Land Combat


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((same rules as in space combat, only on land. This takes place on a remote planet known as Zhedia. The planets terrain is forest based with ruins here and there. Inside the ruins are dug in Rebels and Jedi. The Rebels wield Heavy Repeaters down to regular Blaster pistols. The Jedi wield any where from double bladed lightsabers to an Echani Staff. Around the ruins lay AA Blasters so careful on your entries))

Jaymz's TIE Destroyer entered the atmosphere at a alarming rate. Seconds beforee his ship was about to smash into the side of some ruins when he pulled up on the joystick and the ship leveled out inches above the tree's. Jaymz got his training saber ready as he aimed his ship at the closest and biggest AA gun.

Seconds before he hit it he jetusoned from the cockpit. As he fell to the ground 50 feet below, his ship smashed into the side of the AA gun disabling it. As Jaymz hit the ground he hid behind a tree out of the veiw of the confused Rebels and the concentrating Jedi. Luckily for Jaymz, there only seemed to be several Apprentices inside the ruins not capable of sensing Jaymz through all the commotion.

Jaymz figured he would wait till he sensed Langis on the planet to make a move.



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((Um, its langis's turn so if we could get this going starting now))

Jaymz's TIE Destroyer entered the atmosphere at a alarming rate. Seconds beforee his ship was about to smash into the side of some ruins when he pulled up on the joystick and the ship leveled out inches above the tree's. Jaymz got his training saber ready as he aimed his ship at the closest and biggest AA gun.

Seconds before he hit it he jetusoned from the cockpit. As he fell to the ground 50 feet below, his ship smashed into the side of the AA gun disabling it. As Jaymz hit the ground he hid behind a tree out of the veiw of the confused Rebels and the concentrating Jedi. Luckily for Jaymz, there only seemed to be several Apprentices inside the ruins not capable of sensing Jaymz through all the commotion.

Jaymz figured he would wait till he sensed Langis on the planet to make a move.


Langis Gyn Histop

29-07-2005 14:11:35

Langis felt the impact of Jaymz' fighter and shook her head. Not much on subtlety, are you Jaymz? she thought. Moving as silently as she could, she moved closer to the ruins of this world.

Langis had already been infiltrated on a assualt ship and had been trudging the jungle for at least two hours now. The insects of this world almost made it unbearable and she was starting to get red bumps where they had bitten her. She felt another bite on her neck and slapped down hard, killing it. Her robes had protected her some, but not on her hands and neck. Nasty world. At least on Coruscant there were no insects, but this place is packed full of them.

Sensing that she was getting close to Jaymz, she clicked her comm once. Two clicks answered back, signaling all clear. She trotted towards Jaymz and found him kneeling down. She kneeled beside him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Have you heard from the others yet?" she asked.

"No," he replied. "But they should be coming in any minute now..."



30-07-2005 13:10:40

Raven silently stepped up behind the two protectors. He shool his head saying, "I figured I'd find you two together." His Kyantii knives silentently slid around their necks. "So, who's going to go first?"

Jaymz felt the cold steel against his skin. "Raven you misrable..." and layed down then juping forward. spinning to face his opponent he ingnited his training saber. Jaymz saw Langis had dissapeared.

Raven looked down at his twin blades. "Hardly fair," he said, sheathing them. He romoved the hilt of his training saber, and ignited its crimson blade. Stepping into a agressive stance, he angled the blade towards Jaymz.



31-07-2005 11:16:12

A small Imperial Lander came from the sky and touched down, and for a moment, you could have thought it to be Darth Vader.

Then, Aabsdu walked out and stood behind the others saying, "So, when do we attack?"

The four looked at each other for a moment, and then huddled together to come up with a quick plan.

Macron Sadow

31-07-2005 11:35:56

OOC- this sounds like fun, can I play?


As the four huddled, another ship landed. This one was a peculiar Star wing, and seemed battered. The vessel hatch popped open with a hiss of escaping gases, and a figure leapt out.
The person was male, clothed in black armor with blinking lights, and clearly carried a saber.
He motioned to the group, and bared his sharpened teeth in a smile.

"So who goes first? Did I hear someone mention Rebels and Jedi? I really want to kill some of them. It has been pretty boring around the Academy lately, and I need a break from all that paperwork."

His crimson blade ignited with an evil hiss as he asessed the dug in center. "Hell, we'll need some seismic charges to crack that puppy. You guys holding? I'm fresh out. But I do have this."
The cargo hatch on the assault gunboat opened, and a nasty looking Sith droid hopped out.
"Meet BMF-2, my security droid."
Sith Droid

Macron- Jaymz-Langis-Raven-Aabsdu


03-08-2005 13:28:56

Jaymz shook his head at the hostile Dark Jedi. "We are not here to fight each other Raven and you know that so knock it off and lets work together before you get us all killed." He ignored the blade and hid behind a tree as a barrage of heavy lasers blasted through branches hitting everything that wasn't protected.

"Alright people, its time to get some and quit being handed [Expletive Deleted]. Langis you stay here, make sure the fall back postion stays clear, if you move I'll kick your ass understand me." Jaymz said in a stern voice that was hardened over years of combat. But Langis knew it was for her own good.

"Okay" Langis said quitely.

"Okay guys lets go get some." Jaymz turned around the tree and ran towards the base, blaster fire rocketing around them. A bolt even clipped his arm and his leg as a Jedi Apprentice jumped over the trench and swung his trainging blade at him. Jaymz ducked and saw a heavy repeater aim at Langis's postion. In an instant he kicked te Jedi in the stomach who stumbled into the line of fire long enough for Langis to move

Macron- Jaymz-Langis-Raven-Aabsdu

Langis Gyn Histop

03-08-2005 14:26:19

Damn that was close Langis thought as a bolt slammed into the tree she had just ducked behind. Ahead of her she saw the others moving as quickly as they could through the blaster fire. She was left with her own thoughts.

'Stay back' he says. Why can't he accept that I can fight just as well as anyone else? she thought. The blaster fire became less hectic in her area and she looked out to see why. The others were closing into pposition and nobody seemed to be bothering with her. She thought seriously about going out there, but fought that urge. If I go out there, this place could be compromised. I can't have that happening.

Returning to the cover of her tree, she suddenly felt an uneasiness creep over her. She dove into a nearby bush and hid herself from sight. Now she realized why they stopped firing. They sent a squad over here! I've got to stop them. she thought. Waiting till they were facing towards her comrades, she quietly got out of the bush and snuck up behind them. She counted the number of troopers and silently cursed to herself. 7 men. Not good odds for just me handling them, but I have extra help, she thought.

Smiling to herself, she backed up and silently clicked on her comm. "Raven, don't talk just listen. Acknowledge this transmission with a double-click once you receive. 7 men are behind your position, and i've got a plan to take them out. First, we..."


04-08-2005 21:17:54

Raven clicked the comm, "Jaymz, Macron, Aabsdu, Langis has trouble. I'm going to double back." Although few knew it, Raven was an accomplished sniper. He shouldered the large weapon, and zoomed in, the sight computer cutting through the foilage.

Langis was about to strike when there was a bright flash, and one of the troopers hit the ground with a thud. Two more flashes and two more went down then a fourth flash caused the dirt in front of her to shoot into the air. An urgent thought rang in her head, but it was not her own. ~Langis, get out of there!~ She quickly relized Raven had made a diversion. She ran and grabbed a blaster from a fallen trooper. Coming out of the forested area, she saw Raven's sniper flash again. Spinning she aimed to where she had just ben and fired as fast as she could.

Raven pulled out a bag. Langis looked at it apparently confused. "Micro cameras." Raven clarified. Placing one so that it faced the door to the building, the two dark Jedi ran inside after the other three.



09-08-2005 19:05:27

((Due to Aabsdu's lack of posting he will now be killed off))

Aabsdu jumped across a small trench and brought his rifle level with with a rebel repeater emplacement. After several shots he was so engrossed in the killing he failed to notice the Jedi sneaking up behind him, in a swift move the Jedi swung his blade and removed his head from his body.


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Jaymz stood inside the ruins, bodies covering the floor around him. He looked around and saw his men NOT following orders. They may be senior to him in the ways of the force, but NOT when it comes to military combat.

"Raven GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE DOUBLE TIME" Jaymz said in his hardened battle voice. He picked up a tactical repeater blaster and put it on his shoulder at the ready position.

"But I have to..." Raven began to say but was cut off, "This is war, we don't have time for trickery and games. Follow my orders or i'll shoot you myself." Jaymz replied. He switched the com over to an open channel and said "on me"

After several moments Macron Langis and Raven jumped into the ruins. They all looked baffled by what had happened so far, Jaymz couldn't help but laugh becuase this wasn't a typical Dark Jedi day.

"Raven I want you in that tree Camo'd up and invisible, shoot anything that moves. Langis I want you to scout ahead, I don't underestimate your abilities, I just didn't want you to get hurt. So scout ahead about 500 meters report every 100 meters understood. Macron I want those Heavy Repeaters pointed in that position. Once the way is clear we'll move to the next ruins understood. Okay move people." Jaymz roared and jumped out of the ruins going god knows where .


Langis Gyn Histop

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((You skipped Macron, and I'm not sure you have the best Military combat skills. You seem to be so hung up on yourself, thinking that you know everything. No one made you a leader, and we were supposed to be working as a team. I hearby officially quit this run-on. And yes, Jaymz, my character now hates you. You and me are done.))


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((Man, I have to agree with Langis here. My character is now pissed off, though i will continue the run-on))

Raven force jumped into the tree and tripled the zoom on Jaymz. Anger surged through him.

"Nobody, but no protector talks to me that way!"


The sniper beam hit Jaymz in his mechano arm. Raven hit the comm.

"Lets see how your "superior" combat skills fair against your enemies without me, or your arm."

Raven jumped down and took off running to his ship.

[I'm out, but no, Raven doesn't hate you yet, hes just pissed]


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Actually Macron asked to be skipped so thats on you. And I knew we were done to begin with, you arn't a very um good IC girlfriend. And 20 dollars says I know more about Military Tactics then ANYONE in the DB. Mostly because I was trained in them, executed them, and teach them, but hell that doesn't matter does it. So what ever, like it matters to me.

Langis Gyn Histop

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Your CHARACTER doesnt know battle tactics, does he? Is he a battle team leader, or anything of that nature? And maybe you should tell us when macron wants to be skipped, not just assume everyone knows. And I don't care how much you know, you are still hung-up on yourself. You kill off your character, by commiting suicide??? Sounds to me like you wanted attention.

Gaidal Dupar

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My dearest Jaymz,

I've read through this run-on, but I'm a bit shocked. I would like to participate if possible, but not when it's such a mess. These people are seriously trying to work with you to create a story and you want credits for your so-called battle tactics? Why would you want that? Just write and be a good host instead of discussing your qualities. You may find me rude of unpolite by writing this, but it's out of good intentions.


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((Okay I am offically RESTARTING this runon. So if anyone wants to join thats awesome. Just add your name to the end of the list at the bottom and wait your turn. Thanks. ))

The cold lonliness of space was a feeling that Jaymz had welcomed ever since he had first started traveling through space. His hands moved across the control panels on his ships navigation system, the Acarra System coming into view.

Jaymz moved his hand to his side, feeling the hard material that was protecting the laser cut edge of his sword. He looked to his com, seeing that he was alone, looked like he was going in solo.


04-11-2005 02:43:41

Rage was in a ship that was following Jamyz as he saw the coordinates
"Hmm never heard of it" he said as he looked to his KWD
soon they were in space heading to a great land battle that was about to happen

jaymz-Riv 'Rage' Monn-


04-11-2005 09:18:07

Jaymz noticed a "Friendly" on his HUD and keyed a com to the person "This is Novice Jaymz Angeles. Who is trailing me?" He requested with a slight tiredness in his voice.

"This is Rage, Where are we going?" He asked as his ship came along side Jaymz's.

"A suspected Rebel Site. My requests to have this site checked out have been denied, so I am taking it apon myself to do it." Jaymz responded.


04-11-2005 15:53:16

((i will join monday i wont have time this weekend wont be here ))


05-11-2005 17:14:58

"Nice is their any info on the place"
"Its pretty big with lots of rebels"
"I havent heard them be called rebels since...."
"Im activiating a beacon in case anyone else wants to join, meanwhile im goin to suit up"
Rage got out of his chair brushing the thin layer of dust that was on his fur, and went over to his black and red light armor that was twisted by the dark side to be very heavy armor like once had put it on he eyed his fathers lightsaber that he took with him everywhere to remind him of what he did to his father
"Should i use it...yes i will" he thought as he put his brown robes that matched his fur color the lupine man smiled, his canine teeth sparkling in the brightly lit cockpit and he staped the lightsaber to his belt.
He activated the Krath War Droid that he built after reading about them in his clan's library
It turned on its purple body gleaming with Drak Side energy
As he sat down back down in the cockpit chair waiting for the battle....


06-11-2005 16:41:56

cain's ship jumped out of hyperspace and moved closer to the two lone ships "Cain here mind if i join this little adventure" he said with a smile.
jaymz-Riv 'Rage' Monn-Cain

Acara Rayden

06-11-2005 22:22:46

Acara, as usual heard about every challange where he might get to engadge in a duel. He had been following them and they hadn't noticed him...yet. Normally he would signal ahead but he wanted to see what they were up to first.

Kewying a few commands his ship, bearing the markings of Sapphire Squadron dropped out of hyperspace very close to the other ships.

Acara opened a COMM channel, "Good day to you Jaymz, and I see Caine and Rage here as well. I trust you will have no objections to my presence."

Jaymz-Rage-Caine-Acara Rayden


08-11-2005 09:06:29

Jaymz breathed a sigh of relief as he heard Acara's voice over the COM. He was grateful to have his companions at his side for the duration of this battle, hopefully. Jaymz keyed his com COM and looked back at Acara "None at all welcome aboard. This should be a recon mission, though if things get hot we could have some use of your fighters." Jaymz responded.

"Will do." Acara replied.

Rage and Caine formed up on Jaymz's Wing as Acara came in behind, the Sapphire Squardon idling in Space.

As Jaymz's ship entered the Atmosphere he keyed his COM again "This is supposed to be subtle, we'll land in a secluded area and begin our search from there understood?" Jaymz aked.

"Yep" Replied Rage

"Yes" Responded Acara.

"Will Do" Responded Caine

Jaymz-Rage-Caine-Acara Rayden


08-11-2005 16:41:45

"Well looks like we are all here"
After a few hours they entered the planets grav feild four X-wings enterd the area
"Damn so much for advoiding a space battle"
He powered up his enlongated Sith Fighter
"Here we go"
((Sorry i had to :P))
Jaymz-Rage-Caine-Acara Rayden


15-11-2005 10:45:29

((sry no time to post skip me turn cain out))

Acara Rayden

18-11-2005 22:24:10

Acara grimmanced, always a space battle, he missed the feel of sword on sword or sword on flesh, e haddn’t felt it for a while. Sighing he opened up a comlink to the approaching X-Wings.

“This is Acara Rayden of Adumar. I am running a cool down of my Hyperdrive engines.”

The approaching X-Wing class ships came alongside the Guardains craft leaving the others a perfect target of the fighters engines. Acara reopened communications but this time to the others.

“Fire!” was all he needed to say.

Jaymz-Rage-Caine-Acara Rayden


18-01-2006 10:39:45

Jaymz sighed at the sight of the fighters, he was in no mood to combat these ships. He shifted his ship toward them and waited as the first flew past. Jaymz popped his canopy and jumped from his cockpit onto an oncoming ship. The pilot was so suprised he didn't know how to react as Jaymz tossed a remote detonater into the engine fans, and lept from the soon to be smoldering fighter. The ship exploded into a mess of debris and fire.

Acara had seen Jaymz leap from his jet onto the oncoming X-Wing, and now maneuvered his fighter so that Jaymz landed ontop of it.

Jaymz-Rage-Caine-Acara Rayden


15-02-2006 05:08:20

*suddenly out of the depths of space came a volley of turbo laser blasts that vaped two of the x-wings*

'sorry I'm late for this party got hung up in the refuling stage',

*the scopes of the other pilots in the group showed a large ship coming up from the side*

'rage u there buddy, its shadow, just bringing my Marauder along for the action'