Give It A Cap.


11-05-2009 06:00:12

So here's my little competition guys, it will be running for 3 weeks and every week there will be 3 new pictures up. The best caption for each picture gets a crescent.

Remember to send them to my email address, not post them here.
my email address is:

So you've got 7 days to give me some captions guys. Also remember that this is for Satal Keto House members only.

Thanks, Sang.

Without further ado, here are the pictures.

Caption 1

Caption 2

Caption 3


19-05-2009 08:30:31

Well it's a new week for the caption competition, you've got 7 days for these new pictures, new pictures after these will be posted on the 26th May.

The winners for last week are

Caption One: Alexian Celphaon - "The Emperor's Storm Troopers, number one for a reason."

Caption Two: Anubis Annedu - [In Ewok]"You son of a bitch.... Gimme.... Gimme.... HOW DARE YOU THROW IT!"

Caption Three: Cassandra El'sin - "The Imperial remnant has unleashed its new tie-fighter class. It goes by the name "T-Scooter" and here you can see Darth vader test riding it. "

Congratulations guys, your crescents will be with you soon enough and with that here are the new pictures!!!!! Enjoy :w00t:

Alexian Celphaon
Anubis Annedu
Cassandra El'sin
Callus Bo'amar
Eludajae M'Nar
Vivackus Kavon

Thanks for entering guys, remember to enter again, there are more crescents on offer.

Caption One:

Caption Two:

Caption Three:

Remember to send the answers to my email with the title of HSK Caption Competition. My email is, also remember to forward your entries to the Plagueis activity tracker for your just rewards in the future.

Give me some funny ones.


26-05-2009 13:07:15

Well it's the last week for the caption competition, you've got 7 days for these new pictures.

The winners for last week are:

Caption 1: Callus Bo'Amar - *Waves Hand* Imperial Credits WILL do fine

Caption 2: Mograine - "Pup, I am your Father!"

Caption 3: Cassandra El'sin - Chewbacca, Taking bestiality to the next step

Those lucky winners will recieve their crescents in the post. Callus getting an Emerald Crescent, Mograine getting a Topaz and Cassie getting a Quartz. Well done guys.

Participants for last week were:

Callus Bo'Amar
Cassandra El'sin

Not so many this week guys...come on and participate for this last week. Here are the pictures below.

Caption One

Caption Two

Caption Three

(either ignore or use the writing on the picture for your captions guys)

Remember to send your entries in to my email: and to the Plagueis Activity Tracker:

Thanks guys and have fun!!!!


03-06-2009 12:09:50

Well its the end of the Caption Competition, here are your winners for the final week:

1st - Mograine - "When young, strong Yoda was. Yes... very strong. Too popular to be needing to violate for pleasure I was, changed that has..."

2nd - Alexian Celphaon - Announcer 1: "Chewbacca winds up, preparing to throw..." Announcer 2: "Hey, let's just hope he's not throwing a hair ball!"

3rd - Eludajae M'Nar - Honey I shrunk the Stormtrooper!

Alexian Celphaon
Eludajae M'Nar
Callus Bo'Amar
Cassandra El'sin

Well done to you all, your crescents are on the way this minute.