Keto's Vengeance Officially Recruiting

Vivackus Kavon

13-11-2008 00:20:13

As of... twelve minutes ago, I'm officially the BTL of Keto's Vengeance. Hooray for me. Ok, I've got some cool things that I'd like to do with the battle team, but to do those things, I need you.
I can jump up and down and yell until I'm blue in the face, but without members, I can't accomplish anything. Anakin Skywalker might be a great pilot, but if all he's got is a bathtub, he's not going to win any dogfights.

I'll lay it out simply why you should Join KV.
Newish Members:
Activity is what gets you through the ranks of Journeyman and I plan to give as much chance for activity as I can.
Experience. It goes along with activity, but it should be said that the more you do something, the better you get. Never done a runon before? No problem. We will do plenty, so when the time comes for the next Great Jedi War, it will not be your first experience with these activities.
Being a member of Keto's Vengeance will give you a chance to become closer friends with the active members of your House.

Older Members:
Think you've seen everything a battle team can do? You haven't. I have some very out-of-the box ideas as far as runons are concerned. I will make it my pledge to you that being in Keto's Vengeance will be fun.

Special Offer!!!!
Could it get any better? Yes it can. Right now, if such a thing so pleases you, we are have the unique opportunity to define the battle team. Who are we and what are we about? We can be anything and everything, but if there is no one to join, we will be nothing.

Reply to the topic or send me an email. Let's do something great.

matt adler

08-01-2009 12:27:07

it look cool and i want to be a battleam leader for once.