Vader's Blog


07-06-2005 00:12:12

This is a rather interesting Blog started by a rather talented author. It's intended to be an autobiography of Darth Vader.


07-06-2005 18:19:34

Nice. Thats well written.

It really makes me wonder what the tone of Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader is going to be (its a novel) when it comes out later this year, October I think. Its meant to be set soon after ROTS and is, as the name implies, about Darth Vader. Most likely something to do with the Jedi Purge or whatever.

I can't imagine it's an easy task. Traditionally we've always percieved of Darth Vader as cold and heartless but it's obvious after ROTS that he's not meant to be a cardboard cut-out villain with no emotion. Even with the original trilogy he never really was totally cold and heartless- sure he choked people who pissed him off to death but anger management problems aren't the same as a guy who's just a cold blooded murderer.

It makes me really want them to appoint somebody to go back and rewrite the ANH, ESB and ROTJ novels. They'll never remake the movies (lots of people probably wouldn't want them to anyway) but I'd enjoy a rewrite of the books. It'd be easy to add new scenes, change a few subtle bits here and there, and drastically expand on the dialogue and inner thoughts of the characters- Darth Vader especially. The ROTS novel is very good at expanding on Count Dooku's feelings, even though he's alive for such a brief period it really goes into a lot of detail and you get a strong feel for the character.

Here's hoping Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader is gonna be good.


08-06-2005 04:46:50

Sith'ri and The Chosen One are one and the same I read somewhere and Vader's Blog is cool


15-06-2005 01:50:30

If they can make a novel about DV, how come they can't make a novel title The Emperor's Secret: The Tales of Mara Jade?


09-07-2005 16:53:09

I read that blog before. It is indeed very interesting. I like it alot. Sadly the author doesn't update very often. Darth Vader/ Anakin Skywalker, is by far the most interesting and complex character I have come to adore. We all cheer yet morn for Vader...

How come the author knows so much about Darthe Vader anyways? I mean I dont even know this kinda stuff!