Guild Of Shadows


21-10-2005 10:11:55

The Guild of Shadows castle is located 23,000 feet about water level. The air was thin, the air was freezing and one could barely have moved after climbing the mountain to get to it, but Jaymz had managed to climb the mountain several hundred times, finding the castle on his 58th climbing trip. By that time, a trip up the mountain was routine as he went up it once a month in training. After several more trips, Jaymz felt he was strong enough to push himself enough to get into the castle. This he succeeded in. Inside the castle it was dusty, eroded, and secluded from the poisons of today's technological advancements. On the top floor, Jaymz had found a man. Jaymz began thinking he was hallucinating, until he continued seeing the man.
On Jaymz’s 85th climb, he ventured far enough to approach the man. When he did the man opened his lips to speak “You come here seeking something” the man had said.
“Only a means to strengthen my body and mind.” Jaymz had responded.
“To do this you must release your anger, your compassion, all of the emotions that set you a side from Sith and Jedi.” The man had said.
“How did you know I was a Sith?” Jaymz said letting his climbing equipment fall to the ground.
“Because at one point, I was like you” The man turned around and the mask of Revan was revealed through dim light from the slits in the mountain.
“Darth Revan” Jaymz said the words barely able to escape his lips.
“That is a name I have not heard in a long time, A long time. But it is a name I have long since forgotten, and I’d rather we not speak of it again.” He said lost deep in thought.
“Will you help me train?” Jaymz asked hopefully, the thin air and coldness no longer a factor in his mind.
“Only if you are willing” Revan spoke silently.
“I am.” Jaymz responded.

The first lot of training for Jaymz to complete was for him to climb the mountain without any gear.
Jaymz completed this task fairly easily.
The next task was for Jaymz to climb the mountain with nothing but a pick-axe and his shorts.
This task Jaymz had nearly died completing, but he completed it none the less, using his Sith abilities to isolate his senses and ignore them.
After taking a month to recover from his trip up the mountain, Jaymz began dueling with Revan with the Sword of the Ninja………………………………….


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Inevitably 3 years after the training had commenced Jaymz had finally defeated Revan in battle, utilizing only his abilities with a sword and not his force powers.


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if you want this to be a run-on, write it so that others have some point to jump in as well. if you don't alter the course, I WILL close this.


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Dude that sounds very simialer to Batman Begins


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I think it's supposed to be.


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((It looks like it could develop into an interesting run-on, however i'm a little troubled that it took jaymz 3 years of training to beat a 4000 year old dude. i know revan was ridiculously powerful, but come on, 4000 years? still, i'll be watching this one very closely, and i may even participate, if there's no objections))


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((rev has a point i will join if itt means i get to fight darth revan :P))


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((No, I apologize, I was forming this decent history for my character in my head, but the climbing of the mountain and the finding of Darth Revan was only a part of it. Matter of fact it was wanna of the biggest plot twists in the story. Any how the run-on was supposed to go that Revan disappears again and Jaymz is left to run the Guild of Shadows, which I do. Sorry))


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oh kk no prob man


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Noktar walked through the snowstorm, cursing his shuttle's performance. He had crashed against the mountain, the snow quickly covering the shuttle and masking it's presence. The castle was in sight, a 60 foot climb until the bottom could be reached. He didn't know why, but he felt that the place was evil. He pushed and climbed his way up, reaching the giant door.

Reaching out with the Force proved to be difficult and he wondered why. Little did he know that the castle had a Force energy of it's own. It was blocking him. He shook his head and pushed at the door.

Dust lay on top of the stone floor, showing footsteps leading to a room. He walked quietly to that room and saw a man standing with his back turned.

"Why have you come?" He said.

Noktar stared at the man, feeling oddly formal, and said, "I have come because I was invited."

The man turned around and Noktar got a good look at him. He had the look of a wild man, bright shining eye's and wearing black robes creating that illusion. He furrowed his brow. "A Falleen? You know why you are here, don't you?" the man asked.

"I was given an invite, by someone named Jaymz. Are you him?"

Jaymz simply nodded his head. "You ready to be here?"

Noktar smiled as he answered, "Ready for anything you throw at me."

((Is this how you percieved it going, Jaymz?))


25-10-2005 09:02:03

Jaymz nodded and ushered the man into the Castle. It was big, damp, and the lights were non-existant. Being a member of the Guild of Shadows one would have to learn to rely on more than just seeing. Jaymz's arms were folded neatly inside of his cloak in front of him. His black inner robes swayed as he walked into the main room.

The main room was the only room out of the entire castle to have lights, and these lights were no more than lit torches placed in the four corners of the room. In the middle of the room sat a desk. On it many papers, scrolls and tablatures. "The Guild of Shadows is not for everyone. If you find the training too hard, then leave. We are not here to play games. If you do wish to join. You must complete the 3 main tasks to show your commitment to the Guild. First, you must go the bottom of the Mountain and climb up with nothing but a simple T-Shirt, a pair of shorts and an Ice Pick. Second you must retrieve the 5 scrolls from the 5 corners of this mountain which are scattered miles apart. And lastely, you must create a katana out of raw material. If you wish to begin, these tasks start now."



25-10-2005 13:14:56

(( kool you probily make a really long run-on out of this lovly cain out :D))

Lorien Sinclair

25-10-2005 14:05:44

Lorien stared at the castle with a thoughtful expression on her face. Ever since she had recieved that scroll inviting her here, she had been wondering what Jaymz had in mind, and how far he was willing to go for it.

She pushed the monolithic doors open with a hard shove, and stepped inside. Jaymz and Noktar stood inside, looking at her with poker faces.

She handed the scroll to Jaymz.

"You send me this?"

The warrior nodded, his face neutral.

"Are you ready to begin?"

Lorien looked at him over the top of her glasses.

"The question is," she replied, "are you?"


25-10-2005 15:06:55

Tulkar was cold and weary. He had climbed the mountain, with a pack of supplies. Inside his pack were several blasters, a helmet, and some clothing.
Surely I will need these items for my training. thought Tulkar.
As he jogged the remaining stretch to the strange castle, he became very excited. He stepped into the dark hall, and could hear voices coming from a room a bit down aways. The clangs of his boots seemed like small explosions in the nearly silent corridor. He proceeded into the room, after first clearing his throat, which was dry from the icy air in this region.

"I was told there was one here, by the name of Jaymz, who could teach me how to avenge my father's death." Tulkar exclaimed to those in the nearby presence.

"It is I" a raspy voice shouted.
Tulkar assumed it came from the obviously strong and ferocious looking warriors here. But it's origin came from a meditating man, who immediately stood up and looked Tulkar in his eyes.

The man spoke, saying, "Who told you about this? Someone you know?"

"No, just rumours floating around."

"Well, I normally don't accept members on such short notice, but your desire for vengeance will fuel your strength. You must swear to me that you will never speak of this place to any one in the outside world, or I will track you down, and kill you. Understood?" Jamyz inquired.



25-10-2005 15:18:39

Noktar laughed silently to himself. It's about time I found a group of my peers. I was beginning to think that I was the only one who wanted real training, he thought. He started to undress and found the cold air to be quite refreshing. The shorts he was wearing was a little tight, but he didn't mind. Better to have them tight against his skin, than flapping against the wind. He noticed the others looking at him like he was crazy.

"What?" he asked.

Tulkar shook his head and said, "Nothing besides the fact that you have your pants off. Mind telling us what your up to?"

Noktar smiled as he took of his shirt and grabbed an ice-pick off of the desk. "Ask him," he said, pointing to Jaymz.


25-10-2005 16:37:02

Rage's shuttle screamed into the atmoshere
"Here we go" he said as he walked towards the mountain
"Heh good thing i have my winter coat of fur now" he said as the snow matted his exposed fur
He sprinted up the mountain using the force to propel him to inhuman speeds
"Almost there, lets just hope that invatation wasnt a joke or im going to kill the apprentice"
As he walked up to The doors Noktar came out having only a pick and his shorts on
"Hey Noktar" rage said as he walked in
"I got this invation" he said looking around
"Yes you must be Rage, Tridens of Tarentum" said the meditating figure
"Jaymz, well yes but i dont know what my clan has to do with this, what do you need me to do?"
"Did you see Noktar when you walked out?"
"Yes i did"
"Go then, get your ice pick"
Rage got it and ran out the door to catch up with noktar


27-10-2005 10:00:12

Jaymz’s cloak lifted from the draft let in from the constant opening and shutting of the front doors. His eyes moved to Lorien who looked idly back at Jaymz. “While those two are going down the mountain, let me see how advanced in your fighting skills. I will being using Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.” Jaymz bowed and got into a defensive stance.

Lorien ran at him, thinking that because she was of a superior rank she could crush him when it came to hand-to-hand combat, but she was wrong. She stopped several feet in front of him and kicked at his head. Jaymz moved to the side and brought a powerful shove from the palms of both of his hands into her stomach sending her flying across the room and into the stone wall. Luckily he hadn’t put much force behind it.

“Your first mistake, do not overestimate yourself and underestimate your opponent. That will inevitably lead to your demise. Second, never go for the head for a first attack. That’s a death blow, not an initial blow. Your first attack should be centered on uncentering your opponent and getting them off balance, so that the second blow could be a indefinite strike to permanently injure them such as broken ribs or a broken femur. Lastely while the opponent is in complete agony, finish them off with a blow to the head. Understood?”


27-10-2005 17:02:09

Tulkar watched Jaymz fight, his style and power amazing Tulkar. He did not mean to interrupt, but he needed to know if he should begin his first task.
"Master," Tulkar said,"Shall I accompany Noktar and Rage and also begin my first task?"

Parrying a blow from Lorien, he replied, "That would make the most sense. You are not to help them. Go your own separate path, and bring only an icepick. You can leave your robes here."

"Yes, Master Jaymz." Tulkar went to a room and shed his clothing, except for his thin pair of shorts. Even inside the cold stung his exposed skin. He grabbed an icepick, and walked outside, from whence he took a route down that seemed easy enough. The wind was blowing on the other side of the mountain, and he felt grateful for that. But he would have to hurry to make it back before dark.
"Not what I had in mind to kill my father's murderer, but I'm sure it will help somehow."

He took up a brisk pace as he half-slid down the mountain side.


27-10-2005 23:35:14

Caine's small ship entered the atmosphere. He landed it about a mile away, the door opened with a hiss breathing deeply he sighed "a bit warm but it will do" he stepped outside and looked around, he walked to the edge of a cliff and jumped off landing a couple of meters below. Geting up he walked twords the mountain, a hour later he reached the castle he opened the door and walked inside seeing that there were already people here. Laughing he wondered how long it took them to climb the mountain he scanned the room, spoting Jaymz Cain walked up blodly "what do you want" asked jaymz "to train" answered Cain why should i let you train here." "i need training if i am going to beat my brother." "your brother" "yes" Jaymz handed Cain an ice pick "start climbing." Cain looked at the pick for a couple of seconds before heading twords the door "dont need it." "Wait Jaymz growled you have to climb it without you robes." Cain laughed "what ever you say" Cain stripped down naked and stepped outside.


28-10-2005 09:32:47

Jaymz shook his head at the foolish Obelisk. He may seem brave but the cliff face he had to climb up would be more than difficult for a Novice, especially with the creatures that lurked on the outskirts of the cliff edges.

Jaymz turned again to Lorien. "Again" He said waiting for an attack.


28-10-2005 10:10:02

Jaymz nodded and ushered the man into the Castle. It was big, damp, and the lights You must complete the 3 main tasks to show your commitment to the Guild. First, you must go the bottom of the Mountain and climb up with nothing but your shorts and an Ice Pick.
( YOU would love to see a woman climbing up a mountain with nothing than her shorts eh!? You perv! :P - please add a t-shirt! =) )


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Yes ma'am, I did.

((not a perv.....much))


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Yes ma'am, I did.

((not a perv.....much))

( hehe. Its ok. I was laughing hard at the imaginary picture: a horde of men standing drooling on the mountain, while watching a group of half nude women climbing up. )


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((Well of course the women would have to wear a shirt. And I probably would have fallen off staring at them))


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29-10-2005 05:20:05

Rage was jumping down the mountain and slid down some and at the last seconds fliped arpund ad the ice pick dug into the ice and rage started to climn his way back up....


29-10-2005 12:17:41

cain was taking his time down the mountain he wanted to climb the moutain when it was dark when he had reached the bottom it was sunset,as cain watched the sunset he heard a load roar reaching out with the force he felt a great dark side energy about halfway up the mountain, curious he started his climb back up the moutain towards the presence.

Lorien Sinclair

29-10-2005 22:37:33

Lorien snarled.

You know what your problem is, Jaymz? You talk too damn much!"

Lorien let loose with a barrage of punches, driving the deluded fool back, a look of outrage and surprise on his face. He responded in kind, sending a roundhouse for her ribs. Lorien caught it, and used Jaymz' forward momentum to send him pinwheeling into the rocks like an out of control starfighter.

"You go for the head," she growled as advanced on him, "because chances are, you've got one chance in a thousand of surviving the battle."

The Novice shook his head, trying to clear his eyes of starlines, then ducked just before a vicious left hook put his lights out. Lorien followed through with the punch, bringing it down on the back of his skull.

"But, ultimately, you do it because is a rare thing to only battle one enemy. It is far more common to fight five, even ten enemies who will show no mercy, and who don't give a fart in the wind about your ideas on combat."

She grabbed him by the hair, and cracked his face into the ground.

Hard. Twice.

Gaidal Dupar

30-10-2005 13:29:34

"My, my Lorien" an all too familiar voice snarled from the shadows nearby the castle, "I see you are making friends with Jaymz?"

Out of the shadows stepped the Dark Jedi Knight Gaidal Dupar al'Tor. He looked around cautiously and narrowed his eyes with every step. He put down the hood of his red cloak and looked at his Apprentice. The three scars on his countenance made it look like he continuously grinned. The Kyandrian was here for a special purpose and one alone. There were rumours about Darth Revan, the Sith he investigated completely. It would be quite peculiar a Sith Lord survived over more than 4000 years. Gaidal wanted scientific evidence of these rumours.

He cowered nearby the unconscious body of Jaymz. Rapidly he searched his robes in order to find proof of this so-called 'Guild of Shadows'. The name itself was a bit exaggerated, but still the chance of meeting Revan in person was tempting and worth the investigation. It was the one Sith he truly admired. Exar Kun was overzealous and ambitious, Marka Ragnos an outstanding and brilliant leader, while Kaox Krul was cruel and a mad man. Revan had all of these qualities.

The Knight got on his feet again and looked at Lorien.
"Nothing, absolutely nothing" he mumbled, "My dearest Lorien, you just go ahead and follow your own path towards the castle and I'll find mine. Remember, you never saw me here and I'll meet you somewhere in a shadowy corner of the castle. Take care, good luck and I'll visit you soon."
After that he disappeared again in the shadows and it was like he never been there. Only his footsteps told others that someone appeared out of the blue.


30-10-2005 16:11:21

Cain reached a cave where the darkside presence was the strongest. entering the cave he though he saw some light walking farther he wondered if he was seeing things.


31-10-2005 08:23:36

((First: The mountain is around the size of Everest, maybe not as high, but close. Therefore it would take longer than a couple minutes or hours to decend then accend the mountain.
Second: Lorien although it does not state it in my CS for I cannnot change it in the middle of an ACC battle, my character is more than fluent in the ways of the Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. This I had already stated. This being said, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu does not contain "RoundHouse Kicks" The art is more fluid, more powerful consisting of fast, stong strikes that could be adapted into another strike. A roundhouse kick is not one of these. Even so, my character would not "Let Loose" with a barage of punchs as you so put it. Jaymz is extremely disceplined and is more than capable of being able to withstand a series of punches from you, because A: my hand-to-hand combat skills are better than yours and B: You arn't that for ahead of me in rank. So I ask for you to edit your post to add more realism to the picture. Thanks))


31-10-2005 22:32:26

The Naboo Bomber landed with a soft thud, small billows of snow cascading gently back to the ground. A soft whine could be heard as the door opened and a young woman stepped out. Pulling back her black hood, edged with bright green and blue embroidery, her soft brown hair braided and covered in a glimmering tribal net. Pulling out a scroll from her robe she read it again quickly before beginning the climb up to the Guild of Shadows. Snow bit into her face as the wind swept it off the mountain. “Mother…no Mother!” she mumbles under her breath. “Fine, yes Father, yes.” The tattoos around her eyes seemed to spring to life as she spoke. Kneeling into the snow she bowed her head to the ground and whispered, “Father, give me Will. Mother, give me power. Clan, give me Strength.” Getting back to her feet the tattoos returned to their familiar black form.

She soon arrived at a the towering and dark castle almost hidden in the frigid thin air of the mountaintop. A massive door was easily opened leading the Dark Jedi into an unlit entryway. Following voices she came upon a man and woman sparring in a sparsely lit room. She watched silently until the man turned beckoning her forward, sweat dripping off his brow even though the air was icy. He regarded her silently, waiting for her to speak. Bowing she addressed him, “Protector Devani Te’Arianu. I am here, I presume, by your bidding, Jaymz.” Devani pulled out a scroll from her voluminous robes, her face unwavering in the flickering light.


01-11-2005 09:11:32

Jaymz accepted the scroll and placed it on his desk. His spar with Lorien was over, he nodded to her signafying that it was her turn to go down the mountain. Lorien nodded and proceeded out the door. Though the sparring with Lorien had made him sweat he had held back on the major arts of attack that were available to the Member of the Guild of Shadows such as Doppelgangers, the ability to move at speeds so fast that one would thing the opponent was teleporting, and of course there was the infinite abilities with his sword.

Ignoring this though, he nodded to Devani. "Welcome to the Guild of Shadows Protector. Are you ready to join the most elite of the Dark Jedi?" Jaymz asked moving over to his desk again.

"Yes" Devani responded.

"Then follow Lorien there, she will inform you on the three tasks you must undertake in order to be initiated into the Guild of Shadows." Jaymz responded sitting at his desk and fiddling with an odd looking ninja star.

Gaidal Dupar

01-11-2005 10:04:30

Gaidal Dupar al'Tor looked around and was still hiding in the shadows of pillars and other dark corners. Only Lorien knew he was here and that was just how he wanted this to be. He did not need any other distractions, although he was quite surprised the young Devani was willing to join this Guild. He knew her only a little bit, back when she was still a member of Clan Plagueis. None saw him, but sure as he saw them. Lorien took off with Devani and Jaymz walked into the opposite direction with the scroll. The Kyandrian warrior decided to follow him carefully.

After a little walk Jaymz entered a room through two magnificent doors. Gaidal had never seen anything like it and was overwhelmed by the beauty of it. He wondered how the interior would like. The Novice closed the door, but not into the lock. Fortunately, the corridor was dark, so the Knight could easily open the door a bit. He saw the other Sith placing the scroll in a large wooden box filled with a lot of other scrolls. Interesting, Gaidal thought. He saw the man opening a communications channel and a small holographic projection of a man emerged from the device. The cloak, the mask and the whole body language of the man were so obvious. He looked like Revan, Darth Revan, but it could not be him! Revan died approximately 4,000 years ago. He wondered if this good be a fraud and tried to listen to what the two men discussed, but they were too far off and both whispered.

Darn, he thought and decided to seek for the comfort between the pillars in the corridor. He would investigate the office of Jaymz as soon as he left, but because he considered it might take a while he decied to meditate a bit. He needed it, because he could feel his moods coming back. He sat on the floor and his mind wandered off a bit.


02-11-2005 17:29:07

Raven walked up next to Gaidal, his arms folded.

~Interesting way for Jaymz to return, isn't it? He hasn't changed much has he?~ he sent telpathically to Gaidal.

He leaned against one of the pillars and began to read the minds of those around him, though Gaidal was stronger than he used to be, and blocked his minde completely. But most of all, he focused on Jaymz. What had motivated him to come here?

Gaidal Dupar

03-11-2005 06:11:04

While he still sat on the floor and meditated, Gaidal opened one eye and looked at the other dark figure in the shadows. He grinned and his irisses were flickering like they could not decide whether they wanted to be red or blue. It meant he was draining strength from the Force. Gaidal nodded and whispered: "Long time no see, Raven. I don't believe you and I were ever on an adventure together. Perhaps I can interest you for this assignment, it's a bit of personal matter."

Raven raised an eyebrow, which could not be seen by the Kyandrian due to the darkness. Gaidal realized he needed to convince the other man and sent a maessage through telepathy. ~I'm on a personal mission, Raven. It's not that I've a particular interest in Jaymz, although he needs to answer for a few errors in the recent past (OOC: once more I'm referring to my story 'Heroes & Charlatans' in the Writers' Corner). No, it's because of the rumours I heard from my Apprentice. This Guild was supposed to be lead by Darth Revan. As long as I can remember and due to all works I read about him, it's hard for me to imagine I've not known of this place. How could a Sith Lord survive over 4,000 years? So I think this is a fraud, a scandal and we should lift this curtain of deception. Why would a Novice be assigned as leader of this Guild? A bit strange, don't you think. So join me in my quest!~

The Dark Jedi Knight closed his eye again and channeled to Force to wipe out his presence and Force signature. Raven was already stunned by the proposition of Gaidal, but it was always interesting to see how that man seemed to exist and vanish whenever he pleases. Silver Raven decided to join the Kyandrian on his mission. Although they only spoke each other a bit in the Lounge, he was willing to come along.

Suddenly the doors of the chambers of Jaymz were thrown open and a highly agitated and loud cursing Jaymz walked out of it. He went directly towards the great hall of the castle and it looked like he was about to kill something. Gaidal opened both his eyes and grinned because of what he saw through the Force. He smoothly got on his feet again and was about to start sliding through the entrance of Jaymz's chambers, when he looked at Raven.

"Are you coming? Otherwise I'll investigate this room all by myself" he asked politely.


03-11-2005 10:50:28

Jaymz had forgotten to grab the ceremonial scroll from the altar in the main hall. This Scroll possessed the secerts of the Guild of Shadows. Inside it held the date of creation 4000 years before. Though he had not yet disclosed to his young Initiates that he was taught by Darth Revan in the arts of the Shadow, knowing full well that it would have filled thier heads with doubt and they would leave, disbelieving. Although Revan had been dead for close to 4000 years, he was still able to make an appearance by coming back from the Netherworld. That is how Jaymz was taught, though soon after Jaymz's teaching's were complete, Darth Revan had disappeared.

Jaymz brought the scroll into his office though immeadiatly sensed something was wrong. He didn't sense people, though he sensed the complete opposite.

Nothingness, a void in the cloth of reality.

Jaymz looked toward the area where he felt the void and there stood Raven and Gaidal Dupar.

"You cannot sneak past the master of sneaking my friends. How can I help you?" Jaymz asked after placing the scroll on a protective seal.


03-11-2005 16:03:26

Rage had come back threw the door
"Jamyz? what now?" he said as he walked towards the office he came in....

Gaidal Dupar

03-11-2005 16:42:59

Gaidal looked to the highly agressive Jaymz in front of him, as well as to the puzzled Rage standing close behind him. With one short look to his left the Knight saw Silver Raven was preparing himself for impact and another serious confrontation. The Kyandrian looked back to his Nemesis and grinned from ear to ear, making the scars look even more horrible than they already were.

"So, we finally meet again, my dearest Jaymz" he spoke out loud, "you always leave a trail behind. Or a clone perhaps. I hate to break the silence and spoil our confrontation, but I'm still not interested in fighting you... yet. I hope I don't have to remind you of my words back on Mustafar? So take care and don't worry: YOU'LL GET YOUR CHANCE! Although it will be a slight one."

After that he dropped two small spheres and as soon as they fell on the ground, they started spreading thick fumes making it impossible for one another to see a thing. The only thing he heard was the loud laughing of Gaidal, his Nemesis. He and Rage coughed until the fumes faded away. The two members of the Guild only saw an window, which was broken open. And there was a little note attached to the wall by a ceremonial Chatka.

It said:

'My dearest Jaymz,

although you may find my presence odd or even annoying, I've to make one thing perfectly clear; you're not the reason I'm here. You might have hoped it, but there is no comfort for you to find there. You still consider me your archenemy, and if that is what you truly want, then so be it. I can live with another enemy on my tail, but can you Novice? I left for now, but will return until I found what I was looking for in the Guild castle. I'll be coming back until I found it. Don't worry, if everything goes well, you'll have no discomforts because of me. I'll find my own way in and out for that matter. Take care old Nemesis and we'll meet again under more unpleasant circumstances. You might be a bit more muscular than me big guy, but we'll see how well you'll defend against my cunning and lightsaber, Jaymz.

Sincerely yours,

DJK Gaidal Dupar al'Tor.'

Jaymz grabbed the piece of paper and crumbled it. Hatred boiled to the surface again. He looked at Rage and said: "It will be the last time Dupar interfered, tell the guards to double the defences and close the main gates. We'll make it a bit more of a challenge for our intruders, right Rage?"


Raven looked at Gaidal and smiled because of his last action. There always happened something around the Kyandrian warrior and this was becoming quite an adventure. They were standing close to the backside wall of the castle.
"What do we do next, Gaidal" Raven asked without any hesitation.
"I guess we have to find ourselves a way back in, my friend" the Knight responded calmly, "this is the particular problem with Jaymz, he always pops up on moments you most definitely do not need him around. And he always puts up a show when he suddenly appears, but I'm no longer interested whether or not he's a clone. I want to know the secret behind the Guild of Shadows, his secret."


03-11-2005 17:29:30

After Rage told the guards he walked back to jamyz
"Know i want you to infiltarate Gaidals inner circle"
Rage found them and joined there little party
"He thinks im spying on you for him but im joining you"


03-11-2005 20:09:58

Cain reached a chamber within the cave, looking around he decided that this was man made. Sitting down he took a deep breath, he really felt tired all of a sudden, but why. The last thing cain remembered was a cloaked man walking towards him....


05-11-2005 15:21:23

Raven looked up, eyeing the details of the castle. "Obviously, he'll expect us to attempt to get in again. Master of sneaking, peh. Unorthodox would be the key, but he knows us, and might expect something out of the ordinary." He looked down at his hands. "Individualy this feat may be nearly impossible, but cooperation presents a solution."

Gaidal turned. "How so?"

"I come from Clan Naga Sadow. Our expertise is macrokinetics. I have some training is these arts. With your power enhancing mine, we could phase directly through the castle walls."

"Not bad." Gaidal began to climb. Raven looked up at him puzzled. "We phase directly into his room, which will be the easiest to hold if we are noticed. Now, we go up."

The two began to scale the castle, against the wind and cold. Cooperation was not at the top of either dark jedi's lists, but they both knew the value of it.


As the two neared their destination, Gaidal glanced down. A small figure was waving at the bottom of the wall. Calling upon the force, he enhaced his eyesight.

"It's one of Jaymz's little puppets, Rage."

Raven looked down as well. "Shouldn't be to much of a problem. We could probably knock him out cold using the force from up here."

"Use telepathy Raven, find out what he wants."


~What is it you inquire, Rage?~

~Jaymz belives i came to spy on you, but in truth, i came to join you~

Gaidal was a significant ways farther up now. "Well?"

Raven looked up at his partner again. "Says Jaymz sent him to spy on us, but he really came to join us. I don't belive him."

"And neither do I. Use the force to erase that order form his memory and have him watch for anyone else that might come looking for us."

Raven wormed around Rages mind a little before finding the correct memory, and ripped it from his mind. ~Tell us if anyone comes looking for us~


07-11-2005 10:10:58

Jaymz moved into his quarters knowing that they were going to return soon enough and that resisting them was more than futile. He motioned for the guards to leave, so that if there was a battle, they would not be caught up in it. Eventually he took his mind off of the mater and began documenting the days events onto a scroll, which he eventually ended up falling asleep into after several hours.


08-12-2005 18:24:35

Rage laughed
"YOu cant get rid of me that easily" he said to himself as he went back inside to train


29-12-2005 07:27:31

As the shuttle crashed,Merdu fell to the ground."Only about a ten foot fall" he muttered to himself.His bag of supplies had landed a few feet away from him."Not very much in it,"he said to himself,"just the basics."
After a long and tiresome journey Merdu climbed up to find what looked like an exasct picture of what he imagined when he was invited to a castle,but ignored the invitation." I may as well go now."He muttered,the remains of the ship were now out of sight.As Merdu stood outside the doors,he felt a sudden shiver,not of the cold,but of something like the force.

As Merdu opend the huge doors a man stood at the top of the staircase."Were you invited?Or did you come with your own permission?"The Man boomed as he turned round to reveal a man in dark robes."I was invited,Jaymz is it?" "Yes,Come with me."Merdu didn`t really want to but a sudden urge made his feet move and his eyes stick to Jaymz as they walked away up the staircase.