Run-on Ideas


27-07-2005 00:10:54

Since we seem to have been having alot of bad run-ons and some good ones, I figured we could solve that by discussing ideas here then making the run-on after it has been thought out. That way we could eliminate bad run-ons and make everyone happy. So (It's late now i gotta go to bed hehe) post away!


27-07-2005 09:26:23

Gaidal had a good Search for Darth Revan one but he like is AWOL now so......I don't know. We could create one where we are like raiding a Jedi Base or something like that, just off of the top of my head.


27-07-2005 15:05:40

A good in character combat against someone other than ourselves would be nice. Another idea would be to have everyone in a big in character space battle.

Langis Gyn Histop

27-07-2005 15:15:20

if you did that, everybody would have to take turns in order, just to keep the flow going. otherwise, i would love to be in a space battle


27-07-2005 15:41:43

Then we could have people apply then at the bottom of each post should identify where we are in the order of turns. then if someone new wants to enter they can wait until the end of the round (for lack of a better word). and start the new one and putting themself at the top of list and so on. Like this would go at the bottom of each post:


This shows who we are on (I'm not picking favorites just random names). Comments?

Langis Gyn Histop

27-07-2005 15:50:48

It's an intersting concept, but i think it could work. I say we try it. A space battle sounds like fun


27-07-2005 18:20:06

id participate..


27-07-2005 19:14:23

me too, but i have to finish krath runon :(


27-07-2005 19:23:31

someone submitte it

Langis Gyn Histop

28-07-2005 13:57:51

Raven, its your idea, so go ahead and start this.


28-07-2005 20:54:44

its a damn good runon if you ask me, some ppl need to have more content in there posts though :P


29-07-2005 16:39:55

is this something anyone can join in on? if so where do i go?


29-07-2005 17:04:04

actually, send raven a pm, and ask to join the space run-on, or even the land run on


31-07-2005 14:45:49

I dont wanna. So there. >:)

Macron Sadow

31-07-2005 17:28:32

Good idea folks
I will play if you let me, I like it


31-07-2005 19:51:15

go ahead macron, just read the rules first


02-08-2005 20:44:00

Our runon has died pretty quickly..hehe

Langis Gyn Histop

02-08-2005 22:02:58

not really, its just that Jaymz is being slow


02-08-2005 22:49:36

Someone kick Jaymz and wake him up so i can join in the Land Combat fiction. CUZ IM BORED!!

and i want to test my new saber

muhahahahaha :D


13-09-2005 16:39:51

how about we serch for the star forge it kinda dissapered in between kotor 1 & 2 :(

Kaelin Ring

13-09-2005 17:50:57

Can I join?


13-10-2005 13:17:19

I would love to see more of the kind of run-ons like the lounge and the hangar. The kind that makes you think about a purpose upon entering, instead of giving you one right off the bat. It's refreshing to see these things.


14-10-2005 22:59:48



25-10-2005 13:22:48

hmm we need anouther meditation chamber


25-10-2005 13:26:24

I'll start it if you want


25-10-2005 14:23:39

go ahead man


29-01-2008 12:36:59

It would be interesting to have a place similar to the lounge, but where people specifically talk about the Dark Side, the Force and philosophy in general. We could discuss about the topics in the SA Force philosophy course, or think up of new ways of manipulating the Dark Side, or examine what ultimate power really is, and how it is obtained.
All this could be done in a cozy environment with a library, couches, and most importantly tea and biscuits.


20-08-2008 12:16:14

My name is Vampre and I am from clan Tarentum. My character is a Heregan and therefore is 5029 years. When He went into the uknown regions He found a group of force spirits from Oblivion. Trying out his necromatic powers, He enslaved, tortured, and humiliated the spirits. Little did He know that some were extremely powerfull dark jedi. They jumped inside his body and erased all memories of the force and lightsaber forms. He had become an initate all over again. Then the spirits tried to kill him but he barely got away in time. I was thinking I could have the spirits come after me and clan tarentum in order to kill me. What do you think?