The House And Its Members


28-04-2010 18:31:18

Hey everyone, your Quaestor here.

This chain is for introducing yourselves, and getting to know each other. I'd love to see something from everyone up here. I'll start.

I'm Kal di Plagia Vorrac. I'm a Sith Battlemaster, and a human born on Coruscant. For much of my life I was an assassin, though I largely dropped that profession when I discovered the DJB in 23 ABY. I've been part of the Brotherhood in-Character for nearly three years.

I've served in three Great Jedi Wars and several other Vendetta events, all for Clan Plagueis, and I'm a very avid writer and teacher. My hobbies and such include writing and reading, though I'll give games a whirl now and then.

Everyone else, do something similar. Say who you are, tell us about yourselves, whatever you like.


30-04-2010 18:11:42

Hello there. I'm Jedi Hunter Wuntila, A Human/Theelin Hybrid from the planet Lok.

Wuntila is a tall individual, standing at 2.02m, and weighing in at just over 92kg. His skin is a deep cobalt blue, which matches his eyes. He is a very muscular being, relying more on his athletic prowess over anything else.

I have been an In-Character member of The Brotherhood for 3 years now; however, over half that time was spent on LoA due to Real Life constraints. I intend to return to full capacity and become an example member of Clan Plagueis.

In R/L, I'm Sam. I'm 19. I like Rugby and American Football, along with Star Wars, obviously. I'm currently studying at Hull University for a History and Politics degree.

I'm an avid writer (Much like Kal, and love poetry, novels and run-ons.)



01-05-2010 10:34:43

I am Necal, a Farghul from Farrfin.

Before I joined the brotherhood, I was a smuggler, and still retain some contacts.

I am currently Kal's apprentice, though I am planning to have him ejected into a black hole once I drain all the knowledge I can from his mind (you didn't read this, master).

I enjoy reading, and am currently in high school (I know more than most of my teachers, so I get to read in class(YAY!)). I am a JROTC cadet (AF), have a deep hatred for anything twilight, and am a trekkie as well as a SW fan.