Tracking Vaders Secrets


11-08-2005 12:15:19

Jaymz walked into the hangar and pulled a cigerette lighting it, with his MP3 player blazing "This Love" by Pantera. After taking a long drag off of it he looked to the data-pad on his arm.

^*^*^Preparing Message^*^*^Encrypting^*^*^Sending^*^*^

This is Protector Jaymz, Flight Member of the Dark Fire Brigade and Apprentice to Magistrate M'Kel Kahn. I am requesting that any Dark Jedi Intrested in tracking the destruction caused by Darth Vader and trying to uncover the secrets he left behind, report to the Hangar immiadiatly. Only those who are strong enough to past the test will be allowed to come.

^*^*^ End Message ^*^*^

The message was sent to every Dark Jedi in the Brotherhood. He doubted many would show up but he knew a few that would. Turning and walking back to his ship, The TIE Destroyer. He sat and waited.


14-08-2005 14:52:56

The hangar doors opened, Tyrus appeared with singed robes and smoked face "Holy sh**!! What the hell are those things?!?!" Three small droids came in flames blazing from them. Tyrus stomped on one and laughed, Jaymz pulled out his rifle and shot one, and Tyrus then grabbed the last one and threw it across the room into wall. It whizzed and died. Tyrus looked over at Jaymz and said "G'day"


15-08-2005 12:58:00

Revenant appeared in the doorway shortly after Tyrus. He had been practicing masking his presence with the Force. The Guardian looked around at the ruined droids. "Boys and their toys?" He grinned at them. Another week, another mission.


17-08-2005 15:38:38

Jaymz watched the two he had predicted walk in and smiled. More than he had thought. 2, heh, he was suprised any showed up. But he continued to wait and see if anyone else joined.

Kaelin Ring

17-08-2005 23:53:33

Revaan walked in looking slightly confused. The message on his datapad were very vague, but he still decided to take a look. After all, he thought, whats the harm? He had been following the others wondering if they knew more about what was going on. As he entered he saw yet another. This one was studying each of them as they walked into the room. Revaan didn't recognize anyone, so he walked up to Jaymz.

"Can I have a smoke? And can you tell me whats goin' on?"


18-08-2005 18:26:28

Jaymz handed the man the whole pack "Its a bad habit, and if you can hear or read you should have payed attention to the transmission." He moved across the hangar and boarded the ship, wondering if the rest were smart enough to do the same.


18-08-2005 21:45:44

Revenant made his way to the loading ramp. So, an opportunity to learn from perhaps the greatest of all the Sith lords (with the possible exception of Revan himself, he checked himself). This was a chance that didn't come along every day. It appeared they were to head to Coruscant, where Vader's career in darkness began. Undoubtedly this was going to be of huge benefit to the Brotherhood, but perhaps he could find something that would be advantageous on a more personal level...

Kaelin Ring

19-08-2005 02:24:58

Revaan stalked in to the ship. He had understood that they were to uncover Darth Vader's secrets, but he'd wanted specifics. Angry, he lite up a smoke and leaned against a wall. He watched the others as they took positions in the ship. He tried to remember that the only reason he was there was to futher himself in the force, but the tart remark kept forcing itself into his mind... What had he done to deserve such treatment? He sighed, no longer caring. What happened in the past stayed in the past. It was no use pondering it any longer. So he sat back and waited for something to happen.


22-08-2005 13:22:27

Ethen entered the hangar, dressed as usual in his XKrath ATBA suite, with a heavy repeater at his side. Sighing he moved into the shuttle and sat down in a seat where the troops usually sat.

Lorien Sinclair

24-08-2005 03:30:02

Lorien stepped into the Hangar, and noticed the droids lying in pieces on the floor. She picked one up, looked at the craftsmanship, and snorted.

"Who were these supposed to beat? An Apprentice?"

She flung the droid aside, and strolled up to Jaymz and the other Dark Jedi that had assembled.

"There still room on this trip for one more?"


26-08-2005 15:24:59

Ethen nodded to Lorien, after seeing Jaymz asleep in the flight deck chair. He nodded to a seat across from him and said "There seems to be room."

He brought up his scanner that was on his wrist, a little camera popped out of the top and scanned her.

"What was that?" Lorien asked.

"Just adding you to the databank of people I have met so I dont forget them." Ethen said, but there was more to it than that.


26-08-2005 15:36:49

Zhilvinas hurried into the hanger and looked around for a moment before moving to the loading ramp.

"My name is Zhilvinas," he said simply before sitting down. "When do we leave?"


26-08-2005 15:56:33

Ethen got up and moved over beside Jaymz, who's eyes opened immeadiatly with anger and couriousness.

"Chill Jaymz, some of us don't have time to sit around and sleep." With this he programmed a trip to Mustafar.

After programming it to auto-pilot he sat back across from Lorien and began cleaning his NightStinger


26-08-2005 16:57:54

(Just so you guys know, Jaymz is no longer part of the DB as a whole, he transferred to Rogue a couple of weeks ago)

The Dark Jedi Knight walked into the immense hanger, his black robe billowing behind him as he walked up the ship's boarding ramp. Looking inside, RevengeX found a motley crew of Dark Jedi each carrying guns and other weapons, that may seem harmless to a giant monster of some sort. After Ethen scanned him, he sat down, fiddling with his lightsaber, the black and yellow hilt gleaming in the dim light that lit the ship.

The others stared at him, not used to seeing someone above the rank of Guardian on these small expeditions. Using the Force, he knocked their heads backward into the hull, making them look at something else, avoiding his eyes for a while and only stealing a glance at him when he was looking outside the window, stars streaking past the ship as they entered hyperspace.


26-08-2005 17:58:27

((actually he transferred to Plaguies, I'm his brother so I know))

After the new person got on the shuttle the ships loading ramp closed and took off toward Mustafar. Ethen looked at the information that his scanner revealed. When he saw there was a Dark Jedi knight he moved over to the man and tapped him on the shoulder.

The knight turned around and gave him a dark stare. "Um you seem to be the ranking Dark Jedi hear, so it looks like you'll be leading this expidition." Jaymz eyed him with anger again but shrugged it off not caring.


26-08-2005 23:17:28

"A Knight," Zhilvinas thought to himself. "This is my chance to prove myself. I'm not going to let this oppurtunity go to waste."

Zhilvinas looked up as Ethen gave command to the Knight, and checked to be sure his weapons were there. The man made him uneasy for some reason, probably the fact that he could kill Zhilvinas with a look.


27-08-2005 08:47:37

RevengeX looked around at the crew of "treasure hunters" noticing that many of them were relatively new to the Dark Brotherhood. He saw some of the other Dark Jedi give him shifty glances, thinking, 'What is he doing here?' The Dark Jedi Knight then looked at their weapons: a bunch of repeators, not the best weapon in Revenge's opinion, and a couple of training sabers. Revenge himself had brought his lightsaber, his trusty katana, and his Relby K-23 blaster hanging low on his hip under his robes.

The trip in hyperspace took a few hours as they neared their destination. The anticipation was growing as the trip took longer than most had expected for the trip to be. RevengeX meditated silently trying to see which one of these Jedi would make it past the rank of Jedi Hunter in the future. Although their future was clouded slightly because of their arrogance and egotism, there were still a couple who would not quit when they reached Guardian.

The ship pulled out of hyperspace with a jerk, sending many of them sprawling to the floor. "Sorry 'bout that," chimed Jaymz as people began to push themselves off the dirty floor. Revenge pressed the button that lowered the boarding ramp and walked down it, looking around at his surroundings as the others followed him.


27-08-2005 12:22:04

Zhilvinas was the first behind the Knight, sure to gain some prestige. Again, his hand lowered to his waist to ensure the his blaster was with him, though he had never been great with a blaster. He put his hand behind his back, feeling for the blade of his katana. That would keep him most safe.

He looked back at the other members of the party, mostly looking as nervous as he felt. Many of them had training sabers, but Zhilvinas had never seen the point in them. Sure, a real lightsaber is all well and good, but what point was there in cutting through an enemy if you can't even feel it?


27-08-2005 16:57:22

Ethen donned his Helmet and entered the ash and soot filled atmosphere. His visor and bio scans penetrated through the debris like it wasn't there. Giving him instant read outs of what was happening.

He noticed some saber scarring on the platform several hundred yards away, but wasn't sure whether he should speak up to the Knight or not.


28-08-2005 09:52:13

RevengeX noticed it too, and walked over to look at it while the others crowded around him, whispering "What is it? Is there someone here? I have a bad feeling about this..." The Dark Jedi Knight moved his hand across it, 'yep, a lightsaber...' he thought to himself. Revenge stood back up and held up a hand, signaling the others to stop. Using the Force, he sensed for any other life forms around them. Sensing nothing, he walked around the platform searching for imprints of the Force. Sensing nothing again, RevengeX motioned to the others to follow him. The group walked down another ramp and stepped on the hard, dry ground, most still wondering what the scarring on the platform was.

The group of Dark Jedi marched silently across the grounds, Revenge in the lead using the Force to sense anything in their path. 'Hmmm... very strange...' he thought to himself, not wanting the others to panic if he told them what he had sensed.

* * *

Ethen's technical readouts of everything noticed something strange back up where they had landed the ship. Walking back, nobody noticed him except his brother Jaymz who followed him. Walking over to it, they noticed it was a large crystal of some sort, half covered in dirt. Ethen pulled on it having looked around and seen nothing that would be a danger to them. The crystal slid out of the ground easily, and the two brothers looked at it greedily before they realized they were now suspended high in the air by a large durasteel net. The crystal slipped through Ethen's fingers from the surprise and dropped back down, piercing the earth again for another greedy traveler.


28-08-2005 15:19:05

Ethen sighed and shook his head. He should have been smarter than that. Jaymz raised an eyebrow to his brother and slapped him upside the head. Punching Jaymz in the arm, he made a movement with his wrist, making a 5 inch blade come out of his wrist band on the other hand. With a hefty swing, the laser cut vibro blade sliced right through the Durasteel cable sending them both sprawling on the ground.

Ethen got up and picked up the crystal, after scanning the thing for trace elements he tossed it to the Knigiht and continued scanning the area for other stuff.


28-08-2005 20:40:36

Zhilvinas followed behind the knight, looking around for anything RevengeX might've missed. Of course, there was nothing, but it couldn't hurt to be careful. He could feel...something through the force, but he wasn't sure what it was. He wasn't too worried, though, because it seemed to be coming from the Knight.

Looking around, he noticed that Jaymz and his brother weren't there any longer, and mentioned this to RevengeX.


30-08-2005 09:19:04

Revenant considered the two brothers for a moment. Evidently they were tryingto prove themselves in the eyes of the Knight. Unfortunately, such enthusiasm often meant a lackof consideration for the consequences. Still, there was no harm done and hopefully they had learned a lesson here. There was a definate aura about the place. Perhaps it could have been the Dark Side emanating from Revenge but there was a hint of tragedy about it as well, as though something awful had happened here long ago.

Lorien Sinclair

30-08-2005 12:14:29

Lorien dropped to the ground, her eyes never leaving the monolith on the horizon. Something felt....familiar....about this place.

She shook it off, chalking it up to her having run so long without sleep, and consulted the readout on her holo-gauntlet.

"Jaymz, we've got company," she muttered loud enough for the other to hear. Jaymz nodded.

"What's your count?" he asked.

Lorien closed her eyes.

"Six just over the ridge, and six underneath us. There's some kind of catacombs down there."

Jaymz looked at her.


Lorien shook her head.

"More like....trophies."


30-08-2005 16:13:53

Revenge could sense the "trophies" as well as they continued walking, Lorien and Jaymz still whispering behind his back. Unclipping and igniting his lightsaber in one fluid movement, he continued walking as the others gazed in awe at the cerulean blade that was emitted from the lightsaber. Others caught the hint and began loading up their weapons and holding them ready for anything that might come up.

As they continued walking, Revenge suddenly stopped as he looked over the entire expanse of land in front of them. Six bodies were impaled on bloody stakes their guts on the ground covered up partially by dirt. Several of the Dark Jedi cringed in disgust, quickly looking away and attempting to get back to the ship. Using the Force, Revenge made them stop and walk backwards against their own will.

RevengeX, taking a while to look at the impaled bodies, started walking down. Zhilvinas, stunned at the prospect of going down there, asked loudly to the leading Jedi. "You don't expect us to actually go down there... do you?" When there was no answer, Zhilvinas sighed and started to walk down with the others. A small grin played on the Knight's face.


30-08-2005 22:11:02

"This is ludacris," Zhilvinas thought to himself, "proving myself to a knight is all well and good, but somebody had to do that to six people. And I don't want to take the chance that they were all killed at once."

For a moment, he thought about asking to stand guard. He decided it wouldn't go well. Drawing his katana, he began following the group.

He was sure he looked ridiculous the way his head was moving around, but he didn't want anything sneaking up on him, and he didn't trust the force right now. 6 bodies! Tightening his grip on the sword, he put an impassive look on his face and kept walking.

Kaelin Ring

30-08-2005 22:55:46

Revaan held his katana to his side as he inspected, from a distance, one of the impaled bodies. The way that the intrails were displayed made him think of tree roots. He was slightly infuriated at the actions of the Knight. He desperately wanted to see how it had been done. He wanted to see the grimices on the faces of the dead, he wanted to see all he could.

Revenge glanced up at some of the eager, and some of the sick faces, and smiled. He took one more glance around the area and deemed it safe, so he let the rest closer. As they got closer a few ran off out of view, and after a few short seconds retching could be heard. The stench was almost unbearable. They had been dead for a few days, and thier bodies had started to decompose.

"Who do you think did this? Do you think it was Mandalorians?" Revaan asked with reverance.


31-08-2005 06:29:51

"It's possible," replied Revenge, "but it wouldn't explain the sense of menace and forboding I'm picking up." Zhilvinas looked slightly worried. Those who had weaker stomachs than the others returned to the rest of the group, wiping traces of vomit from the corners of their mouths. Revenant picked up an impression of pure hatred. Just a flicker, nothingmore, then it was gone. The Guardian readied his blade. He had armed himself with the ancient Sith vibro-katana he had found on his recent excursion to Korriban and an M-434 "Death Hammer". He didn't activate the vibration cell on his sword yet. Although the high pitched thrumm was barely audible he didn't want to make anymore noise than was neccessary. He had an unpleasant feeling that whoever was responsible for this macabre scene of death, displayed in all its gory glory, was still much closer than he would have liked.

Lorien Sinclair

01-09-2005 21:20:33

Suddenly, a creature jumped from the roof at Revenant. It looked like a hybrid of a rancor and a giant, deformed spider. The Dark Jedi leapt to the side. Lorien launched into the air, En Gaedion raised above her head as she aimed for the creature's head.

The creature, however, seemed to have other ideas. It raised one of its jagged, nightmarish legs, and swatted the Protector away like a piece of fluff in a Tatooine windstorm. The lithe woman slammed into the column near the entrance hard enough to leave an impact crater.

The others backed up, their weapons drawn as the creature looked at each of them in turn.

Lorien pushed herself to her feet, albeit painfully.

"It's a surprise Vader kept one as a pet."

Jaymz looked at her.

"How do you know what it is?"

Lorien grimaced, more from memory than from pain.

"I almost ended up on one's menu when I got on the wrong side of a Hutt."

Revenant tried to sneak up on it. Lorien winced when the creature knocked him end over end.

"Gotta distract it, then take out its eyes. As long as it can see, we're out of our league."


03-09-2005 09:13:27

"Got it," acknowledged Revenant. "Revenge,power up your saber and get behind me."
"You think..."
"JUST DO IT!" He clealy had a plan. Revenge didn't like being spoken to in that tone by a mere Guardian but this was not the time to argue about chain of command. He thumbed the switch on his lightsaber and the blade thrummed into incandescent life. Instantly the creature turned its head to follow the light.
Ah, thought Revenge, I think I know what he's doing. He ran behind Revenant, the creature following at a lumbering pace. The Guardian reached inside his robes, producing a pair of silver throwing knives. A flick of the wrist and the blade flew through the air, a speeding arc of silver-yellow death as the molten lava from the planet's surface was reflected on it's ever whirling surface. less than a second later it struck home, burying itself in the creature's right eye. Another snap of the wrist and the second blade was loosed. This one, however, bounced harmlessly, hilt first, of the thick hide of the kthaelas. He reached back into his robes but by the time he had produced another knife, Revenge was already in the middle of a corkscrew somersault which brought him out on top of the monster's head. He plunged his lightsaber into the thing's one remaining good eye, causing it to rear up on its backmost legs. The Knight would have been thrown off had he not jumped clear himself. "Hoo boy! Think we made him angry?"

Lorien Sinclair

03-09-2005 22:30:56

"That's an understatement!" Lorien said, wincing as the creature demonstrated a speed that belied its size, and caught Revenge in the chest, sending the Knight hurtling into the air with a loud "OOF!" He came skidding to a stop next to Lorien and Jaymz.

"Yep," he said, albeit painfully, as Lorien hauled himto his feet, "He's pissed."

Lorien shook her head.

"None of us can take more than two of that thing's kicks. Time for drastic measures."

She noticed Revenant's antics, and got an idea.

"Revenant, keep it occupied!"

The elder Dark Jedi nodded just before he avoided being impaled like a pig on a spit on one of the creature's legs.

Lorien looked at Revenge.

"Hand me your rail launcher."

The Knight looked incredulous at the Protector, but handed it over all the same.

Lorien waited until she was facing the creature's underside, then grinned as she brought the launcher to bear.

"Say cheese, you big bastard!" she howled, unleashing a barrage into the creature's belly.

The kthaelas howled with pain as it started to tip like a seasick penguin. Jaymz yanked Lorien by the foot out from under the creature just before it let loose a ragged breath, and fell to the floor, the bones in it's legs audibly breaking and tearing muscle.

Lorien looked at Revenge and Revenant with dark, gleeful eyes.

"An' that, big boys, is how you deal with a kthaelas."

She tossed the launcher back to Revenge, then walked toward the passageway leading deeper into the stronghold.


04-09-2005 00:08:38

"Say cheese?" Zhilvinas asked with a look at the creature. "You could've been more creative than that..." With a last look at the odd beast, he spat on it and looked to Lorien. "So, you know those things then...would it have done that to those people?"


04-09-2005 03:25:17

"Doubtful," replied Lorien. "It certainly could have killed them but I doubt it would have displayed them like that. It's little more than an animal, really." They pressed on, the mouth of the passageway looming before them. It's entrance was dark, so dark. It seemed almost as though darkness was emanating from the tunnel. They all felt it. There was something utterly, inextricably evil lurking within. They paused briefly, each of them allowing their hand to rest for a reassuring moment on their respective weapons, and pressed on.


04-09-2005 18:01:33

RevengeX ignited his lightsaber, the dim blue light of it bathed the walls eerily as the others behind him unsheathed swords and loaded blasters. All of them could sense something ominous about the place, each one ready to attack whatever made a single noise. The Dark Jedi Knight and the group walked for what seemed like hours only guided by their hands on the walls and the Force. As there legs began to ache, they saw a light up ahead that looked like the exit to the dismal place they were in. Several began to run toward the light, but Zhilvinas shouted, "No, don't go! It could be a trap!" Without heeding the warning as the others did, Revenant was swallowed by the light. The others ran after him, using the Force to soothe their aching legs and to make them go faster.

The light too swallowed them and the flash of light from outside blinded them for several seconds. They saw Revenant cowering in fear on the ground looking at them fearfully. "What is it, Revenant?" Everyone crowded around him asking him questions. "...That." he whispered.


06-09-2005 21:18:19

Caine ran to catch up with the group. The dark side was almost too strong in this place he thought as he jumped over the dead kthaelas. Suddenly he saw a light coming from one of the pathways. Fearing the worst he ran towards where the light was. but stopped right behind the group of dark jedi. locking his eyes one what had revenant so scared he said "what is that..."


06-10-2005 00:05:12

Then a sound came out of nowhere as Rage was following them his Krath War Blade in hand.
"Sorry i was la- whats everybody lookin at?
just as revenant said "....that.


06-10-2005 10:49:56

(( umm how come no one has answer back besides rage in like two months is this a dead run-on or what??))


11-10-2005 08:45:56

Jaymz jumped from a path onto a shipping droid heading toward a factory that's lights were on. Jaymz had noticed this several minutes before and was waiting for the perfect timing to jump onto the droid, because several hundred feet below was a giant river of molten lava. Jaymz stedied himself on the droid as it drew closer to the factory. He wasn't sure where the others were, nor did he really care. But something was awfully suspicious about the lights of an abandonded factory being on.


02-11-2005 08:57:25

((How come no one has posted here in like...a bunch of days?))


02-11-2005 10:42:15

Probably because for the most part of this page people just wrote about themselves making it a very boring run-on with little to no real plot advancement.

For example look at your post, did you leave anything for someone else to build on? No the post is all about you, why would someone bother advancing that, no room was left for others to jump into the runon.

If you want a runon to keep going you need to build a real story with an actual plot with room for others to come in and write. Simply writing about yourself makes it just a story and not a ron-on.


02-11-2005 10:59:19


Acara Rayden

02-11-2005 22:41:19

It had taken Acara a while to reach his destination, he hadn't even realised the group had left at first, he really neaded a droid to keep track of these things. He reached over and keyed a few commands dropping the Blade from Hyperspace. He had to use this thing a lot recently despite it only being a temporary loan, his Interceptor was damaged and had no hyperdrive of its own.

Scanning the planet he found the landing site of the other Dark Jedi and brought his craft down into a smooth landing. Exiting the Blade he set off on the trail of the group sending a Communication ahead asking for a status report.


15-05-2006 23:01:27

Krayn had been loading the Carpe Diem for several hours, making sure its ammo supply was fully stocked as well as the cannons clean and ready for battle if needed. He then moved his preflight check to the custom sizemic charges that were located in a bombay door on the underbelly of his ship. Once he was satisfied that the ships weapons and shields were fully operational, as well as doing a thorough check of the engines and the flaps, Krayn nodded to the flight director standing on the balcony above the docking bay floor.

Krayn climbed up the loading ladder, only to watch as several aircraft attendants came and stripped the ladder from the ship and motioned to the flight director that the ship was prepped and ready for take off. Krayn nodded to the aircraft attendants and then put his earpiece on as well as his mouth piece which was connected to a force addaption that was a piece of metal that went across his forehead.

"This is Acolyte Krayn prepping for take off towards the Dagobah system. Premission to launch?" He said into the microphone as he checked his flight controls.

"Roger that Krayn, airspace is clear for takeoff, you are good to go." The Airspace Director spoke into the microphone.

"Roger, Krayn clear for liftoff, over." Krayn repeated into the microphone. He flipped the ignition switch and the engines lit with a blaze. Krayn then flipped the thrusters that lifted the Carpe Diem into the air, four or five feet. Krayn began to whistle as he gently pushed the thrusters forwards, easing the ship out of the shuttle bay. Once he was cleared, Krayn opened up on the throttle and turned off the thrusters, while pulling up the landing gear.

After several hours in space Krayn opened a transmission to his Envoy, Rasilvenaira. "Gaurdian Rasilvenaira, I am intrested in finding the path Darth Vader took. I want to experience what he experienced and witness what he did. I am going to the Dagobah system to start my search, I heard of Sith Ruins there as well as a possibility that Vader had stayed there for an exteneded period of time. I wish for your company on this quest. Krayn, out." He closed the transmission and sent it.

It was going to be a long flight to Dagobah, he needed his rest.

Cal Tecontic

16-05-2006 16:40:51

The Carpe Diem flashed into view, it's path clear. The Dagobah system filled Krayn's viewscreen, as he approached the planet. He reached out with the Force and was surprised to find a Force signature already on the ground. Didn't the descendants of Ragno's clear the Force impression from there? he thought.

He piloted the ship towards the Force signature, ready to learn...

* * * * * * *

Cal's boots squished through the mud and moss on the ground. The stink of the place reminded him of nothing that he was used to, causing him to wrinkle his nose. How could anybody train here, much less live here? he thought. His thoughts were interrupted by a beeping sound on his datapad. He quickly removed it and checked the sensors. It showed a ship inbound towards his position.

Cal was not surprised. He had expected someone to come and pick him up after leaving the Brotherhood without warning. Just not that soon.

The ship slowly descended onto a small patch of moss. The cockpit burst open as Krayn exited and removed his training saber.

"Relax, I'll go queitly," Cal said.

"What are you talking about? I'm not here for you," the Acolyte replied. "I'm here to find out about Vader."

"So... your not here for me? Well, that's a relief," Cal said as he walked towards Krayn. He held out his hand. "I don't think we've met formally. I'm Cal, and I'm doing the exact same thing your doing," he said with a hint of smugness.

Rich Gun

17-05-2006 00:31:54

Rich’s X-Wing poled out of hyperspace in the Dagobah system right when Cal did. Seeing the ship Rich wondered who was going to be going on the mission.

As Rich landed his fighter he looked out at the scenery or lack of. Rich powered down and jumped from his cot pit landing in a pull of mud. As he hit the mud he sank until the mud was waist high.

The two Dark Jedi that were there already saw what happened and laughed as Rich pulled myself of the hole he had made. Rich looked away and pulled his hood up over his head so they couldn’t see his face and asked “Is where I can find out about Vader?”


19-05-2006 19:06:21

Krayn removed a tracker from his robes and activated it. He could see Cal look to him with a curious look on his face. "Its a dark force energy tracker, i want to find out if there is any dark side energy coming from this place, but its coming up negative. We should go to Endor, the final resting place of Vader"

He nodded to Cal and then began back towards his ship, his cloak flowing behind him. "We're gonna have to go in soft, I don't know about the rebel resistence still located on the planet, so stealth his key here."

Rich Gun

19-05-2006 22:40:08

Rich looked to Krayn grabbing his right hand

“Resistance or no resistance I’m still going count me in.”

With that Rich, Krayn and Cal came up with a plan and jumped into their respective ships and left Dagobah.


20-05-2006 10:49:34

((lol I mean endor, sorry I was kinda outta wak when Iposted that. I'll edit my post))

Rich Gun

09-06-2006 20:55:03

((Where is every body))


26-03-2009 03:09:36

(- Well this has some potential, I’ll see if I can jump start it. I’m going to base what I do off of the background stuff that Vader did with Galen Marek (StarKiller) Thus we shall visit Felucia and such, looking for clues. Sound good? -)

Jaecyn’s eyelids felt heavy, he could feel a light sensation creeping over his body, the same sensation that made its appearance shortly before he felt into a major sickness due to lack of sleep. This was not uncommon for him though, late nights studying the inner works of Starfighters and strategic maneuvers for ships. Training to be a Dark Jedi Knight was on the verge of killing him on sleep deprivation alone.

He was aboard the Perdition, the Firefox-Class Star Destroyer in Plagueis possession. Jaecyn stood in front of a holo-map depicting the outlying the surface of Felucia. His hands rested on the edges as he leaned forward over the map. He let a hand drag across the surface of the screen, it moving with his touch. He scratched his chin and tapped what looked like a large sarlacc pit.

Very Curious…’ He thought to himself before his concentration being interrupted by a young Novice coming to inform him that the others were on their way. He nodded toward him and looked back to the map. He knew there was something there, he could feel it.

Suddenly he heard the elevator hiss open behind him and someone stepped through.