01-06-2005 19:13:17

Are there any new competitions for Clan Satal Keto? If not, we need some out there! :huh:


01-06-2005 20:38:09

Well actually there is a Brotherhood wide comp going on right now as I type this message.

They are called the Independence Games (IG's) it is a Joint comp between The brotherhood and the Rebel Squadrons. Sorta like the Star Wars club olympics.

Just register if you haven't already and show us what you can do and after the 26th of June just kick your QUA (Warhunter, not me) in the nuts and tell him you want some comps and he should be able to hook you up

Also if you have any questions about the IG's just ask Me or Warhunter, Selket, Enah or just anyone who seems to know what they are talking about.

Callus OUT!


02-06-2005 21:15:09

/me brain punches callus

don't feel my members' minds full of nonsense. :P heh j/k


02-06-2005 23:12:21

I didn't "feel" anybody besides With you as their leader they need all the help they can get :P