First Impressions


02-06-2010 00:27:16

Aedile's Office
House Satal Keto
Morroth Alpha Base

"He did what?!"

Octavia looked at the holographic image of her Proconsul in disbelief.

"You heard me." The male voice coming out of the communicator spoke with an undertone of static.

"How long did it take him?" The Aedile leaned back in her overstuffed, high-backed black leather chair, still in disbelief of the information she was receiving. She watched as the 9inch holographic Viv flickered atop her desk, and could have sworn she saw him roll his eyes before he spoke.

"Less than two minutes to take out five guys. The last one was begging for mercy before he peeled him like a fruit and then after stabbing the guy through the skull he licked his blade."

She looked on with a giddy expression on her face as the excitement filled her being and was pretty sure anyone with force sensitivity in a mile radius could feel it. "Licked it? Seriously?"

The holograph nodded and looked down quickly before looking back up. "I'll send you the video of the exercise. We're sending him to Satal Keto." His tone because serious as the smile drifted from Viv's features. "Azazel is of use to us, Octavia. Let's not screw this one up, shall we?"

She glared at him the hologram and smiled sarcastically as she began to make static noises.

"Viv, I think..grrrssssssshhhk...we're breaking...grrrrsssssssssss.. Bad snow storm... grrsssssk."


She closed the communicator and quickly threw it in her desk drawer while cursing Viv under her breath. 'He can be such a twat, sometimes' , she thought to herself as she closed her drawer and looked around her freshly painted office. She let the deep red walls comfort and relax her, and after she got her emotions in check, she grabbed her data pad and pulled up the new members file.

"Great, another Zabrak. Viv sent this guy to me on purpose, I'm gonna kill him..." the Aedile mumbled as she began to read Azazel's profile. However, this new member was a strong fighter, and while not well tuned to the force, he was powerful, and a force to be reckoned with. Octavia watched the video Viv sent along with his file and she was amazed at the speed and agility he had for his size, and loved the look he had on his face as he killed his opponents. IT was like a child unwrapping toys on Christmas morning; eyes bright and sparkling, a broad smile and she could swear she heard him laughing as his targets pleaded for mercy that never came.

The smile she had on her face faded as she was pulled from her thoughts by a knock on her office door. She rolled her eyes and without standing, she unlocked the door and kept reading the file while she waited for the person on the other side to enter.

Azazel Kain

02-06-2010 22:35:14

The Zabrak entered the room, hearing the tumbler lock of the door rattle to indicate that someone or something had unlocked the door. His feet, wrapped in black cloth, stealthily advanced towards the office desk of his new Aedile, a short human with brown hair and hazel eyes, who was scanning the content of an anonymous document, the details of which remained a mystery to the dark rogue.

She continued to scan the contents, not glimpsing at the demonic creature that stood in front of her. The Novice twiddled his daggers in his hands, trying to pass the time as he waited for his Aedile to acknowledge him.

She reached over to a button and pressed it, the sound of static and white noise pinging in both of their ears.

“Where is he?” she asked bubbly, anxious to meet the man who dispatched five mundane soldiers so easily that he actually laughed while doing so.

“Res'Ena.” he said, finally making himself known, waving his wrapped hand as he spoke. His black eyes glared at her, studying what could be either a potential enemy or friend. Her eyes widened as she saw him, and she jumped from her chair vivaciously, her eyes never losing sight of his own.

“My Zabraki is a little says here you speak Basic...” she said with a smile, hoping to convince the demonic Zabrak to speak like the rest of the Galaxy.

“Kabno tze.” he spat, his eyebrows ruffling as his anger washed over him.

“Hell it.” she said, her smile not wavering.


04-06-2010 22:25:17

"Anavolka." She greeted him in a shaky Zabraki accent. She wasn't scared of him, infact the total opposite. The Aedile had a great respect for Zabraks, mostly because of what she learned of the fighters from her husband, Cethgus. She looked down at the datapad on her desk and quickly hit the button to scan his file. she noted his distaste for Basic, and would try to avoid it if she could.

She motioned for him to sit in the comfortable chair she had in front of her desk, and watched him sit uncomfotably in the overstuffed chair. she smiled again, gently this time, hoping he could feel through the force that no one would hurt him here. She studied him again, marveld at the tattoos he had adoring his body, and fought hard to resit the urge to touch them the way she had Ceth's. She knew better, this one was crazy, and would quickly kill her before she had the chance. which, in her opinion was something that the people of Satal Keto needed.

"Sharee" she searched to find the words, and frowned when she couldn't.
"You impressed me, And I'd like you to be on our Battleteam. I thought your fighting style was exquisite, and I'd love to see you do more." Shw looked into his eyes to see if he understood, and once she knew he did, she continued.

"I apologize for my lack of Zabraki, and it will get better in the future, I assure you. Now, tell me more about you, Azazel."

Anavolka=Greeting, formal

Azazel Kain

05-06-2010 19:31:39

The Zabrak glared at the soft skinned human, his black eyes focusing in on every flaw and quirk that she possessed. He tilted his head, allowing his mind to calculate his response to her seemingly simple question. Would he be truthful, or would he lie, tell her a fabled yarn of his existence that was not at all honest?

He sighed lightly, looking away from the shorter human, breathing in to take in the scent of the room he was in. He wasn't sure if he could trust the female before him, finding her race full of greasy two faced peasants that were below him in every way, deserving a painfully slow death filled with agony. But something about her made him curious, something about the way she let his physical appearance slip by her notice, and how she became excited when she learned of the nefarious act he committed against the five goons that he destroyed easily.

He shifted in his position, cocking his head to the side as his mind delicately decided on his course of action. She was equal to him, maybe even superior, so she deserved an answer, and that made the anger within him gnaw at his heart, wishing to remain silent around the stranger before him for a little longer.

“Ayt. Shuree ta Iridonia, kep het res'Keff ru. Shu shuree meni onis.” he said, hoping his answer did not offend the Aedile too much.

She stared at him blankly, knowing some of the words that slithered from his mouth but not all. She nodded, gathering that he was from Iridonia and he belonged to a group called The Keff, which she knew was a vague reference to the Judge of Change, having heard the term before from another Zabrak.

“Sharee mai'ul coila Vyikosta.” he said, staring into her hazel eyes.

OOC: Translation
Ayt. Shuree ta Iridonia, kep het res'Keff ru. Shu shuree meni onis.- Listen. I am from Iridonia, child of the Keff clan. What I do is void.
Sharee mai'ul coila Vyikosta.-We come for rebellion (internal conflict)

Vivackus Kavon

06-06-2010 19:02:11

Vivackus didn't usually wear a standard set of robes. Ceremonial occasions aside, the Proconsul much preferred comfortable, loose-fitting pants, a plain shirt, and in Morroth's frigid climate, a bantha hide jacket. He had toyed with donning a more typical Dark Jedi attire for this occasion, but in the end decided against it. As it were, Vivackus exited the shuttle into Alpha Base's Hangar appearing to anyone unfamiliar with the Proconsul to be more likely a spacer who had accidentally boarded the wrong ship. Only his calm and purposeful demeanor hinted at the business this man had here.

Viv had visited House Satal Keto's Aedile on several.... less formal occasions. This particular stay on Morroth should only last a few hours. It was not often that a Acolyte attracted the eye of the Clan Leadership. The decision to have Octavia oversee his development was as much made to test her as to ensure that this promising member did not slip through the cracks.

The door to the Aedile's office opened, at once halting whatever conversation that had been proceeding. Octavia's snapped. "Can't you see we're busy he-"

She was cut off by Viv's overly transparent, false cheery voice. "Faulty communicator, eh? Well we can't have Satal Keto's Aedile unable to properly converse with the rest of the Summit." He said as he walked across the room, not even taking notice of the Zabrak in the center of the room.

"Well, I-" Octavia began, but again, Viv didn't let her finish.

"Of course it would have to be that. The only other possibility is that you exhibited a blatant show of disrespect to a superior. Which, of course, would be completely unacceptable." His voice slowly dropped the pretense of cheerfulness. "Do I make myself clear?" The last sentence cut like daggers through the air.

Octavia looked down, fidgeting slightly uncomfortably, her face slightly more red than usual. "I... yes sir."

"Good." Viv concluded, pausing for a moment before turning and finally addressing the Zabrak. "Azazel Kain." His gaze was unwavering, almost threatening. "You can speak basic?"

Octavia cut in. "It's ok, Viv, I can translate."

The Proconsul kept his stare squarely on Azazel. "Of course you can. You just choose not to. We have yet to earn your respect. Such a thing would be beneath you, wouldn't it?" Vivackus finished, waiting to see the Iridonian's response.

Azazel Kain

06-06-2010 22:10:20

The Zabrak chuckled gruffly, studying the Battlemaster before him. His calm demeanor almost lulled the dark rogue into a sense of superiority, but the darkness emanated from within this new stranger, and that kept the Acolyte on his toes, silently playing with the hidden blades he kept with him at all times. The Zabrak's head tilted to once side again, silently calculating how to react.

“Shuree tze keyn Basic coila linare, shuree tze keyn Basic coila shar.” he said, deciding this response being the best choice of action.

The Proconsul nodded, and then looked at the Aedile, counting on her translation of what the demonic looking Zabrak spewed from his mouth. She stumbled at first, trying to remember the sparse Zabraki she knew, and finally she stepped forward to offer a translation.

“I think he said he doesn't speak Basic for family, so he won't speak it to you.” she said, looking at Azazel for some kind of approval, which he gave with a slight nod.

“You have no family. You were raised by monks and then cast out by them.” replied Vivackus, staring at the Zabrak with a slight smile.

His gaze returned the glare that the Proconsul was bombarding him with, his black eyes appearing dead underneath the light that was shining upon them. The Zabrak tilted his head, studying the Human Male in front of him, taking in the appearance and trappings he had chosen to wear for the meeting. Casual and not at all befitting of the power the creature potentially held. The Zabrak chuckled again, taking a kind liking to the specimen that scurried in and scolded the Aedile.

“Shuree yema i'redut'noktu et res'ru.” he said, extending his hand out to Vivackus, hoping the Proconsul accepted his homage and sign of friendship, a sign that few have seen.

The Aedile opened her mouth, but no words came out. She wasn't quite sure how to translate what the Zabrak had just said, and eventually gave up and looked at the Acolyte.


Shuree yema i'redut'noktu et res'ru: I offer my allegiance to the Clan.

Vivackus Kavon

07-06-2010 01:56:21

It was so easy. A display of dominance, that was all it took. The whole thing was almost primal really, collective to every species in the galaxy, buried so deep in the universal unconsciousness that it few knew how to speak it. Vivackus could, and Azazel heard. Despite the Zabrak's intelligence, he was really a simple beast.

Viv didn't need to speak Zabraki to know Azazel was offering. Equality. Friendship. The Proconsul smiled. He was going to enjoy this next part.


The single word reverberated like a slap. Octavia's jaw dropped, and though Azazel attempted to hide his own surprise, it was still apparent to the Battlemaster.

After a suitable silence, Viv continued. "I will shake your hand when you are worthy of me, and no sooner. You know how the galaxy works. The strong rule over the weak. You didn't come here for acceptance. You came here because you know we can make you strong. If your Aedile wishes to entertain your notions of superiority, that is up to her, but know this Iridonian. If you wish to get anything from me, you will ask me in Basic unless you are strong enough to plunge your knife in my chest and pry it from my dead hands."

The Proconsul would have bet that Azazel had never met someone this much his superior. Accepting equality at this early point would have been a mistake.

Octavia would not be happy with Vivackus' behavior. But whether she knew it or not, he had made her task easier. Viv had provided - in himself - a goal for Azazel. The Iridonian would be a fool not to accept her help to reach it.

The only uncertainty now was in Azazel's next move. He could challenge Vivackus' assertion of superiority, accept his position, or do something in between. Whatever the decision, the Proconsul would be able learn more about Azazel in ten seconds than Octavia would in an hour of idle conversation.

It was the way of the galaxy; it was the way of the Sith. It was times like these that Vivackus never felt more alive.


09-06-2010 22:04:17

Octavia's jaw fell open at the Pro Consul's blatant act of disrespect to her newest member. She looked between the two and felt the tension in the room as Azazel sized Viv up once again. She couldn't tell what the Zabrak was thinking, his black eyes were expressionless as he sat in the chair across from her.

Annoyed at the situation unfolding in front of her the Aedile made sure her blaster was still on her hip before standing and walking around to face Viv.

"What are you doing?"

She glared up at Viv as he smiled down at her. The anger in her eyes was apparent, not only did she want to strangle him for showing such disrespect of her rank to tell her off in front of her member, he totally disregarded the Zabrak's offering of peace.

"First off, you come into my office and talk me like I'm a 5 year old child in front of my newest member. Are you trying to make me look like a total pushover? they don't take me seriously enough as it is, thanks for adding fuel to the fire!"

Viv opened his mouth to speak, when she cut him off.

"I'm not done yet!"

She looked at him with an angry fire in her eyes, something that very few had ever seen.

"Are you aware you could have just totally burned whatever chance we had of him wanting to work with us? That was a total lack of disrespect, which I know you know. Stop trying to be a man and dominate [Expletive Deleted]ing everything and just do it a more diplomatic way sometimes!"

She looked between the Azazel and Viv, the anger still bubbling in her as she quickly thought about the repercussions she was going to receive for speaking to viv that way, and honestly at the moment didn't care. She was sick of looking like a total push over, and whether or not the Zabrak knew it yet, he was going to help change that.

Azazel Kain

16-06-2010 23:37:14

The Zabrak glared at the two humans bickering, contempt for both of the individuals skyrocketing as the female launched her assault of screeching and yells at the male, who remained unable to get any word in edgewise. Her hair flew to and fro as the tirade that spewed from her mouth elevated to a maelstrom of anger and discontent, despising the plebeians under her that refused to listen and viewed her as a weakling.

In truth, the Zabrak saw her as such as well, but knew that her soft skin and delicate demeanor were mere illusions that hid a more sinister creature bubbling underneath the surface, untapped and full of raw potential. The dark rogue smiled as he thought of perhaps helping her unleash the demon within her, as was done to him as a child, but the smile wiped away when he realized the room was bathed in silence.

He raised his head up to see if anything had changed, and was alarmed to find both creatures staring at him, awaiting him to speak. If his skin was not jet black, he may have blushed, but sadly he lacked that luxury of facial emotion.

“Dou?” he asked, wondering what they were waiting for.

“He asked what.” said Octavia, the anger that was once swelling within her absent from her voice.

Vivackus only nodded at Octavia, the lack of respect shown to him vexing the male to no end. Azazel stared at the odd duet in front of him, acknowledging that these two were in positions of power within the Clan he had just attempted to swear allegiance to. He quickly began to realize that maybe Plagueis was not the place for him after all. Perhaps he would attempt to become a parasite of the Clan, taking only what he needed to empower himself and his own needs and give nothing in return to those who assisted him.

But such things were beneath the demonic black skinned abomination, and instead he would manipulate the Aedile to increase his chances of survival and thrive under the rule of the two odd creatures.