Sir. Fattness

19-05-2005 09:02:59

What time and time zone will the Independence game be beginning?

-Sir. Fattness


19-05-2005 10:26:25

It should be starting today...the actual timezone doesn't matter as the actual "games" will be going on for a number of weeks I'm sure

Sir. Fattness

19-05-2005 10:28:29

i was just on the site and there is not even any details available. i was just wondering what time they would be posting them.


19-05-2005 12:00:55

There will be a big announcement on the main DB page when it is officially released, so now it's basically just a waiting game. The date set was May. 19, but these things are normally delayed a bit, especially since two clubs are involved, instead of just ours.

So, just keep checking the main DB page for the announcement.

Sir. Fattness

19-05-2005 12:28:47

ok thanks :)