The Chronicles of the Hand


03-10-2006 12:26:57

The Ketoan Quaestor bade his proxy to stand before him. The chamber was quite warm, uncomfortably so for the dark Jedi recently back from his assignment...

"Speak, operative. Tell me of your mission and its success."

A bit of sweat formed at the Hand's temple as he sought the right words. Framing the synopsis of events so as to portray himself in the best possible light, he began to speak...


Recount a task of your chosing, fictional, or perhaps something you may have worked on for the House, and present it here in run-on format. As each new Hand is selected, they will continue the thread with their story of the task assigned them. From time to time I will interject things that all Hands, past and present, may work off of in order to create an invite-only run-on that details the adventures of these elite Ketoans.

Email me with any questions.


20-12-2006 10:35:45

Quejo, you need to keep this project alive!


20-12-2006 13:15:22

I will when I figure out what's going on lol

I'll be picking new members at the end of this month.

Laigerick Sithelhood

21-12-2006 18:17:17

tsk, tsk, tsk

*Laig shakes his head