Judgement Day!

Ziij RuZu

01-03-2008 21:43:49

OOC: Here is a fiction I wrote for my trials, my current events and my test of wisdom. Please read it and feeel free to leave ANY feedback, no matter how cruel or how awsome. Thanks, enjoy.


The colours of the Jungle flashed by, a cat like warrior blipped in and out between the colours, a starship did the same, A deep drum beat kept time with Ziij' heart, a pain erupted in his head, the scenery flew by faster and faster until...The Barabel shot up with a start, a strange feeling over whelmed him. Looking down he swept his hands over the soft white linen fabric. Where the hell was he? Looking up from the sheets his vision came to a hole in the surrounding walls. It was through here that the only source of light was penetrating the darkness of the room. Darkness had no affect on Ziij; his eyes were naturally very strong in the dark. Approaching the window, what Ziij saw nearly made him faint. Through the glass was the Jungle that Ziij had called home for many years, he was above it and the room that contained him was pulling him away. The only life he knew was disappearing before him. A slight indication of fear or panic floated on the edge of his self-conscience. Using a tactic from his early years, Ziij quickly quelled the feeling and returned to his stoic norm. The door slid open behind him and using instinct Ziij whipped around and lunged at the droid. Tearing the head off the robot the Barabel had to squint at the illluminated hallway. The sudden, extreme light change held Ziij vulnerable and in those few seconds he could feel his body being lifted into the air. Snarling in his vicious native tongue the lizard assassin was brought back into the room that he awoke in. Sleep took the Barabel once more.

The sleep this time was deep and dreamless.

When Ziij awoke there was still a force around him that held him to his bed. With ability to move his head Ziij' eyes brought him to a cloaked figure. “I hope you slept well, for there is much to do" The hidden face voiced out to Ziij. "I am going to access your conscience and together we will take a journey through your mind to see if you are the one."
Bright lights flashed before Ziij' eyes, closing his eyes did nothing to stop the pain he felt within his head. Scenes from Ziij' childhood played themselves out before him. Time seemed to freeze at a certain memory.

The sun was up but the sky was cloudy, smells of the Jungle filled Ziij' nostrils as the memory turned real. His body felt contained, looking in the nearest puddle, Ziij saw his four year old self staring back at him. His body was new, clean of scars and a fresh innocence. A call brought his attention over to a green, female Barabel...his mother? No she was dead and Ziij knew this, the men in red came and, men in red? Ziij could feel his memories and knowledge slip away as he started towards his mother. Life was back to how it once was, His mother called out to him. With no modern Ziij left within him he ran to his mom. Together they toured the lands around the settlement that his father built. Looking towards his home a weird calling took hold of his body, but disappeared quickly. The clouds above were starting to darken and the moisture in the air was easily recognized, a storm was coming. Taking shelter in the cave with his mother, Ziij noticed that his father was not joining them in the safety of the cave. A foreign noise swept through the cave. Looking towards his mother for comfort she simply told him to stay there.
Voices that Ziij has never heard before drifted into his intent ears. It was not like his mom and dad to leave him out of there sight. Curiosity over took the infant and he walked out into the rain that had started to fall. Just outside the exit of the cave Ziij saw something that he has never seen before. It was extremely large and reflected the little light the sky emitted. The object was supported by three feet protruding from the belly. Large sheets of metal stretched away from the main body and the head was clear. Standing around the object was his mother father and 5 men clad in a deep blood red, crimson like colour. The arms of one of the crimson dressed men shot up and a red light was projected at Ziij' mother. As soon as this happened Ziij' father leapt at the men on the right of his mothers assailant. Ziij' vision blurred as he saw his mother fall, the last thing he saw was of his father being stabbed through the back. Ziij felt full of pain, but for some reason he could not feel the rain.

His memories flew back into Ziij, slamming into him as if struck by a hammer. He was back in the void of the bright light. Screaming out Ziij called for his parents, no answer replied him. "A dream!" Ziij snarled to himself. “No, it was a revisited memory; you have much pain inside of you" the same voice as the cloaked man told him. "Time to visit another memory." With that Ziij was back inside his four year old body but this time it was not day.

The sky was filled with stars and the moon hung lazily in the air. The smell of meat brought Ziij' attention back to ground level. Clearing away some damp leaves Ziij feasted his sight on a greysor feasting on a slain gualama. A strong sensation came over Ziij', he needed to eat. Bending down into a crouch position Ziij' stalked over to the back side of the greysor. Pouncing into action the young Barabel slashed his claws across the back of the primate hunter and before the greysor could react, Ziij leapt at him again and sunk his teeth into the neck of the victim. Once again the current world around him slipped away and he was surrounded in the white void once more.

"First time taking a life, how’d that make you feel?" without waiting for an answer the voice continued. "I realize now why you have been missing for so long, I am going to pry through more memories, your animosity intrigues me" the man never mentioned what Ziij has been missing from. Helplessly Ziij was thrown into his teenage body not given the time to ask what the voice meant. As usual he could feel his memories slide away until he was unsure of what he was thinking about.

In the distance the sun was setting, soon the moon would be in the sky. Ziij was hunting, his body was relaxed and his mind sharp. In the tree tops of the jungle he perched waiting for what he knew was coming. Feeling the presence of a Bursa, Ziij leapt out of his chosen ambush area and landed on the back of the large carnivorous beast. The bone dagger flashed into Ziij' hand and was soon embedded in the Bursa right between the shoulder blades. The sheer size of the creature kept the beast alive. Ziij was whipped off the back but managed to grab hold of fur from the Bursa's leg. Grabbing the other dagger Ziij sliced the Achilles tendon of the stampeding creature. Swinging around the other front leg Ziij repeated the process and sliced the Achilles tendon. Leaping off the Bursa Ziij was kicked in the thigh, rolling safely to the grass below. The Bursa flipped forward and lay in a heap of pain and suffering. Walking towards the beast Ziij pulled his dagger from the beasts back and jammed it through the top of the beast’s mouth. The life drained from the Bursa's eyes. Looking around Ziij noticed that the stampeding creature brought him to where the jungle faded into a field of grass. In the distance Ziij could see some activity. Ziij waited patiently in the shadows of the jungle waiting to see what was coming across the plain. When night fell Ziij decided to go and look at what he saw for himself. As he got closer the level of noise increased. What ever he saw it involved a lot of activity. Stealthily approaching what appeared to be a camp, Ziij saw weapons leaned against crates. Footsteps alarmed Ziij of an oncoming presence, disappearing into the shadows Ziij watched as two Gungan's exchanged a scroll and carried on in opposite directions. Something was going on; Gungun's do not normally carry weapons.
For years Ziij avoided contact with the Gungan, wants to avoid all contact with civilization, his place was being one with nature. The Gunguns were apparently out of sight, closing his eyes Ziij opened his sense of hearing to the surrounding dangers. Seemingly safe the Barabel left his hiding and headed back towards the trees. His curiosity was quenched. An inner feeling stopped his feet, glancing back towards the crates that had the blades leaned against it. Considering taking one he felt the bruise on his thigh from the bursa hours before. Selecting two short steel blades he ran back into the security of the darkness. The hunter’s thoughts were full, questions he could not answer nipped at him. Ziij stopped and dropped low. Something was near. Feeling like a fool for letting his curiosity distract his senses. The life force was coming from his left. Crawling in the prone position Ziij found the source of life. Two men were lying in the prone position observing the Gungun. Sitting, staring at the two Naboo-human scouts, Ziij studied the potential actions he may take. If the Gunguns were to become aggressive the Nabooian's will retaliate. Knowing that the Humans had the upper hand due to there technology and there drive to shut nature out, they would destroy the Gunguns. Reason told him to walk away, but instinct told him to slay the scouts where they lay. Drawing one of the steel blades Ziij, with a quick downward sweep, decapitated one of the scouts. Using the other blade simultaneously, Ziij ended the other scouts life with a chop to the neck. Blood soaked the grass below. Hiding the two stolen blades in the grass Ziij carried both the lifeless bodies to the Gungun camp.

As soon as Ziij entered the camp he could feel the pull of the void returning to him, he felt foolish once again for believing that he was in the present.
“It’s interesting is it not? How the very decision you made to slay those scouts has landed you here in my control.” The voice echoed throughout the void.
“What isss it that you want?!” Ziij growled at the voice, No answer came but a slight laughter could be heard as Ziij slipped back into his past.

The night was clear but there was no moon, sitting in a tree on the outskirts of Naboo, Ziij waited with the two stolen blades in his hands. His contract stated for him to take out the Nabooian general at any costs. The Civil war has been going for quite some time. The Gunguns have been using Ziij as a specialist assassin for around a year now. Payment has no value to the Barabel instead he is repaid by insurance of safety and a deed to the Jungles where he hunts. Life has been easy, all his life Ziij has been hunting. Being an assassin is merely hunting for assigned humans, or Gunguns, whoever pays higher. The call of a bird snapped Ziij back into reality. This contract could be fulfilled easily, no need to make it look like an accident, no reason to be stealth. Ziij was infamous, everyone feared the jungles, yet no one knew who he was. He was the Ru’Zu, a word passed around meaning Sun and Moon. He was guessing he was named this because he was always lurking, despite it being night or day.
A couple of close interactions have brought upon many scars. A scar running down Ziij’ neck reminds him never to wander to far into the city in broad daylight with no planned escape.
The call of another bird once again brought him back to the present, ‘best just to get this over with’ Ziij told himself, his mind was obviously not focused. Leaping from the branch he landed over the wall and into a place shut out from nature. He hated cities.
Gunguns were pretty resourceful and luckily this time they were able to supply Ziij Ru’Zu with information on the General’s whereabouts. Climbing on the rooftops Ziij headed towards the barracks. Due to the war the barracks were monitored constantly. Not a problem. Ziij dropped from the roof and penetrated his blade into the collarbone of one of the sentry’s. With amazing speed he swept his left hand blade upward and through the torso of the second sentry. Wiping his blades off he opened the door to the barracks…

Ziij was ripped away from the scene and like usual found himself in the blinding void. “Ziij Ru’Zu, interesting title, an assassin, expected.” The voice seemed to be talking to himself more then the confused lizard assassin. “The rest of your contracts do not interest me, although one memory does.”

Dark clouds covered the morning sky, the sun did not seem to exist, and a cold wind blew through Ziij’ jungle, something else was there. The civil war came to an end about eight months ago, the two races ending in a rough and weak treaty. Ziij himself returned to the jungle after the war. The civil war was done, but a new kind had brewed.
Ziij stopped suddenly, the scent of his enemy hung loosely in the air. His enemy, more like a brother, one fatal night brought the other beast into the jungle for an unknown reason. Since then occasional skirmishes have broken out between the two. The enemy was the most skilled tracker he has ever encountered. The beast was born to track; his features resembled that of a cat.
The wind was now howling uncontrollably. Ziij dropped to the ground as the Cat warrior dove over his head. Drawing his blades Ziij dashed towards a tree and leapt into the covering canopy. Gaining himself, the tracker stood up and scanned the area. His knowledge of footprints leads his stare right into the tree that Ziij is perched in. With a mighty leap the Barabel was airborne and had his blades poised high above his head, slashing down towards his adversaries head. Dodging out the blades the cat like creature was not quick enough as the swords severed tail from torso. A mighty roar protruded from the creature’s mouth and echoed through the night. With a mighty swing the tracker punched Ziij in the jaw, dislodging one of his fangs. Adrenaline was high and the noise of the wounded creature brought upon interest in a starship over head. Ziij was momentarily distracted by the aircraft and he felt teeth sink into his own tail. Shedding his tail Ziij swiveled around and kicked the tailless cat in the back of the head knocking him unconscious. Ziij looked back at his tail… another one wasted. Positioning his blade above the unconscious cat, Ziij was hit in the back of the head himself. Turning he saw the very same cloaked figure now controlling his memories.

With a mighty roar Ziij ripped himself from the memory and broke the forces of the void. He approached the cloaked figure and grabbed him by the throat. Feeling that he held the advantage Ziij held on tightly to the man’s throat. Letting his claws dig into the man’s skin. A wall of energy knocked him back and the cloaked figure chuckled. “You are perfect for the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. We will arrive shortly, now if you will cooperate I will teach you what you need to know for the test of Lore.”

Seraph Wartooth

01-03-2008 22:56:50

Awesome. Really liked how you used the whole flashback idea.


03-03-2008 07:16:49

That was a very well-written story, Ziij. Entertaining, to say the least. ;)

Vivackus Kavon

04-03-2008 21:28:00

Very well done. With writing like that, you'll be a great asset to SV.


05-03-2008 19:25:24

Assuming that you will participate in our competitions, that is. If you aren't ACC qualified yet, you should try to do so soon.