Sabotage, deceit and death (Run-on)


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Nilani was working in her office when the lights went out. Plunged into utter darkness, the woman sat unnaturally still for a few moments, resisting the urge to reach for the lightsabre clipped to her belt and run outside to find out what was going on. Once a few seconds had faded she pushed back her chair and decided to investigate. Getting to her feet, she blunk as the dim emergency lights flickered on for an instant, than suddenyly died. "Now that was not supposed to happen" she muttered under her breath, slightly troubled.

Emergency power could only be shut down manually, which meant someone had either sabotaged Aleema's power generators and shut off the separate emergency one, or the maintenence crew had not been doing their jobs properly. Nilani sure as hell didn't think it was the damn repair people.

Growing more and more concerned as each moment passed, the Aedile stalked towards the entrance to her office and threw open the wooden double doors, peering outside carefully. There was no one in the wide corridor; usually there were at least several Aleemians around, even at the late hours.

Nilani wandered slowly down the wide corridor, footsteps echoing off the marble floor and reverberating off the far up ceiling. Clouds moved and moonlight shone through the corridor's arched windows, the grey rays making the Knight look almost ghost-like in appearance. The human could sense no danger, not yet, but she'd learned long ago how deceiving appearances could be. The foreboding silence continued as she walked further down the hallway. Nilani knew that it wouldn’t be long until the Clan’s main control centre realized something was wrong. Until that happened and help arrived, House Aleema was on its own, unable to make contact with the rest of Satal Keto. Someone had obviously wanted it so…

The woman spun around as a shadow flickered, sensing a presence. "Who's that?" she snapped, pale eyes flashing.


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The darkness was comforting to Vervain as he sat cross legged on his small thin bunk, a multi-faceted purple crystal hovering in midair before his closed eyes. Using his senses to study every cut, every angle of this gem; delving deeper into the crystal, his mind caressed the individual threats of the crystal's lattice matrix, moving them subtly, shifting them unseen to the naked eye, but altering the gem sufficiently to channel more energy than it would have naturally.

As Vervain felt he gem's harmoninc attune itself properly, Markenin reached out his gloved hand, slowly closing his fingers over the stone.

Yes, now it is complete, Vervain thought to himself, a sly grin spreading across his hooded face. As the young human opened his eyes, Vervain noticed at once that the power seemed to be out. The only light in the small chamber coming from the two small candles shedding flickering shadows across the walls. Chuckling to himself at the thought of the Clan not having paid it's electricity bills, the small human placed the gem back in its fixture setting where it caught the light from the small flames, which sent amethyst flashes splashing across the ceiling and walls.

As Vervain stood, he smoothed out his ancient style Sith robes. Reaching into his Ithorian Boa Wood trunk, Markenin pulled out a medium weight black rancor skin gunbelt, in which his over-under blaster pistol was holstered. Securing the gunbelt beneath his robes and securing his outer vestment with a twist of the small Krayt Dragon tooth clasp, Vervain flipped the manual release for the door and exited his chamber. Looking left and right, Vervain felt a prescence moving to the left. Folding his hands into his deep robes, Vervain made his way towards the presence, the soft skin of the soles of his Krayt skin boots making barely a whisper in the near deserted corridors.

Rune Kiirnodel

26-04-2005 16:11:42

Shadoweye had been sitting upon his bed with a candle upon his outstreched hand as the room went black. He looked up in shock as he saw the red flashing emergency lights go on for but a quick moment then flash off. He quickly stood up and placed his candle upon his desk as he straightened his black pants and sleeveless shirt.

"This is odd," he said to himself as his eyes adjusted to the dimmness," What happened to the central powering unit?"

Shadoweye quickly threw his cloak over his shoulders as he stalked out of his room and into the dark corridor that lay beyond. Surprisingly the corridor was empty....not even a cleaner bot. Making sure his vibrodagger was at his side, he started to walk down the corridor when he sensed a presence, not but twenty meters away. Shadoweye quickly pressed himself against the left wall and waited for the thing to move closer....


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Callus was standing inbetween the tangle of his three members. He spoke calmly to the group "Don't be alarmed. There is no need to panic, Callus is here." He smiled in the darkness. He pulled his lightsaber from his belt and powered it on. It's cyan blade illuminated the corridor as he looked into the eyes of his members. "Now here's what's going to happen Vervain your coming with me. Nilani you are going to take Shadoweye and roundup what other members you can and go to the hanger bay. If you don't hear from me atleast once an hour I want you to load everyone onto a freighter and head to Lyspair. Enahropes is there and he wont let you starve." She looked at him with a question on her face but before she could say anything his hand went up to show that there was no discussion. She turned on her heal and powered on her saber and walked down the hallway with shadoweye in tow.

Callus started off down the hallway and noticed Vervain was still standing in the same spot. "Is there a probelm Acolyte?" Callus asked

"Sir, uh well I just was wondering why I'm with you instead of the Aedile." He asked shakely

"Are you doubting my decision?" Callus glared. "Are you suggesting that I don't know what I'm doing? Shadoweye began to shake then Callus' expression changed to a warm mentoring smile. "Don't worry young one. You will soon understand the power asociated with leadership. Now incase you were wondering you and I are going to try and restore power. Before we do that we need to stop by my office." Callus led the young Dark Jedi off to his office.


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Nilani rushed down the corridor almost at a run, glancing back every few seconds to make sure Shadoweye was keeping up. "Where are we going?" the Acolyte asked, increasing his pace so he was jogging beside her. "Aleema quarters" Nilani snapped, "if there is anyone alive here, we'll find them in their chambers". Her eyes were troubled, and she'd gone paler than usual.

The Acolyte frowned slightly. "What do you mean, "if anyone is alive here?" he asked, as they rounded the corner. Nilani screeched to a stop, staring down at the floor. Shadoweye followed her gaze, quickly seeing a still figure collapsed on the marble. The Aedile knelt beside the Aleemian, searching for a pulse. She looked up at her companion and shook her head slightly. "That" she murmered, straightening up and gazing down at the body, "is what I meant". "Who could have done this?" Shadoweye muttered, voice hushed. Asking herself the same question, Nilani didn't reply. She broke into a run, knowing it was more important than ever to reach the other Aleemians before whatever had killed the young Dark Jedi came after them too.


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As Doku walked out of his room with his ubese armor on, he turned the night vision on. He heard foot steps down the halls of the Aleemian chamber right when his night vision shut off. "Useless piece of junk" he whispered and thru it back into his room. Picking up his Kitetsu he walked out into the hall, only to run into Shadoweye in the darkness. As both of them hit the floor Nilani looked at them both on the ground. "Way to go guys, Doku do you know if anybody else is still alive?" Nilani said with a questionable tone. "When I was working on my helmet, I heard some noise before the power shut off, could be some other Aleemians, but I doubt there alive." Doku said as he drew his sword. "Well we better get going, we were instructed to head to the hangar and wait there for Callus." Nilani said as she turned her lightsaber on. As Doku grabbed his training robes, they continued down the halls of the House and continued their search for any survivors.


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Following behind the Dark Jedi, Vervain's eyes twinkled from the depths of his hood. He smiled to himself, hearing his Dark Mistress's presence in his mind, complimenting him once again on his ability to portray someone completely helpless, even stammering his voice in a show of fear and awe...

Once again, you have shown you've paid attention to my early lessons, my apprentice, the spirit of the long dead Sith Master that resided on Vervain's Sith Holocron said, her voice crackling and scratchy. Finding the ancient pyramid amid the detritus of an old abandoned building in the long forsaken corporate sector of Coruscant, Vervain's then untapped potential and raw emotions opened the first lock to the old repository of knowledge, feeding the spirit of the Sith Witch, Darth Venom, with energies that allowed her to reatin her sense of self while trapped inside the long forgotten holocron.

Silently acknowledging his Master, Vervain followed Callus, his steps even with Bo'Amar. Submerging his thoughts, he once again assumed the mask of respect and awe that was expected from him as Callus turned slightly.

"Don't talk much, huh?"

"Umm... only when there's something to say. Yes, only when directed," Vervain replied. Lords, this is too easy! he thought as Callus turned his head back, apparently satisfied with the answer.

Callus slowed his approach, clearly they were near his office. There will never be a better time, my apprentice! Venom hissed in his mind, Vervain nearly swooned under the strong surge of emotion but kept his steps steady. Bo'Amar must have felt the strong surge of energy, for his hand reached for his lightsaber handle, slowly turning to regard Vervain, a look of cautious curiosity on the Dark Jedi's face.

Spinning around fast, Vervain drew his blaster pistol and aimed it down the empty corridor behind them, forcing his normally steady hand to hake just enough to give the impression of fear.

"Did you... you feel that?" Vervain hissed, aiming his weapon with an unsteady hand. Then, without warning, Vervain shrieked and ducked, covering his head with his blaster arm which brought the over/under blaster up. The weapon seemed to be firing at random, dual scarlet lances of energy issued forth, blasting gaping holes in the ceiling and floor, gouging holes in the walls and blasting open the door to a service corridor directly across from them. To avoid being showered with glass or skewered by an odd angled blaster bolt, Callus ignited his lightsaber and dropped back, his free hand covering his face to protect it from the cascade of glass from the exploding overhead light panels.

Then as suddenly as it began, the corridor was silent. A thick pall of smoke hung in the empty hall, the only sound echoing off the bare walls was the steady hum of the lightsaber in Bo'Amar's hands. Stretching out wth his senses, Callus sensed something strange; a disturbance in the force. It tingled with deception, anger, rage... but also mirth! Looking down at the stil form of the Acolyte, his odd blaster still clutched in his gloved hand. The sensations were everywhere, but seemed centered on the unconscious form lying practically at Bo'Amar's feet. His lightsaber gripped tightly, Bo'Amar kneeled down slowly, his eyes and senses opened; prepared for attack, both physical and mental. Unfortunately, even a Dark Jedi Knight is not always prepared for the unexpected... and underestimation has forever been one of the sins of position.

As his hand reached out, the cloaked form shifted incredibly fast. Before Callus could even bring his saber to bear, which would have been near impossible given the position he was currently in, he felt a solid impact to the side of his head... then he felt nothing more.


Standing over the unconscious form of the 'Dark Jedi Knight', Vervain smiled to himself. The young human burned the image of Callus's crossed eyed face in his brain as the bottom barrel of his pistol connected solidly on the side of his head, dropping the other like a stone.

Brushing off his robes, Vervain looked at the darkened service corridor shaft, his true target the whole time. It was bad enough being ordered around like some lapdog, cleaning chemical spills and inspecting cargo containers... general grunt work, without having to trail this buffoon around in the dark. Looking down at the lightsaber hilt still clutched in Bo'Amar's hand, Vervain stepped on the wrist of the still 'knight' and kicked the handle through the opened service corridor, listening to it clank and clink its way down the long maintenance shaft to the floor below.

Heading through the door, Vervain gripped the edge of the maintenance ladder and gripped the edges of the rail with the insides of his boots, sliding down the ladder incredibly fast. He stopped himself on the next level down and opened the service door from the inside. Locking the door once again, he stretched out with his senses and not sensing anyone near him, he made his way down the darkened corridor to wards his true destination. Did he care that something cut the power? No. Was he afraid of some beast possibly hunting him? No. Although he was sure that Bo'Amar would come after him when he woke up, to this, Vervain shrugged... he had a way out of that predicament too, so even that did not inspire fear.

Silently, he made his way down the darkened hall...


27-04-2005 14:59:12

Callus waited for the Acolyte to climb down the ladder as he must have thought he had knocked him out but he had only done what Callus had wanted him to do. To reveal his true intentions. Callus knew the strike was coming and had moved his head a few milimiters to the left kept him from being knocked out. But that didn't mean he didn't have a throbbing in his head. He sat up and got to his feet quickly he was not only behind his intended target but he had lost his weapon, his lightsaber a part of his very being, he would not let this outburst go un punished.

He walked the rest of the way to his office. It was a rather modest room comparied to the others he had seen. With a small desk cluttered with papers and a small wooden chair behind it. The walls were clad with weapons of verious sizes and types. He found the small case he was looking for. he pulled the quarterstaff out and tossed it aside and punched through the wall and retrived another lightsaber. It wasn't as painsakingly put togeather as his other but it would do. It was a simple peice of metal pipe it was scorched black and had all of the innerworkings of a saber. He powered it on and the red blade tore a hole in the darkness of the room. He had a few more things to get before he left. He grabbed his DX-2 from a shelf and strapped it's custom holster around his waist. He then slung a plasma rifle over his shoulder. He walked over to his desk and rifled through his papers and found what he was looking for a compleate dossier on Vervain. He opened it to where his personal section could be filled out and told his history. He saw it, it seemed that Vervain was a servant of some long dead dark lord without a body and is trying to find her someone to live in. Callus knew what was happening. He was going after Selket!

He grabbed his comlink and signaled Nilani. He told her that if she sees Vervain to capture him and that he would relive the Acolyte of his head. He then started to try and intercept his prey. He opened the secret door in his office and started down the corridor leading to the central control room and thought that he could get the power back on and would then have the upper hand.


27-04-2005 15:45:34

"This place is creepy when its dark." Shadoweye said as Doku, him and Nilani walked out of the hall. "You get ust to it during the night." Doku said as he kneeled to concentrate. "You make it sound like you dont sleep." Shadoweye said. "I dont, im usually working on my helmet, which i was working on tonight, until some dumb[explict] cut the power to the entire house. So it makes my work alittle hard for me." Doku said as he stood up. "Quit your talking. Doku did you sense anything?" Nilani said as she put away her lightsaber. "No, at least not here. I sensed two people, Vervain being ahead of Callus down in the powercore." Doku said as he sheathed his sword. "Were going to check the halls and the other rooms again. I got a transmission a couple of minutes ago from him saying if we find Vervain, to capture him." Nilani said as she grabbed her lightsaber and turned it on. As soon as she finished that sentence, Doku ran down towards the power core room. "Were are you going Doku?" Nilani yelled. "Im going to see if my master needs help. There must be more to this Vervain then meets the eye Nilani. Callus will inform you of any updates." Doku said as he ran down the hall.

With that said Nilani and Shadoweye continued down the halls to run another check of the House. As for Doku, he ran down the halls to the power core room to find out what Vervain did, and kill him for it.


27-04-2005 18:04:19

How goes the hunt, my apprentice? a raspy voice hissed in his head.

Well, my mistress. I am near the outer door, which will lead to the hangar deck. From there, I can get to Dantooine and continue my search. What we seek is close, I can sense it, was his mental reply.

Vervain was pleased with this turn of events. With the main power shut down, he can leave the Clan Headquarters without 'asking for permission' or having to explain both his actions or his intent. By just exiting out system, a series of micro-jumps would completely obscure his trail. Let the hypocrites fumble about in the dark against something or someone that was disrupting their lives. It always amazed him how the will of the Force presented opportunities... and Vervain was one well known to take advantage of any such opportunity that presented itself.

All in all, Vervain was one lucky human being... and he knew it.


As he reached the outer hangar doors, Vervain saw two young novices, barely out of their teens, guarding the door. As he approached, they both levelled force pikes in his direction, determination etched on their faces.

"Sorry Acolyte, until main power has been restored, access to the hangar level is restricted," said the novice on the left.

In a flash of scarlet energy and the quick report of blaster fire, two smoking ruins that were once the novices lay crumpled on the deck. Snorting at their corpses, Vervain stepped over the body of one of the young initiates and pulled hard on the emergency exit panel, opening the small doorway that led to the outside hangar deck. There, sitting on the permacrete was one of the last vestiges of his old life as a Bounty Hunter, his fighter, the Saberflash III. It's sleek design and multiple upgrades (many considered illegal in most systems) made this vessel truly unique amongst the standard Imperial style fighters flown by the current 'Sith' of the Dark Brotherhood.

Keying his access code, Vervain boarded his ship and activated the security systems. Powering up the fighter's engines, feeling comfortable in this ship, which had been more of a home to the small human than any other place he'd ever known. Easing the replusor control lever forward, Vervain keyed the comm, waiting to hear a voice demanding clearance, destination, anything... but was rewarded with blessed static.

As the Serpent-class fighter rose off the permacrete landing pad, Vervain saw forms moving quickly out the emergency door, two of them holding small bars of energy the color of blood; the color of sky. Offering a mock salute clearly visible to the assembled group on the landing pad, Vervain threw the main engine throttle levers forward sharply, thrusting the fighter into the atmosphere and beyond.


Years as a solo hunter of the galaxy's scum had taught Vervain many tricks, both of tracking and avoidance. After a series of random hyperspace jumps, the last of which was actually terminated by the gravitic forces of a black hole set in the middle of his nav jump. This pre-mature exit from his original vector would make it impossible to trace his jump destination as the fluctuating gravitic forces warped space time in such a way that while there would be traces of his ion trail, but they would be twisted and spread in so many different directions that tracking cannot be done. Yet another trick learned the hard way while chasing down the Ithorian smuggler Pauna F'tribb. It took Vervain another three months to finally catch him in a seedy bar on Corellia. While he'd hated the damn alien trash for complicating his life with that hyperspace stunt, Vervain mentally saluted him now.


Fianlly, after the last jump from the black hole cluster, the swirling blue tunnel turned dramatically into starlines, which then snapped instantly into a black expanse pitted by tiny dots of white marred by the purplish ball of Dantooine, which hung motionless in space before his cockpit viewport. Approaching from the nightside and carefully avoiding the few pockets of civilization camped on the surface, Vervain made his way towards the northern hemisphere, to a place where his force-vision had shown him something that even now filled the normally calm human with excitement. This object was important to his training, so much so that even his Dark mistress herself had told him to seek out Dantooine and search for this relic, forsaking her own quest, temporarially, in the face of the knowledge that would soon be theirs. Mentally thanking whatever it was that had cut the power, Vervain set an approach course and sliced through the atmosphere towards Dantooine... and his destiny.

Langis Gyn Histop

27-04-2005 18:14:46

Langis was almost out of the building when the power went out. The backup came on, then immeditely shut off. "I know this building is old, but come on! The backups, too?!?" she said. She reached out, trying to find the wall that she knew was there. Finally reaching it, she pulled out her comlink and tried to contact someone. She knew her fellow Aleemians would probably do the same. Switching it on, however, provided nothing but silence. "Huh," she said, "Maybe it knocked out our comms, too." She thought about what she had just said and immediately knew she was wrong. Besides that, she felt an evil generating from inside. Against her better instincts, she turned and headed back towards her room...

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27-04-2005 21:44:37

As Doku neared the power room, he noticed that something still didnt feel right. Even thou he could only sense one presence within the power core, there still was an erie presence among the house. Slowing his pass to the power core, he wanted to keep total silence to whatever could here him. While taking his time, he saw the blaster shots, they nearly looked like miss fire's. "Could Vervain really have missed Callus on purpose or was it his intentions to use such tactics?" Doku thought to himself.

There were two offices. One that belonged to Nilani, which the door was locked when he got there. The second door was Callus's office. Walking in he noticed that the wall facing him had a hole in it were something was placed there. The wall to his right, was a long stair case down to the power core. He heard earlyer that only Nilani and Callus were the only ones allowed so he stayed away from that. Reentering the hall, he felt that same disturbunce. He remebered something that he saw while he was running down here. The bodys of novices and acoltyes that were layed out on the floor. Nilani said that she checked them and felt no pulse. When I passed by, I took a close look. Found out those people were killed by something bigger. Not nessarcly rancor size, but something big.


28-04-2005 10:59:33

"Hey!" Nilani cried, spotting the Apprentice, "forget wherever you're going, it's most definately not safe". Langis turned to face the Knight, suprised as another Aleemian stepped out of the shadows. Before she could reply, the lights snapped back. "Thank the Krath for that" Shadoweye muttered, sharing a relieved look with the two women. "Okay" Nilani snaped, squinting against the piercing lights "we need to get to the control room and get in communication with Satal Keto's main base. After that, we find where that traitor Vervain has got to and we kill him". "He can't have gotten far" Langis murmured. "Unless he reached a shuttle" Shadoweye muttered in reply.

Nilani's cheeks flushed. "If I reach him before Callus" she hissed, "he will be mine to kill". She doubted whether it was now safe for them here. "Keep on your guard if you value your lives" she told the others as they headed for the Control room, "we don't know whether this is a trap. If it is, power could go off again at any moment".

They continued in silence as they walked, though Nilani whispered threats now and again on what she was going to do to "that traitor". Eventually they reached their destination, and as Nilani tapped in the security coded for the CR, all three Dark Jedi wondered what they would find inside.


28-04-2005 11:49:02

As Vervain settled the Saberflash III down in a small clearing near a moderate height mountain range, a small beeping alerted him to an awaiting message in his private inbox back at the Clan Headquarters. Scowling slightly, he flipped the comm screen, which did not open a channel per se, but showed the origin of the message as well as type.

*Text transmission sent to radial receptor coded a552; static mailbox VM4649
*Size: 2kb
*Point of origin: comm285CSK2; Headquarters, Clan Satal-Keto Station 285
*Sender: ____________

*Do you wish to download transmission?

A text communication from the Clan headquarters by an unknown sender... which to Vervain meant three things. First, power has obviously been restored. Second, this transmission was not meant to be a trace or else it would not have been sent to his personal comm box back at the headquarters. Even if the Clan saw a message being downloaded, they would only be able to track the source code from where it was downloaded to, which would be his ship itself, not its current location.

Since by now they must know that obviously I am aboard my ship, that information would be useless, Vervain thought with a rue grin spreading across his face. Lastly, the sender of this transmission was not willing to give out their information, so they are obviously not part of the clan, or not willing to be associated with it.

The plot thickens, Vervain said mentally as he clicked "Y" and a short message glowed on his screen.

***The clan is after you. They assume you cut the power. They are trying to find your sense of power and track you that way. For distracting the Clan from my goals by their focus on you, I thank you by sending you warning of their hunt. We are even. Should you survive, perhaps we will have official dealings in the future, a plant in SK would always be welcome.***

Leaning back in his cloned leather pilot's chair, Vervain mulled over the short transmission, then erupted in laughter. The mere thought of those abstracted fools focusing on a matter of bruised ego (and forehead, he silently amended) with the real danger at their backs caused him to double over in mirth.

Well, they can hunt me until the stars burn out for all I care. I just hope whoever my mysterious 'partner' is achieves his goals! Vervain thought, righteous spite welling up; blanketing him in its warmth. As if force sense can stretch across the galaxy! Why the mere notion of it threatened to make him howl with laughter again. If that were the case, Vader would have had Skywalker well before the battle of Hoth, simply picking him out of the universe without the need for the massive fleet he amassed to hunt for him.

True fools, Vervain thought as he stood from his seat, crouching slightly as he made his way out of his vessel. Activating the internal and external defense systems and securing the vessel, which would delete the computer core of the ship should anyone not matching his bio-signature come aboard, making the vessel useless as anything other than an enormous statue, Vervain exited. His RAS pistol secure in his holster; collapsible force pike hitched to his belt, and a small pack on his back containing a few necessary tools, the black robed human made his way into a thick copse of trees. Night had fallen an hour ago, bringing to life the myriad creatures and insects that inhabited this forest. The near silent crunch of grass beneath his boots was drowned out by the chirping and screeching of the denizens of the forest night.

Vervain felt right at home, a shadow amongst the glade; one with the Force.

Langis Gyn Histop

28-04-2005 17:19:03

As the door whisked open, Langis felt like she was naked. No weapons, basic robes, and to top it off my hair is horrible. Not much I can do in a fight, she thought. The room beyond showed them enough to make their blood boil. The bodies of the control crew lay scattered about the room, beaten and crushed to death. Nilani studied the bodies. "Definetely not a weapon wound. It's too messy for that," she said. "Then it coudn't have been Virvain. He must have a pet of some sort," said Shadoweye. They left the bodies for now and went to the control panel. Nilani immediately keyed in the code for the comms, and opened up the message recorder.

"CSK central, Virvain Markenin sabotaged our power and is unaccounted for. We are currently trying to apprehend him, but he is evading us. Please establish a perimeter to ensure he does not leave the building," she said into the holocam. When she finished her message, she stopped recording and sent it to the Clan's main base. With the message on the way, the three of them headed towards the door. At that moment, a loud knocking came from the storage room compartment. Shadoweye immediately pulled out his vibrodagger, while Nilani switched on her lightsaber. Langis figured she would open the door, as she had no wepon of her own. "No, don't!" said Nilani, just as Langis keyed open the door...

Rune Kiirnodel

29-04-2005 17:52:59

Definitly wanted to see some action, shadoweye drew forth his vibrodagger as he followed the two dark jedis before him.
" I have a question for the brains of this escapade," he said as he looked to Nilani," What happens if he is in control of the control room?....We will need to dipose of him if we want access to the communications terminal then," he looked at his blade longingly, as he quietly waited for the lady dark jedi to answer.


29-04-2005 19:13:06


"Send whoever you have with you to lyspair and meet Doku and I in the training hall." Callus finished

"Yes sir." Nilani confirmed

"I'll meet you there Master." came Doku's voice over the comm as Callus turned and walked to the training hall to await his comerades.


30-04-2005 22:57:06

As Doku started for the training hall, he never sheathed his sword. Knowing that you could never be to cautious in situations like this. With the lights back on, the house still didnt look alive like it did earlyer that day. All the Aleemians were out and about doing there own thing. Until the power went out, thats when the chaos started. "Its been a long day. Cant wait for this to end so I can actually get some sleep." Doku said as he turned down the hall out of the courtyard towards the training hall.

Doku entered the training hall. There wasnt much to the training hall. There where three rooms. One is where all the lessons were taught such as Teras Kasi and Knifist. The room to the right was where all the lighsaber training went on. This was where his master spent most of his time, that and his office. The third room was the target range, we all knew what went on in there. A couple of miss fires but everything was fine.

As Doku walked thru the blast door's he noticed Callus standing their with hardly any patience. "Whats taking the others so long? Did you happen to see Nilani and the other two on your way here." Callus said.

"No master, I didnt see them on my way here. I came as soon as I got your message." Doku said as he bowed to Callus.

"Your learning well. Now we have to wait for Nilani and the rest of them." Callus said.


05-05-2005 09:00:24

Callus stood in silence with his student feeling the power rev up in all of the conduits of the House. He held his saber in his left hand and spoke to his student.

"Did you see the bodies?" Callus asked

"Yes Master" the Gaurdian replied

"Any Ideas on what did that?"

"I would say that there was a creature of some kind loose in the compoud. Somthing big."

"Krayt Dragon?" Callus proposed

"Perhaps. Where's Nilani? I hate waiting for somthing to happen." Doku said as he shifted his feet anxiously

"We have to assume the worst has happened. We need to move Follow me!" Callus called as he began to stride down the hallway and to the main communications center.


05-05-2005 10:13:23

Successfully extricating my persona from this RO, Nilani has given me permission to act the role of the villians. If you have any questions on what a Jensaari is or what equipment/skills/powers they posess, please contact me at

The three dark robed humanoids stood in a small maintenance closet near the turbolift maintenance control room, feeling the disturbances in the force as their beast ran amok in the compound.

"This is going better than planned," the tallest of the three said, his voice slightly muffled. "First they chase one of their own, and then they scamper after the Tantor like a herd of stumbling bantha."

"Agreed," said the second, this one shorter but broad shouldered, his heavy black cloak obscuring his features.

"With the few inhabitants distracted, we should proceed on mission then," said the last member of the group, her voice almost childlike; dripping with innocence.

Both of the men bowed to the female in respect, clearly marking who the leader was of this triumvirate.

"Alpha," she began, "you will make your way to the archives. You have been tasked with finding the information we seek."

"At once, my lady," the tall man said, giving her a salute by touching the handle of his lightsaber to the faceplate of his mask.

"Beta, you will monitor the Tantor, stay out of sight and 'direct' it should it make it's way towards either myself or Alpha."

"Your will be done, my lady," Beta said with a crisp bow.

She watched as both men went to the door silent as death itself. As they made sure that they were alone in the hallway, both visually and with the force, the two cloaked forms made their way out, closing the door behind them without a sound.

Alone, the female lifted the faceplate of her mask, rubbing her face with the palm of her gloved hand. Her faceplate, stylized in the image of a Churburtta Vine Plant, was a carnivorous plant indigenous to her homeworld and well respected by the common natives. She knew instantly during her rite of passage that when crafting her armor; when during the forging of cortosis and composite minerals that were essential in the creation of her armor, that the Churburtta plant was her totem entity. Known for its tenacity and power, yet offering up the sweetest fragrance to its victims, it was a perfect blend of beauty, grace and power.

Unlike her male counterparts on this mission, Alpha's armor was stylized after his totem entity, an Ankhoun Razorbeast, with its sharp spines and meter long tusks it was a beast whose very name invoked fear. Beta was more subtle. While he was an able warrior, his armor was stylized after the very beast they had let loose in the halls, a Tantor. It was a large, powerful beast which relied more on stealth and cunning than brute force, but was savage and unyielding in combat. Beta's armor had the smooth angles and mirrored polish of the native beast's hide. In fact, the only part of his armor that seemed out of place was his lightsaber, the cylinder standing out sharply against the smooth flowing lines and contours of his cortosis/composite armor.

Between the three of them, well four if you counted the Tantor, they felt more than capable of carrying out their orders. Feeling the reassuring weight of her lightsaber hanging on her belt, Delta replaced her mask and felt the subtle vibrations of the force outside the door. The hallway was empty. Almost seeming to glide, the Jensaari Defender made her way towards the turbolift, intent on her own personal mission.


10-05-2005 21:04:18

Callus stood at the communications console pounding the keys with furor as he had been scolded for time and again by the computer geeks. But this was different he had to get a messae out some how.

He slammed his fist down hard on the console and then kicked it. "Crap why wont this thing work!" He kicked it again and it began to hum as a message began to play. The figure was hooded but the voice was decidedly female.

"Oh Callus how tipical of you. Alwase using your fists instead of your head. Think with me for a moment. Where would I be if I had intterupted all of your communications?" Callus' eyes widened as he dropped his hand to his waist and he turned on his heel Doku was on the ground in a lump he didn't even hear her coming.

She must have seen his eyes shoot down to his student. "He wont die today Bo'Amar but you will." She said as she produced a lightsaber hilt from the folds of her cloak.

Callus looked down at Doku and touched his mind with the force Doku! Listen to me get up. There is a lightsaber hidden in the archives. I want you to go retrive it and find the rest of her group. Don't try and fight them if you can avoid it because they'll kill you in an instant. Now hurry and got on your feet I need you to get a message to Enahropes! Callus finished his message and Doku began to stir.

"Now shall we dance?" Callus smiled as he powered on his spare red lightsaber and stood ready to engage his challenge.


11-05-2005 15:44:49

Doku ran down the hall from exiting the communications room. Why would master want me to use a lightsaber? Im not even trained for it yet. Well if he believes i can, i need to do so. Frist I need to head to the archives. Master said there was one there. So I must grab it. Also to stay away from these hooded figures. Doku continued running down the halls towards the archives. The old Jedi Archives were a seen of the past. The doors were being held together by duarsteel bolts. The archives held many force relics and dead jedi from the last defense against the clone army and Anakin Skywalker.

The archives were linned with holocrons, a security room were all of the hologram files were stored and body, after body of dead jedi were along the floors. The different levels were closed off to only jedi personal, but were recently open to Novices in the House.

Doku sheathed his sword and continued his search. Doku ran thru out the archives trying to find the lightsaber, each level seeming endless and making it more difficult to find anything in this place. Now finding a lightsaber in this place was going to be hard. Bodies of different jedi's have been robbed of all there lightsabers recently.

As Doku returned to the bottom floor, he heard the door open. Ducking behind a pillar, he noticed a Tall person's shadow. Readying himself he waited to see what would come out of the corner of his eye. Only to see that it was.........


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NOTE! Alright well as It's been about a month since the last post I'm going to write the ending and award medals to all those who participated and made an influence on the story NOTE!

Callus engaged with his opponent to the death and after what seemed like hours of trading blows matched in skill Callus missed a blow to the woman's head that would have ended the battle. His opponent took this opportunity to sweep his legs out from under him. Callus barely rolled out of the way as her lightsaber came down where his head was.


Doku was scouring the library for any signs of the lightsaber that his master had mentioned when he heard footsteps behind him. He ducked behind one of the shelves. He heard the steps come past where he was hidden. He moved down towards the exit and saw an interesting object gleaming in the low light he reached out for it and saw that it was a lightsaber. He pulled it from where it was hidden and had the thought that he could take out the attacker eventhou his master told him to steer clear of them.

He went to the end of te stack and saw where the man was searching for somthing. He lept and in mid air powered on the saber as the blade went straight through the black clad man's heart. Doku knew he had just gotten very very lucky and didn't want to be here when his buddies showed up. He ran back to where he could send a message.


Callus rolled on to his stomach and quickly pulled his DX-2 and fired a burst of shots that were deflected but the last hit knocked the saber from the woman's hands. Callus' DX-2 power pack was expended so he swung his Plasma Rifle from his shoulder and aimed it at her.

"Now... Why are you here? What do you want?"

Before she could answer a squadron of Obelisk Troops swarmed into the comm room and gunned her down. The seargent bowed to Callus and he waved him off as he grabbed his comlink and signaled Doku.

"Are you alright?

"Yes master I'm fine."

"I'll meet you in my office."

The Seargent began to speak. "Sir there was a large beast that we had to kill and another one of these people that we captured. Your student was able to subdue another one. I am saddend to say that your Aedlile was devoured by the beast. Also a ship was tracked leaving the system."

"Thank you." Callus said as he was leaving the room to his office.


"Doku you did well even though you didn't do what I told you but perhaps that was for the best."

"Thank you master."

"I think it's time you earn one of those." Callus said indicating the lightsaber clipped onto his belt.

The two left the office and went to stand outside in the early morning sun. Callus put his arm around his student's shoulder. It was true what they said Master and Student form a bond that they can form with no other.