So....Now that im back in CP....


02-02-2006 00:20:56

So now that im back in CP should I continue work on this? or ask for this to be scrapped?


06-02-2006 09:34:50

Put all your AED/QUA/PCON/CONs names up here... and some semblance of who was in office when. Any major clan events, something like that...

If you could be so kind!


13-06-2006 22:02:50

There was the 5th Great Jedi War....Consul at the time was Gord...who had gone MIA during the war, Selket did her best to lead the Clan as Proconsul but could only do so much. Assumption that Gord had been killed in the war was a becoming very real a few months later as Selket was named Consul and Enahropes Proconsul. Myself, very new to admin was named Quaestor in Enahs stead and did my best at the time to keep everyone active. Aleema was changed to M/O to hopefully increase introduction of Apprentices into the house but there was a mix up in paperwork as all Obelisk and Sith were sent to Kirleta. (Database bug that could only be ovverrided with manual movement of members.) As for House Kirleta History, Warhunter is the best person for that.