Star Wars III, hottest actress??


12-05-2005 18:02:21

my vote's for bai ling, hands-down. even though it's been announced that's she's been cut from the movie, all you need to do is check out playboy's june issue to nod your head in agreement..a blue light saber never looked so good :)


Muz Ashen

13-05-2005 11:26:05

Bai Ling is in a lot of movies...of varying levels of cheesiness. She's definately not hard on the eyes, but not necessarily the hottest thing in the world.


13-05-2005 21:00:38

I always had a crush on Natalie Portman

Requite deSaiah

14-05-2005 01:15:37


Wow, this is thread is refreshing. :P

(A Playboy Jedi eh? Herm... I wonder how George takes this)


14-05-2005 15:46:36

She was actually going to play a Senator, though the scene has now been cut from the movie. It was about the foundations of the Rebellion, but George decided it detracted too much from the main Sith/Jedi plot so cut it. It'll be in the DVD at least, though whether it'll be nice like TPM and include it in the main film, or if it'd just be in a deleted scenes section who knows.

Requite deSaiah

14-05-2005 22:02:29

As redundant as it is, I would say Natalie Portman. I mean.... Just look at her....


18-05-2005 12:01:31

Carrie Fisher was too tommy boy for me, so yeeah you can cut her out


18-05-2005 14:12:44

I don't know...carrie was ok. She had the kind of i'm gonna kick your ass if you don't stay in line, dominating personality. I like that. heh heh...whoops, is that too much information?

Have you seen Natalie Portman's hair at the premier? She's Bald!! That cuts her out.


18-05-2005 20:05:29

Yes that was bit too much information. I don't like when girls are stronger than me. My vote is still for Natalie.


19-05-2005 13:54:30

My vote is for the hot chick waiting in line with me dressed and painted like Secura. (My wife lol)


20-05-2005 13:10:05

Yeah if i had a wife that was willing to dress up and go to Star Wars with vote would definitly be for her.

Sato Khan

20-05-2005 14:25:54

Has to be Natalie Portman, with her hair down. Carrie Fisher was just too.........much of a dude.

Requite deSaiah

21-05-2005 23:49:29

Yes that was bit too much information. I don't like when girls are stronger than me. My vote is still for Natalie.

Ah! May twenty woman beat you to death with frying pans!

*Shakes head*

Carrie Fisher was not a brilliant actress if you ask me.....

Sith Bloodfyre

22-05-2005 00:34:15

Carrie Fisher was hot for the time. I mean, honestly, even to this day, if you ask people who they could have, form any movie, somewhere in the top ten would be "Leia in a bikini/slave Leia." The fact is, she was a sex goddess for some time, just because of Star Wars.

Natalie Portman is certainly hot. And even though she cut her hair at the premeir, that's alright. She actually looked good like that. Some women can pull off the shaved head look; example, Demi Moore in G.I. Jane. She looked like she'd kick your ass in S.E.A.L. training, but still just as hot.

As far as "hot Star Wars women," you really don't have too many options, especially in the original trilogy. In the original, you mainly have Leia, Aunt Beru, Mon Mothma... the chick in ESB who says "Stand by ion control... fire." Oh, and the Twi'lek in Jabba's in ROTJ, the fat half-Hutt who dances with her, Sy Snootles... maybe there were a few female Ewkos, if that's your thing. So yeah, OT, you have to say Leia.

Prequels... there's a few more choices, but Natalie is certainly the best. There's all the handmaidens in Episode I, and probably a few more. The new Queen and Padmé's bodyguards in Episode II, and some other Naboo chicks, as well as the new Jedi girlies. Pretty much the same in Episode III, but again, just like in the originals, their female lead is still the best.

Requite deSaiah

23-05-2005 22:53:03

They always are.....


25-05-2005 10:30:30

I think they should have got someone else to play Padme in Ep. I she was supposed to be much younger then she looked


29-05-2005 21:41:59

Natalie Portman, hands down.
(Though I wish there'd been a female Sith..then Natalie would have had some competition ;))


30-05-2005 19:43:12

I doubt Vader would have went for it.


15-06-2005 01:46:42

hottest actress. Lets see, there are like... 5 actresses, and maybe 2 of them aren't dipped in makeup and plastic ears etc.
So I'm gonna say Nat Portman


19-08-2005 14:56:03

My vote is for the hot chick waiting in line with me dressed and painted like Secura. (My wife lol)

i have to go with Amy Allen (Secura)


29-11-2005 11:56:20

i like twileks.


30-11-2005 11:36:07

I am also a Twi'lek fan.


01-12-2005 18:30:16

I like Natalie Portman.


02-12-2005 06:32:44

Natalie Portman is very nice.


02-12-2005 11:45:54

yeah natalie portman is hot


02-12-2005 21:24:55

/me whistles


13-12-2005 12:25:46

what about princess leia in that slave outfit in ep.6, wow!!!


13-12-2005 18:49:11

/me likes twileks :)


13-12-2005 20:07:45

Twi'lek's i like *nods head*


14-12-2005 00:49:08

Well Im going with BF on this....Origional three....Princess Leia in the Slave outfit

Prequels: Its a toss up between Natalie Portman, Bai Ling and Amy Allen(Aalya S.)

If I need to pick a favorite....Id say Amy Allen, shes got the killer body, and the Boobs..I mean WOW O-)

Macron Sadow

14-12-2005 09:22:30

Aayla Secura, woot!

Kaine Mandaala

14-12-2005 10:31:53