An older dark one returns.

Rune Kiirnodel

19-07-2005 00:15:13

(It seems that my last Run-on got little boring. So I have decided on another one. Lets see how long this one can last.)

The forest moon of Endor was as dark as the black cape of the figure who walked through its dense forage. A blastor pistol hung at his thin waist, as did a slightly concealed vibrodagger.
The black cape that flowed around him easily covered his loose fitting clothes. Silver runes of power were etched upon the seems of his cape. Being a young man who grew up on a old fashioned world, the young man still held onto his ancient beliefs.
As he walked through the dense forest, the dark one, whose name was Rune, kept his eyes open for the one he had asked to meet him here. It had been a long time since he had left the brotherhoods ship to explore into the galaxy. Oddly enough, Rune found that his ship had still been in good condition. So he had set off to get some fresh air before he finished the next leg of his training to become a master of the dark.
Meeting the person that he wished to upon this moon, would set him back to his dark training. After all, he had been in a deep meditative state for quite some time now. It was time for him to come forth with all his newly gained knowledge.
With his cowl down, Rune continued on his way to his meeting area.......

Langis Gyn Histop

19-07-2005 22:44:07

Langis trudged through the vegetation that inhabited the Forest moon of Endor, looking around in awe. Such amount of life, she thought. Being born and raised on Coruscant has it's limitations, and this is one of them. Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the sensor package that was installed in her datapad. Bringing it up, she saw the faint signal of a sentient being, human or humanoid. Heading of in the direction of the signal, she thought, I hope that the signal is whoever contacted me. Otherwise, they're gonna regret being a signal on my datapad...


19-07-2005 22:52:15

Raven was walking through the underbrush, and caught the last thoughts of Langis. He also felt someone he didnt know, whose mind reavealed him as Rune Kiirnodel. He continued on through the forest.

Rune Kiirnodel

20-07-2005 12:53:24

Sensing the two other lifeforms that were different from the forest life, Rune quickly analyzed his surroundings and chose the best spot to sit and watch these others to see if they were the ones he contacted.
"I only remember giving off four contact memos," he said to himself," I hope more will come....this might be quite interesting.."


21-07-2005 15:49:46

Jaymz's custom TIE Destroyer landed on the moon silently, the engines barely making a sound, as it set down in a dark swamp that easily masked his ship.

Jumping out rythmically, his cloak following behind him in a fluid motion. His data-pad on his wrist showed several life signs in the area, but that is not why he was here. His master, M'kel, had sent him hear to look for an ancient artifact, supposedly opening a rift that could hold the key to unlocking the true power of the dark side.

Figuring some ancient ruins would be the best place to start, so he began moving towards a tall pile of rubble, that he was almost certain layed over a burial mounds, which could have a clue as to where the artifact could be.

Langis Gyn Histop

21-07-2005 19:55:25

Langis checked the small clearing from afar visually before proceeding. The signal on her datapad grew stronger as she closed towards it, then she stopped at the edge. Seeing no one around, she grew wary and even more cautious. Stepping into the clearing, she put away her datapad and drew her daggers.

"Put those away. You won't need them yet," a male voice cried out. Langis turned swiftly and found a Nytharian staring back at her. Raising her daggers, she said, "Are you the one who called for me?"


23-07-2005 09:38:22

Reaching the ruins, Jaymz noticed a large piece or rock blocking the way. It probably wieghed close to a ton. Getting behind it he began pushing with all of his strength, his arm going to 110% Maximum power. After several moments the rock began to budge then began rolling up the steps that led down to the door.

Several moments later the rock was rolled out of the way and Jaymz was able to proceed through the ruins. Apon entering he ignited his training saber, illuminating the darkened halls a little, though it was more for protection against automated weapon turrets that had not been destroyed.

There was a pang in his head as he noticed that Langis was here also. Needing to find her, he broke off his search momentarly and began following the force signature that was in the area.

Coming around a large tree he saw her with her daggers drawn and a Nytharian in front of her. She was pointing her daggers at him. Jaymz decided to wait and see how this would play out. If the man tried anything, his glaive would be inside the mans forhead in an instant.

Langis Gyn Histop

23-07-2005 14:03:18

((Jaymz, the nytharian was Rune. You can't kill the guy who started this run-on, so everyone just disregard Jaymz' post.))


23-07-2005 16:44:43

Oh that was him : ) sorry, I didn't know. I'll edit my post


25-07-2005 18:58:55

Raven concealed his presence, bring his force energy inside of him, set off toward the strongest force presence in the area. He didn't have to go far to recognize the strong emotional presence of Jaymz. Two others were also present, the one called Rune, and Langis, a girl Raven had met in the bar. He wondered what they were all doing here.

Rune Kiirnodel

27-07-2005 22:21:12

Feeling the other presences of the force that was upon this planet, Rune jumped from his hidding place to be before Langis.
"Yes I am the one who signaled for you," he said with a slight grin," I am trying to test a few of the older and newer brotherhood members and see if any of you can with stand my newest challenge," he looked around for any other lifeforms before he continued," I am in need an able bodied group of dark ones that are willing to help me get a certain artifact for the brotherhood so that we can all get on their good side before they decided to......discontinue..our stay with the brotherhood."
Rune continued to look around for other arrivals while he waited for Langis to respond.

Langis Gyn Histop

28-07-2005 13:55:38

Discontinue? she thought. Just how much does he know? And why contact us? Langis narrowed her eyes and said, "Just what kind of artifact do you plan on finding?"

Rune simply smiled, saying, "Not now. Wait until others arrive, which should be any moment." Langis felt the presence of others, but the most recognizable was Jaymz. Trying to connect with him telepathically proved to be difficult, emotion being a block to his thoughts. She nodded the Nytharian, then waited with him for the 'others' to come.


28-07-2005 21:21:02

Tyrus' custom tie interceptor whirred and thrashed through the sky. He saw lust vegetation and knew his crash landing would have to be there. The controls whirred a final warning before all systems thrashed out completely.

He jettisoned from the cockpit and hit the ground. "Well, someone is gonna pay for making me come here." And on he trudged through the forest.


03-08-2005 13:37:29

Jaymz realized something as he stood behind the tree. Langis didn't love him. She never had. He let a small chuckle making his presence known to anyone who hadn't known already.


04-08-2005 21:22:27

Raven came out from the shadows. "Discontinue? Explain, and I may decide to come."

((Jaymz must you make EVERYTHING a love story?? no offense, sorta a joke))


05-08-2005 12:49:42

((sorry its my feminine side : P I'll stop))

Jaymz moved across the long grass and stood behind Raven. He wasn't going to attack him or anything, just felt better if they all weren't seperated. They would be easy targets.


05-08-2005 18:29:35

tyrus could see a clearing up ahead and could also feel a great power. "Curious," He thought, "whoever requested me must have good plans for me,"

Tyrus came upon the clearing and saw Jaymz and raven and a few others he didnt recognize..."what are we here for?" Tyrus questioned. They all looked back on him as though he just missed the intro.


08-08-2005 20:27:06

Jaymz shook his head and sighed. "I am here looking for an ancient artifact. I don't know why they are here." Jaymz looked around and held his weapon in a firm grip.


14-08-2005 18:45:20

Tyrus stared at Jaymz. "Well, who requested us other than Jaymz here?"


05-09-2005 11:42:39

As Caine's small ship arrived at endor he scouted for a landing. finding one he landed his ship in a clearing not to far from the signals soure, as he got out of his ship he suddenly felt Jaymz's presence. wondering why he was here he went to find whoever was here he would find them. when he got there he saw 4 diffrent dark jedi all of the he knew exept the one called rune. wondering who he was he started to walk closer, was he the one who sent the message. all this he wondered as he sat down he was waiting to hear about this dark artifact......
((OH oops dont mind my post i read the other posts wrong)


15-10-2005 01:29:07

Rage heard Caine was going to the Forest moon of endor to join a party of other db-ers already there.
The headhunter he 'borrowed' from the hanger since his sith fighter was in the shop slently landed after caines
Caine sensed rage behind him so he waited for rage to come and join him and the went off to find the others


21-10-2005 17:53:33



21-10-2005 18:13:32

((WHats so funny?))


21-10-2005 18:40:17

((oh nothin))