The Korriban Affair


06-08-2005 10:15:10

Revenant sat in a large booth at the back of the lounge. He was alone, for now. This was where he had chosen to meet and the designated hour was approaching. Fast. How much to tell them? The knew just now that this might have something to do with Darth Malice, his old master, but they had absolutely no idea what this might mean. He decided to leave it at that for now.

He thought about his old master sometimes, the man who had directed him to the Dark Brotherhood in the first place. Revenant had expected him to be dead but now he wasn't so sure. Suddenly his thoughts were jolted back to the present by the door crashing open. The hooded figure that entered made its way to the back of the lounge and joined Revenant in his booth. As he had expected, Tyrus was the first to arrive. "Am I the only one here? Whene are the other's getting here?" he asked.

"Soon." The reply was chilling in it's certainty. "Did you bring the artifacts?" Tyrus nodded in the affirmative and reached for his pocket but a soft grip stayed his hand.

"Keep those hidden just now." Langis had arrived. Revenant could see Sin across the lounge. Selling death sticks, no doubt. He was always open to an opportunity to make credits. He'd be over soon. Doku walked in, followed shortly by Macron.

"Okay," announced Revenant, "we're here because Tyrus has found something interesting on Korriban. Interesting, and probably important. Show them." The Krath Protector produced a handful of small metallic objects which had been deeply engraved with archaic symbols. The engravings had been filled with a sort of red enamel. "The symbols on these pieces match the symbols on an amulet my old master, Darth Malice, used to wear. If he's resurfaced this could spell trouble for the brotherhood. That's all I can really say just now, 'til we get to Korriban. If anyone wants to back out, now would be a good time." He surveyed his audience and waited for the inevitable questions.

Macron Sadow

06-08-2005 10:39:23

Macron laughed at the idea of backing out. "I hope none of you seriously consider that... I'd have to kill you then. Just kidding." He smiled, the scars and tattoos on his ghoulish countenance contorted even more. "Hello everybody."

"Those looked to be... yes. Sith, late era runic type 4 inscriptions. Malice, you say? Hmm. I don't know that one. A Darth. That could be very bad." The Knight looked up at the ceiling in contemplation.

Tyrus spoke. "And how do we get there, Revenant?"

"With Macron, of course. He and I arranged for the rides via Sapphire Squadron. We will have an assault transport, and an escort of four hyperdrive TIEs and an assault gunboat. Not bad, eh? I was able to pull some strings to get the transport," Revenant answered.

The group quietly nodded their assent, not wanting to draw too much attention to themselves.
Langis spoke up. "And what will we expect to find when we arrive?"

Lanius Sin

06-08-2005 11:38:01

Sin arrived at the booth with the same dry smile across his face and nodded recognition to those of higer rank present "Respectfull greetings to you all. My friend here Revenant has informed me of an 'oportunity' and, with permission ofcourse, i would be verry gratefull to join you all on your journey."
Sin took a seat and produced a small bag from his belt. "annyone for a deathstick?"


06-08-2005 11:55:51

"Nah," Tyrus said," Im trying to quit," Tyrus sat down and looked around at everyone. "So how is everyone here armed?" Tyrus pulled out a alarmingly silver blaster pistol ,"this thing fires stronger and faster than most blasters, and anyways, i did find a weapons cache on korriban, i could perhaps lead you all too it?"


06-08-2005 12:09:22

Revenant regarded the bag his friend had produced. "Yeah, I'll have one, thanks. Langis, to be honest, I don't know what we'll find when we get there. If Malice is back then there's no way of knowing t'til we get there, but it won't be friendly. If he's not back we'll probably find sand and rock."

He hoped that was good enough for them. Malice had a nasty habit of experimenting on people. His favourite was to take the DNA of some monstrous beast and gradually introduce it into his subject's genetic make-up, watching them mutate, or "evolve" as he called it. He wasn't trying to achieve anything more significant than the most monstrous creation he could come up with.

He wished he knew the significance of his former master's amulet but he had never let it out of his sight, and never spoken of it. He turned to Tyrus. I'm taking an E-11 blaster rifle, a DL44 pistol and my paired vibro-katanas, but any toys you can find for us when we get there will be useful." He informed the group that Tyrus's haul would be their first port of call.

Lanius Sin

06-08-2005 12:26:24

On hearing the words "weapons cache" Sins eyes widened. "im a little light on weaponry but i do have this disruptor pistol and simple vibroblade. Ofcourse that weapons cache sounds interesting.. and profitable. Any extra help will be most welcome."
Sin threw a used deathstick on to the floor, a servant huried over to removed it.
"So do you have the artifacts, i scenced something when i entered here, something dark."


06-08-2005 15:24:30

Jaymz arrived in the shadows as usual only this time he was not in his ordinary inner robes as he always was. He was covered in his proto-type Nano-Armor that was laced with cortosis. The lower part of his head wes hidded due to a ninja style mask that was also made of Nano-Armor. The armor ressembled Under Armor only softer. Over top the Full body armor he had a tactical vest with projectile styled weapon clips in the repective slots. Hung at his hip was the projectile style weapon resembling an M-8. Also strapped to his side were two blaster pistols and his training saber. His belt was attached to tactical pants that were used by the Republic Commando's in various training Missions.

Langis looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "couldn't hurt to try something new." He said. and continued watching them .

Macron Sadow

06-08-2005 16:49:46

Macron raised an eye at Jaymz. "Cortosis? really? Better not let the Dark Council see..." he giggled.

"I've got my Sith battle armor, my saber, and my chain. That is all I will need I think. you say malice was an alchemist, Revenant? How very interesting." A wicked gleam lit in Macron's eyes and he seemed even more eager to begin.


06-08-2005 17:14:26

Raven walked in, robes billowing behind him.

"Did you find the things you need?" He saw the runes. "Good. If you don't mind, I can offer my services as transport. Don't worry, its armed."

A evill appeared in his eyes at the word "armed".


06-08-2005 20:57:03

"we already have transport," Tyrus said "But i do like the idea of "armed" He let a smile flicker forward with the statement.

"And as Jaymz here said, i too did bring a training saber, though i feel i must tell him," He looked over to Jaymz," That what we're up against, no training saber can deal with,"

"Does anyone know if the damn rebel scum are still investigating Korriban?" Tyrus asked "Last time i went there was practically an army there,"


06-08-2005 22:48:58

"Well I have no problem going with Raven. Doubt we will all be able to fit into Macron's ship." Doku said as he finally removed his hood. "I bring my saber, and my concussion rifle. If any holes need blasting, let me know. Im an Obelisk, we do our job with brute force." Doku said as he smiled and brought his rilfe up onto the table. "So if we are done talking and attracting more unwanted attention, I say we head to the ships and meet some were close to our destination." And with that, Doku walked out of the lounge and towards the hangar to wait for Raven.


06-08-2005 22:58:48

Tyrus followed Doku and so did all the others. "Now, i dont know what we'll be walking into, but whatever it is, its damn worth it thats for sure," Tyrus said as they headed towards the hangar. "Umm...if any of us are under dark jedi knight, please at this time put your hoods on and shroud your face a bit," Tyrus said as they neared the hangar. "We're not supposed to be out this late, or be headed to the hangar."

They all complied and put thier hoods on, except for the ones Dark Jedi Knight and above. In his robes, Tyrus clicked his blaster to "kill", he had encountered very unfriendly members of the dark jedi brotherhood, whom he had problems getting along with. Tyrus looked over at Jaymz, how he wondered why his dear friend Langis had not accompinied them. Tyrus loved watching them play lovey dovey, then get scolded by an authority.

Tyrus cleared his thoughts and tried to pry open Macron's mind, to see if he knew anything he wanted kept quiet. Tyrus failed miserably as he was thrown by Macron, even though Macron didnt look back. "You should be wary of trying that on higher members" He said without looking back as they yet still walked along the corridors "Though you are pretty good, you need more training in that,"

Macron Sadow

07-08-2005 00:58:51

"... more training in that," the Sith spoke as he walked. His Master was Krath, and he knew their dirty mental tricks. Macron tried his best to emulate them, but manipulating the mind with the Force was not his Forte. He preferred the way of agonizing chemicals.

"Raven and Revenant, can you slip off and get your ships headed toward Dentaavi? Get us clearance from Raistlin, per my request. Tell him I'll share my goodies," chuckled the Knight.

He admired the direct approach, and held no grudge with Tyrus' attempt. If the Knight had been weak of mind, then he deserved to be read like a book.

"Tyrus- nice. Keep that up man. You will make a fine Krath. Can you help me use that trick with these guards? Doku and I have clearance, but you guys may not." Macron smiled as the hooded Journeyman gave him a thumbs up in fierce assent.

Macron nodded to Doku, whom he respected as an experienced warrior. One of the Sith's good friends was Korras. " Well, at least he doesn't kill me on sight," he thought.

"Okay, " came a thought in the collective group's heads. " I will talk smack, Doku you control the area tactically, and you guys pretend to be students of the Shadow Academy out on a field trip. I can get us clearance to Dentaavi, and from there we can speak in private and jump off system. Jaymz, you back me personally. I want your skills at my side. No fighting- let us be like the wind, invisible and quick."


07-08-2005 04:29:47

Revenant made his way through the corridors of the Dark Hall towards the hangars. He kept his cowl pulled tight about his face, his eyes levelled at the floor and walked quickly and with purpose. The last thing he wanted was unwanted questions.

He was all too aware of the loud, heavy clicking his boot heels made on the metallic floor as he passed. The high ceiling, combined with the low lights created a sensation similar to vertigo in anyone looking upwards.

There were a group of Dark Jedi heading towards him, coming from the direction of the hangars. Evidently Exar's Shadow, another of the brotherhood's battle-teams, had just completed a training excercise. He tried not to make eye contact. Thankfully they passed without incident.

At the end of the hall two guards stood, one one on either side of the doors to the hangar area. Their black armour stood out stark against the harsh lighting. Revenant tried to cloud their minds with the Force but when they spoke it seemed the game was up. "What's a Journeyman doing in the hangars at this time?" the first guard barked. Revenant looked him straight in the eye. When he spoke the tone was even and without malice. It also implied that what he said was unquestionable.

"Macron wants me to ready his ship. Something to do with Sapphire Squadron business, he wouldn't say more specific than that."

"I'm going to have to check that," replied the guard, "hold on while I raise the commander on the comm." Revenant waited with bated breath.


07-08-2005 09:17:06

"That wont be nesscary, Macron sent me ahead of time to tell you that he has complete clearance." Doku quickly said as he walked behind Revenant and placed his hand on his shoulder. "Here are the request papers. As you can see, they are all in order." Doku said as he showed the guard the request papers. The guard looked it over and stared at Doku, then saw over his shoulder that there were more comming. One of them was Macron.

The guard let Doku and Macron thru, but the others he stopped for question. "Forgot to add one more thing. Im taking these Trainiees out of system for a little training mission ive setup." Doku said as he pulled out a set of papers that had his signature on it. The guards nodded and let them pass.

"Well that wasnt to bad." Macron whispered to Doku. "Well when you have the ability for clearance this time of night, it doesnt get quite complicated." Doku said as he walked to Ravens ship and watched as he prepped the engines. Doku thru Macron the channel frequency code. "We will use that will going thru here. We musnt talk about what were reallying doing." That said, Doku entered the ship, and waited for take off.


07-08-2005 09:44:26

Revenant and Macron piled into the assault transport. Revenant made his way to the controls and turned on the power convetors. While they were warming up he opened a comm channel to Raistlin. "Greetings. Macron requests clearance to leave for Dentaavi. Some sort of training excercise, he's not telling us too much." The blue effigy of the Exarch flickered in front of him. Raistlin punched some info into his terminal.

"What could he be up to now?" mused Raistlin aloud. "Oh well, sometimes it's best not to ask when Mac's involved. Tell him he owes me. Big time. I'm transmitting the launch codes to you now. A red light on the control panel came on just then. Revenant pushed a few buttons and the launch codes appeared onscreen. He punched them into the navi-computer.

"Ready to go, boss." Revenant said to Macron. "Who's coming with us and who's going with Raven and Doku?"

Lanius Sin

07-08-2005 10:04:41

"im in with you guys" Sin entered the coccpit with Maron and Revenant. He romoved his hood from abbout his face and sat at one of the consoles. Revenant turned to Sin and remarked "Youve been rather quiet on the way here. i scence you are troubled."
"Yes i have been trying to senter myself for some time now. we aproach something tho i do not know weather it is god or bad." Sin replyed. "i may with leave go to the cargo hold and meditate on it"
"Sertainly" said macron.
"allso i have word that Acara wishes to join us, he shuld be allong shortly. he is a brave one, like most adumarians, allways up for a challange." and with that Sin retired through the blast door to the rear of the ship, his mind troubled.


07-08-2005 10:20:30

Revenant stared fixedlyat the screen in front of him and said nothing. Sin was perceptive. When he sensed things it usually meant something. He had no idea what yet but one thing he did know - everybody was going to get more than they bargained for on this trip. Macron,meantime, busied himself with the final preparations for take-off. He flipped switches, pressed buttons and adjusted dials. With the finals checks completed and all systems online all that remained was to wait for the rest of them to arrive.

Acara Rayden

07-08-2005 10:58:45

Acara strode confidently up the loading ramp and into the ship. He wore a darkly Coloured Adamarian garment with the traditional shoulder cape flaping through the air as he moved.

Revanant looked at the man, he had never seen him before he must have been recruited recently and this would likely be his first mission out of the acadamy. But he seemed to have a confident gait. "Welcome Acara i assume?" said revanent.

"You assume correctly", repled Acara looking around, "for your welcome i thank you"

Macron noted the man's strange adumarian accent.


07-08-2005 11:26:15

Revenant eyed the newcomer. He, as all adumarians seemed to do, had a taste for finery it seemed. The shoulder cape, all of it suggested someone who didn't mind too much whether he succeeded or failed, as long as he looked good while he did it. He could, of course, be wrong. Time would tell. "I suggest we get going. Jaymz and Tyrus can go with Doku and Raven, four a-piece."

"Good call," agreed Macron. "We've delayed this for long enough." With a low hum the engines lifted the ship off the deck. The hangar doors opened and in a few short minutes they were heading for the planet's atmosphere.

Revenant entered the destination coordinates into the navi-comp and waited for it to calculate the jump to hyperspace. "Next stop, Dentaavi orbit."

Macron Sadow

07-08-2005 13:01:18

"Excellent, nice to meet you Acara." Macron said. "Ready for some fun?"

the Knight keyed his helmet comlink as he looked at the readouts on the vessel. it was moving smoothly through the atmosphere.
"Dentaavi asteroid base it is. Okay guys, I am sending you the rendezvous coordinates and clearance codes. It'll be on deck, 13, room 13 of course. That is one of my secure lab areas, and no one will bother us there. Trust me on that."

Some minutes later the assault gunboat latched on to the Dentaavi base with a shudder and a click as the tractor beams drew it in the bay. The blue force screen snapped back shut after them and the bay seemed fairly quiet. The cramped crew spilled out into the bay. Several ASP class labor droids came over to refuel and refit the gunboat, guided by Macron's R3 unit.

Dentaavi was a somber place compared to Antei. There were no flashy signs, no colorful billboards, and even the denizens wore plain and functional garb. Almost everyone here had the hardedned look of the combat veteran, as Dentaavi was one of the first lines of defense in the Antei system against invaders.

Macron motioned to Acara and Revenant to follow him, as he thumbed the turbolift switch.


07-08-2005 13:08:02

The Fearless was Ravens ship. It was a big ship, we were given clearance out of our atmosphere. As they entered hyperspace, Doku arose from the co-pilots seat."Im heading to the cargo bay for alittle mediation. Inform us when we enter Korriban atmosphere. I dont want to be distrubed." Doku said as he exited the cotpit and headed for the cargo bay. Doku heard Raven put the ship on auto-pilot and went to take a short nap.

Doku entered the cargo bay and noticed that it was big. Half of it ws transformed into sort of a meditation/combat room. "Must of had a lot of money to get a hold this big." Doku said outloud as he closed the door behind him. Doku went into the middle of the floor and crouched down on his knees to meditate. Of course it wasnt long till he new someone else was watching him. "You know, its not nice to interupt someones meditation. You of all people should know that Jaymz." Doku said as he lifted him up and brought him to the floor.

"Now if its a fight you want, then show me what you got, but if you want to find a quiet place to meditate, then pick a different room." Doku said as clamly as he could of said it.


07-08-2005 13:09:04

(( Dang it Macron, you beat me to it :P)


07-08-2005 13:28:32

(hey! are you fogetting me? :P)

Tyrus walked into where Doku was meditating and saw Jaymz. A pang of fury ran through him but he controlled it. He walked past Jaymz to where Doku was sitting "You know, meditating in groups is an excellent way to teach younger members the force," Tyrus said.

"Ahh, whatever," and with that Tyrus sat down and started to meditate. Issuing his robes behind him.


07-08-2005 13:48:43

Macron stepped into the lift, followed by Acara, then Revenant. Just as he was about to thumb the button for deck 13 Sin appeared at the bottom of the loading ramp. "Not going without me, are you?" he quipped, grinning. Revenant had no idea how he did it. Sin just seemed to be able to sense things. Still, it was probably going to prove useful before this adventure was through. The lift was a bit cramped with the four of them in it but it was fast so they didn't have to suffer long. They reached deck 13 and the door slid open noiselessly. Everybody stepped out and the door closed, again without a sound.

Faceless durasteel corridors flanked them, with occasional tinted portals of glass revealing pristine laboratories. Eventually Macron stopped them outside one of the doors on their left. He lowered his eyes to the retinal scanner and raised his thumb to the print sensor. "Knight Macron," he declared. The door hissed as pressure seals were released. There was an audible thunk as magnetic seals were released. Finally there was the scrape of metal on metal as huge bolts drew themselves back and the door swung inward. They stepped inside and the door clanged shut. The locks engaged again and, as quickly as they had arrived they were gone, with no evidence of their passing.


07-08-2005 13:59:03

"Your right Tyrus." Doku said as he put Jaymz down. "Just havent been mediating for awhile, so its kinda odd." As he sat down, they all were in silence They could feel the force flow thru them like water. Being one with themselves, and one with the forces outside of the ship. The two of them could feel the force flowing thru them and Doku as well."

Wasnt long when they reached Dentaavi. The facility was good place to hide ones self. As they crossed the bridge, he noticed that Macron and the others were waiting for them downstairs. "Well there waiting for us." Doku said as they entered the turbolift and walked into the room were they where.


07-08-2005 17:07:10

((what do you mean "put Jaymz down"? I was never up. or at least I don't think I was.))

Jaymz moved to the cockpit and slouched in one of the chairs wondering why every time he walked into the room they thought he was looking for a fight. He was getting extremly irratated by it. He layed his rifle beside the chair and pulled out a protien strip and began munching on it, his eye lids beginning to seem heavy. It was not long before he drifted into an uneasy sleep.

In an instant what he thought was a dream turned into a nightmare, as per usual for Dark Jedi. He saw Adalyn standing amongst trees smiling at him, then all at once the tree's became metal pillars and Adalyn was chained to the ground by the grass that had layed beneath her feet.

"Help me Jaymz...." She yelled, but Jaymz could not move.

Then metal doors began to shut as a crowd of men surrounded her.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO." Jaymz screamed his muscles tightening and his rage flaring. It took all the concentration within him to stop from releasing his anger outside of his body and destroying the life support systems.


07-08-2005 17:35:40

((thank you jaymz for yet again turning this into a love story))

Tyrus awoke to the screams of Jaymz. "Shut up!" He yelled. "Sorry," JAaymz replied, "dont know what happened,"

They all got up and dressed, Tyrus put on his robes that offered no protection value, "hehe, " he thought, "who needs protection?"


07-08-2005 17:53:11

((Langis hates Jaymz and Adalyn is dead. his dealing with the loses will determine whether he goes towards the light or the dark. Its essential in the story, just becuase someone else said it as a joke doesn't mean you have to take it serious and say it again.))

Lanius Sin

07-08-2005 21:04:54

Sin cracked annother deathstick and looked at the others with concerned expression. "there is something i think you all shuld know." he secured the bag at his belt where it hangs. "While i meditated in the hold i recieved a vision of sorts. it wasn't clear as my mind was troubled and i have had little training but it seemed to me to be in a dark place. Only shafts of dim light lit my thoughts and something aproached that resembled..." Sin paused, unshure weather the others would understand what he had seen. " was a large allmost human shape, a body of strength and power. when it was closer it's skin apeared to be red of colour with grim features, allmost as the features of an ancient sith. It has mentaly drained me to evin discern this much."

"Curious" Mused Macron. "be midefull of this vision, and be sure to inform us quickly if this happens again" Korriban, Ainchent sith, what does this all meen? he thought.

Revenant ran a finger through his goatee as his mind set abbout this riddle.


07-08-2005 21:16:48

"You know, your love for those two is what will make you week in the end Jaymz." Doku said as he entered the cockpit. "You know nothing of us." Jaymz said standing up defending himself. "Your right, of course i dont know anything about you three, But I know its enough to make you weak. We will take advantage of it, so will others." Doku as notified Raven that his shift was over. "What do you know of love Doku? Your and Obelisk. Your a fighter." Jaymz said as he sat down next to Doku. "Well your a right, im an Obelisk, and I care nothing for Love. Doesnt mean I wont fight for it." Doku said as he placed his saber on the console.

"You see, an emotion like love, can flux. Your power can become stronger, or weaker. We are allowed to feel this emotion, but to use it properly, that my friend, is the challenge." Doku said as he tapped the launch sequence codes. "How do you know so much, being an Obelisk?" Jaymz asked him in a puzzled tone. "Hehe, well when your master is a Krath, you tend to learn tricks of trade as they say." Doku chuckled as he opened the commlink to Macrons ship.

"Macron, were ready when you are." Doku said as he flipped switchs to start the engines. Soon, both ships entered hyper space which gave them some time to them selves. "Im not saying you shouldnt love them, but your not ready to control that feeling yet, so for now lay low for awhile." Doku said as he patted Jaymz on the back.

"So I would think that an indivdual like yourself would want some rest." Doku said waving his hand infront of Jaymz's face, which inturned made him fall asleep not to long after.

Macron Sadow

07-08-2005 23:07:18

" Fine then, we have all had a heart warming chat," spat the Sith as their group lifted off.

He was most annoyed at having blown his security clearance over no discussed data on Dentaavi. "What a waste of my time, or was it a compromised situation?" the Knight wondered. "Maybe their aim is to talk later...ahh, that must be their Dark plan."

"Sin, I must know what you saw. Any description?" The Commander asked.

He slipped throught the vast expanse of hyperspace with Revenant, Sin, Acara and himslef as victims. The jump to Korriban was long and required many hyperspece calculations. Plus, he must keep up with and mesh with Doku's ship.

In the name of the Dark Lords, he intended to hurt someone badly, as a good Sith should. Perhaps his needs would soon be fullfilled upon the denizens of this ancient hell-hole. Maybe he would even get to use his experimental chemicals on someone.

"Doku- where do we land, and what is your twenty?"


08-08-2005 06:17:34

"Well Mac, o and srry about us not stopping earlyer. I would like to say outside of the Ancient Sith Tombs, would be a good place to start." Doku said as his voice went over the speakers in the entire ship. "Are you sure thats wise?" Revenat asked.

"No, its dang crazy if you ask me, but its the only place we got to choose to land. Either that or infront of the Sith Academy, and the ships readout says that we may have a few problems." Doku said as the innercom came into the cockpit this time.

"What do you mean by problems? There shouldnt be any, this place has to much of a dark taint." Macron said as he leaned back in his chair. "Well.....I hate to say it, but im thinking someone beat us to it. The front door of the Academy has allready been destoryed, and the old guard droids are wipped out." Doku said with some concern in his voice.

"Were landing at the academy. Thats the best place to start. Besides, they were stupid and left the front door open for us." Macron said with laughter under his breath. "Alllright well we will see you down on the surface then, Doku out."

With that said, Ravens ship landed and Doku, Raven, Tyrus, and Jaymz waited for Maccrons ship to finally come in.

Acara Rayden

08-08-2005 13:57:05

Korriban's red sky hid the ship's entry into the atmosphere quite well, the result of which being the other groups would not have been able to see Macron's ship till it was much closer even if they had been looking.

The ship touched down on Korriban's surface with a slight jerk which shuddered through the hull, jerking Acara out of his siliet rivive. He had been remembering some of his earlier Duels on Adumar and was wondering what his next would be like.

Standing up, he asked of no one in particular but rather to the room at large, "Shall we?"

Macron opened the loading ramp and simply stated, "Alright everyone grab your gear and lets go."

With Macron leading the way and both Revanent and Sin in front pulling up their hoods for protection against the brutal windswept sands of Korriban, Acara's hand appeared from inside his cape with desert head gear which he put on. The headgear was simple, no decoration and plain black in colour, unlike other things Adumarian. With this on he followed the others down the loading ramp onto the planet's surface.

With the ancient tombs of the Dark Lords of the Sith towering high above, it was very hard not to feel humbled in thier presence, even for an Adumarian. They regrouped with the others and began the trek up the canyon towards the ancient Sith acadamy.


08-08-2005 14:42:42

Jaymz awoke several minutes after the others had departed and cursed himself for being left alone on this dredded planet for the second time. He got to his feet and stretched, pulling his limbs out of whatever uncomfortable position they had fallen in while he layed in that chair. He pulled up a duffel bag that he had brought along with them and brought out a pair of light nullifying goggles, due to his light sensitive shined eyes.

After donning them he ventured down the loading ramp and onto the wretched surface of Korriban, again by himself. Sometimes he wondered if it mattered at all if he came or not, but he put that thought out of his head as he found their force presence not too far ahead.

Sighing lightly he descided to secure the landing zone and make sure no one desturbed the ship.

After scanning a 100 yard perimeter for life and mechancial signs, he concluded that the area was clear. He moved to a statue of a rather sinister looking Dark Jedi. He scaled it so that he layed in a crack just small enough for him to get in a comfortable sniping position in which he pulled out his M789 Modular Assualt Blaster.

After positioning the weapon so he had a clear view of fire within a 50 yard redius of the ship, he put a specialized clip into the weapon and fired three rounds each 30 yards away from each other around the ship forming a triangle. These were sensor bullets, not the best for tracking life signs, but awesome for movement sensors.

After several minutes the dust blowing around in the atmosphere had succesfully camoflauged Jaymz. He kept his left eye in the scope and the other on the scanner, waiting.

"This is Jaymz. I have secured a perimeter around the ship, set up motion sensors and have taken up a sniper position. Over." Jaymz said into the com that was attached to his shoulder.


08-08-2005 15:42:02

((Why do you guys keep leaving me out??)))

Tyrus put his hood up as they walked towards the academy. "I have a better plan," Tyrus said as they neared the academy. They all looked at him and he beckoned them to follow. Tyrus veered off to the left and they came up to a huge cliff. "What is this for?" Revanant asked "Patience," Tyrus answered.

Tyrus asked "Macron, your saber," Macron did so releuctantly and Tyrus ignited it, he stuck it in the small hole, protruding from the rock surface. He pulled the saber out and handed it back to Marcon. The rock surface slowly started to move from its place opening a small hole. "Ya gotta love them ancient sith eh?" Tyrus said as they walked through it.


08-08-2005 15:47:54

"We wont be needing your sniper expertise yet Jaymz." Doku said tapping on his shoulder. "We've been waiting for you downstairs, come." Doku said as he walked off, watching that Jaymz walked behind him. "Your gun experince will be needed, im sure of it, but for now, save your ammo."

Doku and Jaymz joined the others, the two new ones stared at Doku. "Umm Macron, who are these two?" Doku said walking up to them and stareing at them. "They seemed to follow us here, but one of them had something to say about this place." Macron said as he pushed the one forward.

"Allright, explain yourself, I fear we have no time to sit and chat for the time being." Doku said as he awaited an answer from this person to talk.

Lanius looked around and looked back at Doku "You mean me?" she said.

"Yes of course you, your the only one that had the vision." Doku said as he waited.

Lanius Sin

08-08-2005 17:29:11

Sin recalled the vision. "It was so hazy" he thought.
"I am lacking in training ofcourse. It came to me as i meditated in the hold during our journey.This world it indeed has power, both in grandure and in darkness." sin remarked abbout the scenery "I've never set foot on this world but i feel astho ive been here before. its the feeling i got from the vision. the figure i saw aproaching resembled, but may not be, an ancient sit." Lanius masaged the bridge of his nose with his thumb and finger ".. But this may just be an echo, nothing more."

"And you didnt get anything else?" asked Tyrus as they continued down the dark corrido

"Only that the figure looked unhapy abbout something, well thats an understatement." Lanius said turning to Tyrus

Tyrus nodded to sin. "Well lets hope we dont stir up any angy old spirits" he laughed

"i hope so to.."Said Doku.


08-08-2005 17:55:59

((Ok, just abit of info; the Fearless is about the size of the millinium falcon in square feet meters. There is a meditation chamber but it is very small, just enough for one person k? its bigger than a fighter but no more than three fighters in size. and the back half is all hyperdrive,engine and reactor. its not fighter speed, but its close.))

Raven holstered his blaster, it wouldn't be much use in these close quarters. He unsheathed one of his Kyantii knives, and moved on with the rest of the group. He could feel the presence of the Dark side pushing him to insanity, yet he held his own, extrodinary for someone who was not yet a knight. Yet being Krath helped. He could see the strain on some faces, but chose to ignore it and moved along, keeping pace with Macron, a member of Raven's clan.

"Any idea where this passage leads?" he inquired, his voice low but still recongnizable.


08-08-2005 18:25:19

"Of course i know where it leads. How would i have known to stick a saber in it?" Tyrus said. "Well, if youve been here before," Macron chimed in "Where'd you get a saber last time?" "Umm...lets just stick to the mission..." Tyrus replied.

They all slowly went through the passage. It was pitch black dark and they could not see anything. Tyrus saw the light from Macron's saber and yelled "Turn it off!!" "Why?" Macron asked. "They're here," Tyrus replied and looked around. Macron complied and they started walking again. They finally came upon some light, yellow light and then the room, which was also lit yellow. Everywhere you looked were weapons, weapons of ancient, unimaginable dark power. "I didnt find the saber here," Tyrus said "I'll show you that later, if i think we're ready."

Everyone looked around and helped themselves to weapons "What did i tell ya?" Tyrus asked with a smug smirk.


08-08-2005 18:34:41

Raven found two weapons he thought could be of use. A, long anceint Krath war sword, and an old lighsaber. ((if there are no lightsabers in this room, tell me tyrus and ill edit my post)) Clearly made out of old, unrefined durasteel, the saber was heavy, with a curved hilt, meaning it was as old as Form II. The sword was filled with dark side energy, and Raven was simply attracted to it.

Macron Sadow

08-08-2005 19:50:27

"Excellent. You are right Raven, it is a Type II design hilt. I hould know, I follow the way of Makashi myself." The Sith nodded his approval as he walked over to Tyrus.

"Hmm, we got in here far too easy, and there were no guards. Be alert- what did you find last time Tyrus?"

Just then, shuffling sounds came from down the hall. The group of Dark Jedi found themselves facing a number of Darkside walking dead, each armed with antique weapons. The ancient weapons proved to be quite functional as they began to fire blaster bolts and swing vibroweapons at the group.

"I knew it," yelled Doku as the group recoiled.

Macron lit his blade and smiled as he engaged the ghouls. Even they felt the bite of his saber, and he could hear the humm from Doku's as well nearby. Tyrus, Sin, Jaymz, Revenant, and Raven had formed a group and were backing each other as they hacked and shot the smoking carcasses.

A blask stain like smoke or oil poured down the wall, and formed a hooded shape with menacing red eyes. The shape raised a finger, and each of the Dark Jedi heard laughter in their heads. Then the shape was gone, and more Dead poured into the small room.


08-08-2005 19:59:09

((Doku I am at the landing sight in a crack on one of the statues camoflauged by the dust and wind along with the shadows, how the hell could you tap me on the shoulder?))


08-08-2005 21:14:02

((Its a little force power called Farseeing. But thats not important.))

"There everywere. Its like a werid horror film, just really out of date" Doku said as he sliced thru one of the ghouls and brought his saber up thru another one. Macron and Doku quickly cut thru each of them, but what was werid is, that they kept on comming, they wouldnt stop. "Macron, I think we have a Necromancer here, and he aint happy for someone intruding in his tomb. I think we may need to find what were looking for and stop it before this gets to hectic." Doku said as he kneeled down and did a side cut thru two of the ghouls.

"Your right, We cant hold this position forever. Quickly stand next to me and do crossover spins." Macron said as they started the move. This sort of move, gave them the ability like a sheild, kinda like food hits a fan, that sort of thing. Basically each ghould would walk into it and get sliced. While the others were covering the sides making sure none of the got past the two Knights. Soon after they cleared half the hallway, the laughter came back and they disappeared.

"OOOOkk, now that was werid. Everybody heard that laughing right? It just wasnt me?" as he looked at the rest, watching them all nod. "Ok good, now since there gone, that gives us time to move one without getting killed. Everybody stay close
and we might be able to live this day thru, become elders and talk about this one day." Doku said as he activated his saber and followed behind the rest of them.


08-08-2005 21:39:20

"This is bad. Real bad."

Raven ignited the saber he had just found. He ignited his trining saber in his other hand. His studying of the Krath archives had shown him his saber style. Shein. With almost no practice, he wasnt very good, but it came natually, so he had experiance in duel weilding.

"Macron, Doku, my emotion senses are going haywire.((Raven is very intuned to emotions)) Something's afoot. We need to get out of this place and figure out if that thing can't follow us."


09-08-2005 06:54:16

Revenant grabbed an ancient Sith war katana. It was entirely black with ancient Sith runes inscribed along the length of the blade. It caught the light and reflected it like polished obsidian, but it was harder than durasteel. It had a tiny vibration cell where the blade met the intricate hilt and a small activation button under the guard, which Revenant thumbed. The blade sprang to life with a low, barely audible thrumm. The vibration cell was oscillating at a frequency much higher than modern vibroblades, allowing the sword to cut through most types of rock like butter and even certain alloys. He looked closer at the runes which apeared to be filled with the same red enamel as the inscriptions on Tyrus's artifacts. They translated as "The light shall find death in the glory of the Dark Side." He attatched a sheath to his belt at his left had side and put the weapon away. No doubt it would prove a valuable asset. "Sin?" he ventured. The Grey Jedi looked up at him. "Any sign of our quarry ahead?"

"None. Sorry." They ventured further up the hallway, moving slowly and keeping to the edges, deciding that staying here was a sure fire way to get themselves killed.

Acara Rayden

09-08-2005 09:31:36

Sin Picked up an acncient Sith Nueral band and doned it. It possesed a blue strip visor over the eyes and it clamped tightly onto the back of the head behingd the ears.

Acara looked around and picked up an ancient Sith Vibroblade, Its design was one of black with and intricate metal design on the blade. and hilt. It ooked quite rare so Acara placed it on his belt under his cape and followed the others.


09-08-2005 19:12:41

Jaymz's eyes continued to hold thier position even as he heard the comotion on the com channels. As he was about to reply he saw several rebel scouts creep toward this ship, just as the motion sensor went off.

Jaymz rolled his neck and layed his finger on the trigger. He took a deep breathe and held it, waiting. There was a loud crack off in the distance and in that mili-second Jaymz squeezed the trigger in-between heartbeats and as he released his breath.

The bolt struck one of the rebels between the eyes and dropped him immeadiatly. Due to the loud crack the other had no idea what happened. After several seconds Jaymz repeated this process taking out the second one.

"This is Jaymz, we got company, looks like Rebel Spec Ops, be careful out there and watch for traps"

Lanius Sin

10-08-2005 15:27:29

" for traps." the comink fizzed shut.

"we seem to have reached the end in this direction." Revenant said as the stoped at the end of the long coridor. The stone wall here had a large black door devoid of any markings blocking their way.

"Well what now?" said Sin, runing his hand over the smoothe as glass surface of the door. "Was this where you came before Tyrus?"
Tyrus nodded. "Yes but.." He squinted at the door through the dim light. "This wasnt here."

Macron examined the door closley. "Its cold to the touch." it radeated cold like a fire radeated warmth.
"Youll see why in the next room." Tyrus said. "im comforted by that." Replyed Macron with a small hint of sarchasim.

The others looked arround but the darkness of the hall was opressive. "This neural band dosnt seem to amplify the light in here but i do have a sence i know where evrything aught to be." said sin toying with the controlls at the side of his head. "but thats not much use right now, is it?" he sighed. Doku stepped through the gathering of people to the front of the group and layed a handon the door "theres darkness here and im not talking abbout the lack of light. anyone have any ideas?"

"No. Cant see a thing." replyed Acara. "i hope we get out of here soon, i need a good fight or two. anyone willing for a chalange?"
"We shuldnt get distracted Acara." said raven keeping his mind on the job at hand. Acara yawned and leaned himself against the wall, there was a click and the door slid open silently.

"well i never.." remarked Tyrus as the room was revealed. they all stepped through into a round room with no floor. extending up and down as far as the eyes can see. A platform extended out into the center of the room which seemed to be suported by two bridges, one conecting to the doorway into the room and another out an exit at the far side, blocked by a similar more elaborate door at the oposite side. Winds blew up harshly from the botomless cavern below.

Tyrus turned to the others"Were here.." He made his way over the bridge towards the plinth he had found the artifacts on, the others followed.


10-08-2005 16:03:49

"I've been here," started Revenant. "This is the entrance to Malice's sanctum." Acara looked worried.

"Don't worry," Macron comforted him, "If he was here we'd know all about it."

"I agree," mused Revenant. Tyrus made his way to the plinth. He ran a hand over it in a reminiscent fashion. Something clicked and the plinth dropped. It slowly rotated anti-clockwise a half turn and stopped. "Run". That was all He said. They ran to the far side of the bridge to find a large, intricately carved stone door, hewn from the same reddish rock as the cliff face outside. Macron pushed with both hands, applying his whole body weight. There was a scraping noise and the door gave way a couple of inches. "A little help here...?" he strained. Revenant stepped forward.

"Stand back," he said in an authoritative tone. Macron moved back a couple of paces and Revenant held his hands up in a focusing gesture. Macron, sensing his intention, joined him. They hurled invisible waves of Dark Side energy at the door and it slowly swung inwards.

Cracks started appearing along the length of the bridge. They door was not wide enough to allow them passage more than two abreast so in twos the piled into the door and turned around to see what fiendish contraption this renegade Sith Lord had devised. The bridge continued to fracture and began shaking violently before crumbling to dust, the particles being blown upwards to disappear up the shaft.

Macron Sadow

10-08-2005 17:05:10

Looking back along at the destroyed bridge, he shrugged.
"Well, that isn't an option any more. Unless you can fly, and I can't. Not yet anyhow."

Macron slumped wearily against the wall. "That telekinesis took a lot out of me, folks. Just a sec."
He looked pale and shook for a second, and palmed a vial of some unknown greenish liquid. The alchemist chugged it down, and a fierce light lit up in his yellow eyes.

"There. better. heh heh." The Knight stopped for a second, and examined a feather laying on the floor. It was black, and a strange thing to find deep inside such an awful place. "Hmm, this is odd."

As the group moved by him to secure the passage, Macron stopped for a bit and brought out his auto analyzer. "Looks to be... well, is sorta a raven feather. But the DNA is all screwed up. What the hell is this folks?" he asked as he caught up with the gang.


10-08-2005 21:38:18

Raven looked at the feather. Everyone looked at him. He knew it. There was nothing he could do.

"Guys, stay away from me."

Macron looked at Raven. "Leave you alone? In here? No way."

"Would you like to die?"

"Umm, no."

"Then run. Now."

Raven's last word boomed out loud and his eyes became slits, dancing with black flame. Suddenly he screamed out in pain, an ear-shattering cry. The now familiar laughter began again.

"GO!" Raven hollered and sent the group away with a kinetic push, stronger than any of them thought the Guardian could manage.

Raven turned to face this shadow spirit.

"I have no idea what you are, or how you found that feather, but you will perish!"

The shadow burst into black flames, sprouting misty wing skeletons and a second pair of eyes. It drew a scythe from nothingness, and hacked at Raven.

The Krath dodges and swung his hand, two fingers outstretched, and a fine line of white glow appeared where his fingers had slashed through the ghost. It exploded in black flames.

Macron came back on the comm.

"Are you..."

"No time, I'll catch up in a second. Keep the feather."


11-08-2005 06:20:39

"Im tired of waiting, that was werid first off, but its time to do this my way." Doku said as he handed his saber to Macron. "Hold onto that for a minute. Tyrus, how long do u say that pillar is right here?" As he turned around and looked at him. "Long enough to get across why?" Tyrus said with a questionable look and tone. "Watch and learn guys. This is what happens when you use my gun."

Doku stepped back a few feet and withdrew his Concussion Rilfe, and keeled down. He turned a few nobs and flipped a few switchs. The canisters on the sides started to glow a bright blue, then a blood red. The barrel of the gun extended and light came from the holes on it. "You might want to stay behind me, this might get messy if you get infront of it. Dont move, and it was a fair warning." Wtih Doku watched as they all moved out of his way, and flipped the eye patch for his eyes. Doku scanned for possible readouts and weaknesses and found one quick. 5 seconds later, he opened fire.

The stream was a concentrated concussion shot. One huge beam of blood red energy due to the compression of the power.
The shot letout a silent sonic wave and shot right thru the bottom of the pillar watching it fall down and hit the other side, creating a bridge.

"There, told you it was able to do that" Doku said with a smile grabbing his saber and walking across.


12-08-2005 08:38:52

They carefully made their way across the pillar and continued further up the tunnel. "I think we're nearly through," noted Revenant. They noticed that the walls were gradually getting smoother and more regular as they progressed. They were no longer in a tunnel. It was now a corridor hewn from the rock of the planet's surface. Here and there torches mounted in wall sconces provided meagre illumination. Before too long they came to another double door but this one lay open. Doku took up a position next to the door and readied his concussion rifle. The rest of them filed through individually, with Doku bringing up the rear. They looked around, awestruck. They were in a large, round room with several corridors branching off from it in all directions. There were statues of ancient Sith Lords lying strewn about all over the place in pieces. Pillars lay toppled and crumbling on the cold stone floor.

Tyrus looked particularly affected by this room. Revenant seemed also to recognise it but Macron was the first to speak. "We're here. This is the main chamber of the old Sith academy." Suddenly they heard a low, throaty noise, halfway between a growl and a rasp. It sounded close, but there was nothing nearby. Then it appeared in front of them. A large, three meter tall monster materialised from nowhere. It walked on its hind legs, with two short but powerful looking arms. It was covered in chitinous scales. Macron looked horrified. "Oh. I've heard talk in certain alchemical circles about trying this. No-one's ever been stupid enough to do it. It looks like our friend Malice has bred a rancor with a hssiss." With that, they readied themselves for battle.

Macron Sadow

12-08-2005 19:54:57

"...bred a rancor with a hssiss," the Knight spoke in wonderment. "Oh crap. Who the hell could have done this?"

He lit his red saber with a growl, and moved to attack. "Well, no matter what you may be, you are screwed now beastie,"he grunted as he swung. "It's got a weak mind- mind trick it guys. Hssiss are particularly susceptible, and well Rancors aren't exactly high on the brains list."

Macron swung at the creature, severing one of it's dorsal fins and splattering the area with fried blackish monster blood. The creature howled in agony as it's severed flesh twitched on the floor.
It wanted Macron bad now. he had drawn it off, away from the party as best as he could.

Tyrus and Doku stood back and washed the creature's mind with waves of
mind twisting Force power as Sin, Acara, and Revenant guarded them from the creature's evil claws. It seemed sluggish, and swung it's head from side to side as if yto clear away mental cobwebs.

A solid blow from the critter slammed into Macron, knocking him down. His armor saved him from death, but the Thing had him pinned and was even now opening it's slavering jaws to have a little Sith snack. It outmassed him considerably, and even with the Force he could not break free.

Acara Rayden

12-08-2005 21:13:50

With Macron pinned Sin, revanant and Acara all drew their weapons.

Revanet brought his E11 to bear on Malice's creation. Seeing how close the creature actually was to Macron Revanent lowered his Blaster slightly, if the creature did not stay still he could hit Macron, and this creature didn't seem to be in the mood to stay still long enough.

Instinctivly Acara reacted, in one fludic motion his right hand had flowen down to his left hand side
come back up. With a flick of his wrist there had appeared in the air a back circle with a line through it. in the air supporeted by his right hand there was a blastsword.

Wasting no more time on ritual formalities Acara charged the Beast.

There was a few downward, upward and sideways motions of the sword acompanied by a banging sound on each impact.

The creature relesed Macron and backed off. Its arm was burned where the blastsword had made contact and their was a smell of burning flesh in the air. It was obviously considering it's preys unantispated ability to defend itself.

Macron had fallen to the floor, With the creature jamming him in he had been pushing out withh all his strength. The creatures abrupt release had caused him to fall down but he wasnt down for long, standing back up he used the force to call his lightsabre ack into his hand and re-ignited it.

Beside him Acara smiled, this was just the begining of another duel to him. One with what seemed like a lot of honor in it but he also relised ths battle was far from over, in fact it was mearly the beginnning..........

Lanius Sin

13-08-2005 16:20:12

The mutant drew back shakeing it's head, trying to shake of the Dark Jedi's beast trick powers. Its fist came crashing down onto the stone floor and set chips flying out in evry direction.

Revenant glanced to Sin. "Any ideas?"
"None yet." said Sin as he drew a bead on the beast with his disruptor. He squezed the trigger sending a round into it's chest. Sin took a slow step back. "Oh." he said, noticeing the glow dissipate from the mutant's scales. "I think we made it angry."

The beast charged for the group, takeing a swipe at Doku with its black claws brandished. Roleing to the side he landed a blow with acuracy on the beasts thigh. Macron then attacked. Holding the hilt of his lightsaber with both hands for greater power he brought down a hit on the foul beast's arm. As the hit landed Raven followed through to the chest.

"Lookout Acara!" shouted Douku just as Acara ducked naunchalauntly under a lash from the spiked, barbed, tail. One of the spikes slashed at Acara's cheek sending a drip of blood roleing from it. "My thanks." He said as he reposted and severed the tip of the beast's appendige.

They surrounded it now. Carefull to avoid its many bony spikes they danced arround it avoiding evry attack but it fought on with more vigour, insenced and made mad with the smell of Acara's blood.

Revanant surveyed the dreature as they fought it, looking for an opening or any weakness. "In the eyes!" He shouted, As Sin and he fought off annother atack ffrom its strong jaws....


13-08-2005 20:48:22

"Ive had enough of you. Stupid....thing'" Doku said as he rolled out of the way from one of the spikes. Doku heard the weakpoint spot that Revanet yelled out and Doku lunged at it. The mutant swung at him, but Doku kicked his armed as he rolled to the left. The huge tail of the beast swung at Doku, barely ducking under it as the spikes sprung out before it hit him. The tail came back at him, and Doku took advantage of it. Doku grabbed the tail of the beast, just before the spikes came out.

"You like to use this stupid thing. Well you know what, you wont be needing it anymore!" Doku yelled as he moved his hand to his lightsaber and severed his tail. The skin on the tail seemed to be lighter on the mutant which made it easier for the saber to cut thru it. The mutant didnt notice it for awhile, which when he noticed it, made him quite angry. The mutant swung at everybody. Almost severing Lanius's head and almost taking Macrons arm. "Allright, now this is a fight." Doku said as he sheathed his saber and jumped on the back of the beast.

As the beats stuggled, everbody just looked at Doku. "We should really findout were we need to go next Tyrus. So think, while I help out Doku" Macron said as he ran at the beast. "Macron, throw me your saber!" Doku yelled as he steartched out his arm. Macron therw the saber at him, and ignited it. Doku stabbed the beast right in head. Hearing it scream Doku stood on it as it fell. The creature made a giant thud on the floor as the rest of them turned around and saw that Doku was standing on it.

"Hear Mac, thanks for the saber, now lets get out of here." Doku said holding his side.

"You ok Doku?" Tyrus said looking at him.

"Just a scratch, I will be fine, just continue on." Doku said standing up and grabbing his rifle.

Macron Sadow

14-08-2005 11:22:26

" Right, no problem," the Sith smiled as he caught his saber without looking when Doku threw it.
"One second folks." He withdrew a large autosyringe from his pack, and stabbed it into the beast's brain cavity. It began to fill up with nauseating vile fluid.

"What the hell?" asked Tyrus. "That is nasty."

"Enquiring minds like mine wanna know of course," responded Macron. " I am currently investigating a taozin/silooth combination and this may help." Revenant raised an eye at that, as both of those creatures were far worse uncombined then the one they had just met. He knew now that his Commander was surely off his rocker.

The other compadres were bandaging their various wounds and slurping bacta. Acara let out a quiet gentlemanly burp and placed an empty bacta can into the beast's open mouth. Sin was poking at the thing, watching it twitch reflexively even in death.

The Knight chuckled as the syringe finished with a unsettling slurp like hitting the end of a chunky soda with a straw. He pocketed the syringe and straightened up.The alchemist put a drop of the gore into his autoanalyzer as the group began to walk.

"Hold up. Hmm.... fellas. This thing is modified in the same way as that damn feather.
I have a positive correlation to a surety factor of 98.2 percent. Most definately Sith alchemy involved here, and damn fine work too. No surprise, but it is so recent. That is what is surprising to me," wondered Macron. He put up the autoanalyzer and grasped his saber hilt.

"Ready to rock, fellas. Let's go!"


14-08-2005 14:48:27

Raven ran into the chamber looking very weary. His eyes went large when he surveyed the room.

"What happened?"

Macron looked at him, then turned to the Rancor/Hississ.

"That happened. I checked the DNA on the creature. Same thing that was messed upin the feather was messed up in it. Any ideas?"

"Then I was right..." Raven mumbled to himself. " As for ideas, how about RUN!!"

Some ten or twelve Hissis came punding into the room. Every one dropped what the were doing, and broke into a dead run.

"I know where we are!" Raven hollered as the took off through one of the may arches in the room. "This is one of the many rune chambers on Korriban!"

"OF COURSE!" Tyrus yelled.

"That beast was the first level of protection, then each path has its own monster, phisical puzzle and a mental puzzle, then who knows what, but at the end is the rune! Be on your guard, the next beastis even worst than the last!"

They entered a collossal hallway and the door behind them slowy grinded shut. Everything went black. Then the floor next to the walls erupted in a pale green blue light. They proceed onward.

"What is it?" Someone asked.

"I don't know, but its not good." Tyrus answered.

They moved through the giant halls for some hour or two, until a very big something swept past them. Everyone spun around and shouldered weapons and ignited lightsabers. A ear shattering screech hit everyone head, infilicting incredible pain. Then bright red eyes appeared in front of them, and a raven five times as big as a rancor hovered in front of them.

"Well," Raven said,"I think we found the Raven Rune. And Macron, a think this is your Sith Alchemy bred raven."


14-08-2005 18:35:09

((however much i would like to stay in this(its awesome) i seem to have no time to do so, so you can still use tyrus if you want))

Lanius Sin

14-08-2005 23:10:15

((cheers for takeing part Tyus. T'is a quite an exciteing story. if i write anything out of your char, lemme know by PM. Pluss if u hav anny ideas ill be happy to put them in. Cheers 4 takeing part and if u want back in/ have time, lemme know.))

The party ran at full pelt away fom the beast, avaoiding its attacks. Deeper, deeper into the heart of dakness...


15-08-2005 14:33:29

The group ran through the tunnels, the monstrous raven swooping ever closer. The burning red of its eyes seemed to be piercing their very souls. With one swoop it came down and its talons tore through Acara's duelling suit, tearing the flesh of his left shoulder. The party dove through a portcullis and hauled it closed, just in time for the beast to crash into it.


From his concealed position atop the statue, Jaymz scanned the sky. His keen eyes picked up some kind of jet contrail, not too far from their coordinates. A glint of light confirmed his suspicion. "Umm, guys, we got a small ship, inbound."

"Any word on type, class, anything?" asked Tyrus.

"I think it's Imperial, probably stolen. We haven't used that model for about 5 years." Revenant looked worried. The craft drew closer until it was almost directly above him. It descended softly and landed, not too far from Macron's craft. The loading ramp descended and a squad of troops dressed in a rag tag collection of varius pieces of Imperial armour emerged, followed by a tall abborition of black. He was old, face cracked and wrinkled by the ravages of time. The green eyes were still so sharp and so bright, however, that they seemed to glow. Wait, they did glow! His grey hair cascaded down over his shoulders. He was dressed in a suit of primitive black leather armour, decorated with formal black robes. Jaymz zoomed his rifle scope in on this new arrival. "Guys, I'm sending you a close up of this goon." Macron pulled out his datapad and downloaded the image. He showed it to Revenant.

"That's him, Darth Malice," the young Sith confirmed. So you survived, he thought to himself. They zoomed in on the amulet he wore around his neck. It was a semi-circle of polished obsidian, with ancient Sith runes, the same as on Tyrus's artifacts, engraved and filled in with the same red enamel. "So, he still keeps it." Upon closer inspection, they saw that the segments on the amulet were interconnected in a certain order. It was Tyrus who pointed it out to the rest of them.

((Can we keep Malice alive in this runon? im going to use him in annothe stoy/post i have planned.))

Lanius Sin

16-08-2005 10:03:36

...."So I guess we're locked in then." Said Sin, taking a step further into this new place. Its walls adorned with ancient Sith runes and engravings of atrocities and acts of unimaginable violence long forgotten. He strode wearily up to a low stone slab in the center of the room and sat down, glad to take some rest.

Macron examined the freezes on the walls with great interest. Thumbing on his data pad he began to take notes. "Hmm. If im not mistaken this depicts the arrival of the outcast Jedi to the Sith homeworld, and here, the death of Exar Kun. Most interesting."

"Would you look at what that damned beast has done to my clothes?" Proclaimed Acara Indignantly. "If I had my way id show it the sharp end of my blastsword. Wouldn't know what hit it." Revenant put a hand on his shoulder. "I think we have bigger problems right now friend. Like being trapped in here. Tyrus.." He remarked "Can I see the artifacts for a minute."

"Ofcorce." Said Tyrus producing the small pieces from a pocket. He handed them to Revenant. "Please don’t break them, you have no idea what I did to 'acquire' those."

"Haha!" Laughed Revenant "Ill be sure and keep that in mind....." Tyrus produced the small pieces from a pocket. He handed them to Revenant. "Please don’t brake them, you have no idea what I did to 'acquire' those."

Revenant looked at the pieces and again at the picture of Darth Malice, rearranging them in order. With a click the ‘artifacts’ became a single ‘artifact’. The Jagged shape of the Sith "lightsaber" glowing with red energies. “Well that’s solved this puzzle but what now?” Revenant looked to his comrades.

“Not sure.” Raven shrugged. “Well if I don’t get out of here soon im gonna go crazy.” Said Doku as he paced the room.

“Umm, guys.” Sin stood up slowly. “Now nobody freak out but it's bone dry in here and the slab I was just sitting on is wet…”


16-08-2005 11:04:50

"Stand back a second." Macron moved over to where Sin rested. There was a shiny dark smear on the slab. He took a sample and fed it to his auto-analyzer. It chirped and beeped as it checked the sample against its memory banks. In the meantime, a huge crow, blacker than night, swooped down from the ceiling and landed on Revenant's shoulder.

"Be careful," commented Doku, "this could be one of Malice's alchemical spies."

"I'm no spy," the crow retorted. "If someone gave you human intelligence, then made you realise you were still trapped in a body with the limitations of this ball of feathers would you honestly serve him? No! You'd get away."

"He has a point." Macron had finished his analysis. "This is Zabrak blood. There's traces of something else, but I have no idea what. I'm gonna take a sample back to my lab on Dentaavi." He produced another syringe and took a sample of the blood, then secreted it on his person again.

"Poor fellow." It was the crow again. "I watched the whole thing. That monster strapped him to this altar and... I don't want to repeat the horrors he endured but it's enough to say that it was all to find out just how much agony he could withstand. Would any of you happen to have something I could eat? I've been hiding in these tunnels for days." Doku produced a nutrient bar from a compartment on his belt. The crow cocked its head and glared at him. "You idiot. How can I eat that?"

"What's wrong with this?" asked Doku.

"No, nothing at all," the crow replied, "except for the small obstacle of having no opposable thumbs." The group laughed, even Doku. Humour was a welcome break at a grim time such as this, but none of them lost sight of the fact that there was still much to be done.

Tyrus was still examining his newly assembled artifact. It did in truth look very much like a lightsaber, but there was something odd about the emitter. He thumbed the activation switch and the crow seemed to go into a trance. It stood stock still, its eyes seeming to glaze over. Tyrus blinked in amazement and the crow snapped back to reality. Macron in particular seemd fascinated by this development. "Interesting..."

Macron Sadow

17-08-2005 19:59:19

The Knight chuckled at the avian's joke. "Reminds me of a duck joke... " he said with a grin.
"I think the punchline was 'put it on my bill'. " The crow gave him a beady-eyed look and continued to peck at the food bits. The others continued to examine the chamber, and seemed to be getting nervous at the thought of Malice coming here.

The Sith Commander walked over to Tyrus, and examined the strange rod. "I don't think that is a lightsaber at all, my friend. No, no. I think it is a .... mind control device of some sort. Ummhm. Yep. It doesn't read nearly enough power in the cell to be a lightsaber at all."

Macron nodded at Revenant, and tossed the vial of Zabrak blood to him. "You put it throught the analyzer my friend. You did say you wish to know alchemical secrets... and now you shall begin. I think your bird friend there has been genetically altered as well, and the device had some effect on him. Best for you to examine him, as you surely don't want me to. My bedside manner is... somwhat lacking."


18-08-2005 19:40:55

"Interesting, but what would anyone do with it?" Tyrus asked. Macron looked over at him uneasily "Well, Malice is nuts," Macron's eyes narrowed "What do you think?" He asked Revanant.


18-08-2005 21:39:47

Revenant storked his beard contemplatively. "Well, I know that Malice is after something. He's been spending a lot of time in the tombs here." Raven frowned as Revenant continued. "I'm willing to bet that this device is what allows him to control these things he's been creating. His amulet was a key for assembling it."

"That would make sense," noted Doku. Macron, however, still looked unsatisfied.

"There's got to be more to it than that though." The commander of Sapphire seemed to be coming to some sort of conclusion. He glanced at Raven. Whatever he was thinking, Raven had obviously had the same idea.

There was silence for a few moments as everybody considered their next move. It was Raven who eventually broke it. "Revenant, what do you think the possibilities are that Malice is trying to splice his own DNA with that of the ancient Sith, the original inhabitantsof this world?"

Lanius Sin

18-08-2005 22:16:04

Revenant ran his fingers through his goatee. "It sounds like something he'd come up with. But he was nowhere near that level of accuracy when I was training under him."

The crow blinked. "I, I, Erm... I don’t know what just went on but don’t do it again!" The thing squawked.

"Sorry." Replied Revenant.

"Seems logical." Said sin brushing off as much of the almost dry blood from his clothes as he could. "Maybe we should try to get out of here, I’m starting to get a bad feeling about this."

Acara gulped some bacta and replaced the lid of the canister. "Ill second that. He would truly be a formidable opponent if it's true."

The small room was dark and the only way out was blocked by a now unmovable portcullis. Sin paced to and fro rubbing his forehead with his hand. "There's power here and it's growing more and more with every moment. It's like I could run a marathon and not get tired."

"I feel it too." Added Doku. "I...." He was cut off. Dirt and dust fell from the walls and ceiling as the chamber began to quake. Energies began to fly from every corner, red as blood, Swirling around and causing the party to draw their weapons.

Macron took a swipe at the darting light to no avail. "If I’m going to die i'm going to die fighting!" He shouted.

"There is no need dark ones." A voice boomed as if from within their heads. "Stay your weapons. They are of no use."

The bemused companions looked at eachother. "What the..." Said Raven as he was interrupted by the disembodied voice. "I will do you no harm!" It said. "In life I was known as Marka Ragnos and my glory and magnificence was know to all the Sith empire. Hear me!" The lights solidified into the translucent image of the legendary Sith lord.

Entranced, the group dropped their weapons to the floor. "One has disturbed me, one who knows no subtlety. He wakes me from my death through his crude use of the dark side." The ghost hovered over the stone slab in the center of the room. "Here he experiments with techniques of alchemy that offend our teachings. We have lost our way. I have appeared to you to show you the truth."

"Great lord." Macron bowed "Is the one you speak of Darth Malice?"

"Yes. I believe that is the name he has taken. You all must remove him from this place and stop him from what he plans." The ghost disintegrated into a thousand pieces that all flew toward the back wall of the room. "This way." The voice echoed "Here lays his source of knowledge. Take it from this place and carry on its teatchings!" The wall began to rise showing another larger room. in its center there stood a plinth. "He approaches! Take it and leave! Now!"

They all grabbed their weapons and approached the pedestal. on it sat an ancient Sith holocron, glowing with red energies. "Well I never." Remarked Sin with awe as the door at the far side of the new room slid open...


22-08-2005 15:43:15

From the shadows, Reb Qel-Droma had watched the entire proceeding with great interest. Though the Jedi Knight had only landed on Korriban to make some adjustments to the sublight drives of his starfighter, the arrival of two ships laden with Sith had not escaped his attention. Curious as he was, he had immediately sneaked past the sentry they had posted near their ship, and followed the group from a distance, letting the band of young Sith clear the obstacles they encountered. Sufficient amounts of stealth had kept him clear from the genetically altered monsters that swarmed these labyrinths, and a little Force trick had allowed him to avoid detection by the young Sith. They hadn't even noticed a person too many had rolled past the portcullis that had sealed this room.

More interesting than the rag-tag collection of younglings was the powerful presence that had entered the ancient Sith Academy after them. Reb could feel his presence through the Force, like a sort of pulsing vileness. From what he had overheard of the Brotherhood members, he was called Darth Malice, and apparently liked to meddle in genetics. Why one would want to absorb the DNA of a race long dead was beyond Reb, and hardly one of the most pressing issues at the moment.

After the spirit of Marka Ragnos had spoken – Reb was most surprised even the Sith Lord hadn't noticed him – one of the rune-covered walls had ascended, revealing another large hall lit by torchlight, it's walls decorated with runes as well. The Sith had swarmed the pedestal with the holocron on it, and the door at the far side of the door was now sliding open. There was no doubt that Darth Malice would be the one to come through that door, the one who was not to get his hands on the holocron. I suppose I can help with that, Reb thought to himself.

Stepping from the corner he had been hiding in, he walked determinedly towards the spot where the wall had been just minutes before. Torchlight flickered along the traditional brown Jedi robes, but still he was unseen, the Sith concentrating on the holocron and the door. A small motion with his arm, and the ancient artefact flew through the air, landing neatly in Reb's hand.

Alarmed, each of the Sith spun around, staring at the young man holding the holocron triumphantly in his hand.

"Hullo!" Reb greeted the younglings with a broad smile. "I think I'll take this, so it doesn't fall into that guy's hands," Reb continued, pointing at the large man who had entered the room, face wrinkled, his eyes giving off an eerie green glow. Again all of the young Sith turned around, a little confused. Reb decided this was probably a good time to leave again, before they tried to get the holocron back.

"If you'll excuse me, I've got a flight to catch," Reb commented and leapt backwards, extending his will through the Force, slightly raising the portcullis behind him. He left himself fall to the ground, and rolled under the heavy metal bars, just before they slammed shut again. He could already hear the sound of people running towards him, the Sith were obviously past their momentary confusion. It was time to get moving.


23-08-2005 06:11:52

They reached the portcullis and tried to lift it, to no avail. It was jammed shut. Together they could probably have moved it but there was no time, Malice was getting closer. The crow left Revenant's shoulder and slipped through the bars after the Jedi. Malice stepped into the chamber and smiled with a sort of grim satisfaction when he caught sight of Revenant. "So, my apprentice, we meet again."
"You are no longer my master." Revenant spat. "My path leads to the Brotherhood. You're no Sith, you value only the suffering of others." Malice's grin turned to a twisted leer.
"You're about to learn just how much I value suffering, child." He leaped towards them with remarkable agility for one who looked so fragile. The battle was joined.

Meanwhile, the Jedi thief had been making his way back through the tunnels. He rounded a corner and pulled out the holocron to admire his prize. Just at that moment the crow swooped down and snatched the holocron in its talons. It about faced and returned to the group of Dark Jedi. It dropped the crystal in Revenant's hand, who quickly placed in a belt compartmnent, and settled on the altar. "Gorg!" it cawed.
"I thought you could talk?" queried Macron.
I can, it's my name, Gorg." During all this the battle raged. Darth Malice was a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and he was fast, but there was no way he could last against them all for long. he pressed his attack and drew his double ended lightsaber, crimson energy lances exyending from either end as he thumbed the activation switch.


23-08-2005 08:26:33

"What the hell?" Reb muttered to himself as a small dark shape snatched away the Sith holocron. "This place is worse than Nar Shaddaa!"

Sighing, the Jedi Knight turned around, and headed back the way he had come. It wasn't hard to find the room he had escaped before; he only had to follow the sounds of battle. Through the portcullis Reb could see some of the Brotherhood members using their lightsabers to hold off the Sith Lord, the others carefully holding back. Firing blasters in such a fight was rarely a good idea.

"Kids," Reb sighed to himself. A Sith Master against two who had but recently earned the right to carry a lightsaber was hardly a fair fight. "They'll get themselves killed."

With a hiss, the yellow blade of his lightsaber formed, and quickly cut through the steel bars of the portcullis. With loud clanging they fell to the stone floor, freeing the way for the Brotherhood members.

"This way," Reb yelled to the others, while raising his lightsaber, ready to hold off the Sith Lord.

Macron Sadow

23-08-2005 13:42:44

Macron swore as he parried the lightning fast blows. Malice had him and Doku both pinned down, and would certainly kill them soon. Only his Makashi style was keeping him alive, and he screamed as Malice's blade burnt his shoulder. It clove right throught he Sith armor he wore like butter. "Frack!" he screamed.

Doku and Macron looked at each other as the Jedi they had seen earlier opened the way out.
There was only one recourse. The others had run first as they held Malice off for a second or two.

"Run!" shouted the Sith knight as he threw a concealing gas grenade. It would provide a momentary distraction only. it burst with a pop and silvery albedo gas flooded out.

Just then , the evil voice of Marka Ragnos could be heard as his oily black shadow formed on the wall behind Malice. "Greetings Malice. You dishonor my tomb. Now you will pay." Several walking dead moved out from another hidden chamber. Each one was armed with a red blade, and of Equite powers. Obviously, the Dark lord was quite annoyed at them all.

The group ran like the dogs of hell barked at their very heels. Neither looked back.


25-08-2005 07:27:47

The party made its way back to the room where Doku had made a makeshift bridge out of the collapsed pillar. They ground to a halt. It looked sturdy enough, but who knew if it would take the weight of all eight of them running across it. "Okay, one at a time, but quickly, Malice is still behind us!" ordered Macron. He was right. They could all feel the polluted stain in the Force that represented their foe.

Tyrus was the first to step out. The pillar wobbled slightly, but nothing more. When he was halfway across Doku stepped out onto the pillar. Sin was next, then Acara, then Raven. As Raven was halfway across the makeshift brisge, however, it started to roll. He quickened his pace, hoping to make it the other side but as the pillar rolled he was tipped off. Just in time he managed to grab hold of it, and was left dangling over absolute nothingness. Just then the walls behind them were illuminated by the blood red glow of Darth Malice's lightsaber. Sin shouted at Raven. "Come on, he's right behind..." He wasn't given time to finish. Revenant ran and took a dive, sliding along the pillar to where Raven's grip was beginning to falter. He grabbed his comrade by the wrist and hauled him up. The two of them crossed quickly, leaving only Macron behind, with a worrying look of determination in his eyes.

The Knight turned, just as Malice's form appeared from the mouth of the tunnel. He ignited his own saber and brought it up into the Makashi ready stance. "Young imbecile," the renegade Sith Lord rasped. "You know nothing of the Dark Side..." With that he brought up his left hand and bolts of red lightning shot from his fingertips. Macron snapped his lightsaber round just in time to deflect the bolts of pure Dark Side energy and send them crackling into the abyss below.
"You call yourself a Sith?!" Macron raged. "You thrive on suffering, not strength."
"I shall teach you and your friends true suffering." It was then that the creature, that was the only way they could describe it, started climbing up the wall nearest Sin and the rest of them. Its form and movements were like that of a giant cat but it was far more muscled. Along its back were hudreds of thick, sharp black quills. Revenant was picking up this alchemy business rather quickly, for he recognised what this beast was. "He's bred a nexu with a terentatek! Force powers aren't going to affect it." The group of Dark Jedi readied themselves for battle just as the monster pulled its way free of the chasm.
Macron was impressed. This renegade could obviously teach him a thing or two about alchemy but this was not the time or the place. He brought his blade round in an arc that was barely parried. Malice's deflection had saved his head from being cleaved in two. He wasn't quite fast enough, however. Macron's strike had cut his opponent across the right eye. perhaps this would buy him the time he needed to rejoin his brothers.


25-08-2005 16:29:21

Reb wandered aimlessly through hallways of the old Sith Academy. Having no intention to get himself killed by a Sith Lord, he had quickly fled from Darth Malice like the Brotherhood memebers. Unfortunately, he seemed to have taken a wrong turn, as he now passed through a hallway couldn't recall going through on the way in.

The walls were made of sand-coloured stone, smoothened through many years of erosion. At regular intervals there were doorways which led into small rooms, no more than a metre and a half wide, and just a little deeper. The doors themselves had long since decayed, though by the light of his torch Reb could distinguish the holes that once must've held the hinges.

"Ah, inscriptions!" Reb muttered to himself as he noticed that markings had been carved into one of the walls. Examining the ancient symbols he concluded they must be of some ancient Sith languages.

"Nothing the guide can't deal with," the Jedi continued talking to himself, while retrieving a datapad from his robes. "Robert S.P. Beekes' Guide to Ancient Sith Languages" appeared on the screen as Reb activated it. Pressing several buttons, he quickly skimmed through a number of chapters, until he found the one he needed.

"Prison," Reb read the translation out loud. He gave another quick peek at one of the small rooms.

"Makes sense. Now, let's see... Left. Jailer. That wouldn't do me much good, he's probably long dead. That leaves me with... Right. Exit. Now that sounds good."

Resolutely, the Jedi turned to the right, and continued walking. Passing through another doorway, he came in a large circular hall. Many corridors like the one Reb had came through seemed to converge here; it must have been some important hub point once. Parts of the ceiling, at least a dozen metres above Reb's head, had fallen apart through the ages, allowing sunlight to illuminate the room. In the centre stood a large pillar, which upon closer inspection seemed to have a map inscribed in it.

"Fantastic!" Reb exclaimed to himself, as he found out which passage he had to take to get to the exit. Then he recalled that some silly raven had stolen the holocron from him. He considered just leaving it, but then realised that that would hardly make for an interesting tale to brag about.

Sighing, the Jedi sat down, closed his eyes, and visualised the map before him. Then he gradually let the Force extend his senses, letting himself become aware of everything surrounding him. Becoming aware of the group of Sith, apparently still mucking about with the Sith Lord. He began examining each of the Sith carefully, sensing the physical forms of the things they carried: lightsabers, blasters, stolen artefacts. It didn't take long to pick out the holocron, and with little concentration, Reb could visualise the person carrying it, who appeared to be hauling up one of his comrades. Setting his prey's face firmly in his mind, he compared the map to the surroundings of the Sith, and quickly determined which route would take him to them.

As soon as he had what he needed, Reb jumped to his feet, and began moving. Passing through corridors and stairways at a rate faster than any ordinary human could, it took the Jedi mere seconds to arrive at his destination.

Indeed, the group of Sith was there, though one of them had got caught on the other side of the chasm splitting the large room, which was almost seemed to be cavern, supported by various pillars. The one on the other side was holding off some monstrous cat-like beast with his lightsaber, while his comrades had pulled out blasters and were pumping round after round into it.

As Reb came to a halt, he quickly picked out the one that was carrying the holocron, Revenant. Channelling the Force into him, Reb slammed the man into the wall. Before the Sith could react, one of his belt pouches opened and the gleaming red shape of the holocron flew into the Jedi's hand.

Realising something was going on behind them, some of the Sith turned around and instinctively fired on the Jedi Knight that had appeared among them. As Reb dropped the torch he was still carrying, he let his lightsaber fly towards his hand, bringing up the yellow blade just in time to deflect the incoming blaster bolts.

"YOU!" Malice screamed from his ledge, sending lightning blasts across the chasm, which harmlessly were absorbed by the yellow lightsaber. "Return the holocron to me, you filthy light side fool!"

A smile crossed Reb's face as he retreated backwards, keeping all of the Sith in front of him, furiously blocking lighting blasts. One of the Sith had drawn his lightsaber, but obviously wasn't too eager to get between Malice and Reb.

"You can come get it, Malice," Reb spoke, putting away the holocron in the folds of his robe.

"And the same counts for you," the Jedi told the others. "Just try to be a little more creative than having a raven steal it back for you."

With those words, he turned around and sped back towards the large circular room. The sun was still shining through the holes in the ceiling – holes through which a man easily would fit. Drawing upon the Force once more, Reb leapt out of the ruins.

Lanius Sin

25-08-2005 17:22:45

As the Jedi jumped to the ceiling, he quickly felt a sharp pain in his abdomen followed by spasms running down his spine. He let out an almighty wail and fell to the floor losing consciousness and unable to move.

"Do you think I’d trust a JEDI!!! HAHAHAHA! Laughed Macron defending against Malice's allmost unstopable attacks. "Ive slipped you a Sith poison while you weren’t looking. It may last for hours. Be glad, if you weren’t a Jedi scum you’d surely die in twenty seconds!"

Recovering quickly Reb Got up and steadied himself. "Not this time Sith." He said as he examined it the holocron, it sprang to life emitting red energies and began to speak in ainchent Sith. He wasn't going to loose his prize so easily again. "Come and get it if you can!" He shouted heading toward the exit with Jedi speed.

Suddenly the Spirit of Ragnos appeared again and grew darker and more menacing. "Run you fools run! He is to strong for you all." The spirit engaged Malice in battle, swirling arround the Sith Lord's eyes. He was almost a blur but was now beginning to tire, even the power of korriban wouldn't help him now. Behind the party the battle raged on.

Revenant got up from the floor and examined the himself for ingurys, he culd feel the corruption here warming his flesh and seeping into his verry being. "You heard the man. We shuld all go... comeon the door's this way!" He got two steps before the doors flew open to reveal two Chrisalide Rancors.

"Looks like we have a use for this artifact again." said Tyrus produceing the lightsaber-like device from his pocket.
"Oh no. not again." Squaked Gorg.

Macron Sadow

25-08-2005 20:55:39

As Malice screamed at the jedi, Macron saw his chance. He had a single dart full of one of the only doses of true Sith poison he had ever been able to successfully replicate. A sleight of hand maneuver allowed him to toss it straight at the back of Reb as he leaped from the fray.

The dart sunk in with a sting as Macron laughed. The dose was not fatal, but it would leave the
Jedi in teeth grinding agony. Only calling upon the Dark Side would relieve the pain, much as his forebear Ulic Kel Droma had been corrupted by Satal Keto. Abandonment to the dark Side was the only way to burn off the dose.

Reb seemed to be holding up well under the poison, which gained him much respect in Macron's eyes. He turned to Acara, and smote him with a telekinetic blow that knocked him down as he gritted his teeth.

The Knight had no idea how he had stood against Malice, much less the others. Perhaps the battle with the Shade of Lord Ragnos had weakened him considerably. Just then, Malice turned to him and severed his hand with a blow. Macron screamed as the rancors approached.

"Rancors.....hmm," mumbled the Knight. "Run." Macron began to run.

Mike Halcyon

26-08-2005 03:05:13

((Alright, I've been watching this here for a while. You guys should take in mind a couple of things:

a) You can't be everywhere at once. If you're fighting on the one side and someone steals you some artifact on the other side and runs away, you have to decide on whether to continue fighting or to follow the culprit.

b) Know your place. There is no poison that cuts somebody off from the Force - only other Force users can do that. And as much as you'd like to fell your enemies with them, give the Jedi some credit - he could detoxify that stuff with ease.

c) Know your role. You are not almighty. You are not almighty. You are not almighty. Keep your writing within the limits of logic and DJB regulations. You are all below DJK if at all - that means you're all just tiny flames that can be huffed out by a Sith Lord without even breaking a sweat.

Please edit your posts - at least the last two - and continue writing in a more thoughtful fashion. I know you people are having a lot of fun, and I don't want to spoil it. But it's better to kill bad habits in the beginning instead of being forced to let them die hard in the end, no? Great. Looking forward to more posts.))


26-08-2005 15:31:17

Ethen's transport ship, an old Clone Trooper ship, landed on the surface of Korriban in a cloud of restless dust. Stepping out in his camo-flauged Commando suite, he shouldered his Nightstinger and walked towards the area his scanner was picking up the most heat and bio signatures.


29-08-2005 11:03:24

Tyrus placed a reassuring hand on Macron's shoulder. "Wait," he said calmly as he thumbed the activation switch on his device. Gorg squeezed his eyes shut in an almost human expression of anticipation. A few seconds later he opened one eye timidly. When he realised that he was in control of himself he opened the other eye. "Umm..." he ventured, "I don't think it's working."
"It is," pointed out Acara, "look!" One of the Rancors had stopped dead in its tracks. The other one, although still advancing, now looked lost - as though it had woken up in a strange house with no recollection of how it had got there. The small band of Dark Jedi pressed forward carefully, so as not to disturb the rancors from their trance. Just as they were passing the first rancor Macron, still reeling from his injury, stumbled and bumped into the monster's leg. Suddenly it snapped to alertness and glanced at the group of Darksiders, letting out an ear-splitting bellow of rage.
"OK," said Macron. "Now we run!"


29-08-2005 13:42:14

Landing on the top of the ancient Sith complex, Reb took a few moments to catch his breath. From where he was standing he could see various other parts of the building extending below him, beyond that he could make out several small spaceships standing in the sand of the surrounding desert. Nothing moved, and an eerie quietness seemed to fill the air.

Grabbing his comlink, he signalled for his own spaceship to come to this location. While R7 was taking the Actis here, he decided to do something about the poison one of those damnable youngsters had managed to infect him with. As long as he was drawing heavily on the Force, the effects were barely noticeable, but now Reb could feel a burning sensation through his entire body.

Drawing on the Force again, he imagined the poison as pulsing red dots, coursing through his body. He then let a golden thread of the Force reach towards one of the dots, letting it twirl around it. As the golden, glowing thread that represented the Force enveloped the pulsing dot, it slowly vanished, leaving only the soothing presence of the Force. Quickly, Reb started repeating the procedure, doing it faster and faster every time, until the poison had been removed from his system.

When the Jedi became aware of his surroundings again, he saw that his ride away from this planet had arrived. Before him hovered the familiar shape of his Eta-2 Jedi Starfighter, the R7 unit tucked into the wings merrily beeping.

"Hello, R7," Reb said with a slight smile in response to the droid's greeting. "Yes, I'm fine. Time to beat it, though, so if you would be so kind to open the cockpit..."

The little droid hooted an acknowledgement, and the canopy of the cockpit slid open. Reb quickly climbed into the tiny space, flipped several switches, and started moving the craft before the canopy had closed again. The powerful engines began to roar, and it didn't take long for the little ship to reach into space. As it sped towards the booster ring in the distance, R7 began beeping questioningly.

"I've, uh, liberated a little piece of Sith history," Reb answered the droid's question. "Unfortunately, I don't know how to properly use it."

Another series of bleeps came from the droid.

"Yep, you guessed right, we're going to Nar Shaddaa."


29-08-2005 17:34:16

Uhh i don't mean to be argumentative, but...

i)macron and doku are djk and Macron is Aedile of his house. I have been in the db for almost two years but simply havent gotten many promos as my life is very busy.

ii)what rank are you? one or two above djk? and an obelisk, so mind your order limitations. We have a large diversity of members here, and can support each other. 10 dark jedi are more powerful than the sum of their parts.


29-08-2005 18:49:14


For starters, if you have issues with my posts, please use the lovely function called 'PM' built into this message board, so that we can keep the actual clutter in the run-on to a minimum. Since you feel the need to be public, however, I shall answer in public.

To answer your points:

i)macron and doku are djk and Macron is Aedile of his house. I have been in the db for almost two years but simply havent gotten many promos as my life is very busy.

I am very aware of each of your ranks. The little tidbit about having been in the DB for two years is very interesting, but, I am afraid, not really relevant.

ii)what rank are you? one or two above djk? and an obelisk, so mind your order limitations. We have a large diversity of members here, and can support each other. 10 dark jedi are more powerful than the sum of their parts.

If you had cared to click the little link that says 'View Profile', you would have seen that I am of equivalent rank to an Obelisk Exarch. If you look that up in the DSC, you will find that I am well above DJK in the Jedi-Foodchain. As for these 'order limitations', you might have noticed that I am a jedi, so order is not necessarily that relevant. That being said however, I don't recall writing about anything that could not be done by an Obelisk of similar Force potential and training.

Now, I suppose that with these two statements you're implying that I am making myself look too good, and you people too weak. I suppose we can argue the statistics for days, however we have established that I am higher in the Jedi-food chain than the two highest ranking members of your group. In addition, I have repeatedly taken advantage of situations where your group is forced to divide it's attention. Would all ten of you work together to defeat me, you might succeed, but don't expect me to write that out.... That's something I'll leave to you lot.

Finally, it should be noted that my intervention here is not without purpose. A few posts back this run-on mostly concerned itself with slaying monsters of increasing toughness. Right now, you have a new 'bad guy' (me!) that won't let itself be controlled very easily, which will most likely lead to a more interesting story than when we visit some Star Wars clichés.

Reb Qel-Droma



29-08-2005 19:23:56

((Come on guys, can't we just get along, fighting is not very cool))

Ethen saw a ship leaving the planet. Interested, he got back into his ship and quickly bugged the ship, using a jammer sequence. In seconds, his ship relayed cooridantes about where that ship was going.

Nar Shadda. The Smugglers Moon.

Odd place to go, but still not bad place to look for investigative purposes. Moving around his ship he got into the cockpit and relayed the coordinates instantly jumping into lightspeed heading for Nar Shadda

Macron Sadow

29-08-2005 22:24:33

The group ran like hell from the awful scene. It was time to go. And, that damnable Jedi had stolen the holocron to boot. "Revenant... I've just battlefield commissioned you to be my Black Guard. Hang with me," gasped the Sith as he ran.

As the group burst from the tunnels and sped toward their various hips, Jaymz was nowhere to be seen. "Dark Side walking dead must've got 'em" Macron mumbled aloud. "Okay guys. Suit up, hop in your ships, and meet me off orbit. " The Knight watched an old Clone trooper vessel rise into the sky.

Because of the nature of his battlesuit, he did not need to don flight armor and sped to the waiting Assault Gunboat. He eyed Malice's ship.... and got an idea. Considering that Malice was tied up at the moment with two crazed Chrysalide beasts and a Shade, it might be fun to blast his vessel.

As the Silooth lifted off, Macron blew a modified proton torpedo into the dormant ship as well as several ion blasts. "Take that, you bastard," he chuckled. "Have fun living on a tomb world. R3 track that ship and get me coordinates please. Revenant, you copy?"


30-08-2005 06:39:26

"Roger that, Commander," replied Revenant. "Hang on, I'm getting something from Ethen."There was abrief pause, punctuated by some electronic beeping. "That's intersting. Our Jedi friend is headed to Nar Shaddaa. What...? Wait. Do you suppose he's going to try to sell the holocron? Or worse, learn how to use it."
"That would seem most likely," replied Sin. "The Jedi don't seek monetary profit."
"True," agreed Macron. "We've gotta catch him fast. If he gets a head start on the Smuggler's Moon he could disappear for ever." The Knight punched the coordinates for Nar Shaddaa into the navi-computer and made the jump to hyperspace. The trip would take a few hours, so Revenant amused himself by polishing the blade of the ancient sword he had found in the cave on the planet they had just left. Macron turned to him with a sly grin. "Revenant, have a look in that locker over there." The younger Sith looked in the direction indicated. He walked over and opened the locker. Inside he found a suit of Black Guard armour. Eagerly, he went to the hold to change.

The other members of the group were busying themselves in various ways. Tyrus was still fascinated by the device that had already proven so useful. He and Macron were currently locked in a deep conversation about it. It seemed the Commander of Sapphire Squadron wanted to study the device in greater detail at his lab back on Dentaavi base. Acara and Sin were currently discussing the finer points of swordsmanship while the rest of them meditated or slept.

After a while Revenant emerged from the hold. He looked utterly resplendant in the armour, as though it had been moulded specifically for him. It gleamed in the dim light of the ship's interior. "Are we nearly there?" he quipped.


30-08-2005 09:10:21

As the Actis coursed through the skies of Nar Shaddaa, Reb had a grand view of the city below him. Skyscrapers reached high up in the sky, connected by large bridges. Warehouses and other smaller buildings had been built on every inch of available space, turning many parts of the city in to an intricate labyrinth of alleys and roads. From above the city almost looked like Coruscant. Almost.

Locating one of the larger streams of traffic, Reb sent his small ship towards it. One of the advantages of the Actis' size was that it could double as a speeder. Aside from being useful transportation, it also meant that he left no records with port authorities – which was very convenient if you didn't want to be found.

Recognising the district he was in Reb, took a sharp turn to the right, and manoeuvred through some smaller streets. He stopped in front of a rather old, but well maintained building. In the stone arch above the solid wooden door the words 'Universal Exports' were engraved. Hopping out of his fighter, Reb entered the building.

The inside still looked the same as when he last had been here: a rather small room with a receptionist sitting behind a desk, two guards stoically standing in front of a solid steel door. There were two seats next to a small table for people waiting their turns, and a plant decorated one of the corners. Reb frowned. The plant hadn't been there last time.

"Welcome to Universal Exports, Sir," the receptionist said. She was a rather attractive blonde human with deep blue eyes, which were examining Reb carefully. She did look oddly familiar. "How may I help you?"

"I would like to send a package," Reb told her.

"Of course," the woman replied, while handing him a form. "Please fill this in completely."

After quickly jotting down the required information, Reb handed the sheet back to her, along with one of his ID cards. The woman quickly scanned the filled in paper.

"You are aware of the additional fees for high security shipment?" she asked.

"I am," Reb simply replied. "The ID card I handed you should have sufficient credit."

"Yes," the woman agreed. "It does. Could I have the item itself?"

Reb produced the Sith holocron, and put it into the small durasteel box the receptionist had put on the desk. She closed the lid, and several lights on top of it blinked to mark it as sealed. One of the guards picked up the box, and took it to some place behind some steel door.

"Your package will be shipped immediately," the woman informed Reb. "Is there anything else I can help you with?"

"No, that's it," he replied.

"Thank you for choosing Universal Exports, then," the woman smiled slightly.

"Good bye," Reb answered, slightly smiling, before he headed back outside. Now that this had been taken care of, it was time to find the right bar.

Lanius Sin

31-08-2005 15:51:21

The dark Jedi’s transports dropped out of hyperspace just outside of Nar Shada’s grid of planetary defense platforms, followed by their escort of tie-interceptors and came to a stop. Sin viewed the city planet from the front view port and shuddered. "I’ve been here before guys. We should try to be a little discrete from here on in." He grabbed his grey hooded cloak and fastened it about his neck.
Revenant turned to him with a quizzical look on his face. "Something we should know?" He said as he followed Sin's lead and placed his black cloak over his new Black Guard amour.
Sin sat down again and pulled his hood over his white dreadlocks. "Let’s just say me and the Hutts have a long history. One I’d rather forget." He said.

A beeping came from the control panel and a comm channel fizzed into life. "This is docking pylon 200-C. Please submit docking codes and await confirmation." It was a Twilek voice, noticeable by the elongated S-es and dulcet tones.

Macron reached inside a pocket and produced his datapad. "I've done this kinda thing before. gi'me a sec'." He thumbed the pad a few times and transmitted the codes to the docking pylon then switched the comm to on. "We will expect a quiet landing, prepare us a landing platform a little out of view and there will be credits in it for you." He smiled.
"Of course sir. We shall make your stay very welcome." The comm clicked shut.

The others readied themselves with whatever weaponry etc they had and waited the confirmation.
Acara looked at macron with a knowing smile. "I believe you’re not going to give that sentient any credits are you?" He said.
"How did you guess? ha!" Macron laughed "Ill order the interceptors to patrol and scan the area for the Jedi or anyone else looking suspicious. They’ll send us a signal if they spot anything." With that he disappeared through the bridge blast door.

Doku Fidgeted with his weapon in its belt clip. it grew heavy with the thirst for blood. "Just find me some action soon or ill have to take it out on innocent civilians." He sighed
Tyrus smiled "Sounds like fun...."

Acara Rayden

31-08-2005 19:50:28

((Sorry Guys Didn't know what to write for a while))

The transport landed on the specially prepared pad. Macron stood up and led the way down the exit ramp into the busyness of Nar Shadaa.

The Female Tw'lek was standing waiting looking expectantly at the approaching group of dark jedi. She held out out an open hand to accept the credits Macron had "promised" her.
Macron smiled at the tw'lek and held out his had, her body imeadiatly went ridged, she couldn't move or speak.

Doku started to draw his blaster only to find he couldn't raise it any more. He looked roun at Acara whos hand was raised toward him.

"Too noisy Doku," Acara said quietly,"here use this".

Acara drew his dagger from his belt and handed it to Doku. Doku placed his blaster back in its holster and threw the dagger slightly up in the air so that the blade landed lightly in his hand. Doku turned round and threw the dagger, useing the force to amplify its effet.

The dagger went straight into the head of the awaiting Tw'lek. MAcron continued to smile gently as he moved her now lifeless form through the air till it was suspended of the edge of the landing pad.

"Acara," He said," Your Dagger"

Acara held out his hand once more and the dagger returned it. Cleaning it he re-sheathed it in his belt.

Macron released the Tw'lek to the depths of Nar Shadaa where no one would really care.

"Good call Doku," said Lanius," the dagger is much more subtle. We need that for now."

Macron marched on at the head of the groupleading them away from the landing pad.

(EDIT: Rubbish ending. Please pay attention to the further posts and stay within the bounds of realism. -Mike)


02-09-2005 17:35:57

Ethen's ship came out of hyper space with a loud crack as it slowed down to normal burn. Ethen checked his ships hull integrity and nodded in approval as it was still at 100%. Ethen typed in the encoded signature from the Jedi's ship into his ships scanner. His ship had came out a little short from what the Jedi's probably had. Nar Shadaa was nothing but a white golf ball to him at the moment.

It took several minutes for the first ships heading to Nar Shadaa to come in view, then more, and more and more, Nar Shadaa continuing to look more and more like a Bee's nest then a moon. After entering the atmosphere, Ethen Activated his scanner and landed on an abandoned Shuttle pad, or so he thought.

Jumping out of the cockpit, he felt his feet hit the ground, and for a second he was relieved because he was at least semi-in control of the situation. As the scanner went over millions of ships ID's an hour, he moved towards a weapon shop off to the left of the path leading from the Landing Pad.

The mechanical door into the building opened with a hiss of hydraulics. Inside stood a Twi'Lek and a Droid. After several moments, Ethen moved towards them and got the Twi'Lek's attention.

"Greeting Sir, How may I help you" the Twi'lek asked.

"By shutting your mouth and adding a higher density to the charge in this weapon, a Laser scope, and a rapid fire setting, make it quick I got [Expletive Deleted] to do." Ethen layed his NightStinger down on the table and walked out.

Ethen then moved across the court yard towards the Armor shop. The door, like all the others, opened with a Hydraulic hiss, and Ethen entered quietly. Off to the side of the Bar like Shop, sat 3 Mandalorians. Which was extremely odd to Ethen, because he hadn't seen any Mandalorians in a long time.

But he ignored that for the moment and walked to the human owner. "I need this suite reinforced with a Nano-Titanium Alloy. this things gotta be able to stop a blaster shot at point blank range."

"Gonna cost ya." The man said.

"Not as much as its gonna cost you if you don't do it." Ethen replied, his eyes going from deep blued to Purple in the middle outlined with yellow.

The Man nodded and got to work on the Suited Ethen had stripped down and gave him. Ethen was now into his Inner Robes, and exited the shop and headed for the weapon shop.

After what seemed like an hour Ethen retrieved his Weapon and Armor and moved back to his ship. Before he even got back to it he could hear the beeping signaling the Ships signature was found. By the time he got back though the ship had already left.

The scanner indicated his ship made a small stop at a shipping building, "Universal Trades".

Ethen swore to himself, knowing about how heavily guarded that shipping Agency was and that he would never be able to get in alone. Instead he devised another plot. He would land on a platform over looking the building and monitor all outbound ships, and instruct the others to take it out before it jumped to hyper space.


03-09-2005 06:22:48

Macron's comm burped into life as Ethen laid out his plan. "I'll contact the Clan Summit, have them send some back up." announced the Knight. "We're going Jedi Hunting." Revenant's eyes, those blind looking white eyes, seemed for a fleeting moment to gleam maniacally.
"This is more like it," said the Guardian with a hint of menace. "But where do we start?" At this, Raven stepped forward.
"This is Nar Shaddaa. Any commodity can be bought or sold for the right price. Information is a commodity like anything else."
"We are a little low on credits though," noted Macron. How much do you think we could get for a talking crow?" A look of fear appeared on Gorg's face as he cocked his head to one side.
"Surely you don't mean...?"
"Sorry." A grin had appeared on the Knight's face now. "Just a bit of Dark Jedi humour."


The man was short and grubby. His clothes were dirty and his face looked gaunt and unshaven. He probably hadn't eaten a full meal in weeks. He walked through the doors of Universal Exports and straight up to the reception desk. The assistant was a human femal, blonde hair, not entirely unattractive, he noted. "I have a package to send, it's quite urgent. Could tell me what time your next shipment departs, please?"
"Certainly sir. All of today's items will be dispatched in three standard hours. I hope that's of some help to you." The assistant said with a smile.
"It certainly has." With that the man turned and walked out. He rounded the corner to where Revenant and the rest of the Dark Jedi were waiting for him. "The dispatch ship leaves in three hours," he told them. In return, Revenant handed the man ten credits and they went their seperate ways; the gryubby man, presumably, to buy another fix of whatever intoxicant it was that he stank of, the Dark Jedi returned to the Silooth.

Macron produced a small disk, the size of the palm of his hand. He thumbed a button on its rim and the center of the disk glowed blue. A static snowstorm appeared a few inches above the disk. A few seconds later and the static coalesced into a translucent blue, almost ghostly, image of Xanos, the Concul of Clan Naga Sadow. "Xanos, I need you to send a Star Destroyer, complete with two full squadrons of TIEs, to Nar Shaddaa. This is urgent."
"First," the Consul replied, "would you like to explain what you're doing there?"
"No time, if we don't get this back up then one of our holocrons is gonna end up in the hands of the Jedi. Tell the crew of the destroyer to disable any vessel departing from these coordinates." With that he sent the location of Universal Exports.
"I'll send you the destroyer, give it two and a half hours." the Consul growled, "But you'd better have a good explanation when you get back to Antei." He didn't wait for a reply. The immaterial effigy dispersed as though it had never existed.
"Okay boys," grinned Macron. "We're in business."

Macron Sadow

03-09-2005 10:25:08

Macron knew he would have to pay for that one, but the prize was his primary concern. Given the age and location of the holocron, it could well contain information from Marka Ragnos himself. The thought made him twitch with anticipation. He would spend many hours perusing it if possible.

Now to deal with that damnable Jedi. He would need some backup, as the man outpowered him. A chirp from his comm brought forward two Sith battledroids from the transport, like the ones he had designed from the last Krath Rite of Supremacy. They posessed hardened alchemical armor and a bad attitude. Arm mounted vibroblades and an integral cooled repeating blaster rifle finished the armamments.

They were not lightsaber proof, but mere blaster bolts did not affect them much due to the armor and the personal deflector fields. Skeletal droids like these had slain Master Arca Jeth on Deneba a long time ago, and Macron had copied and modified the plans from the Holocron of Antar IV in the Clan library.

The most likely place to find a Jedi wishing to congratulate himself on a job well done was a bar. "Gentlemen. I believe we will find our quarry in some watering hole or another. Let's go as a group, and begin the hunt. gorg, you care to scout ahead? No one will even notice you as a bird."


03-09-2005 13:10:04

(thought i would make a late entry to this story) Slowly Cain stepped out of the shadows of the emty ship. He grinned, so a sith holocrom was unearthed. Sitting there for a minute he thought; weither he should follow the group or try to find the holocron for himself. if he followed them he would get to kill one or more jedi and possibly steal a lightsaber or he could go to the shipyards to find the holocron and steal all the glory for himself. fianally getting up he dicided that he should hunt down the jedi called reb. Making sure his daggers were loose he walked outside sniffing the air he slowly turned in the direction of one of the streets. Smiling he started to climb one of the buidings. Reb would soon die

(hope it makes more sence)


03-09-2005 19:28:18

Finding the right bar was, as it turned out, not very difficult: the Actis in the parking lot was a dead give-away. Reb put his own ship next to it, and was greeted by the R4 unit sitting in the other fighter's wing.

"Hello, R4," Reb returned the greeting. "I suppose Michael is inside?"

The little droid returned a positive beep, and then began ecstatically beeping at Reb's R7. He smiled as the two droids began exchanging stories, and walked around the large building to the front door. Two solidly built bouncers stood in front of the entrance, eyeing the Jedi in his brown robes suspiciously. Robes obviously weren't part of the dress-code for this particular establishment.

"You can let me in," Reb said, while subtly waving his hand.

"We can let you in?" one of the bouncers asked, surprised.

"We can let you in?" the other echoed.

"Yes," Reb replied.

"How about no, chum," the first bouncers answered.

"Yeah, 'no'," the second agreed.

"Dammit," Reb cursed. "This always works so much better when Mike does it."

"Wait, you know Mike?" one of the bouncers asked.

"That must be why he's wearing those funny clothes," the other decided.

"Yeah, you're right," the first bouncer said again. "You can go in, then."

"Yeah, go in," the other repeated.

Reb looked confused at both bouncers for a few moments, and then went inside with a mumbled 'thank you', before one of them would change their mind. Inside, the bar looked to be quite a nice place, and it had already begun to get quite crowded. Loud music was playing, which actually sounded halfway decent, and some were dancing. Working his way through the masses of people, Reb came to the rear of the place, where he could see another man in brown robes sitting on a stool. Despite the crowd, the stool next to him was empty.

"No Twi'Lek?" Reb asked his friend, yelling to get heard above the music, while pointing at the empty stool.

"No," Michael Halcyon yelled back. "Not this time."

The blonde man looked at Reb intently with his blue-grey eyes as he sat down.

"What have you been up to?" Mike's voice appeared in Reb's mind. "I could feel the disturbance in the Force a planet away."

"I just liberated a Sith holocron from some tomb," Reb sent back mentally. Mike just stared at the Jedi Knight for a few moments. Reb waved to the bartender and asked for a Corellian Whisky.

"You liberated a Sith holocron."

"I'll save you the details, but basically there was me, a bunch of our Brotherhood friends and a Sith Lord, in the Sith academy on Korriban. I figured it would be safer if we examined the holocron first, rather than let either of them have it. Who knows what kind of dangerous information might be on it."

"So why did you have to come here to Nar Shaddaa to ruin my holiday?" the Jedi Master asked, a frown appearing on his face. "I was quite enjoying it."

"I don't have a clue how that thing works."

"Great. So where is it now?"

"I used the fabulous service of Universal Exports to ship it to a safe location, considering those Brotherhood friends I mentioned likely followed me. Universal Exports knows how to make things disappear – this is Nar Shaddaa after all. If they try to get the holocron back while it's in transit, they're going to get very frustrated."

"So, while our Sith brethren are busy raiding the wrong freighters, we sneak off the planet when they don't notice."

"Yub," Reb smiled. Then he frowned. Something was wrong.

"It sounds like a good plan," Mike responded.

Reb was about to answer that that was obvious, when he noticed the crow hovering near him. The same crow that had accompanied the Sith on Korriban. Sensing with the Force, he could feel a group standing outside.

"Problem is they are already here."

"It's too crowded here to fight. There's an exit behind the bar."

Both Jedi jumped over the bar, the bartender looking at them with astonishment. Before he could do anything, they both dashed through the door, and were standing in the parking lot. Both of their small fighters stood out among the many parked speeders.

"You know, Reb, I really was enjoying my holiday," Mike grumbled.

"Oh, but this is going to be fun," the younger man grinned. "Just wait, and you'll see."


04-09-2005 16:57:52

just as the two jedi went for thier fighters cain landed in front of them. Suprised they both reached for thier lightsabers cain responded by grabbing his daggers. "your going nowhere jedi" said cain...

Mike Halcyon

04-09-2005 17:30:25

"I see they are already here", Mike commented, throwing a glance over to his former apprentice. Reb rolled his eyes. Turning back to Caine, the Jedi Master waved his hand in front of him.

"You want to go home and re-think your life", he stated persuasively.

"I want to go home and re-think my life", Caine informed the two Jedi, sheathing his daggers and turning to leave. He threw a short, angry glance at the two men before he headed off - they were lucky that he had some better things to do right now!

"You like that, don`t you?" Reb rethorically asked his former teacher while he patted his Astromech on the head. The little droid beeped and rotated its metal dome, opening the Actis` starfighter`s canopy.

"Oh, you know what they say, it`s a victimless crime", Mike responded, patting his R4-unit aswell. Instead of the canopy swinging open, however, the small droid angrily beeped back. Retracting his hand as if he had recieved an electrical shock, the Jedi Master looked at his droid, frowning. Just why did he ever get the ones with the very `special` identities.

"You`re not making any sense at all", Reb stated, pulling his robes into the cockpit and reaching for the neural interface band.

"I`ve already had a couple of drinks today, too", Mike retaliated, opening the canopy himself. This was going to be a long night.


04-09-2005 17:45:46

(no fair)
cain after walking back to Ethens ship he realized he had been tricked. Angry at being beaten so easly he turned and went to try again. This time they wouldn't know what hit them....


04-09-2005 18:09:40

pulling out some Kaminoan poison darts he jumped off the building above the ship just before the cockpit window closed and threw the poison dart at Reblet hitting him in the shoulder.As the nurotoxin enetered the jedi blood stream he groned in pain.. cain threw the second at mike but it hit the cockpit window instead cursing to himself cain charged at the jedi master


04-09-2005 18:50:15

This is getting ridiculous, Reb thought to himself as he removed the dart from his skin, and quickly applied a bit of Force to get rid of the poison.

Caine: Since you obviously don't seem to get hints, I'll just say it: You should, at your present rank, not even think about harming a Jedi Knight or Master (as might be the case). Please take some time to review such literature as the Run-On course at the Shadow Academy (, observe and obey the laws of reality and logic, and perhaps try to think of a more meaningful way to add to the story. While you're at it, please also pay some attention to subjects such as punctuation, capital letters, spelling and grammar. Thank you for your cooperation, and have a nice day.


05-09-2005 01:20:09

(as i have siad before my spelling will not be very good for awhile i will retreat out of the story. later :l) Quickly Mike used the force to push caine off the ledge. As Caine fell he thought to himself "well guess that was a stupid idea."

Macron Sadow

05-09-2005 13:17:49

Macron pulled his electrobinocs from his shoulder bag and began to scan the area. As the readouts scrolled, he spotted the Actis. Gorg was right. "Nice job Gorg. Rev, I suggest you refrain from putting him in the stew for now." The crow gawked at him, and Macron chuckled. He enjoyed their repartee. The Sith familiar was proving to be most useful.

"There," he spat. "Folks, I see a Jedi type star fighter on that landing pad, over there," the Sith pointed as he refined the focus over the 500 meter distance. "That is them alright. I recognize Reb Qel-Droma. Shoulda known, that is a bar landing pad. Wait. Master Halcyon is with him. Well that blows that plan. Any ideas folks? We can't take them like this, and I bet they hid the holocron somewhere. I would."

The Knight doubled over in pain suddenly, and moaned. "I feel strange... the Dark Side is calling me.You guys feel that?" The group looked at the alchemist in confusion as he gritted his teeth.

Revenant was the first to speak. "You okay, man? I feel ... more Force from you now. What the hell was that?"

"Elevation," responded the new Sith Warrior with a grin. "I see the Dark Power more clearly now.
I bet they felt it too, especially Mike. There goes the surprise element. Damn."


06-09-2005 20:03:46

Caine quickly grabbed the ledge of the landing pad. Not wanting the jedi too see that he made it, he started shimmying across the ledge to his companions. using the force to push himself up he landed besides Macron Goura startling the group. "Did you think you were going anywhere without me." smiled Caine. "Hey does anyone know what this is?" he pulled out a black dagger with runes down the sides.
"you all left it on the ship thought i might have a use for it" "oh yea almost forgot look at this" Cain pulled out a black double-bladed sword. Cain grinned "I was hiding it for a while didn't want someone stealing it. do you think it will help?

Mike Halcyon

07-09-2005 05:39:43

Mike clipped the neuralband to his forehead and hit a couple of buttons to fire up the Jedi starfighter. Just a big engine with guns on it, the Eta-2 Actis sacrificed everything for speed - literally. There were no sensors, no hyperdrive, no navicomp, hell, not even rear mirrors.

"Reb, they`re up there on the column. Wayland-tower, in the southwest."

"Yeah, I know", the Jedi Knight responded, his voice crisply over the quite present radio. Mike looked through the canopy and saw the other starfighter fire up its engines and disconnecting from the ground as the repulsor sleds kicked into action.

"We'll separate. I don't want to kill them", the Jedi Master stated, gnawing his teeth as the fighter heaved into the air. He didn't like flying at all in this thing. "I'll head for space - you'll make sure that... they... don't do... whatever they want to do."

"Right", Reb commented. Mike could see him raising his eyebrows.

"So what? Do I always have to have a plan?" the Jedi Master quipped. "We'll see what happens." With that, he pointed the pointy point of the pointy plane into the direction of the pitch blackness of space.


08-09-2005 07:09:38

The comm linked fizzed closed in Revenant's ear. "Okay, guys, that was DJB command with with a flash bulletin. A few points of interest. First of all, that star destroyer's been in a geostationary orbit over this sector for about fifteen minutes. Second, it looks like I'm the new commander of Sapphire Squadron. And, I've just been given the rank of Jedi Hunter. Appropriate, no?"
"Umm, right now," ventured Sin, "Ithink it's the Jedi that's doing the hunting." He pointed at the Jedi Starfighter which was rapidly bearing down on their position atop the Wayland Tower.


On the bridge of the Imperial class Star Detroyer Sanguinum, General Ja'Kaarh studied various readouts closely. A glance out the viewport confirmed what he saw. A type 2 Jedi Starfighter was trying to escape the Smuggler's Moon. The voice of a nearby Ensign attracted the General's attention. "Sir?" the voice enquired. "Do you want me to open fire on it?"
The General appeared thoughtful for a moment, his grey eyes seeming far away. "No. Set your ion cannons for mark oh-point-six, full power. Take out his hyperdrive ring. He's going nowhere." The Ensign's fingers danced gracefully over a series of controls. A few seconds later a bolt of crackling blue light arced towards the Jedi Starfighter's sationarly hyperdrive ring, enveloping it in artificial lighning as control circuits shorted and wires melted. The thing continued to fizz and spark for a few minutes before drifting off into space.


Back on the rooftop of the Wayland Tower Macron pulled an inoccuous looking device from a belt compartment. It was a remote for the Silooth. He instructed the ship's autopilot to pick them up on top of the tower, and to come in with guns blazing.


10-09-2005 13:51:02


I'm currently up to my ears in homework, and have only time to say, I will be posting, but VERY RARELY. So continue to use my character, even if he goes rogue, for I am still a Naga Sadow member, through and through! consider him still in naga sadow even if he goes rogue, I'm just currently very busy. Thanks.



12-09-2005 16:02:24

"hey marcron should i go find the holocron before it goes off planet" asked cain.
((yea i know short post but it is up to marcron if i go))
(("Cain out :D"))


14-09-2005 14:20:29

"Well," Revenant cut in, " we have a star destroyer in orbit. The crew have orders to disable any unidentified vessel leaving so I guess it's up to you." One thing was certain, Caine had the enthusiasm. He would probably serve them better if they all kept together. It would not be a good idea to send an Apprentice wandering the streets of Nar Shaddaa on their own.

Meantime, Macron's ship, the Silooth hove into view, blaster cannons spewing green bolts of death in all directions. The group of Darksiders piled in and Macron raced to the controls, switching them to manual. He altered the ship's course to intercept Reb Qel Droma's vehicle.


15-09-2005 10:55:13

"i think i know where it is if i am right it can get off this planet and besides" caine said with a grin "i am getting rather bored." Quickly he started running away towards the edge of the platform and jumped off quickly grabbing the side of one of the buildings he started going towards the refugee sector.

Acara Rayden

24-09-2005 12:12:15

Acara walked on to the bridge in a new full length black cloak, the silooth continued to head towards the rogue jedi's craft.

His head bowed own, he felt something coming from afar, like the gentle breaze before a sorm the barest tendrils of a futre formed in his mind. It was not much but it was more than he usually got without trying.

Acara's head raised up slightly, and put simply. "something isn't right...."

Lanius Sin

25-09-2005 00:31:39

“…Something isn’t right”. Said Acara thoughtfully as Macron brought the Silooth to bear on the Jedi star fighter.

Suddenly Reb’s fighter released a lethal volley of fire at the Dark Jedi attackers but the shot missed, charring the side of a building and sending molten plasteel on its long journey to the planet’s surface.

Narrowly missing the rubble Macron performed an evasive maneuver, quickly pushing on the ship’s flight stick he dove deeper into the depths of Nar Shadda. The repulsor-lifts hummed their obedience as they hurtled down.
“He’s following us.” Said Revenant as he sat punching commands into a sensor readout. “..And quickly. Take a left at the next clearing but watch out for the overhead walkway. It says here that there should be a wider corridor between the buildings, maybe we can out maneuver him in there.”

The Jedi star fighter matched every movement of the Silooth, hurtling through the under-city and the rain that managed to make its way this far from the gathering storm above. Dodging blasts right and then left the Silooth disappeared into the wide avenue. There appeared to be a plaza below with people and droids of all kinds going about their daily business.
“Here goes nothing.” Said macron slowing to a complete stop. A second later Reb’s ship came darting around the corner and past the Dark Jedi.
Sin wiped a bead of sweat from his brow with his sleeve and sighed. He was glad to be off the streets but this was almost as bad.. “Let’s just hope he doesn’t sense our presence or this will get a whole lot more difficult.” He said looking at the diminishing shape of the Jedi star fighter.
“I don’t think so.” Said Gorg the crow, feeling left out. “Too many people around. Hard to sense things here.” The thing tilted its head to one side then the other.
“Im not even going to ask.” Said Raven looking worriedly.
“It’s probably better that you don’t.” Said Gorg.

The Silooth landed in a clearing at the edge of the avenue and powered down.
“This is Revenant to Star Destroyer Sanguinium, We have another fighter on the loose.” He said into the comm. “I’m sending the signature to you now. Were going to look for the novice Caine, it appears he’s on the trail of our artifact. Revenant out.” The comm. Channel clicked shut.

Macron Sadow

25-09-2005 10:40:30

"You guys are going to get me killed," chuckled the Warrior. He took the time to review recent events in his head. That ship had radiated no Force signature. That was puzzling. Unless... it was a Force illusion. That must be it. Damn those blasted Jedi and their mental tricks. They had just learned an important lesson.

"Alright, we have been tricked again," he said with a tight lipped snarl. "That was a Jedi illusion men. He is quite powerfiul enough to do it, too. Damn. I also don't go for him missing us either. He is an excellent shot. This must be Mike and Reb playing with us again. They wouldn't blast innocents like that. I would though."

Sure enough, a quick review of the ship's sensor logs by Revenant showed no energy discharge at the moment of firing. Macron slammed his fist into the console as Acara and Revenant jumped at the sound. They had never seen him quite so pissed off before. He hated being toyed with. The Dark Side gnawed at his guts as his hatred blossomed deep inside.

The Sith alchemist stepped from his vessel with alacrity, keying the nasty Sith security droid to watch it. "Come on then, we have no time to waste. Let's find Caine." He closed his eyes and let his mind feel the power of the Force around him, seeking the dark thread that was Caine's life force. After a minute of struggle, he found it.

"That way," he pointed with a crackle of his armored gauntlet. The group nodded, and Macron began to stride forward. Gorg flew slightly ahead, scouting for them all. Revenant had found a most interesting pet, and Macron liked it in a begrudging way. He especially enjoyed the familiar's smart aleck quips.

A predatory street thug looked at them, and Acara spoke. "He wants to rob us, but I sense his fear." Mononoke nodded, and clenched his fist before him. The thug began to choke and fell to the ground, dying from the Force grip attack that had crushed his throat. The Aedile smiled as he blew off some steam with a bit of fun. He had always wanted to do that. Revenant smiled and looked about for witnesses. There were none.

Macron's thoughts drifted to the lightsaber Guide he had helped to write for the Brotherhood. Perhaps he would get to face one of the Jedi with a saber, and that would be most interesting. He would lose, but yet the experience would be invigorating. If he lived, it would only make him better.If not... well then. Problem solved.


26-09-2005 10:53:18

Cain landed on the ship with the holocron. Waiting for the guards to come out of the ship he quickly killed both of them. Now he said finally the artifact closing his his eyes he sensed the dark power from the smallest box. Grabbing it he turned around and left the ship “well guess I could wait here for them” he sensed the Jedi were close "damn" he muttered. He would have to find them, laughing silently he went back the way he came.

Lanius Sin

26-09-2005 20:31:41

The group made there way through the crowded plaza in the direction that Macron had pointed. Sin hid his face in the shadows of his hood and put thoughts of his past out of his mind. Worry had given over to anxiety some time ago and it was getting worse with every moment he spent here.

Tyrus who had been unusually absent for some time put a hand on Sin’s shoulder. “You’re really jumpy right now, anything you want to say?” His eyes searching Sin like the sensors on a star destroyer.
“I wouldn’t want to talk about it usually but remember when we arrived I said I’ve been here before?” Sin spoke softly as if someone in the crowd may be listening.
“Well it was a long time ago before I joined up with the brotherhood. I got involved with some shady characters and some foolish endeavors.”
“I’m intrigued.” said Tyrus as Sin dodged an Astromech droid that hurried into his path. Macron kicked it over and it fizzed its disgruntled reply.
“Ha ha! Umm, where was I? Oh yeah. I was in CORSEC, a job forced on me by in part my father who is a diplomat on the Correlian council. During my time in their employment, I gained many contacts including a Hutt named Adala. To cut a long story short I started to run secret shipments and enforce for Adala’s operations on my home world, but we parted on bad terms. In fact it was here on Nar Shadda that we had our little disagreement.” Sin coughed and waited for the information to sink in.

Revenant had been listening and walked a little closer. “And where does this piece of information fit flight member?” he prompted.
Sin thought back to the times before he joined the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, it pained him to the core to remember those times. It pained him yet more to talk about them but there was no other choice. “I crossed Adala one too many times and she sent an assassin to take care of me. That assassin was meant for me.” He gritted his teeth. “The attack happened in my family home late one night. I was out drinking and when I arrived home I found my mother. She had been attacked in my stead. She died there in my arms.” The group remained silent. “In anger I searched out this assassin (a Twilek woman called Kas jino)and confronted her here, on Nar Shada. It was a fight I couldn’t win, the assassin was a former Emperor’s Hand before the fall of Sidious. She was too powerful for me and I fled to the dark brotherhood to gain power and maybe one-day exact revenge. But I’m not ready.”

Macron suddenly stopped walking and Acara who was walking behind almost bumped into him. “Caine is here.” Sure enough Cane walked into view from the sea of endless faces. “I got it guys.” He smiled holding out the holocron and tossing it to Revenant. “Well it was your master’s, sorry, former master’s. So I guess now we can go home?”

“I don’t think we’re going to get it that easy.” It was Tyrus “Quiet down and listen. Do you sense that? Something approaches.” He closed his eyes and focused on the force impression coming toward them.
“Yes it stands out even here.” Added Macron, looking toward the far end of the plaza. “Perhaps my saber will still have its blood today.”
Acara turned to Macron and placed his hand on the hilt of his blastsword. “I’ve got a really bad feeling about this.”

Suddenly Doku dodged out of the way of a hail of blaster shots, igniting his lightsaber the Mandalorian deflected one of the shots back into the crowd of now fleeing, and panicking, humans and aliens.

“It’s on! We’ve got company.” Shouted Raven as he readied his weapon.


The figure of a female Twilek dashed toward the group brandishing a red lightsaber and dressed all in black. “You will rue the day you returned here Lanius Sin!” She shouted. “Adala sends her best wishes!”


27-09-2005 10:53:20

cain jumped into the shadows "damn" he thought he would have to wait till he could see one who did that. Pulling out his sword he blocked his presence as best as he could.

Acara Rayden

27-09-2005 14:20:03

Acara drew his blastsword, hitting the on button as he flicked his wrist round in a fluidic movement. He ducked down and rolled to his right-hand side effectively dodging a large hail of blaster fire heading in his direction.

The group had scattered, only those of the group possessing lightsabres were able to stand their ground, deflecting the blasts away with their weapons under this first assault.

A female T’wlek somersaulted over the top of the Dark Jedi group, Acara took the opportunity to throw his dagger, it was of perfect aim, straight to the head. A lightsaber flickered into existence and not only deflected his dagger, melted it too.

“Damn”, Acara said, “there goes another one.”

The female landed and spun round, layering a barrage of blaster bolts into the shadows where Caine was hiding. Caine rolled out over to he group just in time.

“You didn’t honestly think you could hide from me, did you?” The female T’wlek spoke.

“Kas jino, you shutta! You’ll pay the price in pain!” Sin shouted at the former Emporer’s hand.

Macron Sadow

27-09-2005 23:38:44

Macron's yellow eyes narrowed. "Emperor's Hand...." he picked up from Acara's thoughts. Most interesting indeed. As a former gang member, he hated Imperial Intelligence scum. The troopers weren't so bad, but operatives were a different story. They aroused his wrath.
And Sin had been in CORSEC. They would need to discuss that later, in private. His student had been hiding things from him.

He leaped over the bodies of two fallen thugs that Doku had dispatched, and came at the woman with a growl. "Insolent Imperial scum. I don't know who you think you are, Kas Jino but you just messed with the wrong dude's Apprentice," he snarled as he booted her hard in the side. "Time for you to suffer."

His awful anger had been unleashed, and the twisted black hatred within him sought a victim to assuage his need for violence. The two locked sabers, and she was clearly overpowered. No common Hand could match the power of a Sith Warrior. Macron twisted his saber deftly in a Makashi move with a wrist flick and severed her right arm at the elbow. She screamed in shock and ran swiftly, dropping her blade. It shut off as it clattered on the pavement. The Twilek stank of fear, and the alchemist reveled in it.

Acara, Caine, and Revenant had their own worries. Thugs were leaping into the area like maggots on a fly-blown corpse, coming at them all with many varieties of weapons.
"Uh, guys this is not good," mumbled Sin as he stabbed a thug. "That Hutt has many goons. We better move out."


28-09-2005 06:33:10

Revenant drew the Sith war katana hanging at his side. An evil smile spread slowly across his countenance and he flicked his tongue across his teeth in an almost serpentine gesture of anticipation. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted a henchman levelling a blaster at Caine. The Dark Side surrounded Commander Revenant. There were ebon threads of its malign energy connecting him to everything in the area. With a little mental effort he managed to isolate the strand connected to the thug's blaster and tugged on it, just as the goon pulled the trigger. Revenant's intervention was enough to send the shot wide, cascading off a nearby building.

The thug nearest to Revenant drew a rather large serrated knife, half the length of his own blade. He ran towards the Jedi Hunter, bellowing incoherent curses. Just as he got within striking range, Revenant sidestepped and slammed the pommel of his sword into the back of his attacker's skull. With a deft flick of his wrist he brought the blade round and severed the thug's head. The body ran forward a couple of steps before tumbling to the ground as the head bounced once and rolled to the side.

Acara levelled his blast sword at the throat of one of the Hand's footsoldiers, if they could be called that, and jabbed. With a fist sized hole in his windpipe he was no longer a threat. There was little honour in defeating a mere underling, but with their sheer numbers they may pose some kind of challenge. He certainly hoped so.

Tyrus was standing to the side, taking shots at the assailants with his blaster whenever the opportunity presented itself. In the tight confines of the Nar Shaddaa streets this was not easy. There was always the possibility of hitting his comrades. His Force sensitivity gave him a slight edge but it was beginning to look like that may not be enough. For every goon they dropped another stepped forward. They seemed to be coming out of the walls. This Twi'lek wanted Sin really bad.


28-09-2005 10:57:11

Cain laughed they actually thought they could kill him. He pulled his double bladed sword out and pressed a button on the side of the hilt it split into two pieces. Quickly cutting off two of the thug’s heads, he now held both of the swords behind him. This is now more fun then he thought this would turn out to be. he turned around and spilt another one down the middle. A vibro axe came out of nowhere and nearly took off his head growling he backed up. This was really becoming more fun by the kill…

Lanius Sin

30-09-2005 09:55:03

Macron and Doku acted together in clearing the area around themselves of three Gamorians. With their lightsabers the Dark Jedi leaped toward their next oponents, Macron severing the head of one, Doku flipping over another and parting its torso from its legs. The Droid lay fizzing and sparking on the wet duracrete paving untill Tyrus silenced it with his blaster.

“This is getting ridiculous.” Mused macron as he and Doku ran toward where Tyrus fought annother intimidating looking battle droid. “But I am starting to have fun felling these Shuttas.”

“There coming from over there!” Shouted Acara as he parried and then reposted with his blast sword explosively skewering a burly looking Zabrak, the victim struggled for a few seconds and was put to rest by one of Acara’s daggers thrust into its neck. “There.” He gestured to Revenant Pointing toward a dark alley, almost obscured by the now fearsome rain and wind.

Revenant took a vibrosword on his hilt and pushed his opponent back. With an angry hacking motion he eviscerated the fool sending a spray of red blood out across himself. Wiping his eyes he jumped, using the force to guide himself, and landing directly on top of a group of Rodians who were taking aim at Caine with their blasters. With a slash he removed one of the alien’s hands and then with a horizontal spin he gutted the two remaining. He sent a thought to his comrades through the force as the last of his victims fell. “Over here, we have to stop them coming from this way.” He pressed the attack toward the entrance to the alley across the vast plaza.

Concentrating, Sin let the dark side speed his movements. He darted across the plaza to where Revenant fought, clotheslineing a thug on the way and braking the neck of another with his bare hands.
“Commander.” He nodded as he arrived
“Sin.” Acknowledged Revenant, still covered in blood.

The Alley was only a few of meters away now but the thugs just kept on coming. “I’ve got an idea!” Shouted Sin as he dodged another of the clumsy attackers and caught another square in the ribs. With the noise of an exploding power conduit a punch from his Shock Boxing gloves sent the Trandoshen flying. Then sensing a fist fly towards him he ducked and grabbed the thug’s arm. With an upwards thrust he broke the arm at the elbow and followed with a shock assisted punch to the face. Still holding the thug’s arm he reached inside his pocket and pulled out a thermal detonator which he placed in the thug’s pocket. Pushing him in the direction of the alley the thug staggered and then ran.

“You let one get away!” Shouted Acara, who had managed to fight his way closer to Sin.
“Just wait!” Shouted Sin holding his hand up to stop him making chase..

Suddenly there was an almighty explosion followed by a plume of smoke and debris from inside the alley. Cracking under its own weight the walkway broke and fell down toward the surface of the moon, crashing off of buildings and balconies as it fell.

“I told you.” Said sin.
“Ha-ha. Indeed you did.” Laughed Acara.

Sheathing his weapons Revenant looked down the plaza to the far end. Grimacing he grabbed Sin and Acara’s arms. “Run, quick! We have to get to the ships! There are more coming from over there. A lot of them!” ….


30-09-2005 10:52:33

"Where is that shutta of a t'wlik" growled cain as he looked around picking up her light saber he thought to himself "interesting Sin would love to see this” sticking it in his pocket. Now to collect some heads, he started to rip off the heads of his kills and taking their weapons. When he was done he started to follow the group.
"hey wait up" he yelled when he saw them.
they turn to see a blood soaked cain running towards them. "sorry i had to gather some trophys to decorate my room." Cain grinned & he tossed sin the lightsaber. "Are we leaving already i was hoping for more trophys" he said pointing at a blood soaked bag that was sitting at his feet....
((i am done now :P ))


20-10-2005 13:25:42

Deciding that discretion was the better part of valour, the group of Dark Jedi reached their ships and took off. Macron was relaying the hyperspace co-ordinates for Antei to the other ships when suddenly a group of rag-tag fighters appeared from nowhere. They weren't quite out of this yet.

Macron Sadow

20-10-2005 23:19:40

"Copy that, Revanant. I am closing on their 6. Looks to be a flight of z-95's, and a few A wings.
Take the A-Wings out first, they are the biggest threat. I got the first one. I'm almost as fast... and a whole lot better armed."

Macron twiddled the controls of the Silooth, activating the specially enhanced power plant to maximum output. He spread his shields evenly, and then let the lead A-Wing fall in behind him.
As the bolts began to rock his shields, he returned fire with the rear mounted laser cannon. This was a later modification, and one that Assault Gunbaots did not normally have.

"Surprise, you shutta," he chuckled as the fore shields on the A-Wing buckled. "R3, jettison those mini- mines. 2 ought to do it. I might not be the best pilot, but I am an evil bastard and that makes up for it."

The pilot of the A wing was frantically angling his deflector from aft to the fore as the two cylinders dropped right in front of him. The predator had been confident in his chase of the slower vessel, and had now become prey.

The twin explosions a micron later blew his cockpit from the surface of his vessel. His body tumbled out into space, a now permanent look of surprise and horror frozen on his dead face.

"Caine? Sin? Acara? How are you guys holding up?" came the comlink voice as Macron maneuvered back toward the fight. "Crap, Sin's got 2 Z-95's on his tail."


21-10-2005 06:59:13

"Crap, Sin's got 2 Z-95s on his tail," Macron pointed out.
"I'm on it," spoke Revenant. He swung his A-9 class Interceptor in a tight one-eighty, bringing him to a position where he was heading straight for Sin's craft. He was weaving unpredictably from side to side. "Sin - on my mark, roll to port. Three, two, one, NOW!" Sin rolled to port as instructed, just as Revenant unleashed a volley of fire from his cannons. One of the Z-95 headhunters exploded in a hail of metal and plasteel. The other was forced to momentarily break off pursuit, or risk being slagged as well.


25-10-2005 01:03:18

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28-10-2005 10:40:48

((Its been awhile, where am I?))


30-10-2005 04:40:55

((I think everybody except macron's in their interceptors, with macron being in his silooth.))


30-10-2005 05:11:54

((kk i have an interecpter cool :D ))


31-10-2005 21:02:07

Static came over Macron's comm.

"Macron, It''s Raven. I'm still on the ground and I think I can track down those two jedi, you being a major distraction...WHAT THE-------"


01-11-2005 11:00:05

Jaymz heard the yell and the burst of static from Raven. He keyed in Raven's coordinates as his ships course correction turned the ship in the direction of the COM ID signature and the ship took off.

Acara Rayden

01-11-2005 19:23:11

Acara was not in a good mood, a few hits had madew contact with his interceptors ship as he was being chased by the enemy craft, he noticed Jaymz fly off, he opened a COMM channel.

"Jaymz, this is Rayden. WE have the holocron the Jedi dont really matter as much anymore, do you know what Raven was up to at all."

Jaymz's repply came in just as Acara was forced to make a violent dodge to advoid a particularly nasty laser barage. "No I Don't"

"Signal us if you need us," Acara spoke into his COMM, "Rayden Out."

Elsewhere in the battle Lanius had managed to fall behing the craft chasing him and was now showing them how danagerous a Dark Jedi can be. Acara smirked as he revesed his engines allowing him to zip past his persuers.

"Now lets see how you like it," Acara spoke as he targeted his former hunters. He let his Anger flow through him as he fired.


17-03-2006 15:47:46

Five hours later

The battle had raged for nearly an hour, all told. The Dark Jedi had escaped with minimal damage. Their opponents were currently nothing more than molecular dust, floating through the endless reaches of space.

Revenant sat in his meditation cell. So Malice was still alive. And he appeared to need Revenant for something. What, he had no idea. No doubt time would tell. For now, he had this holocron to explore.


((OOC: Okay, I know it's been ages, and I know it's a crappy ending, but I'm gonna run a sequel to this run-on soon*ish*, so I needed to bring this to a definate close...))


24-03-2006 15:35:37

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24-03-2006 15:51:48

((OOC: Sorry I didnt respond to your Email Revenat, but ill join your next runon =) and actually finish it))

Lanius Sin

27-03-2006 04:03:48

Im in... can't wait. and don't forget to bring Gorg!