What are your goals in the DJB?


09-11-2006 17:57:48


I'd like hear what all your goals are for your time in this club. Do you aspire to become Consul one day and do things your way? Or do you just want to enjoy the social interaction and play some games and just have a good time without the hassle?

Tell me what you want to accomplish and how you'll do it. I'm hoping that by sharing some more of this kind of information, we'll all get a better sense of one another.

I'll go first:

#1 Goal: Create new meaningful systems and facets of "play" within the House, Clan, and Club. I absolutely love to create fiction, graphics and ideas that revolve around Star Wars. I envision the DJB one day "playing" like a living KOTOR. I'd really like to be in on the creative process of advancing the Club to the next stage in its evolution.

I'll do this by hopefully continuing to serve the members and contribute ideas wherever I can.

What are some of your goals?


09-11-2006 21:04:29

Posted on behalf of Julius 'Tolter' Caesar who can't access these forums for some reason:

My ultimate goal in the Brotherhood is respect. I want people to just look at my name and see how motivated, and dedicated I am to doing things. I want them to remember my name. The only way to achieve this, is to work my ass off. Yea sure, Real Life gets in the way with a lot of things, but in order to be sucesfull in anything, you need to be flexible. One of my ROTC Instructors always says "Flexibility is the key to airpower" but truely, it is the key to much, much more.

Rank means nothing to me. For all I care, you can demote me to Acolyte or Apprentice, it still wouldnt change my work ethics, I'de still be hard working. Awards mean something only if I have them. Im not gonna go out and do a project just to get that award, but if I get rewarded with something, I am happy as all hell.

Dark Jedi Knight Julius Caesar
Former Student to Salth Khan
Chronicle Asisstant Editor


09-11-2006 21:22:03

*clears throat*

Goal #1: Take over the DB, crown myself Grand Master the Ultimate, and name Orzon by Deputy Bitch

Real Goal: Bring Clan Plagueis up to one of the top clans, perferrebly the top, in the brotherhood. Due this with superb competition activity (something that is up to you guys), superb promotion guidelines (being worked on) and other stuff that sets us apart from the other clans. Some people say we are not like any other clan, and I couldn't agree more. We have something they don't, friendship. We are nothing like the other clans, and I damn well hope we never are

*steps away from the podium*


09-11-2006 21:37:37

My goal #1: To have fun and extend my knowledge of the db and to others who are willing to participate with me. Respect is something mostly everyone would want, but needs to earn it which I am more than happy to do.

Goal #2:Kill and incinerate every al'Tor and make a new linage so that one day we might take over the db and create a new and more destructive dynasty which I hope will eventually take over the universe and cease the existence of non-dark jedi so that we may control all worlds and theri properties.

...............you guys know I was kidding right.....but, about which one :ermm:


10-11-2006 00:41:05

My goal in the Brotherhood is to see Plagueis through to the end. Whether we become the best of the Clans, or writhe in the flames of defeat, I will be there, fighting for Plagueis until Plagueis is no more. I disagree with every pathetic, fattened member of those Clans so far ahead that they have nothing to do but look at Plagueis and laugh. So we have a small fleet, little membership, and few resources. So what. We of Plagueis are the best Clan already in that we actually work for what we get. Plagueis will rise to power, and it shall be a glorious rise at that. The ultimate goal of myself, Kaliidrad Vorrac, is to be a Plagueian 'till the end.


10-11-2006 18:29:17

My main goal is to make some good friendships. I have always enjoyed the DB for the comradirie (sp?) that comes between members.

Salth Khan

17-11-2006 09:06:51

Goal #1: Reach SWL

Goal #2: Party hard after reaching SWL

Goal #3: Lay in a comatose state for weeks after partying from reaching SWL

Goal #4: Come back here and post new goals >:)

Laigerick Sithelhood

03-12-2006 15:46:28

become the all powerful dictator of the brotherhood >:) lol

Salth Khan

03-12-2006 16:24:40

Mine sounded better. :D

Laigerick Sithelhood

03-12-2006 17:33:20

yea... <_<


03-12-2006 17:37:57

My goals are really a lot like Kal's. I think I finally found a clan where I fit in and I really want to work hard and be a productive member. While of course I want to increase in rank (can anyone say custom saber? And I really want a black warbanner...), its not the most important thing. Having fun, being a good friend and helping others makes me happy. Oh and the occasional total devastation of my enemies and the continous work to make the Xyler name powerful in the DB ;)

Laigerick Sithelhood

05-12-2006 21:26:53

Oh! Good Goals Dev! *gives Dev a high five* ;)

Kell Wraith

06-12-2006 15:29:54

Mine are the same as Salth's. Although I think he will get his before I do. >:)

Kaine Mandaala

06-12-2006 16:11:22

My goal is to work backwards down the ranks.

It's the only way I can go now :D


06-12-2006 18:17:21

Your only goal is to finish that saber that you started for me. If you say what saber I will be forced to cry and destroy a weak member. :(

Laigerick Sithelhood

06-12-2006 18:43:16


Kaine Mandaala

07-12-2006 00:44:07

*grabs a bag of popcorn*

What saber?


Laigerick Sithelhood

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07-12-2006 20:11:55

Looks like Laig just volunteered ;)

Laigerick Sithelhood

07-12-2006 21:03:56

?! :o


08-12-2006 15:04:02

*grabs his buttered popcorn for the execution*

Laigerick Sithelhood

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08-12-2006 19:47:49

*grabs a Dr. Pepper and puts her feet up*

Quejo, get on with the show!


09-12-2006 12:15:44

Who's dying?

Laigerick Sithelhood

09-12-2006 12:34:23

i think it may be me... :S

Salth Khan

10-12-2006 08:06:32

Run Laig! Run!!! :lol:

Laigerick Sithelhood

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10-12-2006 11:51:16

*trips Laig and holds him down for Quejo*

Salth Khan

10-12-2006 12:00:23

WHOOPS! :blink:

Laigerick Sithelhood

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13-12-2006 16:37:37

*beats Quejo to the show, and kills Laigerick*

Kaine Mandaala

13-12-2006 16:48:13

Laigerick Sithelhood

13-12-2006 17:58:20

hahahaha, so true Kaine! ;)

Kell Wraith

14-12-2006 13:49:23

Every topic here is spam.

Laigerick Sithelhood

14-12-2006 17:18:40

For once, I agree with Kell :P

Salth Khan

14-12-2006 22:14:58

Yes, but was it really necessary to show a can of "SPAM"? I mean, you can take processed meat products just so far. :blink:

Kell Wraith

15-12-2006 00:43:47

At least it was semi original.


15-12-2006 13:46:44

I tried making topics where spam was illegal but SOMEONE erased them and I have no idea why. If I actually had moderator status like I asked for I'd clean the forums up but people in this club dont like doing their jobs :P

Salth Khan

15-12-2006 15:41:03

I think you answered your own question there. :P

Kaine Mandaala

15-12-2006 16:40:28

I tried making topics where spam was illegal but SOMEONE erased them and I have no idea why. If I actually had moderator status like I asked for I'd clean the forums up but people in this club dont like doing their jobs :P

I could just ban you outright. Would that be better? Hmm?

Besides - I made you a mod the day I was asked... Hell - within the hour I was asked.


15-12-2006 17:21:43

Never insult Kaine, he is the almighty

Salth Khan

15-12-2006 17:53:26

No, we just let him believe that. >:)


15-12-2006 20:09:07

That really does look like the Hulk on your sig, Salth

Salth Khan

15-12-2006 21:25:47

And yet it's not, so get over it. :P

The image is actually that of a vampire from a game called "Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption". I wanted a character image that was of a dark demonic figure, and this cat had just the look, and eyes, for what I wanted. ;)


15-12-2006 21:49:38

Yeah there's no need for the hostility. I never NOTICED the change.

I'll refrain from making ignorant comments however and thank you for doing it.

And for the record I asked 3 days ago and just now got it so I dont know when YOU got the email informing you of me needing moderator status but I didnt actually get the mod status until today.

Sorry to ruffle your feathers.

Laigerick Sithelhood

15-12-2006 22:56:12

See, even Aabs agrees with me, it does look like the Hulk :P

Salth Khan

16-12-2006 07:10:09

And yet your still wrong. :D

Actually, if you took this image and look at it side-by-side with one of the Hulk, you'll find that they don't look that much alike. The Hulk is MUCH greener and has totally different eyes. Not to mention a fatter face. :P

Laigerick Sithelhood

16-12-2006 17:39:18

AH! Your right! :blink:

Salth Khan

17-12-2006 09:22:10

Chi-ching! B)

Laigerick Sithelhood

17-12-2006 10:43:25


Salth Khan

17-12-2006 13:40:51


Laigerick Sithelhood

17-12-2006 14:18:45

:on2long: = Salth

Salth Khan

17-12-2006 18:13:10

No, >:) = Salth

/me consumes Laigerick's soul and tosses his mortal remains into a fiery pit.

Laigerick Sithelhood

17-12-2006 18:44:10

*goes home


17-12-2006 21:21:46

*points to the words beneath her sig* 'Nuff said ^^

Salth Khan

18-12-2006 08:39:35

I don't know, it really lacks a cause for concern. >:)

Laigerick Sithelhood

18-12-2006 17:55:36

lol, me and salth just wanna look official :P


20-12-2006 10:34:58


Laigerick Sithelhood

20-12-2006 16:36:14


Salth Khan

20-12-2006 17:28:40

Official what? I'm a Soul-eater, it doesn't get much more "official" than that. :P


20-12-2006 19:54:03

it gets way more official

It's called Aabs eating your sould because he is the uber pwning CONman.

Thats also irony :D

Laigerick Sithelhood

21-12-2006 18:13:29

:@*cough* SUX UP *cough*<_<


21-12-2006 19:28:40

*cough*atleast i get on the CONs good side :D *cough*

Salth Khan

22-12-2006 12:10:06

Keep thinking that to yourself. <_<

Laigerick Sithelhood

05-02-2007 22:13:50

>:) I'm with Salthy


06-02-2007 21:28:26

I'm with the National Kill Laigerick Campain, anyone wanna join?

Laigerick Sithelhood

06-02-2007 21:48:04


Ziij RuZu

06-02-2008 00:42:21

this forum strayed farr from the question....