Protector, more learned in the ways of the Force.

A familiar presence entered his mind and he turned toward the source. Sildrin. When last he left, Sildrin and Macron were the ones who dominated his thoughts. Macron for his information, and Sildrin for her beauty. Time to pick that up again, he thought.

"My dear Sildrin," he said after walking up to her. "Time has not affected you it seems, you still look beautiful. Do you happen to remember me?"

Lorien Sinclair

15-01-2006 23:27:49

Lorien staggered over to the bar, covered in grime and small cuts, barked for a bottle of Corellian whiskey in a voice as ragged as her appearance, and stomped off to one of the darker booths in the lounge.


18-01-2006 12:54:57

Krakkenthrrar tried as best he could to enter quietly, something that his species was never good at. The towering wookie entered and all eyes immediately fell on him. He stopped and looked around at the occupants, familiarizing himself with the layout. He had seen enough cantinas, bars, and lounges to know that this one definitely had credits put into it. Djarik chess boards, pazaak tables, and Sabaac tables lined one side of the room. The bar was on the other side. The people finally took their eyes off him, probably deciding him to be harmless to them. Smiling, he sat in a small booth next to a large group of people and waved over the protocol droid server.

"Rworkkro Whiskey," he said in his language and the droid went quickly to the bartender. Krakkenthrrar smiled. Apparently, the droid had heard the rumor of wookies pulling their droid's arms off for fun.

He noticed the group next to him and gave a friendly roar, waving in the typical spacer's greeting.

Macron Sadow

18-01-2006 13:00:25

Macron smiled at the wookie, and then sneezed. "Oh no, I'm allergic to... to.... ah choo!"
He quickly took a Sith-ahistamine and turned to Nortath. "Hello mate. I think she may be lost in thought... care for some holo-chess?"


18-01-2006 14:37:13

Rage came in and smiled.
Been a while he thought
"What i miss ?" he asked the familiar occupants
He turned to the Droid
"Whisky please" he told the droid as he pulled up a chair
He started a conversation with a wookie, then the wookie got a drink and walked off
"I see another damn wookie everytime i come in here"
Getting his drink he finally took of his hood and went back into the bisness of things

Ceric Crimson

18-01-2006 15:04:42

Jin'ei snickered at Macron's jest toward the rather large carpet that had seated itself next to them. The assassin looked the wookie up and down, a smile on his face that did not reach his eyes. This beast has seen battle and returned the victor, he decided, still, most of his kind were warriors, as far as the assassin was concerned, the beast was nothing special. So Ceric took no more interest in the thing and turned back to the Naga Sadow around him, returning to the conversation and sipping his drink.

Shinichi Endymiron K

18-01-2006 16:33:13

Shin'ichi looked up from his drink at the wookie that just entered and shook his head side to side. "A few years ago these things were our we're letting them into the Brotherhood?" he said to no one in particular. "These must truly be hard times my brothers and sisters." With that he rose and walked over to the wookie.

"I know your type. You value strength and honor. So for you to be here you must have betrayed the values of your kind. But hear this beast" he spat the last word "if you so much as think about betraying this brotherhood I'll know...and then...then you'll pay with your miserable animal life." This inebriated state always left the Archpriest with malice in his heart. As he looked at the wookie in the eyes he smiled though, and his voice lighter said "Until then drink and join our fellowship, but be weary for death is but a breath away for you my friend." With that he set down the bottle of Correlian whiskey before the wookie.


18-01-2006 17:28:03

Cain had been sitting with the group for a while but no one paid any attention to him, but he kind of liked it the way. Looking around slowly and made account of everyone here: Sildrin Macron Sin Ceric Rev Acara and maybe a few others he didnt know and didnt care. He eyed the brandy that was being passed around than went back into deep thought.
((i know i was gone for a bit but i am back ))


18-01-2006 17:28:07

Uh-oh, thought Revenant. Shin'ichi in a drunken rant. And a drunken wookie? This could get messy. Still, perhaps the thing just wanted to be friends. He would watch this very closely.

Lorien Sinclair

18-01-2006 17:32:55

Lorien heard Endymiron's comments to the newcomer, and her eyes narrowed. She pitched the bottle at the man's head, and smiled darkly as it exploded on contact.

"Oy, numbskull!" the Guardian growled, "Watch your mouth, lest it get something vital removed from your hide!"

She stood up, walked over to the bar, and ordered another bottle of Corellian whiskey. Then turning to face the crowd, she addressed Krakkenthrrar in his native tongue.

{I have yet to meet one of your venerable people that was not loyal to a cause to the point of self-sacrifice. If you wish a sparring partner, seek me out. I shall be happy to accomodate you.}

She turned and snarled at Tharivol.

"Know this, slime. Cross the line you set for him but a little," - she put the glowing end of her half-staff under his chin - "and they'll never be able to identify your remains."

That said, she stalked back to her booth, her eyes dark and brooding.

Macron Sadow

18-01-2006 18:33:17

Macron eyed Revenant and smiled. "Indeed, this could be very interesting," came the telepathic contact. he turned to more fully view the scene, and ordered a drink as Nortath moved his piece on the holochess board.
"Shin'Ichi- she's only a Guardian. Laugh it off man, and come have another drink with Revenant. I don't hate wookies, they just make me sneeze. Hell, I like Farrelenor, personally."

Ceric Crimson

18-01-2006 19:10:51

Ceric Crimson watched the female Lorien go with some mild amusment.

"A fiesty one, that one is," he said with a smile, turning back to the table and sipping his drink.

"So...could any of you be so kind as to tell me a little bit more about Naga Sadow?" he asked, eyeing the clan's members curiously.


19-01-2006 10:21:30

Krakkenthrrar's ears perked at the mention of another Wookie. He wasn't alone. And the female could speak his language. He smiled a toothy gri and pulled a datapad out, typing out a message. When he was done, he tossed it to Macron, who glanced over it.

It's good to see that everyone is friendly around here. Please inform everyone that I know my place right now, and that I am a low link to the Force. That's the only reason that i don't tear his arms off. Perhaps you would honor me a game after this fellow you are playing against? Also, if someone else know's Shirryywook, I would be honored if they would translate for me.

Macron chuckled softly and nodded back to the Wookie, repeating that which was written to the table.


19-01-2006 10:26:17

Damn! Nortath thought. Not again.

"You wouldn't happen to have another one of...of...ah-choo!" Nortath tried to get out. "Of those Sith-histamines, do you Macron?"

"You too?" he replied, sending one to Nortath. He caught it and quickly swallowed it. Immediately he felt better. Then, he moved his piece.

Shinichi Endymiron K

19-01-2006 13:20:19

Looking at Macron Shin'ichi spoke loud enough for all to hear. "Since when do we let little girls still wet behind the ears speak that way to their superiors my brother?" With that he called upon the force and tipped Loriens drink into her lap. [TE]

He then pulled the dark side into himself and spoke [AM] "Perhaps if you'd payed to attention to my words you simpleton you'll note that I planned on giving the Wookie a chance. Now if you ever strike me again you'll meet your fate in the Combat Centre."

He sat again smiling to his companions and resumed drinking.

Lorien Sinclair

19-01-2006 18:38:42

Lorien growled. Bad enough she had been put through the wringer by Sunflash, now this piece of Hutt slime was getting mouthy.

"Trust me, you arrogant scumsucker, next time I hit you, your head will roll across the floor, and I will take your spine for a belt."

She stood up and walked over to the bar and grabbed a third bottle.

"And since you're obviously the proud owner of a head made of solid rock, I'll spell out why you got that bottle across the head - you're a bigot, and worth less than the gunge on the soles of my boots. So, shut up, sit down, or do whatever you came in here to do. Otherwise, we won't need to go to the Combat Centre - I'll whup your ass right here."

She walked back to her booth, and sat down, Malaerosa on her lap and aimed at him.

Ceric Crimson

19-01-2006 19:20:30

At first, the assassin narrowed his eyes and contemplated pluging the arrogant female where she stood as a show of good faith to his new found company, but he quickly decided that it was far more interesting to see what blunder she would commit next. Antagonizing an Archpriest so boldly was something best reserved for mindless apes and wookies, if he had to do something like take down a Dark Jedi of that rank and stature, he would employ more...subtle methods. But at least this new-commer was providing some manner of entertainment...besides, its not as if the Naga Sadow priest needed any help.

So Ceric Crimson kicked back as he took in the unfolding scene before him, the smile playing at the corners of his mouth.

Muz Ashen

20-01-2006 00:47:11

Mist and shadow lapped at the Pontifex's boots as he walked through the door. Sauntering to a corner booth, the Herald did not have to wait long for the staff to attend to his needs.

One sip later, the Krath noticed the infantile aggression writ large across the face of one irritated guardian. Muz slipped to his feet with feline grace, moving quickly within earshot of Lorien.

"I suggest.." The din quieted at the Herald's voice, "that you find other prey tonight, Miss Sinclair." Muz leveled his eyes at the Guardian, the inky pits of nothingness betraying the depths of chaos within him. "You trifle with him, and you trifle with me."

Muz turned slowly on his heel, slowly moving among the younger journeymen, a wake of whispers and rumours in his wake as he made his way back to his booth.

Shinichi Endymiron K

20-01-2006 00:59:46

Taking a chance cube out of his pocket Shin'ichi rolled it on the table. "Guess I have to see if I have initiative" He joked with his companions before calling on the force. As the Guardian turned to face Shin'ichi once again Lorien was flung face first into the bar [TES][DB]. "You imbecile. You know nothing of the Empire of Darkness or the Brotherhood sworn to resurrect it." Shin'ichi spoke with contempt. He called the force to implant visions in the Guardian's head [PT] as he again amplified his voice this time so all could hear and tremble. [BM]

"You are soft and weak...that is why you show compassion for an animal now, that is why you could not save your family as they burned all those years ago. Know this you miserable excuse for a human. We are aware of how you helped the Rebel scum destroy an imperial fleet and kill Grand Admiral Thrawn. Your trechery seeps through your pours like the spices of Huttese slabak noodles."

With that Shin'ichi ripped the staff from the guardian's hands and shattered the orb that topped it into a far wall. [TE] Before she could launch a single hidden blade the Archpriest ignited his violet Lightsaber with a snap hiss and deflected the flying shards metal sending them off in various directions. [AA]

"Fool." was all he said as he hammered the inept guardian into the bar several more times. [TES]

"Perhaps now you'll learn a lesson about the true nature of the Dark Side." Shin'ichi could see the anger in Muz's eyes, so turning to his Brother and Master the Herald he bowed low and offered the 'battle' if it could be called that, to Muz. "Brother I defer to you."

Muz Ashen

20-01-2006 01:12:33

Muz dismissed the combat with a wave of his hand, returning to his drink.

Lorien pulled her battered form from the bar, scowling with all-encompassing rage as she palmed the remnants of her Malaerosa, aiming the shards at the Keibatsu.

Muz let the Force drift through his thoughts, his will strengthening the tethers that held together the universe, coercing them, directing them, the tendrils seeping into the Guardian's head.

A moment later, the attractive young sith had fallen, spasmolytic to the floor, a trickle of blood at her temples the only witness to the devastating pain that wracked her soul[ES][TES][IP][DB]. She thrashed for a moment, then was silent, those near her too frightened by the vulgar prowess of the Lion of Tarthos to deign to help her.

Shin'ichi slipped into the seat adjacent his elder brother, his eyes still locked on the girl, though her threat had faded.

Muz cracked his neck, leaning back in the seat, letting the shadows take over his face, his twilight eyes shimmering in the caliginosity.

Shinichi Endymiron K

20-01-2006 01:21:46

Suddenly Shin'ichi burst into a fit of sick carnal laughter as he watched the Guardian spasm and bleed out. He raised his drink in toast to his brother and drained his glass calling for another.

"So brother, what brings you to the lounge today?" He asked as a droid brought more whiskey and ale. All heads returned to their conversations and drinks, and the Sadow Dark Jedi resumed their revelry.

Nekura Manji

20-01-2006 03:16:36

Once again, the door slid open with a hiss of expelled air. Kimono fluttering about him, the Epis strode into the cantina with a contemptuous look around him for the Journeymen covering the room. Then the Epis heard his name called from a table, and looked up to grin at his brethren. Reaching out, the Epis grabbed a nearby droid and leaned close to it.

"Sake. Now."

Then, releasing the droid, Manji moved towards his brothers. However, his foot suddenly caught against something squishy. Looking down, the Epis chuckled then looked back up.

"Why's there a hot girl lying crippled on the floor?"

Laughing loudly, Shin'ichi gestured.

"Oh, she annoyed me. And Muz."

Shrugging, Manji moved over to join them, throwing himself down onto a seat next to Muz and Macron.

"Fair dos. If she gets back up after all that, it's my turn."

Ceric Crimson

20-01-2006 08:10:45

The assassin’s smile slowly faded as he watched the display of raw power unfold before him and his handsome features twisted into an expression of cold hunger. As the Guardian finally stopped twitching on the ground, Ceric Crimson nodded slowly and turned back to his drink. The Naga Sadow were powerful indeed…he was always good at picking his company.

The assassin seemed at ease again, though that damnable smile no longer creased his face, instead an expression of deep thought had descended upon his features.


20-01-2006 09:41:12

Sildrin watched the Keibatsu's demonstration of their powers. For a moment she felt pity with Lorien, but then she remembered the words the Guardian had spat at Shin'ichi. Silently she sipped her drink, watching the Guardian's fall. Eyes were looking nervously at the Herald Muz Keibatsu and his brother Archpriest Shin'ichi. Finally they all turned back to their own bussiness, too scared to help Lorien. Sildrin leaned in to Muz, softly murmering: "I fear the shadows within your eyes. I fear that one day this shadow is the only thing left within you .... Evil has no friends, and therefore need not concern itself with loyalty."

Sildrin stood up and walked over to the limp body on the ground, kneeling next to the Guardian. She gently brushed some hair out of the beautiful face. "Such a pretty one", running the tip of a finger over the pale cheek, slowly smeering the blood across it. Her eyes closed as she tapped into the powers of the force, letting her mental tendrils reach into Loren's body and causing the bursted veins within her head to slowly close. To Lorien's luck her unconsciousness protected her from the pain that this process would have caused. Finally Sildrin reduced the flow of the force, having repaired just enough for Lorien to survive. Still she knew that Lorien will have to deal with constant pain for the next weeks from this mental attack of the Herald.

"Let the pain be a reminder to respect those who stand above you. If you do not learn to know your weakness and your limits, you are not worth your trials and the lightsaber. Learn, and one day you will be bestowed with powers you never have dreamt of.", she whispered into Lorien's ear and made her way back to the booth, sitting down close to Muz and Macron. Suddenly she got aware of the small amount of blood on her fingertip and she wrapped her soft lips around it, letting her tongue flicking against it. Then she grabbed for her drink, watching the ice cubes slowly melting with the liquid.

Nekura Manji

20-01-2006 10:44:44

As the assorted Keibatsu chugged their drinks, laughing and joking, Manji suddenly straightened up then punched Muz lightly on the arm.

"Hey, bro. I've got a holodisc you might want to hear."

Leaning back, Muz sighed heavily.

"Why haven't we got some kind of holo-band in here? Surely the Dark Council can stretch it's pockets to some kind of entertainment for it's members."

Chuckling, Manji pulled the disc out of his kimono and flipped it between his fingers idly.

"We should be asking you that, Mr. Big-Shot Herald."

"Heh. I'll bring it up at the next Council meeting. What's this band of yours like?"

Tossing the disc towards Muz, Manji grinned widely.

"Think the Screaming Jawas multiplied by about fifty. They're Zabraki- plenty of deep grunting roars and loads of awesome Quetarra solos. The name of the band's Zabreth. Give 'em a listen when you get some free time."

Shinichi Endymiron K

20-01-2006 10:48:49

Shin'ichi watched the exchange and smiled. "Shall we call you Sildrin the Merciful now?" he joked as he sipped his drink. "I suppose it's good that you healed her. We wouldn't want to start a Clan War over something like this would we?" He looked at the unconscious form laying on the ground and then returned his gaze towards his companions.

Macron for all his dementia looked a bit uncomfortable. Manji was smiling and joking trying to lighten the mood of the crowd and of their elder brother Muz, who's face was a cross of dark pleasure and agonizing pain. The black orbs of his eyes stared out, their lifelessness betraying the fire that burned behind them. Shin'ichi was proud that these men were his brothers. He was proud to have shed blood with them, and to have fought by their side. Then he felt himself drawn to Sildrin. To all outward appearences she appeared to sit confidently, yet he felt her emotions through the force. She felt small, almost insignificant compaired to their power. The Archpriest gave her a reassuring smile and raised his glass.

"My lords and ladies. A toast." he said. "First to my brothers. May your lives be honorable and may your deaths come swiftly." he drained his glass then poured another round and raised it once again. "Now to Clan Naga Sadow. To the Heirs of the Empire, may we ascend to throne we're meant to inherit." again he drained his glass and refilled it a third time raising it yet again. "And finally to the journeymen. The hope and future of the Brotherhood. To their success, and liberation from the false delusions of granduer which cause them so much harm." With that he looked again at Lorien lying on the floor and then back up draining the glass for a thrid time.

Muz Ashen

20-01-2006 10:56:48

Muz let the faint smile cross his lips as he lowered his glass, the amber liquid swirling. Relaxed, he turned his unblinking gaze upon the Sadowian Priestess.

I will not stand, nor utter words against this tide of hate,
of losing sight of what and who I was again.
I'm so sorry if these seething words I say impress on you that I've become the anathema of my soul

The words soaked into her psyche from the Pontifex's mind[PT], the flame behind his eyes betraying a depth of emotion that made Sildrin wonder. Was it hate? Passion? Fear? What did the Herald see through her eyes?

Glancing away suddenly, she regarded her drink with renewed interest, slipping closer to Macron as he muttered under his breath, as if his insanity could serve as an aegis against the unease she felt.

Many had witnessed Muz's battle with the Grand Master on Antei, although very few had understood what had happened. All that was known was that he was somehow different, less reserved, and more quick to violence. He had signed up for more and more battles in the Combat Centre, and the trail of dead and broken jedi led many to hushed theories and paranoid questions as to what had happened with him and the Dark Lord of the Sith.

Muz leant back, his eyelids slowly sliding across the sable as he relaxed, listening to the music of Manji's holodisc and enjoying the aged whisky before him.


20-01-2006 11:31:36

Krakkenthrrar sat silently through the entire preceedings. His emotions ranged from scared, a feeling that not many Wookies felt, to pure anger at this Shin'ichi character. He replayed the entire scene in his head, each time getting him more angry. But one particular stopped him.

"Until then drink and join our fellowship, but be weary for death is but a breath away for you my friend."

If not for these words, he would have sunk his claws into the human's throat. But he realized that it was a test, to see how he would react. And if it wasn't a test, well, he could deal with a couple bigots. He had been dealing with them his whole life.

Looking at the fallen Guardian, he shook his head. A brave, but stupid thing to do. She should look out for herself only. Though a human that speaks Shirryywook is rare indeed he thought.

These people were who he needed to befriend. These people would help him exact his revenge. The Force, though he could feel very little, flowed strongly in this room. It was what he needed to learn. The control that Shin'ichi had. This telepathy that seemed to being going on, judging by the small eye movements to each other. He was eager to learn more, but it would have to wait. First, he would befriend, then he would learn.

Taking his pitcher of Rworkkro Whiskey, he pulled up a chair and set the pitcher in the middle of the table. Motioning his arms at the pitcher, he invited everyone to drink with him.

Nekura Manji

20-01-2006 12:05:38

Exhaling heavily, Manji sighed as the sake slipped down his throat, warming his stomach pleasantly. Chuckling to himself, the Epis suddenly smacked a hand down on the table and spoke loudly, his voice carrying.

"Y'know, Muz, we really should start a band or something. With you spouting verse the whole time, singing is just the next step."

As the Epis cracked up over the idea of the Pontifex fronting a Bith quartet, Macron chuckled to himself, rolling his eyes. Waving a hand in front of him vaguely, the Epis leant over and grinned at the Wookiee who had joined them, his hand moving towards the pitcher.

Pinching a mug from the alchemist next to him, Manji tipped the bottle and poured himself some whiskey, raising the flagon in toast to the new arrival.

"People can say what they like- Wookiees are fine by me. Good for tearing limbs off."

It seemed as though the curse of Naga Sadow had struck again, pulling the Epis into the endless vat of drunkenness.

Macron Sadow

20-01-2006 13:39:59

Macron wondered about Manji's band idea and grinned as he relieved himself in the autobathroom. He finished his buisness and returned to the table. That damn ale was running right through him.

"Jeezus, I go to the head for a while and a freakin' philosophy fight breaks out," mumbled Macron as he sat back down. This was no great surprise. Dark Jedi were not nice people, contrary to what many thought. He had been young and cocksure once, and his Master Manji had beaten that out of him in short order.

He felt sorry for the Guardian, but remembered in his own apprenticeship he had never dared to say something outrageous to a powerful person like that. He remembered healing Jaymz one time after he had experienced a similar incident on Mustafar. Sildrin seemed to have her well taken care of, and the encounter would only fuel her anger and lead her closer to the Dark Side.

Macron really didn't hate aliens the way Shin'Ichi did. He hated everyone. But not equally. He hated himself most of all, and that anger had brought him to the Brotherhood. He had felt Krakkenthrrar's emotions through the Force during this conflict, and he knew the Wookie was on the same path of anger.

The Sith Warrior took a drink of the proffered pitcher, and smiled at the Wookie as he removed his armored helm. His scarred and tattoed face was a wicked sight, and it was worse when he smiled. Which he was doing. Macron gestured to his friends, and they all sipped the ale. If music soothed the savage beast, alcohol soothed the Sadowite.

"Don't mind him," he said as he gestured to Shin'Ichi. "He is just really enthusiastic. If you get to know him, you can count on him. I do," said the Keibatsu. "So. I sense the Dark Side in you. What's this about revenge I feel? Do tell," he spoke in perfect Shriwook as he steepled his fingers on the table after blowing his nose.

The holochess game had been won by Nortath, as Macron really sucked at the game. He sucked at Sabacc, too as Manji was finding out. "Damn," he muttered as he lost another hand. He was distracted.


20-01-2006 16:35:02

Krakkenthrrar grinned widely. Another one who speaks Shirryywook? I'm beggining to like this place, he thought.

"I had a lot of friends in Nar Shaddaa. Honest and loyal friends that helped me in tough times. I could always count on them. They belonged to some sort of group that killed off some deathstick dealers. Unfortunately, the dealers were high up on the Republic political chain, they just dealt the stuff on the side. The story was twisted in the Republic's mind." he said, memories flowing in his head. "They talked of bringing them into custody. Luckily I wasn't a part of that group. 2 Jedi came and instead of seeing them for the vigilantes that they were, the Jedi slaughtered them. There was nothing I could do against Jedi. I watched my friends die and I did nothing. After that, I vowed revenge on all Jedi."

He looked over at Macron. "Answer your question?"


20-01-2006 16:45:37

Rage finishes his drink and goes to get another.
He sits back down and opens a pouch in his belt and he gets a message out, it was from one of his childhood friends, Kal, it read of a crystal that was powerfull and was on a Chiss planet
You should check it out my informant hasnt been wrong yet and stated some information
"Ill be back im going to be at the library for a few hours then ill be leaving see ya guys" he then stuffs the message back in his belt then takes the pitcher of whisky and walks out of the lounge


20-01-2006 18:18:13

Quejo stepped into the lounge for the first time, his long braided hair trailing behind him in the self created breeze. His reddish brown eyes scanned the faces of those sitting within the halls confines. He smirked at some and ignored the rest before walking up to the bar.

"One Correllian Ale." He demanded, while slamming a credit onto the counter.

He nodded as a glass was slid across the counter. He then leaned down against the bar while downing the contents of the cup, his lips curling back signifying the strength of the drink.

"Might as well see what's goin on with the others." He thought to himself before walking up to a plush chair, sighing in comfort as he sunk into the seat.

Lorien Sinclair

20-01-2006 19:18:31

Raw pain. It flowed through Lorien like the venom of some Ancient serpent.

So, Endymiron enjoyed the company of Ashen and wonder she had ended up being knocked around.

Groaning, she stood up, and with furrowed brows, pieced the half-staff back together.

A sound from behind her. No doubt one of them deciding to finish her.

"Enough," she rumbled, her voice holding an odd cant. "The message is recieved."

She stood, turned, and bowed to Sildrin. Then she tossed a medallion to the woman.

"For your kindness to a fool," Lorien said.

Her eyes were cold and flat as she looked at Endymiron and Muz, but she said nothing. Her eyes speaking volumes.

She staggered out of the room, heading for the hangar. When she reached the door, she addressed Endymiron.

"I never met Thrawn. I was on Jhekkoria when that prig met his end."

A sigh came from her lips.

"You speak of an Empire of Darkness, of my treachery being obvious. I respond in the ways of my ancestor - 'Here I stand, in the places where the shadows lie, and Angels and Daemons fear to tread, and I am alone.'"

She turned and eyed the man with an unreadable expression.

"Tell me, you who claim to be so knowledgeable of me and my past, how can I be a traitor when I do the same as you - when I view the Brotherhood as a means to an end?"

Without waiting for an answer, she walked out.

Ceric Crimson

20-01-2006 20:00:59

Ceric laughed and toasted enthusiastically along with the others, even when The Archpriest Shin'Ichi glorified Naga Sadow, and not the assassin's own clan. It did not matter, these were just words, pleasantries. The assassin may smile, and laugh, and be polite and friendly, but he was never out of control...not once off guard. Oh, he felt hate, and pleasure, and enjoyed the emotions as much as the next man, but he made sure they fuled him, that they were under his control, not the other way around. He channeled his anger in battle, but he never let it show; that is the way of the true assassin: always alert, never relaxed, ever methodical, and NEVER letting the discapline show...until he put the game to an end and they saw their cold and calculated end in his eyes. These people, were of course, not so easily fooled, he knew, and thus the reason why he introduced himself for what he was when he first met them, but his goal was not to fool everyone he encountered, on the contrary, as with these people, he would prefer to make them his allies. One never knows when an extra body to soak up a blaster shot or two can come in handy. If worst came to worst, in say...a conflict between their clans, he would know these people...knowing one's enemy, even if they are an allie of the moment always provides an advantage. He smiled to himself as he noted the holochess game had come to its inevitable conclusion. He had of course, foreseen the end result twelve moves before, but it never stopped getting old for him when he was proven right.

Jin'ei moved over by Macron and smiled a greeting saying,"Would you like to try your hand against myself, my good sir?"

The Keibatsu considered the Arconian's offer suspiciously, as if expecting some sort of treachery, then he returned the smile and nodded his approval, resetting the holoboard.

As they started the game out, Ceric Crimson listened to Macron's conversation with the Wookie, he understood every word, indeed, he could speak the guttural language fluently, having been tutered in countless languages by the best teachers a noble family such as the one he once belonged to could offer. He looked up at one point as he sensed a familiar presance inter The Lounge, it was Quejo. He nodded to the fellow Arconan and reseaved the same in turn. He noted the slight look of consern on the Galerie's face at seening Jin'ei sitting among high ranking members of Naga Sadow, whatever his opinions on the matter were, Quejo kept it to himself and continued on to the bar.

As Ceric turned back to the board, he heard the Wookie mention that he had spent time on Nar Shaddaa, this stopped the assassin's hand from descending on the board and landing a serious blow to Macron's holopieces as he withdrew his hand and turned toward the furry beast saying in flowing, elogant Shirryywook "So...Krakkenthrrar, you say you've spent some time on the Smuggler's Moon, have you? That is interesting, allow me to properly introduce myself; I am Ceric Jin'ei Crimson, perhapse known by a fellow Nar Shaddaarite as The Crimson Assassin, no?"

Shinichi Endymiron K

21-01-2006 00:32:44

Shin'ichi scoffed at the little girl as she exited the lounge and turned to face the wookie. "Wookie." he said using the force. [PT] "Know that I have no quarrel with you. You acted intelligently, and honorably. If one is to exist in this Brotherhood one must know one's place. Obviously you do. Please understand that a lifetime in the Emperor's Legions has filled me with hatred and prejudices. However when I began my new life here I quickly learned that such petty prejudices are beneath a true servant of darkness. An alien committed to the Empire of Darkness can be just as loyal as a human. So I extend my congratulations on your restraint and your wisdom, and I welcome you to our table. I also thank you for playing a part in my ruse. I felt that girl couldn't be trusted and needed to bring out her anger to search her thoughts. I am sorry if you felt slighted by my comments."

He then smiled and spoke openly. "I do apologize for 'speaking' telepathically to you, but as you know a Human cannot physically speak shriiwook and I wished to convey my meaning clear of the obstructions of language." The Archpriest motioned for more liquor to be brought to the table and continued drinking.

He made subtle hand gestures, which to the average eye appeared to be simple motions. His brothers picked up the meaning of the secret code.


21-01-2006 02:36:40

The Battlemaster rocked back in his seat as he watched the table across the room with interest. Finally he decided it was time for him to meet with some of the others. After all a couple of the people at the table were friends of his, especially Macron and Muz because he had been serving with them in the Royal Guard for quite sometime now. Before getting up and going to the table he ordered a round of drinks.

"Take this order to the booth in the back." Quejo told the bartender.

A "Yes Sir." was then heard in response.

Quejo just smiled before getting up from his seat. He then reached into his robes and grabbed his commlink, soon after he contacted the people who were refuelling/repairing his personal fighter.

"Let me know when it's ready." He demanded.

"Yes *static* sir." came through the reciever.

Nekura Manji

21-01-2006 05:00:06

Catching Shin'ichi's gestures, Manji calmly reached into his kimono and withdrew a communications device. Drunkenness slipped away from the Epis as he raised the device to his lips and muttered into it.

"Commander, someone suspicious that we should watch. One Lorien Sinclair. Shin'ichi felt through the Force her contempt for the Emperor and Grand Admiral Thrawn- he believes she is not to be trusted. I'll keep an eye on her. Manji out."

Slipping the device back into his kimono, the Epis grinned widely then turned back to the Sabacc cards arrayed between him and Macron. Instantly the Epis's sharp eyes caught something out of the ordinary, and he looked up indignantly.

"Hey, you just palmed that Ace! Macron, you cheating little piece of Rancor piss-"

Laughing uproariously, the manic Alchemist returned the card, his sharpened teeth baring in a grin.

"Come on, I was only testing you."

"Hrrm. Fair enough. And it looks like you've lost this round."

Looking down in shock, the Warrior snarled.

"Huh? Oh, frack..."

Macron Sadow

22-01-2006 09:28:42

"Yes, Krakkenthrrar tyhat answers my query," the Alchemist replied in the Wookie's tongue as Ceric listened. It was true that no human vocal apparatus could produce the intricate sounds. However, Macron was not totally human. At least, not anymore. He had taken to experimenting on himself as of late, inserting various grafts, teeth, weapons and sythetic organs. His vocal chords were purely synthetic, and were capable of a wide range of expression.

"You want to kill them? Hmmm. That sounds like a lot of fun!" he said maniacally. Quejo had sat down, and Macron poured him a drink. A slab of roast beast came along shortly. "Hello Quejo. What's shaking?" the Keibatsu asked. Quejo was was too busy chewing and eyeing the Twileks that Shin'Ichi was handing credits to. "One sec," he murmured between bites. "Thanks. "
Macron inroduced Sildrin as the new Ludo Kressh Aedile with a toast and a round of drinks.

Macron looked incredulously at the holochess board. He had never beaten Manji before, either at holochess or in the halls of Antei. The only area that he possessed more skill in was the art of alchemy and science that consumed him so. The constant beatings at the hands of his Master had driven him deeper into that area, searching for more power. Such was the natural evolution of the Dark Sider.

While Manji was focusing on his palming of the ace card, Mononoke had secretly stolen his keys. One ruse covered another, in the way of the Sith. He smiled and placed them on the table as his Master glowered at him. The Sith shrugged, knowing that any subtle skills such as those were a product of his Master's training. He had been a total clod when he first arrived, and some would argue he still was. "It's your fault," he said as he pointed at Nekura.


22-01-2006 10:58:42

Revenant watched Macron's sleight of hand with interest. That was slick. Then there was this business with Krakkenthrrar. While the Sith Commander couldn't speak Shirryywook, he could understand it.

So, somebody else who despised the Jedi. Still, he thought, there would be no shortage of that here. Maybe they could reach some sort of arrangement? But right now he had more important things to worry about.

The leadership of his clan was undergoing drastic upheaval of late. A new Aedile, with a new Proconsul on the way.

Still, change was the nature of the universe. Trying to stop it was futile. The way he saw it, there were two choices; Adapt with the change, or get left behind and rot.

Then he remembered that there was still the small matter of a certain shipment he had recently brought in. "So, Macron," he asked his Quaestor, "you interested in these new, uh, toys I acquired...?"


22-01-2006 11:50:38

Sildrin played absent minded with the medaillon Lorien had tossed her. "Kindness to a fool", those words lingered in her mind. She frowned, trying to analyse what she had felt. "No, "she thought still with a hint of . "No kindness at all." - a few months ago this would have shocked her, but not anymore. Shin'ichi was right. If this Guardian of Plagueis had died, it would have caused a clan war. Sildrin herself agreed to the punishment, but maybe not the way of it. But a bird cannot crawl back into its shell.
She murmered to herself, sliding the medaillon into a pocket of her robe "Sooner or later Lorien will learn, that kindness is something that does not accompany us."

Her yellow eyes eyed Quejo and she nodded at him, flashing a light smile at him. Then she turned to Nortath: "Oh my, I am sorry for the lack of attention. And as for my beauty, I do really hope that it is not of a blinding one. Unless my enemies are blinded on the battlefield."


22-01-2006 15:37:29

Uzbad sipped his coke. Twice.

Shinichi Endymiron K

22-01-2006 16:56:15

Suddenly Shin'ichi stopped speaking and stood up. His face was a mask of rage as he approached Uzbad. "FOR THE LOVE OF DARKNESS WILL YOU DO SOMETHING BESIDES SIPPING THIS FIZZY GARBAGE!!!!" he shouted before grabbing the drink and flinging it across the bar. The Archpriest met eyes with Sildrin and winked at her before returning to his compatriots and resuming their conversation.

Ceric Crimson

22-01-2006 17:08:52

Jin'ei cleared his throat, still not compleatly comfortable with the implants he had taken the liberty of aquiring and installing some time ago in order to better comunicate and facilitate intimidation techniques with a variety of species in their native tongue, wookies included. The implant was not without its flaws of course, the thing, perhapse installed incorrectly by Ceric (as such things were not in his line of expertise), or perhapse simply of a moderate quality, made the assassin's usually melodious voice low and whispery. He had grown used to it by now, however, and he thought that it did wonders for his mystique. Besides, the women around here seemed to find it perticularly attractive, that alone put a smile on the killers deceptivly cheerful features.


22-01-2006 22:45:25

Devani slipped into the room quietly, pulling her hood back to reveal a grimacing smile. Glancing around the room she noticed Jin'ei and Quejo, the only two she recognized. Nodding to Jin'ei she walked up to the bar and ordered a Sith Scorcher before settling into a nearby chair. Sipping her drink, she let the low thrum of conversation flow over her. Flipping her long braid behind her, she pulled out her datapad and began to read.


23-01-2006 16:05:29

Sildrin smirked, watching Shin'ichi burst out in rage at Uzbad. She nearly spilled her drink, chuckling and she raised her glass to Shin'ichi nodding to him. She moved a bit on the couch to make space enough for him to sit down. A Twi'lek sat down on his lap, giggling.

Still she tried to figure out what the wookie had said. She was only able to figure out a few words and the emotions of the Wookie were quite easy to read. Maybe they should offer a course in the Shadow Academy... "Shirryywook for beginners".


23-01-2006 16:23:35

Uzbad sighed. The Zabrak got up from his booth and walked over to the bar. He ordered himself another coke. When it arrived he took it over to Shin'ichi and threw the beverage in his face. The Knight then turned heel and left the lounge.

Shinichi Endymiron K

23-01-2006 16:54:19

Wiping fizzy drink form his face Shin'ichi began to laugh. "At least I illicited some sort of response from him." He joked with his companions.


25-01-2006 04:42:03

Sildrin chuckled, throwing Shin'ichi a tissue. "Looks like you have another enemy here", she smirked at him. "A pity Lorien isn't here. You don't trust her.. do you?"

Shinichi Endymiron K

25-01-2006 09:41:49

Shin'ichi smiled at Sildrin in thanks for the tissue and answered her question. "How could anyone trust her? Did you hear the way she spoke of the Emperor and Grand Admiral Thrawn? That woman has nothing but contempt for the Empire, for our Brotherhood, and for all that we're trying to accomplish in the name of Peace and Order."

The Archpriest took another drink and continued. "The New Order demands absolute loyalty, and those not totally committed to our cause must be purged."


25-01-2006 10:44:30

Sildrin took a sip from her drink, looking at Shin'ichi: "You do know that I neither agreed with the ways of the Emperor. Although I do have to admit that he managed somewhat we still have to achieve. And Thrawn... yes... an interesting person. From that what I have heard of him."

She leaned closer to Shin'ichi, whispering: "Have you already found something about the Eye of Fire? I had send you all that I was able to gather. A lot is lost and my memories about it cannot be restored ..."

Ceric Crimson

25-01-2006 17:20:51

Ceric watched the drink swirl around in his glass, listening, laughting, and talking when the situation called for it.

His interest was suddenly peaked by a conversation Shin'ichi and the lovely Sildrin were having in regards to Lorien, still watching his drink intently he spoke,"The weak do not desearve to be a part of this organization, only the strong and the tested can be counted upon to shape this galaxy, and set it on the road to a prosperous future."

Shinichi Endymiron K

26-01-2006 00:37:16

Shin'ichi looked at Ceric and nodded saying: "Yes, you're quite right there." Then looking at Sildrin began to communicate with her telepathically.

I have people on it. Hopefully I should hear something soon. Do not worry my dear we shall uncover the truth of it...and then nothing will be able to stop the Brotherhood.

The Archpriest smiled and winked at her and ordered another round of drinks from an attractive Twi'lekki slave girl.

Macron Sadow

26-01-2006 00:50:36

"Palpatine disrupted the natural evolution of the Sith.... and Thrawn was an arrogant fool," whispered Macron as he sipped his drink. "Both were very powerful and quite unique. I suppose we all have our hubris. They did try," he said with a shrug. "Palpatine was a hell of an alchemist."

He watched as Sildrin and Shin'Ichi looked at each other, catching the barest hint of a telepathic conversation. His spy droid was watching Ceric clandestinely from the alcove, and Macron could see him from the back in his wrist flat holoscreen from the droid's point of view.


26-01-2006 01:12:49

Devani shifted in her chair, catching whiffs of a conversation coming from a table nearby. The weak indeed had no place within the Brotherhood. Shaking her head, she returned to her reading.

Lorien Sinclair

26-01-2006 02:38:05

A somber and somewhat reflective Lorien walked into the lounge, and ordered a bottle of Hapan vodka. Her hood shielding her eyes from the harsh glowtubes in the ceiling, her eyes were open to full view -- the green coronas glowing slightly.

So, Endymiron was still here..... no matter. She was in no mood to get pulpated for hubris.

A grim tune came from her lips, a slow, somber melody that, although had no words, carried a great amount of power with it.

Every muscle in her body tensed. She could feel eyes on her - a sensation that had never failed to make her edgy. Taking a shaky breath, she downed the shot, and ordered another.

If they intended to taunt her, let them. She had other things on her mind tonight, and they occupied far more of her concern than what ultimately came down to people who tried to bully her into a state of terror.


26-01-2006 03:27:56

Rage strolled in flashing a smile he threw off his cloak and drew a chair next to devani
"Care for some company?" he said, he then ordered some whiskey


26-01-2006 12:29:45

"Not at all," Devani grinned. "Haven't seen you in awhile, Rage, whats new?" she questioned, before taking another sip of her Sith Scorcher. Putting her datapad away, she turned her attention to the Shistavanen.

Shinichi Endymiron K

26-01-2006 16:12:35

Shin'ichi's head turned at his brother's comments. "Palpatine was a savior who's life was cut short." he retorted. "His empire was the culmination of generations of planning on the part of the Sith. He did not disrupt the evolution of the Sith...he was its pinnacle." The Archpriest marveled at the misconceptions that fluttered about the universe as to the long dead Emperor and his creation. "As for Grand Admiral Thrawn, he was just a brave man fighting back against the things that sought to destroy what his Emperor had created. These men should not be condemned in history for their cruelty, but exhalted for their bravery and vision."


26-01-2006 16:14:51

Revenant had sat quietly during all this. The Corellian brandy was wearing off,and he was feeling clear headed again. He began wondering to himself, Do I have a place here? Then he realised that these were the musings of the weak. He had led his squadron to many great victories, and the Dark Side was with him.

All of a sudden, he saw a shistavanen enter. One he recognised. Rage pulled up a chair next to Devani. Revenant hadn't seen him for a while. It was time to catch up. "Rage! Long time no see." The shistavanen looked up, and Revenant walked over and sat down. "Greetings, Devani. Rage, how was your Jedi hunt? Find what you were looking for?"

"About that," replied Rage, "Where did you get to?"

"I'm sorry," the Sith replied, I had... Pressing engagements." The pair howled with laughter. The day Revenant was too busy to kill a Jedi was a sad day for the Brotherhood. Revenant called over a serving droid and ordered drinks for himself, Rage and Devani.

Ceric Crimson

26-01-2006 16:32:09

Ceric watched the exchange between Revenant, Rage, and Devani. He smiled slightly, comforted in the thought that Devani had found good company so quickly, then turned back to discussion about Palpatine and Thrawn, listening intently, while seemingly doing little more than enjoying his drink and the music.


26-01-2006 16:44:23

Nodding her head in greeting, Devani studyed Revenant, a man she had never met. Settling back in her chair with a new drink thanks to Revenant, she quietly watched the exchange before her, wondering about the man who had joined them.


26-01-2006 17:27:59

Revenant gazed at Devani, taking in her snake tattoos. "Were they some kind of initiation rite?" He considered his own facial tattoos, eerily skull-like. "To brand yourself in such a way, because you belive something is worth belonging to. That is strength, that is loyalty. He tipped his glass in salute, and nodded at her.


26-01-2006 17:35:02

Devani's face darkened, "There is a rite among my Clan, in which we infuse the *souls* of our people into a single priestess. It is our *afterlife* you might say, in which we live forever together within the Priestess after death. From our First Father over 500 years ago, it has always been so. When I was young, my Clan was massacred. My Mother, the Priestess at the time, quickly performed the ceremony on me, resulting in the tatoos you see now. Having watched my Mother, I knew the Death Rite and was able to perform it on all of the dead members of my Clan. In that way I am never alone, when I perform a certain ritual I may speak to whomever I wish. But it was especially hard for me as a young child." Devani took a sip of her drink, momentarily lost within her thoughts. "It is a quite interesting ritual, if you'd like I could show you sometime."


26-01-2006 18:03:08

Rage smilied
"Well it seems that everyone had interesting lives before the brotherhood"
Rage pulled out the lightsaber
"Rev this is my trophy to show that i did find what i was looking for, but let's talk about more interesting stuff"
As Rage hid the lightsaber in folds of his robes he asked
"whats with you revenant?"
"I have moved to your Clan a while ago and i didnt see you around"


26-01-2006 22:04:54

Revenant was indeed unsettled. There had been much shifting of membership between clans, and too high a turnover in leadership lately. Rage had come to Clan Naga Sadow right in the middle of this, but one thing was for sure; the young shistavanen showed promise. Revenant was sure he would go far.

He was intrigued by Devani's tale of her childhood ritual. His own tattoos, those red and black lines which, angled as they were, served to accentuate his bone structure. They implied the outline of a skull. They were something of a ritual as well, although not on the same scale as the spirituality of Devani's custom. He had recieved his tattoos as part of his initiation into the 'Night Skullz', a criminal gang on Coruscant. Each member had their own individual version, all with the same theme, but no two evere the same.

And now he was offered a chance to see this infusion of a dead soul into a living person. "That would be... educational," he said to Devani. "And doubtlessly most enjoyable as well. At your convenience, of course."

He wondered how the presence of several other beings inside one's own consciousness might affect one, mentally. He wondered if it felt like your psyche was being torn into pieces, or if it was simply a sensation of having others around you, but not on a physical level. It was no wonder this woman had a darkness to her, enough to stand out in a place such as the Brotherhood. Intriguing...

Macron Sadow

26-01-2006 22:55:02

"You might be right, Shin'Ichi. But Palpatine failed to produce an apprentice to carry on the tradition. That was his only failing. Besides, I'd never condemn anyone for being cruel," Macron laughed. "I appreciate cruelty."

Shinichi Endymiron K

27-01-2006 03:04:01

"I would not say that is entirely true. He did maintain the Star Chamber from whence this August body sprang my brother. He always knew that while Lord Vader was strong in the force, his mind was too chaotic for Palpatine to teach him the higher order powers of the Sith. So rather than leave everything to one apprentice he parceled it out to several allowing the legacy to continue without fear that should his single apprentice fall, as two did prior to Vader, the knowledge would be lost."


27-01-2006 06:23:17

She leaned back, sending secretly a message to Macron with projetive telepathy: "Mac...? You surely have some decent pain killers? Any stuff like that.......I don't care! My eyes are killing me... ", gritting her teeth she pressed a hand against her temple. Still she felt sad about the loss of her sight - yet again. Why? Why did it fail?, she wondered, her white blank eyes still searching for a focus behind the black silken blindfold that covered them.

Then she turned her head into Shin'ichi's direction: "I never agreed to the method of only having two Sith. A lot of knowledge was lost that way. But on the other hand, many are simply not able to integrate into a larger society of darksiders. No kihar. Their greed for power is stronger than any foresight".

Suddenly she wondered if it had been a good idea to ask Macron about any kind of drugs to suppress the pain. She did trust him.. to a certain point. Yet she would give her life to safe him. Still she felt tied to him, although her time as his Black Guard had ended quite quickly as she was given the position as the Aedile of Ludo Kressh.


27-01-2006 14:07:05

"You may be wondering, Revenant, how the effect of hundreds of people's souls in my head can do to my psyche. While it is a larger mystery to me as I did not recieve the proper training a Priestess would have undergone before going through the ceremony, I have some idea. They are not in my head, speaking to me all at one time. If I wish to speak with them or garner some knowledge, I perform a special Meditation ritual. It is after this ritual is performed that I may call forth whomever I wish to speak to, it is easier to speak with ones I know or who have a superior mental capacity. My tattoos come *alive* as well, which can be disconcerting to some. A Death Rite is quite rare but sometime I may perform the Meditation ritual for you if you like." Devani's eyes unfocused for a moment, lost in thought before taking a drink and returning her attention to Rage and Revenant.


27-01-2006 14:55:55

You know, i have never really cared for this life after death crap, execpt for the sith lords of course, but i feel like aftewr you elling me what i now know, i believe you now, congratz you have just done something that my father never acompshiled.
He then took another sip of his whiskey.

Ceric Crimson

27-01-2006 15:06:13

Ceric Crimson yawned and set yet another shot glass down on the table. Closing his eyes, he then kicked back and folded his hands behind his head, an easy smile across his face.

His outward appearance may have appeared relaxed and removed from all conversations around him, though in truth, he absorbed every little detail of conversation, every drop of opinion from his Naga Sadow companions.

He may have not been truly relaxed, but the smile on his face was genuine.


27-01-2006 15:07:53

Revenant eyed Devani. "Perhaps some other time," he smiled. But right now, Rage had the right idea. He called the serving droid over, and replenished their drinks. He was toying with the idea of visiting Macron's lab, but right now he had some serious drinking to do. He was, after all, a Sadowite.

Shinichi Endymiron K

27-01-2006 17:05:55

Suddenly the Archpriest called out to his apprentice. "KAIN RAGNAR!!! Get your butt over here boy. We got some discussing and drinking to do."


27-01-2006 17:55:14

Revenant's knuckles tightened at the sound of the name. Shin'Ichi trying to encourage Revenant's anger, he knew this, but couldn't help it. He was trying to bury Ragnar, and Tharivol kept reminding him. The glass splintered and shattered under the pressure and scarlet runnels began pouring down Revenant's hands. Nothing a few Corellian brandies couldn't solve. He nodded to Devani and Rage, and went to sit with the Archpriest. "You really don't approve, do you?" he asked.

Macron Sadow

27-01-2006 19:39:28

Macron silently levitated a small piece of bloody glass into his hand, and then used more sleight of hand to drop it into a vial. The alchemist smiled. Revenant wanted to know the way of Sith alchemy, and he was going to get his wish.

He then looked at Sildrin with concern, forking over some of the good stuff. "I find this particular synaptic relaxant calming, but I think it will suit your needs."

"Hmm, you know Shin'Ichi I never felt one way or the other about the Empire. I tended to run in street gangs, like our skull-tatto sporting friend here," he said as he gestured toward Revenant. Macron himself had ran with a Coruscant gang named the Dark Skulls, but they were literally from opposite sides of a hugely populated planet.

"I do know this, however. I hate the New Republic. And I especially hate... the Jedi," he said with a hiss as he narrowed his yellow eyes. "You hate the Jedi, don't you my Apprentice?" he asked as he looked into the Force around the Shistavanen.


27-01-2006 19:58:53

VLADECK RAGNOS is so boring now he is just waiting for nice battle and kill somebody to get a new fresh soul, would you be the next?

Macron Sadow

27-01-2006 20:50:41

"new fresh soul....

Macron sat bolt upright, and slowly turned his head toward the Protector. "Really?"
He felt his hands scrabbling at his thighs, clenching and unclenching. His eyes bled as he stood up, barely controlling an abject rage.

He walked toward the table, and sat down in front of Vladek. The table turned to powder as the alchemist re-arranged it's molecules with a touch. "My soul is fresh. What did you mean by that?" He waved to a droid that brought drinks.

Sildrin, Revenant, Rage, and Shin'Ichi passed worried glances to each other. Macron was acting strangely.

Lorien Sinclair

27-01-2006 21:04:23

Lorien snorted at Macron's antics. The man was not one to cross, and she was not about to try.

The Arconan Protector, on the other hand....

"You collect souls, eh?" she asked softly. "Perhaps you hold them in vials around your neck, in order to maintain the illusion that at least one of them belongs to you."

She could feel his eyes boring into her back.

"I have known those collect souls, fool," she murmured, "and if you truly were one of their ilk, you would either hold the respect and admiration of the likes of our Grand Master, or you would find yourself with a target between your eyes, and his lightsaber through it."

She motioned for another drink.


27-01-2006 21:56:32

Blood.... Cain was trying to control himself, but the recent blood that was spilled flooded his mind and taking over his sences.
Biting his thumb he sucked at the blood that bled through until it stopped bleeding shuddering he ordered some ale.


27-01-2006 23:15:20

A familier figure strode in and sat down in the corner of the room, completely smothered in a long black cloak. It almost seemed as if no one noticed, but he knew the ones who should, would...


28-01-2006 01:23:21

Rage grabbed at his sword at the chance of a fight
He looked at vladeck "I stopped the last fight i was in peacefully, your not so lucky" he told him but vladeck just stared at him he looked behind him as the others drew theirs
"No Answer?" said Revenant

Shinichi Endymiron K

28-01-2006 01:38:29

Smiling Shin'ichi spoke calmly to his apprentice. "Never forget where you came from. That is cowardice and I do not train cowards Kain. You are a Dark Jedi, be proud. You have risen from the ashes of your past to be a part of the Final Solution." With that the Archpriest stood and went to his brother's side. Should Macron enter battle he would back him no matter what.

The Krath rolled his sleeves up and gathered the force into himself. His eyes began to glow in violet rage as the sigils carved into his forearms pulsated. Macron looked at his brother for a moment before returning his attention to the Protector. Shin'ichi whispered so only the Sith Warrior could hear. "You have your tricks alchemist...and I have mine."

Nekura Manji

28-01-2006 07:28:06

Looking up from his drink at the cloaked figure in the corner, Manji grinned. Then he shouted over the din of the Lounge.

"RAVEN! Get your butt over here!"

Smacking his forehead with a hand, Raven shook his head slowly as he smiled.

"Some things never change."

Getting to his feet, the Guardian sauntered over and sat next to the Epis, pushing his hood back. Clapping Raven on the shoulder, Manji reached out and pulled a bottle of sake towards him, pouring a cup.

"Here, drink up."

As the Epis poured another cup for himself, his eyes flickered up to stare at Macron. Although the Warrior's Apprenticeship to Manji had formally ended, they still maintained a Master-Student relationship. And although he would try and hide it, the Epis was concerned over the increasing mental instability of the Warrior. He may have appeared drunk, but the Epis was ready to leap into action if need be.


28-01-2006 16:47:27

Devani shifted in her seat, contemplating certain recent events. Having been in the Brotherhood some 8 months she still found she was ignorant of the ins and outs of the Brotherhood, still a newbie. Prejudices ran strong, as she learned. She couldn't quite understand it but such were the ways of Dark Jedi or so she surmised. It annoyed her to tell the truth. Shaking her head, she pulled out her Datapad and began to read again, sipping on the drink from Revenant.


28-01-2006 17:19:08

Uzbad walked out of the lounge, fuming. He hurried past the restrooms when he noticed something was wrong. He'd left his lightsaber in the booth he'd been sitting in. He sighed and turned back into the lounge to retrive his weapon.


28-01-2006 18:06:25

Sildrin chuckled quietly to herself, still sitting in the booth of Clan Naga Sadow. The chemical substance ran like fire through her veins. The pain behind her blind eyes has subsided, instead her force vision was strangely billowing, shadows spread through the room. Eyes appeared to stare at her from within the darkness that crept across the floor. Her breath quickened and suddenly Vladeck's challenge leaped into her mind.

She giggled, and stood up. She stepped next to Macron, watching him destroy the table in front of Vladeck. A wicked smile appeared on her face and she reached out a hand, sending Vladeck back crashing into a wall using the force. Twitching from the pain, the protector could feel some of his ribs crack from the might of the force push. Sildrin started to laugh quietly, her mind strangely clouded. Shin'ichi jokingly said with a grin: "Now it is you who is wishing to start a clan war?" But his grin suddenly faded as he realized that she didn't stop to use the force on Vladeck. Blood already started to run from his mouth.


28-01-2006 21:50:05

Raven looked at the cup ravenously. Battle scarred and weary, he hadn't had a drop of sake for months. All that time he'd been off around the galxay...but he had been in system, why not hit the lounge? He downed the glass and grinned from cheek to cheek. It was great to be back, if only for a little while.

Though that was short lasted, he felt tendrils of evil whirling around Sildrin. To his heightened sense of emotion, the feelings light up like beacons.

Raven turned, " Leave the wretch alone Sildrin. Or, at least don't kill him. He'd be no fun if he was dead."


29-01-2006 00:02:00

Uzbad walked slowly back to the booth. He noticed some disturbance across the room. Some elder picking on a PRT. He shrugged and grabbed his lightsaber from the seat. He then decided that while he was here, he might as while have a drink. Although, he didnt think he would be drinking coke this time.

Shinichi Endymiron K

29-01-2006 01:34:39

The joking grin on Shin'ichi's face was replaced by a malevolent one as he watched Sildrin torture the Protector. Blood flowed from the miserable underling and he could hear the pop of bone and the snap of tendons between Vladeck's screams of terror. The Archpriest enjoyed the sounds, reveling in them as one would a fine symphony. The Dark Side surrounded Sildrin and in his eyes she was made more beautiful in her horror. He was on the verge of laughing when he said: "Excellent Sildrin, release your hatred. Destroy this pitiful little being." Then a small giggle escaped his lips as he added his own power to hers and they joined in an unholy alliance to crush the pathetic creature that dared to mock them in their own home.

Macron Sadow

29-01-2006 09:52:07

Macron got up from the mess, quite satisfied. He asked for a fight..... and he got one.

"Anyhow, well done my friends. So, who's up for a game of chance cubes?"


29-01-2006 11:07:34

Quejo looked up from his drink, his eyes like small pools of fire as he witnessed what had just taken place. The anger within him could no doubt be felt as it coursed through his veins. The one who was being picked on by Naga Sadow may not of been in his house but he was still a clansmen.

"Let's make it a fair fight." Quejo said through clenched teeth before picking Vladeck up from the floor, spitting at the table the members of Naga Sadow were sitting in. "If you want to spill blood then let's dance but rest assured the blood that get's spilled wont be my own." He finished tapping his fingers against the hilt of his saber anxiously.


29-01-2006 11:36:29

Revenant sighed. He put his drink down and got to his feet, taking up a position beside his master and other clansmen. It was hard to believe that one as insignificant as this little runt could start what appeared to be escalating into a full scale riot. On the other hand, bar brawls were fun. Besides, Shin'Ichi had, as usual, touched a nerve within Revenant by using his birth name, the name Revenant had for so many years buried. This may give him an opportunity to vent some rage.

Macron Sadow

29-01-2006 11:38:01

"Sorry Quejo, but he did ask for it. I'll foot the medbot bill. I promise you, if any of my House Journeymen had said something dumb like that and you beat them, I would watch. They would deserve what they got. We are Dark jedi, after all." Macron shrugged as he sat back down. He himself had been cowed by Spears once when he had made an arrogant statement back in his Journeyman days.

He deserved what he got back then for opening his big mouth and saying something dumb, like Vladek had. The beating had made him a better Dark Jedi. Vladek would be fine, and life would go on.

However, fighting Quejo was another thing entirely. That was better addressed in the Halls of Antei. "Here, lemme buy you a drink Quejo," said the alchemist as he waved to the bartender.


29-01-2006 11:57:07

Quejo smirked fiendeshly.

"Now you're talkin. I use Journeyman for practice anyway." He laughed slightly before tipping up the drink.

"No hard feelings." Quejo said tapping Macron on the shoulder before walking off, a menacing grin on his face as he wiped some excess liquid from his mouth. He was plotting something, after all that's what he was best at.

Macron had to of known that as soon as Quejo made a peaceful gesture the fight would be on. Someday somehow Quejo was going to get even but when was unknown.

The Battlemaster then turned to Vladeck "Go to the infermory, see to it that you get checked out, we wouldnt want you dieing before you became useful would we?"

Quejo just sat back down crossing his legs, his eyes shifting from Shin'ichi to Sildrin.


29-01-2006 16:30:32

Uzbad sipped his co-- er... rum and coke.

Ceric Crimson

29-01-2006 16:45:27

Ceric had watched the punishment with what an unskilled observer would have described as 'mild disinterest' in the specticle, he even yawned at one point. But anyone who was not a compleat idiot would have seen the intense cold in his eyes as he watched one of his own clan, his own house no less being subjected like a rat for the entertainment of these Naga Sadow. But he was not an imbecile, though he was most certain in his ability to slip his Happy Surprise pistol out from under his sleeve and blast at least one of the Masters in the back of the head, he would most certainly forfeit his own life...something he had grown quite good at NOT doing.

When Quejo took note of the development though, the assassin's indifferent exterior disapeared like a sand castle at high tide and he sat up ridgedly at the Sadow table, hands flexed, ready to make a name and a grave stone for himself should his fellow Arconan choose to make a move. He may not have been stupid, but he knew where his loyalties lay, and sitting quietly at the aggressor's table would not look good in any light one looked at it.

When the alchemist managed to pacify Quejo, Crimson slowly slid back into that overly comfortable position, though the friendly smile no longer graced his features.

Lorien Sinclair

30-01-2006 03:56:07

Lorien sighed, feeling frustrated by the actions of Sildrin and Endymiron. Had they no honor? What was the point of going to that extreme on the Arconan?

She motioned for another drink. It never failed how often the higher echelons in this place felt the need to 'make a statement' by resorting to wanton devastation.

Maybe she wasn't as much like these people as she thought. If that was the case, then she imagined that she'd butt heads - to say nothing of lightsabers - with the likes of those two soon.

She downed the contents of the glass, and ordered another.

If that was the case, then so be it. She would not back down from them, whether they were stronger than her or not. She'd burn in Brimstone before she cowered before them.


30-01-2006 13:25:50

Now that things had calmed down a bit, the Sadowites returned to their drinks. Earlier on, Revenant had sensed something in Macron's thoughts, something about alchemy, and a touch of duplicity, but that was all. The Kresshian Quaestor had offered to teach Revenant the ways of alchemy. Perhaps this was something to do with that? Time, he was sure, would tell.


30-01-2006 16:13:35

Rage put away his sword
"You should of let me do it to him, it would be great practice, even if he is the same rank"
He sat back down and drank some more and started bragging to some new novices


31-01-2006 02:13:02

Devani's blood boiled with the excitement a possible fight could bring. But, alas, her appetite was not whetted. Devani settled for a strong drink. Walking up to the bar, she ordered a Cassandra Sunrise.


31-01-2006 07:10:09

Sildrin sat back down in the Naga Sadow booth, she crossed her long legs. Then she felt Quejo's eyes resting on her, and she turned her head into his direction gently blowing him a kiss. She chuckled.

Her head slowly cleared and she sat closer to Macron, whispering: "Damnit Mac, I wonder how you get along with all that chemical stuff.", she felt a few sweatbeads run down her forehead, obviously the painkiller had given her a few side effects, clouding her mind. To her astonishment Macron was barely paying attention to her, muttering to himself. She felt his force essence flicker, clearly sensing his mental instability. Yet he had been able to soothe Quejo's rage so easily.

Worried she looked at Manji and Shin'ichi.

Ceric Crimson

31-01-2006 07:31:39

Sensing something amiss, Ceric leaned forward as if to get pluck his drink from the table, taking a sip, he stayed in the position, looking absentmindedly at the shot glass even he felt intently for the disturbance in and around his companions.

“Hmm…”he muttered, watching as a drop of his ale slid lazily down the glass, something…wrong with their pattern of thoughts…making it…almost weak enough for me to invade them if I wish…peculiar, thought the assassin, careful not to let the thoughts drift in the forefront of his thoughts and let them be overheard.

Macron Sadow

31-01-2006 10:30:35

Macron wondered to himself about the nature of the Force. He had merely wished to frighten the young Journeyman, and absorb his fear. He had never intended for an actual incident to occur. "The Force is a strange power, affecting some in differing ways," he thought.

When left with no common enemy, it seemed that Darksiders fell to squabbling amongst themselves. It was like womp rats invading a hold of grain, and was most unfitting.
He wished they had some unifying thing to hold them all together. Perhaps soon, they would get to attack the hated Jedi.

"Well, check this out Quejo." Macron produced a blueprint of a nasty droid, as Sildrin looked surreptitiosly over his shoulder. It appeared to be a tiny infiltration and short range scout droid, covered in some sort of scan-absorbing layer. The three chuckled as they sipped their drinks.

Shin'Ichi was still chatting with Revenant as Ceric telepathically scanned the group reading the blueprints. Each mind had an iron will closing it, and they all smiled at each other. "Nice try," said Quejo as they returned to the reading, discussing various points.


31-01-2006 10:45:37

Sildrin arched a brow, whispering to Macron: "Hey... quite interesting. Mmh.. what kind of energy cells do you use? One of those low-emitting ones to avoid any suspicious energy signatures? Or does the layer absorb that? What kind of communication possibilities does it have?"
She sended to Macron: "Mmmh.. a pity we cant use this Ceric as our new lab rat... he would do perfectly...", she chuckled.

Ceric Crimson

31-01-2006 15:39:28

Smiling, Ceric inclined his head politly to Quejo.

Not in apology, persay, though he wouldn't admit as much if physically confronted, but more as a kudos for having caught the discreet tendril of Force, since it only brushed across the most unguarded surface thoughts, more of a test of their mental defense, than an actual intrusion. Seeming as how they were under influence of some substance, he had thought them to be at least partially susceptable...but then again, it was Quejo and not the Naga Sadow that had openly checked him.

Pushing the thougths deep inside himself, Jin'ei instead focused on the droid blueprints, quickly arriving at the conclusion that, though elegant in design, and clearly built for the outmost preformance in its chosen craft, it would likely be slowed, or even damaged in less than hospitable enviornments, such as a desert, or tundra, or even a rain forest. Though clearly the droid would be difficult to detect, it would likely succumb to the harsh elements, so native to many worlds.

Lorien Sinclair

01-02-2006 09:43:34

Lorien eyed the group from Naga Sadow, her face grim as she sized up her opponents.

Sildrin and macron - both were wild cards by choice, as well as by natural demeanor. They played things as close to the vest as anyone she had ever seen.

Jin'ei - "The Crimson Assassin" was subtle with his emotions -- you took his suface mood as how he truly felt at your peril. This made him a rather cool customer, but also a formidable warrior. Ultimately, the Arconan was one to watch your step with -- far closer than with the rest, in Lorien's way of thinking.

Endymiron, Muz, & Manji - that lot set her on edge, and rightly so. They had proven their mettle, their strength in the Force oh-so-obvious. In her opinion, however, it made them a little too overconfident, though Muz could be as hard to read as Sil and mac at times.

All told, the lot of them were not to be trifled lightly.

To be honest, Lorien didn't want a crack at anyone but Endymiron, though that would have to come down the road. As it stood, she needed to be in a lot more collected frame of mind to best him.

One thing was sure -- she would meet her end, however it came, on her feet.

If they wanted her dead, they'd have to work for it. And they'd remember the battle that came of the attempt. She swore it.

Shinichi Endymiron K

01-02-2006 11:20:11

Shin'ichi burst out into a fit of laughter and it seemed as though the whole bar stopped to stare at him. Ceric noticeably removed his eyes from his glass and looked questioningly at the Archpriest. Macron was brought out of his study of the blueprints and Sildrin looked up worried. Muz and Manji both turned to their brother and seemed to communicate with him without saying a word. The Archpriest continued to laugh for a few seconds before settling down enough to tell his clansmen what was so funny.

He beckoned them to lean in so that his words wouldn't be overheard and began. "Remember that insolent Guardian we had our way with earlier?" the assembly nodded and he continued. "The whelp has returned and in a stunning display of absolute incompetence and ignorance in the force has deigned to allow her thoughts to run rampant and unchecked. Take a moment to scan her and you'll see that the little coward is itching to battle me. This fool knows nothing of what it means to be Dark Jedi and even now only adds to her own humilation." With that the Krath began to laugh again.

One by one as the members of Naga Sadow read Lorien's thoughts they began to chuckle, quietly at first and then louder until it seemed that they were engaged in the funniest joke in the universe. Only a superbly trained ear would pick up the malevolence that permeated the apparent mirth making.

Muz Ashen

01-02-2006 13:42:10

Muz turned his head slowly, his nightmare eyes settling on the youngblood. Threads flung from the tapestry, the Herald's mind weaving a shroud around her.

Be mindful of your thoughts, child. The Krath's face showing no sign of the silent interchange, his shroud of darkness throwing off his brothers' probings [ES][AM][PT]. They betray you before your time.

Lorien stood askance, her guarded demeanor transfering to one of aghast annoyance. The gathered Keibatsu momentarily grew curious, tracing the threads back to their source, then resumed thier boisterous discussions.

"Who are you to tell..." Her voice rang out, carrying above the din before Muz's fingers tugged the sound away, her vocal cords stilled by the Force [TE].

Shhh. Muz sipped his drink as the Guardian flustered about. Learn first, fight later. He would take great pleasure in your misery. He is beyond your ability.

Muz felt the indignant rage pour off of the woman, her fair face growing red and hot with angry blood. Ah yes, anger... Use it, Sith. Anger is all that you can ever count on. Anger and fear.

Lorien sat down, her sneering mouth working the words without voice. The silent whisper wafting through to the Herald's ear. "I have no fear, Krath."

Then, you have much to learn. Muz leaned back in the booth letting the shadows drape him in their nigrescent comfort. First of which being the difference between bravery and stupidity. And I suggest you learn this quickly if you wish to survive to your knighting.

Ceric Crimson

01-02-2006 15:40:29

Ceric cocked his head as Shin'ichi spoke, his disarmingly cheerful features held an amused smile and an almost childish sparkle in his eyes at the news.

In truth, the Arconan felt no joy for the woman's assured demise. He felt no pity either, it was rather the thought that her death would herald a feeling of disdane in him at the fact that her life would be snubbed out so pointlessly, that her potential would never be unrecongnized.

He mentally shrugged, guardingly shoving the worthless thoughts down. People die. Stupid people more often than not. He supposed that he considered her looming death at all because she had inwardly earned his respect at the brashfullness that had earned her the beating, however foolish the action may have been. Then again, he always had a soft spot for women in general.

Jin'ei grimaced, outwardly this time. He hoped he had not let that thought slip, then shrugged again and sipped his drink.

He had killed people for far less after all, so he should hardly care. Her choice. Her death. Her lose.

Smiling again, he took another sip of his drink when out of the corner of his eye the assassin noticed Muz staring blankly at Sinclair with those dead eyes of his that seemed to absorb all the light around him, and then snuffing it out. It seemed that the Guardian wouldn't get to live long enough to make her move against the Archpriest after all.

Sighing inwardly, he remembered his ACC battle with Muz. The man radiated a terrible power even in the vertual reality of the Morph Hall.

Muz was perhaps the one man that The Crimson Assassin would turn down an assassination writ for, Ceric thought absently, swirling the alchohol around in he mouth.


01-02-2006 20:43:01

Raven noticed the interchange of thoughts in Lorien's mind between her and...some other. That other had a mental barrier so powerful it not only stopped Raven's mind probe, but shattered it completly. One one person like that in the room. Muz. She was a fool to think she could challenge Shi'nichi, much, much less Muz. Ah, maybe they would let him take the other Guardian on. Raven knew he was the same rank but still plenty strong enough to win that particular fight.

Covering that particular thought up, he stood up. Lorien spun, ready for a major confrontation. she relaxed when she saw it was Raven, with no weapons drawn. He spoke.

"So you want to fight Naga Sadow, eh? Well before you do something stupid, how about you and me settle things. You vs. Shi'nichi would hardly be a fair fight. If you are so thirsty for Naga Sadow blood, then come and get it."


01-02-2006 23:17:29

Devani watched the proceedings silently, an underlying tension in the room put her on edge. Ever since the fiasco with the Arconan Protector, she had felt uneasy. Keeping her eyes open, she would nevertheless enjoy this time within the Lounge. She was also excited, having just learned she was the new Battle Team Leader for House Oriens Obscurum. I need to celebrate! she thought. Walking up to the bar, she ordered a round of drinks for everyone. Taking her own Corellian Ale, she settled back into a comfy chair, grinning as she layed back and closed her eyes.

Lorien Sinclair

01-02-2006 23:42:19

Lorien sighed, collecting her emotions before they damned her to hell.

"No, Raven," she murmured, "the only Naga Sadow blood spilled will be Shin'ichi's, and when I decide to."

She raised her voice so that Endymiron could hear her quite plainly.

"If you are a thief, make yourself plain, man. Otherwise, mind whose head you tromp through with your lead boots and dull wit. I tire of people finding my resolve humorous."

She shook her head, as if trying to rattle loose the warriors from her mind. Then she turned, and stared at them.

So, her mind was an open book, eh? Hadn't this lot heard that some books should remain closed?

Her eyes rolled up in her head, Lorien showed the warriors who dared invade the deep parts of her mind scenes of death and destruction - nine hundred millennia of never ending war that was the Reckoning; the paths of the Abyss itself; the twisted, unholy insanity that was the realms beyond Brimstone.

{See these things, fools, and know what price true Darkness has wrought upon existence.}

When her eyes returned to normal, the Sith turned, and ordered another drink.

"If what you just saw in your mind's eye is what you consider to be a worthy goal, then do me a favor - don't make me have to watch when the fruits of your labor play with your innards before your eyes because you damned the Universe with your hubris."

She stopped the bartender from taking the bottle away, downed the glass in front of her, and stared straight ahead.

Their move......

Acara Rayden

02-02-2006 07:16:36

Acara looked up from his drink. He had been silently contemplating a few matters over in his mind. He looked up at the mental projection from lorien. Feeling he mental image and thought projection he turned round on his seat to look at her.

Picking up his drink the Sith walked over to her. Standing close enough to allow the exchange to remain private the Jedi Hunter spoke to Sinclair

“Such is the way of the Sith. You can have whatever you want, you merely have to have the determination to take it. At whatever cost to others.” His voice was deliberately slow, he wanted lorien to understand it. “Also those images you decided to share with us. I doubt to whether it compares to what Shin’ichi or Muz or in fact most of our booth has seen. I suggest that you be more careful.”

With that Acara brought up the images he had seen once before on route to Yavin 4. Using his telepathy Rayden watched in amusement as Lorien gripped her head. Walking back over to the table, Shin’ichi grabbed Acara’s arm and looked at him questioningly.

“Just giving her a piece of your mind Rollmaster,” Acara smiled and sat back down, taking another draw from his drink as he did so.


02-02-2006 07:39:49

Sildrin silently sat in the booth of Naga Sadow, her blind eyes stared at the table in front of her. Rarely she took notice of the surrounding. Shuddering she felt Muz's manipulations of the force.
Her blind gaze turned upon Lorien; and her mental voice whispered in Lorien's head: You are wasting your life in quarrels within the brotherhood instead of giving your life by fighting our enemies. Put aside your grudge against Shin'ichi. Use it rather as your strength for fighting against our true enemies.
She waved for the bartender, giving out a drink to Lorien.

She sank back deeper into the shadows of the booth. Her mind gently brushed up against Muz's ..I like your style... I really do..Herald. Her lips curled into a faint smile, while her eyes gazed into distances beyond everyone's sight.

A bit puzzled she turned her head to the free drink the bartender gave her, then she nodded at Devani. Her thoughts touched Devani's ...Gratulations Battle Team Leader....

Muz Ashen

02-02-2006 11:16:31

Muz sat back in his seat as faint smiles came across his compatriots. The fabricated embers of the Journeyman's mind were meant to intimidate, even frighten them, but they had less than the desired effect.

"She is a fool, brother." Shin'ichi leaned on the table, watching the masochistic Guardian with animosity. "Set me loose, she is not worthy to travel the path."

The herald said nothing in response, his mind recalling images of horror from his past rather than the invented wars and pathetic attempts of the girl to frighten the battle-scarred.

He stood ankle deep in vitriolic fluid, the K'hamer'an blood exuding a foul stench even on the frozen fields of Tarthos. Muz flashed his sabers through four of the beasts, his back to his brethren as they defended their home from the invasion, keeping the enemy from the priceless artifacts of the Ragnosian Cathedral.

Muz swallowed a dram of his whisky, his mind flashing forward.

Cotelin bounded back from him, golden sabers flaring to illuminate the confusion on the Grand Master's face. Muz felt the crawling darkness seep through his pores, the anthemic chanting flwing from his lips as he threw himself at the Dark Lord of the Sith, his blades moving much faster than any had seen in ten thousand years.

The whisky soothed his throat before the warmth set in. The spirit was three thousand credits a bottle, but it was a small price to pay for the comfort it brought him.

The seething burn at his crown pierced his skin, pain flashing his eyes closed as the other opened. Trevarus Caerick...or Shan Long stood before him, that profound and perverse grin saturating the threads between them with the gamut of emotive power. Muz strained to keep his feet in the presence of the Master of Darkness, the Oracle gloating at the wisdom of his selection, imparting the fell visions through the Pontifex in nauseating waves of thought. Gehenna, Ragnarok, Armageddon all played before his eyes and suddenly, all of it felt very very small.

Muz set the glass down, his fingers cold and shaking. Manji's eyebrow went up, peering curiously at his brother.

Lorien let a smile flow from the corners of her lips, her false bravada and hubris convincing her that the visions she had provided assailed the Herald.

Shin'ichi sneered, his hand drifting toward his saber, his eyes darting between his brethren and the cocksure guardian.

Muz slammed a fist on the table, a cloud of black ether erupting from the impact, his skin darkening to pitch in a path from his knuckles up his arm.

Manji pushed Shin out of his way, backing out of the booth. Macron's face contorted in angst as he flashed his eyes to the sudden movement, seeing the Herald's hair shifting to the silver of the Ashen nightmare within him [AMT].

The booth exploded[ES][TES], shards of glass and wood splaying forth as the Herald stood, stepping forward, clouds of shadow erupting with each bootfall[AB]. The patrons scurrying out of the way of the rampant Councilor.

The fragments of ruin swirled around him, the eye of a storm that set alight at the Herald's silent behest [AMT]. The Pontifex stepped toward the Journeyman, his violence tearing fabric and flesh alike even as the fear overtook her [AM], rooting her to the floor in abject terror.

An arm flashed forward, the Pontifex's iron grip wrapping around the soft flesh of the Guardian's slender neck, raising her from the floor to look into her eyes.

"Alone, I dance with my fate
that we all struggle
to deny before it's late"

The words resonated through the silent hall, all eyes watching the avatar of darkness serenade the Guardian in fell tones.

Sildrin whispered to Macron, her blinded eyes flashing in concern. "What do we do?"

"What can we do?"

"It'll start a clan war..."

"He is of the Dark Council, Sil... We aren't accountable for him now."

Sildrin nodded, watching the interplay, silently plotting an escape route should the situation devolve further.

"And of the torture, of the pain
hollowness inside
devastated in the rain"

The Krath's words shook the Sith to her shallow core, her eyes panicked as the sound ripped through her lithe form.

Come, youngblood. I shall teach you about the darkness you claim to know. [PT] His free hand swept to the Guardian's temple, the cool touch of his fingers seeming to flow through to her brain[IP][ES][AS][AM] as the Pontifex crafted her new world.

Lorien's eyes slammed from the shock, fear driving them open as soon as she could, finding herself...somewhere else.

Lorien, you have a great potential for character development here. Don't waste the chance, your superiors are watching. ;)


02-02-2006 12:05:43

Devani felt a small shiver of fear overtake her body at the Herald's transformation before she quickly squashed it down. It was impossible to ignore what was going on considering the Pontifex had already destroyed a table. She felt no pity, however, for the young women, Lorien had brought it upon herself. It seemed everything the Guardian did was designed to goad those around her into action. Was she begging for death? Devani would follow the proceedings with interest, the woman was brave albeit foolish. Downing a glass of ale, she ordered another one, before settling back into her seat.

Nekura Manji

02-02-2006 12:12:56


Manji's lips moved almost without thought, the word emerging before he realised. Then he leapt to his feet, torn between a desire to go to the aid of his brother, so obviously consumed by the shadow within, and a desire to keep his own skin in place. His hands twitched convulsively- then something rose within Manji's psyche.

A black shadow formed, coiling in upon itself as it clouded the Epis' vision. All he could see was the shrouded form of the Herald, shadow flaring outwards from Muz's body in a halo of darkness. Then a deep muttering emerged from within the shadow, forcing itself through the Epis' half-paralysed vocal chords.

"Blackness shrouds the dragon
Tormented shadow flails
That twisting reality
Before which all light pales"

Manji's one good eye stared straight ahead at the vision of power eclipsing the other patrons of the bar- the taint within his brother staining his own soul with it's proximity.

Then the Epis' sabre appeared suddenly in his hand, the blade igniting suddenly. The sudden hum of an ignited weapon cut through all other noise in the bar- but those who risked transferring their gaze from the rampaging Herald to the Epis realised that Manji was not himself. The arrogant, brash swagger had disappeared- replaced by a lurking sense of dread that all recognised. The taint on the Keibatsu bloodline suddenly seemed all too clear.

Macron Sadow

02-02-2006 12:47:36

"Um, I'm outta here, time to go wash the labware," muttered Macron as he left.

Lorien Sinclair

02-02-2006 14:35:48

Images - shards of the past, burned into her soul by her bloodline - assailed Lorien like thousands of knives.

The flames of Hell rose and fell like waves. The Order of the Dragon Cross, with the Earth Guardian and a younger Makhael - still untouched by the horrors beyond Brimstone - at point, faced off against the Coven. All bore wounds and scars from this war. Their home was destroyed in the physical plane. Vanessa and her 'sisters' had caused them great pain.

No more.

Makhael leapt into the noxious air, the Guardian coming from below. The other members of the Order could only watch in horror as the Mistress of the Coven caught Makhael by the throat. She said something in a tongue that seemed a reflection of this place.

Makhael slumped. Vanessa thought her victory was assured.

Then Lorien realized that it was her throat in Vanessa's grasp. The flames of Hell made her sweat rivers. She heard the screams of the damned, and shuddered out of fear.

The battle had frozen. The others of Vanessa's brood were gone, and now all that remained were the Order, Makhael now amongst them.

No, others stood below. The other warriors of Makhael's Prime Council, stood there, as if expecting her to understand.

Then she saw two figures step forward. One had long hair, the color a deep violet. Her eyes were a burgundy that flashed with power - if not physical or mental, then the steeled power of her resolve.

The other looked the perfect mesh of the two people who dared consider themselves, even if only for a short time, Lorien's second parents. His emerald eyes stared up at her, as if asking
So what now, girl? You giving up?

Then, Lorien heard the voices of the past -- things that she had not listened to until years later.

Her father....

"If you fight with all your heart, and never back down, you will survive this place."

"No matter what happens, Lori......we are with you."

Alaric Shaddonai, who sought to end the Schism......

"Strength of resolve will see you through life, child, but it is not enough! You must choose your battles wisely, or you will die for your pride and stubborness!"

Again, the day he faced Talon.


Makhael, staring at the sunset, his voice proving the true age of his soul.....

"They were both right, Lorien. But, then, I think you have felt that in your heart."

Again, when she and Gaidal faced Vanessa for the first time....

"Fear is a necessary evil, as is anger, but the moment you let them dictate your actions, your life is forfeit."

Lorien understood. This was her Arion, and only she decided whether or not she survived the fall.

Muz had it half-right. She knew of Darkness, but not to the point where she would ever view the likes of the Brotherhood as hands of the Void. She had shown them those images to make them stand down. She had reacted rashly. But she could also tell by his tone that he thought these were flights of the imagination.

If they were, many things would have never happened.

Nonetheless, she had let her anger and resentment of the likes of Shin'ichi cloud her eyes over to facts -- here and now was not the place to go off half-cocked.

Anjados first, Lorien. You know how they stand on mixing anger and stupidity.

"ENOUGH! she roared, and drove the sword into Vanessa's chest. The Coveness screamed, and the amulet around her neck shattered as she vanished in nova light.

As she fell to the rocks below, a thought ran through her mind.

{Time to leave these places far behind....}


{OOC: If you'll remember, it was a redhead novice in the Force that brought down Joruus C'Boath, and a novice from Tatooine that blew up the Emperor's superweapon. The supposedly weak have a singular advantage -- people underestimate them too damned much.}

Muz Ashen

02-02-2006 17:01:36

The Herald saw a twinge of understanding come through the threads of her psyche. She had begun to understand the usefulness of discretion, of control. The old words spoken by her teachers had begun to yield fruit. But her understanding of the darkness was flawed by her introversion. Muz felt her break away from the vision he had set for her, returning to the comfort of her own personal tragedies.

The girl had strength, all right, but she did not understand how to use it. Hiding behind the twisted realms of her homeworld, she had prize little knowledge of the reality in which she stood, unwilling to understand anything that did not conform to her limited experience.

The Pontifex let his mind recall the old religions, the immature understandings of the Force leading them to quaint superstitions and belief systems. Recognition flew through his mind as he dissected the Journeyman's vision.

The shard realms from your World of Shells have no bearing here, girl. Muz's eye focused on the oscillations of the Guardian's will, her emotions painted in vibrant hues across the Force around her. There is no heaven, there is no hell under the light of the Dark Star. There is only the Force.[PT]

The shadowed form of the Krath slowly lowered the woman to the floor, her senses returning slowly.

You must unlearn. Empty yourself, and then you will understand why.

The young one's focus fluttered, her mind unwilling to let go, too afraid that she would lose herself with the memories she clasped close to her breast like a venomous reptile.

"and the laughter and the tears
we wanted purpose
assuage our nervous fears."

The blackened Krath turned his head, the shadow fading from his face as the last of the twisted verse fell from his lips, his daemon banished by strength of will. Muz reasserted himself, the wrenching of command speeding his heart. The flaming circle of debris dropped, scattering across the floor as the Ashen one's control faltered.

Manji's body shook, the rage dissipating with his brother's shade, leaving the Epis to stagger into a nearby booth. Muz turned back to the Guardian, her body shivering on the floor.

The Herald cleared his throat, his voice worn and somewhat hoarse from the strain. "Do you understand?"

OOC: For every time an untrained neophyte manages to succeed against all odds thanks to luck and/or raw talent, millions have perished at the hands of their better trained, skilled or organized opponents, in this world and the SW universe.

And while in a one on one situation, much more than raw skill and talent is involved, it bears notice that those who have more power or skill did not gain these things by accident. Yes, all are vulnerable in one way or another... but those who survive battle the longest are those who have learned where their...and their opponent's...vulnerabilities lay.

Ceric Crimson

02-02-2006 17:17:26

Ceric saw the look in Muz's eyes just before he erupted with pure, raw, hate. A coldness that seeped through his every fiber, engulfed him...and he reveled in it.

The Herald brought down his fist and the table exploaded into a million shards. The assassin leaped backward, over his seat and behind the booth a split second before the explosion, saving him from a horrid scathing.

As people shrieked and ran and shoved and fought each other like the animals they have suddenly become in order to save themselves from the onslaught which they could practically smell in the air; The Crimson Assassin rose from the sudden destruction, his features stoic, a Happy Surprise blaster appearing in his hand.

His mind, The Hunter, he surveyed the area. The powerful one, The Pontifex, he was...teaching. Everyone else was either running, or too ignorant to move.

The assassin cocked his head as he watched Muz and Lorien. His concentration compleat.

A Mandelorian ran up to him, taking advantage of the frenzy to loot and kill, as all Mandelorians do.

This one raised a vibro-blade. And then it fell. To the ground. Followed by a spittle of the man's blood.

His eyes, never leaving the two figures on center stage, The Crimson Assassin had driven his pistol and fist into the thug's mouth and fired of a single round upwards.

Withdrawing his hand and letting the corpse hit the floor, The Hunter watched and learned.

Shinichi Endymiron K

02-02-2006 21:28:11

Shin'ichi's eyes began to glow violet as he looked up at his elder brother. A smile creased his face. The Archpriest reveled in the power unleashed by Muz. It consumed him and the urge to join his brother welled up within. He knew better. If he joined the Pontifex's power with his own he would be consumed. So he sat and watched, and enjoyed the show.

Lorien Sinclair

02-02-2006 23:40:15

Lorien looked at the Krath, her eyes grim. He had a point about her pride, and had driven it home.

His remarks on heaven and hell, on the other hand.....

She sighed. She knew of one other man who had eyes like Muz. He had seen Hell. He had walked paths of the shattered planet of the Anak'Sha in the realms beyond Brimstone.

Not all things are under the light of the Dark Star.

She stood, her face as haggard as her breath. She looked at him, and spoke, her tone empty as space.

"Yes, Master Ashen. I understand."

She placed the buds of the media player in her ears, and sat at the bar.

She understood. Z'Ha'Dum, Arion, beyond Brimstone, Independence Prime..... these were the things of her ancestors, not her. She couldn't rest on their laurels.

Do you have anything worth living for?

John asked her that once. She didn't have an answer at the time. Now she did.

The Void would come. When they did, she would keep her promise.

She bought Muz a bottle of the liquor he had in front of him.

Oh, yes. She understood.

Ceric Crimson

03-02-2006 12:25:36

After several minutes of inactivity, Lorien managed to sit down slowly at the bar, and Ashen, Ashen just stood there for long moments, unmoving, seemingly lost in whatever memories his own tuterage of Sinclair had invoked in him.

After taking a deep breath, The Crimson Assassin closed his eyes, forced The Hunter down, and with him, the pistol discretely disappeared back within the folds of the Arconan's cloak.

When his eyes fluttered open again, they were filled with that familiar easy-going sort of sparkle, and his features relaxed into a slight smile as he cracked his neck and then stepped over the mangled carcass of the dead Mandelorian.

Before he moved on, Ceric took a moment to look down in amusement at the desecrated face of the dead man. Damn, how he couldn't stand those brutes. No class, no class whatsoever. Sold their worthless hides to be used as their employers, usually some slimy Hutt, saw fit. How this one got into the Brotherhood was anybody's guess.

He bent down for a closer inspection of the Mandalorian's shattered features. How could a race, once so bent on gaining honor in battle become nothing more than worthless ammo-fodder-for-hire? It baffled the Guardian how...Jin'ei suddenly realized that his datapad had been beeping, looking down he read the quick message sent to him by Ma'ar.

A smile spread across his features. So...finally got around to granting me that promotion, eh?he thought, slightly pleased that so many good things could happen in one day.

Slipping the datapad away, he stood, sparing one more disdainful look at the murdered mercenary scum at his feet, then he turned briskly, a cheerful smile on his face as he moved over to rejoin his Naga Sadow companions.


04-02-2006 14:24:05

And through it all, Uzbad sipped not just Coke, but Rum & Coke.


05-02-2006 20:04:28

Sildrin's blind eyes trailed off into nothingness again. At least this Guardian has made the first step into the right direction.
Something she wasn't sure of herself. For several seconds she had dropped her force vision, welcoming the darkness that wrapped around her. She heard the laughter, the clinging sound of glasses and the quarrels in the different booths.

She shuddered as she felt a shadow moving within her, a silvery touch to her mind. ... dark scales shimmering ... the winding body of a wyrmkin enveloped by shadows ...
Nervously she chuckled to herself as she picked up her force vision again, only to discover the shadow upon her soul stayed. Silently she stood up, leaving the lounge without a word, acompanied by the laughter and voices of her brethren, yet this didn't touch her for now. Outside she took a deep breath, the sharp coldness of the air filled her lungs. Her mind cleared and she softly sighed with a smile, letting the seconds and minutes trickle away in faineance. "Mmh.. nothing about fresh air", she murmered to herself.

... dark scales shimmering ... Her blind eyes widened and her smile faded.

Ceric Crimson

05-02-2006 20:57:35

The door to the Lounge slid open with a sharp hiss.

Sildrin blinked, startled by the sudden noise outside her own mind. The illusion of the serpent quickly faded.

She wondered if she had visibly jumped, and stiffened as she heard someone walk out, yawning loundly.

The priest slid deeper into the shadows, sensing who the loud idiot was.

She was not surprised to find the so called "assassin", stroll out of the bar, all too confident for his own good. His eyes closed, hands behind his head as he walked leasurly outside, the door sliding closed behind him, drawing out the noise of the lounge and bathing Sildrin in silence once more.

Instead of leaving, like he really should have, Ceric, seemingly not noticing the blind Sildrin, leaned against a wall and streched as a cat might after a nap.

Astonishingly, still creased his cheerful features.

We'll see how long that lasts, thought the Krath, her lips curling back in a sadistic grin as she stepped out into the dim light.

The Arconan's eyes opened in feigned surprise, and he arched an eyebrow, looking Sildrin over in a none too courteous way before sweeping into another one of his overexaggerated bows.

"A great night, isn't it?"he asked cheerfully, breathing in a deep breath of the fresh air.

Shinichi Endymiron K

05-02-2006 22:16:43

Shin'ichi slammed a bottle of Alderaanian Whisky on the table in front of Lorien. "Welcome to the rest of your life kid. Glad you've come to. Now relax and have a drink with the rest of us."

Lorien Sinclair

05-02-2006 23:40:50

Lorien nodded. She was about to pour herself a glass when she saw Sildrin's face. She closed her eyes, and listened.

Growing up, one of the easiest ways to get those slimeballs off her back in the slums was to go into the storm drains. Trouble was, there were often worse things in there than pedofilic slumlords looking for action -- thaidas serpents, muties, and some things that probably had never seen the light of day, or any light at all for that matter. So, she had learned to hone her other senses.

That, and she happened to have a blind mother, which made her more cautious.

She heard something that sounded like... a snake, crawling across the floor. She smelled something that reminded her of fresh blood, old coolant, and rotting flesh.

Whirling, she turned.....

.....and saw nothing. The smell had gone, as had the sound.

But not the nagging feeling.

What in the Force was going on here?

Sildrin got up, rattled by what was going on. The look in Jin'ei's eyes said he knew something, but how much....

It was like an old joke she heard on Jhekkoria, about four pets playing a card game. So much information, yet not enough time to pick it all up without giving away your own hand.

When Jin'ei vanished from the table, the smell returned, this time stronger. Lorien figured that Sildrin had picked up on something else -- the sound, perhaps.

She turned to Shin'ichi, Manji, and Muz.

"Either someone here has a gas problem that would make a Hutt blanch, or there's something that just slithered in that doesn't belong."

She pushed aside the bottle of whiskey, her thumb burying the cork in the bottle.

Shinichi Endymiron K

06-02-2006 14:28:21

The Archpriest noticed Sildrin leaving the bar. He felt her apprehension in the force, and as Lorien addressed him and his brothers he released the bottle of liquer and followed his fellow Krath outside. Seeing Ceric standing there speaking with her aroused a curiosity within Shin'ichi.

"Leave us Arconan." he said without malice. "I would speak with my clansman alone."

Ceric nodded in acceptance and Shin'ichi returned the respectful gesture. As the assassin departed the Keibatsu approached Sildrin and lowered his eyes.

He spoke softly "Are you alright?"


06-02-2006 15:17:32

Sildrin was taken by surprise by Jin'ei's reaction, and she had to smile: "Yes, indeed a great night...". In some way she found him very intruiging - although he only was a Jedi Hunter. Ahh, I should never forget, I was once a Hunter myself, she thought. Just as she was about to continue the small talk, she was interrupted by Shin'ichi's appearance. She waited untill Jin'ei left, arching a eye brow.
With a playful tone she said softly: "My oh my, this Keibatsu is showing concernment for his Aedile all of a sudden? Or did your brother's duality rub off on you?". Shin'ichi scowled and she felt his anger rising within him. Quickly she added, turning around: "I am sorry, Shin. Really.. I... didn't mean it ... really."
The Keibatsu stepped next to her, watching her warily.

She tilted her head back: "I am not sure if I am alright. Something is changing. Maybe it has awoken when Trev ... Shan Long named me his apprentice." Quietly she whispered her new name: "Xia Long... the Blind Dragon." She shuddered as the visions began yet again. ...dark scales shimmering ... the winding body of a wyrmkin enveloped by shadows ... heavy lids open, revealing white blank eyes ...
Nervously she ran a hand through her hair, trying to dispel this vision. Softly she murmered: "Maye I am going mad? It seems that a seed had been planted, and now it starts to grow. What happens... if it starts to bloom?", she started to tremble, thinking of Trev and Shan Long.

Suddenly she whispered: "Shin? Are there... any stars shining right now at the sky?...", turning her blind gaze up to the gown of the night.

Shinichi Endymiron K

06-02-2006 15:34:41

Shin'ichi's voice dropped as he responded. "Yes Sil...yes there are." The Krath Priest still looking up asked "How many?" The Archpriest replied, his voice tinged with sadness "Thousands blind dragon, thousands and thousands."

He felt the pain in her sould and it mirrored his own. He wanted to reach out to her, but knew he couldn't. He would never allow that weaknes into his life again.


06-02-2006 16:52:28

Rage leaved

Ceric Crimson

06-02-2006 21:03:43

Jin'ei stepped back through the threshhold, breathing in the addictive, if somewhat unpleasant smell of booze, and blood, and sweat. Quite a contrast to the intoxicating smell of Sildrin. He allowed himself to smiled at the thought, knowing full well that the very thought could get him blasted through a wall by the woman, or perhaps Shin'ichi...? It mattered not. He always had a way with words. Much like he had a way with women. There were certain things that words could not do of course...

Something caught his attention. A feeling. Ceric looked around, taking in every face, every conversation, private and other wise. He was looking for something...a kill. Something quick. Apperantly, the Mandalorian he had waisted earlier had only brought back a thirst. A hunger, in the form of The Hunter. His eyes gleamed with the prospect of a fresh kill.

He suddenly realized that one his hands was shaking, if ever so slightly. Looking down at it in surprise, the assassin gripped it with the other, trying to stop the unexpected spazm.

Thats odd, he thought, slight concern furrowing his brow. He was always in control of his body. Physically and mentally. The last time he had had even the slightest laps of muscle control was when he had taken a sip of brandy that just happened to be poisoned.

He smirked at the memory, as the image of the culprit's face drifted through his thoughts as Ceric pulled a lever, opening the cargo bay doors, and watching with no small satisfaction as the bastard was sucked into space as if the assassin had flushed a piece of sh*t down the drain. Ceric had watched, and smiled even as he had sunk to his knees as he slowly succumbed to the poison.

Thankfully, one of his Exchange comrades had happened upon him and realizing that the assassin was a valuble asset to their operations, administered the proper anti-venom. It was always good to know that even at the edge of death, you held a power over people.

But this...this lapse in control was uncalled for...wasn't it? He had made quite sure that he had not drunk any treated liquids that night, he could tell by smell or taste alone at this point. So what was it? felt like...


This was connected. His sudden urge to kill and this lapse of control were interwined, he was sure. In fact, both were an abnormalities. He was as much in control of his base lusts as his body, both happening at the same time could not be coincidence. Indeed, he did not believe in coincidence. There was always an explination. There was always a purpose. There was always The Force.

A sharp pain suddenly racked through the assassin's body. Jin'ei breathed in sharply, and almost staggered. Almost. He mannaged to keep his features and stature regular, though he could feel the blood drain out of his face.

The pain passed as quickly as it had come. But it did not come from the chest in a hot wave, or as what felt like static electricity at the tips of his fingers and toes as a poison might. This pain, seemed to come from somewhere deeper still. It seemed to come from his mind.

His eyes widened at this realization, and he quickly scanned his metal state, the layers of mental defenses he had carefully laid out within his mind. Defenses that could hardly keep back a master, but would at least alert him to the intrusion. Everything was as it should be...on the outside, at least. Whatever this was, it came from within.

The Crimson Assassin walked quickly over to a both where two apprentices of some lesser Clan conversed. They looked up at him in surprise. Seeing the look in his eyes they quickly vacated the space, allowing the Arconan to slump into the booth.

He was breathing heavily, a cold sweat had formed on his handsome features, and he had gone deathly pale. The exact signs of poison...except that it was something more....something much worse.

Ceric, took a deep breath, and with some effort managed to regain control of his breathing. He then closed his eyes, slipping quickly within himself.

He would find the reason of what, and why.

He would have his answers.


07-02-2006 17:54:26

For several moments Sildrin enjoyed the silence with Shin'ichi. Finally she sighed with a half-grin: "We should join back before they start to worry." Shin'ichi nodded: "Yes,.. let's go back." They made their way back into the room, just before entering it, Shin'ichi's dark eyes fell upon an Apprentice. A tantalized look flickered in his eyes and the corner of his lips curled into the smile of an evil kind. Finally he was able to turn his eyes away from the Apprentice, following Sildrin back to the booth of Naga Sadow. "Ahh... one of the finest whiskeys here....", he reached to the bottle and poured the golden liquid in for him and Sildrin. Sildrin took it, raising her glass and she whispered: "On Naga Sadow.. and the Dark Brotherhood.. may we never forget who our ... loyalty ... belongs to."

Shinichi Endymiron K

07-02-2006 17:57:36

Shin'ichi raised his glass and spoke. "My honor is loyalty." With that he drank deeply, yet his mind wandered back to the apprentice he saw as they entered. She would do nicely he thought to himself while continuing to smile at Sildrin.


07-02-2006 19:36:31

Uzbad sipped his drink.


07-02-2006 20:47:11

Devani sipped her drink, studying the Consul's report for Arcona. The conversation ebbed and flowed around her, a vague unease underscored the room. Finishing off her drink, she stood to leave. Nooding farewell to those she knew, spread about the Lounge, she left to go get some sleep.

Ceric Crimson

08-02-2006 16:11:54

Ceric was deep within his mind…flying past memory after memory, going deeper. Peeling back layer after layer…reaching…deeper…Memories. Emotions. Past the Jedi. Past the Exchange.

They had been traveling from Coresant to Taris. I had decided to take some time off from the private academy for “the gifted” that I had been attending for the past five years to spend some quality time with the family. They were all there…Father, he always liked to play holochess with me. He was always a thinker, not a fighter. It was Mother who taught me The Way of the Sword and the Knifist technique. I had picked up Hopan Boxing and the blaster at the academy. She was the one who had the distant Echani blood, though she claimed she was never taught the fighting style. I had seen her once in the gym though, when she though she was alone, going through those unmistakable fluid motions that cut through the air with the unmatched speed, precision, and grace of a blade. My sister was there too, Maya. She was to enter the academy the next cycle. She was always so exuberant, so full of life.

It was just us, the ship, and the guards. Father always said you could never be too careful traveling near The Outer Rim. He was right.

I remember waking up in an arm chair, the glass of fine brandy still gripped in my hand. There was something wrong. Was it too quiet?


A muffled sound, it was a grunt or gasp from out in the hall. I quickly stood, setting the glass on a nearby table, the doomed game of holochess still hummed quietly on top of it. Father was always a good thinker.

I drew forth the ceremonial vibro-blade that hung on the wall next to me. It was given to all those who completed their fourth year at the academy. No small feat, as most dropped out by the end of their first year. I drew it forth from the scabbard and the cortosis weave flickered to life.

I heard another grunt and then a thud as something or someone struck the floor. I ran out of the ship’s lounge and into the hall, just in time to see a Manalorian in full armor, his back to me, standing over a fallen guard whose pounding heart was spraying blood out of a wound in his throat, turn on a cloaking generator and flicker out of sight. He had not yet seen me, so I leaped at where he had stood a moment before, whirling my vibro-blade in a wide ark. It struck solidly.

The Mandalorian let out a yelp of surprise as he was forced to stumble forward from the heavy blow, his cloak dissipating around him. I danced away easily as he spun wildly about; throwing several off-balance cuts that missed me by only a few inches. Then I came back in a rush, sliding my sword through his clumsy off-balanced guard and into the visor of his helm. He shuddered, letting out a gurgled wheeze as he sank to his knees before me.
I looked down at him in disgust as I slipped my sword free; it was thick with his blood and brain matter. A shout around the corner sent me running once again.

Someone had set off the alarm. The lighting was red and flashing, but no guards came sprinting out. How could this be happening?! How could we be boarded without any alarms going off!?

I sprinted around the corner and found two more of the pirates engaging three of our guards. Two of our boys already lay dead. I rushed in, getting close, getting personal as I slammed my blade in and up into one of the bastard’s backs, right through a slit in his armor. He went down without a sound. The other whirled around with a snarl, I barely manage to parry a vicious underhand slash before my guards swarm him.

“They are everywhere! Cloaked until the last moment, Mandalorians every one!” cried a sturdy looking ex-Imperial captain of the guard, “We called for reinforcements but the coms are dead. The dogs must have either jammed the frequency or--”

“—or killed every last one of our men while they slept,” finished a young, freshly recruited Iridorian guard.

“We have to get to the sleeping chambers!” I shouted, and sprinted off, the guards following close behind.

My heart pounded in my head and my eyes widened when I saw the doors to the sleeping chambers of my family ajar, a pool of glistening blood carpeted the entry way.

I leaped through the threshold with a snarl of challenge but stopped short in shock when my eyes locked on my mother across the room. A blade was buried deep within her bosom. The Mandalorian in grey armor wrenched the blade free unceremoniously, causing her to collapse in a poll of blood, and join the four slain pirates on the floor around her.

My father lay a way off, clutching his blaster shot gut, his eyes shut tight in horrible pain. Another of the filthy beasts was struggling to hold my sister down across the room.

With a blood lust roar that I could hear echoed behind me from my guards, I charge the grey clad murderer. My eyes wide with pure rage, stinging with tears that made the flashing Crimson light dance around my eyes.

He turned calmly to meet my charge, stepping easily out of the thrust of my blade and counter-attacking swiftly with a sharp parry and a thrust that almost tears my throat open. I dance away, falling into rhythm, my training coming back to me, fueled by my insatiable urge to kill.

Breath stead, I heard my mother say, always be on the move, a still target is a dead target.

I rush him with a flurry of explicitly wrought slashes and thrusts. He parries every one, then locks our blades together, drawing himself closer. My free hand instantly flies in, a Knifist technique that strikes the head three times in a row. One strike brakes a clasp on the helm, the next cracks the visor, pushing the helm up, as the last stroke brutally knocks the helmet off the head with enough force to shatter any man’s neck in half a dozen places.

Not his.

Our eyes lock. His hair is as grey as his armor and his only good eye narrows at me in smoldering anger. The killer’s hand whips up, a backhand across the face that makes me stagger back and sends my warm blood rushing freely down my chin.

He waists no time to press his advantage, letting out a sharp war cry, he rushes me. Even off-balance, I manage to dodge the first blow, and parry the second, the third one crashes in and through my forearm, then reverse, he pulls it out and cleaves me with devastating force across the collarbone.

I don’t move.

I know I’m dead.

I just gaze at him for a long moment, letting my body register the fact that I should let go of my sword and fall down.

I don’t.

My off hand takers the blade from my wounded arm, and slashes rapidly up and then down, then again across.

He knocks all three strikes wide.

He watches me with a lifeless eye. An eye devoid of all life, of all light, and all joy.

“Good effort,” he says, then brings his sword smashing down on my forehead. I finally drop my sword and fall down. Just like I knew I would.

A burst of agony. A burst of fire. A burst of red.

All is crimson red. I faintly hear my sister screaming. Somewhere far away…somewhere…


I will…I will open my eyes, and I will look upon my killers for as long as I can, if only to burn their image into my soul so I will never forget.

My eyes open. Everything is red. I can’t tell whether it is from the emergency lights or the blood that seeps from my forehead and into my eyes. I don’t blink. I stare at my dead guards. Good men, killed from behind by more Mandalorians. I look at their lifeless faces. I don’t blink.

I watch as my sister screams. I watch as the Manalorians laugh. I watch as my mother looks blankly at me, her eyes devoid of all life, off all light. I watch as they shoot my father again, and I watch as he finally stops moving. I watch as they stab my sister and she finally stops sobbing.

I don’t blink.

I watch as they leave.

I don’t blink.

No more emotion.

No more thought.

This is death. But then why do I still see?

Skip over my rescue by the crew of a passing freighter…skip over how I swore them to silence…skip over how I got to Taris, how I withdrew my entire family fortune, starting fresh…

My death and the death of my family was all over the news for weeks. They called it “pirates out of control”, they called it “a terrible tragedy”. They obviously weren’t there. Other ways they would have simply shut, if only because they could not find the words to describe it. Basterds, talking about something they didn’t know.

They all thought I was dead, and I was, in a way. I was no longer that…boy. I was someone else. I would find someone on this planet who could help me become more. Someone who would train me. Find him I did, when I saw his work first hand.

Falio Qu had walked into Upper Taris, killed a noble, killed the noble’s guards, he even destroyed the two peace-keeper droids that got in his way, in an almost bored sort of way. Then he kept walking, the Sith guards just stepping aside for him.

I knew he was the one. He was the one who would make me into something more. I followed him to the Under City, and confronted him there. I demanded that he teach me. I told him I would pay him anything he wanted. He said he knew who I was and he would teach me…humility.

He never fought at an easy level. He never sparred. He always fought all out, and he always beat me down a vibro-blade’s edge from death. Then he would heal me, and we would fight again.

The old man moved with a precision, speed and grace that reminded me vaguely of the Echani fighting style, except that he used duel swords, though they might as well have been an extension of him body. His expression was always impossible to read, it was like fighting a dead man, a dead man that struck and retreated and struck again as quickly and stealthily as a shadow that flickers in the candle light.

He taught me everything over again. How to fight, how to shoot, how to walk, how to talk, how to think, how to stalk, how to gauge the strength, skill, and cunning of the target. He taught me to be the true killer. The Hunter.

He made my scythe for me…I was a death bringer, he said, the scythe was my weapon. My symbol, as much as the crimson scar on my forehead was the symbol of my hatred and conviction.

He trained an apprentice, someone he could pass on his discipline to. I trained with him for a long time I trained until one day he did not get up for the combat session. He was in his room, still in the meditative position of Reverie. His withered face impassive even in the face of death. Age claimed the old man where the killing edge of countless, now long vanquished foes, had failed.

Falio Qu was dead. My training was complete. That was when I went after the Mandalorians.

I stared into the grey one’s eye as his knees wobbled under him and his sword slide out of his grip and clatter to the floor, but he could not fall down. Being impaled through the throat on the hilt of my vibro-scythe with me holding him up by it, the best he could do was sag slightly, his feet just brushing the ground. I drew him closer and watched impassively as his eye widened in recognition and disbelief as he saw past the shadows of my hood and gazed upon my scar with…fear. He was not the emotionless machine, the invincible shell of a man that I fought on the ship those years ago. He was just a man. A frightened man. A dead man.

I whipped the hilt of my scythe free of his neck, causing him to make a gurgling sound as his head was thrown back, exposing the gaping hole in his neck that pumped waves of blood in time with his rapid pulse. I reversed my grip on the scythe and swung it back around and down with all my might and then some, getting showered in his blood as the scythe cleaved cleanly through the top of his head and down to the broad of his chest before slowing its decent.

I stood there. His companions either garroted in their sleep or cut down getting up. They bled. They all bled. And my scar seemed to bleed too, as the grey one’s life blood dripped off my face.

The Crimson Assassin smiled.

Ceric opened his eyes. That was it. The…the blood lust that I felt when I stared into the grey Mandalorian’s eyes, that was exactly what I felt…but how was it triggered? It must have been something…in this place.

He looked around the lounge carefully until his eyes finally settled on Muz.

“Of course! The Pontifex’s power…that pure hatred that radiated out of him in waves must have somehow brought back the emotions of that memory…My feelings had not shown when I slew the Mandalorians because I was in my Hunter state of mind, but here…I was at least partially off-guard…and it came flooding back, catching me by surprise”, the assassin mused, that playful smile returning to his features as he realized he was in no danger.

Standing, Jin’ei punched in a challenge on his datapad to Halcyon on the ACC.

“That should about do it,” he thought, before happily walking back over by the Naga Sadow table.

Shinichi Endymiron K

10-02-2006 15:11:54

The Comm on Muz's belt began to beep, followed by Manji's and the Shin'ichi's. The brothers looked at one another in silent knowledge and stood from their table. The alcohol was cleared from their blood and the haze in their minds gone in an instant. The three moved as one to leave the lounge. Shin'ichi's last words could be heard as they cleared the doorway.

"...I'll make Nihilgenia ready."


10-02-2006 16:06:38

Sildrin watches the three brothers leaves, somehow realizing the Naga Sadow booth had emptied down to a very few people. Quietly she got up, nodding briefly to the remaining people of the Naga Sadow clan and giving Lorien and Jin'ei also a nod.

She slipped her hands into the sleeves of her robe, following the three Keibatsus. Either she sat in the lounge, dying from boredom or ...

Her feet made no tapping sound, but still she stopped when she rounded a corner, standing in front of Shin'ichi who stared down at her: "Going anywhere?". It didn't surprise her at all, she expected them even to sense her following them. "Ohh, yes. I was following you." Shin'ichi narrowed his eyes: "I believe you should return, this is a Keibatsu thing, and as far as I know you are not a member of our family."

Her face remained unreadable, somehow her mind was completely shielded behing a solid barrier. For a moment Shin'ichi pondered to simply tear it down, but something told him that this might have a devastating result on her. She lightly smiled - a smile that he wasn't sure if was faked or not: "I thought a little bit of female intuition would not hurt. But I see that you already have Manji with you."

Lorien Sinclair

10-02-2006 17:12:16

Lorien heard.....whispering.....coming from all around. Even through the Force, she could not tell where it originated.

Something was here, and it was not of the Brotherhood.....

She looked at Jin'ei, wondering if he felt it. If he did, it didn't show.

But, then, she was rattled by this thing's presence.

At the door to the Lounge, she saw... something... a shadow, perhaps.....

No. Not a shadow. Shadows aren't capable of attaching objects that look like explosives to the archway of this room.

"Ceric," she murmured, grabbing his attention. When he looked at her, she nodded at the door.

The figure turned, and looked right at them. Lorien swore that it smiled at them.

No. Not them.

It was smiling at her.

The whisperings became one voice. From the Crimson Assassin's expression, he heard it, too.

{In the knowledge that you died a pointless death, despair, and await my Mistress' coming.}

He touched his arm, and vanished in a column of light.

Ceric looked at her, and started to ask something, when they heard the object he had placed on the door begin to chime softly.

A bomb.

"GET DOWN!" the Guardian yelled at the others in the room. People scrambled for cover, cutting tables from the floor to deflect the blast.

A young Acolyte appeared at the doorway. The fool walked right into the Lounge, never noticing the device, or that she had inadvertantly nudged it. Lorien paled, and ducked behind the wall.

The explosion was deafening, a light and sound so terrible it reminded Lorien of the old stories she had heard on Jhekkoria about the Light of Creation. Even with her eyes closed, the brightness was painfully intense.

When the sound faded, she turned, and saw the damage.

A gaping hole had been blasted into the wall where the archway had stood. The section of building behind it was demolished.

As for the Acolyte.....Lorien doubted she had time to feel any pain.

Ceric Crimson

10-02-2006 17:20:20

Ceric closed his eyes, streching out leasurly in the near empty booth the way a predatory cat might. His face a mask of outmost relaxation.

Thats interesting, he though, his mind sharper than a vibro blade's edge dispite his outward appearance,those Sadow are just full of secrets.

He lay there, his eyes closed, blocking out the screams as people rushed this way and that in the aftermath of the explosion. He seemed to be humming a cheerful tune under his breath. Paying the chaos no mind at all.


12-02-2006 06:18:26

Malisane entered the bar again followed by two troopers the bar again and whispered in Macrons ear. "What's up with you?" the barman asked wandering over.
"There's an imposter here." the Sith replied.
"Really?" The barman asked looking around.
Malisane nodded. He went over to Uzbad and looked him straight in the eye. "Let's see who you really are mister!" he said and pulled off the mask to reveal...
"Lando Calrisian!" Macron exclaimed.

"Yes," Malisane replied, "Lando here has been repeatedly ordering coke in order for the lounge to run out and force it to close to re-stock?"
"But why?" the barman asked.
Malisane stared at Lando. "Lando here found out that there was a secret crystal mine buried beneath the lounge," he explained grimly, "he's been building a mine shaft under one of the cubicles in the mens restroom. However people kept coming into the room and he had to stop digging. So he decided if the bar shut to restock he'd have all the time he needed."

"Yes," Lando snarled, "And I've had gotten away with it if it hadn't been for you pesky Sith!"
"Take him away," Macron ordered the troopers.
"But how did the you find this out?" the barman asked
"We had help from the one man who knew," Malisane replied, "the real Uzbad!" he said and Uzbad walked up to join them.
"Nice work," Malisane said, "let me get you a drink."
"I'll have a coke." Uzbad replied.
"Nice one Uzbad." Macroni said.
"Scooobdooooobydooooo!" they all shouted.

(If you've never watched scoobydo you're probably really confused now sorry)

Macron Sadow

12-02-2006 11:23:51

They all sipped Coke, and Macron put some bourbon into his. This was much more fun than killing people. Then he remembered Malisane's words, "Crystal mine under the men's room..." A strange avaricious look passed over his face as he chugged the coke and stalked off toward the loo.

Ceric Crimson

12-02-2006 18:24:23

Ceric yawned and seemd to fall into a light, meditative nap within the confines of the oh, so comfortable booth.


13-02-2006 04:03:38

Rage walks in and has a drink


13-02-2006 13:07:39

Devani walks in as quietly as possible, walking straight to the bar and ordering a drink. The devestation around her was ignored as an almost palapable rage radiated from the Jedi Huntress. Downing the stiff alcohol swiftly, she ordered another, stalking off to a booth. Settling back into the darkness, she pulled out her datapad and sent a very angry message.


13-02-2006 20:32:28

Rage smilied to see devani and she looked like she needed some cheering up so he walked up to her and said
"Anyone sitting here?"
She looked up and saw him "Oh hi rage, no nobody is"
He sat down and said
"Why so gloom" He smiled and said "Dont use the dark jedi excuse either"


13-02-2006 20:44:54

Devani smiled, "Its good to see you Rage!" but her smile quickly turned to an expression of hate. "A certain someone and I are fighting, its not pretty and he just won't listen to me! Its all or nothing! He doesn't even try to understand my position!!!" With those words, the Jedi Huntress squezzed her glass too tightly as it shattered within her hand, blood oozing onto the table. She ignored the mess and continued angrily, "I just...I just want to kill him!"


14-02-2006 00:59:30

Rage called over a droid who cleaned the mess
"Corellian Whiskey leave the pitcher"
"This certain someone?"

Rage relaxed "Need any help with this 'certain someone' ?"
The droid came back and gave Devani a glass and the pitcher to Rage
Rage smilied "I like this droid" and he started gulping down it all down

Macron Sadow

14-02-2006 10:40:19

Mononoke re-entered with a sack of crystals, covered in dust. "Well, that's all of them I think..." He promptly passed them out to everyone. They weren't adegans, but they were pretty. Malisane was still sitting at the bar, muttering about some ancient holovid cartoon.

Lorien Sinclair

15-02-2006 09:09:04

Lorien rolled the stone between thumb and forefinger, a thoughtful expression on her face.

"Interesting coloration. How much do you want for it?"

Macron Sadow

15-02-2006 11:30:17

"It's free." The BattleMaster shrugged. "Might make a nice dagger pommel." He grinned and left, heading to his lab.

Ceric Crimson

15-02-2006 21:16:29

*snoozes contently*


20-02-2006 03:23:18

Devani gets up and smacks ceric awake


21-02-2006 13:19:18

(I did not!)

Devani bound up her bleeding hands, letting the anger feed into her until it virtually disappeared. In a moment she was calm, "Thanks Rage, I need to speak with Jin'ei, would you excuse me?" Nodding to the Shistavanen, she walked over to the snoozing Jedi Hunter. Bending over, she whispered in Ceric's ear, "We need to"


22-02-2006 01:16:05

LOL ;)

Ceric Crimson

22-02-2006 07:32:54

Jin'ei's eyes opened groggily and upon seeing Devani, the jovial assassin's eyes glistened fiendishly as he smiled.

"Ah, M'Lady! I was wondering when my irresistibility would start taxing your calm," he said, compleatly serious, as he sat up, making room for his fellow Arconan.

"Whatever brings thou to this modest corner of the pub?"


22-02-2006 15:59:27

Cain sighed it was getting too noisy in here he needed some quiet time. Getting up he walked out of the room, but stopped when he saw Sildrin and three others who he assumed was in naga sadow. "I'm sorry am I interrupting something?”…


22-02-2006 18:31:33

Rage gets up and nods to devani and ceric and walked over to the booth where most of his Naga Sadow brethren were at and took a seat


23-02-2006 02:01:10

Devani smiled, "Do I need a reason to have a drink with you Jin'ei?" Sighing, she ordered a Corellian Ale, before turning back to her fellow Arconan. "But, alas, there is a request I would ask of you." She searched his eyes but read nothing in their glowing depths. "I...I...uh," the Jedi Huntress fumbled, unsure of her next words. "Perhaps we could take a more private booth? What I have to say is a secret that few should know."

Ceric Crimson

23-02-2006 07:30:31

Ceric ran his finger along the icy cold rim of his shotglass thoughtfully. Then, without further delay, he downed it's contents in one smooth motion, stood, and nodding to Devani as she slipped free of the booth and lead him over an sparsely occupied section of the cantina.


23-02-2006 14:35:45

Rage starts a bar fight


23-02-2006 23:20:32

Settling in her seat, Devani leaned in close and whispered to Jin'ei quietly. "I have a small problem that I think you can help me with. I have a respect for your abilities but I am unsure of your courage, especially in such a delicate matter as this. It would require all of you...before I can tell you of such a thing I must be assured of your absolute secrecy..."


25-02-2006 00:52:36

Rage starts to fight a PRT

Ceric Crimson

25-02-2006 22:37:37

Ceric visably relaxes as Devani talks, his features unreadable as he listened attentivly to his fellow Arconan.

"I am...quite willing to assist you in any...matter, that you found merit in asking for my "assistance" in, Milady. You know well what I'm capable of...yet you ask now because you also know that I am full of surprises, yes?"

Before Devani could answer, the assassin chuckled the question away as if the answer was obvious and continued,"A gentleman never discusses his...buisness. Fear not! You can place your trust in me," he said, a barly contained smile playing along the corners of his mouth, as he leaned in closer to Devani, waiting for her to speak.


27-02-2006 02:06:12

It had been a long time since Telona had been in the lounge. She now found herself at the door again. With a sigh the woman pushed the door open and a waft of warm air rushed past her. She quickly entered and shut the door. She took a quick survey of the occupants and their locations before she went up to the bar. In the process she shoved a hairy member of Naga Sadow out of her way. Telona took a seat on one of the bar stools and ordered a drink.


27-02-2006 02:33:42

"Hey!" rage said as he was shoved
Rage shoves the PRT down and yells at the DA
"What was that for?"


27-02-2006 04:54:38

Telona glances over at Riv as her drink is delivered.

"Because I wanted to." She says calmly before turning back and taking a sip. "And you were in my way."


28-02-2006 16:43:42

RevengeX wakes up from about twenty or thirty pages back. And stands up. Stretching, the Templar looks around the lounge. There were a lot of people walking around talking, fighting, and drinking. Sitting back down on a couch, Revenge laid back down and went to sleep again.


28-02-2006 19:10:22

Sildrin strolled into the lounge, appearing to be lost in thoughts. Her black purple purple robe swept around her feet as she made her way to the Naga Sadow booth. Sudenly she stepped on something hard. She lowered her head - white blank eyes behind red hair stared blindly at the floor. The crystal quickly was picked up with the force, dropping gently into her outstretched palm. "Ahhh, it must have fell to the ground! You can keep it anyway.", the Sith Alchemist grinned at Sildrin. The Krath priestress nodded at Macron. She made her way next to Macron, sitting down. "Mmh... i got an idea.... ", she raised the crystal, letting the dim light shine through it. "Still need to test in the laboratory. A technique of my... homeplanet" A sad smile appeared on her lips and she let the crystal slip into a pocket again. "And now I am the only one left to know.", her eyes stared hard at the drink Macron had placed in front of her. Memories of her homeplanets rose - sweet memories filling her mind with its perfume, but they were replaced by the screams and shed blood by the last battle of her homeplanet. It still shook her, for years she had travelled to different places, exiled from her homeplanet. And now she had to find out that there was only a glassed planet to return to - dead, covered with the ashes of the slaughtered bodies. She took a sip, savoring the delicate flavor of the liqueur.

Macron Sadow

28-02-2006 22:05:45

"That sucks, Sildrin," murmured Macron by way of a reply. His tact was practically non-existant.
"Technique eh? I am very interested in any crystallography from your home system. "

He looked at her with a quizzical expression as she rotated the jewel in the light. "One second please Madam."

Macron leaned over and spoke to Telona. "Hello M'lady. " He bowed and covered for her drink.
She was one of the first people he had met when he first began fighting in the Antei center, and he respected and liked her.

Then Macron grabbed his Apprentice by his shaggy ear and made him sit down next to the two Kressh summit members. "No starting fights with Protectors, Guardian," he said with particular empasis on the last word. "You were one not so long ago, as was I. Forget that not. Now sit down and have a drink."

Then the alchemist turned back to Sildrin. "So, are we going to go recon your old planet then?
I'd be game, if you want the company."

Shinichi Endymiron K

01-03-2006 01:25:50

The door crashed open as Shin'ichi dove into the bar and ran full tilt to the CNS booth diving into it. Seconds later an explosion was heard in the distance.

"Holy Kark that was close." he said while cleaning himself. Sitting up he saw his brother Macron slapping around a youngling and Sildrin studying a crystal. He looked at them both and nodded somberly. "What's going on?"


01-03-2006 03:17:13

Sildrin chuckled a bit when Macron pulled his student by his ear. A soft sigh escaped her lips: "Ahh.. going to recon whatever is left of my planet...", she stopped, interrupted by Shin'ichi. She sensed him running in, sensed the explosion. She arched an eyebrow: "What are you blowing up this time?" and with a lightly bitter voice she couldn't hold back a sarcastic comment: "Another planet such as mine?". Rage and anger rose within her, making her shudder. But quickly she regained her composure, murmering: "Forgive me Shin. I am aware that my homeplanet had been wiped out because of my failure."
With a faint smile she lifted her blind gaze upon Shin'ichi, filling a glass from the whiskey bottle: "We are even up anyways." She handed him the glass.


01-03-2006 11:09:55

His shining lavender eyes observed the Lounge as he stepped through the leisurely closing doors. Daihok breathed a sigh of relaxation, taking in the sweet smell of exotic alcohols that had unified in the air. He absorbed everything around him while he strolled, wraithlike, through the Lounge. He saw smoke outside another nearby enterance and grinned, realizing the likely source. Soon the Epis spotted the CNS booth. Shin'ichi noticed Daihok and motioned him over. Hair ablaze with color flowed back from Sildrin's face as she looked up from her drink and fixed her ethereal gaze on Daihok. He made his way to the booth.


01-03-2006 12:11:25

"Hmm..." the Jedi Huntress seemed lost in thought. Abruptly, she stood without any obvious reason. Bowing to her fellow Arconan, she spoke to him wearily. "I am sorry but I must leave immediately." She nodded to the CNS booth, "You may return to your friends." Biting her lower lip, Devani looked as if she was about to say something but instead remained silent. Turning quickly, she exited the Lounge.

Ceric Crimson

01-03-2006 19:34:12

Ceric's eyes widened in surprise as his fellow Jedi Hunter abruptly stood and swept out of the lounge.

His eyes narrowed for a split second, a faint hint of anger at the abruptness of her departure, but quickly melted away into his once again relaxed, and slightly amused visage.

He watched her go thoughtfully, unable to think that as much as he hated her to leave, he loved to watch her go.

Shrugging, he snapped his fingers at a serving droid and ordered another shot of Tarisian ale.


02-03-2006 10:53:09

Cain rounded a corner, he should be far enough from the lounge now. Leaning against the wall he let himself slide down to the floor, pulling out a dagger from his robes he laid his wrist on his knees and lightly pressed down on his flesh, maybe it would work this time. Winceing slightly he slid the blade down his wrist and blood started to flow from the wound.

as everything started to go black he wondered what would await him...

Shinichi Endymiron K

02-03-2006 13:52:29

Shin'ichi bowed his head. "Yes we are even aren't we?" he said, his voice touched with sadness. Just then his friend Daihok entered and made his way to their booth. The sadness was replaced with a smile as he greeted his friend and ordered more drinks to be brought.

"So...what's going on?" he asked of both Sildrin and Daihok.


06-03-2006 14:39:38

"No reason to pull my ear master, im not much younger than you" he glared "Any way...i got bored, what better wahy to celebrate than to beat into submission those you have passed? people do it to INIs all the time"
he signalled to get a steak
"any way whats this about going on some kind of recon trip, if so i would love to help, hell im getting bored of this planet right now"


13-03-2006 11:17:32

Sildrin yawned and stretched, then she turned her head into Shin's direction: "Ohh you know.. I am still working on our internal communication system. It can be a bitch and many of the files are outdated. It's not easy to bring order into this... chaos." She grimaced, leaning back. Shin'icho rolled his eyes, knowing too well about that chaos, he muttered a few unfriendly words which probably were directed to a person that was absent. Soon Daihok and Shin'ichi were deeply lost in a conversation she barely took notice off. And so she payed attention back to her drink and her new robe, letting the tips of her fingers slowly caressing the soft cloth of her robe.

She was not able to sense any treatment of the robe by a human being, no emotions had ever seeped through the fabric. ... of course not, probably the new robes had been created by dozens of droids ... she thought. It still irritated her mildly that a lot of the daily work was done by droids in the Brotherhood. An irritation based on a part of distrust as she was not able to sense the motivation of droids and on her homeplanet the servants had been always humanoids. She turned her senses on one of the droids that was cleaning up the booths in an unobtrusive way. The fine threads of the force expanded and invisible fingers of the force brushed up against the droid only to retreat again with no result. Only dozens of glowing sparks caused by electricity flickered against her force vision.

.. nothing, I doubt anyone can really read a droid by using the force ... her thoughts were interruped as the droid's action caught her attention. It appeared to her that it was scanning collected empty glasses and cleaning the glasses. ... This could be a standard procedure, who knows? ... Stil it made her frown since she could have sworn that the used glasses never were scanned. Images surged up within her mind, visions of the few poisened journeymen a couple of hours ago - among them Jin'ei.

Her eyes lightly widened, she gasped as the smoke within the lounge started to cloud her mind. Black swaths rose from the ground and suddenly combusted into a wall of flames a fireball caused by an explosion that rolled over her. A face formed from the fire, evil laughter rang in her ears and she recognized Severak's face. She gasped and the vision of the fire and the face within faded, replaced by Daihok's force essence that leaned worried over her. Slowly she lowered her arms that she had pulled up in panic to shield herself from the fire. "Are you alright?", Shin'ichi joined Daihok. She murmered: "Yes... just.. an illusion. Sorry. This room is literally filled with images of the past. I saw the explosion that happened to take place just yonder there.", her head moved into the direction of the entry. Daihok frowned, his lavender eyes looking worried at her: "Are you sure it was just a vision about the past and not of the future?"

Sildrin nodded: "I am quite sure. I only happened to have two visions about the future in my lifetime." She lowered her voice: "But I do know one thing... Severak is still pulling some strings.. and I am sure he had to do with the poisoning of some of the journeymen and the explosion." Daihok asked confused: "Who is Severak?" Shin'ichi growled: "That damn bastard..", he turned to Daihok and started to tell him about the "True Brotherhood". Sildrin took a deep breath: "Excuse me for a while, I need to get some fresh air." Daihok and Shin quickly continued their conversation about the True Brotherhood.

She walked outside, the fresh cool air filled her lung. ... What if Severak managed to reprogram those droids...? - a disturbing thought, but surely the security defences of the Dark Brotherhood were good enough to prevent this. She murmered: "Or maybe someone did infiltrate the Brotherhood and sliced the droids.." Something disturbed her thoughts, like the rippling surface of a pool where a stone had been thrown into. Her breath quicked and her force senses warned her of a danger behind her. Quickly she turned around, with a fluent motion igniting her saber. But the shadow now in front of her was faster - invisble fingers clenched against her throat, a pressure that slowly caused the bones to crackle.

Immediately her use of Control Pain dimmed the excruciating pain a bit; the saber left her hand as she threw it at the attacker, but with a mere flick of the force it was flung aside. Her lungs screamed for oxygen and the blood pounded in her head. The pressure on her veins increased. Within the white pools of her eyes the blood was forced to burst the cellular walls and the white surface of her eyes was slowly filled by the crimson liquid of life. "Feel the wrath of Severak. His reach is long. Your clan will soon follow your fate.", a voice pierced her mind. She sensed two force essences quickly approaching her and the attacker. Purple blades were ignited and Shin'ichi together with her Black Guard Daihok leaped at the infiltrator.


13-03-2006 15:39:34

Telona yawned and looked down at her glass. She didn't know what was up with the Naga Sadow members but then again, she didn't care. She ordered another drink and continued to sit in quiet observation at the bar.


13-03-2006 18:47:40

Cain sat silently as the battle outside the lounge started, but even though he knew not to enter this battle somthing inside him wanted to join in.
Trying to get up he felt the presence and it felt famillar.
Letting his body collaspe again he knew he would more than likly be only a burdan, but if it sould come his way he would step in with no hesitation.
"This should be interesting." He murmered to himself.

Shinichi Endymiron K

14-03-2006 01:49:16

The two Krath attacked in unison. Years of training together had woven between them a sense of one another that could not be severed in battle. They worked in tandem driving this unknown attacker back, breaking his concentration on the embattled priest that now lay gasping on the ground, her eyes normally white were crimson pools. Shin'ichi felt the rage enter him as he slammed the assailant into a wall with a powerful force strike as Daihok caught him in the back with his boot driving the being further into the stone and plaster.

The Epis then planted a fist into the would-be assassin's kidney as the Archpriest leapt and caught the man in the back of the neck with his knee. The unknown figure slumped to the ground and rapidly opened and closed his mouth trying in vain to consume air as Daihok constricted it around his throat. Before he could pass out and die however the Epis released him, now Shin'ichi would have his turn at the man.

He helped to prop up the assailant against a wall and looked into his eyes. "Tell me your name." he asked calmly. The assassin turned his head and spoke. "Na'tal" Shin'ichi smiled as he further infiltrated the mind of this weak willed creature. "Who truly sent you?" Again he answered "Severak" another smile from the Archpriest. He turned to his friend and when Daihok nodded Shin'ichi asked the big money question. "How will you strike at our clan?" At this the assassin reached into his robes and pulled out a needle. Before anyone could react the killer jammed it into his chest and pushed the plunger. In seconds he was dead. The Archpriest howled in impotent frustration. The Epis by his side merely grunted. Sildrin had only now begun to recover from the failed attack and looked between them and then at the corpse. Her head bowed low.


17-03-2006 17:41:43

Nobody had noticed Revenant enter the lounge again. He stole his way to the bar and ordered a Corellian Brandy. The serving droid regarded him for a moment. "Not sleeping lately?" it enquired in a genderless tone.

The droid was right. He hadn't been sleeping. Guess my eyes are telling, he thought. Recently his slumber had been plagued by visions. In his dreams he was on Korriban. But it was not the Korriban he had been to. It was older, before the Jedi Civil War. He was witness to some primitive ritual, of sacrifice and blood. What did it mean? Perhaps he would consult his master, Shin'Ichi. The Krath had tomes upon tomes of lore. Surely Shin'Ichi would at least be able to point him in the right direction...


20-03-2006 17:40:20

Sildrin kept her head bowed. Slowly she rose a hand to her eyes, using her force powers to clean them from the escaped blood and to push away the pain from her throat. A soft sigh escaped her lips she felt the pain fade into background Her voice was hoarse as she said to Shin and Dai: "I guess we always knew he would return...., and now we have a proof.", she poked the dead body with the point of her right boot. Daihok knelt down to examine the corpse, but of course the assassin had left no hint where he had come from. Her voice whispered to Shin: "I somehow doubt that I am a main target... probably I was only the starter. I fear for Malisane and Macron... by the way... it has been quite a long time I have heard of Macron and Malisane...", her eyes widened lightly and her skin turned even more pale.

Shinichi Endymiron K

20-03-2006 17:56:14

Shin'ichi stretched out with the force, his closed he focused on his brother. "Macron lives." he said simply after a moment. "I do not know about Malisane, I have no connection to him." He looked at Sildrin then at Daihok. "If Severak has returned to finish the job he started then we must warn the others. Kat and Manji must be made aware as well as Xanos and Korras." The Epis and Priest nodded in response.

Sildrin stood and motioned towards Daihok. "Take this message to house Marka Ragnos, Shin'ichi and I shall inform the Consul." With these simple words the three Dark Jedi leapt from the balcony to the ground below and were off to their tasks.

Daihok sprinted for his shuttle, Sildrin and Shin'ichi ran for her transport. The true brotherhood was back and they hadn't a moment to lose.


21-03-2006 06:56:44

Spotting his Master leaving the lounge, Revenant broke from his curious reverie and ran after Shin'ichi. These visions had been plagueing him for a while, and he was not willing to wait to find an answer.

Breathless, the Sith Commander caught up with his mentor as he and Sildrin reached the Priestess's shuttle. "Master! I must speak with you!"

"I would have thought, my young apprentice, that our haste would have told that time is a luxury we cannot afford!" The Keibatsu's face was a portrait of anger, barely kept in check.

"This is important," the young Knight replied. "I don't know why yet, that's why I need your help."

The Archpriest paced back and forth while Sildrin tugged at his robes, trying to usher him into the shuttle. "I'm sorry, Revenant, but this must take priority. Severak has returned!"

Revenant's eery, blank stare settled on Shin'Ichi's eyes for a moment, a trace of a grin creeping into the corners of his mouth. "I know, but I'm not waiting."

He thought his master would combust there and then. The Krath was near bellowing with rage. "Are you braindead?! This is Severak! I can't go into this with you here. Not now."

"I know," Revenant replied evenly. "That's why I'm coming with you."


21-03-2006 08:43:38

Once they had gone Malisane slipped out of the shadows nearby. He frowned. Something here wasn't right. What was Severak playing at? The idea of sending a mundane assassin to kill Knights or Equites was ludicrous. There must be something else going on. He couldn't help thinking this was some ploy to distract attention from whatever was really going on so the Clan and perhaps the Brotherhood were looking the wrong way when the real move came.

Malisane had met Severak, not the clone the real article, he'd stood in his prescence and had the rogue Elder in his mind briefly, and yet the man was an enigma. The message they'd received from the Summit and the DC on the return from Kangaras had been simple. Severak was officially dead, he would be found and discreetly dealt with. If this was his work why was he still alive to do it?


26-03-2006 17:13:28

Malisane shrugged. He turned and walked back into the bar.

"Hey everyone I'm getting the drinks in what's everyone having?"

Lanius Sin

27-03-2006 04:46:10

Eldrad Sin sat opposite Acara Rayden. He appeared still, like storm clouds on the horizon, but his thoughts were troubled. The two comrades sat in quiet concentration ignoring, but not oblivious to, the other happenings in the lounge.

“So,” started Sin, taking the opportunity to end the troubled silence. “You’ve felt it too?” His un-naturally ice blue eyes met Acara’s and instantly he knew the reply.

“Hmm. It would seem that an old wound cannot heal.” The Adumari stated. “Something tainted,” Acara paused and his gaze seemed to pierce through Sin and into the distance. Perhaps some far off memory replayed itself in his mind.
“It is perhaps beyond us to see my friend,” He smiled “At least not yet.”

Eldrad’s brow furrowed and he clenched his fist. “It’s been ever since”

“Yes,” interrupted Acara. “But perhaps we should take this somewhere else. It’s rather crowded in here for such talk.”

Sin nodded as he stood and fastened his hooded cloak. It was getting too hot in the lounge for his tastes anyway and he was glad to escape the constant interruptions.

Offering his hand Sin helped Acara to his feet and stooped to whisper in his ear. “Shall we walk to the Meditation Building? We have much to talk about.”

“And the others?” questioned the Adumari duelling champion.

“Hmm, the others…”


28-03-2006 16:51:27

Raven got up and walked over to the bar were Malisane was sitting, taking a seat next to him.

Leaning over, he whispered, "Alright, i saw you hiding over there. You have somthing to do with this. What the hell is going on?"


30-03-2006 12:30:13

Lokasena walked in to the lounge, soking wet... He looked around. recognized only one face.
Mistress Alanna looked as stunning as ever...!
He nodded respectfully.
Motioning to a waiter he said; "Double Glenn Morangi, no ice...

He sat down by the fire to warm and dry himself.

"Where is that drink...?" <_<


30-03-2006 14:32:12

Malisane thought for a minute, then deciding that the Severak issue had dominated the Runon for a bit too much time and it was time to get back to the normal plot, ie drinking carousing, talking etc.

"Oh not much Raven no idea what they're up to, Come on lets have a beer."
Raven nodded. "Sure."
Malisane nodded. "Bartender, two beers."
"And two for me as well," Raven added.
"Anything to eat guys?" the bartender asked.
Malisane nodded. "Yeah give us a couple of them there Soylent Greens they're mighty tasty."
"Coming up." the bartender replied.


31-03-2006 05:19:46

The door to the Lounge opened just wide enough to allow someone to pass through...and someone did. Wearing his outer robes and having his hood pulled low over his face, the figure surveyed the Lounge for the first time. After spotting a seat in the corner to his liking and not seeing or sensing any of clan or house mates in his immediate vicinity, the figure walked silently towards the seat and sat down, stopping only to discreatly order a Corellian ale from a nearby waiter. Having taken his place, the figure set about one of favorite activities, and, quite honestly the reason he came...observation.

His drink was brought to him and he began sipping it slowly, noting the miriad of characters present and indentifying their quirks silently.

He had noticed Telona earlier, but now he realized just how pervasive her apathy was. There she sat, not really noticing it seemed, ANY of the other happenings in the bar.

The only other face he recognized readily, was Lokasena, a fairly new member to Ektrosis, the house that accompanies his own in Clan Taldryan.

He slumped back in his chair and thought to himself, "So this is the Lounge."


31-03-2006 10:23:56

Lokasena noticed Odium looking at him.
The Acolyte emptied his glas in one gulp and rose from his seat.
He walked over to Odium, asking; "Is this seat taken?"

"Not at all. Sit, please..." Odium said polite.
"Thank you." Lokasena replied as he looked at Odium, and sat down.

"So," the new commer began "Tell me something..."

"Like what?" Odium asked.

"I don't know." Lokasena said "What do you want to talk about?"
He leaned back in his chair. "And most importantly; What do you want to drink? I'm buying!"


31-03-2006 17:39:44

Devani slid into the room quietly, her gaze flitting about as she searched for anyone she knew. Spotting Odium, her face lit up and she rushed over to his table, grabbing a glass from a droid before sitting next to the Jedi Hunter. Leaning over she gave him a kiss on the cheek before taking a sip of her random drink. Grinning she suddenly blushed as she just noticed Odium's friend. She regarded him silently for a moment before introducing herself.

"Dark Greetings, I am Devani Te'Arianu, Commander of Battleteam Bas-Tyra and proud member of House Oriens Obscurum and Clan Arcona."

She began to laugh and winked at the man, "Now that the formal introduction is over with, I'm also known as the Goddess of Beer and Spam. I heard you were buying drinks?"


01-04-2006 05:13:03

Odium, seeing that he could no longer remain unseen, gave up and laughed excitingly, both at Devani's suprising entrance and the interesting introduction between she and Lokasena. He pulled off his hood, letting his black and white face show, though in all reality his pure white skin could be seen under the hood anyway.

"Corellian Ale," he told Lokasena, still amused by the previous sequence of events, " thank you."

Turning his gaze to Devani indicating in his expression suprise and gratitude for such a warm welcome, Odium asked of both of them,"'s life?" Then he leaned back and took a sip of his half full glass, still watching Devani's expression.


02-04-2006 07:35:18

"How is life...?" Lokasena repeated.
"Here I sit with two people who will call me 'friend'. I share food and drink with them. And pleasant conversation. My life is enhanced by your presense."

Lokasena looked at Devani.
"As good as two men can talk to each other, the evening is never complete without a beautiful woman. And lo, heaven sent us a Goddess..."

Lokasena rose from his chair sollemly.
"Let us drink and break bread together. Sit upon the grounds and tell sad stories of the deaths of Kings." He said in jest. Winking at Odium.
As he sat down again he smiled at his companions. "Every once in a while, declare peace. It confuses the hell out of your enemies...!"


02-04-2006 22:15:51

The doors to the lounge opened suddenly, and in walked Sith Warrior Aabsdu. He looked at no one, and no one looked at him, but instead he walked straight to the bar and took a seat.

"Something strong," he ordered the droid bartender.


03-04-2006 02:07:59

"However, let those who desire peace, prepare for war!" Odium bantered in return. "And, pray tell, who are my enemies at this point in time, that I should have to confuse them? Oh well, no matter, I am of Clan Taldryan. I pwn." he declared chuckling a little at his semi-sarcastic comment.

Apollyon threw his head back and downed the rest of his drink and in the motion signaled a nearby waiter for another. "How are liking life in the Kr'Tal system, Loka? I trust the Equites are treating you with some sort of dignity...even though its not like there's anything I can do if they're not." The Jedi Hunter tried hard, but to no avail, to keep a straight face. However, once his gaze returned to Dev's he could not stop from letting out another chuckle.


03-04-2006 04:06:41

"I must say that I've been treated with more respect that I thought I deserved." Lokasena said, as he raised an eyebrow to indicate that he was seprised by this fact.

"It really starts to feel like home here. The trick now is to find out of all who come near, those who are truely friends. And to reveal the foes." The right corner of his mouth curlled up as he thought about all the methods he could use to do so.

"But then, I've only been here a few weeks. Yet I've learned much...!
Barkeep... another Glenn Morangie, and for my friends...?" He motioned to Odium and Devani.

When all had ordered, Lokasena sat back in his chair and spoke in a more serious tone.
"There are however things that seem disturbing. My meditations reveal a pressence. It comes closer every day. Verily you must have sensed it. I believe the time for half-messeaures is over.
Ergo, we must act quickly..."

Lokasena closed his eyes as he waited for a replie. He had made his first move to learn more about the brotherhood.


03-04-2006 04:15:15

"This danger, Im not sure what it is that you refer to...a danger to the clan, the Brotherhood itself. I know that war is probably never far away. All Taldryan has to do is mind ts own borders for there to be war. Granted war with pirates, but war nonetheless. Honestly, I have not felt anything as foreboding as you portray" Odium replied. Their drinks came and just as Odium was about to continue and good friend of his walked in the door.


03-04-2006 04:17:35

The doors to the bar opened once more; the Kel Dor walking through them noticed a squeek coming from the hinges of the well-used doors as he passed over the threshold. Menace looked for around for anyone that he knew. His goggle-covered eyes passed over the many faces in the bar. Then, from just a few yards away, he heard the voice of his clan-mate, Odium calling him to the table at which he was sitting. The Hunter meandered over, ordering a drink as he passed by a server droid.

As he sat down, the Kel Dor was greeted by three Dark Jedi. One was Devani, a Jedi Hunter he had met through his friend, Odium, who was also seated at the table. Last, there was Lokasena, the newest member of the Hunter's Battleteam, Phoenix.

"Greetings, friends," Menace said in a loud voice so that he could be heard over the dull roar of the bar.


03-04-2006 04:26:29

"Menace, friend, how goes the life of my greatest contribution to the Brotherhood thus far?" Odium laughed at the thought that this "apprentice" of sorts had begun to outshine his "master." "You know Dev, and Loka, who has just brought forth a speculation slash concern about an imminent danger." Turning to Lokasena Odium continued, "I do not sense this danger yet, but I agree with you that the time for half-measures is passed. The Clan is about to enter its possible finest hour...we must help facilitate this glorification of an already great Clan."

The Zabrak finished off another glass of Corellian ale, and sat back quietly and pensively.


03-04-2006 05:07:24

Devani sipped her drink slowly, listening to the others as they talked. Swirling the drink around in the class she seemed mesmerized by it. Shaking her head, she looked up and decided to enter the discussion.

"I have felt nothing of this danger...perhaps it is to Clan Taldryan that this danger approaches or merely to yourself. Keep your eyes open."

Winking at Lokasena, the Huntress also added, "Thank you for the drink, you shall have to buy for me again!" Something in her eyes spoke of more but it was quickly covered up as she leaned over to Menace.

"Hello again Menace! Nice to see you once again." Looking down at her half empty glass, she waved over a droid, "Another Sith Scorcher for me. Anyone else?"


03-04-2006 05:25:53

"I'll actually have another Corellian Ale." Odium said still in a relaxed and pensive frame of mind.

Odium began to drift from the Lounge, at least subconciously anyway. He began to mull over conversations he had had with Lokasena previously. Perhaps it was just the power of suggestion at work but he began to feel something; something elsewhere, elusive. He tried to pieces of his conversations with Loka together in a way that pointed exactly to this threat, but to no avail. He began to question whether Loka was indeed just making things up, or whether there is something to be discovered, lurking beyond the shadows. He could almost feel it, whatever it was, watching him, creeping up on him. He felt its will, sensed that it was reaching for him, ready to snatch him along with all of Taldryan into its claws.

"Odium? Are you okay?" The sweet voice of Devani brought him back to full conciousness....

...and it was gone.


03-04-2006 05:45:49

"Perhaps your right" Lokasena said. Looking at Odium.
"perhaps I'm being pranoid. Then again, Paranoya is for people who think they have threats against their lives. I HAVE threats against my life." he smiled.

"Something from my past is growing near. If it is what I suspect, we should prepare for battle. When I left the Lazarus Concordance to join the brotherhood, they weren't very pleased about it..!"
Lokasena closed his eyes agian and inhaled deeply.
"It's difficult to pin-point the threat. I fear that the next conflict might be my fault. I do not wish to bring this over the Brotherhood. I must find out if there is anything I can do alone."

Then he looked at his friends again and smiled.
"Do not be troubled my friends, I'll protect you...!" He winked at Devani again.


03-04-2006 16:34:21

Rage gets a drink


03-04-2006 22:35:27

Raven looked around, and noticed several newcomers, most of them hunters. He eyed them, envious of their rank. It was beginning to become a irratating that he was still a Guardian. He turned back to Malisane, snatching up his sake. He took a gulp, and leaned back.

"So, Malisane, how is it being the new HLK Aedile?"


04-04-2006 02:02:29

Odium smiled, laughing inside, at Loka's paranoia comment, but he could not shake from his head. He began to fear something, the same something that had nearly taken him in its clutch only moments ago.

Loka then reassured his friends that he would protect him. Apollyon was again slightly amused by the thought, however what really lifted his spirits(besides the four or five glasses of Corellian Ale) was Loka's wink at Devani. "Dev really has got the touch, huh..." he mused to himself.


04-04-2006 02:13:44

ignore....double post(somehow)


04-04-2006 02:14:49

Devani laughed merrily, "I thank you for the thought Lokasena but I am hardly a helpless wench. I'm sure there is something else you could help me with but we can discuss that later. Now Odium you are not drinking enough! All this silly talk of vague dangers when you could be having a damn good time with me at the table!" The Huntress ordered another drink and gave it to her sober friend, "Drink up! The Lounge is for relaxing you know..." she winked. Taking off her outer robes she giggled, "Is it hot in here or is it me?"


04-04-2006 02:16:37

Suddenly all his cares slipped away, but as they were going he made a mental note to begin meditating on it later. However, that WAS for later. At the moment all that really mattered was the presence of his friends, especially the female of said friends.

Odium smiled at Devani and replied, "Yes, I do believe its getting a little warm, but I cant figure out why." The hunter began to relax as Dev reminded him to. He had been very busy over the last month or so achieving his new rank and now was the time to enjoy himself, even more so when considering the next step was to be even harder and more taxing; the Dark Jedi Trials.

Odium picked up the glass in front of him still trying to appear solemn. Suddenly he gulped the entire rest of the drink just as the new one arrived. "You're right, Dev!" Odium declared confidently though he was fighting the intensity of chugging half of a Corellian Ale, "Now is the partay!!"


04-04-2006 02:18:44

ignore this post....something screwed up


04-04-2006 04:30:31

"Friends," Lokasena almost whispered. "If sense something else. It's gonna be a wild night tonight."

He losend the shirt of his upper robes. Now it revealed part of his chest.
Not sure what was raising the temprature. His drink or the devine Mistress Devani.

Lokasena had to be carefull, She was intoxicating.
By no means a helpless wench...!
Hair as dark as Obsidian, and eyes that shone with the brilliance of Correlian Fire Diamonds.
But this was not the time to indulge insuch things.
He could remember the last time he had let himself go. Lost controle.
The drinking helped. That was his strategy. 'Drink, so you can't talk nonsense." He thought to himself.

He signalled a droid. "Why don't you bring me the bottle?" Looking at Odium and Devani talking and joking he added; "Better make it two..."

He felt so comfortable here. It had been a long time since he had this feeling.
This was where he belonged. This was good. This was home...

Macron Sadow

05-04-2006 09:58:05

Macron continued to read a trashy novel and sip scotch at a small booth. He looked up and eyed the room with a cool gaze, and then returned to his reading with a grin. Just then, Rage walked up and gave him a loud traditional Shistavanen greeting. Macron flinched at the howl, his reverie broken.

"Dang it Rage," the alchemist chuckled. "Have a seat. Watcha been up to?"


06-04-2006 03:52:15

Though his focus was elsewhere, Odium heard Loka ask for two bottles, and upon hearing this he blurted out, "Why donwe juss get a keg of, like, ale....good Corellian ale! HAHAHAAAA!" The words came out pretty clear but the alcohol was obviously slowly making its way into his resilient Zabraki system.

Sensing Loka's sudden relaxation and comfort, Odium saw his opportunity. Discreetly he winked at Menace, who understood exactly what to do. As if nothing happened the Zabrak went back to his conversation...and drink.


06-04-2006 04:24:01

Rage smilied "Not much master, these past few days have been abit slow for me" he nodded at a server droid, which always had his whiskey on hand whenever the shistavanen was in the vicinity of the bar.

"I was thinking about going home for a while, maybe go back to UP or go to Courscant or Csilla....also" he sat the thinking "there was this guy up in Nar Shadda that owed me considerable amounts of money..but the bastard is probably dead by now"
He took a swig of his whiskey

"But i cant help wondering that i'd missing something here while i left" he flashed that smile that some took as a snarl.
"What would you guys do without me?"
The Former QUA chuckled "Well... (Yes i intend you to finish the sentence :P)


06-04-2006 04:27:07

Menace nodded to the Zabrak and stood up, as though to stretch his arms and legs. After making a few grunting noises to make it realistic, he carefully walked behind Lokasena. The human sat comfortably in his chair, slouching slightly due to his relaxed state and slight intoxication. Very carefully, the Hunter pulled his training saber from its place on his belt. Quickly and silently, the Obelisk ignited the saber and brought the hilt with its sapphire blade almost to its full length to the neck of the Acolyte seated in front of him.

Lokasena flinched when he heard the activation of the blade and saw his body bathed in a soft azure light. Masking his voice as best he could, Menace spoke to the Krath.

"Always keeping your eyes fixed on the light will not save you from the creatures that lurk in the shadows."

Odium cracked an inebriated smile once the last word left Menace's lips. Devani began to giggle at the manner of her friends. Menace hit a button on the hilt, making the sapphire blade slither back into the emitter on top of the hilt. Lokasena turned around slowly, his back now straightened. Both Devani and Odium couldn't help but laugh when the Acolyte was greeted by Menace with a slap on the back and loud: "gotcha!"

Menace clipped the hilt of his training saber back onto his belt and sat down again, sipping the contents of the glass in front of him.


06-04-2006 05:19:52

As he saw the ammusement in Menace his eyes, Lokasena relaxed again.
But not to much.
His new found friend had tought him a valluable lesson. One he would not soon forget.

"I can see that it would be wise to keep a close eye on you in future." The Acolyte smiled as he spoke the words.

"Perhaps one day you'll honour me with a practice session in the ACC? AS for now...
Droid, you heard my friends. Leave the bottles and bring a barrel..!"

Lokasena looked at Menace, smiled, and offerd his hand in friendship.
Menace hesitated for a moment, wondering if it wasn't a trick.

As the Hunter extended his arm, Lokasena grabbed his fore-arm and shook it warmly.
"We are all friends here...!" the newcomer said.

Macron Sadow

06-04-2006 10:51:56

"Well, first I would torture some people. And then kill a few more, and then...." his eyes drifted off and became unfocussed as he dreamt of indescribable agonies. Rage smiled and sipped his whiskey. Macron was kind of nuts, and this was well known. The alchemist was also not xenophobic in the slightest, and thus had taken the Shistavanen on as an apprentice.

"People who owe you big, eh? Revenge is a sweet brew Riv. I say you go slaughter the punks. The experience will only draw you closer to the embrace of the Dark Side."


07-04-2006 13:53:39

"Thats a good idea" He smiled "i might just do that"

He then got out a training manual he had been reading about the different lightsaber styles and started reading it.

"I wonder which one is the best for me?" he asked..then signaled the droid for a refil and a steak


07-04-2006 20:05:50

"It's ok Raven," Malisane replied, "lot to do but I'm getting the hang of it."
"Cool." Raven replied.
Macron looked over Ravens shoulder to where Macron and Rage were talking. "What are those two up to?"
"I have no idea." Raven replied.

Malisane nibbled on his Soylent Green. "This stuff doesn't taste as good as I remembered.
Raven shrugged. "I don't touch the stuff gives me acid."
Malisane nodded. "Well they say one man's meat is another mans stomach upset." he said dropping the rest in the bin. "Lets have a beer."


08-04-2006 04:48:22

"Geez...youre so uptight." Apollyon declared to the newest victim of his and Menace's clowning around. "This is the Lounge...and none of us are above DJK. F*** the formality(at leastfor the moment) and DRINK!" Odium laughed loudly, finally actually letting himself be himself for the first time in months. His new boost of jove gave the Hunter a glow that suprised Dev and Menace as they'd never really seen him like this...ever. Odium finished off another glass of ale and while he reached over to the barrel, which was positioned on the table so that he had to lean across Devani slightly to fill the glass, the Zabrak whispered into her ear. No one else heard a word, but it was obviously entertaining because the Huntress laughed heartly upon hearing it. ;)


08-04-2006 06:14:47

"I'm sorry... You're right of course." Lokasena spoke softely. Almost imbarrased.
As he sat down, he almost missed the chair. He was feeling the effect of the ale. Odium could not hold in his laughter. Soon Menace and Devani joined him.

As the Krath sat in his chair looking at his friends laughing, he realized that he was acting a bit silly.
Maybe it was time for one of his own tricks. The next one always worked better when he was drunk.

He got up from his seat, unsheathed his 'Mormegil' sword, twisted it around as he threw it in the air and caught it behind his back. Lokasena had returned the sword in its sheath and sat down before the rest even new what had happened.

"Nice trick." Menace said. "To bad you didn't hit anything!"
Lokasena smiled and pointed at the keg of ale.
Menace looked at it, but couldn't see anything strange about it. As he looked closer he saw a drop of ale running down from the middle of the keg. The drop became a drizzle. Suddenly the upper half of the barrel slid off. Most of the ale it was holding spilled over Menace, since he was still inspecting the matter.

"Sorry for the Alcohol abuse my friends." Lokasena laughed. "I'll get us a new one...!"

Phoenix alThor

08-04-2006 14:59:54

Phoenix al'Thor was a newcomer to the lounge. Opening the door she took a quick look around and noticed many people there. One group in particular were seemingly getting very drunk as there was a full keg of ale with them. Phoenix didn't know them as she was new to the Brotherhood, but thought they looked friendly enough.

As she was making her way to them, a Twi'lek intercepted her. Phoenix never thought she would see this particular creature ever again. Not after their last meeting. Phoenix had met him a couple of years ago when they were both Bounty Hunters going after the same prize. Phoenix eventually collected the bounty as her skills with the force had been of considerable advantage then. Persuasion was a strong point of hers.

Moving over to the other side of the room to avoid this creature, she headed towards the group with the keg of ale. Drinking is one of Phoenix's favourite past times. With another keg of ale the group seemed to be having a great time. One of them, Lokasena, one of the others called him fell off his chair and landed hard on the floor, not seeming to be able to get up. The others started laughing and Phoenix approached the group.

"Hey guys, fancy a hand in finishing off that keg?" Phoenix said. "I could drink any of you under the table."


08-04-2006 15:39:05

Devani smiled widely, jumping up as the strange woman approached and addressed them. "Welcome! Welcome, now you're talking to the Goddess of Beer and Spam here, I highly doubt you could drink me under the table but you are welcome to try! I am Aedile Devani Te'Arianu. These are my friends Lokasena, Menace and Odium." Devani waved a hand to each in turn. Grabbing the jug of ale she poured a tall frothy glass for the newcomer. "Come sit and drink!"


09-04-2006 05:06:56

Odium leaned over to the newcomer and said just loud enough for the others, especially Dev, to hear, "You'll havto pardon hrr.....shezzzz noquite all togethhhher up here." The Hunter pointed to his head as he finished the sentence to indicate his meaning. Though the ale was getting to him, he had allowed his words to slur much more perceivably than before, adding in a few, "HIP"s through out the sentence to add to the effect.

The Zabrak was then suddenly slightly annoyed at the appearance of this newcomer, and since his inhibitions were dissipating rapidly, he spoke his mind. "Why arehere zzo many female YUMANZZ? Whereare all the Z..Zabrak women? Thisizz realllly starting to get...HIP...on my nerves!" Suddenly he snapped back to reality for a moment, and realized what he had said. Odium immediately covered his mouth and looked around to see if his friends had actually heard him(though he didn't expect them to have missed it).

"Hehe, sorry bout...HIP...that. Allow me to properly introduce myself. I am Jedi Hunter Apollyon Dinaarius of House Dinaari in Clan Taldryan, Eclectic Pedagog of the Shadow Academy, and.....well, actually I guess thats it. As Devani mentioned everyone calls me Odium." Odium looked around awkwardly not quite knowing how to finish. Finally he said quickly, "Hi." and took another sip of his cool, sharp Correlian ale.

Then he leaned over to Loka and whispered in his ear, "I was being facetious about the whole uptight were pretty uptight, but it was an attempt to relax the...HIP....mood further. hehe Don't worry...HIP... ;) you're fine."


09-04-2006 09:13:37

"That's nice to know Odium." Lokasena said to his friend. "But tell me what's wrong with Human females?" the Krath mused as he watched Devani and the new comer talking together.
Odium's skin almost blushed through his tattoos.
"You heard that, did you?" He asked a bit embarrased.

"It's alright my friend. To each his own." Lokasena looked at Odium and smiled. "More Human females for me then." winking at his comrade as he said it.

Then the Protector stepped up to Phoenix in order to introduce himself.
"Hello, my name is Lokasena of the Clan Taldryan. I'm the uptight one..." he smiled at Devani.
"Welcome to the Lounge where food and drink is only as good as the people you share them with.
Join us, enhance our evening...!"

He turned and sat down next to Odium and Menace. "Did I embarres myself again?" he whispered.

Asani Vosa

09-04-2006 09:44:41

Vosa entered the Lounge.
This was the place she heard so much about.
She saw several groups of people sitting, talking. And she also saw the person that recruted her into the brotherhood.
She walked up to the group. Her hair dark red. And her white skin stood off from the tight dark blue training suit she was wearing.
"Hello Sena...." she said.

Lokasena looked up and rose from his chair. "Mari..." he said as he nodded to her.
"Well," the young woman said. "Aren't you going to introduce me to your friends?"

Macron Sadow

09-04-2006 10:58:16

Macron motioned Malisane and Raven over to the table where he and Rage sat. The beers were on him tonight. "Congrats, Mal. I am sure you will make a fine Aedile. I think it will be fun to be a mere flight leader now. It leaves me more time for my... work, you know? And Raven- how are you? Long time no see. Rage and I were just contemplating some vengeance on a few of his friends."

He took a quick look around, noticing the newcomers. He recoginized Phoenix from House Ludo Kressh, had met Devani a few times, and the others he had only just seen. The mad alchemist nodded in their direction and hoisted his glass as the light reflected from his red and black armor.


09-04-2006 11:14:51

Lokasena looked back at Odium and whispered. "Looks like another female just entered the picture."

"Well then." the Krath began. "I'd like you to meet Odium and Menace, you'll have to forgive if they don't get up. It's been one of those nights."
Vosa smiled as she looked at the two men slumped in their chairs.
"And here," Lokasena continued. "we have the lovely Devani and another new comer to our soirré, Phoenix..." Motioning to the women.

"Everyone, this is Komari Vosa. We go back a bit. I met her before I joined the Brotherhood."
The Protector raised an eyebrow in thought. "As a matter of fact, I convinced her to join in the first place."

"Now Komari, play nice... while I inspect the sanitatory facilities." Lokasena said as he walked toward a door next to the bar.


09-04-2006 17:06:02

Devani smiled in welcome to Komari, taking another sip of her cold drink. At another booth she noticed Macron's raised glass and nodded in return. She found the man dreadfully interesting, the tales of his alchemy lab legend. Someday she would buy him a drink but tonight she already had drinking partners. "Sit, sit! And drink with us. Odium isn't as dreadful as he sounds, I promise." the Aedile winked at her friend. Lokasena returned and before he sat, she beckoned to him. "Come Loka, sit next to me," her eyes glinted flirtatiously as she spoke. Looking at the two new women, she asked, "So Phoenix, how did you come to join the Brotherhood? And Komari, welcome."


10-04-2006 04:57:57

Apollyon smiled at Devani's wink, but when she addressed Loka he could only contain himself enough to turn towards Menace. At that point he began to laugh, under his breath of course, but obviously enough for his fellow Taldryite to get the point. Seeing that his co-troublemaker had seen and heard his laughter, Odium leaned over and said softly, "Obviously someone has had too much to drink." Both the Zabrak and the Kel-Dor found the statement amusing, and when they realized that the others were looking at them, they both started to cough as though clearing their throats of some obstruction.

Odium straightened in his chair, and, still fighting back laughter, extended his hand to greet "Mari."
"Hello, my name is Apollyon Dinaarius, allow me to welcome you to the Brotherhood." He struggled to keep his words from slurring together in an attempt to appear more proper and official, though he failed badly.

Sitting back down he once again leaned over to Menace and whispered, "I repeat, where are all the damn Zabrak females?" Slightly amused by the situation Hunter Dinaarius chickled to himself as he grabbed his drink and returned to it, along with the conversation.


10-04-2006 10:57:44

Lokasena sat down next to Devani. He noticed Odium and Menace as they reacted to this.
As the conversation was picked up by the newcomers, the Krath Protector couldn't help glancing at Devani every one-in-a-while.
Sitting so close to her, her sent was enough to pierce any level of his concentration.
He tried to block out these primal thoughts. Lest Devani should sense it.

'Perhaps I should ease up on the alcohol' he thought to himself. At that moment a whiff of the Huntress perfume past his nose. He could only just serpress the need to growl in this hunger that he felt.
"Okay, who wants another drink. I'll go get them." he said as he quickly and clumsely rose from his seat.

'Keep it together, you're just drunk. That's all..!' he pressed the thought into his mind. Smiling at Menace and Odium he asked. "That barrel looks like it's almost empty...So, more ale every-one?"

Asani Vosa

10-04-2006 11:51:40

After accepting Devani's welcome and telling Lokasena that she'd like a Somerian Sunset, Komari walked over to Menace and Apollyon. She alway felt more comfortable around men. She saw women as rivals.

"Hello boys, mind if I sit here for a while?" she asked as she slowely took a seat next to Odium.
"I like your tattoos. Maybe sometime you'll sow me how far down they go..."
Her deep blue eyes looked straight at the Zabrak as she sensually bit her lower lip.


10-04-2006 12:34:27

Devani sighed, the smell of her vanilla perfume wafting up and comforting her as it always did. Taking another slow sip of her drink she contemplated her new life in the Brotherhood. New friends, old friends all served to brighten her usually depressed but cleverly hidden spirits. Barely hearing a sly comment by Odium, she laughed as she looks in his eyes. "Are you saying that I'm not good enough Odium?" Shaking her head, she pouts, "Well then maybe I should just find another seat?"


10-04-2006 12:49:58

As Lokasena came back with yet again a new barrel, looked across the room.
So many faces. Voices mingling aloud.
The Krath saw Komari flirting with Oduim. "She sure isn't the shy little girl I remember." he mused.
"She'll do well in the Brotherhood..."

Sitting down, the Protector filled his pint glass with ale and took a long gulp from it.
"Whahaha..." he laughed. "This aroma is starting to grow on me." Not sure if he meant the drink or the sent of vanilla.

"All this drinking is making me hungry. DROID, bring us some bread and meat."

Lokasena was really losening up.

"Did I mention that I like it here...?"

Phoenix alThor

10-04-2006 17:17:03

Phoenix took another drink of Corellian ale and observed the others around her. This was all new to her. The Twi'lek Phoenix noticed when she walked in had finished his drink and left. This was the first time Phoenix was able to relax.

There was entirely too much flirting going on. The new girl, Komari Vosa was flirting with Odium and he was totally transfixed. The'd probably be like that for a while.

Phoenix has always been more of an observer and listen to people's actions just as much their words. Taking a seat next to Devani, she whispered so Lokasena couldn't hear, "So. what's the deal with you and Loka here? Or is it the drink? He looks pretty fried."

"Hey," Lokasena stood up drunkenly. "What uu shayin bouut me?"

"I'm sorry, have another drink." Phoenix poured him another ale. Downing her own, she helped herself to more.


11-04-2006 01:11:27

Sitting virtually alone at the table now (everyone else was occupied), Menace tipped back his glass of Corellian ale and then set it on the table when only a thin layer of froth remained. The Kel Dor leaned back in his chair so that it was on only its two back legs. After almost falling backwards a number of times, regaining his balance (or what was left of it) by flailing his arms comically in small circles and getting a laugh from his fellow Dark Jedi, the Obelisk began to look around the bar. There were various aliens and humans sitting around, talking, and of course, drinking.

Soon, Menace's eyes came to rest on Phoenix, who was sitting next to Devani; they were, he assumed, talking about Brotherhood business, but he had no way of knowing. The Sergeant got up and stumbled over to the barrel of ale sitting half full next to the table. Leaning over, he began to fill up his glass for the... fourth? fith time? He hadn't the slightest clue. He vaguely recalled someone telling him that "the night isn't over until you forget how many drinks you've had." However, the glass was already full of the frothy, ice cold, ale. So, the Kel Dor stumbled back to his seat and sat down, sipping the drink, its contents spilling over his lips on occasion.


11-04-2006 03:31:41

Odium reeled back at Devani's query, and responded reassuringly, "It's not that humans aren't good looking..." His gaze swept between Dev, Mari, and Pheonix, his eyes making it obvious that he definitely liked what he saw. "...Its that there's....ZERO Zabrak women. I mean no offense, but...I'm not a human....I just....oh whatever!" Odium said as he gave up, took another gulp of his ale, and leaned back stretching his arms around both Dev and Mari, saying sarcastically, "I guess I work with this."


11-04-2006 10:46:30

Lokasena was muttering to himself.
"That girl calling me f-f-fried. I-I was p-probably drinking BlackHole shooters a-along time beforrr she was bo-*hips*-orn."

but it was getting late. Maybe it would be wise to go outside for a walk and some fresh air.

As he stood up he had trouble keepinh his balance. "Ooww man..." he moaned as he stumbeled toward the door.

"I'll see you guys soon, okay..."
Looking back at the group of new friends he smiled.
"Ya'll have fun now, ya hear..."

The Krath left the Lounge.


11-04-2006 17:00:24

"Good Odium and don't you forget it!" Turning back to Phoenix, Devani replied, "Loka is a new friend of mine and I think he's kinda cute but overall I just like flirting, terrible habit of mine." Devani's winks at Menace. "Menace come chat with us!" Taking another sip of her drink she asked, "How did you come upon the Brotherhood? Oh and if you ever want to have a bit of fun go check out the Spamboards, believe me! Oooh and tell me a little bit about yourself. If you have any questions of me feel free to ask."

Cal Tecontic

11-04-2006 18:00:04

Cal walked into the lounge and immediately spotted an open table. He sat and put his feet up the very image of a person who didn't care if anyone disagreed.

"Finally, I can relax for once. Studying is good, but i need to get out more," he said aloud. "Hey, can I get a Devaronian Chaser over here?"

The bartender looked at him and shook his head. Evidently, he didn't have the authority to ask in that manner...yet. He smiled and got up, walking over to the bar. Leaning close to the bartender, he said, "Look, I've had a trying day. So if you could just give me my chaser, there won't be any need for me to smash anyone's head into a table, a few chairs, and probably the wall, got it?"

The bartender laughed at Cal and answered, "Kid, you got guts. I respect that. Here's your chaser."

"Free of charge?"

The bartender laughed again. "I don't respect you that much. And try not to push your luck."

Cal smiled. "Fair enough. Although you do know there is no such thing as-"

"-As luck, only the Force. I know, I've heard it dozens of times."

Asani Vosa

12-04-2006 12:03:30

Komari was wondering why Sena had left. She hoped it had nothing to do with her flirting.
She knew Lokasena could be very passionate about things. But jealoussy...?
Besides he had never shown an interest in her, besides training.

"So... all you do is drink around here?" she said.
"How about a game...?"

Phoenix alThor

12-04-2006 17:23:20

"Well, I had no idea this was the Brotherhood until I arrived. The Brotherhood just gave me the co-ordinates of the planet and I came," Phoenix replied to Devani.

Downing the rest of her glass, Phoenix was a lot merrier than she was when she walked in here. Komari announced something about a game. This should be interesting.

Leaning forward on the table, refilling her glass, she said to Komari, "So, what kinda game are we talking about?"

Cal Tecontic

12-04-2006 17:35:53

Cal was drinking half the glass of his chaser when he heard 'game'. His eyes grew wide as he put down the glass and turned toward the room, scanning for the source of the word. He stopped suddenly, however, and turned back to his glass, scowling as he drank the rest of his chaser. "Damn games. Damn gambling. Damn gambling addiction!"

"You having problems there, kid?" the bartender asked.

"No, I'm fine. I just used to gamble a lot. Couldn't resist most of the time. Just got over it about two months before I came here," Cal answered.

The bartender looked at him. "Good for you, I guess. Never met a Dark Jedi that didn't hang on to addictions. Might not want to tell that to anyone around here."

Cal smiled. "I'll keep that in mind."

Macron Sadow

12-04-2006 20:31:12

Macron noticed the arrival of a particular Novice, one he had been keeping an eye on ever since encountering him in the Shadow Academy. He excused himself for a bit with a mutter, and moved toward the bar.

Cal Tectonic soon found himself eye to yellow eye with the Alchemy instructor. Mononoke's scarred face twisted in a grin, and he sat down next to Cal. Macron wondered if he had an interest in exogeology briefly. Cal looked surprised, but hid it well.

"Pretty damn good job with that alchemy test, my friend. You have potential. In fact, that was the best test I have ever seen from a Novice in that subject. Let me buy you a drink." The alchemist eyed the bartender meaningfully, who promptly set down 2 shots of Yavin Four-shine.

"So what brings you to the Brotherhood?" asked the Battlemaster as he gestured at his table. "Care to join us for a drink? I have worked with some of your Clan folk in the Grandmaster's Royal Guard. They are good operatives."


13-04-2006 04:22:49

Wondering if he'd offended Loka somehow, Odium's gaze followed him to the door where the Zabrak spotted a heavily cloaked figure. Apollyon knew immediately who it was and knew that it wanted....needed to speak with him.

"I'm sorry, ladies. I'm afraid I must step out for a while." the Hunter said as he stood and began to approach the figure. "Now don't leave. I'm sure I'll only be a minute....or two." And with a wink, he turned and after greeting his contact with a low bow, left the Lounge.


13-04-2006 18:27:22

Rage pulled out the latest DV and started reading it

Cal Tecontic

14-04-2006 11:29:23

Cal smiled widely at Macron. "Of course, however, I must ask that from now on, I only get Devaronian chasers. I can't really stand the taste of most other drinks."

The Battlemaster sat down on the chair, Cal following suit opposite of him. He thought it strange that this scar-twisted man was the Alchemy Course Teacher. Maybe he had expected someone...older. That just means that I should cast aside expectations, he thought.

"Well, at first it wasn't by choice. A couple of space bums had hijacked the cruise ship that I was on. I ran into a ship, took off and headed for the first plotted star system on the Nav computer. It happened to be Antei."

Cal took the glass of Yavin four-shine and downed it quickly. He grimaced as the drink filled his taste buds. "But after being promised power, I thought of nothing else. i guess the power of this place keeps me here." He eyed Macron and grinned. "Though I've never heard of Alchemy before I came here. How is it that you know so much about it?"

Macron Sadow

14-04-2006 14:20:14

Macron smiled. "The more I learn, the less I know. I really don't know that much. It's just a passion of mine. It all began with Darth Malak's shade tormenting me in my dreams." He downed his shot without even a flinch. A shrug followed. Mononoke came off as pretty tough and demented, but Lord Malak was one subject that made him uncomfortable. He changed position in his chair.

He looked about the table at the gathered Dark Siders. His Apprentice Rage the Shistavanen was reading a holoimage of the latest Dark Voice, and Raven sat nearby drinking. The alchemist leaned closer to the newly promoted Cal with a gleam in his eye. "Now, about that cruise ship. How many bums, did you say? Wouldn't it be nice to go and... kill them? Horribly?" His grin widened a bit, and he sat back in the chair. Now that was how a darksider thought.


15-04-2006 05:42:49

Apollyon walked back in and towards the table of friends. "Well," he said, "my Summit needs me to run an errand for 'em. I'll be back in a few days....hope to see you all here...?" The Hunter looked at each of them in turn, winking at the ladies as was his custom. Then the Zabrak turned, and, with a certain sense of urgency walked out the door again.

Cal Tecontic

16-04-2006 22:02:35

Cal laughed. "Sure, if you really want to track a band of space pirates. Hell, it would be good exercise." The thought of leaving the Brotherhood held no comfort for Cal, however. He was too ...absorbed in the teachings that were found here. He signaled to the bartender for another chaser. "I don't really care too much about them. They helped me find the Brotherhood, so they can die in whatever glorious way that they want," Cal said.


21-04-2006 17:11:58

A new member to the DB, been here for a couple of months, was making his way down the halls and heard a bunch of laughter and talking in one of the rooms. He read the sign next to the door, it said The Lounge. He walked in to see a bunch of people talking.

"Well, this is the first time i seen this place," Rannik said, "I guess i'll make use of it."

He walked forward a little bit, Cal and Odium looked at him.

"Hi," Rannik said, "I guess some of you don't know me so, i'll introduce myself, i'm Rannik 'Warhammer' Narius."

Rannik stood there patintly waiting for someone to answer...

Asani Vosa

23-04-2006 06:18:15

Komari looked at Rannik.

"Hello sith, I am Komari Vosa." She sipped her drink, softly wetting her lips.
"What brings you here?"


23-04-2006 17:54:19

"I was just walking down the hall, since im new and all, and i was seeing what new places i can find," Rannik said.

Rannik walked over to an empty chair, and sat down...

Cal Tecontic

24-04-2006 02:11:02

Cal looked at the newcomer and smiled. "Welcome! Always good to meet new people." He extended his hand over the table. "Warhammer, huh? Is that what you would prefer being called or just Rannik?"


24-04-2006 07:20:32

"It doesnt matter," Rannik answered, "I think a name is a name."

Rannik extended his hand out to shake Cal's hand. Rannik's was twice as big than cal's.

Cal Tecontic

24-04-2006 14:24:58

Cal's eyebrow raised as he noticed the gargantuan hand covering his. He was about to sit back when his datapad beeped loudly. He grimaced as the others looked at him."Sorry, forgot that I am still needed around here."

Pulling his datapad out, he read the message:

Cal Tecontic,
Please report to the combat center. Your challenge has been accepted and I await your arrival.  Don't keep me waiting.


"Damn, I got to run guys," Cal said. "It was nice meeting all of you, wish you well, all that formal bullsh**."

He got out of his chair and walked out of the lounge to fight his first battle...

Phoenix alThor

25-04-2006 06:11:51

Phoenix saw the newcomer, Rannik come in. She offers him a drink. "Correlian Ale, Rannik? Very good stuff." Phoenix gave him a wink and sat back down. "Make yourself at home here. We don't all bite. All the time."

Grinning, Phoenix went back to her drink.

Macron Sadow

25-04-2006 09:52:41

"I do," chuckled Macron from the corner as he flashed his durasteel-clad nashtah fang implants.
He nodded goodbye to Cal, and turned to Rage.

"So, my apprentice. Kill and Jedi lately?"


25-04-2006 11:30:58

Sildrin slendered towards the entry of the lounge, as a man with fiery red hair that matched her own nearly ran into her. They came to a stop, his piercing blue eyes layed upon her only to be met by a blind gaze of blank white eyes.

... he looks like someone of my family... Her eyes widened lightly. He had the same fiery red hair and blue eyes of many of the comyn - the ruling caste of her now destroyed homeplanet. The Acolyte Cal Tecontic stepped aside in respect of the Archpriestress, a movement aknowledged with a light bow of her head. Finally she made her way inside, making a mental note to lookup the history of this one.

A faint smile appeared as she saw some members of her clan, among them one she owed a lot. Sildrin stopped in front of them. "Mind if I join?", the Quaestor asked. Macron raised his glass: "Not at all!". Briefly Sildrin nodded to Phoenix, a new member she was laying quite some hopes in. "Greetings Phoenix. I believe we haven't met before."

Sildrin sat next to Macron, ordering some sake. For a few moments she felt as if time was turned backwards, as if she was the Aedile and Macron the Quaestor. She pushed over a filled glass of Sake to Macron. "You know.. I doubt be standing at this point ... without that certain Sith Alchemist in our clan.", she casually mentioned. She took a sip, sensing his slight surprised look and he sensed the pride within her that she had been his Aedile and Black Guard.

He nodded and also took a sip of the sake that ran sharp through his throat. The sake let the conversation die down for a moment.

Asani Vosa

25-04-2006 17:24:15

Vosa noticed that no-one seemed really interrested in a conversation wih her.
So she walked over to the bar and ordered a nother Black Hole.
Looking deep into her drink to see if she could discover some sort of meaning.

Why did Sena had to leave? When was he comming back?

Before the brotherhood he had always taken care of her. He tought her so much.
He'd been like a brother to her.
But now she realised that she felt more.

"Sena... where are you?" she whispered to her self.

Macron Sadow

26-04-2006 11:25:49

Macron nodded, humbled by Sildrin's feelings. He had done nothing special in his mind. Only what any good Leader and friend should do. It was thanks enough that people were acknowledging him as an alchemist. Sildrin was a good friend, and he was glad she held the reins of Kressh now.

He sipped his sake in silent contemplation, and eyed Komari. She looked bored, staring down into her drink. Macron gestured to the barkeep to bring her another one, on him. That was always an interesting way to start a conversation.

Asani Vosa

26-04-2006 13:28:57

Vosa turned around.
Whan she saw Macron she got up and walked toward him.

standing right infront of him she held her glas high and poured the contens over Macron's lap.

"I don't accept drinks from strage men..." she hissed.

She took one step back and looked out for his reaction...

Macron Sadow

26-04-2006 13:37:07

He had been trying to be friendly, but his rare good will had been rejected. He clenched his fist and snarled, and the glass shattered in her hand as the Force crushed it.

The alchemist shrugged and smiled. "Suit yourself. But that is no way to make friends. That was my only intent." He turned back to Sildrin and resumed their conversation.


26-04-2006 13:47:04

As Lokasena re-entered the lounge, he could see there was something wrong.

"Mari..." he bellowed.
"What are you doing?" walking over to her in long powerfull strides.

"I was just..." the woman began.

"Silence, woman." Sena snapped "Go to the bar and wait for me there."

Komari licked the blood of her hand and slowely walked over to the bar.

Lokasena now turned to Macron.
"I must appologise. She doesn't mean it you know. She is new here. Probably testing how you would react." Sena looked over at Komari and frowned.
"If you wish, I'll compensate you for any damage that she did."


26-04-2006 16:23:54

As Rannik watched all this going on at the moment.

"This is a pretty strange place," Rannik said, "Oh, no thanks, i dont drink."

Macron Sadow

26-04-2006 19:32:25

Macron replied thoughtfully as he remembered the day when his Master had stuck a katana blade thorugh his side for his insolence. He had been down that path already.

"No harm done, except perhaps to her hand. Sorry about that, I lost my temper for a few seconds. Fortunately, I am a pretty friendly guy- for a Dark Sider, that is. However, some folks around here are not as appreciative of an inquisitive spirit. Had I been an Elder, well... you get the idea."

Lokasena nodded by way of assent. "She may have thought you were making a pass, I suppose?"

"Hmm, could be I guess. I wasn't, just being friendly. Anyhow, it's all fine and no compensation needed. This Sith battlesuit doesn't absorb drinks very well. Catch you around sometime, my friend."

Lokasena returned to the bar, and Mononoke turned back to Sildrin with a smile. "What's new?"


27-04-2006 11:06:20

As Lokasena approached Komari he saw her jaw tighten.
"Sena, I was just..." Lokasena held up a hand.

"First we order a drink." he said softly. "Two Glenn Morangie, no ice..." he told the bartender.

As Sena took his first sip he turned to Komari and asked; "What were you thinking?"

"I'm sorry..." she appologised. "I just thought he wanted they always want."

The protector's face mellowed. "Mari, you need to put your past behind you. That's all over now."
She smiled at him.
"And if some-one should try anything... you come to me, understood?"

"Yes Sena, thank you..."
"Good" Lokasena said. "Now finnish your drink and lets get out of here."


27-04-2006 11:42:46

Sildrin faintly smiled: "Ohh news... I am burried in piles of work. And this current feud...", she raised a hand and dropped it again. The Blind Dragon took a deep breath: "Ahhh, I have been so busy, and so many events sneaked up on me. I feel like a butterfly in the storm." [ooc: or whatever is equivalent to a butterfly in SW :P ]. Her blind eyes stared beyond the sake glass in her hand, she murmered: "So many things happened." Then she grinned at Macron: "Any new invention of yours? Poison?.. New artefacts?"

Cal Tecontic

27-04-2006 14:50:38

Cal had walked back into the lounge, eager to see anybody's face besides Vessicant's. He had just taken the beating of his life, Vessican'ts 'training' was more physical and mentally exhausting then anything he had done before. He should have been in his room, sleeping or meditating, but he felt the need for a few chasers before that happened. Upon seeing Macron, he headed straight for that table. That strange woman he had bumped into earlier was still there as well.

"Well, whatever he's created, I'd like to hear about as well," Cal said to the table. "Mind if I sit?"


27-04-2006 17:53:28

Post deleted due to confusion.

Phoenix alThor

27-04-2006 17:58:21

Phoenix went back up to the bar and ordered another drink. She had seen what had happened with Macron and Komari. Smirking, Phoenix found Komari and Lokasena at the bar as well.

Standing next to Komari, while appearing to be waiting to be served, Phoenix said, "You'd better be careful around here. You can't just pour drinks over anyone who annoys who."

Smirking, Phoenix ordered her shot of Tequila and downed it in one. "You'll make enemies easy that way."

"I didn't ask for your advice," Komari retorted.

"No, of course you didn't. I was merely letting you know a fact." Phoenix said as she ordered a whiskey and sipped it. Turning round to face Komari, she said something that had been burning since the other woman had walked into the Lounge. "I recognise your name. I heard it in the years when I was a Bounty Hunter, but I can't seem to place it. But that name definately rings a bell."


27-04-2006 18:57:07

Rannik heard Pheonix say she use to be a Bounty Hunter.

"Pheonix, when was you a Bounty Hunter?"

Rannik stood up and walked over to her waiting an answer...

Macron Sadow

27-04-2006 20:24:25

"One sec, Sildrin. Hi Cal, have a seat." Macron smiled as Cal sat down, and turned to Sildrin again. "Well, I have been doing some research on a Darth Simus. He was literally a head in a jar in Sadow's time, very strange. seems he lost a fight with Marka Ragnos, and then managed to preserve his own head. " Mononoke tittered obscenely.


28-04-2006 03:31:52

"...definately rings a bell."

"I recognise it too," commented Revenant. "Most Mandalores will." Phoenix jumped, stsrtled a little.
"M-master Revenant," she stammered, "I didn't see you." The Knight smiled tightly.
"Komari Vosa was a renegade Dark Jedi who took control of the Bando-Gora, little more than terrorists really." He had a far off look in his eye, as if recalling some half memory. "Last I heard, she was defeated by Jango Fett prior to the outbreak of the Clone Wars."

Phoenix's expression creased with disbelief. "The Clone Wars? But..."
"I know," the Sith Commander commented dryly, "It would appear that there's more to your new friend than meets the eye..." With that, he turned his attention to the serving droid and ordered a Corellian brandy.

Cal Tecontic

28-04-2006 04:21:36

Cal's eyebrows raised slightly. A month ago he would have laughed at the impossibility of it, but he had learned so much in that month that he didn't doubt anything anymore. The fact that his experiment succeeded was mind boggling at the time, and he knew he was not powerful in the Force ...yet. However, that didn't stop him from thinking of something funny.

"Yeah, losing to Ragnos would make me want to do that. Such a great way to get ahead in life," Cal joked. Macron groaned slightly at the bad joke while the woman looked at him with all seriousness.

"The darkside is never something to joke about, Acolyte. Best to leave that alone," the woman who Macron had called Sildrin answered. "Unless the joke is better of course. So learn humor before you attempt it, just like anything in life."

"Alright, it was a bad joke. Sorry for the stupidity," Cal apologized to Sildrin. The woman reminded him of someone, though who was a mystery to even him. Whoever it was, it made him feel more comfortable. His attention shifted back to Macron. "So was the head suspended in liquid somehow, or just by the Force itself?" Cal asked.


28-04-2006 04:42:53

Rage looked up at all the commotion
"Liquid" Rage murmured
Macron looked at him "Yes, my apprentice..nice to see you doing some research"
"But i dont remember what kind of liquid it was..i should do more reading on it"

Phoenix alThor

28-04-2006 12:06:52

So that's where she had heard the name before. Her master had been right. He was right about most things, though she didn't like to admit that to him. It would inflate his already rather large head. Revenant also had the irritating habit of just ... appearing, out of nowhere. Being caught by surprise. She hated that.

Phoenix had noticed Rannik taking an interest in her past. It was sometimes a difficult subject for her to talk about, especially the circumstances into which she started.

But Phoenix thought she would answer Rannik's question anyway. "I was a Bounty Hunter before I came to the Brotherhood for five years. A damn good one as well." With a distant look on her face as if remembering fond memories, she continued. "Persuasion is a very ... useful power to have."

Ordering another Corellian Ale, Phoenix layed her questioning eyes on Rannik. "So, what did you do before the Brotherhood? Anything exciting?"


28-04-2006 15:08:43

"I have very few memories of my past," Rannik said, "All i remember is the Mandalorain War, thats where i lost my arm and leg."

Rannik loward his head in the memories of the past.

"I was Born 10,000 BBY, so i know alot of things, but i cannot remember them, thats why i joined the Brotherhood, hoping for answers."

Rannik slowley lifted his head and sighed.

Asani Vosa

29-04-2006 14:36:16

When Komari finnished her drink with Lokasena , she got up and walked over to Macron.

"Hey...listen..." she said softely. "I'm sorry for earlier."
Looking straight at him and seductivly licking her lips.

"I hope you won't hold it against me." see inspected him head to towe.
"But feel free to hold anything else against me..." the corner of her mouth curved upwards into a smile.

She spun around and walked back to Sena... with long, well balanced strides.


29-04-2006 23:14:22

the door to the lounge slid open with a hiss. Cain half stumbled half walked in. His normally red eyes where grey and blood soaked bandages covered his arms. He looked from side to side sneering at the eyes looking at him. Moving over to a dark booth and ordered a bottle of whiskey.


29-04-2006 23:24:27

Rannik noticed Cain walk in the door with banages. He walked over to Cain, "Dude, what happened to you?"

Rannik looked at him with a coked head.

Lorien Sinclair

30-04-2006 14:34:28

Lorien walked into the lounge with a weary expression on her face. The past couple of months - a mixture of long missions, combined with her battles with her inner demons - had left her drained for the large part, and feeling very dark and moody.

Sitting at the bar, the Sith felt very old, and understood nothing anymore. That particular knowledge made her chuckle, but it was a humorless sound, filled with an ironic lilt that made her grimace.

The bartender brought her a bottle of Hapan vodka. she paid him, and went to a booth in the back.

It was a pity she couldn't get drunk. Today, such a feat would have been helpful, if only for a moment.

Rich Gun

30-04-2006 17:38:34

Rich Gun walked nervously into the lounge. He was wearing his normal black robes. He had his hood up to conceal his face and hoped no one noticed him as he walked in. He walked to an empty booth and sat by himself in the corner. A water walked up with a Corellian ail and let the presence of so many Dark Jedi in the room wash over him.

Macron Sadow

30-04-2006 21:15:18

Mononoke smiled as Komari walked away. Although the human lady was attractive, his only Mistress was the Dark Side. He had let go of the incident already, and bore her no ill will. He was investigating her dossier even now on his holopad in secret. "Former slave..."

That would explain her reactions. Surely she was full of hate and rage. And probably had experienced a lot of fear in her life as well. All there were a means to power through the Dark Side if she could tap them.

Macron returned to Sildrin and Cal and sipped his sake. "Anyhow, Cal it was suspended in liquid I think. The cage was some organo-ceramic thing with red crystalline windows. It was roughly pyramidal, like a Sith Holocron. I imagine it was about eight decimeters long."


30-04-2006 22:15:44

Rannik seen an empty chair in the back of the room, he walked over to it and sat down. He motioned for a glass a water.


30-04-2006 22:48:03

Rage fiddled with his holopad with a bit
"There was a old sort of book that had a picture of it...i will see if i can get it..there we go take a look at this"

Macron Sadow

30-04-2006 22:52:48

"Yeah, that's the bloke," replied Macron. "Nasty character."


01-05-2006 05:03:57

"He was a full blooded sith wasnt he?" asked Cal


01-05-2006 05:17:50

Sena saw a woman sitting alone in a booth. He walked over to her with Komari behind him.
Lorien looked worried but the Krath found her sent quite unique.
"May we join you..?"he asked in a soft voice.

Komari merely stood behind him looking at the other customers.

Macron Sadow

02-05-2006 20:15:55

"Indeed he was, Cal. He went up against Marka Ragnos- and lost. Ouch. However, he did instruct Naga Sadow, who beat Ludo Kressh and became a very famous Sith Lord."

He grabbed a plate of steaming giblets, and offered. "Brains, anyone?"


03-05-2006 01:52:53

Rage looked at the plate
"No thank holding back on things that look like the came from the back end of a dantooine bantha"

Phoenix alThor

04-05-2006 09:17:17

Phoenix finished her drink and walked out of the Lounge. She had things to do.

Macron Sadow

04-05-2006 09:52:27

"Well, I'm trying to cut back," laughed Macron as he threw the slimy things in the recycler, plate and all. He still had a lot to learn about Shistavanen culture. And his other friend was wrong about the supposed delicacy, probably on purpose. "Damn him," thought Macron.

"Right. Say, anyone catch the latest grav-ball scores?" Rage asked, looking up from his holopad.

"Yeah, it was 10 to 3, Deathmongers I think last I saw," replied Cal. "The Alien Eliminators got creamed. It's hard to match having a Mantellian Savrip for your lead offense."

"Damn, I just lost a thousand credits," mumbled Macron. "Guess he was wrong about the scores too." He would be paying the Duros a visit soon. The thought made him smile.


04-05-2006 14:38:28

Rannik seen the picture of the head.

"Is that the guy with the crystal heart?" Rannik asked across the room.


04-05-2006 18:22:18

Cain ignored Rannik and started on his drink. After a couple shots he threw the shot glass across the room and proceeded to drink straight from the bottle. He wondered where sildrin was he needed to talk to her.

Macron Sadow

04-05-2006 20:28:11

"Actually that was Dathka Graush with the crystalline heart, Rannik," replied Macron.


04-05-2006 20:29:08

Devani strolled into the Lounge, running her hands through her hair tiredly. Dark circles under her eyes and a wearly look on her face. Slumping into a dark corner, she ordered a vodka and sat sipping it slowly. She had been gone a short time but the Brotherhood was embroiled in Fueds and the Huntress was thankful to return to her old home in Arcona. But first...a drink.


04-05-2006 20:30:03

"Yes, i was talking about him, i asked if that was him in that pictures you found?" Rannik said to Macron.


05-05-2006 05:08:58

"Im going to take a break in awhile going to see the religions and other force using orgizations..see what i can learn...anyone up to come with me?" Rage asked as he ordered a bottle of Whyrren’s Reserve.

Asani Vosa

05-05-2006 19:02:33

Komari walked over to Devani.
"So, we meet again." she said with a fake smile.
"You look positively awfull. Flirtations not going very well?" She said mockingly.

Komari still viewed every woman as a rival. Especially when it came to Lokasena.
She wouldn't allow any one to come between them.


05-05-2006 19:09:07

Rannik heard what Komari said and what Devani said in reply. Rannik figured he'll say something before anything happens.

"Hey, try not to fight. Ok?" Rannik said with a little chuckle...

Macron Sadow

05-05-2006 20:27:38

"Sorry Rannik, that was actually a pic of Lord Simus, the head-in-a-jar Sith Lord. I apologize for any confusion."

The alchemist smiled, nursing his drink as he watched the bar patrons. "Actually Rage, that sounds like fun. But I am far too busy to go, alas...", he sighed in response. Signalling for another drink for Cain, he returned to the holopad and pulled up some data. "And this is Lord Sion, another interesting case..."


05-05-2006 23:04:12

"Lord Sion?" Rannik asked.

"Isn't he the one that looks like he sleeps on Vibro Blades?"


06-05-2006 10:29:31

Krayn's entrance was to be unnoticed by almost everyone. He was not big on entrances nor was he big on attention. His dark robes shuffled slightly as he made his way over to a table. Him being only an apprentice he knew that he was the weakest person in the room, so he stuck to keeping a low profile. He opened a book he had been carrying and began reading it. It was the Obelisk War Tactics Manual. He had been a general of Tharin Armies in a far off system, and although he had never lost a battle he had found it fit to join the Dark Brotherhood. He figured he could gain more power that way.

He flipped through a couple pages, though due to his small attention span when it came to reading he pulled out his knife and began twirling it between his fingers. Looking around the Lounge he found several intresting creatures that caught his eyes. Specifically the one who was called "Devani" He watched from a distance in quiet solitude forgetting his studies and focusing on his fellow Dark Jedi.


06-05-2006 13:34:52

Rannik noticed that 'Fresh Blood' entered the Lounge, he also noticed he was staring at acouple of people. Rannik walked over to Krayn, and said, "Your new, are you not?"

"Well, im a Gen`Dai, names Rannik 'Warhammer' Narius. Whats yours?"


06-05-2006 16:56:46

"Actually Komari," Devani rolled her eyes at the poor foolish young woman, "Loka and I have become very close in this short amount of time. You would do well
to keep your silly conclusions to yourself. Are you so keen to make enemies with every person you meet? And really dear, jeolousy does nothing for your looks."
Taking another sip of the vodka, she sighed. "I have been on a mission of my own for the past couple weeks, a quite harrowing adventure from which I just got
back tonight. I will soon return to my old ways but for now...I drink." Turning she ignored the young woman, gazing out across the room full of Dark Jedi. Her eyes met another's, an apprentice by the look of him. She nodded and beckoned him towards her, a new Dark Jedi was always welcome at her table.

Macron Sadow

06-05-2006 17:13:24

Macron nodded as he heard the conversation. Devani was alright as far as he was concerned.
Komari was a passion-fueled individual, ripe for the Dark Side to twist and empower. Lokasena
seemed to be well-spoken, and to have a good grasp on reality. The alchemist envied him that trait, as Macron was quite plainly nuts.

He turned to Rannik as he greeted Krayn. "Yes, Gen'Dai. That is the one who looks like he sleeps on vibroweapons. He was quite literally immortal, as least as far as aging and minor damage went. A saber ended his life, or so the tale goes. His hate and pain only fueled his power, enabling him to live long past the point when others would have come apart. It is rumored he learned these skills in the Trayus Academy."

Mononoke had noticed the arrival of Krayn. He had seen the Mustafarian leaving the Shadow Academy a while back after taking the ACC test. Macron had a serious interest in the geologically active planet. As well, the human carried on him the stain of a mass slaughter that reverbrated through the Force

"I'll be right back, my Apprentice." he murmured. "Keep reading Rage. You are doing quite well."

He walked to the table where he sat with Devani, and bade the servo-droid bring them both a libation. "Hiyas folks. Kill any Jedi lately? May I sit?"


06-05-2006 17:58:36

"Of course Macron, we would be honored." Devani smiled in welcome. She leaned back wearily, accepting the new drink graciously. "And where has your madness taken you lately?"


06-05-2006 18:09:37

"Macron, when did Lord Sion 'die'?" Rannik asked. "Of all the years i've been alive i dont remember hearing that he died."

Macron Sadow

06-05-2006 19:25:55

"There are many differing accounts, Rannik. Perhaps you should look into it," replied the alchemist.

"Thanks Devani. No need to honor me. As to my research, not far, really. Mostly I cook up evil things in my lab. Occasionally, I get the rare interrogation subject," he replied. "How about you and this mission you have returned from?"


06-05-2006 19:34:32

Sena was sitting alone again. He tried to begin a conversation but was given no replie.
Komari sat at her own table. Sena did not feel the need to adress her.
He knew Dev could handle herself.
Komari was no threat to her. If it got out of hand, he would interfear.
Out of respect to Devani...

As he recieved his drink, double Glenn Morangie, he motioned to Macron and Devani...
"To your health..." his deep voice bellowed acros the room. Not caring who else heard him.

He felt tired. "I'm gonna get drunk and go to bed..." he said to himself.
"Alone..." he sighed...

Macron Sadow

06-05-2006 19:46:58

Macron smiled. "My friend, I honor you."


06-05-2006 20:01:07

Sena's vision was already blurred...
The warm, smooth whiskey ran down his throat as he emptied another glass.

He aknowledged Macron's guesture...

"Bloody hell" tha Krath thought. "There was a time when I was a power..."
He swallowed.
"The personal attaché of Jinsay himself... food, drink and women as I desired."
He motioned to the bartender, ordering him to leave the bottle of Glenn Morangie.
"Enjoy the fruit of life, my friends." he said as he stood up, swaying on his feet.
"Its taste is sweet, when it is fresh of the vine..."
Sena's expresion turned grimm.
"But do not live to long... The taste becomes bitter after time..."

He put the bottle of Whiskey to his mouth...

Rich Gun

06-05-2006 21:56:14

The Novice saw the apprentice sitting over with Devani and heded for there table. as he aproched he wondered if he she would remember him.

"Hello my lady. May I sit."


07-05-2006 01:07:07

Krayn noted the several people greeting him and greeted them in return. He bowed to the Dark Jedi who were elder to him, which was pretty much everyone, then exused himself to Devani's table. "Hello, miss." he said subtly and in a soft voice. For a veteran on many battles and several wars Krayn was very soft spoken. Though this lead his enemies to underestimate him. He removed his hood and then his dark outter robes. He lay them on the chair next to him then focused on the women next to him "How long have you been a dark jedi, miss?" He asked with a bit of curiousity.


07-05-2006 02:44:51

The gigantic armoured Gen`Dai walked over to a table in the middle of a room and sat down. He didnt think that anyone would even notice that he was there, even though he was one of the biggest people there, he noticed that Krayn had walked over to another table and was talking to Devani.

He looked around the room and noticed there were more humans then creatures. He stared through his armoured helmet as if he was planning something. He was staring off into space, as if there was no one else in the room. He then had a flashback of the Mandalorian War, he quickly snapped back into reality.


07-05-2006 14:17:00

Raven watched the newcomers arrive, but took no heed, they presented no danger to him. However Devani, that one was from Arcona, and of equal rank as the silent observer. Macron seemed to pleasently associate with her, but Raven noticed that the newer members seem to flock to her. Th Krath could only wonder as he ordered another sake.


07-05-2006 18:25:53

Sena was half way through his fourth bottle of Glenn Morangie when he got up, still holding the bottle.
"My f-friendzz, I'm off-f t-to bed. Alone...."
He sighed and stumbled as he walked to the door.
Falling flat on his face.
"Or I'll juss s-sleep here..." he chuckeled and dozed off.


08-05-2006 01:34:17

"Oooh interrogation, really? I'd love to participate sometime." Devani smiled, "That is of course after I get some rest. My last mission kind of wore me out. I didn't think I was coming back..." she trailed off. Taking another sip of her drink she frowned, "I fear it may come back to haunt me again. When I am ready to speak of it, I will share but for is too much for words." The Dark Huntress shook her head sorrowfully, then turned to Krayn. "I have been a Dark Jedi for awhile, I'm not sure exactly sure how long...time at the moment seems meaningless. But, I am not usually this serious. Come have a drink with me." Taking another sip, she conversed with them for a few moments until she noticed Loka collapse to the floor. "If you will excuse me, I think I'll get my friend back to his room." Standing up, she bowed then drained the last of her glass. Hurrying over, Devani motioned a servant to help her lug Loka to his sleeping quarters.


08-05-2006 04:06:03

Rage smilied and took his bottle of whiskey and floated a chair between Macron and Devani
"How are my friends care if i join?" he said as he plopped himself down


08-05-2006 10:56:53

"Macron i know where tyrus academy is and yes it still stands." Cain snickered the alcohal was getting to him...


08-05-2006 15:44:52



08-05-2006 19:40:53

Sena woke up as he noticed the servant tugging on him.
He jumped up, unsheathing Mormegill.... and swaying on his feet.
"Stand back..." he bellowed... "leave me be..."
"The nexsss one who touchess me getss sa real s-smooth s-shave..."

He stumbeled towards a table...

"Bar-keep...*hik-up*... more wine..."

Macron Sadow

08-05-2006 21:12:21

Mononoke got up and walked to Cain. His eyes were a more bloody shade of yellow, and he had a feral grin.

"Trayus? Tell me... I must go there."


08-05-2006 22:07:54

Rannik heard about the Trayus Acadmey, he also heard that Macron wanted to go there. He didnt know why he wanted to go.

"Macron...," Rannik said with a deep rusky voice, "If you go to the Academy, take me with you..."


08-05-2006 22:36:06

Devani whisked back in looking entirely refreshed. A slight smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. Motioning a servo-droid over she ordered a Sith Scorcher, the flames fascinated her. Her gaze wondered over the occupents of the Lounge and she noticed a silent observer in the shadows. Who was he? Walking up she introduced herself, "Hello, I'm Devani and who might you be?" Sipping her drink she waited for Raven to answer.


09-05-2006 10:49:53

Cain stared at macron. "Sure why not he shrugged just get master sildrin for me, and I will tell you everything." Raising the whiskey to his lips he drained the bottle.


09-05-2006 20:14:35

Sena just kept on pouring drink after drink...
His vision totally blurred, now.
He had noticed that he could no longer speak properly, so he shut up.
There he sat, just swaying back and forth at his table, pouring another glass.


09-05-2006 22:38:05

Rage ordered beer for everyone in the brotherhood
"put it on lokas tab"


10-05-2006 04:56:28

A pale hand layed on Cain's shoulder and he turned his head to look into blank white eyes. Sildrin lightly nodded to him: "We first have to ask our Rollmaster Shin'ichi whether you can be my apprentice or not. Although I see no reasons why not.". Then she sat down at the table to the others, looking somehow weary and in pain. She gritted her teeth, downing the beer Rage ordered. "Mmmh.. good.".
She took a deep breath: "So, about what kind of academy are you talking about?"


10-05-2006 22:42:56

The shadowed figure stood up, removing his hood. "I am Raven, Jedi Hunter of Naga Sadow. I've seen alot of you Devani. Quite popular, as far as I can see. Come, I'm going to join my fellow Sadowites, most of which you already know."

Cal Tecontic

12-05-2006 16:58:39

"You know," Cal said suddenly after minutes of silence. "I don't know where I would be without datapads. I just can't get enough of them."

Macron and Rage exchanged glances. Macron smiled, then widened his eyes and tilted his head to the side, the very image of a droid not getting power to the brain. Both held in their chuckles in as Cal read his datapad topic on Sith battle tactics fervently...


14-05-2006 19:26:55

“Ah, yes the academy on malacore V.” Cain frowned. “Yes, I have been there, depressing place really, nothing left of it except empty halls, holocrons, and of course the exile's spirit.”
Cain smiled. “You still want to go?”


14-05-2006 20:06:52

Krayn sits in a dark corner working over his previous loss to Shaardan in the ACC in his head. He drowns the thoughts in another swig of strong Saki and continues to go over it. Maybe he shouldn't be in the dark jedi brotherhood.


15-05-2006 06:47:43

Dinaari Envoy Apollyon Dinaarius strolled back into the Lounge, looking to finally relax after the events of the last couple of weeks. He and his friend Werdna Elbee had had quite a trying two weeks in the dungeons of Selen, and, frankly, Odium was glad to be home.

He scanned the room and saw one of his favorite faces, though they had been on opposite sides of a bitter conflict only a couple of days ago. As the Zabrak strolled merrily towards Devani, he spotted Lokasena at his table, obviously not to be disturbed. "Dev,...How are you doin?" He asked signaling a nearby waiter for his drink and gave Devani a hug. Adding a bit of sarcasm the Hunter added, "I trust your clanmates took care of you as well as they did me..."

Macron Sadow

15-05-2006 10:40:03

"Yes Cain, the idea of holocrons is an appealing one. It may have to wait a bit though," replied macron as he checked his Calendar. "There is a Feud on you know."


15-05-2006 21:36:25

"It is good to see you well Odium," Devani smiled widely. "But my dear, if you hadn't been spying..." She laughed, "But no matter it is done with. I was taken care of very well, thank you. Had a run-in with some of your Clanmates but I am no worse for the wear."

Rich Gun

16-05-2006 03:56:21

Before returning to his dark corner he stands up and says "The next round of drinks are on me." He poled his hood up over his head and walkd to the corner and ordered another ail.


16-05-2006 04:43:55

"Okay, know that we got the formal s**t out...How have you been?!?" Odium laughed as the stiffness of the last two sentences hit him. Nodding his head towards Sena, " And what's with him??" The Envoy recieved his drink and began to sip it in his usual relaxed manner.

Suddenly, Odium realized his rudeness and extended his black and white hand in greeting, "Why hello there. I am Jedi Hunter Apollyon Dinaarius, Envoy of House Dinaari. May I join you two?"

Rich Gun

16-05-2006 05:25:56

After several more drinks Rich gets up from his table and stumbles to the door. He stops for a moment then continues out the door.


17-05-2006 04:45:07

"I'm tired as hell, no sooner got back from a rather harrowing adventure than I am thrust in the middle of a clan fued and find out you're smack dab in the middle of it!" Devani laughed. Then her face took on a more serious look, "You were lucky Odium, there are those within Arcona that would have liked nothing better than to see a spy die a horrible death. But the past is past and the future is full of dark promise." Taking a sip of vodka, she grinned evily. "Sena? Hmm...I don't know what is wrong with him, it may have something to do with that Novice Komari. They have this weird vibe but no matter, the night is young and the drinks are plenty. Drink!"


19-05-2006 06:38:54

The Zabrak laughed, as he threw back the rest of his ale. "I'm good with that." He raised his glass to a nearby droid and it sped off to retrieve a refill. "Yeah...I guess it is time to chill out isn't it?"

Having been apparently left alone by Raven, the two settled into their chairs. "So, this adventure of yours. What was it about? Did it go well? C'mon, girl. Details! Details!"

Rich Gun

19-05-2006 23:54:51

Rich walked in after a couple days away with his hood up as usual after his battle with Halcyon. Rich went to his usual dark corner and ordered a Corellian Ail.

Macron Sadow

20-05-2006 12:12:43

"And now that the Feud is over.... yes Cain, let's go. However, I'd like to assemble a team first," said Macron.

The alchemist walked over to Krayn, having felt his emotions through the Force. "Defeat is part of the learning process, and depression is your ally. Don't give up, just channel your emotions into a greater understanding of the Force. I got my butt kicked a bunch. Still do, occasionally."

He returned to the well-lit table and began to study the holomap with Cain. Cal sat nearby, and Raven had slipped off to the head.

(OOC- I am starting a run on entitled "Trayus Academy Dig". PM me if you want to play.)

Cal Tecontic

22-05-2006 15:54:32

"Unfortunately, count me out of this one," Cal whispered to his master. "I just have too much studying here to do, plus I don't think an Acolyte would be of any benefit. I' would probably be in your way. However, I would like a few amulets from Malachor if you find any. And i would pay you well."

He got up from the table and gave a short bow to Macron. With that said, he exited the lounge, intent on studying some more courses for the SA...


22-05-2006 17:20:28

A strange light came to cain's eyes "Yes I would love to meditate in the trayus core once again." Cain beamed at macron "Sign me up."

Macron Sadow

22-05-2006 20:57:15

"Of course, it was your idea after all, Cain. You are in."
Cain nodded as Mononoke narrowed his yellow eyes when Cal walked away.

Macron caught Cal by firmly the shoulder as he tried to leave. "My apprentice...." he hissed. "Do you fear what awaits you there?"

"Yes, my Master," replied Cal as he noticed the menace in Macron's voice.

"Good, then you get to go first. I suggest you channel that fear into something useful, like anger. Riv and Cain will accompany you. Report back to this location (insert coordinates) when you have basic recon information. And I will see to it that you have dispensation from your studies."

Cal gulped. He was good with technology, and the perfect person to coordinate a pack of Dark Eye recon droids for Macron. The Acolyte was quite aware that this was not a request.


23-05-2006 15:48:52

Rannik couldnt help but over hear the Trayus Core conversation from across the room. He got up and walked over to the others...

"Is it too late to to join in with the Trayus Core expedition? I havent been there for years..."

Rich Gun

23-05-2006 21:19:23

Rich couldn’t help but hear about the Trayus expedition and was curious so he left his dark corner and walked up to ‘s table and bowed to the Battlemaster.

“Sir, I couldn’t help hearing that you were starting a Trayus academy expedition. May I come along.”


23-05-2006 23:52:23

Callus saw the others going to talk to Macron, no doubt about the Trayus expidition. Callus put down his ale and sidled over to Mac. Callus slung his arm over the Sith's shoulder.

"So these guys want in on the fun?" Callus said with a grin. "Did you tell 'em about the Hounds? or better yet the walking dead? ooooh don't forget the Shades should be fun stuff. If you make it out alive." An odd grin sprung onto Callus' face.

"What yall drinkin? I got the next round." Callus said as he waved over the server.


24-05-2006 04:03:25

Sena lifted hos head from the table at hearing the voice of his friend.
"Hay Odium," he shouted in a very drunken manner. "Get your Zabrak but over here for a second."

Odium approached carefully. Not really knowing what Sena wanted.
The Krath Protector smiled at his friend.
"I've missed you, my man. Heard about that terrible buisness with Arcona." Lokasena's expression went from concerned to relieved. "But we showed them who's boss, didn't we." *hik-up*
"And I've got the medal to prove it."

"Come sit and drink with me. Before I empty the barkeep's stock all by my self."
Odium sat down at the table.
"Now my good friend, let us talk simply as men."

Macron Sadow

24-05-2006 12:30:24

"Sorry Rich and Rannik, it's full. I wasn't even going to let those guys come, but it was Cain's idea. And Cal is my apprentice, of course," replied the alchemist. "Perhaps some other time."

Macron smiled at Callus. "Yavin four moonshine, please good sir. And thanks."


25-05-2006 00:13:09

Callus laughed as he ordered Mac's drink and got himself another Lomin ale. "Can't belive you're still drinking that swill. Now take this fine vintage of Lomin ale, that's a drink."

Callus plopped into a chair and enjoyed his ale. "so Mac how's the CNS retirement house?"


25-05-2006 06:26:06

Suprised by Loka's attentiveness, Odium nodded at the comment about showing Arcona who was the boss, shifting his position to show off his new Mark of Honor.

"Sounds good," Odium replied, still catching up with the sudden attention of his drunken clan mate, " but first....everything okay?" The Envoy chuckled inside himself at the stupidity of his inquiry. "Of course everything's not okay you Moron " he told himself, and then proceeded to correct his mistake. "How can I help?" He sat back taking another sip of his ale and waited for a reply.

Rich Gun

26-05-2006 00:11:41

“Oh next time then. I‘ve always wonted to try a Lomin ale.” Rich said to Callus

Rich then waved the sever and asked the bartender for a Lomin ale. Then he over heard the drunken rant of Lokasena bragging about how he beet Arcona.

“Sir never mind about that drink. I have to be going before I do something that I’m going to regret.” Rich said thru clinched teeth, as he subconsciously slid the blades out of his right hand.


27-05-2006 05:06:35

Loka tipped the bottle back and began to chug. As Odium awaited his reply, he felt the sudden anger sent their direction. The Zabrak looked up, and from under his hood he could see the Arconan Acolyte start towards the door. Standing up quickly, he put his hand on his clanmates shoulder and said, "Wait here for a sec...and try to ease up on the booze, man. That stuff's not good for you in the quantaties your ingesting."

The Envoy hurried to beat the Acolyte to the door. Just before the Arconan reached the exit, Apollyon drew his katana and put it across the opening, blocking the younger one's exit. "Hi there." greeted Odium, "I couldn't help but notice your apparent anger at our victory. I'd first like to introduce myse..."

"I know you who you are...spy!" Rich replied angrily. "Do you intend to use that sword?!? Did you not get your fill of Arconan blood through the fued?"

Odium sheethed his blade, wishing for all that was in that it was his lightsaber instead. "Look, I don't want to get into a fight. And since our clans have come to an agreement, I thought it was a good time to begin renewing old relationships, and perhaps making a few new friends. I had to use the sword to keep you from escaping without talking to me first. I'm sorry for disturbing you, excuse me my friends await." The Envoy walked back to Loka's table and sat down next to former HOO Aedile Devani Maharet, who had joined Loka while Odium was chasing the Acolyte.

Rich Gun

27-05-2006 11:59:03

Rich looked at his hand and let the blades retract into his arm. With his hood still up over his face the letting the anger melt away at the Zabraks words. The Acolyte walked to the table with Odium.

“Is it alright if I join you Sir? Hello Devani happy late birthday“ Rich said.


27-05-2006 15:43:20

Devani smiled warmly,"Of course you can sit Rich and thank you, not many knew or commented on my birthday." Taking a sip of vodka she sighed, "Your anger can be a powerful tool Rich but you must learn when it is appropriate to use it, that'll come with your training hopefully." Leaning over, the Huntress whispered, "Though our Fued with Taldryan ended and we are now at 'peace', I still feel the anger you do when anyone whispers or shouts against the name of Arcona, for this do not be ashamed."


28-05-2006 04:41:22

Odium snapped straight up in his chair at hearing the mention of Devani's birthday. He turned and glared at her from under his hood, "You never mentioned your birthday! How am I supposed to say anything when I don't even know in the first place?! Well, now that I know. Happy Birthday Dev."
Raising his arm he signaled a waiter and ordered Dev her signature Sith Scorcher.

Turning to Rich, the Envoy smiled. "I'm glad you could join us, Rich," he said, glancy at Dev to make sure he got the name right. "Hopefully, the future will bring our two great clans closer together. And now that I've gotten all the diplomatic crap out of the way, can I get you a drink?"


28-05-2006 09:16:06

"Drink...?" Sena woke up at the mention of a refill. "Yes please..."
He was almost cross eyed from the amount of alcohol he drank.
"Ask 'm if they got m-more of t-that Boom-Boom they had yesssterday." a broad smile on his face.
He noticed that both Odium and Devani were looking at him as if he'd gone insane.
"Relax my friends. This drinking is merly a precautionary meassure." He emptied the pint glass he was holding in a single gulp.
"When I get upset I get aggressive. But I can't hurt anyone when I'm to drunk to stand."
Sena was swaying side to side on his chair, still smiling.
"But I d-do believe I n-need to eat something now."

Rich Gun

28-05-2006 23:29:45

Rich sat and smiled to Odium. “Yes I agree out two great clans will become closer. We may even be able to become one of the strongest forces in the universe.” rich paused and looked at his drink “I am also sorry for snapping at you I let my anger get the better of me. Its just when I herd him talking about our defeat. I guess, I guess I never got over it.”

With a sigh he grabbed the ail and downed it in one gulp.

Odium smiled. “Who heavy drinker hear. Lets get another round over hear and don’t worry about it every one has there days.”


29-05-2006 11:01:17

"I've s-said it be-before and I'll say it a-again." Sena spoke as he rose from his seat.
"Enjoy the fruit of life my friends. The taste is sweet when it is fresh of the vine.
But do not live to long. The taste turns bitter after time."
His knees gave way and he landed straight in the chair again.
"Ow... bullocks..." he cursed.


30-05-2006 12:33:50

Slowly, the door to the lounge opens, and in walks Aedile Aabsdu Dupar with a pile of papers in his arms. He takes a seat in a booth in the back of the room, and starts going through his papers as he enters various data into his comlink and holocron. After a droid comes over and brings him a drink, he continueson taking no notice what so ever to the events unfolding right before his eyes.


31-05-2006 17:12:46

Rage was there fiddling with the settings of his blaster, so far he has managed to add a OMGWTFPWN setting to it when the holonet sprang to life...

"Welcome to Outer Rim News, Shistavanen Rebels have staged a coup and have taken over the sys" at this Rage turned it up "tem" He fiddleing with his datpad and on the holonet screen his Face came up.

"As the only direct descendent of Severaus Monn...I Invoke Law 18 of Rikt Raruff All Offworld Shistavanen must come back to Uvena Prime...,we have a planet to take back"

A secret opening in of His Gauntlets and out falls the green saber of his father "Ill be back in abit" and walked out.


02-06-2006 04:38:17

Odium laughed to himself as his friend struggled to stand. Putting his hand on Loka's shoulder Hunter Dinaarius declared, "You're not goin' anywhere. Trust me. Besides you still haven't told me what's wrong. You're not gonna fool me. If we have to choose a seperate table, then we shall, but I'll find out what's wrong."

The Zabrak confidently and expectantly sat back in his chair and took another sip of his ale, musing that he'd never seen anyone, not even another Zabrak, drink so heavily. Frankly, Odium was a little suprised his friend wasn't dead, nevermind passed out on the floor.

Never-the-less, Lokasena had accomplished this level of drunkeness and there was obviously a reason for it. The Envoy would stop at nothing to find out what it was about, and see if there was anything he could do to help.


02-06-2006 12:09:14

"Well..." Sena began. "You remeber when I told you that I could feel something in the Force?
A threat to our House, our Clan maybe even the Brotherhood?"
Odium nodded slightly.
"I exagurated a bit. I alone face this threat." the Krath looked very worried now.
"A reliable informant told me that an old 'friend' is looking for me. Someone from the Lazarus Concordance." Sena almost spat the last two words.
"They still think they own me. They sent him to bring me back to them."

Odium shrugged as if to say that one man could not be much of a problem.

"Don't underestimate these people, my friend. They are very dangerous."
Lokasena leaned in closer.
"I am affraid...!" he whispered.


02-06-2006 12:09:41

"Well..." Sena began. "You remeber when I told you that I could feel something in the Force?
A threat to our House, our Clan maybe even the Brotherhood?"
Odium nodded slightly.
"I exagurated a bit. I alone face this threat." the Krath looked very worried now.
"A reliable informant told me that an old 'friend' is looking for me. Someone from the Lazarus Concordance." Sena almost spat the last two words.
"They still think they own me. They sent him to bring me back to them."

Odium shrugged as if to say that one man could not be much of a problem.

"Don't underestimate these people, my friend. They are very dangerous."
Lokasena leaned in closer.
"I am affraid...!" he whispered.


02-06-2006 17:29:26



03-06-2006 06:29:11

Having found a bit of confidence from his status as a Dark Jedi in addition to his natural Zabrak confidence and strong will, Odium looked straight into Loka's eyes and said quite firmly, "Fear is my ally." The Envoy stared into his friends eyes for a moment, then laughed a little at the sudden presence of such thick tension. "My only question to you for now, Loka..." Apollyon continued when he felt he'd sufficiently destroyed the tension with his laughter, " why are you so drunk that you can't even stand up, when you are under such a threat of attack? It seems unwise to me to be unable to defend yourself if that became necessary."

Loka stood in obvious offense to the insinuation that he was unwise. However, as he extended his legs to bring himself to full height, his sense of balance disappeared and the Protector fell back into his chair, looking up at his clan-mate with slight embarrassment. "P-Poiint *hic* ta-ken *hic*" Lokasena conceded.


04-06-2006 05:53:46

"However..." Sena continued. "When I'm on edge like this I tend to become aggressive. And since I d-don't want to hurt anyone here, I incapacitate myself."
He saw the look on Odiums face and quickly added.
"Not that you couldn't defend yourself against me, my friend. But all it would take is one lucky hit. I don't want to f-fight you, p-period."
Lokasena laid a hand on Odiums shoulder. "Don't worry about me. I'll manage somehow."
The Krath leaned in closer and whisered; "Just think of the shame if our Clan leaders found out I was hounded by some 'meaningles organisation', and think of the glory when I tell them that I dispatched this ruthless enemy all by my self."
He raised his glass and encouraged Odium to toast with him.
As the glasses hit eachother they both loudly exclaimed;
"Strength and honor...!!!"


08-06-2006 05:39:30

Amused by a dream of grandeur such as this, however close it came to delusion, Apollyon found himself a bit inspired as he threw back the rest of his glass. "Though," the Zabrak added before the topic slipped away into oblivion, "its not like the Clan wouldn't LOVE to pull together behind yo