Space combat


28-07-2005 15:42:14

1. No getting out of you ship unless between battles. Try and keep this a IN SPACE run-on people.

2. At the end of every post list the current participants. This is an example using the people currently participating in the run-on:


Highlight (that is make bold) your name when you post. This lets us know whos next and all that jazz. Every time everbody posts, thats a round. New people must wait to the end of the round before they post, thus starting the nest round. Say Jac wants to enter the run-on:

Tyrus-Langis Abadasu-Raven

Now the round is over. This is Jacs turn to enter. Now he will post with this at the bottom:


And the run-on will continue as normal.

3. 1 person joining per round please. Just to keep things running smoothly.

Now the order of posting is Tyrus-Langis-Abadasu-Raven. No favoritism here I radomized them. Post away!


28-07-2005 15:54:28

Tyrus walked out onto the hangar of the capital ship. He looked out to the stars and night, with something resembling love, but not quite. It always seemed to Tyrus that flying was the only way to fight, since he did not trust himself to stay cool fighting on the ground. He liked when space battles got hectic, and that was what he expected today.

Tyrus walked over to where a few pilots were standing. He saw Langis and Raven talking. Aabsdu was alone. He walked over to the group and said with confidence "Well, well, well, look who im fightin today...guess i can just take home your bodies now?" They all glared at him and looked away at the ships down to the side of the hangar. There were a few ships of make and model Tyrus were familiar with, and then he saw his. His custom Tie interceptor, it had no rockets, but it was the single most defensive craft he had ever had the privilidge of piloting. He walked over to it and cued the engineer to open the cockpit. It opened with a smoky sound and Tyrus hopped up into it.

He slid his hands across the controls and said silently to himself "This is gonna be interesting". He shut his cockpit and slid the throttle forward. He was out of the hangar and where he wanted to be...he was home.


Langis Gyn Histop

28-07-2005 16:18:30

Langis knew she was outmatched. Just by talking to Raven and hearing Tyrus' confidence proved that she was in trouble. My only saving grace is my ship, she thought. Looking at her X-Wing that she had been assigned, she realized that most thought it an insult to be flying it. But, in fact, it was the ship that she was most qualified in.

Issueing a "good luck" to Raven, she climbed up the ladder into the cockpit. She smiled as she saw the shield readout at 100%. Better to live in a slower ship, than suffer in a shieldless one, she thought. Upon pulling on her helmet, she heard the words, "Stupid Sith, think they can just fly out whenever they can and practice..."

"Control, this is Black three, I'm sure that the Grand Master would love to hear your rendition of the Sith practice schedule," Langis remarked. The voice of the Control deck was one of a non-Jedi, the few that served with the Brotherhood. His voice came back in a apolegetic tone, "No offense, Black Three. I was just pointing out that your collegues never bother to tell us when you are planning something."

"Well, you'll have to get used to it," Langis heard Tyrus say. Langis shook her head then went through a pre-flight checklist in her head. Weapons, check. Shields, check. Engines, check and power output, check. Looks good.

Looking out at the hanger, she saw Raven and Abasdu walking to their ships, fully confident of their abilities. Looks like I'm the only one who isn't confident. Great, she thought sarcastically...



28-07-2005 18:01:08

Aabsdu now sat in his brand new custom fighter. One of a kind, just like him. It resembled something of a TIE, except much smaller, and with more weapons. It was so small in fact, that he had jut enough room in it to sit and mernuver(w/e). He went through the checklist, and when he'd maken sure everthing was good he lifted off and took to the air, well space.

His ship, the killer, had four laser cannons, two missles launchers with five missiles each, and an engine to get his ship through fire. He flew to the outside of the group, waiting for his moment,and for Raven.

He murmered to himself, "Hehe."



28-07-2005 18:31:35

my ship, the Fearless

Raven opened the door to the Fearless' cockpit. The red lighting dimmed, and the surround viewscreen came to life. He adjusted the joystick and targeting system, and removed safties on all weapon systems. Powering up the antimatter gyros, his ship burst out of the hangar. Almost immediatly, two targets appeared on long range sensors, plus one behind him.

"Play time," Raven whispered to himself, and released two mines behind him. "That should keep Abadasu busy."

Accelerating, Raven checked his tactical display. The sensors showed an X-wing class starfighter, and a TIE Interceptor. Raven locked on to both fighters and launched two of his custom proton torps at the fighters and engaged jamming and sensor countermeasures. They would never know he was coming...



28-07-2005 19:18:53

Tyrus banked to the left and set his throttle to full power, dumping some of his lazer recharge value. The controls beeped a warning meaning he had hit top speed. "Not quite" Tyrus muttered to himself as one of the proton torps whizzed at him. The torpedo came back on him, obviously tightly locked on him, and flared behind him. He clicked up a small protector on his control stick and hit the red button that was concealed under it. He instantly hit his seat as the Tie Interceptor sped more than one should.

Tyrus sent out a decoy beam behind him, the proton torpedo flinched back a bit, but not enough to keep Tyrus safe. He put the beam on high and watched as the torpedo sped away and vanished from his sight.

"Obviously," Tyrus thought to himself, "Raven has the most armed fighter of us." He switched back and flew towards the battle that was raging. Langis had obviously gotten rid of the torpedo. Tyrus lowered his speed to 2/3 and set his cannon recharge to full. He sped towards Aabsdu and shot a few cannon shots, none met thier mark as Aabsdu flew out of Tyrus' view. He sped up towards the spot predicted by his computer interface that Aabsdu would be next. Tyrus laid his only mine and flew out of the splash range.
"Lets see if he can hold his own." Tyrus muttered.
"Youre pretty good, Aabsdu." Tyrus said into his comm.

Tyrus, Langis, Aabsdu, Raven

Langis Gyn Histop

28-07-2005 20:03:44

Sithspit! she thought. The proton torp that Raven had fired wasn't registered in her sensors. The only thing that did register was the sense of warning that flooded her mind. Pulling back on her stick, she turned around and faced the incoming torp. Locking her S-Foils into the position that gave the X-Wing it's name, she set her lasers for dual-fire, giving her less power, but quicker firing cycles. She hit the trigger and fired a set of lasers in it's direction. The blast cut through torps warhead, detonating it a long ways away from Langis.

Now to take care of that pesky TIE look-alike, she thought, picking the closest enemy she could find. It seemed to be making a run on the strange looking ship that her sensors identified as the Fearless. Smiling to herself, she goosed the engines, bringing them into their full power. Dropping in on the hybrid TIE's aft, she pulled up her targetting grid and aimed. No sooner had she gotten a clean lock, when the TIE juked left, then pulled up and over her sights.

Damn, it has a sensor lock, she thought. Instead of pulling away to discourage Aabsdu from following, Langis evened out her shields and locked onto the Fearless. Sensing the TIE dropping into her engine wash, she fired her torp and prepared for lasers to hit her aft. They didn't and, confused, Langis looked at the sensor board and laughed. The interceptor had taken the time to drop onto the TIE and peppered it with laser fire.

"Even though your my enemy right now, I owe you a drink, Tyrus," she said into her comm.



28-07-2005 20:15:49

((Can I join in?))

Langis Gyn Histop

28-07-2005 20:16:48

((read the rules))


28-07-2005 20:48:25

Aabsdu pulled out of the battle momentarily, and sat idle, recharging everything. This was pretty hard, but not too hard.

By now Tyrus had spotted him and started to fly towards him, weapons ready. Aabsdu mimicked him by jumping to full throttly and heading head to head with Ty.

As the two ships came in range of each other, both fired cannons rapidly while spiraling to avoid the enemy's fire.


Spell my name right, would ya??!!!


28-07-2005 21:06:49

The fearless is a light gunboat, so it is the slowest of the ships here (bout the performance of the Millineum Falcon)
Raven went into tight curve, coming round and blew between the to fighters, with Langis trailing him. He grinned, and released anther mine, directly at the vertex point of the three starfighters. Some of them cursed over the comm. All three went vertical, narrowly avoiding the mine, each trying to get behind the other. The Fearless came up behind them all, yellow lasers blaring,opening up its twin graviton cannons on the hostile ships, sending them all of course to to the graviteric anomilies that were shooting past the other pilots.

"Heh, I love my job--ungh! What the--"

Raven had totally forgotten about Tyrus's mine. His ship had run headlong into it. He watched unbelivingly as a huge chunk was knocked off his sheild meter. Red streaks of light on the viewscreen alerted him to the fight at hand. Checking his tactical display he saw Langis' blip behind his. This was no time to be over confident in your ship, Raven thought, somewhat humbled.


Tyrus wait for Jaymz to enter the battle before you post, he wants to enter.


28-07-2005 21:23:03

Jaymz's TIE Destroyer ((The TIE Destroyer was designed specifically to Jaymz's specs. The design resembles that of the orginal Jedi Starfigher used before the Clone Wars crossed with the ones used at the rise of the Empire. It was small but held the same resemblence of the cockpit of the first Starfighter, but the rest of the body was generally the same as the second one. the ship is equipped with two Proton Torpedo tubes and two turbo laser cannons. The ship is equipped with a force power adapter that entunes the ship to the one using it via clip on the forhead.)) came out of hyperspace on the edge of the battle. Jaymz rolled his neck slightly, wondering if he really wanted to enter the fray, but he decided against his better judgment and keyed the com to Raven's ship. "This is Protector Jaymz from the Dark Fire Brigade reporting in, what can I do?"

"Take out those ships" Raven commed back.

"good enough" Jaymz rotated the ship 30 Degrees then pushed forward 10 degrees. His ship headed for the first hostile on his HUD. When the target came into range he let loose with a barrage of turbo laser fire. After taking the shields down he did a U turn behind the ship and launched a Proton Torpedo into the side of the ship just in front of the engines.

"Fuel Reserve" Jaymz said as the ship's fuel lines coursed with fire as it was blown up from the insides.



29-07-2005 13:33:37

(((You cant kill ppl just yet, we just started)))

Tyrus, noticing the bleep on his radar named Jaymz, shifted his fighter around and hit it back into full speed. The fighter lurched but did his bidding and rocketed towards Jaymz. Tyrus shot a few cannon fires and watched as they all were dodged. He voiced into the comm "Jaymz is heavily armed and shooting wildly. No matter how much i want to take you all down, im thinking he should go first." Static came across the comm and Jaymz's voice sounded "Hey, thats cheating." Tyrus whispered into the comm "In battle, there is no such thing as cheating," He abandoned attempts at talking and thrust back to where Jaymz had retreated. Tyrus urged both cannons forward and shot in a linked blast.

Tyrus, Langis, Aabsdu, Raven, Jaymz

Langis Gyn Histop

29-07-2005 13:58:51

Mad with rage, Langis broke off her pursuit of the Fearless and snap-rolled her X-wing towards Tyrus. "oh no you don't," she muttered, pushing as much acceleration as she could out of her fighter. Her mind had become a jumble of emotion when Jaymz showed up, and seeing someone attack him made her a little edgy. She locked onto the Interceptor and fired her lasers. Tyrus broke hard to port, the scarlet beams missing him by inches.

"Did you not hear me, Langis? We need to take him out!" she heard Tyrus say. Sneering, she replied, "Go through me first, you shieldless peice of space junk!"

Jaymz settled neatly to her side, saying, "Two against three, perfect for us." Langis smiled, switched her comm to a different setting, and said, "I'm your wing, I say take out Tyrus first, but whatever you chose, I'm with you."


30-07-2005 13:11:24

Aabsdu simply flew thruogh the dogfight, dodging here, boosting there. The idiots didn't nkow what they had coming.

Sith were known for their piloting skills, and Aabsdu kept to this tradition. He punched in a code, and a hatch opened up, releasing fifty small buzz droids.

Unlike the ones used in the clone wars, these were hand built by Aabsdu, and had upgrades unimaginable.

"Fly my children," Aabsdu said and chuckled a bit.



30-07-2005 15:11:46

Raven juked right and avoided the buzz droids, which quickly adjusted and followedin pursuit. The Fearless' aft laser revealed itself and quickely turned the droids to dust. He opened a secure channel. "Tyrus! Aabsdu! Stop shooting at me for a second! Jaymz and Langis seem to be working together. I think its now two on three. converge on my ship and we'll go in for an attack run."

The two TIE variants moved to Raven's left and right wing and accelerated towards Langis and Jaymz. "Locking in missles now," he commed to his newfound wingmates. "Forward weapons ready Raven, lets give 'em hell!"

The Fearless' missle pods burst into flames as four missles were released on each side. "Break now!" and the three ships split, green and yellow lasers blaring.



03-08-2005 13:07:59

Jaymz pulled hard on the joystick as a missile lock was indicated on his HUD. The missile turned hard and followed him. Waiting for the perfect oppourtunity he cut the main engines and diverted all the power to foreward thrusters. The ship jerked suddenly and flew back wards, the missile flying over head and into the cross hairs oh his turbo lasers. Several shots destroyed the missile before it had a chance to turn and have another go at him.

"[Expletive Deleted]" He heard Langis say over the com's and Jaymz looked over to where his HUD indicated she was, being trailed by a missile. Jaymz shrugged it off knowing she could handle herself.

He circled and faced the Fearless, his eyes narrowed.


Langis Gyn Histop

03-08-2005 14:30:33

((allright sorry about that))


03-08-2005 16:53:54

((Um you should know me well enough to know that I am more descriptive than that. My little brother was goofing around and managed to get under my SN and screwed with everything I apologize I edited the post))


03-08-2005 19:11:06


Tyrus juked left hard as his cannons blazed at the ships. "Hey Langis," He mocked over the public comm, "Wanna come to our side...hahaha"

Tyrus slowed the craft a bit and stayed at the Fearless. He thought that it had one problem, that was mobility. So Tyrus was going to make up for that with added protetion. It could be the thing that kept him alive with all of its firepower. It only needed to be protected.

Tyrus saw the engines of the craft in front of him shudder and then heat up, Tyrus following suit did so too. The Fearless sped up and Tyrus saw the two rockets speed out of the side of the massive ship.

Langis Gyn Histop

07-08-2005 13:27:51

Langis' ship juked hard left, then banked right and downwards, but to no effect. The missile stayed clean on her as she watched the seconds scroll down on her sensor screen. Three...Two...One, break now! she thought.

The X-Wing broke hard starboard, then barrel-rolled back to port. The manuever was enough to overload the inertial compensators, slamming her down into her seat. Gray started to creep into her vision, but she fought against that, focusing on the screen in front of her. The sensors showed the missile closing in, but her manuever caused it to go wide, then redirect, giving her an extra 30 seconds to deal with it.

Thirty seconds was all I needed, she thought as she banked back towards the missile. Reaching out with the Force, she nudged her stick to go into a direct line with the missile and fired a stream of lasers. The pure energy of her lasers tore into the missile's sensor package, causing the missile to spin out of control. Langis smiled, thinking, Surprise for anyone close.

She turned away from the wildly spinning missile and was almost vaped by a stream of laser bolts firing at her. Her comm crackled, and then, "Frightened, Langis? You should know better than to team up with someone."

Langis glanced to her right and saw Tyrus and Raven in a furious fight with Jaymz. Guess I can't ask for help. Not that I would want it, she thought. Keying her own comm, she said, "Well, well. You decided to grow a spine and not hide behind a bigger ship, eh Aabsdu? All right, then. You and me, right now."



07-08-2005 13:48:07

Aabsdu turned his ship around and flwe straight at Langis, who turned and started to play tag. Aabsdu fired at her whenever possible, but not one hit.

Then, with no warning at all, a missile popped up on his screen from behind him. He tried to get out of its path, but it only followed.

"Dammit," he muttered and the missile hit his main fuel line.

(I'm out, k)


09-08-2005 17:44:22

Raven swooped around for another pass at Jaymz, but at that moment he saw the explosion of his own missle. Aabsdu's blip dissapeared.


He hit the console. Bringing the ship into a hard turn, he unleashed volley after volley of missles at Langis's fighter.


He unleashed his graviton cannons. He could feel the vibrations of the antimatter gyros. Bright blue-purple anomalies soared tword the smaller fighter. The steady beat of the guns reberverated through Raven's mind. He maxed his sheilds, and slammed the throttle forward.

Langis swerved right, and Raven left to intercept. Yellow streaks of energy flew at Langis. She dived, then flipped, lasers blaring. Raven knew his larger ship couldn't move in time. He pointed the nose due parallel to Langis, making the hardest possible target that he could manage. Most missed but two hit. Sheilds were down to about as much as the hostile X-Wing.

Raven could feel the Force pulsing through him. He only had one more surprise. But it was there, and that gave him an advantage. He toned down his already low inertial compinsator, and diverted all available power to the sensor jammers.

Langis glanced at her tactical display and nearly jumped. The Fearless had dissapeared from the display.



09-08-2005 19:30:37

Jaymz pulled up beside Langis noticing her shields were down. He keyed his com as he looked at her. "Langis you alright?" Jaymz asked a look of concern on his face.

"I'm fine Jaymz deal with your own problems." Langis said as a TIE fighter appeared on his tail. He slowed to a crawl till the ship was a foot from his rear, then did a flip coming up behind it and sending a torpedo into its back destroying it.

"Knock it off Langis, I am here to help." Jaymz said as he did a series of blaster bolts dropped his shield then a proton torpedo slammed into the back of his ship destroying it.



14-08-2005 15:00:10

Tyrus Swooped around to help Raven. The larger ship suddenly spun, facein directly at Tyrus he swerved left and ran right into a laser bolt. He had only time to say,




25-10-2005 23:34:13

((um so...this fight is over or can i star a new one???))


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go ahead and start a new one. I want in!


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I do to


26-10-2005 16:50:13


The hangar of the orbital defense platform was full of activity. Techs were fixing broken down TIEs, astromechs repairing systems, pilots checking their ships and a dozen stormtroopers and their captains overseeing it all.
The hangar door opened with a hiss of air and guradian Tyren Zin walked onto the deck. A stormtrooper captain ran to his side and saluted him.
"Sir! Your fighter is preped and ready!" he said
Tyren gave the man a slight nod and strode of toward his ship. A couple of TIEs later he saw his matt-black X-wing standing on the platform. A small R2 unit was doing some maintainence and scaning of the craft.
"Kryatt!" the droids globed head rolled so its visual sensors can see Tyren.
"Whats wrong with my ship?"
Kryatt gave a slight "nothing" whistle.
"There better be nothin wrong or else!" he said
Kryatt gave a low "yeah right" tone, a moment later he was flying threw the air above the fighter.
"Dont defy me again!" he put the droid in his designated place and jumped in his seat.
While he was adjusting his helmet with one hand with the other he was pressing buttons and flipping switches, prepping the ship for liftoff.
"Guardian Tyren Zin! You have clearence!"
Engaging his repulsolift engines he glided threw the hangars magnetic field into the vacuum of space. All he had to do now was wait for the others.



05-11-2005 17:16:50

((How come in every run-on we do im last?))


06-11-2005 09:32:12

Elric Kyes ran up to the section of the hangar were his ship awaited. The craft had a TIE cockpit and wings similar to a Trade Federation fighter. the maintenance droids and finished putting on the two conncussion missles and heavy laser cannons.

"Sir!" the droid said, "your ship is ready for combat. May the Force be with you Sir."

Elric thought to himself, "never has been."

Elric jumped in, strapped on his goggles and flew out of the hangar at highspeed.


08-11-2005 09:27:00

Elric read the rules, its Noktar's turn to post.


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((Hey all, can I join in?))


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