Keto's Vengeance Run-on - Snowblind


20-04-2010 14:18:28

General rules during this Run-on:

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2. Ensure continuity, and keeping the story going.
3. Use your character sheet for your character (NOTE: You can use the character profiles for the members of Keto’s Vengeance for insight and inspiration when writing about other characters)
4. Stick to the main-story.

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The planet (under moons):
Note: Treyu would probably look very much like Hoth in the The Empire Strikes Back.


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Gryffon Prison, Morroth
Briefing room
0600 Hours

There was an awkward silence in the briefing room of Gryffon Prison, one of the many bases-of-operation that Clan Plagueis inherited, and home to the notorious battleteam, Keto’s Vengeance. The room itself was a large rectangular, mostly dark beside a large wallscreen, which currently let out an illuminating bluecolor to the room. In the middle of the room was a large table with chairs around it, beside from at one of the table’s ends that were pointed toward the wallscreen and a small podium-like plateau. Currently occupying the quarters, were the six members of Keto’s Vengeance. None of them knew why they were all called in to this briefing, but they all knew it was urgent. All they were waiting for was their commander, who had called this urgent briefing and was the last element of Keto’s Vengeance that had yet to arrive.

All six of them quickly turned their heads as the door hissed open. In the Force, you could sense all from fear and submission to loyalty and respect from the six members. Through the door, which just had opened, marched a tall figure, clad in his iconic dark jedi robe and black cape. Though appearing menacing to people around him, Mograine was a liked figure in both the Jusadih military and in Clan Plagueis. Right behind the commander, came another figure clad in dark uniform with a red patch on his breast beside his “captain” insignias, indicating that he was an officer from the Jusadih Intelligence Division.

The two of them walked past the six former occupants without a word or a salute, directly toward the elevated podium beside the wallscreen. While the intelligence officer stood at ease in the background, Mograine stepped forward to address the assembly.

Thank you for coming on such short notice. I’m going to let Captain Ghevu take the word”, Mograine said, then stepped back while the intelligence officer stepped forward, and as he started speaking, the wallscreen immediately changed to a large orbital picture of a blue-white planet.

Last night one of our scout ships picked up some unidentified presence on the second moon of Morroth, Treyu. When he went in to take a closer look, we lost radio contact with him and it’s indicated that he was shot down…” Captain Ghevu said, while looking around at the gathered members, “However, he didn’t go without transmitting the last of his reconnaissance images.” The picture of Treyu on the wallscreen then suddenly changed into a high-altitude photo of the snowy ground of Treyu, but what got to the battleteam’s attention was the series of black-gray structures and various dots in different sizes.

The low chatter between members ceased when the captain spoke again, “All indicates that the larger formations are prefab-buildings in various sizes, and while not sure, we believe that the smaller dots are a mix of people, droids and vehicles”.

Ghevu’s voice turned hard as he spoke the next words: “While this is highly likely to be pirates, we cannot take any precautions. You are going to be deployed by rapid-insertion, and are going to investigate what’s going on over at Treyu. Operation starts on 0300 hours, so immediately after this briefing, go gear up and prepare yourself. Since we don’t want to make any suspicion to either the GA or the Jedi, you’ll kiss your lightsabers goodbye this time. Command request that if there will be any engagement, and due to the nature that this may very likely be pirates, you are going to make the scene look like a smuggling-trade-gone-bad. Understood?” The six members of Keto’s Vengeance all nodded in approval. “Good, then I’ll leave the rest of the briefing to Commander Mograine”.

Captain Ghevu then saluted, and headed toward the exit of the briefing room, allowing Mograine to step forward. At the same time, a set of images such as of the planetary landscape of Treyu and the downed scoutship’s recon-image, along with a frame having geographical information about Treyu.

Okay men, as Captain Ghevu said, we’re on a tight schedule, and we are deploying at 0300 hours this night, so I’ll make this brief for you to get some time preparing. At midnight, we are to leave on a shuttle for Treyu, and at 0300 hours tonight, we’re to make a rapid-deployment before the enemies can react. At the moon, we are to infiltrate the territory of the unknown presence there and set up an overwatch, before reporting back to command for orders. When we get a clue on who these guys are, Command are going to give us orders on how to handle the situation. As Ghevu said, we can’t risk giving the GA or the Jedi any hints on our existence, so gear up with any other weapons of your choice, along with winterized clothing, but as an intelligence officer, Ghevu should have known better than to ask a jedi to leave his saber behind, I’ll be taking mine along although this is going to be a non-jedi associated operation. Well that’s all, see you all at the shuttle at platform H2-G

Gryffon Prison landingplatform H2-G, Morroth
Inside shuttle
Approximately at midnight

Just as Vexer Thrace, highest ranked dark jedi and only female member of Keto’s Vengeance, stepped through the landing ramp and took a seat, Mograine commed the pilot and ordered him to close the ramp and bring them up. Mograine was clad in a gray winterized jumpsuit, with white snow-camoflaged light armorplating, a gray more weather-durable cape similar to his ordinary black, and a winterized balaclava helmet with a pair of multi-sensor goggles strapped on his head. Mograine had brought with him a DC-17 handblaster, a DC-15x sniper rifle and his lightsaber, although he hoped to not have use for the latter one. Feeling the repulsors kick off the ground, Mograine took a second to watch over his six companions; all from the inexperienced and eager Zuser Whuloc and Trent Devson to the battle-hardened Fang Ao Tian. This would be a great opportunity for them all to prove why they were the elites of Satal Keto…


21-04-2010 01:24:02

In space over Morroth
Inside shuttle
Just after midnight

Du’moth stood as the ship took off from the landing dock; he was wearing a simple white coat, small enough to keep him unseen but thick enough to keep even the thinnest man warm, along with insulated pants and his snow white combat boots. The Knight was told that he was going on a combat mission to one of the moon’s of Morroth, a harsh and unforgiving world, he was glad that these so called Pirates were isolated and he would not have to take a rookie out to get him killed on a stealth mission. Knowing that stealth was needed on this mission Du’moth planned on shapeshifting to gather information on this run. Even if Mograine’s battle plan was run in and kill the supposed Pirates.

Armed with a Prax-Arms AXM-50 Blaster Rifle with a Micro Grenade launcher, two Relby K-23 Blaster Pistols and silencers and a Xerrol Nightstinger Sniper Rifle. But most important and very well concealed was his Lightsaber. He was sure that even if sent with a Rookie, at least he would make it out alive. The same may not be said for the rookie, at least not in one piece.

Du’moth strode up to Mograine as their shuttle took off from Gryffon Prison, he saw that the Knight wore his lightsaber openly, not even trying to hide that they were Jedi, his smug sense of sureness may even get him killed one day, unlike him Du’moth had seen many battles, from his military career or his time in Clan Plagueis, he was battle hardened as any on this ship. Mograine looked up from his data pad only to glimpse who it was that was walking towards him before looking back to his orders. “Mograine, may I have a word?” The Clawdite rasped as he walked past the Old Human.

Mograine looked around as if to see if anyone was listening before turning and following the young Knight over to the cock-pit of the shuttle. “What do you need Du’moth?” Mograine said as they stopped, looking out one of the windows of the shuttle craft.

“To not be put onto a stupid suicide mission with a rookie that want nothing more than to prove his metal by charging in and trying to kill every Pirate he see’s.”

Mograine smiled at the tone of impatience in the Knight voice; even so battle hardened as he was he was still nervous before a fight. “Du’moth, look, I’m not going to control this whole fight but I never planned to run into combat with guns blazing looking to get one of our members killed. If anything this mission will be as much a stealth mission as it is a combat mission. For some at least, others will be distractions, probably those who can move fast enough to not become cannon fodder for the Pirates.” Even though Mograine spoke of sending people to be decoys and being stealthy he knew that the Knight had very little experience in the field when commanding a squad, even one as small as six.

Du’moth leaned against the side of the Shuttle breathing deeply while he pinched the bridge of his nose with this thumb and index finger, he had seen many before lead him, but none so stupid as to think that he would assume, smash and grab was the game plan “I didn’t mean you, me, Fang or Vexer, Mograine I meant Trent and Zuser, they have not been with the Brotherhood for very long and have neither the experience nor the skill to pull off a stealth role un-aided. So basically what I’m asking is that if we split up, leave Fang and Vexer to take care of them.” Du’moth sneered as he looked back across the shuttle at the Protector and Novice. They were most likely to be given the role of Cannon fodder if the need arose. At least in Du’moth’s mind. With that Du’moth walked away from Mograine hearing his shallow chuckles cascading through the hull of the ship.


25-04-2010 09:41:33

Necal's clothes were simple; what was essentially a grayish white BDU covered by a thick gray cloak. He wasn't as worried about the cold, having an extra layer of fur, so he did not wear as much as his allies.

Under the cloak, Necal had clipped an armory saber, a Quickfire hold out blaster, and a small vibroblade to his belt, and had slung a Firelance and an A280 rifle around his back. They were to make this look like smuggling gone bad, so it would make sense to have a rifle for stunning and one for killing. The quickfire was practically standard; no one would believe that a smuggler would go anywhere without a somewhat sneaky way to deal with a client who didn't come through.

Lying back on the floor, against a wall, and seemingly relaxed, Necal had heard the conversation between the two Knights. He really loved his ears. But Necal also found it interesting that Du'moth decided not to mention him. He wasn't sure whether he should take this as a compliment or an insult; that he was not mentioned as weak suggested the Knight thought he was not. That he was not mentioned as a potential baby sitter suggested the Clawdite did not think he was strong enough. Or that Du'moth knew Necal could hear him and didn't want him to know what the Knight thought of him, or that he was worried the Farghul would refuse if he knew what the Knight had planned for him.

Too many variables. Best to assume Du'moth thought of him as middle ground till further information came up. Future course of action, get further information.

However, his best course of action would be to find out what he is doing first. Necal's master had not been very forthcoming, but he managed to glean that Mograine saw him as something of a surrogate father. Never a good idea, but usable if a situation came up where it was a factor. He doubted it would be in this situation. Standing up, Necal walked towards Mograine, noticing the human's eyes flicked towards his reflection.

"Du'moth makes a good point. I may not be a knight yet, but I know that they will be a potential danger to the mission. This decision is not mine to make, but it seems to me that it would be best if they were to stay with me. You, Du'moth, Vexer, and Fang are the better warriors in Keto's Vengeance, and probably better at stealth. I know enough of how pirates think to keep them safe. We will still be able to act as a distraction, though not a 'shoot me' distraction, and I could probably cause some chaos for the pirates if necessary."

Necal waited for his commander to speak up. Necal knew that he could survive, he was merely worried about the future of the Protector and the Novice, if only because he figured that, should they survive, they would be rather useful in the future.

He was getting too used to thinking like his master.


25-04-2010 11:47:46

No”, Mograine said, revealing no hints of his emotions, but knowing that what he was about to say would upset Du’moth’s desire to prove himself. How Necal would react to it, he had no idea of. Either he would be glad not to be placed in an exposed position along with the members with lesser experience, or he for some reason actually agreed to Du’moth that the team should be split between the most experienced and the ones with the least experience. “This operation is going to run smoothly, and I don’t want to see any of you falling to something as pathetic as pirates, but the fact that they sent us instead of some special ops team suggest that this might not be just some lowlife smugglers. When we get to Treyu, we’re all going to watch each others’ back no matter how green your fellow member is”, he followed, while peering out at the rest of the team members. “They are all your brethren, and by helping them all live through this operation, you’ll earn them the experience needed to excel further down the dark path that we have chosen to follow. We’re the Ketoan elites, without brotherhood we cannot hope to succeed as a team.”

Not sure if the Farghul understood this, Mograine saw that Necal nodded before walking back to his seat. The commander cleared his voice then spoke out so loud so that they all heard it, “When we get planetside at Treyu, the battleteam will be split into two squads: Alpha and Omega. I’ll be leading Alpha, and Fang, Necal and Zuser are joining me, while Vexer will be leading Omega squad. I hope you all memorized the map of the location, as you’re going to need it. While Alpha squad is moving up to the high-point position approximately 750 meters north of the enemy encampment, Omega will be waiting to move through the enemy western perimeter. When Alpha is into position, they are going to give produce cover for Omega to infiltrate the perimeter without alerts, and preferably by avoiding enemy contact at all”.

Some of the team members looked more disappointed than others, but that was something they had to live with. If they couldn’t do that, this wasn’t a place for them. As Mograine took his seat again, he drew upon himself in the Force, meditating on the events that would be unfolding in the close future.


26-04-2010 21:15:33

As a former battleteam leader Vexer understood exactly what Mograine had done. By putting a mix of experienced and new members in each group the Commander had silently conveyed that neither squad would be used as target practice for the pirates. While Vexer saw the value of this, she was concerned by the reaction of Du’moth. The Clawdite’s displeasure was almost tangible, and Vexer guessed that his conversation with Mograine had not been about how much he was looking forward to working with the newer members.

No matter. The Arkanian considered Du’moth’s ego irrelevant. Mograines plan was sound. The smaller squad infiltrates the base, collects information, and leaves without the enemy ever knowing they were there. Tactically Vexer knew that Trent was the weakest element in her squad, but she herself had once been a young protector in a battleteam. All the Human needed was strong guidance and clear instruction. Battleteam members, even young, were not always easy to replace.

Vexer’s train of thought was broken as inside the shuttle the members automatically moved themselves into the two separate squads. Images of the base layout ran through Vexer’s mind and a plan which would best utilize each members skills formed. “We’re approaching from the west. There are snowdrifts there we can use as cover to spot any patrol routes or guards before we move into the base. Once we’re past the perimeter we will move quickly to examine what exactly their operation is.”
Trent and Du’moth nodded. Vexer continued, “In the base we will move in single file line. Du’moth first, me second, and Trent third. Remember that combat is not yet the priority. We want to be in and out without being seen, like a snowflake in a blizzard.”

At that the voice of the pilot buzzed through the cabin intercom “One minute to destination.”

“Everyone get ready.” Mograine declared, “Once we’re on the ground it’ll take about 20 minutes to reach the base.”

Vexer automatically checked that she had everything with her. Never one to favor blasters she was armed with a Sith sword and Void spear. On stealth mission this made sense, as a blade kills a lot quieter than a blaster. Unlike the others Vexer actually had left her Lightsaber behind, knowing that if combat occurred she would use it. While the Warrior did feel slightly naked without her saber it would make the mission more interesting. At least in her mind.

Fang Ao Tian

27-04-2010 13:18:22

'Pirates,' Fang Ao Tian thought, 'Everywhere I go it's pirates.'

A sigh rose from his booted feet, passed through his entire form, and escaped between his lips in a near-silent expulsion. Quite simply put, Fang didn't want to be there with Keto's Vengeance. He had no issue with the beings who stood or sat around him, but there was a hefty bounty that he should be chasing in the Outer Rim. Right now he could be drugging a corporate fugitive and hauling him in for an enviable payday, but no.

"Pirates," he growled, keeping his voice low so as not to attract attention. The last thing he wanted was to be engaged in a conversation while he was putting himself into the proper frame of mind. During the briefing, it had become apparent to Fang that this was going to be a stealth mission. Even then he had begun to withdraw, further isolating himself from his teammates in order to become what this mission would obviously call for. When the time came, Fang would be a near-literal ghost in word, thought, and deed.

He shifted in his seat and made idle adjustments about the white cloak that seemed to define him as much as his silver hair and vivid eyes did. As always, Graham was strapped to his left thigh. Harper was propped against the seat next to him, the rifle switched to its setting as a silenced slugthrower. Lastly, his lightsaber rested in the nightstand back in his personal quarters. The Kiffar had finally become accustomed to the weapon, but he was fully capable of operating without it. Moreover, he possessed a command of the Force that, while nothing special within the Brotherhood, would be quite the ace in the hole against the pirates.

". . . Fang, Necal and Zuser are joining me," Mograine was saying, and Fang realized that the leader had been talking for a while before that. The Kiffar smirked and drew up the hood of his cloak and again isolated himself, certain that whatever else Mograine said amounted to stay with your group, stay quiet, and don't do anything stupid unless authorized to do something stupid.

His reverie was broken by the body of Zuser passing a shade too close for Fang's liking. Rather than reprimand the poor Zabrak, Fang glanced at him and noticed that other Alphas were gathering for individual orders. Moving to join them, the bounty hunter not so much as stood as he uncoiled. With an easy familiarity, Fang slung Harper over his shoulder and quietly moved to stand between Mograine and Zuser and opposite Necal.

'I wonder if he'll really tell me anything I couldn't have already guessed,' Fang pondered, darkly amused, as Mograine opened his mouth to speak.


27-04-2010 17:26:55

While feeling the rumbling vibrations from the shuttle engine, as the ship hovered not many meters above the cold snowy plains of Treyu, Mograine pulled the balaclava down over his head and grabbed his rifle, which had been lying beside his seat. Their dropzone was just seconds away now. He saw that the rest of the battleteam prepared themselves as well for moving out, before tapping his com to activate it.

Okay, you got your orders. Omega waits outside the enemy perimeter until Alpha is in place to provide cover”, he said in the com, and as if arranged, the ship took a wide turn while slowing its speed and opening its rear hatch, the moment Mograine’s sentence trailed off.

Immediately as the hatch opened, the darkness of the mostly uncivilized moon welcomed Mograine, and his worries of being detected slightly fell as they would still have a couple of hours with the cover of night. The commander sprang down the opened hatch, jumping off it as the ship was still hovering a meter above the ground. The more rapidly they could be inserted on the planet, the better were their chance of not being picked up on the enemy radar. Just as he hit the snowy ground, he pivoted a complete circle, rapidly scouting for some unknown presence, but there were no imminent threats, just snow and more snow. He heard the rest of the team jump off the ramp and land behind him, then the hushing sound of the shuttle’s repulsors that kicked off as the ship rose to the skies.

“Pilot, return to a safe distance and await orders, copy?” Mograine asked in his com, and a few seconds later there came a static voice in a reply, “Copy that, Commander”.

Mograine waved Vexers team ahead, before turning to Necal, Fang and Zuser. He eyed the farghul, “Necal, you take point, and find us the best route to our overwatch-position. The rest of you, follow in a normal spread column”. Alpha squad nodded in reply, and one by one, they set on the tail of Necal, who now spearheaded the squad toward a white hilltop of snow and ice.


27-04-2010 18:42:36

As Du’moth jumped down off of the shuttle craft he heard the bay doors close and the ship sail away. Looking over to his flank he saw that Alpha team was on the move and Vexer was waving him to take point. So, pulling out one of his blaster’s and attaching a silencer to it he started forward creeping westward to find these Hill’s the warrior had hinted to on the ship.

“So these hills of yours Vexer, where exactly are they?” The Clawdite said over his com to Vexer, he was not sure she had the, shall we say, correct qualities to lead this group. She was the former leader of Keto’s Vengeance but he knew there was a reason that Mograine now lead, and he didn’t want that reason to affect the rest of the squad.

Smiling with a smug sense of contempt at being undermined in front of the squad Vexer looked over at him and pointed ahead of them. Chucking to himself Du’moth started forward going over the plan in his head. ‘This sounds like a throw together run of the mill plan that was made minutes ago’ Du’moth thought as he sped up to a trot. If Vexer was going to lead this group it would be a fine time to start.

As Du’moth came to a small hill he dropped to his knee and pulled out his sniper rifle looking through it to scout ahead “What is taking you so long Du’moth?” Vexer said crossing her arms and smirking at the Knight.

“By all means your highness” Du’moth said with a sinister snarl “Go ahead and walk right into their base and get us killed.” He said stowing his rifle on his back and motioning for Vexer to run ahead.

Seeing her uncross her arms and fall back to the others Du’moth smiled and slipped by the hill dropping to a crouch. This is where it got interesting. Seeing a glow at about two hundred yards ahead of him, Du’moth motioned for the rest of the squad to stop. He pulled up right in front of a small pile of snow. Pulling out his Com he looked over to the ridge “Mograine, are you in position yet?” Du’moth said as he pulled his blaster out. It was them that were going to be running into the battle. “When this firefight start’s I’ll take up a sniper position and punch a hole. Since I’m the fastest one here I’ll catch up to you guys after I shoot. Now, my shot is invisible so when you see the pirate go down, move your asses, any objections?” Du’moth said as he turned his back on Vexer and looked at the Protector, “You up to that Trent?”

The young protector had been silent up to this point, looking up at Du’moth he turned white. This would be his first real challenge in the brotherhood.


04-05-2010 10:42:33

Wading through thick and deep snow, up what Mograine could call close to a hill, Alpha team was soon at their destination. At the top of the hill, they would set up an OP beside a large stone formation, and while being on the highest point in the proximity, they would guide Omega squad through the enemy territory, hopefully without alerting the enemies. With luck, they would all be sitting in the shuttle heading back to Morroth in a couple of hours. Then there was a loud bang echoing from over the hill, toward the location of the enemy base. Mograine froze his position, opening his senses both his perceptive and force-senses. Behind him, Necal, Fang and Zuser halted in their tracks.

Mograine tapped his earpieace, “Omega team, what’s going on? Omega team, do you copy? Omega team, do you copy?!” he growled out. There was a short pause, which felt like a silent eternity, before there came a crackling static reply, “Alpha team, this is Du’moth…” Mograine felt a disturbance in the force, as he heard the voice of the clawdite. Du’moth had requested to stay back and provide sniper support to the rest of Omega just a few minutes ago, Mograine had granted it, as it was also good to have an extra set of eyes.

“Omega team just got ambushed by a speeder group, probably a scouting team, backed by a 2-M Saber-class Repulsor Tank. They’re being taken back to enemy base now. Should I move in?” Du’moth reported, and Mograine immediately replied, “Negative, try make your way up to our location, we’ll be at the OP. From there we regroup and make a plan on how to proceed”.

“I got a shot on the tank commander; we still got a golden chance on rescuing the rest of Omega team!”, Du’moth snapped back angrily, and it made Mograine feel his own anger was building up inside him, “Du’moth, you want to start an all-out firefight? The rest of Omega team can manage to hold their mouth shut until we move in, understood? Now get up here, and we’ll figure it out.” Du’moth’s tone turned from angry to disapproving, “Copy”.

Mograine sighed; the kid still got a few tricks to learn. He turned to the rest of Alpha team, who had overheard the entire conversation over com in silence. “We’ll proceed to the OP, and make a plan for the rescue of Omega”.