Get the ewok!


23-02-2005 16:04:32

Echoing what has been said before....

A certain ewok who shall remain nameless (cough "Xhedias") must be punished for the dreadful crime of leaving Satal Keto.

I'm only able to engage him in the ACC...which is fitting in a number of ways actually, but I digress.

Do whatever you can to KILL HIM! Use your full arsenal of games and ACC talent to bring honour to yourself and CSK. Let that furry, little menace know our fury! Have fun.

/me runs off screaming for blood

Nekura Manji

23-02-2005 16:30:29

You sad, saaaad people. :P I'd just like to make it clear now, that anyone who tries to ambush Xhedias shall feel the wrath of Nekura Manji Keibatsu, almost-PWNer of the ACC. Ph34r my wrath.


24-02-2005 01:27:49

In the words of Homer Simpson...

"Oh yeah? Come here a minute."

If I wasn't training 8 Initiates, fighting said ewok...whenever he accepts my challenge, and duking it out in the ACC Championship I'd cross that line you just made in the sand.

Though perhaps we shall meet in the ladder anyway....

In summary:

I bite my thumb at you, sir. :P


I'm not "ambushing" Xhedias...I'm using the front door of the ACC.


24-02-2005 07:38:51

Lol, Get Fuzzy!

And thanks for the reckoning Manji :w00t:

Nekura Manji

24-02-2005 13:09:25

No probs, little fuzzy dude... somebody has to look out for the Ewoks. :D And Vess... I look forward to wasting you in the Championship :D Only joking- I hope we have a good fight. And (obviously) I hope I win. ^_^

Oh, and one more thing:
"Do you bite your thumb at us, sir?" :P


24-02-2005 13:54:57

:lol:, nice one vess and Manji,

Why dont we just make this a clan fued? :P


24-02-2005 16:59:37

A Clan Feud, eh? I thought it might go that way. An interesting idea to be sure.

What say you CSK? Shall we show these Sadowite dogs the depths of our wrath or is one little yub-nubbing bear not worth an all out war? Perhaps we need more of a pretext....

Purple monkey dishwasher!

Obviously, it's up to the summits in the end.....


25-02-2005 16:56:24

Sounds like fun, fued in all, everybody starts to die and then people stand there in the background saying "Dude this looks so cool from up here, good thing were not in the middle of it" Then out of now were, all the Jedi go after the dudes and then they run off

But besides that, sounds like fun for a fued, but ya its all up to summit


28-02-2005 07:44:20

Either way, it's time for Callus, Warhunter, and Pug to post. The time for you to die is soon my pitiful fighters. :w00t:


28-02-2005 09:03:10

/me waves a "Go Teh Ewok!" sign :lol:


01-03-2005 10:37:17

This is gonna be great!


01-03-2005 13:18:27

:P I think my name simply explains my opinion on a fued. :P

Death to All that oppose CSK!!!

/me bites his thumb towards CNS

Muz Ashen

01-03-2005 15:29:11

/me bites back.

Nekura Manji

01-03-2005 16:28:06

/me kicks arse. :D

I'm all for a Clan Feud with you guys. Ph34r the wrath of Naga Sadow.


01-03-2005 18:03:19

yeah.. run while you still can >:)


01-03-2005 19:57:21

Im all good for a fued >:) :D


02-03-2005 07:38:00

unless we lived in...oooo, the 1400s or so, i dont think the biting the thumb gag is still very insulting :P i dont find it insulting, it makes me laugh at the person doing it! :w00t:

Death that all oppose CSK huh? Are you STILL mad about the KRoS? :P


03-03-2005 02:31:03

Always and forever...if it wasn't for those other 3 Clans we'd have won. Curses!

So the biting of thumb thing isn't insulting anymore?


/me loads old school pistol, fires it at Xhedias' feet, says "dance", and reloads. Process repeated several times....

That'll learn ya! lol


04-03-2005 12:29:40

I would be mad if Krath topics were of importance to me. But im afriad they aren't.

/me once again looks at the GJW scores

huh? 4th place for CSk...what did CNS get? :P

SW WH of Clan Satal Keto - May be fourth clan of the brotherhood but that means theres three other clans that are worse.


04-03-2005 14:10:28

pfft, gjw is old news, your just sore cuz you guys got BLOWN out :P

Muz Ashen

04-03-2005 15:33:47

nobody got Blown out, Xhedias... well, maybe arcona...



09-03-2005 01:56:18

Why has this become somewhat of a not-so-useful topic? <_<


09-03-2005 11:43:16

To confuse you.

What is heck is your little blue figure under your name?


09-03-2005 14:14:15

uh huh, and you all posted today! thats great! now i just have to write six posts! weeeeee, (Deleted)


10-03-2005 09:25:29

it looks like that spider out of a Bugs Life. Omg, I shouldn't know that....... X-)