List of Known CONs, PCONs, QUAs, and AEDs


11-02-2006 19:03:53

Known Consuls:
CoFo (11/22/2000- 3/1/2001)
Mejas (3/22/2001- 6/6/2001)
Armus (?-?)
Drako (?-4/7/2003)
Gord ( 4/7/2003-11/6/2004)
Selket (11/6/2004-6/9/2005)

*Selket was last CON, as the Clan was closed on 6/9/05

Known Proconsuls:
Dalthid (6/21/2003 - 6/7/2004)
Selket (6/7/2004- 11/6/2004)
Enahropes (11/7/2004 - 6/8/2005)

*Enahropes was the last PCON, as the Clan was closed 6/9/05

Known Kirleta QUAs:
DJM Corran Force (?- 11/22/2000)
KE Azazel Diotarr (?- 6/6/2003)
OE Waza Sunrider (6/6/2003 - 10/10/2003)
OP Arso Slyth (10/10/2003 - 3/5/2004)
OT Kyn-Cya Blackstone (3/7/2004 - 4/21/2004)
SBL Vessicant (4/25/2004 - 9/27/2004)
OP Warhunter Arawn Entar (11/7/2004 - 6/9/2005)

*Warhunter was the last Kirleta QUA as the clan was closed 6/9/05

Known Kirleta Aediles:
OE Waza Sunrider (10/1/2001- 6/6/2003)
OP Arso Slyth (6/23/2003 - 10/10/2003)
OT Kyn-Cya Blackstone (12/3/2003- 1/12/2004)
SBL Vessicant (1/12/2004 - 4/25/2004)
OP Silent (5/17/2004 - 10/20/2004)
OP Warhunter Arawn Entar (10/23/2004 - 11/7/2004)
OP Ziguarath Glyndwr (11/30/2004 - 12/13/2004)
DJK Sachairi “Zaknafein” Mandalore ( 1/12/2005 - 2/14/2005)
DJK Pug Milamber Titanos ( 2/20/2005 - 5/14/2005)

*Pug was the last Kirleta QUA, due to the clan closure on 6/9/02

Known Galthain QUAs:
DJK Radek Ice claw (5/18/2003- 7/5/2003)
SBL Vessicant (7/13/2003 - 1/12/2004)

*Vessicant was the last Galthian QUA as on 1/12/04, House Galthain (Sith) was merged with House Kirleta (Obelisk) to form the first M/O House of CSK; House Kirleta (M/O)

Known Galthain AEDs:
DJK Radek Ice claw (? - 5/18/2003)

*Radek is only known Galthain AED

Known Aleema QUAs:
DJM Kaiann Yetaru Entar (6/26/2001- 3/4/2002)
Arion (3/5/02 - 3/11/02)
Troutrooper (3/15/02 - 6/12/02
Zitopia (6/14/02 - 9/2/02
Shups (9/11/02- 12/13/02)
Page (1/9/03 - 2/14/03)
DJM Kaiann Yetaru Entar (3/16/2003 - 6/14/2003) (2nd reign)
KAP Selket KuroHyo Entar-Satal (10/13/2003 - 7/7/2004)
KE Enahropes Teriad Entar-Satal (7/7/2004 - 11/7/2004)
SBM Shimura “Xhedias” Keibatsu (11/7/2004 - 2/8/2005)
DJK Callus Bo’Amar (2/10/2005 - 6/9/2005)

*Callus was last Aleema QUA, as the clan was closed on 6/9/05

Known Aleema AEDs:
Troutrooper (? - 3/15/02)
Adam Anderson ( 3/16/02 - 6/12/02)
Deus Excelsior (6/15/02 - 9/11/02
Arion (9/12/02- 10/30/02)
Page (10/30/02 - 1/9/03)
DA Dalthid (2/20/2003 - 6/21/2003)
OE Gryffon De’Urtha Cantor(7/18/2003 - 10/13/2003)
Enahropes Teriad Entar-Satal (12/22/2003-7/7/2004)
KP M’Kel Kahn (7/7/2004 - 9/15/2004)
SBM Shimura “Xhedias” Keibatsu (10/23/2004 - 11/7/2004)
DJK Callus Bo’Amar (11/7/2004 - 2/10/2005)
DJK Nilani Bakash (2/25/2005 - 5/16/2005)
DJK Zadious (5/16/2005 - 6/9/2005)

*Zadious was last Aleema AED, as the clan was closed on 6/9/05


11-02-2006 19:17:52

Alright, as the title says thats a list of the currently known (and confirmed) CONs, PCONs, QUAs, and AEDs. I still have a bunch to go through and confirm. I'll be editting the list as i get more. Ppl can feel free to reply to this topic with corrections or additions and ill add them onto my post as they are confirmed.

Im also working on getting a table made up to show who was CON with what PCON, and similar for QUAs and AEDs. I won't bother with a table showing which QUA/AED served under which clan summit though, thats just too much.

As well, Im going through historical events at the moment and will have a topic posted on it soon.


11-02-2006 21:48:17

Well I can tell you who my AED's were when I was QUA if that'll help though that was rather recent.

Aleema AED's under Callus Bo'Amar:
DJK Nilani Bakash
DJK Zadious

Also I was AED under Xhedias or Shimura or whatever his name is now.

Hope it helps. I'll try and find some other stuff. Oh yea my Arvatar thing is the last "official" CSK logo but you prolly already had that.


11-02-2006 22:27:58

Gord was PCON before he became CON.

DJK Brat Stone also served as a AED in Galthain as well.

I served as Galthain QUA for a brief stint in 2002-2003, then Pyralis followed after me.

Random memories will continue to come to mind...let me know what else is needed. Keep emailing me.


12-02-2006 21:23:21

Ok I got some more Aleema parings.

Enah was QUA when Xhed was AED and also Selket was QUA when Enah was AED but I'm sure you knew that


13-02-2006 23:53:36

Just post this now as to not lose it. Merely a conversation I had with Pyralis. Ill add in his information and the rest you guys have tomorrow when I have a moment to.

Hey Pyralis, got a moment or two to spare?
not always here, kinda doing a few things
but go ahead
lol thats fine. only need you for a breif moment.
wanted to know if i could recruit your assistance in the CSK History project. Myself and some others from CSK's past are working together on a private subboard on the DB mbs trying to piece together some of the clan's history so it can be preserved, and used in the CP's history.
we are just trying to work out past CONs/PCONs/QUAs/AEDs and critical events in the clan's history (the closure of Galthain for example)
i know you're most likely busy with other DB issues, but any and all assistance you could provide would be greatly helpful.
well, that is certainly a tall order :)
CSK's history has a very fragmented past
i'm not even sure how many history documents exist
for CONs... i can think of Alastery, ..., CoFo, Drako, Gord, Selket.
just off the top of my head, though.
we have Mejas, Cofo, Armus, Gord, Selket so far. Where's Alastry fit in do you know?
merely of the top of you head, no need to go searching now
Mejas was a noob compared to Alastery
stick her at the beginning for now
now.... CSK wasn't always a clan
when i joined in 1997, Satal Keto was a House of Clan Alvaak
I have rumours that say Gilkane was the creator. though many have stated that we need to remove this from history due to his shamed status.
No. Gilkane shuold still be listed.
he's part of history.
very well
as much as we all hate how he went insane, we can't change the role he played :P
lol true.
sometime in 1998, HSK became a Clan
Clan Satal Keto
with the three houses with which we are familiar
Aleema, Galthain, Kirleta. Krath, Sith Obelisk respectively
sometime in mid-1998, Alastery was CON
well the messageboard we use is: password is: satal_k3t0 if you want to post your stuff on there. that way you can collect your thoughts and research, and post when its not time consuming for ya.
well, i never have time :P
you may want to use what I've given you so far and paste that there for now