Battlefront 2 trailer


22-05-2005 20:13:45

Enjoy >:)

Aidan Kincaid

22-05-2005 22:46:47

If that was actual gameplay that is going to be sweet.


22-05-2005 23:09:12

I think ill get it for space fights and jedi :P


23-05-2005 03:54:18

Same here Xhesia heh and yes, it should be gameplay fotage


23-05-2005 09:13:09

Yeah, that does look pretty good. I like the addition of the new Jedi Class, and the improved vehicular combat (at least, in space it looks good). I think BF2 is going to be much better than the first one. Might be worth buying :P


24-05-2005 17:22:59

Even better: They're releasing it for the PSP as well...

/me does a little PSP dance