[kv] Battle Royale

Vivackus Kavon

07-12-2008 02:55:49

Vivackus read the message slowly, for the third time, and was still perplexed. Frantically, Vivackus typed at the computer terminal. In a moment, all these thoughts would be assuaged and he could move on to finding out how someone had been able to access the restricted channel.
Main Doors Locked.
Vivackus was stunned before realizing his stupidity. Of course they were locked. It was standard security protocol. With the push of a button from his control console, and all would be well. Vivackus broght his finger down on the keyboard.
Access Denied.
Trembling, Vivackus typed in the override code.
Access Denied: Override Code Invalid.
The Dark Jedi Knight typed it in again, more carefully this time, in case he had accidentally made an error.
Access Denied: Override Code Invalid.
Vivackus checked the other entrances.
Doors Locked.
Access Denied.
Doors Locked.
Access Denied.

Vivackus whirled around, grabbing his chair and throwing it across the room. It hit hard off the stone wall, but the sound was deadened in the small room. He was trapped. Trapped in his own base. Keto’s Vengeance headquarters was a prison after all. Vivackus’ mind was racing. Who could have done this? What could they want? His thoughts were broken by another message popping up on the screen.
You can find in the kitchen an item that would be of use.
Scrambling through the papers on his desk, Vivackus looked for the blueprints to Gryffon Prison. He had never had to go to the kitchen before. Upon finding the location, Vivackus raced out of his office.


Try not to worry about how this situation would arise. Just take it at face value. It’s going to be a short runon anyway. Here’s how it’s going to go down:
Everyone gets one initial post, (because I want to be sure to have this done before the next GJW, you only get one, so make it count).
I've sent out an email to each of you. Remember how I asked for each of you to name a weapon? Well, I've randomly distributed them among the battle team (Including myself). Some of you were more... generous than others in what weapons you picked. >:) The email will also include where you will find the weapon in Gryffon Prison (eg. mine was in the kitchen). In your first post, make sure to mention, at the very least, where your weapon is and your reaction when you find it in the unmarked box.
Assume that at the beginning of the runon you are unarmed and somewhere in Gryffon Prison. You can't use any weapons other than the ones you're assigned unless it is an item that one could expect to find in a prison that has not been occupied for some time.
Also, try to be reasonable when describing your abilities to effectively use the random weapons and things you're given.
As the name suggests, by the end of this runon, only one person will be left alive. However, for the initial post, you can't kill anyone (or have yourself being killed). After everyone posts, I'll post again with rules to follow.
Have fun.

Cassandra Elsin

08-12-2008 15:24:44

There was a shudder of cold air passing through the stair well as the young protector crawled up them, it caused a deathly howl as it shot upwards through the tower giving the little girl the creeps. Darkness had swept this stairwell for many years; however it was the only one that would lead you to level four. Her eyes dwindled on the fact of the darkness that surrounded her; she could barely see the stairs as she slowly paced her way up them.

“Vivackus, why did you make me come up here again, it gives me the creeps?”

Cassandra’s voice echoed along the height of the tower, she quivered as only static rang through her com link. She took a deep breath as her body felt knackered after the long climb she took up the stairs, at first everything felt normal until she realised that the security door was jammed open. She let her nerves get to her knowing that the only weapon she had was she and the connection with the force, she was drastically frightened as the darkness crept in and she was alone. Cassandra slowly approached the open door way, as she took that step straight into the cell block there was the dreadful noise of it smashing dead locked and closed.

Her eyes were shut closed; she felt much more comfort without being able to see what was waiting for her. She tried her best to reach out with the force, and could only feel her presence in this mysterious gloomy place. Slowly her eyes opened and there was so much more than she expected in front of her. Cassandra’s face dropped as her eyes overlook a message written with a type of thick ink upon the wall of the cell block.

It takes practice to be fluent with a Fountain pen…You are closer than you think to your prize

There was some light, enough to see without hurting your eyes. She looked both ways up the corridor and only spotted one door open, Cell 104. Inside, her heart beat had risen, sweat drooled down her fore head if only someone she could trust was with her. As she entered the cell, rust spread along the metal poles and in one place the wall looked as if it were to break apart. Her eyes darted all over the place until she saw an odd object, a box with no writing or engravings covering it. As nervous as she felt something was echoing strong within this box, something powerful.

She took it in her hands and opened it; the little girl jumped out her skin and threw the box to the floor as she saw an old pale looking skull. It was too misshaped and creepy to be human but out of everything she saw there was a little sparkle hidden within its shadow. She reached out with her hands taking hold of it, it was solid and long with a sharp tip and as she brought it closer, Cassandra let her eyes lay upon a fountain pen that must have been lost in time and chaos of the Gryffon prison.


14-12-2008 23:14:41

Kal awoke with a quiet sigh, one hand inching to the bruise forming on the back of his head. Muttering a curse as he drew back his fingers and saw a hint of blood on them, he slowly stood, his vision still a little shaky. Taking a quick smell of the air to seek anything out of the ordinary, he made a guess that the air was clean and took a few deep breaths to steady himself. Absent any smell, the only toxins that could have been in the icy air would have probably killed him before he awoke.

Taking in the appearance of the dank room around him, the Warrior soon gathered together what few pieces he had of the events around him. He had been walking through a corridor just before it all went black, and putting the shape of the wound on his head and the fact that he'd been alert, sensing for danger at the time, it must have been a trap. Someone had put a lot of thought into dropping something very heavy on the Sith's head. Either it had been an extremely elaborate trap or an embarrassingly simple one, for no other kind could have escaped the former assassin's notice.

Looking over the room with his emerald eyes, Vorrac soon pieced together what he could about the room. In the darkness, he could see that the room had a set of stairs leading upward to what must have been a poorly-closed or loose door, by the faint light seeping from it. Giving his head one last shake to clear it, the Warrior drew on the Dark Side of the Force, using what little light was in the room to enhance his vision. His eyes took in the bland, grey walls of what was probably Gryffon Prison, seeing as the cold meant he was still on Morroth, and the stairs, combined with a lack of air flow, meant he was underground. It was the dingy state of the room, the dirty walls and floor, that indicated this as an old basement or cellar. So, there it was. Kal Vorrac, Sith Warrior of Keto's Vengeance, had been knocked the kark out and dropped in a basement in Gryffon Prison. Looking around further, the Warrior saw little else in the room, aside from a small box with a note attached to it.

Stepping slowly toward it, taking light steps and testing his way, eyes peeled for more traps, the Sith eventually reached the box and looked at the note. It was written in the letters of Rodese, the language of the natives of Rodia. True, anyone who had learned to use the Force properly could write the note with a sample of similar language, and the same skill would have let a Jedi read it, thus, it was probably meant for a Dark Jedi to read it. That said, not everyone had that skill, and leaving a note for a Jedi with said power didn't seem logical at all to Kal. Altogether, there was one last flaw with the note, and how it was written. Even without the Force... Kal Vorrac was fluent in Rodese. Someone had left the note there, and they had meant for him to read it.

Feeling below the note gingerly for booby-traps of any sort, Kal eventually picked it up, looking at it. It was simple, a piece of flimsi with rodese characters, but though it was fluent, the curve and indent of the letters screamed about a disposition with basic. Furthermore, the notes were put there almost as if being copied, not a practiced scrawl but rather an imitation of fluency. Since it was either someone using the Force or someone with a particularly well-written dictionary doing this, it meant there was about a fifty-fifty chance that the one writing it had been a Jedi themselves, or someone trained in the Force, at any rate. Looking over the characters on the page, he read it silently to himself, careful to mouth the rodese words in their own language and with a particular twist. One never knew who could read lips.

"You always did seem to cling to the bottle, as if for dear life. Now, we'll see just how dearly you cling..." The words were meant to taunt the Warrior, clearly, but they held challenge and intentional irony. "So," Kal said, reverting to basic, "It's to be a game, then."

Carefully sliding the box forward and opening it from the side facing the wall, to avoid any potential explosive, Kal looked within it and saw only a bottle. Instantly, he thought of poison, and the idea occurred to him that the writer must have thought his enjoyment of alcoholic beverages to be an addiction. With a faint grin, he pulled the bottle out, glad that this particular ruse continued to pay off. As he looked over the bottle, he realized that the one who planted it their either knew him too well, or didn't know him at all. If the latter were the case, they'd have chosen rum, not whiskey, for him to drink. On the other hand, they could have counted on his dislike of the foul beverage in his hand. Added to the fact that the whiskey was more than strong enough to burn, and combined with the knowledge of Kal's fluency with Rodese, it meant that the bottle was meant to be a weapon. Carrying it in his left hand, Kal headed slowly for the door. It was no lightsaber, true, but it would do.