Satal Victus Converence Room


15-02-2008 18:29:05

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Strats stood slouched over the glass podium, watching people file into the room. Vivackus was already seated in the 'special' Flight Leader chair, the two of them having just finished a private conversation. As the last member of Satal Victus took their seat, the Jedi Hunter walked to the door and closed it. Re-approaching the podium, Strats gave his attention to the on-looking battleteam. Clearing his throat, the Omwati began his speech.

"Welcome, Satal Victus. I'm not sure if you know why this meeting has been called. I'll explain shortly. First, I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest members. Please stand for recognition." Strats watched the new members stand. He started a clap. Once the noise faded, he began again. "Right, right. On to the main point. As you all should know by now, this team has changed a bit. First of all, our lovable Commander, Te Me Nekaka, has decided that his talents are better spent elsewhere. He has removed himself from the clan and is now a rogue Jedi. I have been promoted to the rank of Commander. I'll be willing to do my part for this team if you all are willing to give me your trust, help, and whatever else I require to keep this team functional."

Vivackus Kavon

15-02-2008 19:00:34

As Strats continued with dull procedural information, Vivackus drifted off into thought. They had already discussed any pertinent information in private. The flight leader looked over the new members with an appraising stare. They had potential, sure, but whether or not they would prove themselves when it mattered remained to be seen.

Viv glanced at Callus, who, not surprisingly, was making a scene by not paying attention. Typical, Viv thought. He knew full well that Callus enjoyed playing the part of rebel against authority. Unfortunatly for the team, Callus was by far the most experienced member of the battle team, and the only one with a lightsaber, so he could afford to flaunt the powers that be.

"And now, I'll introduce you all to my second in commander, Vivackus." Vivackus was jolted back to the present when he heard Strats say his name. Standing up, Viv moved behind the podium.

Vivackus was not by nature a talkative person, in his opinion, actions are almost always a more effective means of communication. He began his short prepared speech...


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16-02-2008 02:10:03

Callus looked sideways at Vivackus. Callus knew that the Hunter had and issue with him and for Callus, that wasnt a problem at all. Whatever dribble Vivackus had prepared would be the traditional 'rah rah' stuff. Callus had heard it, and had even spouted it in the past.

It had it's place among the journeymen but for somone like Callus, it had no meaning whatsover. The Templar could tell however, that Vivackus was prepared and had chosen his words carefully, somthing that attested to some sort of intelligence.

Callus, who was leaning against the back wall perusing his datapad as usual, reading the most recent Envoy reports, and updating his own files. Today the Headmaster had sent him a rather interesting message that required his attention. It wasnt only that Callus was occupied with his Clan Envoy duties that kept him isolated from the battle team.

Nekaka had been his apprentice, and the boy had failed him. Not only on his way to becoming a Knight but also as a protege. Nekaka lost his head and Callus had to let him go. While normally this sort of thing wouldnt bother Callus, save for the extra paperwork that he had to fill out, Callus had this preposterous thought nagging at the back of his head. That he, Callus Bo'Amar, had failed in some way.

He knew the thought was ludicrous, he had trained several students to knighthood and others had either died, or burned out. Nekaka had done neither. Callus didnt know what to make of it right now, but he knew somone that would.

For now he forwarded a document to Quaestor Vorrac and Aedile d'Tana. Feeling the wandering eyes of some of the members upon him, he looked up at Vivackus giving the Hunter some semblance of attention.


16-02-2008 10:06:28

Zuo Hagen, after standing for recoginition sat quietly. He observed Callus quickly and figured him for a rebel of sorts. He listened to both speaches from Strats and Vivackus. He wondered to himself what had happened to the last learder. Nekaka? was it? He drifted back into the prestent as someone else rose to speak. So far this had been kind of an overwhelming amount of information to process at once.


16-02-2008 22:21:03

Caesar casually walked into the room, getting the look of confusion from many. "Uhh, sorry I was late, some little Apprentice decided it would be funny to steal one of my boots." he smirked. Strats looked at him and smiled. Caesar was known for being a great liar. No one stole his boot, he just woke up late from a long night with one of the local Twi'lek hookers. Damn. he thought, How am I gonna get the extra credits to pay her?

"Welcome our newest member to the team, Gaius Julius Caesar!" he exclaimed. No one clapped. They weren't impressed with him being late to the meeting. Caesar glanced at Callus standing in the corner playing with his little toy, busy doing Envoy garbage. He lifted his robe, exposing the hilt to his saber, and in just a few seconds the applause had begun. The team was finally happy to have someone else on the team with a saber.

He walked over to Callus and elbowed him. "Looks like we are the babysitters huh?" he laughed. Caesar had a passion for being unkind towards the Journeymen. He saw most of them as being weak, and most of the times, ignorant. However, he respected the commander of the team.

Strats finished his speech. "Ok, now what I'de like everyone to do is stand up, one at a time, state your name, and something you like to do. Starting with you Vivackus."

Vivackus Kavon

18-02-2008 11:40:03

After recovering from the momentary shock of Caesar's unexpected interruption, Vivackus stood and said plainly. "As you may know, I am Vivackus Kavon. I'm an Obelisk, a Jedi Hunter, and your Flight Leader. And I enjoy being on time for meetings."

This caused several hushed whispers, and what appeared to be a bark-like laugh from the comment's intended target. Noticing the tension raised in that atmosphere, Strats spoke up, carrying on as if nothing had happened. "Thanks Viv. Le'tum, why don't you go next."


18-02-2008 12:05:11

Le'tum was sitting off to the side doing what he does best tinkering with his bombs wishing he could blow something up when he heard his Commander say his name. Le'tum put down the block of explosives and stood up to introduce himself, "I'm Le'tum, I'm a Sith, and I like to blow things up."

Le'tum thought that was everything that they needed to know about him. The important things like his dedication and hard work would be shown to them in time.

Once Le’tum had finished with his little speech Strats said, “Which new member is up next?”


18-02-2008 14:34:11

"No volunteers? Ok, I'll go." Strats stood up. "I'm Strats, the commander and ex-sniper of Satal Victus. I'm an Obelisk Jedi Hunter. I enjoy victory." Strats looked around. "Any volunteers now? Please don't make me choose..."

te me nekaka

18-02-2008 19:28:06

Nekaka walked into the room with Ziij Ru'zu. Ru'Zu quickly took his seat. But all the eyes remained on Nekaka. "Im sorry who are you?" Strats asked from the front of the room. "I'm the one who returned to you. I am the one with the Eagle Dagger, I am the one who gave you that rank. I am Former- Commander of Satal Victus, member of Clan Plagueis, House Satal Keto. I am Guardian Te Me Nekaka, and i like to hunt." After Nekaka said this he removed his Cloak Hood and showed his face. Everyone Gasped except one, Callus. Nekaka Turned to his former master and said "Greetings Callus, I have returned, it is time for me to continue where we left off if you will allow me too?" Nekaka Turned back to Strats and said, "Proceed Commander, I'm sorry we are late, i will explain later." And with that Nekaka took his seat next to a Happy Le'Tum.


18-02-2008 20:37:53

After listening to the others Zuo Hagen acknowledged Nekaka. He then stood and stated quite simply. "Zuo Hagen, Sith, I enjoy a great many things." with that he sat back down and listened to the next person, wondering who might else appear.

Ziij RuZu

18-02-2008 21:31:52

Ziij quickly took his seat upon entering with the former commander Te Me Nekaka, it was not his place to claim the spotlight. He was also new to the BT, so he glanced across the room. Recognizing only a few of the other members seated Ziij lisnted closely to what Zuo had to say.

After Zuo sat down all eyes seemed to turn to him. He met only Callus gaze, with a nod of approval from the Templar, Ziij stood up and introduced him self as Zuo had done "Ziij Ru'Zu, Krath. I hunt, I kill, I live" feeling that his life and hobbies have been summed up he sat down on the other side of the "happy" looking Le'tum and his bombs.

Fiddiling with one of his many bracelets Ziij scanned the room, these were his new brothers. New family to hunt with... something quite close to a smile ran across his face, but quickly dissapered.

Vivackus Kavon

19-02-2008 22:09:25

The formal atmosphere had all but disintegrated. Strats had stepped down from the podium, and had begun talking with Nekaka quietly in the corner, and Viv thought he had a pretty good idea of what they were discussing.

Meanwhile Le'tum appeared to be entertaining the Ziij and Zuo Hagen with stories of instances where he caused particularly large explosions. "You could feel the ground rumble over a kilometer away." Viv overheard Le'tum say. At least those three weren't likely to cause trouble, wishing the same could be said for Callus and Caesar.

Vivackus remained seated, intentionally isolated. He saw that Strats was motioning for Viv to join him and Nekaka. Slowly rising, Viv joined the current and former commanders. Here we go...


19-02-2008 23:27:53

Callus watched the group mull about speaking silently through the force with JC.

Baby sitters is putting it nice Callus said with a grin I just dont understand why were getting these looks.

Callus shook his head and keyed a short sequence in his datapad and shut it down. Callus didnt know what to make of Nekaka showing back up, much less coming back to Satal Victus.

The others in the room Callus hadnt had much interaction with. The barabel and ZuoHagen he'd seen in passing, when they'd come through his office to get their assignments.

Vivackus again shot Callus a sideways glance. Callus hardly knew the man but for somereason Vivackus had a negative impression of the Templar. Callus ignored the fact, his glance falling toward Le'Tum.

The Twi'lek had shown a miniscule affininty for explosives and had improved a bit since joining up with Satal Victus. Callus hadnt spoken with the Twi'lek at length yet, somthing that he wouldnt rectify at any time in the future.

Finally Callus eyes found Strats, the new commander of the Battle Team. Callus sighed as he watched the Jedi Hunter converse with Nekaka and Vivackus. Callus had agreed with former Consul Aabadu that he would finish Strats' trials to knighthood. So far the process was going slowly, but now as Commander Strats would finally be tested to his full potential.

Callus rubbed his goatee looking over at Tolter and spoke to him through the force again. It's good to have you aboard, atleast when I do the smart thing, I wont be alone in doing it. These kids havent seen enough yet, I guess we'll have to give them a lesson in respect soon.

Callus laied his head back against the wall and chuckled. "Feel like a drink JC?"


21-02-2008 07:07:23

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te me nekaka

21-02-2008 21:00:52

"No one here is happier then i that you have returned, but i must ask old friend, why?" Strats asked Nekaka once Viv arrived in the circle. Nekaka Looked from Strats to Viv, and said "well i couldn't let my brothers run a battle team with out me now could i? And besides, i finshed up my bussiness on Anzat. The only thing left to deal with is my easte and i Plan on leaving that to the Clan as a Safe house for the Battle team should the need arise that we have to operate in that sector, at least we have a safe haven. No more mishapes like we had on Search light." As Nekaka said this he put his hand on his stomach. Viv Noticed this and turned to him and asked "Does it still hurt, will you servive another attack?" Nekaka Grined and responded "Viv, ill be ok and the Doctors said i will be fine. Strats, the main reason i came back was cause i abandoned the Team in a time of need, but I did what i had to do. Im sorry for putting you through this. But look at it this way, by having you put in charge, we now have a almost Full battle team and two Senior Jedi to learn from. I think we have a better shot against the Vong and the Tide the next time we cross paths with them. But for now, we should concentrate on what we found on the last mission."

Nekaka left the circle, stopped, and turned around and said "Im sorry, it was a mere Suggestion, i didn't mean...." Strats held up his hand and said "No worries, Nekaka, You were once my commander as i am yours. Your input is always accepted, just remember. Thats all it is, Input, Advice." And with that Nekaka walked over to Le'Tum. He stopped in front of him and said "Hello old friend, Please forgive a old assassin."

Ziij RuZu

23-02-2008 22:57:53

Le'tum... quite a remarkable character, Ziij thought. He was trying to follow the BT members storys of explosives but it all was way to abstract for him. He noticed he was running his scaled finger down the blade of his Litch Daggar. Ah short deadly blades... that was the way to kill someone, this attitude is most likely why he is the teams Covert Opps. Seeing that Nekaka was leaving the circle that he had gathered around him Ziij stood up, nodded to Le'tum and Asked quite loudly "Commander Ssstratssss, pleassse excussse are interuption but pleasssse go on with the meeting at hand!"

As a newer member himself Ziij did not feel to confidentaly about interupting everyones conversations, but this was a meeting, this was time for buisness not chatter.

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24-02-2008 16:47:31

Caesar nodded off while his back leaned against the wall. His eyes began to shut when he heard the voice of his new Commander yelling his name. "JC! JC! Why don't you introduce yourself to the rest of your team? I'm sure we are all dying to hear about you!"

Heh, dying. I WISH! He smirked as he walked to the front of the conference room.

"Uhh. I'm Obelisk Templar Gaius Julius Caesar. You can call me JC. Or you can call me Obelisk Templar Gaius Julius Caesar. Its up to you. I like long strolls on the beach and making sweet music in the sand. I was Knighted about a year and a half ago." he pulled out his saber. "Anyone wanna play with it?"

He glanced the crowd and saw that Trakker's hand went in the air. Caesar tossed the hilt of the weapon towards the Protector, only to have called it back using the Force before it reached the Journeyman.

Callus began laughing hysterically. Caesar joined in. "Well if you really can't tell yet that I'm a jerk, you will mostly find out the wrong way. I will warn you. I don't like your little blasters so if you get in my way with one, I hope you paid for the insurance cause its not gonna be around much longer."

Strats stood up again. "That is enough Templar!"

"Ahh... JC or Obelisk Templar Gaius Julius Caesar remember Commander? You can pick or choose" he laughed.

"Sit down!" boomed the commander.

Caesar looked around and noticed that Vivackus had the "Its going to be a long day with this guy" look on his face.


26-02-2008 00:16:48

Callus shook his head at JC's most recent outburst and the fact that the majority of the blood in Strats' body had rushed to his head. Callus straigtened up and cleared his throat.

"I'm Obelisk Templar Callus Bo'Amar. I am envoy for the entirety of Clan Plagueis and that means you wont see much of me here. If you do see me you can adress me as Callus or Envoy."

Callus satisfied that he had sufficiently introduced himself leaned back onto the wall.

Vivackus Kavon

27-02-2008 00:00:55

Callus had barely sat back down when a loud ringing from Strats' data-pad caught the attention of all in the room. After a quick glance, the commander hastily addressed the Battle Team.

"Well, I just got an urgent message from the Consul's assistant, Alaris Jinn. We are all to report to the main conference room in the Dark Tower on Kaspina for a mission. It's going to be a big one, involving members of both House Exar Kun's Battle Teams as well. A shuttle is going to launch in 3 hours. Get your supplies and be on that shuttle. For anyone who has questions, Viv and I will remain here for several minutes."

At the end of this, no one moved, still attempting to process the news. "Well, what are you waiting for? Go get ready!" As the team got up to get their possessions, Caesar knocked over several chairs, and roughly pushed Le'tum to the ground as he made a mock sprint for the door. Once he cleared the threshold though, he abruptly stopped, and began whistling as he slowly walked away from the room.


16-03-2008 20:14:25

"This transport will be landing at the Morroth Space Station in a moment. Please secure all belongings and prepare to land." The automated pilots voice rang over the intercom as the transport landed on Morroth. As the transport lands and the bay doors open, an old face walks out of the shuttle. "This house feels like its been every where but were it should be. Its always good to be home." There was a sudden calm, almost ghost like was flying overhead. Doku looked up and noticed that a shuttle was flying overhead which was heading over to the Satal Keto base of operations.

"Thats one way to get there faster." As Doku grabbed onto the transports landing gear as it was getting ready to land into the landing bay. A few hours later the shuttle landed as Doku slipped from under the ship before it squished him like a bug. As he walked away from the ship he leaned over the edge and say the actual landscape. It was terraformed....vastly terraformed, as was the house itself. The building almost looked as if a necropolis was standing here instead.

"Alot has changed since ive last been here. Course that wont stop me from getting to said conference room on this datapad that was sent to me." As Doku was leaving the hangar bay he noticed that there was alot of re-construction going on as he made his way to the conference room. Closer he got to the room, the more the house started to look brand new. Turning down a hall he saw the conference room door.

"Well this must be it. Lets hope I didnt miss anything to important." Doku walked into the empty conference room and took a seat at the main table. Proping his legs up on the table he started to fall asleep. "All this space travel is making me tired. Might as well take a nap and wait for some life form to show up."

3 Hours Later

Callus poked at his former apprentice as he slept in the chair were he was standing not to long ago. "Time to wake up numb skull."

Doku yawned and looked up at his former master. "Nice to see your still alive and breathing there old man." Doku laughed as he stood up and greeted his former master with repsect.

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