10-05-2005 08:06:05

How does one progress past the rank of Protector, have I missed or forgotten something or is it not mentioned anywhere?
Does taking any more of the tests or exams do anything to help promotion


10-05-2005 12:54:17

Completing courses in the shadow academy always helps as well as competing in competitions. You don't necessarily need to get a lot of medals in order to be promoted, just show your superiors you are active.

You should ask your master this question. If you do not have a master then you really should get one. Your master will know the big wigs and they will most likely take his/her word for it when he asks them to promote you.

As far as specifics as to what you need to do, I believe you need to be a protector for at least 3 to 4 weeks before your acheivements can be reviewed for a promotion.


10-05-2005 18:38:42

Im not in CSK, but i still know a few of the tricks, try this, scroll down and look for Protector --> Guardian. Do everything under the list, stand out, dont just do what is nessacary to get promoted, make your QUA and AED notice you, that is the best way to get promoted :P


11-05-2005 05:55:58

Thanks guys


11-05-2005 08:43:26

/me thwacks Xhedias

I was gonna do that :P

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