Sv Battle Team Mission: Operation - Searchlight

te me nekaka

17-01-2008 17:25:30

OOC- Ok heres the topic for it. This is a BT mission so only BT members and the QUE and AED can post. but anyone can read it. I will post for the NPC's. The posting goes like this: No god modeing, Callus is the only one to have a lightsaber out in the field, and you all should have got my report from Kal before the start of this.

Ill do my first post and we will go from there.


Update: Hey anyone can write for the NPC's just make sure it fits.

te me nekaka

17-01-2008 17:44:32

Nekaka was seating at his desk when the Quaestor of his house came across the Secure COM link.

"Commander, i have a mission for your team and you. Its code named Operation: SEARCHLIGHT. You need to read the file im sending right now. But basics, go to the Far side of Morrath. There are reports that there are a Group of Pirates establishing a Base there. But these pirates are different, they wear Storm Trooper Armor thats green with Golden shoulder pads and have a Red Strip across it. This mission is Strictly RECON ONLY! So if you have to kill any one do its Discreet. They are located just south of Alpha Base. I will leave your means of travel to you. It does not seem like they have discovered us yet. But what ever you do, don't bring them down on us, most of our Journeymen are still at Beta base."

Nekaka noded and said "Yes sir, we will be careful. What is our Objective by chance?"

Kal Replied "Just take pictures, figure out who they are and what they are doing here. The Authrization of anesthetic darts has been passed. Due come back in one peace, id hate to have to find a new Battle Team Commander."

"Yes sir we will prepare at once." And with that Kal Switched off and Nekaka begin calling his Team.

"Battle TEam Satal Victus, Report to Meeting room Alpha Right now." After Nekaka had signed off his COM, He Stood up, Grabed his VibroShiv and his sidearm and left to meet his team in the Meeting Room.


18-01-2008 13:29:06

Switching off the Comm., Kal sat at his desk and thought for a moment. These pirates were, in all probability, just another band of scum camping out on an ice world. That said, he'd seen the initial readouts and vague pictures that Ballista had taken from orbit. Clearly, they had enough supplies to last awhile, and they were making no effort to hide. Unusual, of course.

The vent in the wall behind the Quaestor, toward the back of the office, slipped open silently. Out of it crawled a person clothed in a black, skin-tight outfit, clearly designed to dampen sound. The small knife slipped from his sheath as he approached the Quaestor's high-backed chair, and he was almost in range to...

the lights went out.

The assassin fumbled with his belt controls, hunting for the night-vision switch before flicking it on. When he did, he rushed to the front of the chair, lifted his knife... and gasped at the empty chair. He didn't have time for a second gasp before the Sith Warrior dropped on him, falling from the cieling and breaking the man's neck with a sharp twist of his wrists.

"Fool," Vorrac mumbled before switching the lights back on.

This had been the sixth attempt on his life in the last two weeks, most of which had been dealt with by his Battleteam. Without them, he'd have to be more careful. This one had almost got the drop on him. Resuming his earlier business, he keyed up the Comm. for the hangar.

"Yes, milord?" the technician asked, referring to Kal as he did to all Dark Jedi.

"Prep the Swooping Clawbird for departure, and leave it at Commander Nekaka's disposal." Vorrac hoped the Sentinel-Class Shuttle would be sufficient to meet the Team's needs.

"It will be done, milord," the tech said, before Kal switched off the comm and sat back in his chair, resuming his deep thoughts.


18-01-2008 17:56:11

Strats entered the meeting room of Satal Victus to find Nekaka perched over the glass podium that stood at the head of the room. "Take a seat. Everyone must be present before the briefing can begin." Commander Nekaka motioned towards the front of the room where two chairs on either side of the podium. These chairs looked nice, and slightly more comfortable than the others. "You're one of the flight leaders, don't be suprised that you get special treatment. Have a seat." The Commander then turned and walked to the door to greet the other members who were just now filing in. 'I suppose I will take this seat,' Strats thought as he approached the chair to the left of the podium. 'I have the most seniority, it's only fitting that I be the right hand of Commander Nekaka.' The Omwati Flight Leader looked to see his commander beckoning someone else to the front of the room. A closer inspection revealed it to be Viv, who took his seat in the other chair. Callus made eye contact with Strats. Words couldn't express the envy in his eyes. Compared to the others, the reserved chairs were marvelous. As the other four members took their seats, Nekaka closed the door and walked back to the front of the room.

Clearing his throat, Nekaka began his speech. "If you haven't heard why you've been called here by now, I will have to admit that I am very suprised. This is a mission briefing. Logically, that would mean that Satal Victus is being deployed on a mission. Operation Searchlight, to be exact. This mission is a direct order of the Quaestor. Operation Searchlight is strictly a reconassance mission. For those of you that don't understand that, it means no killing unless absolutely necessary. I know, I know, what fun is that, but look at it this way. Play it smart and you'll be safe. Our mission is to investigate a newly formed pirate base, just south of here. We're to bring proof of investigation, I am assuming that a few pictures will suffice. Kal, being the kind person that he is, has arranged transportation for us, though we'll be walking a bit as well to avoid suspision. Any questions before we depart?" The hand of Jedi Hunter Strats went into the air. "Not to sound rude but what's so special about these pirates?" A smile appeared on the Commander's face."That's actually a good question and something I forgot to cover in my speech. Our satellites have picked up low-detail images of these pirates in storm trooper armor. This is more cause for suspicsion and I think might be what caught the eye of the Quaestor. Other questions?" Looking around, Nekaka saw no hands go up. "Very well, thanks for being good listeners." He notioned to the lockers. "Grab your gear and meet me in the hanger. You have half an hour." The Commander exited the room, leaving his battleteam to prepare for the mission.

te me nekaka

18-01-2008 18:54:55

As Nekaka watched his Battle Team got their gear, he motioned for Viv , Strats, and Callus to stay behind for a minute. When they walked up to the Good Commander, Nekaka used the force to move the Door to the Briefing room shut and locked.

"As you three know, there have been a lot of Attempts on the Quaestor's life lately, 6 to be precise. Well, while we are gone i have great fear that there might be more. If you have any Sensor droids or Assassin Droids that can be programed for security, im sure Kal would Appricate this. i have a old HK droid that i refitted with a movement sensor, and also armed with two death hammer blasters. with that that said, Callus any additional Comments." Nekaka looked at his master.

"There have been a few more Transports arriving on the Surface of the planet. And since we are on a Ice planet shouldn't we have White Camo? I suggest we make the switch on the Transport." Callus added.

"Agreed. Also make sure every one carries enough darts incase we need them, and I will be issuing Dagger gloves to everyone, cause if we get in to Melee combat in a CQ situation, you wont be able to have enough time to pull out your shiv and defend your self. These gloves were supposed to be issued to everyone in the begun with. with that lets go we have a mission to do." And with that the Four of them left and reported to the hanger bay. Once they entered the bay Nekaka noticed the Swooping Clawbird was ready to launch. Nekaka called over the Head Tech. in charge of Departures.

"Whats the Clawbird doing at Battle ready? Is The Quaestor going some where...." Nekaka was cut off by the tech. who held up his hand.

"Commander, The Quaestor has ordered it read and at your disposal." The tech. then turned and went back to his station. Nekaka Turned to Viv who gave Nekaka a slight head shake, as to say 'I know nothing of this'. The only thing Nekaka could say to the team who was waiting next to the shuttle when he walked up was "You all remember what happened to Callus on the The last mission. Lets not let it happen again." and with that the team load up and left Alpha Base.


19-01-2008 02:42:57

He hated the Cold.

Callus sat in the shuttle with his Data Pad out revewing some files he'd brought with him from his office on the Omicron Platform. He really had no idea why he had to be on this mission. Satal Victus could handle the task with out any major difficulties without him.

The unrest within the clan needed his attention now, not these worthless pirates. He tugged at the camoflage at his collar, the garment was restricing his movements. His prowess with a saber, while unmatched, was a mute point now. He looked at the blaster rifle at his side with disgust. The weapon of idiots he thought as he authorized several requests.

In Callus' opinion a Recon mission was a waste of time. If the pirates were rabble as he expected they would be, he could be in the facility and eliminate all of the waist of flesh within an hour. They we're basically taking a little trip to spy on the neighbors. A waist.

He looked around the cabin, no one else here had even half the experiance that he did. Was he old? Not Really. Was he just that good? Most definately. While his experiance with the Crimson Tide had been extemely painful; Callus had never been stronger. He rubbed under his chin, the wound was still throbbing but it was healing well. He didnt know what toxin the Devronian had used but it was certainly annoying.

He tried his best to push the thoughts out of his mind but one continued to enter his conciousness. Nekaka, he should be proud that his apprentice was a Battle Team Leader it reflected well on his ability as a master. The thought of taking orders from his apprentice however was incontinable. A journeyman ordering him around was bad enough, but his apprentice who he'd taught and shared his techniqes with. It just didnt sit right with him.

He jacked a pair of earphones into his data pad and listened to a little music. Tailwind's .5 past lightspeed He gently bobbed his head up and down as the shuttle carried them towards their mission.

He hated the Cold.

Vivackus Kavon

19-01-2008 22:55:50

Vivackus paced back and forth across his cabin. He had a bad feeling about this. Assassination attempts, and now pirates wearing Imperial armor. It was too much of a coincidence that these things were happening at a time of particular unrest within the House. Was anyone else connecting the dots? The Jedi Hunter got the distinct feeling that there was much more going on here than appeared on the surface.

Vivackus was also worried about the current mission. In his experience, missions never go perfectly as planned. While he made a conscious effort to appear calm in any situation, Vivackus considered his constant anxiousness a key reason that he had lived through so many dangerous situations. Faulty intelligence, bad decisions, even dumb luck, something always goes wrong.

Vivackus tinkered with his equipment because he couldn't bear being inactive. No way he was going to be caught in a fire-fight with a malfunctioning blaster. He checked the ammunition. Yes, everything appeared to be in order with the anesthetic darts. That was another thing. Why in the name of Marka Ragnos were they using non-lethal force when dealing with pirates? He told himself that he was reading too much into things.

As the Battle Team pilot, Vivackus decided he should familiarize himself with the cockpit in the event that something happened to the non-Battle Team one currently at the helm. On the way there, he saw that Breana's door was open. Peeking in, Vivackus saw that she was sitting very stiffly, ashen face, and staring into space. This was her first mission with Satal Victus. He stopped in the doorway, and waited until she registered his presence.

"Vi-Mr. Kavon. Is there something you need?" She asked, and a small amount of color returned to her cheeks.

Vivackus moved into the room and sat down next to her. "Listen," He said. "Everything will be fine." Vivackus sighed to himself.

Breana looked into his eyes. He hadn't noticed it before, but she was rather attractive, though, Vivackus pushed the thought from his head immediately. How was someone like this a Dark Jedi? "You don't believe that, do you?" She said quietly.

Vivackus did not have a chance to respond. Over the ship intercom, the voice of Commander Nekaka rang out in an authoritative tone. "Alright people, it's go time. We're landing in 5. I want everyone in full gear and in grouped in your teams at the starboard hatch ASAP."

The Jedi Hunter was relieved to have an excuse to end the conversation, though, he never did get to inspect the cockpit.


20-01-2008 08:43:50

Le’tum was reviewing everything he and the rest of his team had been briefed on about this mission. Although new to the team he had spent enough time in the military to understand that this was supposed to be a routine recon mission. Yet he couldn’t help but wonder why the commander ordered that there is to be no more then a five meter separation between each member in the squad one well placed grenade could kill or take out most of the squad in that tight of a formation and that tight grouping also made it easier for the pirates to spot them. He finished assembling the modified Merr-Sonn Stun grenade he was currently working on and set it in the group of stun grenades next to the two other small piles of sonic and fragmentation grenades. He was thinking about the basic load he was carrying and felt naked without the usual amount and variety of grenades and landmines that he carried with him. Even though Le’tum prefers to use deadly force he knows that using anesthetic darts lets the team capture and interrogate the pirates if forced to use escalation of force. Plus he knows you can’t change the RoE since it comes from higher.

Since sitting around pre-mission doing nothing but thinking is not what he got hired to do Le’tum started to clean his A280 blaster rifle and blaster pistol making tiny adjustments to the optics systems as needed. He also tucked his vibroshiv into the quick release sheath in his boot just in case things got up close and personal.

As the voice of Commander Nekaka came over the ship’s comm. letting everyone know they were five minutes out Le’tum placed his combat load into all the designated pouches and headed to the starboard hatch glad to finally be getting of the ship and back onto solid ground once again.

te me nekaka

22-01-2008 18:21:25

Breanna just stared at Viv as he walked away. Once he was out of the room, she gained her compouser and started packing her things. She grabed an extra Tourch for emergancy Prep. She just hoped she could keep calm enough to make it back alive. She believed in the Commander and in Viv. She had heard about the Commander, yet there was nothing about his past from when he was growing up. He seemed to have much Hatred. But thats all she could sense.

She hurried to the Exit hatch, at least she was paired with the Commander.
Stoneson was the last to arrive at the hatch.

Peirce Stoneson starred out the window, and did not notice the fact that across the way Viv was talking to the New Mech. of the team. It has been some time since he had last seen battle. Acctully it would be 3 years today since he last served on a ship in the Emperor's hammer.
He let his mind drift back to that dreadful day, the day he lost his Rank and was Exiled from the EH. All because he saved a Jedi. And not just any Jedi but a Dark Jedi in Distress. One from the Dark Brotherhood. That is how he ended up here. After 3 years of Exile he sought out the Jedi he had saved and asked for instruction, and here he was now. In Clan Plagueis in the House Satal Keto, Serving as a Medic for the Satal Victus Battle team. Life was starting to make sense. Then he heard the Commanders voice. Stoneson quickly got up and reported to the rear exit where the rest of the team was waiting.

"I mean it Nekaka, no all out fire fight, leave all Mines and Grenades execpt for Stun Grenades on the Transport. Leave your Rifles too." Kal said over the Holoemiter.

"It will be done sir." Nekaka responded. As soon as Kal clicked off, Nekaka got on to the Inter-Transport com and Said "All Personal Meet at the Exit hatch and Get in to your squads." He then turned to the Pilot and said "When we get clear i want you to take the Transport 10 KM back the way we came, there was a clearing, Land the Transport there, keep the engines warm encase we have to make a run for it, but stay put and keep the doors shut and locked. Oh and listen to the Com Freq. k."

Nekaka walked to the exit hatch and waited for everyone to show up. once everyone was present, he started his quick speech. "Ok, listen up. i said for the team to stay with in 5 m of each other. thats changed, make it 10 m. Le'tum, stay with me. Callus, Viv. you two take point. let me know what you find, Leave all Rifles behind, yes Strats you to. leave all Grenades and mines except the Stun, Le'tum give every one, one nade. Use in emergancy only. No FIRE FIGHTS! got it. good, Ok we all leave the ship alive, lets all come back alive. MOVE OUT! Kai that means you too."

As they walked out and got clear of the Transport, it lifted off and started the way back from where it came. Nekaka just hoped no one heard it.

"Viv, Cal. Your up, show me the way to go home."

Vivackus Kavon

23-01-2008 14:22:19

Upon exiting the hatch, Vivackus immediately realized why he never left the base. Howling winds, snow drifts to the knees and the cold. The tundra camouflage uniforms did have significantly more insulation than other types, but somehow the cold still managed to pervade everything. Vivackus was momentarily stunned by the elements.

Vivackus heard the voice of Nekaka in his earpiece. "Comm check. Viv, Callus, can you read me?"

"Loud and clear Commander." Kavon spoke into the suit. Callus responded with a curt "Yes."

"Good. Get a move on then. Nekaka out."

After making sure that the Commander was no longer listening, Callus turned to Vivackus. "Kavon, Don't slow me down." He said, in a tone that was not to be trifled with. Without waiting for a response, the Obelisk Templar turned and set out on a grueling pace, leaving Vivackus struggling to keep up.

The terrain of Morroth was not conducive to travel by foot. Patches of ice hidden by a thin sheet of snow multiple times caught Vivackus by surprise. It did not help that Callus seemed determined to get this job done as quick as physically possible, not even turning to see if the Jedi Hunter was keeping up. After ten minutes, a light snow began to fall, quickly turning into a full scale blizzard. Visibility became almost non-existant.

Vivackus yelled into the Comm. System above the wind. "Commander, we're nearing the base. Still no sign of the pirates, but right now, I can barely see beyond my nose."

"It's the same back here as well, Viv. We stopped moving for the time being when Breanna stepped through the ice of a frozen lake we were walking on. Keep moving if you can, but be careful."

"Roger." Vivackus responded and trudged through a snow drift to catch up to Callus. At least the pirates wouldn't be able to see them coming, Vivackus thought glumly.


27-01-2008 16:43:21

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Callus crept up to the compound slowly and pressed his back to the wall. He pulled his datapad from his pouch and pressed it against the wall. He waited a moment and then removed it. He'd gotten a thermal scan from beyond the wall, he saw 2 bodies in the main compound, in the open. There was an e-web turret facing the main entrance, and what looked like a sniper in the 2nd floor of the main building. Other than that there we're a few more faint heat signitures deeper into the base.

He put the pad away and removed the glove from his right hand and placed it on the wall. He ignored the layer of ice and closed his eyes. He reached out with the force trying to locate the central power junction. He followed the surges of power to the box and made his way to where the junction was.

He quickly took his lightsaber and cut an acess panel for himself. He pulled a chord from his datapad and jacked it into the maintenance port. He activated a protocol and gained acess to the power grid. He took the power from the security systems offline and severed the connection.

"You're still here?" He asked turning to Viv "Fine lets go." Callus pointed to the corner of the complex. As they approached Callus put his back to the wall squated down and cupped his hands. "What you waitin on, lets go."

"We're not authorized to go in." Viv said in protest.
"What?" Callus said standing up. "I'm all the way out here freezin my ass and we're not going in?"
"Look, I..." Viv was cut off when Callus' hand snapped up around his throat. Callus turned and slammed the Hunter into the wall.
"I know you werent about to say somthing about being a Flight Leader were you? Because honestly I could care less. So you can stand around out here waiting for authorization and freeze. I'm going to get the job done." Callus growled and let the Journeyman down. He ripped his comlink from his ear and crushed it with the heel of his boot.

Callus took a deep breath and in one display of strength and control over the force lept over the wall.


27-01-2008 17:40:07

Strats sat in the ship, his sniper rifle rested in his lap. A high-pitched screech was heard through the com-link, causing everyone to flinch. "Vivackus, are you ok?" Strats was concerned something had happened to the Flight Leader. "Oh I'm fine. It's Callus you should be worried about. Mr. Big-and-bad Equite here has hopped over the wall here. I gave him an order not to but he politely threw me on the ground and carried on as if nothing had happened." Strats didn't seem surprised at the errogant actions of Callus. "Alright then, stay put,"Strats switched off his com-link. "My team, with me. We're going to scope out things. I think the rules have changed." Strats got up and tightened his suit. No need to let in the cool air. He marched out of the ship, followed shortly by Kai and stoneson. "The both of you, follow me and do exactly as I do. Don't move ahead, stay a safe distance away. I'd rather something happen to me before it happened to you.

Strats led his team to a hill. "Higher elevation will do me some good," Strats said as he placed his sniper rifle case on the ground. "Time to set up the gear." After setting up his area, he turned to see that Kai and Pierce had a fire started. "Put that out, idiots. I know it's cold but the smoke will give us away. Strats attempted to use the force to heave snow onto the fire. A patch of snow began to float but quickly dropped. He needed more training in the ways of the force and it was very appearant to him. "Fine, you fools started it, you can put it out." Strats dropped to the ground and looked through his scope. He could see Vivackus standing against a wall. Strats assumed this wall was one put up by the pirates. Finally he located Callus in his sights. He could see a lone pirate stood around the corner Callus would soon turn. "Commander, this is Strats, do you copy?"

"Loud and clear, go ahead."
"Requesting permission to take out a pirate. If I don't, the mission will be compromised."
"Darnit, Strats. Fine, do it. Just be descrete."

"I always am, sir." Strats aimed at the neck of the pirate, who turned his head right as the Jedi Hunter pulled the trigger. The tranquilizer dart embedded itsefl in the neck of the pirate who immediately fell to the floor. "You'll owe me for that one, Callus." "C'mon team, we're going to meet up with Viv." Strats packed up and began the long walk, hoping his team followed.


27-01-2008 18:57:19

Kal sat at the chair to his desk, his head down. Any could see from a look at him how tired he was, shown by the dark rings under his eyes. He'd not slept in weeks, using the Force to keep himself going. However... it was beginning to take its toll. If this kept up much more, he'd have to dig into the old stims to stay awake, and thus alive. He couldn't allow that to happen.

Hearing a beep from his desk, he looked down at the console. A flashing light indicated that the scheduled maintenance worker was here, to inspect his office. Pressing a button on the console to open the door, he looked up just in time to duck beneath his desk as the knife flew in at his head.

"What the..." Kal said as he looked upward, seeing the blade stuck in the wall. He'd been so concerned with his lack of sleep, so tired, that he'd forgot to sense and see who the enemy was.

Drawing his lightsaber, Kal stood quickly as his assailant drew a long blade from his sleeve, holding it in a reversed grip. Dressed as a maintenance worker, the assassin had clearly been able to sneak past initial security. The guards he'd hired should have stopped him... if not for the knives in their throats. Standing ready, Kal spoke calmly and quietly.

"Who sent you?" The Quaestor said, hoping to glean some answers from the foe before he killed him.

The man just rushed in, nondescript appearance and maintenance uniform shown to be but a farce as he attacked. His first swing was dodged by the Sith, along with his kick. His blade came around to stab, and was blocked by Kal's saber... which promptly deactivated. His eyes widening, Kal was forced to jump back. Narrowly avoiding a slashed throat, the Quaestor ducked behind his desk and tried to activate his blade. It was dead.

"Damn!" He shouted, just before his reprieve was cut short.

As his assailant came at him once more, Kal reached out with the Force in an attempt to push him back. The man merely stumbled a bit, as if pushed. Vorrac was just too tired, too drained. As the man began to move once more, Kal launched himself shoulder-first into him, surprising him. Grabbing him by the head, Vorrac began slamming the man's cranium into the durasteel floor. Again and again, until the man's head was lying in a pool of blood, Kal carried out the assault. Finally, the assassin's eyes rolled back into his head and he was still. Taking a breath, Kal picked up the man's knife and looked it over. Hitting a button on his desk, Kal shouted at the comm.

"Security! If anyone's still alive, get in here. I've got a corpse I need removed, a puddle of blood that needs to be cleaned up before it freezes, and a knife that needs analysis. On the double!" Smacking the button again before confirmation, Kal leaned back against the wall, panting.

A trained assassin. Not just any, but a well-trained assassin, ready for a lightsaber. Clearly, things were intensifying. Eyes flicking toward his desk drawer, Kal's anxiety increased. The injector was there, along with the adrenaline cocktail. One hit wouldn't kill him, in fact, it could even help. No, he thought, shaking his head firmly. You don't need it. To distract himself from the drug in his desk, the Sith let his mind wander to Operation: SEARCHLIGHT. It had been awhile since the team had checked in. Vaguely, he wondered if the wookiee stored on the shuttle, this Trakker, had awakened from the knockout dart yet.


The shuttle touched down in the pirate base, its lone occupant disembarking and heading quickly for the command center. The man was dressed in insulated black trousers and a thick black coat, with a mask to protect from the blizzard. A lightsaber at his belt, all in the place knew not to confront him. It would be suicide.

"Stop," the man on patrol said firmly, walking to him. "I'll need to see some ID."

Reaching a hand to the pirate, the strange man heard the strangled noise, saw the body glove of the green, gold, and red uniform contract around the throat. Holding it a moment and lifting the pirate off of the ground, the man soon let him drop. As the pirate felt at his throat and drew a pistol, the man in black spoke in his cold tone.

"Is that sufficient identification for you? I'm expected, and I'd so very much hate to cast the pallor of death on my meeting." The pirate nodded, then scrambled away.

Walking in to the command center, the man in black passed more pirates until he came to the room. Two lieutenants and a captain stood at a strategic screen, orange and red pauldrons on their armor. Their speech was halted as they saw him, the captain motioning for the lieutenants to leave.

"What have you to report?" The captain said, his pompous tone coming clear from his helmetless head.

"All is as we expected. The team will arrive soon, armed to tranquilize only, as our informant said. The assassin has failed." The man in black spoke quickly and quietly, so as to keep the general populace from hearing.

The captain nodded, only to turn abruptly at his subordinate's call.

"Captain! A guard has been found, with a stun round in his neck." Again, the captain nodded.

"Soon is a bit of an understatement, agent." he said, followed by barked orders. "All soldiers on combat alert! Shoot to wound, I want the Dark Jedi alive!"

te me nekaka

27-01-2008 22:26:27

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Nekaka Heard the noise across the com. He also heard Strats ask for Auth. to shot the Pirate. He ok'd the shot. Nekaka turned back to Bre and asked "Can you traval or do you need to stay here?" She looked at Nekaka and said, "i'm fine sir," and she got up and grabed her gear and said, "lets roll."

Nekaka turned to Le'tum and he gave him a nod. "Alright Lets go, Strats you read me?" as the commander head towards the Base. "I'm here Commander, whats up?"

"Strats your my eyes, whats the report?" He heard silince for a while. then "Viv is here with me, Callus took off in the compound by him self." "DAKE NE!!!!" was Nekakas first reply, "Leave stoneson with Viv, Take Kai and go to the South side and Prepare for a Search, Wait in the shadows till i get to the North side. And if any one sees callus, tell him, me and him are going to go have a talk with Kal."

Nekaka looked at Bre and Le'tum and said, "Le'tum you and Bre see any speeders and such dis able all but one or two. And if you have to, Moidfy some. Take off for the North side, Im going in after Callus."

And with that Nekaka took off at a dead run. One thing was sure, this mission wasn't going as according to plan. After he got about 15 Meters way form his squad he radioed Strats and said "Strats, Im going in, your in charge complete the mission and get the hell out of here, if im not back to the Transport with Callus, Leave us thats an Order."

and with that Nekaka Switched off his com and deactived it. Time to find Callus.


28-01-2008 06:16:21

Le’tum may have been new to the team but he wasn’t new to combat. Which is why even though he was given an order to stow his rifle and pistol on the ship he decided that he was gonna have to disobey that order. He turned to Bre and told her to grab her weapons and as many rifles as she could carry because he would be taking every single nade and tranquilizer dart he could find on the ship he also wanted to take some of the flash bang mines he made because he always believes in being prepared. Once he and Bre had loaded up they started to go North like they were told and look for some speeder bikes they could take and make some modifications to.

Vivackus Kavon

05-02-2008 17:52:51

Vivackus put his hand over his face. Perfect.

"Strats, what the Hell is going on?" Vivackus spoke into the Commlink. "What happened to the Commander?"

"He went dark." was the reply. "After Callus." Vivackus swore aloud, and saw Stoneson approaching. "Viv, I'm in charge now. Le'tum and Bre are securing an escape. You and Stoneson go in from the north, I'm going down to the south side with Kai, and we'll come up and meet you somewhere in the middle, as long as nothing worse happens."

"You heard him Stoneson, we're going in. I'll take the point, and you get my back. Got it?" Vivackus said. Stoneson nodded.

Vivackus grabbed the blaster and crept along the wall until he came to an doorway. With a swift kick to the door knob, the door swung open, and the Jedi Hunter was inside in a flash. The room was small. Two guards whirled around and opened fire at Vivackus. The one to the left was immediately felled by an anesthetic dart.

Vivackus' crumpled on his right leg as the other guard's shot hit him straight in the calf. Vivackus lunged forward, tackling the guard. The two rolled on the ground, each trying to gain an advantage. Vivackus grabbed his vibroshiv and thrust it through the joint at the guard's suit's neck.

Vivackus pushed the limp body off himself and inspected his leg. Odd. The blaster was set to stun.

Stoneson came up behind him. "You killed him. Our orders were to-"

Vivackus cut him off. "I know our orders, Stoneson. I also know that I wouldn't have had to kill him if you had my back. When your life is at stake, orders are more like guidelines. Now get over here and help with my leg.


Strats had just reached the south entrance, when Vivackus' voice came over the commlink.

"Strats, we're pinned down. They came out of no-Stoneson, give me some suppressing fire!"

"Viv, get out of there!" Strats yelled.

"Negative, just keep-" The commlink fizzled out.

te me nekaka

07-02-2008 17:58:55

Nekaka Keep moving, quietly through the Compound. Then he stopped and felt something with the force. Could it be? No, it can't, another jedi pro haps? he thought to him self. But he keep moving determined to find his master. He came around the corner and was immediately in front of 3 pirates, but their back was to him. Nekaka stopped and Pulled out his Vibro Shiv. "BIZZZZZ, ZING!" Nekaka hit the ground as his left arm flashed in pain, He immedatly drew his pistol and fired 3 shots at the attcker and nailed him in the chest. He turned just in time to see two knives coming for his head, He spun and threw a Hepan RoundKick and hit one in the head which in turned hit the other in the head as well but with enough force he broke both of their necks.

Nekaka Turned his com unit on and immedataly started talking...."Team convergie on my tracker, Strats send Kai and Letum back for the Rifles. Tell viv...." But he was cut off as he heard foot steps behind him, he spun quickly and had his pistol Drawn and aimed before he noticed callus in front of him.

"You should have stayed with the team young one. But no matter you can help me disable the Generator and such." but as Callus turned around, Nekaka told him "We're leaving this mission is a scratch, they know we are here. Its time to go." but just then Nekaka, Turned and started to stager and cought himself, "you felt it too. I suggest we gather intel." But before Nekaka turned around he took a Snap shoot of the the pirates clothing on the floor, and got on his intercom and said "Strats, Dismiss last order, get the photos, and take everyone back to the ship, Becareful, i sense a Jedi present." And with that callus and Nekaka Headed Deeper into the complex.


07-02-2008 22:01:11

Strats stood still against the south wall. He'd been given several different orders within the past half hour, the confusion was unbearable. What to do? Fellow members of Satal Victus were in danger, yet Strats had been ordered to take whoever he could find and report back to the ship. Leaving his comrades to fend for themselves was not the Obelisk way. Strats turned to Kai to see a slight nod, signalling that he would be willing to do whatever the Flight Leader ordered. Strats took off at a quick jog, headed back towards the ship. Kai followed him, trying to move in the footsteps of the Omwati to avoid detection. Strats activated his com link. Everyone with there com link activated should report back to the ship immediately. The angry Jedi Hunter switched off his com link and picked up the pace, forcing Kai to do the same.

Arriving at the ship, Strats saw that Le'tum and Bre were sitting with Trakker in the ship. "Looks like no one else had their com links on. Great, just great. This means more comrades to rescue." Strats thought for a minute, then remembered an ammo storage compartment he discovered in the blueprints that held his attention on the flight from the Alpha Base. The Omwati began to frantically pull drawers out, one after another, until he finally found a hidden compartment in one of them. Grasping the latch, Strats gave a gentle tug that caused the drawer to extend farther than normal. He grabbed ammo for his rifle and pistol, also taking a dagger. Closing the drawer, the Jedi Hunter walked back to the rest of the crew. Le'tum, you're with me. The rest of you stay here and guard the ship. If any pirates get brave and venture this way..." Strats paused and considered how bad the outcome could be. "Scratch that. Le'tum, you stay here as well. Set up charges around the ship to warn you of oncoming intruders. You all saw where the ammo was stashed. Get it if you need it, Kal would want you to." Strats turned and exited the ship. He was far from being able to solo such a powerful enemy but right now, friends were more important. The Obelisk ran as fast as his legs could carry him towards the north of the pirate camp. This was the last known location of Viv and Pierce, so it was as good of place to start as any.

Strats ran through the snow, his face chapped by the increasing gust. If they didn't get out of there soon, the team would be facing a full-fledged blizzard. The gear he was wearing was becoming heavier and heavier, though Strats somehow managed to put it at the back of his mind and focus on other things. I haven't heard from the others in a while, though they all have their com links off. I guess I can switch mine on in case they need me. Strats reached up to his ear and turned on his com link as he maintained a steady pace through the snow. He was nearing the base and could feel the presence of an unusual force-sensitive getting closer and closer.

Entering the northernmost wall, Strats was taken immediately into a small room strewn with bodies. Proceeding to the next room, the bodies grew as did the gore. The Omwati remembered that Viv hadn't been equipped with a blaster that fired anything other than tranquilizers. Viv must be making quick work with his vibroshiv. Entering the next room, Strats was confronted with a dagger to the throat and immediately thrown to the ground. "Oh, it's you, Strats. Sorry, but we're kinda nervous." Viv released his hold on Strats, allowing the Omwati to get up. Strats looked to see Stoneson lying in the corner of the room. “He was hit hard, didn’t listen to my orders. I guess some people have to learn the hard way.” “Will he be okay?” Strats questioned. “He’ll be fine if we get him back to the ship, I’m sure we can find something to help ease his pain. Ironic that the medic is the only one who is hurt. He should have listened to me…..” the continuing muttering of Viv faded off as Strats began to think. “I don’t think he can make it back to the ship alone, we'll both take him. I'm disobeying direct orders by coming here anyhow. Here," Strats said, reaching into a compartment on his side. He pulled out a cartridge and handed it to Vivackus. "Live ammo," said the Hunter with a smile. Strats walked over to Stoneson and gave him a gentle smack on the cheek, enough to wake him. "Rise and shine, dude." Strats lifted the small medic over his left shoulder. "C'mon Viv, time to go." Vivackus followed Strats through the snow, who moved rather slowly because of carrying around dead weight. "He's getting heavy, good thing we're getting close." Strats approached the vessel quickly, eager to place the injured medic down. A landmine went off a few feet away. "Careful, I forgot I told Le'tum to set up charges." Strats walked softly and strategically through the snow, Viv following in his footsteps. Entering the ship, Strats saw several blaster rifles pointed in his general direction. "It's ok, it's just me. I'm back with Viv," Strats placed Stoneson in a nearby chair. "And the medic." That was it, they were all back aboard the ship. Well... all but Callus and Nekaka, that is.


09-02-2008 00:54:51

Callus paused at the corner. He reached out with his senses and was confidant that the coast was clear. He peeked his head out, there was no one insight. He slowly edged around the corner and through the door. The room was quiet and looked like a mess hall. He crouched behind a table as one of the doors slid open and a blaster pistol poked through.

Callus didn’t recognize the figure that came through the door and scanned the room, it was obviously one of the pirates who occupied this base. He was lucky that he only preformed a cursory search and left the room, or it would have cost him his life. Callus got back to his feet and went through the door where the pirate had come.

The room was dark. The lights we’re off but it wasn’t only that, it was like there was now power. There was no humming from any machines or wall panels, no ambient glow in the room at all. He pressed his back against the wall and felt the room around him. He could sense a faint life force, like a small rodent or a person who was soon to be dead. Callus tried to locate the point of origin for the life but couldn’t. After waiting another minute he pulled his lightsaber from his belt and thumbed the activation switch. The powdery blue light illuminated the room, he saw a flight of stairs leading to the floor above.

The stairs were made of metal and clanged under his boots, even with his attempts to move silently. As he rounded the steps, a green glow was illuminating the room above him. He crept slowly up the stairs and a guard had his back to Callus. Callus rose to full height and drew his dagger, quickly and quietly he slit the man’s throat. Callus laid the body down slowly onto the floor.

He saw three men sitting at the large terminal banks against the wall. The data there was definitely of import to the House and he even caught a glimpse of what looked like the interior of Alpha base. Callus didn’t know who these guys were and didn’t have the time to find out. He’d already gotten one body too many for the mission and even with tranq darts. After he fired on the rest of the people in the room would be alerted and he’d be in a tight spot. He could see at least 2 other guards with blaster rifles in the room.

He reached into the satchel on his back and pulled a small device from it. He pressed a switch and pressed it under one of the stairs behind him. It would ride the next outgoing signal from the room and send the location of the destination to his data pad. He could hopefully get one of the techs back either at Alpha base, or the Omicron Platform to back trace the signal and then piggyback onto it and rip the data from there.

He slowly descended the stairs and back in the room that was previously dark, the lights were on and from under the stairs came a rather unhappy looking Anzat.

“Took you long enough. Well c’mon then lets go.” Callus said heading for the door.

Ziij RuZu

10-02-2008 21:47:55

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A weird feeling was floating on the edge of Ziij' conscience, was it his nerves? couldnt be, Ziij never felt nervous. Snapping back to reality the Barabel realized he had been pacing... The battle team Satal Victus was currently on a mission, what the mission was he did not know, must be secretive? or maybe all missions are. There is so much he needed to find out, but time would inform him of all he needed to know.

Recently promoted to the rank of novice Ziij got in contact with the commander, Te Me Nekaka informed Ziij of what he was to do to join. After working hard for the last while Ziij was given rank of acolyte and was pronuonced as the Battle Teams new Covert Opps. The whole system confused him, never before has he worked in a team, never had an official title. Things were changing in his life, he WAS definatly nervous...


13-02-2008 02:14:53

OoC: People, continue this as normal. Callus, write Commander Nekaka getting wounded. Do your scout thing, deal with this little curveball, and get the hell out of there. I'd like at least three more posts first, but this runon needs to end soon. I'll do the concluding post, so I'd recommend that Strats write the post that lets you all escape. Consider yourselves where you were when you came into this, as if Te were still leading.


Kal stood in his office, back to his desk, eyes closed. He'd been spending the last few hours meditating, relaxing, blessing the creation of coffee, and waiting. His sense of danger had been on high, and he'd risked a couple of hours sleep. No assassin would be dropping in any time soon, at least not a successful one. As his comlink beeped, his eyes snapped open and he took it off of his belt, speaking into it.

"Report." he said quite calmly, waiting for the results he wanted.

"Sir, the blade appears to be cortosis," the tech on the other end said, an edge of fear on his voice. "It's laced with a toxin cocktail that would kill someone within minutes of a scratch. It's potent stuff."

That was all Kal needed to know. Someone had sent an assassin at him who was skilled enough to fight a Jedi. They had a blade with enough cortosis to shut off a saber, edged with a poison. That meant they were counting on him being too tired to detoxify it with the Force. The assassins had been watching him more closely than he thought.

"Who could afford..." Kal began, but his rested mind gave him an answer quickly.

Pirates would have had access to funds they'd taken from others, as well as other sources. It seemed it was time to begin looking at these pirates more closely. He would need Victus, perhaps other individuals, more than ever. Moving to his computer, he checked it. Victus still hadn't reported in, giving him a feeling of stress to add to his current load of thought.

"The plot thickens," he said to himself, a habit he was getting into more and more frequently.


The pirates huddled behind their leader, a squad captain with a notch in his armor's red stripe. They used various makes of rifle, some E-11s from the Empire, some even E-5s from the Clone Wars, a couple DC models here and there. Many sources were available to pirates, mismatched though they may seem. There were twelve men in the squad, all armed with rifles and grenades. Other teams were focused throughout the base, but this squad had a specific task.

"Squad, disperse. Pincer formation." The pair went to the entrance of the complex, forming up six men on either side of the door. "Scout, report."

"Sir," one of the pirates, in a scout trooper helmet as opposed to the normal one, spoke. "Motion sensor shows they're approaching rapidly.

The squad leader was glad of the fact that the scouts had motion sensors in their helmets. He just hoped that one of these strange "agents" was still around, like he said he'd be. The man was supposed to be masking their presence with the Force, and while the squad captain didn't know what the hell that meant... he knew it would help. The human opponent was supposed to be a Jedi, or at least have a lightsaber.


13-02-2008 03:15:22

“No, you disobeyed several direct orders and you obviously don’t see this as a problem.” Nekaka said, raising up to his full height to oppose his master. Callus still stood about a foot over the anzat, so the human was less than impressed.

“You do realize that this is not the time or place for me to teach you a lesson?” Callus said eying his student.

“No master, it is you who needs to learn your place.” Nekaka said, defiance in his voice. Callus turned his back on his student and put his hands on his hips. Callus dropped his head and looked at his feet. Then suddenly in a flash Callus had drawn his lightsaber, activated it and had the blade sitting a few centimeters from his apprentice’s throat.

“Listen up, I don’t know if you can sense it, but something bad is going on here. There’s a void, like something is missing. I can’t sense any of the pirates in this place but I have a really bad feeling in my gut. So either you drop this and we get out of here, or I kill you.”

Nekaka didn’t have a chance to answer as the doors on either side of them opened up and they were flanked by four soldiers. Callus raised his hand and sent two of the soldiers of their feet with the force.

Nekaka managed to take one of the pirates down with a dart shot but the other enemy hit him with a shot from his blaster rifle knocking the Guardian off his feet. Callus threw his saber through the air and it planted itself in the chest of the pirate. Callus drew his hold-out blaster and shot the two incapacitated pirates and went to check on the wounded Anzat.

Callus checked for a pulse and once he was sure that the Guardian was still alive he put his hand over the wound. The blood was warm and dark, Callus closed his eyes and did what he could to stop the bleeding. It wasn’t much and Nekaka was unconscious, this complicated things even more

Callus took Nekaka’s comlink and put it in his ear. He touched the transmit button. “Attention Satal Victus. This is Envoy Callus Bo’Amar. Commander Nekaka is wounded and unconscious. As Envoy I’m taking immediate control of this mission.” Callus stopped a moment and picked up one of the fallen pirates e-11’s and his lightsaber. “All weapons are free, fire at will and shoot to kill. I’ll be extracting Nekaka and myself to the designated extraction point. Lock in on my signal and provide cover.

Callus deactivated the comlink and hefted Nekaka over his shoulder, holding the blaster rifle in his free hand. Callus left the corridor, back out into the mess hall. Callus was able to make his way through the mess hall and back out into the compound. That was where things got sticky. He made it to the perimeter of the compound before the real trouble started.

From behind him the general alarm sounded in the base and every pirate poured out. Callus laid Nekaka against the wall and put his parka on the Anzat. Callus fired into the crowd several of his shots finding home. Soon the power pack on the rifle was expended, and the pirates were still advancing. Callus could see them, but he couldn’t feel them. The sensation was incredible, and terrifying all at the same time.

He ignited his saber and thumbed the comlink. “Yea, I need help, now.”

Vivackus Kavon

13-02-2008 18:54:05

Vivackus was in motion before he had even heard Callus' last words. "You heard him people. Le'tum and Strats, we're going back to save Callus. Everyone else, guard the shuttle with your life." Vivackus said as he grabbed several blaster rifles and began loading them.

Strats began to protest. "Wait a minute, Viv. I'm still in charge here, and I say-"

"We can discuss proper chain of command when everyone is back on the ship alive, Strats, and that includes Nekaka and Callus. Le'tum, toss me a thermal detonator." Strats offered no more opposition, and once armed to the teeth, the three of them set off again for the compound.

Upon entering the compound, the group met no resistance. It appeared that all every pirate still alive was laying siege to Callus. Vivackus could hear blaster fire through the walls, but could only sense the presence of Callus and the weak life-sign of the unconscious Commander Nekaka. Strats stayed outside the base to provide cover fire for the escape. He headed for a nearby hill to find a suitable sniping position while the other two went toward the sound of blaster fire.

Le'tum was first to reach the fire fight. A thermal detonator cleared out three pirates behind a crate. Vivackus picked off several confused Pirates before they realized they were being attacked from behind. Vivackus threw a blaster to Callus, who was crouching in a corner next to the Commander's limp body.

"Took you long enough." Callus yelled, hoisting Nekaka over his shoulder. "Let's get the hell out of here!" Callus hurried to the doorway as Vivackus unloaded his blaster in the general direction of the remaining pirates, giving Callus time to escape. As Vivackus ran after Callus, Le'tum remained crouching at the doorway.

"What are you waiting for?" Vivackus yelled, scanning for possible flanking pirates.

"Call it a going-away present." Le'tum said with a smile, attaching a mine to the floor, and activating it. The two then followed Callus. Several seconds later, the ground shook, signaling that the Pirates had discovered Le'tum's surprise.

Vivackus looked over his shoulder and saw several pirates rounding a corner. Pulling the trigger, Vivackus found that the blaster had overloaded, so instead threw the entire blaster at the pirate, hitting him square in the head. They had almost reached the exit.


16-02-2008 12:47:19

Strats was following the the four with his scope. Around every corner, trouble waited. Letum blasted away at the pirates, mowing them down like weeds. It was obvious that eventually, Letum would run out of ammo. That would be the time for the Omwati sniper to take over. He saw an ambush coming; five or six pirates were setting up trip wires. Strats activated his com link. "Stop! A few of them have set up tripwires to ambush you. I'll try to pick off one or two of them but you'll be on your own for the rest. Turn around, go in the building to your left. It should come out directly behind the ambush. Go now!" Strats placed his sights on one of the pirates who was rolling tripwire. The headless body fell to the ground as a spray of blood decorated the snow-white wall. Abstract art thought the Jedi Hunter. The pirates were shocked at the demise of their comrade. Another fell to the bullet of the Omwati sniper.

The pirates must have realized it was a sniper. They ducked to the brick wall, crouching low to avoid detection. Strats could see the foot of one of the pirates sticking out. Pulling the trigger, Strats saw the pirate leap in pain and fall over the tripwire. The team walked out with looks of awe and shock. The other pirates of the group lay on the ground, moaning and groaning.

Vivackus spoke through the com link. "Stun grenades... but why?" "It doesn't matter," Strats said. "Just get it together and haul out of there!"

Strats was obviously heard. Vivackus ran out first, followed by Callus who carried the injured Commander on his shoulder, leaving Letum to bring up the rear. As the team rushed up the hill, Strats began to pack his gear. He had just thrown the bag over his shoulder when Vivackus reached him. Panting, Viv spoke. "We're ready.... Let's get out of here." "You don't have to tell me twice! Keep it moving!" Strats waited on Letum before he began the jog. "We don't have all day! Let's move it!"

Strats and the others ran back to the ship, closing the door upon entering. "We made it. Viv, get to the pilot's seat. We're getting out of here!"


24-02-2008 02:45:39

Sitting at the chair in his office, Kal had his head in his hands, frustrated. Alex d'Tana had just arrived, his new Aedile, and the two had spoken. Victus had returned to Alpha Base, with Stoneson and Nekaka currently in the medical facility. The pirates had responded with more power than he'd known they'd had. All seemed to be coming apart.

"Did anyone even manage to get a picture? Some data?" The Quaestor's voice was strained. "Anything?"

"Yes, sir," Strats said, dressed in his non-combat uniform, something akin to the uniforms of Imperial navy officers. "A small amount of data was obtained by Stoneson and Callus, we're looking at that now."

Kal sighed, and silence filled the office. One could have seen his tiredness, smelt it in the air. If not for his Aedile's assistance, he'd have passed out, no longer able to keep himself going with the Force. However, Strats was not finished with his speech.

"Sir... we felt another presence there," the Jedi Hunter said, his words wracked with tension. "One strong in the Force."

Kal looked up, golden eyes alert and filled with a new edge, a new gleam.

"So," he said calmly, coldly, "The plot thickens."


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