Episode Three


19-05-2005 14:33:37

Yesterday, right after school, against the express orders of my parents, I wen to stand in line for eight hours to see the long awaited Star Wars Episode Three: Revenge of the Sith. It was great. The amount of Neards, all in one place, all coordinating differant events, was awesome.

Even though the people in this rural area are very red-neck, and very anti-Star wars, It was great to see the turn out. My small group of compadres and I stood in line, sabre dueled with people, played Halo 2, Dance Dance Revolution, Watching DVDs. On the other side, we had hip[pies playing guitars and bongos, pumping out great tunes, and improved Star Wars music.

It took eight hours, but we got into the theather, and gort soem pretty good seats. The Movie started a half-hour later. IT took my breath away, I cried, I laughed, I held my breath, and when it was all over, I was happy. I was sad to leave the people around me, all four hundred of them. I felt like I knew them, and they were my brethern. We had shared food, shared games and entertainment, enjoyed catharsis, and most of all, seen star wars.

Requite deSaiah

21-05-2005 23:56:05


I was there at 12:00 AM sharp in Salem. I had never seen so many cosplayers in my life! But the movie was worth it. I was in awe even as the credits rolled. It all made sense, right then, right there: George Lucas is a God.


*Meh, I just typed another bloody paragraph, but then realized that the Spoiler would ruin the movie for the other less enlightened ones present*


26-05-2005 09:54:13

I agree. Gl is god, and SW is his messiah. It was a great movie. Though in the process of going, I got in huge trouble, and I'm grounded up to my neck, I will forever say it was worth the damage.