Hsk: Feud Run-on


06-07-2009 00:37:16

Dark Greetings, Satal Keto.

If you have any questions about the Run-on, feel free to post them here and they will be discussed.

Remember our goal in this Feud, HSK. We are here to Learn and Grow as a House. Don't stress outdoing the other side, just focus on improving your skills and learning something new.

Also, feel free to shoot me an email at Kaliidrad@gmail.com with any and all Feud questions you might have.

May the Force serve you well.

Cassandra Elsin

06-07-2009 07:12:28

hmmm looking at the timeline for the feud,

For the Battle team Keto's Vengeance, Sanguinius was still the battle team leader. Including that in my post so yer just wanted to remind u guys about it.



06-07-2009 20:05:26

Thanks, Cassandra. That'll be an important point to remember in the RO.


07-07-2009 10:48:07

Problem is that many wasn't even promoted at the time, so am I supposed to be a JH or a DJK in this Feud?


07-07-2009 16:29:31

Oh ho ho! That IS a good question. Alaris? Viv?


07-07-2009 21:40:44

Awesome. I think I spotted a continuality break. I KNOW that Kal's call to arms was broadcasted to all of Alpha Base, so my post isn't really affected... but as for Mograine and Cassandra's: Cassandra made it seem like the message was all secret like and sent only to Sang at Gryffon Prison, while Mograine made it seem as though the message was sent to EVERY member of the house, which, would include all the men and women at Gryffon Prison.

So unless Cassandra is technologically inept and doesn't have a f-ing comlink.... She would of gotten the message. GJ. :P