The Hangar

Lorien Sinclair

26-06-2005 20:28:56

Lorien strolled into the hangar, wanting to check the propulsion and guidance systems on her ship, the Resurrected Erebus. She smiled a rare smile to the techs as they patched a TIE Interceptor here, or replaced a hyperdrive motivator on a Headhunter.

This was her element. This was home.

She spied a rather frazzled Rayne walking through the hangar to the lounge. She grabbed the lithe woman by the waist, drew her close, and gave her a long kiss.

"You look like you needed a change in reception," she said with a sly smile when she backed away. "Come on, you can help me with my ship."


26-06-2005 20:32:47

Rayne smiled now as she was more happy now. She followed Lorien over to her ship. "Sure I'll help you fix it up. But what do you want me to do?", she said as she started to walk around the ship looking at the things that have been done to it and the mod's. "Nice ship. How'd you acquire it?"

Lorien Sinclair

26-06-2005 20:54:08

"She's a gift from a friend of mine on Jhekkoria. She's not the greatest-looking, but she's tough."

Lorien grabbed a plasma torch.

"Here, hold that reflector steady. I need to cut this hatch loose."

Rayne grabbed the plate and held it, but then jumped back when a spark hit her arm. Lorien grinned slyly.

"Careful....don't wanna hurt those sexy arms of yours."

Rayne swatted at her.


Lorien stuck her tongue out, then pinched the Zaltron on the inside of her thigh, making her squeal.


26-06-2005 21:00:57

Rayne smiled some more now as she helped Lorien fix the reflector before walking around and pinching her on the butt before turning and smiling slyly. "How about I fly my ship in and let you take a look at it?" Lorien nodded in approvel as Rayne went to another hanger and flew in her Custom Hapan Battle craft and landed it oppisite of Lorien's. Getting out she closed the cockpit and went back over to Lorien's ship.

"My ship is small looking and doesn't look to tough. But that sucker is fast."

Lorien Sinclair

26-06-2005 21:08:06

"Hapan, eh?" Lorien commented as she inspected the craft. "She's running on an old J-23 Nubian hyperdrive, right? Those two systems always were close."

She walked the length of the craft, running her hands over the smooth surface.

"She's what? 25 years old? It's amazing the condition she's in."

Rayne had an "aw, shucks" look on her face as she scuffed her foot on the floor.

"She's got a fairly large cargo bay, Lorien."

Lorien grinned.



A little while later, the two of them came out of the cargo hold, looking a little rumpled, and very pleased.


26-06-2005 21:12:01

After exiting the cargo hold Rayne turns and looks at Lorien. Kissing her softly she turned and looked back at her craft. "I'm not sure what hyperdrive it is. But I know it's normally a class .75. But I have an illegal booster on it that makes it run at that of a class .50. Makes it as fast as the Falcon."

Lorien Sinclair

26-06-2005 21:19:58

"A touch faster, I'd wager." Lorien said. She noticed the weapons array was a modified design she'd seen on Jhekkoria.

"Say, who modded your ship? Do you know?"

Rayne shook her head.

"It was on a planet in the Arrakhis system, in the Corellian outliers. He was pretty famous around there, from what I could tell."

Lorien looked on the main barrell of the plasma cannons. An intricate monogram was on the emitter.

"Oh, yeh. He modded my ship with a J-36 Nubian. The man is a technical wizard."


26-06-2005 21:35:51

A roaring sound startled the two dark jedi. A large long starship in scarred matte black, bristling with weapons and missles flew in to the hangar. Landing gear extended from the underside of the dark coloured gunboat, and it landed with a thud, thrusters still blaring with streaks of cerulean flames.

A deep, cold voice could be heard from the extending boarding ramp. "Dammit! Completely wasted! I don't belive it! Blasted dark matter stabilizers belw half the ship apart! Now I gotta----Oo," It was Raven. "Didn't notice you there ladies. Hehe."


26-06-2005 21:39:00

Rayne walked around a little bit now pacing some. "Honestly I did most of the mods myself. But it was modded when I got it. So I don't know who did that. Where the hyperdrive came from I don't know. I just modded it so it would go faster. I had it extended and I placed it's own targeting systems in it so I could leave out the droid. And I changed the tubing and stuff so I could use normal proton torps instead of smaller custom torps." During her talking she noticed Raven's ship land and him get out as she smiled some. Before looking towards Lorien she smiled and looked back at Raven. "You're welcome to join us in repairing ships."

Lorien Sinclair

26-06-2005 21:44:47

"Yo, Raven! I got some antimatter gyros that'll never give you problems. Dark matter stabilizers are as reliable as a wampa in a tantrum."

She turned to Rayne.

"I'll stick to protonic fusion systems. They're more reliable, an' you don't have to worry about power drain or runnin' out of ammo on the main guns."


26-06-2005 22:09:48

My ship, The Fearless.


"Quite correct Lorien. They are very unreliable. And Rayne, I'd love to help, I haven't gotten the chance to be a grease monkey in quite some time."

Raven took of his mask and let down his hood, and grabbed a hydrospanner.

"So, what needs fixing?"

Lorien Sinclair

26-06-2005 22:20:43

Lorien crawled back under her port-side wing.

"I'm just tweaking my weapons systems, Raven. Rayne, what kind of mods did you need done?"


26-06-2005 22:26:02

Rayne walked over and opened her cockpit and tossed her jacket in there and took off her silk shirt revealing a smaller white tanktop. She walked over to the side of her ship. "Right now I only need to tune it up and fix the loose wiring in the tri-blasters in the front underneath the cockpit. I think I hit a small meteor or something. Cause I know the sensor jamming device has been out for weeks now. I need a lot of work done on this ship as I haven't used it alot. So you willing to help me Raven?"

Langis Gyn Histop

26-06-2005 22:28:06

Langis entered the hanger, eager to see what everyone was working on. She had promised a friend that she would do some modifying of her TIE's comm system, and she was hoping that it would teach her a few things about the intricacies of starship mechanics. She spotted a lot of techs, as well as a group of dark jedi talking around their ships. She smiled and looked for the Interceptor that her friend owned.


26-06-2005 22:42:45

Raven took off his cloak and threw in into his ships boarding ramp and walked over to Rayne's ship. Slipping under it he took a look at the triangular blaster arrangement. Raven opened up a panel that looked damaged. Under it was a tangle of sparkling wires.

"Rayne, do these have more than one label? 'Cause the ones here are fried and some of these igniter conduits are badly---EWWW! CONDUiT WORM!" Raven yelled steppping back from the balsters.

"Looks like I found your problem. I have no idea how this thing got into the ship, but it's probably running down every wire. Your lucky it hasn't hit the life support systems. So, how do you want to get rid of it. Myself, I usually just poison the thing."


26-06-2005 22:48:28

Rayne walked over and crouched down beside Raven and looked at the wires. "No they aren't labeled. But just kill the worm. Man that's alot of work. I'll go and check if they have any wires and stuff that I can use." Rayne walked out and went to talk to a tech and checked if they had any fresh wires that would match her ship and they said they would check so she waited there while Raven took a closer look at her ship.


26-06-2005 23:02:25

Raven whipped out a shock prod. Touching it to the worm, blue lightning flew down the conduit worms limbs. The worm began compressing to maximize its charge capacity so it could absorb all the energy coursing through it. Quickly it shrivled up into a ball. Raven drew one of his knives, whirling it and cutting the wire the conduit worm was still clinging to. The now mass of tan flesh protruding with wires landed on the ground with a thud.

"I got it," Raven told Rayne. "And from the look of things, you'll only need a couple feet of new wire, though you might want to check the rest of the ships wiring for damage."


26-06-2005 23:06:00

"Ok. When he gets back I see how much he has." The tech came back. "We've happen to have the type of wires you need. Blaster wires." Rayne nodded. "I want at least four feet of it." The tech went back and got four feet of wire and brought it back and gave it to Rayne as she walked over to Raven and handed him the wire. "Could you fix that for me while I do some systems checks on the targeting systems and see if I need to replace any of that wire?"

Lorien Sinclair

26-06-2005 23:08:48

Lorien handed Rayne a spool of coaxial cable.

"Never leave home port unequipped."

Rayne kissed her, not noticing the look of shock on Raven's face.


26-06-2005 23:18:55

"Umm, alrighty then. I think I'll just get back to work," Raven said, disbelief in his voice. Raven pulled his hydrospanner out again and picked up some of the wire and began to work, sparks dancing around the hangar floor.

Lorien Sinclair

26-06-2005 23:26:02

Lorien saw Raven trying not to crater the floor with his jaw.

"You never seen two women in love with each other, Raven?"

The man muttered something unintelligible, then engrossed himself in his repairs.


26-06-2005 23:28:48

Rayne smiled as Raven seemed at a loss for words but Rayne took the cables from Lorien and kissed her again. "Thanks," she said as she walked back over to the ship and started running some systems checks to see how much damage the worm did.


26-06-2005 23:32:24

"Oh its not that, just that I thought that Rayne had a relationship with Macron or Gadial already, though I'm not sure which." Raven said loudly to Lorien over the sound of the hydrospanner at work.


26-06-2005 23:34:29

Rayne looked down under her ship and said to Raven. "Macron's my brother. Well adoptive brother. Gaidal. He's just Gaidal. You could sorta say we have something. But my main feelings are for Lorien. And I believe in different things than humans or other races. Being a Zeltron I think it's ok to have multiple partners."


26-06-2005 23:48:41

"I see and respect that Rayne. Well I'm finished, the blasters should be set for dishing out destruction," Raven said, standing up. "Now, if you don't mind, my ship needs work."

Raven walked over to The Fearless and started to dismantle its gravitron cannons.


27-06-2005 13:24:46

Rayne let the checks run while she finished repairing the proton torp tubes and then she had looked at the checks and saw that there was nothing wrong so she picked up her tool belt and walked over to The Fearless. "Thank you for respecting my culture Raven. Not many people know about it and nor do they care. But do you mind if I could help you repair your ship since you helped me with mine?"


27-06-2005 13:51:08

"Sure, I could use a hand."

Rayne walked under The Fearless and looked a the gaping hole in the bottom. "What happened here?" she asked.

"What gives this ship its umph is its graviton cannons, designed and built by me. The work sort of like Yuuzhan Vong dovin basals. They fire graviteric anomalies at the opposing ship, tearing a hole in the enemies sheilds and bypassing them entirely. Well just yesterday the dark matter stabilizers that control the anomalies before they are fired blew. Let loose dark matter and blew the underside of my ship off. I've got enough duranium plate to patch it up, but no dark matter stabilizers. Lorien said she had some, but I have wire it all up again," Raven said.

Raven frowned and ran his gloved hand across the underside of The Fearless. "I built her myself, I can't stand for her to lose her glory guns."


27-06-2005 20:07:32

"I know what it means to a person to lose there most precious thing. I have this assassin droid. He's over," Rayne pointed to an HK series droid standing over by the door. "There. That droid means alot to me because he's like a good friend to me. The ship of mine is sorta like that. But that's some heavy damage your ship has. How can I help you repair it?" She said while putting her tool belt on.

Lorien Sinclair

27-06-2005 22:44:59

Lorien walked over to Raven and Rayne, noticing some of the battle scars.

"Your ship has ablative plating, right, Raven?"

Langis Gyn Histop

27-06-2005 22:48:53

Langis abandoned her search for the Interceptor and started for the door. She stopped short upon seeing a face and quickly walked over to the woman. 'So that's Lorien,' thought Langis. 'I thought I recognized her face from the information search that i did. Well, time for a few questions to be answered.'

Walking up to the Protector, she said, "You are Lorien, are you not?" The woman looked back with a little bit of interest. "Yes, I am she," she said. Langis smiled, finally seeing the woman in person who challenged her. "Not to bother you from your work, but I was wondering why you challenged me in ACC Combat?"

Lorien Sinclair

27-06-2005 22:51:18

"To see how powerful you are. No more, no less."

Lorien's hand reflexively wrapped around Malaerosa's handle, her knuckles white.

Langis Gyn Histop

27-06-2005 22:57:20

Langis noticed the motion of her hand and smiled. "No need for bloodshed here. I don't wish to fight you...yet. You just strike me as a strange woman, to so boldly proclaim that I am... what was it that you had said? Oh yes, overconfident. But, I guess you are entitled to your opinion," she said. Langis took a step back and admired the ship that Lorien was working on.

"Beautiful ship, disregarding the big hole in the bottom. Anyway, good luck in our match." Langis remarked. That being said, she strode out of the hanger.


27-06-2005 22:59:35

Rayne noticed that Langis had walked up to Lorien and said somethings before leaving and commenting on Raven's ship. She walks over to Lorien and hugs her from behind. "Don't let stuff like that get to you ok," she said with a small kiss on the cheek.

Lorien Sinclair

27-06-2005 23:09:31

Lorien's hand still white-knuckled Malaerosa's grip.

"I'm gonna enjoy hackin' into that wench. I'm gonna carve her up like roast mynock."

Her eyes started to glow with a rather violent light, when Rayne kissed her, an'd told her not to let Langis get to her. She sighed.....

-Another time, Langis. You will regret challenging Rayne.-


27-06-2005 23:14:42

Rayne continued to hold Lorien. "You know. If you let her get to you then you'll make mistakes. I don't want that to happen. And remember she has increadible speed. If you could get in a couple of good hits then it would slow her down because of the pain." The Zeltron smirked some as she let go of Lorien and smacked her on the butt lightly before trying to get her into a playful mood.

Lorien Sinclair

27-06-2005 23:19:11

Lorien looked at Rayne with a devilish grin.

"The way you're acting makes me think you've been feelin' pent up lately. I oughta do somethin' about that, huh?"


27-06-2005 23:23:05

She nodded alittle bit. "With everything that's been happening lately I've been stressed out alot. Hanging out with you here and being playful relaxes me." She smirked some now looking back to her ship where they played in the cargo hold earlier.

Lorien Sinclair

27-06-2005 23:27:12

Lorien leaned in close to Rayne and whispered something about "softer surfaces" that made the Zaltron blush scarlet and nod at the lithe redhead's suggestion eagerly.


27-06-2005 23:30:31

Rayne was blushing so much now that it seemed like she was red instead of pink. The only thing she managed to say to Lorien was, "My room or your's?"

Lorien Sinclair

27-06-2005 23:34:40

Lorien waggled her eyebrows, then looked at Raven.

"Good luck with the repairs, Raven. If you want some mod parts, give me call."

She picked Rayne up, and carried her out of the hangar. If anyone had cared to look or listen, they could hear Rayne gasping, and see her sqirming, eyes shut, in Lorien's grasp.


27-06-2005 23:42:59


Lorien Sinclair

27-06-2005 23:45:34

Esca walked by at that moment, noticed the pair, and, while attempting not to laugh, barked imperiously,

"Hey! Get a room!"

Lorien and Rayne looked at him in shock, then busted out laughing.


27-06-2005 23:50:42

After laughing a little bit Rayne blushed as she knew Esca was a friend and didn't feel right with him catching them before Rayne slipped her hand around Lorien's and lead her to her quarters where she locked the door and lead her to the zeltron's bed. "I don't think we'll be distrubed here."


28-06-2005 04:43:32

--next time I see someone doing something remotely close to cybering in this forum, I will suspend his/her account for three days, plus further posts for three days after that will not be shown until a moderator has approved them. there are children reading here, too, keep that in mind.--

Lorien Sinclair

28-06-2005 13:37:10

Lorien returned to the Hangar, a weary expression on her face.

-Sometimes, that woman can be a little too expressive in her actions.- the lithe woman thought to herself with a chagrined smile.

She walked over to the Erebus, a settling torch in her hand, to find that someone had cut a hole in her starboard wing. White first from shock, then from a maddening rage, she grabbed the first tech who had the misfortune to walk past her.

"Hey, kid! Who's been near my ship while I was gone?"

The tech looked, nonplussed, at the irate Protector.

"We just had shift-change, ma'am. Your guess is as good as mine."

Lorien growled, a low bass rumble that made the tech visibly blanch. She let him go, then stormed out of the room.

The tech sighed. Sometimes, the Brotherhood wasn't worth the perks it offered.


28-06-2005 14:38:15

--Yeah, i was getting suspicious here Korras--

Raven just continued his repairs, installing new antimatter gyros, oblivous to what else was going on.


29-06-2005 12:16:22

Rayne walked towards her ship in a pissed off mood now. When she reached the ship and grabbed her jacket she noticed that a strange man was over beside her ship at the back doing something. The zeltron snapped and walked over to him. "Hey. What the hell do you think you're doing," she said while noticing that the man seemed to be sabotaging her ship. Drawing one of her scimitars she pointed at the man who was a cloaked figure and he stepped back from the ship before smiling. Rayne being in a pissed off mood, lunged at the man her scimitar passing through the man's stomach. Lorien and Raven noticed that somehow that Rayne's scimitar looked like it went through the man but it somehow exited through the back of Rayne's stomach. The zeltron not noticing it until searing cold pain hit her she pulled her scimitar back and it came out of her stomach. Falling to the ground with a gapping hole through her midsection she realized that this creature could bend space and time around him. Bleeding all over the floor she started to lose consciousness, before seeing the man disappear into thin air, leaving not a trace of his presence.


29-06-2005 12:37:06

Raven was shocked. Sitting down, he closed his eyes becoming one with the Force.

"You cannot hide assasin. You are right---here."

Ravens hand shot out to his left,but didn't makes it. His arm began to twist all over the place, finnaly grasping...nothing.

"Not the only one that knows macrokinetics are you?" Raven said, a figure appearing with his neck in Raven's grasp.

(I'm going to stop, Rayne gets to decide who this guy is, what he lookes like, the works)


29-06-2005 12:42:46

((It's ok Raven. You can decide. I just chose to make a man that was able to bend space and time. I took the powers off of an anime called Vampire Hunter D.))

Rayne had laid there bleeding all over the place her scimitar laying at her side as she fought against the darkness seeping into the corners of her eyes. Trying to overcome the darkness she tried to move but pain shot through her entire body so she just laid there and tried to stay alive.


29-06-2005 12:48:47

Jaymz walked into his section of the Hangar where his custom TIE Destroyer sat, unfinshed, the inner workings exposed, with only pieces of hull intact. Moving over to it he grabbeda hydro spanner and began messing around with the targeting interface.


29-06-2005 12:56:03

The man laughed. Raven just stared into the mans eyes. Suddenly the stranger burst out in laughter.

Raven threw him on the floor, kicking his chin so that the man's head popped off his spine, killing him instantly.

"Weak minded fools. They can't even taste the dark side without going mad."

Raven used basic Force healing to help Rayne, but just enough to save her.

"Learn to embrace pain. Remember the power the late Darth Sion had. In time you can have it, I can have it."

Raven walked over to the repaired Fearless. Stepping onto the boarding ramp, it began to rise. Shutting without a sound, steam spewed from the boardring ramp seals. The Fearless's thrusters blared with cerulean flames, and the ship rose off the ground, shooting off into the abyss that was space.


29-06-2005 13:06:18

The pain didn't bother her as much as the fact that she had a hard time moving due to the huge loss of blood. Since Raven healed her up she slowly stood up feeling dizzy now trying to focus herself on being able to move. She called a tech over to her as she asked him if he wouldn't mind cleaning up the blood and the mess Raven left from the man. She leaned against her ship now as she started to clear her mind about what had just happened.

((Sorry about that. I fixed my post.))


29-06-2005 13:13:04

((Umm, read my last post again. I already left. But I'll be back to the hangar in time))


29-06-2005 18:51:30

the figure was suddenly launched away, into a wall. having landed as Raven was leaving, no-one had noticed the small T/A he was flying landing in a dock.

now, he was walking away from it, his left hand pointing at the intruder, his right hand carrying his ignited saber. "Who are you, and why are you intruding our base?"

"Is this the best you can do to me?". the figure broke into laughter, but was promptly cut short, as the Exarch started choking him. adding to that, he pointed his hand at the hangar shield, which caused the intruder to quickly bump into it. as lighting arced over his body, he asked again.

"who are you, and what are you doing here?"


29-06-2005 21:46:20

as this happened Korcheks custom ship The Phenix
cam flying twards the hanger door

Mayday mayday iv been hit by a droid fighter missle and my thrusters are out i cant stop clear the hanger! .repeet. Mayday mayday iv been hit by a droid fighter missile and my thrusters are out i cant stop clear the hanger!

The hanger doors opened and suddenly The Phenix came crashing through into hanger and screached to a stop right infront of Korras and the intruder, korchek opened the hatch and fell to the ground unconscious hitting the floor with a loud "thump"

Lorien Sinclair

29-06-2005 22:37:30

Lorien walked over to Korras and the stranger. She looked at the Exarch with an executioner's glare.

"Out of the way. He's mine."

Her blade glowed white hot, lightning mixed with fire lancing out from it. Korras looked at the Protector, unimpressed by the light show.

"What is your business in this?"

Lorien's face tightened in rage.

"That sack of rancor dung damaged my ship, and hurt the one person in this place I trust. I want his hide."


29-06-2005 22:58:38

korchek lies unconsciou on the cold floor wondering why no ones helped him


30-06-2005 12:13:44

Rayne noticed all that happened and ran over to Korchek and opened his eyes to check and see how bad the damage was before checking his vitals seeing that he only had a concussion she called over her HK series droid as he helped her carry Korchek to the infirmary for a more of a check. As she started to leave she looked back at Lorien and knew she'd rip the intruder a new one.

Lorien Sinclair

30-06-2005 13:26:07

The intruder looked at Lorien with a rather savage expression.

"You allow this abomination to live, Exarch of the Star Chamber? I thought the Brotherhood had more sense than that."

Lorien's face darkened at the stranger's words. A dark, twisted smile appeared on his face.

"It's too late, Lorien Sinclair. We are already here. And we are invicible."

The man vanished into shadow.


30-06-2005 20:05:28

Jaymz couldn't help but give a small laugh at the chaos surrounding them. Some Dark Jedi could not help but cause discord and chaos. Jaymz was beginning to see a more subtle approach to things instead of just killing everything. If you killed everything, there would be nothing to rule over. So for now he remained silent and continued working on his ship.


02-07-2005 14:15:37

Now that more people are here, I show off my ship again!


Raven's ship flew in again, this time without a gaping hole in the bottom. Before heading off to the Lounge, he noticed Korras choking the odd man.

"I thought I killed that, err, thing! What happened Korras?"


03-07-2005 20:55:12

Jaymz was standing behind a small pillar that held up a balcony that over looked the lower floors of the hangar when a merc ship flew into an empty spot on the hangar bay. Jaymz looked at the ship and noticed the merc's immeadiatly. They had been hired to kill him after he had saved Adalyn from thier boss.

They were sitting in the cockpit of the little Cargo ship conversing and yelling at each other, not noticing that Jaymz was writhering below the ship on his back.

Once he found the Fuel Maintence hatch, he opened it quietly and shoved a knife into the workings of fuel tubes that plagued the innerds like spider webs.

After several moments one of the mercs got off the ship and looked around noticing Jaymz standing behind it holding a death stick. After taking a drag off of it he threw it at the trail of fuel that had run to the edge of his boot, sending a line of fire to the fuel supply and destroying the ship in an amazing flash of fire and molten metal.

The man who had been just outside the access hatch of the ship layed on the ground trying to get up, until Jaymz walked past calmly, slipped his book under the mans neck, and broke his neck with a quick twist forward.

((Got it from the movie Payback : P))

Gaidal Dupar

04-07-2005 05:02:03

Once more the hangar doors slid open and the 'Dark Phoenix' entered the hangar. It was an old and modified imperial shuttle. It had two standard laser guns, but one of them seemed to be destroyed. The shuttle was battered and black and it looked like it picked the wrong fight. The vessel came in too fast and before it could adapt its wings the shuttle touched the ground and shoved in. It spinned a few times and a shower of sparks came from the hull scraping on the floor. After a short run the vessel stopped and was surrounded by a lot of smoke.
The main door opened and a figure came from the shadows. It was a proud and cruel smiling male. The young and ambitious Guardian Gaidal Dupar returned from a secret mission elsewhere in the galaxy. His hair as blond as it was before, as well as short. The three scars looked like small mountain chains on his face. His skin had a nicely tanned and he had a fringe of beard now. He studied the hangar for a few moments and mumbled to himself: "It seems like you can experience an adventure even in the dullest parts of the compound these days. Well, that could be interesting in the near future."
He saw Rayne and walked over to her. Maybe he could help her aiding Korchek. Otherwise he could assist Korras with these dark figures that looked a lot like Sith Assasins. Maybe they were, or maybe they were not. Time would have to make the difference.
"Nice to see you once more, Rayne. How is your 'secret' doing? Because I see a huge and fresh wound in your body; it has been healed but it will take some time. Do you need any assistance?"


05-07-2005 12:35:20

Rayne stared at Gaidal for a minute and thought about what happened between them two before turning her view back towards Lorien. "I know you can never be faithful to me. So as of now my heart only belongs to one person. And that's Lorien." She said as she waited there against the wall to find out what the doctor thinks of Korchek's condition.

Lorien Sinclair

05-07-2005 18:28:56

Korras looked at Lorien with a grim face.

"What did he mean by that, Protector?"

Lorien was white with rage.

"How the hell should I know? I never met the bastard before, and he knew my name."

Korras noticed that Lorien's eyes were literally blazing with flashes of light that reminded him of solar flares. He said nothing, but watched as the jack-of-all-trades walked over to Rayne. The Zaltron paled - a rare thing for that woman - when she saw her lover's eyes blazing like a solar eclipse.

Macron Sadow

05-07-2005 19:05:31

Looking up from his intense scrutiny of the new alchemical armor for his battered Star Wing, Macron noticed Korchek on the floor with the doctor. He immediately stalked over to the doctor, shoving him out of the way.

"Beat it jerk," the Sith growled.

The doctor turned to speak in protest, but noticed the evil look in Macron's eyes as well as the blaster now gently prodding his stomach. He left hastily.

"Now who do we have here.... Korchek. I have been waiting for this. I warned you. "
Macron flipped on his comlink, and a newly upgraded IT-3 droid came to him on humming repulsors. The Knight giggled and cracked his knuckles. This could be fun.

Just then, Rayne grabbed his arm and implored him not to torture the youngster, whispering in his ear of the folly of youth.

"But... he... ah, dangit, sis!" A look of genuine frustration crossed the Commander's face.

Macron turned with a grumbled expletive to Korchek, and used the Force to stablize his vital functions.

"He'll be fine. Well, maybe just a little more attuned to the Dark Side. I couldn't help it, the temptation to use that healing venom was too great. I am a Sith, after all."


08-07-2005 06:34:57

Rayne chuckled at Macron and his temptation of using his special healing vemon. But what really bothered her is her lover. Lorien has never acted like this before whilest she was around. As she walked over to her, Rayne grabbed her by the hand and pulled her close and whispered in her ear. "Did that attacker bother you that much? I've never seen you like this before."

Lorien Sinclair

08-07-2005 15:16:21

Lorien struggled to keep from screaming. Why couldn't they leave her alone?

It's too late. We're already here.

Lorien paled as the implications of that comment struck her.

"Mak.....I have to go."

Rayne grabbed her arm.

"Wait, what's wrong?"

Lorien looked at her.

"I have to warn Mak...he's in danger!"

"I'll go with you."

Lorien nodded.

"Grab your gear."

Macron Sadow

08-07-2005 22:03:15

Macron watched the two converse, and turned away with a shrug. It was none of his buisness.

Korchek appeared to be healing rapidly, and moaned in his healing trance. Macron nodded and turned back to his asessment of his battered but deadly Assault Gunboat. The alchemical armor and advanced power plant were in need of service. Plus, the beer cooler was empty. Macron returned to his work with a hydrospanner.

The Silooth, Modified StarWing Assault Gunboat


13-07-2005 20:49:25

Uzbad stumbled in, drunk, and sipped his beer.

"Nice Ride." He stated, dazed.


16-07-2005 10:51:45

((WHAT UZBAD DRINKING BEER? what happened to your coke?))

Jaymz sat in the corner of the Hangar, with his head hung, in depression. He was going insane by himself, it wasn't something he was used to. Reluctantly he reached into his pocket on his robes and pulled out a cigerette and lit it, taking a long drag off of it. Instantly he felt his body start to slow, and relax.


19-07-2005 22:41:35

Raven was on his portable computer system, tweaking circuitry on his ship and noticed the new arrivals and departures. Not bothering to stop and chat, he simply went back to his work.


20-07-2005 13:09:22

Jaymz moved over to Raven and nodded toward the ship "Need some help?" he asked, a little to relaxed due to the cigerette his senses were nullified and his reaction time was slowed considerably.


25-07-2005 18:49:53

"Don't need it, but it won't hurt," Raven said. He pointed to the sensor array on his datapad. " I cant get full power to the new jammer. I don't know whats wrong, but if you've got any idieas, I'm listening."


25-07-2005 22:19:03

In a drunken rage Uzbad threw a rock at a random ship.

Lorien Sinclair

03-09-2005 22:40:11

[OOC] Seeing how this joint has not had any new posts for over two months, Korras, please KILL IT


28-09-2005 17:36:45

The Hanger Doors open and and the


28-09-2005 18:08:57

Dark Raven A sleek black fighter,towed in a sith fighter which was owned by rage powered down
Rage jumped out of the Raven and thanked the pilot who then flew away and Rage started to fix the fighter


01-10-2005 18:54:28

Farrrellenor entered the hangar and bared his teeth in a grin. Wookies loved to tinker with ships, and this was one place that felt closer to home than the rest of the DB. Seeing the group of people near the myriad of ships, he waved a pilot's greeting to them. "Do you need help?" he barked in his own language, hoping that they would understand.

Syrus Korodin

02-10-2005 17:00:27

A sleek Naboo N-1 Fighter slipped into the hangar bay, its engines flaring blue as they shut down. The craft had a new paint scheme, black with red outlines to make it look more menacing. The antigrav kicked in and the craft stopped moving, hovering in mid-air at a predetermined stop point. The cockpit slid open and Syrus Korodin leapt out, landing on the metallic surface of the hangar with a clank of boots on metal. He took a look at the assembled company and nodded, the general havoc being what he expected here. His eyes flashed a bright red as he turned back to his ship, running a hand over the dents and scratches.

He turned around and noticed Macron working on his modified gunboat.

"Oy, Macron!"

Macron turned on his heel and locked eyes with Syrus.

"Good day, Korodin!"

"What say you get me some of that alchemical armor, eh?"


03-10-2005 04:35:10

Rage strolls into the hanger goes to his sith fighter gets a hydro spanner and gets to work.
after putting in the hyperdrive...
He has a puzzled expression on his face
"Does anybody know how to put a sheild on a fighter?


03-10-2005 12:33:19

"Yes," Farrrellenor growls. "It will be tough, but we could probably manage it within 3 to 4 hours. You speak Shirrrywook?"


03-10-2005 21:48:24

I cant speak it but i know the language.can u help me i have 6 hours to do it


04-10-2005 13:41:12

"Sure, 6 hours should be plenty of time. I'm Farrrellenor by the way," the wookie said. He extended his hand and Rage briefly shook it. "The name's Rage. Thanks for helping."

"Anything for a fellow dark sider," Farrrellenor replied.

"So, how much do you know about starships?" Rage asked.

"I know quite alot, actually," he answered. "A lot of my distant family works on starships of all kinds. Mostly they work on frieghters, but a small part of them worked on fighters. I learned as much as I could from them." The wookie glanced at Rage, who looked a bit skeptical. Farrrellenor bared his teeth into a grin and said, "Don't worry, we'll get this done."

Macron Sadow

04-10-2005 13:47:52

"Umm, no Syrus. I barely pulled it off on this one," he chuckled. "You might ask that wookie though over there. He seems pretty handy with shields, maybe he could upgrade yours... or mine for that manner. Where's that blasted translator?"
The Sith began to rummage in his cockpit.


05-10-2005 05:28:12

As the 6 hours have past the sheilds worked
"Well Thanks...uh sorry but what was your name again?"
"Farrrellenor, and your welcome"
"Well im goin back to Uvena Prime for a few days if you need me i can come back,I help who help me"
He turned to the Sith who was taking some obscure sith relics out of his cockpit
"Hey Macron ill be back in a few days"


13-10-2005 12:56:08

A lone figure walked silently into the hangar. A group of techs were finishing work on some TIE fighters in one corner. In the other, a group of Dark Jedi were working on thier own personal fighters. He let a small smile show on his face and walked over to his personal shuttle.

He had flown the thing into the hangar when he first joined, and since then it has become the property of the DB. But, he never sees it that way. It's his own Imperial-class shuttle, one he had stolen to get here. He summoned a few techs to make them paint his design on the wings.


14-10-2005 22:44:13

Ahh..Noktar is it?
Nice Lambda Class Shuttle
Whats the design their?

Macron Sadow

14-10-2005 23:30:22

"Hello," spoke the painted Sith as he strode over after fondling his relics. "You guys happen to have a type 4 spanner?"

Macron began to sneeze as he neared the Wookie. "Ahchoo! Crap! I am allergic to... to... Wookie Dander! Ahchoo!" The alchemist stopped and popped an inhaler. "Whew."

"How are you Rage?" Mononoke nodded to the Shistavanen and asessed the shuttle and it's owner.

"Nice... Noktar? Marka Ragnos right? You must know Manji, your Quaestor and my Master.
Manji taught me the ways of combat, and the dark Side. A pleasure to meet you." The Sith gestured to his personal tech droids, and bade them assist the Clan mate with his patterning.

"Never trust those slackers. I reccommend the droids Noktar. They perform to spec every time."


16-10-2005 21:22:30

"I was thinking of putting flames on mine, hehehe"
Seeing Noktars serious face
" have fun now"
Rage goes checks on his Sith fighter then goes to his Theta Class 2c shuttle
He mumbles "now how am i gonna put on this cloak?"

Langis Gyn Histop

17-10-2005 11:53:23

Langis found the hangar to be very busy. She settled into the flight sim and activated it. Looking out of the back, she said, "Anybody up for a run?"


17-10-2005 12:09:33

Noktar smirked at the retreating Rage. "You know, it's not that I don't have fun," he said to Macron. "It's just that I usually don't entertain enthusiasm when I'm in the middle of something. Anyway, yes, I do need help for painting. The design is from Falleen, so, naturally, I need it to be perfect. Which one is your ship, might I inquire?"


17-10-2005 17:04:25

Rage comes back to Macron and Noktar
"Ok the droids are puting on the cloak, What i miss?

Macron Sadow

17-10-2005 22:25:35

"Hello Rage. Noktar, my ship is the Silooth," spoke Macron as he gestured toward the nearby Assault Gunboat. "You cand find better information here in this hololink," he said as he passed over a holonet address to the Falleen.

Bio/Silooth stats and pic

"You know, I worked for Xizor III once on Falleen. Now that was a glorious battle. I have been to your world. It was pleasant enough I suppose. My allergies killed me though."

Syrus Korodin

17-10-2005 22:44:30

Out of the shadows Syrus appeared, smoothly stepping beside Macron.

"The Falleen planet is like a second-home to me. Great people, absolutely great."

He nodded to Macron and appraoched Noktar.

'New to the Brotherhood, eh?"


18-10-2005 14:17:06

"Yes, actually," Noktar replied. "And you are...?"

"Syrus Korodin. It's nice to meet yet another Falleen," Syrus said.

"Well, I guarantee you that I am far more level-headed than most Falleen you will meet," Noktar bragged. "And your right, Macron, most people are allergic to our plant life. Though your sneezing near that wookie makes me believe that you just might be allergic to most things," he said with a smile.


18-10-2005 18:11:19

"Well i better get back to see the progress on my shuttle
Does anybody know of great heavy-lasers?"


19-10-2005 10:43:25

"Why not ask the wookie? he seemed to be quite adept at mechanics," he complied to Rage.


20-10-2005 03:35:38

"hmm maybe i will"
He looked at the Farrrellenor
"But im going to be smuggleing this spice around to courscant"


20-10-2005 15:59:08

"Not until you become a DJK you won't," Noktar replied. "Journeymen aren't allowed outside of the brotherhood except on missions. Trust me, I know," he siad with a wink.


20-10-2005 20:02:28

"Its a 'mission' alright"
He leaned closer to noktar
"Im getting one of my childhood friends Shadow,the 2nd in commaned of my old gang on uvena prime to come here to the DB as the legit part of my mission"


21-10-2005 11:55:25

"Ah, I see. And of course since you told me all this, you expect me to come with you? After all, it wold be inadvisable to let someone know of your plan, then not include him in the deal." Noktar stated.


21-10-2005 15:19:27

"I wasnt planing on it but if you want come"


25-10-2005 01:04:37

((hey rage you already going into anouther run-on juesus man your being busy :P))


25-10-2005 01:28:56

((wasnt planing on it))


25-10-2005 08:28:51

((can I join...this seems fun))


25-10-2005 12:53:47

Noktar smiled at Rage. "Then it is settled. I will fly with you." He turned back to his shuttle and saw the group of techs that he had dismissed earlier. Furrowing his brow, he jogged over to them, grabbing a hydrospanner on the way.

"Get away from my ship, you sack of Bantha Fodder!" he yelled, throwing the spanner at the group.

The lead tech turned towards Noktar as the hydro spanner reached him. A loud crack sounded throughout the hangar and the other techs jumped back in surprise. Blood poured from the man's head as Noktar reached the group. The droids working on Noktar's shuttle turned towards their master, who was silently chuckling to himself. Macron gave a wave to the droids and they returned to their work.

Noktar bent down to feel the pulse of the downed tech. The others had already retreated to thier corner, going back to work on the TIEs in the hangar. The tech's pulse was slow and rythmatic and Noktar smiled.

"Here is another subject for your alchemy experiments, Macron. If you don't mind I would like to see what experiments you do to this one," he said.


25-10-2005 16:45:33

Rage instruked the droids to load 44 sacks of spice into his shuttle
"Well Noktar do have anything you need to take care of?"
"I do have one thing" replied Noktar
"Ill be waitng in the cokcpit for you"
"Ok" said noktar as he walked of to do the thing he wanted to take care of.


25-10-2005 19:40:31



25-10-2005 19:41:32

((I guess so, i didnt want to make it a run-on but i guess i will, yes you can join))


25-10-2005 20:15:07

Tyren walked into the hangar
"Whats goin on here?" All eyes, techs and Jedi alike turned toward him remaining quiet. He moved slowly toward Rage, hes hands in his pockets showing confidence. By the time he came to Rage the techs have allready turned back to what they were doing.
"Id like to offer my service Protector Rage! If youll let me acompany you on your mission id provide cover for you with my X-wing..." mere moments after, a couple of droids draged in his starfighter. A matt-black T-65 X-wing stood on the platform with an R2 unit allready in place.
"..that is...i would do it for a part of to put it....fare. Remember Protector these kind of things dont go unnoticed around me. Lets just say i have my way of knowing things!" in his thoughts he looked at the small spy device sticked on an R5 unit behind rage.
"So? What say you?"

((hope its not to much for a start. if it is ill gladly edit))


25-10-2005 20:22:58

Well lets go?
((Who is gonna start the topic 'caise were should start a new one))

Macron Sadow

26-10-2005 22:21:35

"Thank you Noktar," the Sith yelled from the other side of the hangar as he slid out from under the star Wing on a roller sled. Grease and fluids covered him, and he held an arc torch and a bundle of wires in his hand.

He motioned to his pet IT-3 droid Blinky, and the cold ball of black durite approached the downed tech and grasped him with it's forceps. It began to drag him away down the hall, to destinations unknown.

The group blasted off shortly, leaving him almost alone in the huge echoing hangar.


27-10-2005 09:23:09

Jaymz's old beaten up but still working TIE Destroyer entered the hangar and with a slight metallic tap the ship touched down. On the outsides it was covered with blaster scarring and other damaging scars. Jaymz popped the cockpit and jumped out.

"heh, this thing needs a make-over" he said to himself while looking at.


05-11-2005 12:36:58

Brigno gently settled his Blade down on the hangar floor. He checked his instruments and went through the postflight checklist. The cockpit canopy hissed as the hydraulics rised it up away from him. Taking off his gloves and helmet, he ignored the tech running to him with a ladder and jumped down to the ground. He landed on both of his feet, but knelt dowln on one knee to soften the impact.

The air felt good to him, after being in a cockpit for four hours. He was getting the recycled air going in the cockpit, making him feel like he was inhaling dust with every breath. he took one deep breath of the new air in the hangar and let it out with a sigh.

Then he noticed everyone staring at him. A confused look crossed his face, wondering if he was the only one who had ever been in that predicament before. He looked behind him and saw his ship, only then realizing what they were staring at. Ah, I see. They've probably never seen a Blade before, he thought.

((OOC: Just to let everyone know, the Blade is the aircraft of Adumar. It's very boxy, kinda ugly, and it's not all that great to fly. Almost as slow as a Y-wing, but with a little bit more armor. On Adumar, sheilds had not been developed, which changed when they joined the galactic community. This one has a sheild and hyperdrive, slowing it down even more, to the speed of a Y-wing. The only good thing about it really, is its firepower. It carries three laser cannons in the front and has a rearmounted blaster cannon, as well as the ability to hold 10 concussion missiles. That should give you a clue to what you are looking at. :P))

Seti Armon

03-09-2006 13:12:54

The hangar was a bustle of activity. Ships lined the back, middle, and front, evidence of the war that just finished. It was crowded with TIE's, Interceptor's, Defender's, Shuttles, and ship types that didn't even have names. Techs were running this way and that, trying to do the bidding of whatever Jedi had grabbed him.

This is what Seti walked into. He scanned the room and immediately felt like he was out of place. "Never a dull moment," he thought aloud. A tech noticed him and ran towards the twi'lek.

"Which ship is yours, sir?"

"An Imp shuttle. The one that is probably in better shape than most of the other ships."

The tech scanned through his datapad, stopping about half way down. "We have 10 working Lambda shuttles, sir. Name and ID, please?" he replied without looking up.

"Seti Armon, ID 8007."

"Ah, here it is. Lot 42, near the back," the tech answered. "It's all ready to go. Pretty standard maintenance. Didn't get in much of a scrap in the war, did you?"

Seti glared at the tech as he answered, "I wasn't in the war, and if I was, it still wouldn't be scratched to high hell." The tech backed off in fear and immediately started stammering apologies. Seti smirked at the tech and went toward his ship, ready to look it over and find the mistakes the techs missed...

(OOC: Thought that I would bring this topic back into play. Seemed to good of a premise for it to go to waste.)

Lorien Sinclair

12-09-2006 04:59:34

Lorien sat under the port wing of the Reckoning, covered in grease from digging into the leads to the weapons array. She'd never be the Resurrected Erebus, but she had potential.

She noticed a Twi'lek walk by, and called out, "Hey! You mind sliding me that plasma cutter?"


18-09-2006 01:08:05

Morias stepped into the hangar, feeling more than a little out of place amongst all these people and their constant displays of one-upmanship. Time to find something to occupy his time.

He heard a voice bark from behind him, calling out for a plasma torch. A Twi'lek looked at the direction the voice came from, and snapped, "Get it yourself, grease-rat." He stormed out of the hangar, more than a little miffed.

Morias walked over, picked up the torch, and handed it butt-first to the woman. "Need any help?" he asked.


26-09-2006 22:16:20

Dismal ran into the hangar, checked the propulsion system and the regular stuff on his Corvette, The Gamerunner and walked out.


13-09-2007 16:22:32

Atreyos walked into the hangar, his grim expression clouding his face as always. The prosthetic right eye scanned his suuroundings. Ships lined the bay, some fully functional, some in dire need of repair. It almost reminded him of Shug Ninx's Spacebarn, except it was almost too Imperial in nature. Memories of his gunner jobs for various smugglers flooded his mind. The many visits to the spacebarn and the attractive female leaving the hangar at that moment caused him to give one of his rare smiles.

Well, better find the flight simulator. I need to log some hours in if I ever want to be considered for flight duty. Unless someone has a computer problem, then i'll just help them...


13-09-2007 21:51:14

Mondor walked to the hangar door, eager to see what all the commotion was all about. As he opened the door, the sound of engines hurt his ears. After about thirty seconds, he got used to the noise. He walked over to Lorien and looked up at her ship.

"I never been this close up to a ship before. These things are huge! Oh yeah, I'm Mondor by the way and.......nice ship! I heard alot of good things about the Ressurected Erebus."

Mondor circled the whole ship looking at its glory. "So this is the famous ship? I was expecting bigger, but this is all good."


27-09-2007 14:20:32

Atreyos' TIE Interceptor veered to the right, narrowly missing a burning X-wing. He corrected his course quickly, not wanting to stay out of his flight's diamond pattern. He hated the standard Imperial flight protocols, but he wasn't going to break it. The whole point of this exercise was to determine which pattern was better, Imp formation or to break by pairs. The image of another X-wing flew into his viewport, followed by a pursuing TIE fighter. Atreyos switched his mode to quad fire and shot at the enemy.

He was rewarded when the shot hit, the lasers tearing through the fuselage and seperating it from the rest of the fighter. He watched as the energy overloaded in the fighter and spread to the fuel section. A moment later, the helpless X-wing exploded, sending shrapnel in all directions. The following TIE flew through the wreckage without a scratch.

"You stole my kill, Gray Four."

"We'll split the kill, Black Three," Atreyos' replied. "His shields were at maximum on his six, thanks to you. I just had the better angle."

"Regardless of angle, you still stole my kill."

"Oh yeah? How about I just take all of the kill instead?"

A pause. Then, "No, no. We'll split it."

Atreyos' smirked. The TIE pilot knew that the kill was Atreyos', so to split the kill was actually more than he had bargained for. Good thing too. How stupid would I sound, word-fighting with a simulation? he thought to himself as he stared through the view port. Albeit a good simulation. If I didn't know any better, I would've thought that I really was in the Battle of Endor. His view of the unfinished Death Star, along with the many Star Destroyers and Rebel Frigates confirmed his belief, as a battle that waged a long time ago was brought to life.

An explosion off to his left shook him out of his reverie. Looking at his sensors, he watched as Gray Two, then Gray Three blink out of existence. Switching to the flight frequency, he said, "Orders, Leader?"

"We'll tear through the enemy formation, then regroup with the squadron. You're my wi-"

An explosion followed, Atreyos noticing the sensor blip of Leader dissapearing. He smiled to himself and mumbled, "To blazes with protocol. I fly on my own now." He put words to action as he picked out the nearest fighter and got on to his tail. It was a fast moving A-wing, following the movements of a TIE Bomber making a run on one of the Frigates. Not today

He fired his quad lasers and watched as three of them hit the shields. The fourth got through, slamming into the right engine of the fighter. Atreyos smiled as he watched the engine start to spout flames and seperate. That was his 5th kill, making him an ace in this battle. His joy was short lived however, as the turret on the top of the A-wing spun around and centered on him. He threw his yoke to the left, eager to get out of the way of its Ion laser. The cockpit rocked forward, as all the systems showed failures.

He felt the Interceptor starting to spin slowly, getting him another look at the space around him. The Frigate was getting bigger in his viewport, and he realized that he was going to crash into it unless he did something. He frantically hit the cold start button, all the while watching the Frigate get even bigger.

He didn't have to wait. A green flash from the Death Star came toward him, and his eyes got big. He realized that it was targeting the Frigate before the laser hit, sending his cokpit into darkness. He waited a second and watched as the words Exercise Terminated flashed across his screen.

The back of the cockpit cracked open, right where the Twin Ion Engines would've been on a real TIE. He grumbled to himself as he climbed out and immediately checked the exercise results on his datapad. He had set the datapad on top of the simulator while plugged in order to record the whole exercise. Just by glancing through it, he knew he did well, but there was always room for improvement....


27-09-2007 19:23:35

Mondor walked over to the TIE and approached Atreyos. "Nice run, man. You got one heck of a simulation there! Mind if I try? I mean, I never flew a ship before, but I think I can get the hang of it."

Mondor looked around at everyone else and yelled. "I think I can show the rest of these busters a thing or two. So what do you say, eh Atreyos? Gimme a shot!"


28-09-2007 09:57:53

Atreyos put his hand on his chin as he eyed Mondor thoughtfully. He had scheduled the simulator with one of the tech crews for the next hour, and that exercise had only been about fifteen minutes. Desperate to get some flight time, Atreyos needed all the training and sim flights that he could get. But there's just something about this kid. Arrogant, proud, quick to prove himself. Could've been me with a normal upbringing, he thought with a small chuckle.

"Alright, kid. Tell you what, I'll run the same simulation for you, only I'll leave out the Imp protocols. You're free to fly on your own. Hop in and show me what you got," Atreyos said. Mondor's eyes went wide with excitement as he scrambled into the cockpit. Atreyos was just about to shut the entrance before he heard, "Ummm, Atreyos?"

He sighed before opening the door and sticking his head in. "What is it, kid?"

"What the heck is this thing?" Mondor said as he pointed at the control yoke. "Where's the flight stick?"

Atreyos nearly busted out laughing, but contained it to a small chuckle. He moved forward and started to explain, "This is the TIE control yoke.* Hold it with both hands on either side. Now to move forward you tap the control panel in the middle of yoke and set your speed. Trigger buttons are on the top of the handle on your right hand. To move down, push forward, up, pull back. Turning the yoke spins the TIE towards where you are turning. And moving the yoke makes the TIE turn, but not spin. It'll move in the opposite direction that you move the yoke. Got it, kid?"

He could see Mondor struggle with everything he just learned, but after a few seconds he said, "Got it." His eyes blazed back at Atreyos, filled with determination. "And call me Mondor, not 'kid.' I'm not a kid."

"No problem, kid," Atreyos replied as he backed out of the cockpit.

"Hey, what did I just say, old man? You stop call-"

Mondor's angry outburst was cut short as Atreyos shut the cockpit entrance. He slipped on a headset, and quickly said into it, "Ok, Mondor. My designation is Control, and your designation is Gray Fo-" He stopped himself as an idea came over him. "Gray Youngling. If you need any help, I'll be here monitoring you."

"I thought I told you to quit it with the kid stuff!"

"I did, now you are Youngling. So show me what you got," Atreyos said as he started up the simulation....

* Think of the yoke as a steering wheel with the top and bottom cut off, if you didn't know Mondor. If you did, my apologies. :P


28-09-2007 19:09:12

Mondor looked down at all of the switches and knobs and then thought to himself. "Oh, its on!" He grabbed the yoke and pulled back in order to go up. He could feel the simulation rumbling and thought again to himself. "This is a simulation, right?"

The boy looked at the speed dial and cranked up the speed to its top. As he was coasting at top speed in space, a red light turned on. "I think that I am over heating the engines. Wait!! There is a target right there!!!! I can't slow down, yet! I can get em'" As the TIE was steadily trying to stay at top speed, everything started rumbling. "Oh no! I think its gonna blow!"

Frightened, Mondor jumped out of the seat and leaped out of the back of the TIE fighter and landed face first on the floor. As he struggled to his feet, Morias and all of the other pilots laughed and roared at the young boy. "Ok, keep laughing, Morias. You won't be laughing when I get my own ship and turn your ship into scrap metal." Morias threw down his wrench and started speed walking to the boy with fury in his eyes. "You got something to say to me, kid?" Morias shouted. Mondor gave an evil smile. "Yeah! I say that you're not a real pilot. You must have bought your pilot's license. I can get a real one that proves my real skill." Morias clenched his right fist and grabbed Mondor's robe with his left. "Keep talking trash and I'll knock your teeth all the way to your small brain." Mondor shook Morias's hand. "Well then do it!! I'm standin' right here! Make my day!! Come on!!!

Atreyos stepped between the two. "Hey, hey, HEY!! Enough!!! Just get back to work, Morias. I'll take care of the him." Morias started walking off, but barked one last time at Mondor. "Watch yourself, kid. This hanger is my turf!" Mondor took a step forward, but Atreyos stood in fron to him. "That's enough, Mondor! Don't do it! You'll get kicked out of the Brotherhood for fighting!"

Mondor looked up at Atreyos. "If we can fight in the ACC, how come we can't fight here? You know what, never mind. How was my simulation?" Atreyos looked at the boy and sighed. " was terrible. You blew out an engine at that speed. You have to at least slow down a bit." Mondor glanced over at the now working Morias and then back at Atreyos. "You gotta help me get a ship. I wanna blow this guy out of the sky." Atreyos shook his head. "I ain't gotta help you do anything. I'm not about to be your lackey. Find someone else." Mondor looked at him again in a sign of disbelief. "But...but..." Atreyos shouted again. "Find someone else!!"

Mondor looked at the simulator and then at Atreyos. "I'll be back....and when I return......I'll be better than you can believe!" Following that statement, he stormed out the hangar door and headed back to his room for some mass studying on ships.


01-10-2007 18:29:17

Anubis piloted his Gauntlet-class Starfighter into the hanger slowly, setting it down near the repair station. From what everyone could see, the fighter's armament was heavily damaged.

"Any idea who that is?" asked Atreyos. No one replyed to the question, so he moved towards the fighter curiously. as he came to be fifteen meters away, the cockpit door opened, revieling its pilot.
Anubis climmed out of the fighter, and without any knowledge of the surrounding people, strolled over to a diagnostic tool. He scanned his fighter, and discovered the forward fire-linked laser cannons had been disabled. and that the engines also needed some work.

Atreyos walked over to the fighter, "nice fighter ya got here, would you like to borrow my hydrospanner to fix it?" he asked. Anubis smiled, and accepted the spanner.

"Thank you, my name is Anubis Wrath" said the zabrak. He and Atreyos shook hands, and Anubis got to work on his fighter.

"Sorry, I just need the fighter repaired A.S.A.P. 'cause I got some more flight practice I gotta prepare for".

He had to order his mobile remote from his cockpit, to help with some of the repairs. Atreyos returned to his work, letting Anubis take care of his buisness.

Anubis started by removing the forward fire-linked cannons, to get inside the fighter's wiring and see what the problem was. He had learned something terrible, his cannons were sabotaged. Anubis removed all of the fire-linked cannons from their resting place on the hull, to find that they too had been sabotaged. Someone wanted Anubis to be killed "accidentally" during practice. Right now that was not his number one concern, but his fighter.

He fixed up the cannons, and worked on the engines for a bit. Anubis was tired an hour after that, so he decided he would go see what there was to eat around here. He initiated the security systems, which would protect the fighter from anyone without the proper codes. If the wrong codes were to be put in, the fighter would fire upon its intruder. He took a small strole out of the hanger, and into the nearby cafateria. He ordered his food, and sat down to eat.


01-10-2007 20:18:43

Atreyos regarded the zabrak with a slight disgust. He had no idea why he had to offer a hydrospanner to the alien, nor why he had to compliment the thing's ship. But he did, all the while pretending to be helpful. Get rid of your racism, and think rationally. Use the other species for what they are worth. If it takes showing companionship, then show it, but only on the surface...

His master's words echoed throughout his mind, and he hated it. In fact a lot of what Devani was saying tended to stick in his mind, and it was something that he was not used to. He almost found himself repeating her one day. Lucky for him, he realized what he was about to do before it had happened.

Well, I do what she says for now, but if she expects me to start liking Zabrak, then she has another thing coming, he thought as he glared back at the creature. The thing had finished its work and was moving out of the hangar. Shaking his head, he moved back to his simulator and prepared another run. His fingers flew over the datapad as he entered the correct sequences for recording and moved into the simulator cockpit.

He shut the entrance door behind him and sat in the pilot's chair. He noticed a new mark on the seat where Mondor had no doubt torn in order to get away from the disturbing sim run earlier. The boy had slightly messed up, but what had he expected? He said so himself, he had never flown before. Which is why he messed up. But he's a kid and he'll learn.

He powered on the TIE sim and prepared himself for another run at the Battle of Endor....

OOC: Terribly sorry, Anubis, but Atreyos' is not fond of Zabrak characters at all. He considers them too devil-like, and therefore does not normally associate with them.


01-10-2007 22:05:16

Anubis walked back into the hanger, and Atreyos glared at him. Atreyos had just managed to catch the hydrospanner that Anubis had flung at him. Atreyos minded his own buisness, as did Anubis. While he put away the repair tools, his remote had went off exploring. Unfortunatly, he came to close to Atreyos, who crushed him with his bare hands. Anubis could hear the smashing of his remote, yet ignored it. He planeed on building a new one, and got back into the cockpit of his fighter.
He didnt bother closing the door, as he was only moving the fighter away from the repair station so that others may use it.

Who would be dumb enough to try and sabotage my cannons? Anubis pondered. A few minutes later, a transport arrived in the hanger. The pilot emerged from the vessel, with two wreaked fighters on lifts behind him. He and the lifts encountered Anubis.

"Are you Anubis Wrath?" he asked.

"Why yes I am, do you have my fighters?" he replied and asked.

"Yes, sign here, and we'll get out of your way", was all the pilot said before pulling out a datapad. Anubis signed his name, and examined the two wreaked fighters on the floor in front of him. One was an old Delta 7. and the other an Eta-2 fighter. Anubis looked at every part of the fighters, and sketched out a drawing of the new fighter. He removed pieces from the Eta-2 fighter, as well as part of the hull from the other fighter. Here, Anubis placed the small s-foils on the Delta 7, and started to make some groves in the hull. Anubis spent another three days on the fighter, untill it was finally finished, his master piece.

With the new fighter hull installed, he made some modifications to the engines, and removed the whole cockpit. He installed new controls and monitors. With the new controls and such, an idiot would have been able to out match a trained pilot. He took the fire-linked laser cannons from the Gauntlet, and redesigned them, so that they could be hidden in the new fighters hull. He reinstalled the ones from the Gauntlet, and made up some new ones. All through this time, Atreyos and his other pilot friends minded their own buisness.

(OOC: Np, most people dont like us zabraks anyways. Ill be more into detail with the other people in the R-O in my next post, now that ive got the new fighter,)


02-10-2007 13:49:59

As everyone was still working on their planes, they heard yet another roar of an engine coming into the hangar. As everyone looked up to see the approaching ship and pilot, the pilot came full speed into the hangar and stopped abruptly before hitting a wall in the hangar. Following the stunt, Mondor stepped out of his new preybird ship, Supersonic Phantom.

"Get a load of it fellas, cause you will most certainly see more of this ship!!" Mondor shouted while taking off his gloves and putting them in his belt. He walked over to Atreyos and smiled. "So what do you think? Nice ship, huh?" Atreyos looked at the little Protector. "Who did you rob to get that ship?" Mondor's smile stopped. " Why you gotta go there, man?? You know I bought this ship. I just stole the credit card to buy it. I got my license though. See! BAMMMM!!!!!!!" The license was shoved in Atreyos face. Atreyos took one look at it and grinned. "Okay, so it iIS real. I doubt your a real pilot though." Mondor put the license back in his pocket and got in Atreyos face. "Do I smell a challenge??" A familiar voice spoke from behind him. "That ain't a challenge you smell. That's your underarms!" All of the other pilots laughed at the statement. Mondor turned around and saw Morias standing right there. The Protector just fake smiled at Morias and slowly reached down and grabbed a wrench from the ground. He picked it up and flung it at Morias. It just missed his face.

"What were you trying to do, take my head off?" Morias shouted. Mondor walked to Morias and got in his face. "You got jokes, huh? Well say one now! Say it to my face!!" Morias stood there getting angrier. "Get outta my face, kid. Get outta my face!!" He pushed Mondor into a rolling toolbox and watched him fall over around the knocked over tools. Mondor jumped up from the mess and tackled Morias into Anubis's starfighter which left a scratch on it. As both were on the ground, Mondor began to punch Morias in the stomach while Morias was choking him.

Atreyos and the rest of the pilots ran to the combatants and pulled them from each other. Morias, being held back by Atreyos, was trying to break free. "Get that kid away from me before I kill em'! Get em' before I kill him!!!! This ain't over Mon-dork!! I'll finish you next time!" Mondor was being held back by Lorien and the others as he shouted back. "When is next time? Never? You were on the ground the whole time gettin' punched in the face! Go fix your ship, chump!!"

Lorien pushed Mondor back all the way back to his ship. Then she started checked his neck for markings from Morias. "You really are a crazy kid?" she said giggling. Mondor smiled back at Lorien and then looked across at Atreyos who was shaking his head in disgust of Mondor. "Yeah, I guess that I am that crazy kid that everyone hears about. So am I good? Cause I have to put on this new part for my ship. " Lorien smiled at him and stopped checking his neck. "Yeah, you're good. Well go ahead and get back to work. Don't worry about Morias. If you need anything, then just call me." Mondor smiled as she turned around and walked back to her ship. As she walked off, he glanced at her backside once before getting back to work. As he began working he began talking to his ship silently. "Hey Phantom, do you think she's know.....? Nevermind! I just hope that Anubis isn't mad about the scratch I accidentally put on his ship. Right now though, all I gotta worry about is you." After saying that, Mondor continued to try to add his new engine upgrade to his ship.


02-10-2007 17:30:41

Anubis glared at his new fighter, "Which son of a bitch left this scratch here!?! I just finished it!" he yelled. He scanned the minds of the fellow pilots, and discovered Mondor's heart rate was off the charts. Anubis marched over to Mondor and his fighter and got up in his face.

"I know it was you, kid. You'd better watch youself, I'm not one for patience" he explained, before ripping off the barrel of one of Mondor's laser cannons. He tossed it backwards as he walked back over to his fighters, and Mondor caught it.

I'll show him, I'll show everyone here! Mondor thought to himself. Anubis arrived at his fighters, and had one of the fellow pilots around move his old fighter away from the new one. He had no use for it, accept for the laser cannons, which he would put on later.
Anubis finished installing the other cannons, to go with the ones on there. He walked over to a control center in the hanger, and had the computer set the fighter for scrapping. A lot of work had gone into that fighter, but he had a new one. He named it Dark Storm.

Mondor was angry at Anubis, and so he left the hanger for a minute or two, but not before locking up his fighter.


02-10-2007 23:17:25

"He ripped off my laser cannon barrel!" Mondor thought to himself. He was so furious that he was devising something against Anubis. He saw the locked up starfighter inside an impenetrable forcefield. His father's voice echoed in his head. "Mondor, you must sabotage his ship. He destroyed a part of your ship, so why can't you do it back to him?" Suddenly he heard his mother's voice. "My son, please don't do anything foolish. You shouldn't even be in this brotherhood in the first place. You were supposed to be a good jedi. Just walk away and let things be."

Mondor never liked his mother, because he always felt that she was holding him back from his true potential. He decided to go with his father's choice. "Its time for a little revenge," he said aloud. Mondor looked over at Atreyos and motioned him over. Atreyos, seeing the sign, walked over to the young Protector. "What do you want, Mondor?" Atreyos bellowed. "I....I...I need your help. You see what that little punk did to my ship? Mondor said watching Atreyos nod. "Atreyos, you and me are going to get back at this guy!" Atreyos looked at Mondor and shrugged his shoulders. "Okay, I'm in. I never liked his kind anyway. As a matter of fact..." Atreyos whistled to Lorien. She walked over to the two as they all devised a plan to get past that impenetrable force field. Mondor began to explain his plan to the two helpers. "Alright, this is how we are going to do this...."

Minutes later, after alot of planning, Anubis returned to the hangar and eyed Mondor as he pretended to still be working on his engine. To his surprise, the shield was still on and nobody messed with it.....yet. Anubis turned off the shield and eyed the entire room for anyone suspicious. Suddenly, Lorien came running over to Anubis and began conversating with him about the upcoming severe storm. Mondor, hearing that Lorien just said [the code word,showers, stood up from his squatting position and started yelling at the top of his lungs to attract attention. "Oh come on! This screw won't fit. Does anybody here have a Mica screw??" By now, everyone's attention was on Mondor, so this was Atreyos's time. He went up behind the distracted Anubis and bumped into him on purpose. Both men fell to the ground and Atreyos began to give fake apologies to Anubis.

Lorien shouted back at Mondor. "You can have one of my screws." That was one of her signals to tell him to stop yelling so that he can get past the downed field on the starfighter. The young Protector ran and jumped on the back of the starfighter and slowly started inching his way across the top and towards the front of the fighter where the three were standing. Lorien, dusting off Anubis, was still trying to direct his attention away from the ship. Atreyos was still apologizing to the man to reassure him.

Meanwhile, Mondor used a glass cutter and cut a small circle in the cockpit window. He remained quiet as he slowly removed the circle of glass. Mondor reached in his pocket and pulled out a stolen glop grenade and dropped it in the cockpit. As it blew up, he ran away from the now damaged cockpit in the ship and snuck back to his ship without being seen were he pretended to still be working. Anubis turned around and ran up to the cockpit only to see everything covered in this weird goo. "What just happened? Who did this?" Mondor stopped working and slowly walked over to the yelling Anubis. "It was us three. You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. So I dare you, try something else. If you DO try something, you better darn make sure that you don't leave this hangar again without some REAL security. So what do you have to say about that?


03-10-2007 16:08:20

(OOC: WELL. Mondor what you wrote doesnt really fit in with the characters of the Hanger, because you and Atreyos aren't really buddy buddy. We are trying to be realistic here, I'm a dark jedi, I could have easily sensed your miss-doing, as could have everyone else. Then there is the whole Mom and Dad thing...kinda wierd)


03-10-2007 20:46:32

really now, your a dark jedi? I thought you had to earn that. You might have a lightsaber but that doesn't mean that you are a dark jedi. Anyway, why didn't you say that you were a dark jedi earlier?


04-10-2007 10:13:03

dude we are ALL dark jedi. Hence y it is called the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.


29-11-2007 15:59:09

Clearing this up:

1. All memebers are Dark Jedi.

2. None of the last three posters has a lightsaber.

Thank you.

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